why does this look like a horror movie

things people in my theatre class have said

“look guys i vandalized george washington”

“i fucking HATE that note” 

“that was so beautiful im crying how does she even hit that note??”

(off-key screeching) “i think thats a little flat”

“oh my god your voice is so good why are you in the ensemble?” “i can’t act” “THIS IS??? A THEATRE CLASS??”

“i love (random musical)” “fight me”

“everyone shut up and give me attention”

“and thats why its called a triple threat” “im not even a single threat”

“how was ur audition” “im dead”

“why do they make the orchestra play under the stage??? its like a fuckin horror movie in there”

(while walking backstage) “holy FUCK theres so much stuff in here”

“why is there a brownie on the side of the stage” “dont question it its always been there”

(incoherent screaming about the tonys)

“you wore that shirt yesterday” “shhhhHHHH”

“i had a dream about kiwis yesterday.” “…” “the fruit and the bird”

“theater is the place and theatre is the profession” “wait really”


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Why does everything Republicans do these days look like a poster or trailer from a horror movie about secretly crazy middle-class serial killers from suburbia?

A question we might need to ask at some point.

Christ. The way her face just falls. That is honestly unsettling.  

Double Date

For amys-binder, last week’s Random Trivia Winner! 

Nico looked at his stupid black polo shirt and stupid skinny jeans. He had no idea how he got sucked into a double date with Annabeth and Percy. Well, he knew how, his significant annoyance set up the whole thing without asking him. 

“Well you look sharp.” Will smiled as he finished tucking in his baby blue button down shirt into his jeans.

“Why are we going on this double date again? And why do I have to go?” Nico asked. 

“Because they’re our friends.” Will replied as he looked at Nico. “And they’re some of the only people that you can stand.”

Nico sighed, knowing Will was right. “So where are we going again?”

“To dinner and mini golf.”

“Wait, I got all dressed up for mini golf?” Nico asked. 

“You really think wearing a polo is getting dressed up?” Will replied. “Come on, we’re going to be late.”

Nico sighed and walked with him out the door. He got into the passenger seat to let Will drive. He closed his eyes, trying to get a clear mind before this date started. 

He did enjoy spending time with Will and going on dates always brought out his nerves. He just wanted everything to be right. Of course he was the perfectionist when he came to dates.

“Look, Annabeth and Percy are here.” Will said as he parked the car. 

Nico opened his eyes and looked at his two friends through the window. They were smiling and chatting with each other as they waited for Will and Nico. 

Will got out of the car and Nico followed. His hands shoved deep into his pockets as him and Will approached their friends. 

“Hey.” Annabeth greeted, spotting the two of them from the corner of her eye. “You two look great.”

“Thanks. You two look good too.” Will smiled. “Did you get a table already?” 

“We have a reservation.” Percy told them as they headed inside. His fingers were intertwined with Annabeth’s.

Will looked over at Nico who still had his hands shoved in his pockets. He sighed, slightly wishing that they could hold hands. 

They got seated almost immediately. Annabeth and Percy sat on one side of the table and Will and Nico sat on the other side. Will was across from Percy and Nico was across from Annabeth. 

“What is the best thing on the menu?” Will asked as he looked through the menu. 

“The shrimp and chicken alfredo.” Annabeth replied almost immediately. “The sauce is light and it’s so flavorful.” 

“Uh, no. Their steak is amazing.” Percy argued. “Melts like butter in your mouth.”

Will chuckled at their banter. His eyes flickered to Nico who was still staring at the menu. He knew Nico was trying to figure out the cheapest thing he would eat even though Will told him that he had the money for tonight.

“Get whatever you want.” Will whispered to him. “I promise that it’s fine. I saved up money for this date.”

Nico squirmed a bit, knowing he still was going to get something pretty cheap. It’s why he never like going out for dates. They usually do something inexpensive and cuddle up watching movies. That was the perfect date night. 

Will placed a hand on Nico’s knee, trying to calm him down. His hand didn’t leave his knee until after they ordered.

