why does this look so pink

okay but about the new update on overwatch.

So we have this cucumber cyborg ninja boi but i want to address the fact that kimono he is wearing is right over left.

Why does that matter? cuz this is why

He’s wearing what he wore in his funeral basically.

Also hanzo and genji both got this matching spray and its p dope

But now take a look at this white flower on genji’s side(right). Those flowers are called chrysanthemum and it has different colour variations including pink, yellow, red, white, bronze, magenta and purple.

Once again why does this matter u may ask, well thats because white chrysanthemum are used as funerary offerings in asian culture (China,Korea,Japan).

At first when i saw the kimono was on right over left i thought it was a mistake, but now that they choose white chrysanthemum out of all possible flowers and its colours. It made more sense to me.

So here’s the thing: Yellow Diamond is actually very relatable now after That Will Be All. Earth was the destruction of Pink Diamond, who by all theories and evidence was the youngest of the Diamonds and their little sister. Yellow is cold, calculating, and logic up until Earth gets mentioned - she wants to be rid of it and all that reminds her of it. That’s why she wants to destroy it so badly, why she wants to destroy the Zoo and the Rose Quartzes so badly, and why she’s so frustrated with Blue Diamond for preserving them instead.

“What’s the use of feeling, Blue?” What’s the use of feeling when it hurts so much, when it takes you away from important work and from your subjects? Just look at her face in these shots.

She looks haunted in the first and utterly tortured in the second. This is what feeling does to Yellow, and she hates it. Losing Pink Diamond was probably the worse thing to ever happen to Homeworld, and the only thing she can think of to get rid of the pain is to destroy anything that reminds her of Pink - the Zoo, the Rose Quartzes, and especially Earth.

What I really want is two things at this point: to find out more about White Diamond and how she’s coped with Pink’s death, and how Yellow will react to the Cluster being neutralized.

“Carl... you DO know what a ballet tutu looks like, right?”

Carl The Animator: “Uh, sure. They’re frilly… sometimes conical, sometimes kinda stiff and straight… usually pink… made of a very ethereal fabric… slope out at the base….”

Ted The Animator: “…then why the heck do you draw them like pink car tires?”

Carl The Animator: “I do not.”

Ted The Animator: “You totally do.”

Carl The Animator: “Do not.”

Ted The Animator: “The pattern on the outside even looks like tire treads.”

Carl The Animator: “Does not.”

Ted The Animator: “I bet they’re good for keeping traction on icy roads.”

Carl The Animator: “Oh, shaddup.”

Ted The Animator: “The tutus raise so many questions. Like, why does Phantasma have a ghost tutu? How does that work? Where exactly does one purchase a spirit-realm tutu?”

Carl The Animator: “Man, you take cartoon tutus way too seriously.”

Ted The Animator: “…way too-too seriously, you mean?”

Carl The Animator: *sigh*

valentine’s day headcanons
  • it’s everyone’s favorite holiday y’all
  • let’s talk about yamaguchi and how much of a romantic he is
  • v-day brings out the cheesiest side of him
  • he gets flowers for EVERYONE
  • tsukki is allergic to pollen so yams buys him plastic ones
  • they don’t die though, so tsukki doesn’t throw them out…
  • …..which means his closet is full of plastic bouquets from years past
  • anyway
  • yamaguchi takes his time to make treats for all his friends
  • which he packs into adorable pink gift bags
  • with personal notes about why he loves whoever the gift bag is for
  • so the whole team gets one, obviously
  • tsukki doesn’t get one, however
  • it’s the first year he’s been left empty-handed
  • yams has the smuggest smile while everyone else unwraps their bags in the club room and tsukki is just. dumbfounded.
  • so he complains
  • “yamaguchi, where’s my bag?”
  • “i left it at home. you can come by and get it once we finish up this meeting!”
  • so tsukki agrees
  • and yamaguchi still looks smug
  • they go to yamaguchi’s house
  • tsukki does not see a gift bag anywhere and complains again
  • but yams tells him to close his eyes
  • and he makes him promise not to look while he goes and gets the “gift bag”
  • except
  • it isn’t a gift bag
  • tsukki feels a long rectangular box in his hands
  • and yams tells him to open his eyes
  • and it is a box. a black box with no writing on it or anything
  • “are you proposing to me?”
  • “just open it, you dummy.”
  • tsukki opens it and
  • wOAH
  • it’s a….bracelet
  • it’s plain black leather with a tiny silver circle
  • it kinda looks like the moon
  • but it has an engraving of the letter “T”
  • he assumes it’s for “Tadashi”
  • and suddenly tsukki is blushing but not ANYWHERE near as much as yams is
  • “it matches mine.”
  • and yams is wearing one just like it
  • except, upon closer inspection, it has the letter “K”
  • which is obviously for “Kei”
  • and tsukki, although still salty he never got a gift bag full of food..
  • is very happy
  • because he loves his boy
  • even if he is the cheesiest
  • “happy valentine’s day, tsukki.”
  • “so this means we’re valentines now?”
  • and yams blushes even harder but nods because DUH
  • tsukki hates consumerist holidays but
  • he could never hate one that yamaguchi loves
  • because DUH
  • he loves him

