why does this ship have so many names

i call this wonderful piece

“when two no homo bros meet up in spring, things start to happen”

I drew yurio with longer hair as I intentionally thought of him aged up in here? to solve the shipping problem? kinda like that.

this was also supposed to be a coloring/sketching test as I wanted to get back to my old soft shading/semi realistic style :)

hope ya guys like it!

reblogging helps a poor artist’s soul

Okay, story behind this: I was roleplaying some really angsty shit and was crying. My best friend drew this to cheer me up. Look at this, just look at this…I fucking love you bro, thank u so much.

Art by Spookyleluke 

I’m sure this happened in @vargrimar‘s fic- Your Body Is a Weapon:

Jamison’s tank top slips off slightly on one side, giving Satya a better view of his tan lines. Satya feels the urge to correct this asymmetry but everytime she looks at him, she gets flustered and looks away. “Why does he have this goofy look on his face???? >:(”

Err Jamison is just having a glazed, happy look on his face. His brain is AFK.

My problem with reylo

I’ve wanted to get my thoughts about this in order for some time now, so here goes:

It’s not actually a problem with Kylo Ren/Rey. It’s with Ben/Rey.

I have a problem when Ben/Rey shippers ship them together because Ben is a deep down good person who got caught up with the wrong people and desperately wants out, because Ben respects Rey, because Ben cares about Rey, because Ben is gentle with Rey, because Ben just wants to be accepted and loved, because Ben wants to be the man Rey deserves.

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The song that told us about the GPF banquet but we didn’t know it yet

We all know how Yuri on Ice likes dropping hints of what’s happening in the story through their soundtracks. Stay Close to Me is a fandom favorite to analyze, followed by Tales of a Sleeping Prince, which a lot of people saw similarities between the lyrics and Viktuuri’s story. 

The other songs with lyrics all make sense to their own characters - Still Alive talks about Leo de la Iglesia, Shall We Skate references Pichit’s passion and motivation, and JJ’s song is… Well, about himself. Yet, we’re left with a song with lyrics that still made no sense until episode 10.

I’m talking about Intoxicated, Chris’s short program song.

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Alex Hirsch: Alright, latest episode out… hope the fandom liked it…

Dipifica Fandom: *staring at Dipper and Pacifica’s interactions*

Alex Hirsch: ……You’re not done with them, are you?

Dipifica fandom: Their babies will be smart, and beautiful.

Alex Hirsch: Not to mention imaginary.

Always Here Part 2



WE HAVE COME FULL CIRCLE…I don’t think I’m using the phrase correctly, but I’m Hispanic…so screw it.

Ladybug murmured something in her sleep as she slowly began to wake up, her eyes opening as she stretched and looked around, jumping back and screaming as she realized where she was sleeping.

She was on the Eiffel Tower, and was sleeping against Chat’s chest, Chat also having fallen asleep and was beginning to wake up as well. “Mm…Good Morning My Lady…” he said, yawning and stretching, looking around “Hm? The sun is setting already? How long were we asleep?” he murmured. “W-We?! What’s going on?” Ladybug asked, still freaking out from her somewhat rude awakening.

Chat looked at Ladybug and smiled “You said you were having nightmares about me disappearing, so I comforted you, but you fell asleep…and I didn’t wanna wake you up, so I let you sleep…and I guess I fell asleep at some point too” he said, laughing nervously.

“You…comforted me?” she asked, confused. Chat smiled “of course! I couldn’t let you have nightmares and not at least try to cheer you up” he said, smiling.

Ladybug stared at Chat Noir in confusion for a moment before smiling softly.

Chat stared at Ladybug and smirked “So? Does your brave protector get a gift for looking after his lady?” he asked.

He had expected her to roll her eyes, or give him some sarcastic remark before swinging away like she usually did. His eyes widened in surprise as she instead placed a kiss on his cheek and smiled “Thanks kitty. I think I’ll be able to sleep well tonight…I owe you one” she whispered, smiling at him before swinging off.