Will was the one who was keeping a conversation going with Percy and Annabeth. He was smiling and laughing as the conversation kept going. Nico didn’t put in a word. He just listened to the three of them talk. 

“So who is the best golfer between you and Nico?” Annabeth asked. 

“Um, we don’t know. We haven’t been mini golfing before.” Will replied. “So this will be interesting.”

“I’ll give you a hint at who the best mini golfer is between us. Not me.” Percy slightly smiled. 

“You’re pretty good.” Annabeth replied. 

“Pretty bad compared to you.” Percy rolled his eyes. “That’s why I wanted to go with other people.”

Annabeth chuckled and looked at Nico. “Are you a good mini golfer?” 

Nico shrugged. “Don’t know, I never tried before.” 

“Wait, you never mini golfed before? Why didn’t you tell me that?” Will asked. “We could have trained before this date.” 

Nico shrugged again before getting up to use the bathroom. 

Will sighed and sank a bit in his chair. “Nico hates going on dates unless it’s a special occasion. I shouldn’t have told him this was date.”

“Why does he hate dates?” Percy asked.

“Both of us are tight on money. Usually we just watch movies at home or look up at the stars. Real dates take a lot of planning and money which we both don’t normally have.” Will replied.

“I see. So maybe we shouldn’t go mini golfing. We could do something else.” Annabeth told him. “Whatever Nico wants to do.”

“Yeah. But it most likely will be a horror or thriller movie.” Will said. 

“You like horror and thriller movies?” Percy asked. “I never saw you as a guy who would.” 

Will smiled. “There’s a lot you don’t know about me Jackson.”

Nico walked back over to them. He sat down next to Will and took his hand. His hair was slightly wet from the water he splashed onto his face. Nico felt a lot better after calming himself down from being so anxious. He was going to enjoy the date that Will and his friends planned. 

He looked at his friends that had a concerned look on their face. 

“I’m fine.” Nico replied. “So, how do you play mini golf? Is it like regular golf?” 

“No, it’s slightly different than that.” Will replied, squeezing Nico’s hand. He slightly smiled at his boyfriend before explaining mini golf to him.

Olicity: Party Time

Prompt from @putthepromptsonpaper “Ten more minutes of this and I’m getting a vasectomy.”

“Ten more minutes of this and I’m getting a vasectomy.”

“Oliver, please stop being dramatic. This is supposed to be a nice day.”

“It’s supposed to be a five year old’s birthday party, but somewhere along the line it’s turned into a horror movie.”

“It’s not that bad.”

“These children are demons.”

“I think demons is a harsh word…”

“I’ve been bitten.”

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So I had an idea. It’s not fanfiction, it’s about a writer and their muses, but then I got to thinking, “who would play the characters in this if it WERE fanfiction?” So yeah, here you go.


Gadreel would play drama/angst. When he’s sober, he likes to add a dramatic flare to writing (Ie. Juliet finds out that Romeo has been lying to her for years now). But when he’s drunk, he likes to torture characters, kill them, and make a perfectly good healthy character go rotten. Keep the booze away from this one. 


Sam loves everything romantic. If you give him a plot line, he will more than likely insert a fifty-page chapter about how their eyes locked. He does not get along well with Gadreel, seeing as that angsty sonovabitch always ruins his happy plots! “Love is pain” says Gadreel, and Sam can’t stand it.


Who else but Gabriel? He believes that anything can be funny, puns are his favorite, though. He loves collabing with Dean, because even if they’re so very different, their genres somehow mesh well together. He’s tried to collaborate with Gadreel in the past, but sometimes he makes Gadreel get too sidetracked in laughing his ass off.


Ok but who else but Gunner? “Football. Circa ‘99, Dick Vermeil – best coach. Basketball circa ‘84 –” He spits out random facts about sports, tries to insert them into every single plot, and knows movies of every genre that fit sports into it. He may be a sports loving Jock, but he ain’t no fool.


Dean is sure that licking and sticking can fit into any story. Hell, why do you think that horror movies always have those sexy scenes where the teens get murdered right after boning? Because porn is life. He absolutely adores working with Gabriel, because porn parodies make everybody happy.


