why does this look like a horror movie


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Why does everything Republicans do these days look like a poster or trailer from a horror movie about secretly crazy middle-class serial killers from suburbia? 

A question we might need to ask at some point.

reasons why the BFG is actually a cosmic horror story

-the very existence of the giants, creatures that humanity doesnt know exist that capture/eat people, that also live forever

- dreams are tangible objects that can be caught 

- the bfg says he can sometimes hear the stars signing, meaning that they have some level of sentience 

- if the giants exist who knows what else does???

-im pretty sure the bfg mentions other creatures at some point

- you fucking look at the scene where they enter the dream world in the movie and tell me it doesn’t look like something out of bloodborne 


It seems like ever since Child’s Play, filmmakers don’t know how to do “scary doll” without going completely overboard into the realm of absurdity.

I love dolls.  I love all kinds of dolls, and I’ve seen all kinds of dolls.  My mother has a collection of antique dolls from around the world, and I’ve otherwise seen more than my fair share of “creepy” antique dolls.  However, real antique dolls–even the creepiest ones–do not look like the fuckin’ things that modern horror movies are trying to sell you, especially not dolls that are supposed to resemble children.  The closest you’ll find to something like the abominations on the right is Letta, and it’s highly doubtful that Letta was intended to be a figure of a child.

I don’t know why this bothers me, but it just does.  The people who designed these movie dolls were either trying way too hard, or not trying at all.

the charlie charlie challenge?? really?????????? okay, first off i’ve never heard of a demon with such a low-key name such as charlie? and if you try looking it up, all you get is the stupid challenge. i want some background history on this like where the hell did this come from???? secondly, even if it does happens to be “real” why the heck would u wanna summon a demon like?????????? you always said that you didn’t want to be that one stupid person in a horror movie, but you’re being that person rn.

ok so in the last couple of hours of insane october week spoilers that weren’t supposed to have been released and a rollercoaster of emotions to not deal with very well, here’s my thoughts:

  • the way emmerdale have set out flashbacks/flash forwards is such a clever direction to take and my inner nerd is screaming at the symbolising from different points of view from four different stories all in a 24 hour time period YES TO KING IAIN
  • aaron in the bath is totally gonna be one of those dramatic soap cliches that forewarns the quarry showdown and the apparent drowning but all I can think of is AARON… IN A BATH…  wet… gel free hair… head probably under water… chest maybe on show…
  • pretty sure emmerdale’s gonna turn into a horror movie with psycho bride emma standing behind james with a cleaver in one hand and a chicken in the other lmao
  • WHY does lachlan look so much like robert on that spoiler pic, WHY is he wrestling him to the ground, WHY is he such a disgusting cretin who is gonna cause so much hurt to both robron and us I wouldn’t even care if he died (which he won’t)
  • how can aaron and robert look so damn hot when they’re supposed to be bloody and torn oh my god i’m done with them two
  • i’m sweating at danny’s pumped chest
  • that hand placement of robert’s got me living
  • james’ gross toe gives me the creeps
  • if there were people like aaron and robert in A&E I’d purposely injure myself so I could visit every day because god damn
  • it seems rod stewart has become an emmerdale extra
  • there’s gonna be a funeral and that will probably be mine
Some insight of Dr. Strange's concept art from Disney event in Africa.

“We have to confess that we weren’t exactly over the moon when we heard that there was going to be a Doctor Strange movie. To be honest, Marvel’s resident caped occult dabbler isn’t exactly what we’d call a marquee name when compared to the likes of Iron Man, Captain America or Thor. If Hawkeye and Black Widow don’t rank highly enough to star in their own movie then why does Stephen Strange rate a movie all to himself?

Once we saw the concept art and a couple of stills of the movie, however, we changed our minds quite quickly. Doctor Strange looks dark. Very dark. As in scraping the edge of ‘horror-movie-dark’ and information imparted about the film from Marvel Studios head, Kevin Feige, supports this appraisal. According to Feige, the film will have a firm footing in the shadowy world of the occult and supernatural. While we’re not expecting it to be a true blue horror film, but if it could provide as many chills as say Constantine (the TV series, NOT the film), then that would be great.

Oh, and Benedict Cumberbatch looks very fetching in his Doctor Strange get-up. Very fetching indeed…”