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why are people speculating that b99 may be cancelled? Does it have low view ratings? I basically just finished the latest episode, and one of the reasons why I love this show so much is that despite it being a comedy they bring up serious issues like this PLUS when they do they don't overdramatise as well as being able to keep the humour at a moderate level that it doesn't take attention away to whatever issue that they are focusing on.

strap yourself in for a reasonably lengthy answer because i don’t know how to make this short & sweet!

the fact it still hasn’t been renewed for a fifth season yet is ridiculously concerning. filming for the season four finale finished what, like a month or so ago? i think we all thought that by now season five would have been locked in but fox are being major dicks and making us sweat. i don’t know how the ratings work over in the states(maybe someone can shed some light on this?) but i can’t stress this enough - it’s SUCH an important show and it does bring up social issues but you’re right, they’re so careful with how they do it, they mix the seriousness with a little bit of comedy and make it work. there has never been another tv show like this and fox would be making a massive mistake by letting it end so prematurely when they could definitely get at least another two seasons out of it. if one show had to be sacrificed then throw new girl away(no offence to any fans of the show), i’ve seen so many people say that it’s starting to settle down and it’s seeming like where its at is a good place to end it. there’s too many storylines in brooklyn nine nine that need to continue being worked on. dan goor even said that they didn’t film the season four finale as the series finale - that itself should be enough of a sign for fox to give them the green light. i dunno man i just never want this show to end, hopefully a renewal comes super soon!

Nice To Meet You

Relationship: Lin x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1344

Summary: Reader works at a web show where Lin is being interviewed, and is a big fan of Hamilton. The host cancels and the Reader has to fill in.


“Are you okay?” You turned your head in the direction of the voice and saw the camera guy looking at you wearily. In all honesty, you were freaking out. Today was the day that Lin-Manuel Miranda was doing an interview for the web show that you worked for. You wouldn’t normally be this worked up for an interview, especially considering you weren’t even asking the questions, but this was different. You had been a huge fan of Hamilton ever since it made its off-broadway debut, so this was like a dream come true for you.

You couldn’t say all of that to a camera guy you’d never met before, so you settled for, “I’m fine.” You awkwardly looked at each other before you nodded and left. You really needed to get your shit together before Lin got there.

“Don’t be worried, (Y/N). He’ll love you.” You turned around and smiled at your best friend Taylor.

“Shut up. I’m just the mic girl.” You smiled and looked back down at the table of audio equipment.

“Yeah but you get to be all up close and personal with celebrities,” Taylor teased as she leaned against the table.

“Yeah, for like, less than a minute. It’s not like I’m gonna woo him with my magic audio skills,” you said as you rolled your eyes.

“You never know. Maybe he finds it sexy.” You gave her an incredulous look. “What? It could be a thing.”

“Sure, Taylor. Sure.”


After fifteen minutes of nervously checking and rechecking the mics, the producer came storming into the room where you were filming.

“He just cancelled on us! What kind of douchebag would do that?” the producer, Sam, yelled to no one in particular.

Your heart sunk. Lin wasn’t coming on the show anymore? Even though you were beyond nervous, you were still super excited. You also didn’t think that the producer should’ve called him a douchebag. He probably had a really good reason to cancel, you thought to yourself.

“So, can we go home?” the lighting guy asked.

“No,” Sam said. You were confused. Why did you have to stay if Lin wasn’t coming?

“Lin is still showing up, we just need somebody to interview him.”

It made sense now. Lin didn’t cancel, but James did.

It wasn’t a surprise that James decided to not do the interview. He was an asshole who thought he was too good to be hosting a web show. No matter how famous a guest was, James always thought he deserved better. In all honesty, you were glad he was gone. Good riddance.

“Does anyone know if James left his questions here?” Sam asked.

“I saw him take them home last night,” said Kim, the makeup artist.

“Fuck,” he whispered under his breath. “Does anyone know anything about Hamilton?” Everybody just shook their heads and returned to their work. You were faced with a dilemma.

On one hand, you would’ve killed to interview Lin-Manuel Miranda. You had so many questions you’d wanted to ask for forever. But on the other hand, you’d always preferred to be behind the camera, not in front of it and online for millions of people to laugh at you for making a fool of yourself.

“Actually, (Y/N) knows a ton about Hamilton.” You whipped your head up to see Taylor grinning at you from across the room. You rolled your eyes and flipped her off, but she smiled even wider.

Sam’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

You nodded. “Yeah.”

“Perfect! ‘Fan gets to interview idol.’ I can work with this,” Sam said - more to himself than anyone else - and then made his way out of the filming area.

Right before he left, he called over his shoulder, “just don’t be weird!”

You chuckled awkwardly. “That’s the plan.”


What felt like an eternity later, you saw Lin walk into the studio with a friendly smile on his face. Your stomach dropped for a second as you watched him walk over to Sam.

Sam and Lin spoke for a few seconds before he led him to the makeup chair. Sam then strolled over to you, a fake smile plastered on his face.

“Please don’t fuck this up,” he whispered into your ear. You gulped and nodded. Sam drew back and smiled at you before he went back to Lin.

You busied yourself for the next five minutes by putting your mic on and trying to discreetly fix your hair.

“You guys ready?” Sam asked as Lin walked over to you.

“Yeah,” he said with a smile.

“Good! Let’s get filming!”

You and Lin sat down on the matching chairs, and you tried your best not to make eye contact with him.

“Hi, I’m Lin, it’s nice to meet you,” he said sweetly. He held out his hand and you shook it.

“I’m (Y/N), it’s nice to meet you too, I’m a big fan.” He smiled at you.

“That’s awesome!” His smile was infectious, and you found yourself having to refrain from grinning from ear to ear.

“Five, four, three, two…” As soon as the camera man pointed at you, you smiled as big as you could and began to speak.

“Hello and welcome to PopStation! I’m (Y/N), filling in for James. Today we have Lin-Manuel Miranda with us. Thanks for coming!” You started to breathe again after you finished the intro. If you got through that part, then the rest couldn’t be that bad. Hopefully.

“Thanks for having me!” he said cheerfully.