Ok but Harry’s pink Converse were a mess. He wore them so much they could basically be thrown out now. And we have zero pictures of him wearing them outside of the shoot despite the fact that it looks like he wore them for 3 solid years.

picture this,,,isak and even lying under the starry sky, isak showing even all his favourite stars, telling him some facts about the universe and after a while even just turns his head to stare at isak while talking and he loves how isaks face lights up talking about things he finds interesting,and then isak says “look at that bright star!” and evens like “i am” and isak snorts and faces even like “youre not looking at it” and even whispers “why would i want to look at that star up there when ive got the brigthest one next to me” and isaks mouth hangs open and he tries to find the words but he just ends up smiling and kisses him then puts evens arm around himself so he can put his head on evens shoulder and he does it bc he loves having evens arms around him but he also wants to just hide his stupid grin and pink cheeks

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“I don’t like this Evan guy. He’s pretty stupid. Why does he always get the girls?”  Peter groans, going on about how much he dislikes one of the leading actors. His face was even getting a little pink from how much he was rambling on.

“Why do you hate him so much? What did he ever do to you?” You ask, tired of his whining. You just wanted to watch the rest of the show.

“No clue. Maybe it’s his hair. Yeah, it’s his hair. And his jawline.” He rolls his eyes, sighing deeply, trying to calm down a bit.

“No offense but you kinda look the same. Maybe it’s just me, though.” You hold back a laugh as his face scrunches up when you say that.

“We don’t look the same! Not at all! PFF. You’re wrong. I don’t see it.” Peter huffs angrily. It’s kinda cute.

“Okay, whatever you say. But I still think he’s awesome.” You smirk, knowing that comment would just piss Peter off more.

*:’~,*~ did you all know kary’s favorite color is pink?  ~*,~’:*

i saw a post saying you should imagine your oc’s in a princess dress, and this image popped clear as day into my head. kary really likes pretty clothes, but he’s a troll. where would he ever find anything so fashionable(?)–certainly if he did it would be rare indeed for it to come in such a luscious shade of cotton candy.

it has been literal years since i’ve done something this shiny and sparkly in my drawings. i feel so in touch with myself right now lmao <3

Alison Clues by Episode - “Don’t Look Now”

Why was A so desperate for Aria to dye pink streaks in her hair again? Charlotte had no connection to her back then, would have no motivation for her to do that. The only people who have ever commented on Aria’s pink hair are Jason…and Alison.

It’s strange how Alison is so adamant that Charles is dead…I mean, Hanna does have a good point about A leading them down the wrong path. And it’s not as if everyone who seems dead or has a grave on this show really is - Ali should know that better than anyone. If she really feels so bad that her friends went through something so terrible, potentially at the hands of her own unknown brother, shouldn’t she be willing to do anything to make sure he’s really dead? Unless, of course, she doesn’t want them digging deeper into Charles because she knows the full story already.

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Angela and Cherry showing off their newborn daughter to the family and Curly's like "eww, why is it so wrinkly and looks so old"

!!! Omfg Curly would not understand why everyone is saying how cute it is. Like gross it looks like a little alien. Why is she so pink? Why does it scream so much?? He would not get why everyone was lying about his niece’s attractiveness