why does this ship have so many names

i call this wonderful piece

“when two no homo bros meet up in spring, things start to happen”

I drew yurio with longer hair as I intentionally thought of him aged up in here? to solve the shipping problem? kinda like that.

this was also supposed to be a coloring/sketching test as I wanted to get back to my old soft shading/semi realistic style :)

hope ya guys like it!

reblogging helps a poor artist’s soul

what i say: im fine

what i mean: why does 99.9% of phichuuri content reference victor in some way? why are phichuuri fics almost always either unrequited, end in a breakup, or have victor repeatedly mentioned? Why cant i just cry over these guys who were dating in detroit without having to think about the fact that yuuri loves and marries someone else in canon? why do so many phichuuri nsfw things have either yuuri accidentally calling out victors name or thinking of victor as a joke, or phichit saying “pretend im victor” ?????? why cant people ship phichit and yuuri without an imagined victor being the nonexistent wingman? Why does stuff about phichuuri almost always end up being indirectly about victuuri???????

I’m sure this happened in @vargrimar‘s fic- Your Body Is a Weapon:

Jamison’s tank top slips off slightly on one side, giving Satya a better view of his tan lines. Satya feels the urge to correct this asymmetry but everytime she looks at him, she gets flustered and looks away. “Why does he have this goofy look on his face???? >:(”

Err Jamison is just having a glazed, happy look on his face. His brain is AFK.

The song that told us about the GPF banquet but we didn’t know it yet

We all know how Yuri on Ice likes dropping hints of what’s happening in the story through their soundtracks. Stay Close to Me is a fandom favorite to analyze, followed by Tales of a Sleeping Prince, which a lot of people saw similarities between the lyrics and Viktuuri’s story. 

The other songs with lyrics all make sense to their own characters - Still Alive talks about Leo de la Iglesia, Shall We Skate references Pichit’s passion and motivation, and JJ’s song is… Well, about himself. Yet, we’re left with a song with lyrics that still made no sense until episode 10.

I’m talking about Intoxicated, Chris’s short program song.

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Alex Hirsch: Alright, latest episode out… hope the fandom liked it…

Dipifica Fandom: *staring at Dipper and Pacifica’s interactions*

Alex Hirsch: ……You’re not done with them, are you?

Dipifica fandom: Their babies will be smart, and beautiful.

Alex Hirsch: Not to mention imaginary.

Always Here Part 2



WE HAVE COME FULL CIRCLE…I don’t think I’m using the phrase correctly, but I’m Hispanic…so screw it.

Ladybug murmured something in her sleep as she slowly began to wake up, her eyes opening as she stretched and looked around, jumping back and screaming as she realized where she was sleeping.

She was on the Eiffel Tower, and was sleeping against Chat’s chest, Chat also having fallen asleep and was beginning to wake up as well. “Mm…Good Morning My Lady…” he said, yawning and stretching, looking around “Hm? The sun is setting already? How long were we asleep?” he murmured. “W-We?! What’s going on?” Ladybug asked, still freaking out from her somewhat rude awakening.

Chat looked at Ladybug and smiled “You said you were having nightmares about me disappearing, so I comforted you, but you fell asleep…and I didn’t wanna wake you up, so I let you sleep…and I guess I fell asleep at some point too” he said, laughing nervously.

“You…comforted me?” she asked, confused. Chat smiled “of course! I couldn’t let you have nightmares and not at least try to cheer you up” he said, smiling.

Ladybug stared at Chat Noir in confusion for a moment before smiling softly.

Chat stared at Ladybug and smirked “So? Does your brave protector get a gift for looking after his lady?” he asked.

He had expected her to roll her eyes, or give him some sarcastic remark before swinging away like she usually did. His eyes widened in surprise as she instead placed a kiss on his cheek and smiled “Thanks kitty. I think I’ll be able to sleep well tonight…I owe you one” she whispered, smiling at him before swinging off.

Chat sat there, still shocked by what had just happened. A blush slowly crept onto his face, growing worse and worse the longer he remained there, five minutes passing before he finally reacted.

“Sh…She kissed me…”