“I actually have something to confess,” you said, trying to emulate the way James easily spoke with people.

“Go ahead.”

“I love Hamilton.” Lin chuckled slightly as you continued. “The story is great, and the music is amazing.”

“Thank you! I’m glad you like it.”

The rest of the interview went pretty well. By your count, you had only blushed four times. And although you were fangirling for most of the interview, by the end, you appreciated Lin less as “The Cute Guy Who Wrote Your Favorite Musical”, and more as a super intelligent and interesting person. You were grateful for Taylor having thrown you under the bus, but you would never admit it to her.


You were leaning on the brick wall outside of the studio, waiting for your cab, when you were tapped on the shoulder. You looked up from your phone to see Lin smiling at you.

“Uh, hi?” You internally facepalmed at your awkwardness.

“Hi. (Y/N), right?”

“Yeah. What’s up?”

“I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed talking to you. You seem really cool.” You grinned at the compliment.

“Thanks. You’re pretty okay,” you joked.

“I’ll take it.” The two of you laughed slightly. “So, is this what you do? Interview famous people?”

“Nah, I’m the mic girl. Our real host cancelled so I filled in.” A semi-awkward silence settled around you two. “I’m actually in school for a math degree with a focus in statistics, but since it’s summer, I need a job, and putting mics on famous people is kind of a hobby of mine.” You don’t know why you felt the need to blurt out a bunch of information about yourself and make that horrible joke, but you did.

Lin laughed slightly. “Well, if I’m being honest, being miced by pretty girls is kind of a hobby of mine.” You chuckled, and in the back of your mind, you though, is Lin-Manuel Miranda flirting with me?

You and Lin spoke for a few more minutes and swapped numbers before your cab arrived.

“It was nice meeting you, Lin,” you said as you climbed into the cab.

“You too, (Y/N).”

A couple minutes into the ride, you saw your phone screen flash with a notification. You looked down to see a text from Lin.

From Lin:
I hope you can mic me up again soon ;)

You snorted at the kind of sexual message.

To Lin:
You got it

You then locked your phone and leaned back against the headrest, a faint smile gracing your lips.

Thank you James.

I will never get how Oliciters mindlessly hate Katie for the stupidest shit.

I spoke to an Oliciter once who said they had no respect for Katie because when they met her at a con Katie “seemed like she didn’t wanna be there and showed up late so why did she bother going, and Katie has previously cancelled apperances claiming “work obligations” but then was spotted at a beach.“

Okay…..let’s fucking think about this as logical fucking people for a second:

1) a lot of celebrities are contractually obligated to attend x amount of cons annually. Katie already does more than most, which suggests that she chooses to do extra on top of her contracted number (if she even has a contracted number because not everyone does and i have no way of knowing). So, Katie goes out of her way to attend events and interact with fans far more so than many others. If Katie does in fact have a contractual obligation, she may HAVE to go to cons even if she isn’t feeling up to it on that given day.

2) Katie has previously spoken out about the vast amount of hate she receives on Twitter, and how she is reluctant to check her social media comments. She’s now a spokesperson for an anti bullying charity as a result. There are even screenshots of oliciters @‘ing her with hate on Twitter only to immediately follow up those tweets with “this bitch blocked me”. Oliciters on twitter gathered together and laughed about how they lined up at cons to ask Katie about the “new” canary just to try and “drag her”. You have no idea what was said/done to her at that con, when she’s surrounded by people who hate her unjustly.

3) Katie is not just an actress. Her work obligations could be related to her tomboykc fashion blog/company or her charity work with animal adoption or cyber bullying. Since cons require out of state travel, a work obligation could be something as small as a quick interview/audition, which might only take a few hours of her day. If she has an interview/audition before lunch, that leaves her afternoon free. Whereas cons are weekend long, plus travel time. Just because she is seen having down time instead of being at a con, that doesn’t mean no work was done that day.

4) Katie has previously attended a con the day after being hospitalized and stayed hours afterwards signing free autographs to make up to fans for the day she missed.

And most importantly 5) Katie is a human being. She has a right to feel however she feels and doesnt owe anybody shit. She’s entitled to make mistakes and be in a bad mood and not feel well and sleep late or what the fuck ever. And these oliciters judge her based on her mood/actions for 30 seconds as if they’ve never been grumpy or gone to work when they didnt want to, or taken a day for themselves or what the fuck ever. Celebrities aren’t display pieces that exist just to act how you want them to and pose for your photos. Jfc.

And I just think it’s so fucking hypocritical that these Oliciters tried to actively “prove” Katie was lying about her injury when she missed one day of a con, but they all just take it on blind faith about Emily’s “anxiety”. I have an anxiety disorder. I know it’s difficult. I sympathize with Emily. Yes, I find it suspect that the few cons she does attend include SDCC which is the largest and therefore theoretically the MOST anxiety inducing, but I don’t know how her contract works and it also makes sense that she would be obligated to attend the largest cons at least, so I can believe that.

But it really drives me up a wall that these Oliciters hate and pick apart everything that Katie does, but we all know that if Emily did loads of cons and then skipped out on one or was in a bad mood, they would bend over backwards to defend her. And it’s like????? You can’t have one rule for one and another rule for another???? That’s not how it works???? Y'all aint slick.

I’m sorry if the following upsets anyone but I have an extremely unpopular opinion I have to get off my chest.

I hated 13 reasons why.

With a passion.

While I highly respect the concept of wanting to start the conversation about the subject matter it entails, I can not in good conscience condone the direction this show chose to take when it came down to the message they were representing.

The fact of the matter is that watching that show is torture–in the sense that it’s like watching torture happen. This, in addition to the exhibition of graphic triggering images and the outrageously inappropriate idea that suicide is a means to exact revenge on those you feel who have wronged you (in this case by leaving a trail of cassette tapes) do not in the slightest bit appear to be at all constructive when it comes to the subject of suicide among not only teens, but the entire spectrum of young adults.

The truth is that suicide is not so well-articulated or planned in real life and to depict it in such a way is almost like romanticizing it to the point where an audience member may actually forget that at the end of making everyone suffer for the loss of your life, you still die.