Chat sat there, still shocked by what had just happened. A blush slowly crept onto his face, growing worse and worse the longer he remained there, five minutes passing before he finally reacted.

“Sh…She kissed me…” 

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Wait what, you like Jane Foster? I love you even more now! :D

Aww thanks. :) And of course I like Jane. :)Why wouldn’t I?

I am not a “shipper” so I don’t post anything by their ship names, don’t get involved in ship wars and a lot of times I have many of those things blacklisted from my tumblr because shipping drama annoys me-which leads me to not enjoy certain characters on tumblr and therefore I don’t post them as much as I’d like to out of mere (yes juvenile) protest but I do love Jane. (It’s probably why a lot of Jane doesn’t get reblogged because the ship name is blacklisted-so only when I make stuff does it get posted from my blog)

(I love Sif too.)

I’m a big whore when it comes to who Thor is paired with quite frankly (of course my favorite would be myself naturally, and my OC)-but as far as who Marvel writes-I’m really not picky lol-I loved Natalie in the movies and I love comic Jane-I love the early version of her(because I just can’t help but enjoy the classic yet cheesy comics) and I love the more modern version of her as well. I enjoy their relationship a lot and I love their dynamic-I get why they don’t stay together but they have a deep love/respect for one another always. Love doesn’t always have a happy ending but it doesn’t mean the love went anywhere.

I also love when Thor is paired up with Sif as well and I love when Thor is with an armless frost giant. :)

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Do you know of any cheaper sites to order horse things off of? Everything I find that is cheaper ends up not shipping to Canada, or if it does ship then it's $50+ for shipping. Why does living in Canada have to be such a struggle for horse related items ):

It is such a struggle!! First suggestion: find buy and sell groups on Facebook! There’s so many gems on there! Second: Greenhawk, Wilton’s Tack (i think thats the name) and Apple Saddlery are my go-tos. Third: phone-in orders are fantastic, so Spruce Meadows (new high quality tack) and both The Tack Collector and Tudor Equestrian (huge used/consignment section) are good places for phone orders. Just ask if they have what you’re looking for and they do reasonable ship rates. Those 3 are all in Alberta. What exactly are you looking for? I love shopping for horse things and would be happy to poke around a bit to see if I can help pin anything down.
Forget about ordering from Horze, Dover or Stateline unless you live near the USA and can pick up from someone at the border somehow

It seems like we’ve been getting so much genuine hatred lately, and yet at the same time it feels like SWEN has never been so safe or happy or fun. We’ve got incredible writers and artists who never cease to amaze, people who never stop elevating the show with their own meta, people who relentlessly push for better by always asking the tough questions, we’ve got the SQ Movement setting out to spread positivity and share our story… It’s just really interesting to me that, at a time when we’ve created such insightful and hopeful and loving places to interact with one another, we seem to have more vitriolic opposition than ever.

I started wondering, as many of us often do, why? If we’re so insignificant, if there’s no reason for other ships to worry over SQ, why do they even bother? Why do they treat us like a bigger threat than they insist we are? And why is there so much resistance to the idea of us being optimistic? Why does that seem to piss them off more than anything?

And I realized something, or at least I formed a theory that, to my mind, helps explain their behavior. It doesn’t make sense to me that they’re simply threatened by the idea of SQ becoming canon because I think most of them truly don’t believe it could ever happen. And regardless of what the show does with SQ, we can never take canon away from them. We can never undo what they already have or what more they’ll get, and of course they want endgame, but some of the greatest, most beloved, most memorable ships from other fandoms weren’t technically ‘endgame’ themselves (Buffy/Angel and Buffy/Spike come to mind).