John freaking Winchester. Need I say more?


Look at that face. Does that look like the face of a man who would hurt you? Well, yes, Alastair does have that face because…well, he is the horror muse, after all. Gore. Ghosts. Jumpscares. Oooh to see your horrified gaze is ecstasy, he truly truly thrives off of your fear. “I write what comes to me, it’s not my fault that I’ve got delicious amounts of pain flooding through my imagination.” He’s so bad, but when the plot needs it, he’s got the special kind of fear-inducing ability that everyone needs.


Is it any surprise that Sully is the fluff muse? He’s full of sugary sweet goodness, and boy does he love working with Gabriel, laughter is basically the fruit of life. On the other hand, he stays far far away from Alastair and Gadreel. I don’t even need to mention that he and Sam collaborate quite often, making super fluffy romance stories c:


Castiel loves a good mystery. That is all.


Charlie! She was in Oz for crying out loud! SHE LED A (fake) ARMY INTO WAR! If there’s anyone who’d help you write a good ass adventure story, it’s her. She focuses on the journey, and not the destination, so there’s always a world of possibilities. She and John makes the best action/adventure stories in this universe.

A few years ago I went to see Dracula Untold and I heard it was supposed to be the kickoff for some goofy “shared movie universe” thing with all the Universal horror characters.  But that movie didn’t do so well so then Universal was like “Oh, uh, mulligan, we’ll start our shared universe with a Mummy reboot.”  Now The Mummy Part XIV: Back In School looks like a flop, too.  So I don’t want to assume Universal doesn’t know what it’s doing, but maybe they could use some pointers on how to do this.

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How would the RFA++ react to an MC who works as a manga artist and has written a ton of successful horror mangas? (Also sorry for spamming you yesterday 😂 your headcanons and fics are so good!!) Thanks! ♡

hey! No worries for spamming me, I’m happy you like what I write ahhhhhh♥ 

also, this was a fun request, thank you!! 


  • ok so he saw mc’s drawings when he was looking for a certain script
  • and though he’s lowkey scared of the rather graphic drawings, he’s impressed
  • he asks mc about it when they get home, since they never really talked about it 
  • mc’s just glad he’s interested and starts telling him everything
  • zen’s never seen mc’s eyes light up this much and he just loves it
  • sure, it’s about scary stuff, but to him that’s all the more intriguing?
  • “mc, if someone makes a musical out of this, I want to play that character”
  • now mc is even more excited because that would be hella cool
  • they probably start making a manga that would fit to zen more, like character-wise 
  • and he is Hyped…they’re both Hyped
  • look, they’re just so excited about each other’s work that sometimes zen makes up songs for mc’s manga and mc draws the characters he plays
  • they fangirl over each other at this point, its hilarious and adorable
  • the fans love it  


  • horror isn’t his thing, really 
  • but at the same time, he’s really interested about mc’s characters 
  • helps with world-building! and character arcs!!
  • he loves getting all the sneak peeks and knowing what happens before everyone else 
  • his college buddies hate him because he always “guesses” right
  • and then they find out about mc and call him a cheater 
  • but anyways, he’s more interested in the characters and worlds they build up rather than the actual plot 
  • when mc is out of inspiration, they run to him and he knows the best solutions to things 
  • they made a character based off of him! 
  • yoosung was so flattered
  • “…i don’t die though, right?”
  • “no, of course not! you get to live, I promise”
  • they kind of based it off how he went to Mint Eye and hurt his eye 


  • horror is also not her favorite, but she’s more interested than yoosung in the genre
  • she is so impressed with mc’s drawings like wow, how 
  • you should see her face when mc tells her what happens
  • “you’re cruel, mc. it’s going to be amazing!”
  • helps out more with plot and characters. especially characters
  • gets emotionally attached to mc’s characters 
  • “nooo, mc!! why did you kill her, she was my favorite! she deserved so much better” :(((
  • mc just evil laughs 
  • what kind of betrayal 
  • when mc gets it published, she sells some copies at the cafe
  • it helps spread publicity both ways! 
  • all the regulars read in the cafe and talk to jaehee about what happened
  • “I know, right?! they’re evil. but they write and draw so good!” and she smiles at mc 
  • it’s adorable, really 
  • jaehee also helps comes up with merch ideas!