This show is triggering on so many levels. It’s exploitative and exremely graphic. There is a line between what conveys pain and empathy and what conveys extreme discomfort and triggered responses.

This show really only instills two sensations in the viewer:

1. It causes one to revisit or has introduced one to a new sense of uncalled for and overwhelming anxiety and depression.
2. It has given the idea that suicide (and by extention using it as a means to get even) is an option, or even a good option.

Neither of these things are acceptable.

This show was 13 hours of watching moment after moment of torture. The main characters were tortured, the supporting characters were tortured, I don’t think there was a single person that came away from the events of that show unscathed.

And while I understand that not everything has to have a happy ending, the ridiculous drawn out everlasting depiction of literally anything but any kind of happiness is totally unnecessary.

If this show gets picked up for a season 2 I will be seriously disappointed, especially with the coinciding cancellation of the show Sweet/Vicious.

Sweet/Vicious discusses another taboo subject but it does it on a tolerable platform with fully fleshed out characters. It gives hope to survivors of sexual assault and it definitely conveys the idea that there is life after assault even if it comes with struggle.

And I guess I’m just really pissed off right now because…I really hated the way 13 reasons why made me feel. And sweet/vicious made me feel empowered.

And I guess I don’t understand why those things have to be mutually exclusive when it comes to entertainment.

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since you know a lot about this, you see the writters strike thing? i'm so worried for my tv shows, they can cancell shows already been renew? i'm so worried

Well the good news is it might not happen. The bad news is it might and if it does, it will all go into effect on May 1st. And I’ll give you a wild guess whose fault it would be if it happens:

Disney. Shocked, y'all.

The basis of this strike is 2 fold: The writers want better health care and they want better pay. There is a long history of networks neglecting their writing staffs, and that’s why there have been so many strikes over the years. As a writer, I completely support this, especially for TV writers who work consistently over full time jobs and barely have a health care plan that covers even their most basic of needs and are still struggling financially, even with being a major contributor to even some of TVs most popular programming.

On top of that, I don’t know if you have noticed but there has been a decline in episodes per season on MANY of today’s major shows (besides reality TV because those don’t require writers). Since writers get paid per episode, their drop in wage has been significant. We used to have 22-30 episodes per season and now sometimes we are seeing as little as 10-14. That’s a HUGE cut for a writer, trust me.

It’s very likely that streaming systems like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu would be quick to work out new contracts for writers, but Disney, with its major gravitas in both the film and TV world (Not just Disney Channel but ABC, Marvel, etc are all things they own) could showboat and refuse to budge on terms. Surprise, surprise.

We will see what moves are made. Films will probably not see any sort of damage until like the summer of 2018 since most movies coming out this summer/fall are already in post productions, and any shows this summer have pretty must completely finished production so those will go as scheduled. That’s the good news. Bad news is late night TV will shut down almost immediately and Fall programming would probably take a huge hit.

It’s not that networks could not find people to write if they needed someone to write. But almost always, those replacements produce extremely low quality work that doesn’t ebb and flow with the nature of normal programming (think what happened to Gilmore Girls S7) and because of that, successful shows can easily be swiped or cancelled.

Still, I’m iffy if this will actually happen. Last time it did, networks were buying tons of new reality TV programs and picking up pilot scripts left and right and they just aren’t this time. So let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

For The Emison Shippers:

Why is Alison upset that she was, indeed, implanted with Emily’s eggs? Wouldn’t she rather be the mother of Emily’s “child” vs still led to believe that she was impregnated with, in her own words, “a con artist with no real medical training”’s devil child?

Why would they make a point of both of them feeling violated when this came to light? Who would Emily have rather had as a father (or mother, carrier, whatever), and vice versa?

Yes, A.D. stole the eggs, but this, to me, is the least evil thing A.D. (supposedly) has done yet. How does it hurt anyone…unless Ali doesn’t keep the baby? (We saw that she cancelled her appointment… “put it off.”)

I also don’t like how, in my opinion, they used Sasha’s real life weight gain as an excuse to write in a pregnant storyline. Other actresses on other shows are shot strategically, if they choose to continue to work through a real life pregnancy, or they’re given a temporary out. (I believe Ellen Pompeo was pregnant on Grey’s, prior to adopting Zola. She and McDreamy actually COULDN’T conceive but irl she had a baby.)

#67: Pregnancy Series | Telling His Family


Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2

Morning Sickness

Telling The Boys


“Mom can you come here for a second.” Luke requested as his eyes were glued to the screen in front of him. “Sure.” Liz answered grabbing the cup she had just poured coffee, in walking towards Luke and taking a seat next to him on the bed. ”Where’s Y/N?” She asked as she took a seat on the bed, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion. “She’s out with Michael and Ashton. They went for ice-cream or such thing as that.” Luke mumbled, fiddling with the duvet he was sitting on in his hand. “Okay then. What’s up?” She watched him as Luke opened his laptop and went straight on Skype, calling his brother Ben. Liz looked at the screen curiously as they waited for Ben to pick up, the sound of the beeping disappearing and Ben, Jack and Andy’s faces appeared on the screen. “Hey you guys.” Luke smiled with a wave, the boys returning it but Liz still looked frozen in spot. “What is going on, a family reunion?” She questioned as a smile came to her lips. “You can call it that I guess.” Luke mumbled as questions started to fill the conversation such as how things were going back at home and stuff. “So I heard Y/N is pregnant?” Andy asked breaking the otherwise silence that had felt between the Hemmings family, making Luke tense up in his seat, his mouth going into a straight line. “She is.” Liz answered for him. “So who’s the father?” Ben asked, raising an eyebrow. Everyone in his family knew who you were due to being childhood best friends with Luke. You had shared everything when you were together as children. “Yeah, you see, that’s what I actually wanted to talk about.” Luke managed to stammer out. He had repeated the words in his head for a week now, wanting tell his mom the most but every time he tried, it failed. “You know?” Liz asked him with wide eyes. “I do.” Luke fumbled with his hands again, looking between them, his mom and on the screen. “You’re the father, am I right Luke?” Andy asked, making Luke’s eyes wide in shock, Liz doing the same. Luke didn’t say another word, just looked down whilst he nodded his head. “Oh my god.” Was the only thing that came out of Liz’s mouth. She was shocked to say at least but a small smile yet formed onto her lips. Throughout her whole life both her and your mom had tried to set you guys up as a couple even from when you were babies and finally all of the sudden you guys had been together. “So you’re dating?” Jack asked breaking the silence. “No.” Luke answered fast, almost breaking Liz’s heart by the news. “So you’re just best friends who’s gonna have a baby?” Ben asked, wanting conformation. “Yes, we are. I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed you guys.” He mumbled the last part making Liz pull him instantly in for a hug. “You know how supportive we are for what you do. Just remember that it’s not us you should be afraid to disappoint, it’s her.” Luke’s brothers and dad nodded their head by Liz’s words, making Luke form a very small smile. “Thank you.” He breathed pulling back. “For helping Y/N and stuff.” “Well now I have a very good reason to do it, she’s carrying my grandson.” Liz formed a small smile as well afterwards with a sigh.