So maybe that’s part of it, but I think the existence of SQ, and the support it receives, is threatening to them in a different way. Because, while it can’t erase canon, it can devalue it. And I think that’s an incredibly alarming idea to people who think a single canon kiss is unequivocally worth more than three years of side by side character development and relationship growth. The idea that canon isn’t actually the most valuable thing at stake must be a scary thought to people whose main argument rarely moves beyond, “your ship isn't canon, ours is.” Which is true (for now anyway), but… so what?

Canon alone doesn’t denote value, canon alone doesn’t decide worth. There are plenty of canon stories that the majority of people acknowledge to be complete garbage and ultimately huge mistakes that never should’ve happened (the How I Met Your Mother finale is a recent example, with most media calling it the worst series finale in TV history, and almost the entire fandom “electing to ignore that stupid-ass decision” so to speak). Being canon doesn’t necessarily equate to being the best story, or even a good story.

And, really, what good is canon if, in ten years time, no one remembers? What good is canon if it gets lost in the din of stories just like it, past present and future? Who cares about canon when it’s fanon that stands out and makes a real impression on the world?

I think that idea is what’s so threatening to them, the notion that their canon ship is inherently less valuable than a fanon ship, especially one they derogatorily refer to as a “crack ship”. Maybe it bothers them to realize, even if only subconsciously, that their canon will never have the kind of impact our fanon does, that it’ll never have such significance to so many people, or be regarded as such a meaningful and revolutionary story.

It must piss them off to know it won’t be their canon ship that matters in the years to come, but a “crack ship” they spit out the name of like it’s a disease. Maybe that’s why they hate us so much, because they’ve realized if anything about OUAT makes a difference to the world at all, if the show is still relevant and the fandom’s still alive decades from now, it’ll most likely be thanks to our ship, fanon or not. Maybe they’re so damn angry because they know, regardless of canon, regardless of what they do, they’ll never have a bigger message or a better story than Swan Queen.

They can hate all they want, they’ll never change those facts. They’ll only affect the way history views them – most likely as ignorant, pitiful, petulant fools who were selfish enough to think a group of people fighting to be seen and heard were somehow an offense to them. If they’re remembered at all, it’ll be as people who fought against those who threatened to scrape away at the abundance of heteronormativity we live in. Canon or not, history will be on our side. I think that’s what bothers them so much.

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IM JUST A CURIOUS BUm my friend was recommending 1994 to me and i was going to read it but??? what's wrong with it could you save me the trouble of a potentially bad fic experience q7q

Well, it’s not that bad of a work of fiction?

It’s just…it’s not a SNK fan fiction in the least. Like literally.

all of the people in the fan fiction are heavily mischaracterized so that they could easily be given new names and be characters of their own. She is a professional author and she probably would have been better off publishing it as a separate novel with separate names.

people are getting sucked in only because it’s kind of like one of those drama teen romance novels you know? except with sex and smut and  stuff, yeah

The author does not ship Ereri in the least and is actually a huge fan of the Eruri pairing. Why did she waste her time writing it? Probably one of the only reasons she kept it going was because there were so many youngin fans following her lead (and willing to buy merchandise?? because there’s a 1994 clothing line on a site somewhere) [edit: i was informed she changed her shipping preferences while writing the fan fiction and kept writing because of high demand, so i retract this statement]

That being said, the majority of the fan fiction is actually Eruri (with more effort put into their scenes as well). It’s super gross only because their relationship is super unhealthy and not what the Erwin/Levi dynamic should be in the least. The same could be said for the Ereri parts of the story. Poor Petra was also used as a tool.

The dreaded Erwin vs. Eren trope was also present, and it’s stupid, because they don’t have that kind of relationship in canon either - in fact, Erwin cares enough about Eren to lose an arm for him and it speaks volumes. i actually started out disliking Erwin as a character because of this fic and that’s a shame because Erwin is a pretty cool hot dad. i’m tired of Erwin and Eren fighting over Levi it’s just complete and total bullshit

not only does the fan fiction glorify unhealthy relationships but it also perpetuates quite a few stereotypes and yeah please don’t read it, i made that mistake and you all should learn from it