  • he is honestly so impressed
  • this one helps with plot 
  • and he is so cruel!! mc loves it they are truly an evil duo
  • but it’s also so captivating and suspenseful that people can’t stop reading 
  • he helps get mc’s stuff published
  • even the guards read it 
  • everyone reads it, it’s company policy oops 
  • i mean, unless you really don’t want to 
  • the reporters around them ask about sneak peeks
  • jumin never tells them a thing, though 
  • insists elizabeth makes a cameo in one
  • of course, she can’t die 
  • “hey mc, so I had an idea about what should happen to the main character” 
  • “oh, do tell……holy moly that is a great idea”
  • jumin just smiles. no one knows how he comes up with these things  

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • he saw some of their stuff from the background check
  • and he was an automatic fan 
  • so when he sees mc drawing a new panel, he’s like
  • “what’s gonna happen nextttttt???” “no spoilers, saeyoung”
  • somehow he manages to always guess what mc’s going to do 
  • sometimes he offers better solutions 
  • and helps make the character reactions more realistic, given all he’s seen
  • also offers some of his spy stories as plots
  • which mc actually uses sometimes 
  • when mc has the idea to do a space horror type thing, he is first in line with ideas
  • it’s their joint creation
  • saeyoung calls it their child
  • it was his idea to have the reader fall in love with a certain character and oh look, they’re the real antagonist and now you hate them 
  • spreads word by hacking into social media sites and advertises there 
  • i mean…it worked 

v / jihyun

  • love love loves it!
  • who cares if it’s horror, it is absolute art
  • and v’s main job is color help
  • which mc is actually very thankful for, now their manga has a different color palette than every other horror manga 
  • and these characters look good 
  • he also helps with symbolism and plot twists 
  • spreads words through the party and his connections
  • the rfa always asks for sneak peeks, but jihyun is the Master Secret Keeper
  • he does not tell a soul, not even jumin or saeyoung
  • “why would I ruin the element of surprise for mc? that’s disrespectful to their hard work!”
  • v, please, they just want to know if someone lives 
  • no, they get nothing
  • once in a while, he comes up with the most amazing plot twists, mc is so impressed
  • surprises them at one point by finding look-a-likes for their characters in case, you know, there’s ever a movie or tv show


  • this is his shit
  • helps with all the horror elements and loves everything
  • sometimes, he gets emotionally attached to a character and mc has to change the plot so they don’t die
  • they can’t stand to see the poor bean sad because they killed off a character
  • but she doesn’t tell the rest of the rfa that the plot changed, so they think she’s lying to them all the time
  • when, in reality, that was the original plan. saeran just really liked this one person
  • he’s a good drawer, too, and he helps with background sometimes 
  • mc is thankful and honestly really amazed, his backgrounds are so detailed
  • he’s also a good worldbuilder! 
  • part of the reason his backgrounds are so detailed is because he has some plans for horror stuff and it can incorporate the scenery
  • mc is impressed 
  • totally also makes him a character that survives everything
  • he grins. grins. it’s so cute
  • “i survive? after all that?” he asks
  • “yes, you do. and you get a happy ending.” and he smiles wider 

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It seems like everything happens when I go to bed early. But even the dead need their beauty sleep. But question time for any sugar skull that wants to answer. Which horror film scared you the most?


“the human centipede 2.”


“heh, you should watch it blue.”


“sounds like you’re more of a babybones guy but maybe that’s just me.”  He shrugs.

“tread lightly, axe, unless you want crooks watching it with with him.”

“heh, go right ahead.  paps has already seen it.”


Sans looks super uncomfortable, staring over at the wall.  Even Stretch nopes out of the conversation and walks off, while Axe just laughs.

The Children of War 〉Chapter 1

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(Inspired by the Korean Drama, Descendants of the Sun).