Calum gave your hand a slight squeeze under the table making you look up at him in confusion. “Is it time already?” You asked almost in a fear, looking around in the not so small local, your family on the left side from where you were sitting and Calum and the boys on the other side. “I feel like it needs to be said now.” He mumbled in your ear, giving Joy a smile next to him. “You do it.” You mumbled back making Calum’s eyes go wide. “Hell no.” He answered, looking around. “You will.” You warned, starting to pinch his thigh making him let out a squeal before he suddenly stood up from the stair to try to avoid the pain you were giving him, his eyes going wide as the crowd suddenly quieted down by his sudden raise. “You forgot to knock on the glass for god sake Calum.” Calum’s dad commented making Michael stand up instantly. “I’ll do it then.” He hiccupped grabbing his glass and fork, lazily knocking on it before he took a seat fast again. It was clear that after what could be 3 glasses of red wine, he was tipsy. “Well thank you for that.” Calum commented towards Michael making him give him a smile and thumbs up. “Okay so first of all me and Y/N wanna thank you guys for coming to our pre wedding rehearsal.” Calum started out, Michael already starting to clap his hands. “Thank you Michael.” He chuckled, Michael leaning back in his seat with yet another glass of wine in his hand, showing it up towards Calum in a cheer. “But uhm- We actually have some kind of sad news for you guys.” Calum’s statement made worry appear on people’s faces, even Michael looked up suspicious now, almost trying to be sober. Calum looked down at you for help, but you only shrugged your shoulders. “We’re going to cancel the wedding.” A loud gasp came from your mother by the words, you almost winching by the reaction. “Why?” Calum’s dad asked fast, everyone having shocked expression on their faces. “Because,” Calum started, wrapping an arm around your waist. “Y/N does not want to be married whilst she’s walking around with a fat belly.” His words made people look around in confusion, trying to figure out the indication of it. “You’re pregnant?” Mali-Koa blurted, making both you and Calum’s eyes wide. “Pregnant?” Your dad asked fast, looking up at you. Calum let out a small sigh before removing the hand that was resting on your hip, moving it towards your still flat belly. “Y/N’s pregnant yes.” Silence felt over the whole area as people tried to register the sudden news. “That’s great!” Ashton cheered, trying to zone everyone out of their frozen state. He could sense that the both of you felt really nervous so after his statement he clapped his hands together, Luke and Michael joining along and after a while, your families started to join as well, a whole crowd of people clapping now. It eased Calum’s nerves so he mouthed out a “Thanks man.” Towards Ashton before he gave everyone a smile, you doing the same. “With these news I think we should all cheer together.” Your uncle said, raising himself from his chair. “Everyone expect for Y/N of course.” He added, you letting out a small giggle. Everyone pushed their chairs out, grabbing their glasses in their hands before your uncle yelled, “To Y/N and Calum.” People yelling it in unison afterwards.


Michael’s mom was walking around with a tray with glasses of red wine as she was hosting a family party for basically 80% of Michael’s family members, being gathered around the small living room. You watched her closely as she came closer and closer to you, trying to figure out a way to deny it, knowing that you guys hadn’t mentioned anything about the pregnancy yet. And there was no doubt that you couldn’t deny it, his parents knew you too well to know that you never would deny offering of alcohol, especially wine. “Thanks.” You smiled taking the glass from Karen as she reached out for you to take one, now rotating your hand to let the wine float around in the glass, the lingering smell from the wine starting to go through your nostrils, sending out an amount of nausea through your body. “Dear god.” You mumbled to yourself, a grimace crossing your face as the nausea didn’t go away, having to place the wine on the coffee table in front of you. “You don’t have to pretend, I think it’s time to tell.” Michael tried to reassure but his face showed otherwise, looking like a teenage boy trying to tell his parents that he got the neighbor’s girl pregnant. “You don’t look like someone who’s ready.” You stated, giving him a skeptical look. Michael hesitated for a second before he stood up from the couch, announcing that he was going to the bathroom, leaving you behind alone. You eyed him as he disappeared into the hallway, looking back at his family members. “its good right Y/N, I choose it in a hope of you being satisfied with it.” His dad winked making your eyes go wide before you looked down at the wine, grabbing it fast and placing it in front of your mouth, taking a zip to his satisfaction. When he looked away, you rotated your head so they couldn’t see, spitting the wine back into the glass. You placed the glass back onto the coffee table when the sudden sound of Michael whistling from behind, filing the whole living room. “Guys I have an announcement.” He said aloud making your eyes go wide, staring at him. He gave you a small glare before he cleared his throat. “As some of you may know, Y/N has been looking a bit pale lately, not only tonight.” Some of his family members looked over at you for a second before their eyes went back to his. “The reason for that is.. Well.. She’s pregnant, carrying my baby..” Silence felt over the room as everyone stared in shock at each other before Michael’s dad’s face turned into a massive grin, standing up to pull his son in for a hug. The before thick tension changed, everyone starting either cheer or laugh, walking in line to hug either Michael or you. Karen was the last one to hug Michael before she realized something. ”But Y/N just drank alcohol!” Karen exclaimed looking weirdly at you now. “No I technically didn’t. I spitted it out in the drink.” You said in a apologizing tone, giving his dad a sad smile. “It’s fine Y/N, you’ll taste it in about 9 months then.” He winked making you relax more in your seat, having Michael take a seat next to you.


