why does this part make me laugh so hard

second-twin-skeleton  asked:

From the Mob psycho ask thingy: 7 and 18?

7: What’s the most hilarious moment to you? // oh man I have So Many but probably the part right after teruki erases dimple in episode five and mob has like a flashback of his time with him, idk why but it makes me laugh so hard

18: What headcanons do you have for (character)? // aahha you didn’t specify a character so I hope it’s okay for me to do teru?
• HARDCORE pining after mob, like this is unrequited love at it’s finest because mob has no clue (teru also gets really blushy every time mob does anything, because that shit is adorable)
• absolutely Shook by his bisexual awakening tbh. prior to mob, he had only found himself having interest in girls but now he’s loud n proud and the entire world must know
• can actually cook really well like, the boy does live alone imma hope he can take care of himself