🎶  CHEN(첸)XPunch(펀치) _ Everytime l 태양의 후예

“Doctor, am I going to die? Mom and dad won’t tell me anything. I’m scared.”
As my team prepped her for surgery, I gave the little girl my most brilliant smile.
“Do you know who I am, SooJung?”
“You’re Doctor Lu?…”
“That’s right. I’m Lu. I’m 25. The youngest surgeon to ever graduate from Seoul National Institute. I’ve cut open more patients than the oranges you opened in your entire life, and every single one of them survived. I made so many miracles, people calls me Jesus Christ!”.
“Tsh, she’s lying”.
Hanna, a 29 year old anaesthesiologist and also my best friend, said with a smile. “Well, just about the Jesus Christ part. Everything else is absolutely true. These surgeries have a 100% survival rate”.
I smiled, holding SooJung’s little hand.
“You hear that? As long as you are under my knife, you will definitely not die!”
Her eyes sparkled. For the first time in that day they didn’t show fear.
“Wow, you’re so cool! I want to be just like you when I grow up!”
“Well, why not?” I smiled, presenting the most confidence face I could.
In the operation room, there is no room for errors, no room for doubt. We are gods that try to make miracles happen, but we know within every God of live, there’s a God of death. Even if I’m the fastest and most skilled surgeon in the world, as long as I keep practicing, chances are quite big that one day, someone will die in my hands.
SooJung yawned slightly, her eyes closing. Hanna looked up at me and nodded.
That’s right. One day someone will die in my hands.
But today is not that day.

Something warm and dry brushed my cheek and I stirred. There was a hiss and the sounds of footsteps scurrying closer to me.
I heard someone speaking something, but I didn’t recognize who it was.
“Did she just collapsed here?”
Now, this voice. It was a tone that I could recognize anywhere.
“Taehyung?” I blinked but my eyes felt so heavy. I couldn’t even recognize the faces before me.
Shifting, I tried to lift myself up but my entire body gave out on the exact same spot. My cheek hit the floor with a little thud.
Oh right. I fell asleep on the floor didn’t I?
Together with my team, the surgery was a success.
It had taken 8 hours of nonstop work. As soon as I left the operation room, I fell asleep on the corridor.
“Good job Taehyung. You woke her up. It’s not like she needs to rest or anything.”
I could practically hear Hanna rolling her eyes.
Before my brain could cooperate with my eyes, I felt my whole body being lifted up.
Strong arms held me tight against a equal strong chest. It was so comforting and warm.
“Just go back to sleep, Lu”.
Kim Taehyung, my boyfriend, also a surgeon, 25 years old, an incredibly kind, gentle and empathetic person.
As Taehyung whispered against my ear, I could feel his chest rumble. It seemed like he was a giant cat.
I sighed, nuzzling my face into his shirt. It smelled like our bed at home.

Falling asleep at the hospital is not uncommon. I’m the best example of that.
I woke up a few hours later, in my small room at the hospital, shared by me and other two doctors.
I was alone. I groaned and turned over, my face rubbing against the soft sheets. So smooth.
“Hum? Ricky?” I grabbed the small teddy bear in my hands and smiled. “How did you end up here Buddy? I thought I left you at home.”
Ricky is my teddy bear. I have it since I was like one year old.
Finally, I noticed something on the table next to my bed.
A note?
I grabbed the piece of paper and rubbed my eyes before reading it. I could feel my face relaxing into a warm smile.
Taehyung never failed to cheer me up.
“Hey Lu. If you’re reading this, it means I’m still in the operation room doing the bypass. Ricky was so alone in our bed this morning, I had to bring him along. If you get home before I do, there’s chicken nuggets and rice in the fridge. It’s already in a container so you can just put it in the microwave. I love you, see you soon”.
Instead of a signature, there was a chocolate placed on the side of the note. I smiled and touched my own cheeks. They were hot, I was blushing.
It took all of my power not giggle and jump like a little school girl.
Is this guy even real?