Ashton was shifting in his seat with excitement but also nervousness , his shoulder repeatedly puffing into yours as he changed position, his hand going through his hair every third second as you him, Lauren, Anne and Harry was having a meal at your house, an arrangement you had made right after you had found out about the pregnancy. “I hope it tastes great.” Anne purred as she started to collect the now empty plates, you helping along with it. “It sure was mum.” Ashton said with a dazed smile, him leaning back in his seat as he rubbed his now full stomach.  Anne and you carried the rest of the stuff from the table out into the kitchen as Ashton talked with Lauren and Harry, catching up time from when the last time they’d seen each other. When the last object from the table was removed, Anne gave you a bowl of candy to place on the table as she grabbed some soda from the fridge. “So tell me you guys, why all this dinner, what’s the occasion?” She asked as she took a seat, grabbing a jelly from the bowl. “We actually had something from you guys.” You smiled standing up from your seat and walked towards the back of the couch, reaching out for a wrapped present before you walked back and placed it in front of the three of them. ”What is it?” Lauren asked, furrowing her eyebrows as she looked at the present. “How about you open it.” Ashton pushed on, pulling you further into his side as he motioned Harry to wrap it up. Harry did as he said, unwrapping the paper from the bag, throwing it towards Anne. “A brown box?” He asked confused, but you only wiggled your eyebrows at him. Harry opened the box before pulling out the content, all of their eyebrows now furrowing as Harry was holding a bundle of pacifiers attached to a note. “What’s this?” Lauren asked confused, “Pacifiers, are you blind?” Harry questioned, looking weirdly at her. “I know what it is dumbass, but why?” Lauren groaned, giving Harry a light hit on the back of his head. “You two!” Anne warned, looking daring at them. “How about you go read the note?” You suggested, Anne immediately removing the note from the pacifiers, squeezing his eyes to read the small letters.  “Dear Grandma, uncle and auntie. Please hold this for me in case I need it when I come to visit. Knowing my mom and dad, they’ll probably forget it. See you in September, Love, Baby Irwin.” When Anne had finished the sentence, with pressure on baby Irwin, a single tear ran down her now reddish cheeks, holding the palm of her hand against her mouth to try to muffle a sob. “Pacifiers for baby Irwin?” Harry asked confused, his thumb running over one of them.” “As in Y/N’s pregnant, and they’re expecting a baby.” Lauren explained with a massive smile, making Harry’s mouth open wide in surprise, his eyes lit up in excitement. “Congrats.” He cheered, reaching his arms out to hug the both of you. “Do you know the gender?” Lauren asked a little bit too fast, earning a weird look from Ashton. “She’s not even showing yet!” He exclaimed yet with a smile. “Hah, now it was your turn to play the dumb card.” Harry chuckled, giving his big sister a puff with his shoulder.  

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Aghhh i love the get down so much. It sucks that it got cancelled while 13 reasons why money is more important than kids mental health is having a new season🙅

dont even get me started on 13rw!! it doesnt need a second season!!! literally making a show about a suicide victim guilt tripping a bunch of teenagers is bad enough! why does it need a second seasonnnuuugggh!!! just give us tgd season a 2 fuuuck

Replacement | Kim Mingyu & Jeon Wonwoo | Requested

Request: Mingyu angst, a bit fluffy? Like his gf is a Pledis stylist but there was a new fem trainee in Pledis and he starts straying away from the gf (reader) and in the end she nearly dies (by whatever) but Wonwoo saved her so now she’s with Wonwoo tysm 

Pairing: Mingyu X Reader X Wonwoo

Genre: angst/fluff

Word Count: 1,887

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long get out! Thank you for requesting, and make sure you request more when we open again! Btw I’m sorry it’s so long and so over dramatic. I definitely got carried away while writing this. This is my first ever request so I’m really nervous, but I hope you like it!

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1) I’m frickin pissed about The Getdown getting cancelled but

2) I keep seeing people say they “were going to watch it but now there’s no point.” Yes there is!! the point is, it’s great!! If you haven’t seen it yet IT IS STILL VERY MUCH WORTH WATCHING. It has great rep (Black, latinx, bi), funky storytelling, AMAZING MUSIC, beautiful poetic dialogue, and it deals with themes such as racism, friendship and loyalty, getting out of difficult situations & making your own way in a world that does not cater to you. it is a GREAT show and that’s why people are so annoyed it’s cancelled. please do yourselves a favour and still watch it!

(and also 3) due to the structure of the show, we aren’t left completely wondering about the fate of the characters, so it doesn’t give you that unfinished/cliffhanger feeling even though there is so much more that they could & should have done)

Its funny how 5 years ago Avenger's Earth's Mightiest Heroes...

Introduced these, what I thought, Lame at the time heroes, and now they’ve blown up.

Avengers EMH was a show that used to play on Disney XD from 2010-2012

Sadly It got cancelled and replaced with some New BS but its still a good show that I highly recommend and its all on Netflix. It introduced tons of characters who have now become Mainstream thanks to the movies. 

When they first introduced Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier

All I thought was, who the Hell is this Robin/Redhood Rip off. Pan to 3 years later. He’s become a Badass and something fangirls drool over

When they first introduced the Guardians of the Galaxy or the Space Avengers as they put it

All I kept thinking is why does their leader have Master Chief’s voice (fun fact Steve Downes played Peter quill) and who the hell does this Tree think he is trying to fight the Hulk. 3 years later. Its being called the New Star Wars and people can’t stop quoting “I am groot" 

and When they first showed Ultron 

All I thought was, How the hell is Machine going to fight Thor and the Hulk, then they explained it and showed his abilities and now I’m hyped for his appearance in Avengers 2 

Rewatching the series again right now to see if any minor character might have their own movie again. and hopefully Ant Man will have a scene like this haha

Why I #standforthe100

I’ve avoided wading into the ‘war’ that has been raging within The 100 fandom for the last few months. I’ve avoided it because, frankly, I sink into fandom for enjoyment - not for a fight. I’ve avoided it because, honestly, I’ve always known that getting involved would invite anonymous messages suggesting that I kill myself. Really, I’d rather those messages come to me than to others - because I know I have the capacity to roll my eyes and ignore them. But that doesn’t mean that I want them.

So, I’ve not waded in. I’ve supported the show that I love by continuing to enjoy it, by continuing to write meta and reviews, by continuing to love the characters and the relationships that I have loved since S1. The 100 is absolutely my favourite tv show of the moment, and one of my favourites of all time. It is made up of the most diverse case that I have ever seen within a Sci Fi/Fantasy show (I have not, of course, watched every show in existence). For that alone, it is incredibly important to me. It has also gotten better and better as time has gone on. There have been missteps, of course, but overall it is one of my very favourite things.

So why am I wading in now?

It seems apt that as the 'antis’ mount their (hopefully, but probably not) last big attack on the show, that I should really contribute to the counter trend - #standwiththe100. Because while I do not believe for one second that these people have the power to get the show cancelled, I do believe that they are spreading falsities about the show, and that is enough to anger me. I also believe that some people have been sucked into all the hate due to a sense of comradeship and loyalty, and do still have good intentions. To those Clexa shippers, those that are reasonable, I really hope you read this to end and can at least appreciate my perspective.

In my opinion more people should watch The 100 for so many reasons, and they should at least be able to make a judgement of the show for themselves - without being made to feel like they are committing some sort of crime by a very vocal set of ‘fans’.

I love and adore a lot about The 100. I clapped like a seal in delight when Clarke was revealed to be bisexual. Just as I fist pumped the reveal that Lexa was the Commander. I will forever fangirl over how the love triangle in S1 was handled…namely, both Clarke and Raven ditched Finn and became great friends instead. I will flail forever over how Bellamy destroys the alpha male trope. Similarly, I applaud how Lincoln was introduced as a menacing figure only to quickly be revealed to be one of the most peaceful characters on the whole show. More recently, I was delighted to see that Christopher Larkin’s wish to not be desexualised - as Asian men in media often are - was fulfilled.
I could go on and on and on about ways in which The 100 is fantastic representation. I could also go on and on and on about how transparent it is that nobody is fighting so viciously for any other show to be cancelled, even though most have committed equal to or worse crimes than The 100, but I’ll save that particular rant for now. Hopefully anybody with a brain can see the truth of that without me having to draw it out.

No, I’ll focus my attention on how grateful I am for Raven Reyes, and the bullet she took to the leg. Yes, yes. I know #RavenReyesDeservesBetter but do you know what? A lot of people in the world deserve better. Life is that you don’t always get what you deserve.

Countless people in the world are impacted by chronic pain or illness, by disability. I myself have had a chronic illness since I was 18 months old, and I am sometimes disabled by it and always in pain because of it. I’ve seen people like myself represented a few times before, but most tend to go as follows:

1. Person is magically cured, and goes on to have a happy life.

2. The story about the person specifically resolves around their illness/affliction. It is, perhaps, a realistic portrayal, but it is not the sort of story that one would watch for entertainment. (We are pretty much NEVER repped in sci fi/fantasy/adventure…because how can a disable person be part of an adventure?)

Raven Reyes is RAVEN FREAKING REYES. She is a badass, ballsy Latina that is one of the most popular characters on a SCI FI/FANTASY show….AND SHE IS DISABLED.

It is everything to me. I am so so grateful to S3 of The 100 for showing Raven deal with the REALITY of having an affliction that will be with her for the rest of her life. Because that is what I faced. I cried when Abby told her 'she could still be useful’ at the start of the season, and Raven stormed away - because that is my whole life. I sobbed buckets when she finally gave in and took the chip, because she just needed that moment of weakness - because I have moments of weakness all the time, when I’m alone and there is nobody there to see me be weak.

And then? I continued to cry, but I also screamed and cheered, and rolled about on my bed when RAVEN CHOSE HER PAIN. I punched the air when Raven’s friends saved her, and she had her pain back. I sobbed buckets all over again when, at the end of 3x12, Raven acknowledged that her leg would slow her down BUT IT DIDN’T MATTER BECAUSE HER BRAIN IS WHERE IT’S AT AND SHE CAN STILL BE USEFULLLL.

And I absolutely cannot wait for her to be a hero in the finale, and then on into S4. Disabled people don’t get to see themselves be heroes, because how can a person without a fully functioning body be heroic? Well, Raven Reyes says fuck that noise.

So now, I am - for the first time - going to directly address the people that are behind the 'boycott’ of The 100. Only a select portion of you though - those that genuinely think what you are doing is right. 

(Those of you that spread lies, that only adopted #minoritiesdeservebetter when Lexa died and had previously been calling Jason ‘Daddy’, those of you that trvialise abuse, those of you that are racist, those of you that are biphobic, those of you that abuse and harrass the cast if they do not ascribe to your way of thinking. those of you that seem to think that oppression is the best way to fight oppression?.You can all send me your hate so that I can laugh and block you, because you’re ridiculous and disgusting and I won’t be bullied by you. Because let’s not forget, and let’s also not tiptoe around the fact, that a portion of the people that are so virulently determined to destroy The 100 -despite the fact that pretty much all of their claims have been disproven (all bi girls end up with men? False) are only doing so because of the ship war.

Yes, I said it. They are so angry that they lost Clexa, that they are determined to eliminate any chance of Bellarke happening.)

But, of course, not all of the people behind the boycott are of that ilk. And so I am faced with the fact that people genuinely believe that getting rid of the show all together is the best course of action. I struggle with this, obviously, but I have to accept it.

In which case, I want to ask…why?

Why is it okay to take away the representation that means so much to me, when you clearly know how much it hurts?

Why is it okay to bulldoze the countless others that are telling you the same thing?

Most of all…why are you approaching the issue with hatred and anger?

I understand that having a diverse case does not automatically mean that a show is good representation…but it’s a good step in the right direction. Take 3x08 for example…there was only ONE straight, white male character in that episode (excluding background characters bc I didn’t count them, sorry). The rest of the characters were women, LGBT+, or PoC. And none of their storylines were ABOUT being women, or LGBT+, or PoC. That’s…amazing? 

Why are you fighting to cancel a show that has shown it is willing to not only have token LGBT+ characters, but to have them in prominent roles? To have them be warriors and leaders that are NOT defined by their sexuality?

Why are you fighting to cancel a show that has shown it is open to including minorities of all kinds?

The newest craze is to act like The 100 is offensive because it is violent and dark, but it has always been violent and dark (this argument is transparent too by the way) and you know what? Watching the characters overcome that darkness and their trauma is important to a lot of people. Stories like this are important and inspiring. Jasper’s PTSD arc this season has been crafted wonderfully. Sure, I’ll be disappointed if it ends in his death…but that doesn’t take away from the fact that S3 has allowed Jasper to truly feel the impact of what he has been through, and at no point has he been demonised for it - which is IMPORTANT.

Why, most of all, are you focusing on destroying the show, when they have proven time and again that they are willing to listen to fans and make changes?
A lot of you joined the fandom because of CL, and you weren’t around during S1. So let me fill in a little bit of fandom history. Before Clexa became a thing, the Bellarke fandom was hugely dominant. People either shipped it, or didn’t mind it. There were some Flarke shippers (sorry guys) but it’s an accepted fact that the majority of the fandom was made up of Bellarke shippers.

Do you know what else? WE CHEERED WHEN CLEXA KISSED. Many of us multishipped to some degree, because we were happy to see that representation.

This often gets brushed aside by the crusade to make out that every Bellarke shipper is a homophobe, but Clexa in S2 was met with a wave of positivity.

(Quick note: I know that the Bellarke fandom has its share of absolute douche canoes as well, and would never deny that. If the situations were reversed and Bellamy was dead, I suspect that a number of people on this side would also be super gross about things - but that doesn’t mean we should all just sit back and accept it)

And do you know what we all did together? We asked for MORE LGBT+ representation. AND WE GOT IT.

We got Niylah, who is clearly going to pop up again.

While we didn’t exactly get Minty (I still believe) we did at least get Briller.

And, yes - I’m going to say it, IF Clarke ends up with Bellamy she is STILL bisexual and that is still great representation, because a bi woman ending up with a man is NOT lesser (nor is it the norm, as is so often spouted).

And looking beyond LGBT+ rep?

We asked for Raven to get her own arc dealing with her disability. WE GOT IT.

We asked for Monty to get his own arc aside from Jasper. WE GOT IT.

I understand that the writers messed up and hurt you. I also still cannot get my head around the way they wrote Lexa off the show in 3x07, and was highly critical of their choices in my 3x07 review. But mistakes get made. Rather than tearing shit down, why not ask for them to do better?

I assume that the response would be 'we don’t trust these writers to do it well’, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least ask them to try/give them the chance. They HAVE heard you (who hasn’t, honestly) and THAT is what positive change is about. 

And fine, if you really can’t do it. Then WALK AWAY. Similarly, if the show is too dark and upsetting for you, WALK AWAY. Feeling either of these things does NOT give you the right to say that the entire show should end.

Because there aren’t many shows out there that would be so willing as The 100 to embrace diversity.

Personally I am desperate for Octavia and Niylah to become a thing. So why not campaign for that? Why not campaign for Niylah as season regular? Why not campaign for MORE, instead of trying to tear everything away from everyone?

I can’t help but think, personally, that the reason you don’t want to do any of the above is because this isn’t actually about #LGBTDeserveBetter…it’s actually about Lexa, and Clexa.

It’s fine and understandable to be hurt and upset at losing that character and that relationship, but I’ve not seen a good reason why that means the whole show needs to be torn down. 

You raised a ton of money, which I donated to. You trended some great trends, which I contributed to. But since then you have gone down this path which is gross and horribly upsetting. 

I #standforthe100 because it means a hell of a lot to me, and to others. I stand for it because of the efforts of the cast and the crew. If you hate the show, stop watching. But if you TRULY believe that #minortiesdeservebetter then there are better ways to expend your energy.

I would LOVE to hear a good reason why taking away everyone else’s rep is a better outcome than asking for, and probably getting, Niytavia (it even has a super cute ship name!) or some other new f/f ship/s?

I would genuinely be more than happy to discuss this with you, even if you steadfastly stand behind the cause to get the show cancelled. We might never agree, but I am always happy to discuss things respectfully - to learn and to gain understanding. So please, drop me an ask.

If, however, you drop me an ask that is nothing but hate/an attempt to 'drag’ me…I shall simply laugh and block you.

At the end of the day, The 100 is a tv show that I love. I am forever grateful to the writers, to the cast and to the crew for making it what it is. I don’t want anybody to be hurting or sad, but I don’t understand why the answer to your pain in to cause pain to others. I sometimes tell myself it’s because you’re all very young, but then I know from experience that age really has nothing to do with maturity.

One final thing that I will say is that you have done good, and I will always stand by the importance of Clexa and the reaction to them (even though I don’t ship it myself). Things have taken a not good turn, and hey…maybe we won’t see the outcome of all of this anytime soon. But do you know who HAS seen what you’ve been saying? Do you know who HAS seen the reaction and the discourse?

The writers of tomorrow. And, hopefully, that includes me. Social media is full of the next generation, and through social media the writers that are only now beginning to hone their craft will take this experience on board. Hopefully, the writers of the future won’t need to be asked to include more diversity. It will just be the norm.

Despite the negativity that I will continue to fight, you guys have had a positive impact on me. You’d made me that much more conscious of the choices that I make regarding my characters, including the LGBT+ ones, and of how important those characters.

Thank you for that.

I only ask that you find a way to channel your passion and your energy into positive change, even if that positivity moves on to other shows and you personally drop The 100, rather than this misguided cause.

I’m not naive enough to believe this post will make a difference. I’ve seen countless fans of The 100 echo my exact feelings, in direct response to hate, and far more eloquently - and it has no impact. However, I figure that today was the day to at least make my stance clear.

-i just loved how jay wasn’t having any of their bullshit in last night’s episode

-im sick of lindsay drama, like actually so done with it i hope she doesn’t have any storylines next season, or if she does they better come up with something new because i was literally scrolling through my phone when bunny showed up that’s how tired i am of that story line

-if they’re so against personal life on the job, why did burges bring her sister upstairs in that one episode, i’m pretty sure you can’t just bring your family to a police station out of nowhere, and how many times was antonio (bless him though i miss him, they better bring him back if chicago justice gets canceled) arguing with his wife on the phone, and how many times was ruzek all like “you’re not bringing burges on that undercover assigment” or whatever…it’s just unnecessary linstead drama at this point, i prefered it when they were ignoring them as a couple tbh 

-the new detective is decent though, i wouldn’t mind of she stays for next season 

  • chowder: inspires kids to try new foods, learn to cook, respect your tutors, and experiment
  • flapjack: tells kids to be kind to everyone, dream, and adventure the world
  • teen titans go: tells kids that reading is boring, intelligence makes you a bummer, only go outside if it benefits you, openly bashes on other shows and their audience, says it's okay to neglect your job, pursue people who aren't interested, says sports are stupid and boring, makes fun of child abuse and serious mental illnesses, etc.
  • angry parents: im suddenly blind

alright cos it seems to be bit unclear to some…

Thing with Constantine and Almost Human on El Rey Network.

What does it mean?

El Rey has acquired cable viewing rights to all episodes on both of the shows
this means they are gonna start airing the first seasons of both in November, Almost Human on Mondays and Constantine on Tuesdays (x)

So no season two for either…. yet.

But why is a thing to get excited about?

It shows that this new network by Robert Rodriguez (From dusk till dawn, Sin City..) is showing interest to these two cancelled-too-soon shows and wants to give them a go on their network. They’ve seen both shows have a loyal and relatively big fan following and are clever (or crazy) enough to give them another shot. So if they do well, El Rey Network might buy rest of the rights, produce more seasons and secure their position on the network.

This is the best news both of the shows have received so far. Constantine (which case i’ve been following more) has finally gotten a new network interested of the show and for Almost Human, even after over a year of cancellation, a network is showing interest in it.

I personally have a good feeling about this and getting my hopes up.
El Rey Network is a great fit for both and they really seem to be interested in giving these two amazing shows a new home~

Tom Mison at DragonCon

Here’s my story about Tom Mison at last weekend’s DragonCon. Tom showed up a lot at the con - the two panels plus autographs and photos on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday, word got out he’d scheduled another photo opportunity Monday at 1:45. I decided then to get a photo Monday. Hadn’t planned on it, but why pass up the opportunity (standing next to Tom plus a picture…)

I showed up Monday at froggies photos and was told he’d had to cancel. #sadface So, I went over to the autograph area, just to check, and he was indeed there. A lovely guy working with him, who I’d met before, said he was sick and didn’t want to have people show up for pictures and then not be able to hug them. Because, if you’ve seen his pictures with fans, A LOT of people want to hug him. And he does it readily.

But, I was told, for those of us who’d planned on the Monday photo opp, he’d do a quick picture there at the autograph table. For free. (Just because. He didn’t want to disappoint people. I mean, the lovely guy didn’t say that, but that was clear.)

So I showed up later, after his autograph line had died down. I told him I was sorry he wasn’t feeling well. He said he was sorry to have to cancel the photos but {gesturing to where we could take our impromptu picture}, we’ll get there. I got a quick autograph for my friend, briefly introduced Tom to my husband (so not weird at all), who is also English and we chatted briefly about keeping your accent in the U.S. and what it lets you get away with. And he was lovely and engaging, as always. In spite of not feeling well.

Then Tom and I stood against the backdrop and took a couple of pictures. After, when I realized I looked really really bad, I sheepishly asked if we could try again. And he readily came over and we took several more pictures. While being as charming as always. And he thanked ME after. And did I mention he wasn’t feeling well?

He really is one of the sweetest, loveliest (and funniest) people ever.

If I get the nerve, I’ll post the pic….

anonymous asked:

I get its to show our support and everything but I'm getting tired of all this trending topics stuff. It does nothing

stop right there! Twitter trending is VERY IMPORTANT. Why? Because Nielsen - which is the company that tracks ratings for every major network ever, including CBS and is basically responsible for what gets cancelled/renewed - works with twitter  in order to see what does well and what doesn’t do well and then uses it to calculate the estimated viewership something has/could have. Therefore, a fandom that can basically get anything trended at the drop of a hat is a powerful force to have. I really don’t think these boys have any idea what kind of power they have behind them tbh. So yeah, have a little faith (or not, I mean it’s pretty concrete to me)

  • what i say: i'm fine. really.
  • what i say while on the floor sobbing: i'm fine. don't worry about me.

in addition to being a ruthless murderer, i’d like to remind everyone of all the terrible canon things adam parrish has done 

  • let’s not forget that he stole gansey’s car, stole ronan’s car, spent days fixing up noah’s abandoned car to get it up and running again just so he could steal it, stole matthew’s entire hotwheels collection, and remember that car that helen “gave” him? YEP. stole that too.
  • when people insult him, he doesn’t even say thank you. (uh…ungrateful much? get over yourself adam)
  • that time he hired a dog to burn down a hospital???????? why does NO ONE TALK ABOUT THIS???????
  • favorite tv show got cancelled? well you can thank adam parrish. that’s right. adam controls every major television network in the world. and he doesn’t give a shit about your unanswered questions.
  • all those times he claimed he was “””tired”””” from “””””working three jobs”””” when he was actually staying up late at night to write the screenplay for age of ultron 
  • did you know david karp actually planned to purge every inactive url so that other people could use them, but adam told him not to? thanks a lot adam.
  • invented minions
  • cold fusion WOULD have actually worked, if adam hadn’t been so busy using ronan’s feelings for him to manipulate him. WOW.