I ended up calling my best friend, rambling at her like always.
“Who the heck does that? Seriously. I am in cloud nine.”
“Just Mr.Perfect Doctor Dreamy Kim Taehyung”. Hanna said, laughing at the other side of the line.
“He carried me to bed! And didn’t forget to bring Ricky and the bed smells like him, and he also left me a chocolateeee”.
Hanna made a “ew” sound and I rolled my eyes.
“I’m getting diabetes just listening this.”
“Don’t be such an ass just because you are single hum?”
We continued to talk and laugh while I walked towards the terrace on the last floor. It was a beautiful night.
“It’s not fair Hanna. I feel like I don’t deserve him? He is like perfect, everything he does. What can I do to top this?! Our future kids are totally going to love him more than me.” I faked a crying sound, mouth full of chocolate.

Suddenly, and I swear to God I don’t know what happened, I heard a loud thump and a hiss, and a crying sound too…`
It was one of those horror movie moments where everything seems to move in slow motion.
“Who are you? Last time I checked this is the last floor. How did you get up here?” I asked horrified.
There was a young man, with military clothes, with  slight tanned skin that glowed in the night.
Shadows pooled under his naked collarbones, the muscles rippling under his bruised skin.
BRUISED. Why does he seem like he just arrived from war?
“I’m an angel. I flew”.
I blinked a couple of times, looking at him.
His blood was dripping, yet he was smiling like nothing was wrong. Should I help him? But like, maybe he is some hallucination. I’m too tired lately, maybe it’s exactly what he is.
“I heard your sweet voice and before I knew it, I was here. You’d be amazed at how efficient jetpacks powered by attraction are.” He winked at me, which resulted at me giving a step back in response.
“You’re bleeding..”
He looked down at the blood on his clothes and then back at me and shrugged. Like what? Doesn’t he feel any pain at all?
Before I could say something, a crying sound arrived to my ears.
“That's… That’s a baby on your back?”
I stared at him in disbelief. He started unrapping the bandages that were tying the baby to him, using only one hand. I saw the other one was bruised, injured.
“Oh my God, what is going on?” I asked desperate, as I helped him dealing with the baby, instinctively checking her over to see if she had injuries.
“Come with me”. I said in a hurry, pulling him by his wrist.

We immediately arrived at my small bedroom on the fourth floor and I laid her on the bed, heaving a sigh of relief.
“Is she alright doctor?”
“She seems unhurt.”
He gave me the exact same smile again. “I’m glad”.
He was pretty weird. It was like he was bulletproof.
“She needs a closer examination, but you…”
Before I could finish my sentence, he lost his balance. Instinctively, I took a step forward my arms getting ready to support him. He held my gaze for a brief moment before collapsing on me.
I stumbled backwards, taking his entire weight with my small body.
I knew I should’ve take him to the operation room.
His rapid breathing felt hot on my cheek. The tips of his dark hair tickled my skin.
I could feel his blood seeping down through my white gown.
“It's…cold..” His soft, trembling lips brushed against my ear. At that moment, all the events caught up to my brain.
He was going into shock. If I didn’t do anything…this boy was going to break, for sure.
A scream ripped out of my throat.

I could see what was going to happen next. Images playing in my mind. My team would be alerted. Nurses would take the baby. We would rush him to the operation room, stop the bleeding and replace his blood supplies, talk to him later to see what was wrong, and fix that too…
Care for him until he wakes up, then tell him how cheesy his pickup lines were, and teach him some better ones.
One day, someone would die in my hands.

Today would not be that day.

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So did Sabrina break up with The boy because he didn't like scary movies? So confused. Love Sabrina. Not sure bout this music video

Maybe the diner scene in the beginning and the one at end are supposed to be two different times? Because she’s wearing white under her jacket when they first go in, but in the last shot as she’s walking away she’s wearing red under it.

So maybe when they first go and they see “Why” and she takes a picture, it’s literally them seeing the writing on the wall, so to speak, regarding their relationship. But they ignore it and go into the diner anyway. And his horror movie comment causes her to look back at the relationship (cue most of the video) and then next time they go to the diner she breaks up with him because she realizes just liking someone isn’t enough for a relationship (but she hopes maybe he’ll change–hence the look back). After all, he does spend his night sippin by the kilo even though he knows she doesn’t do that stuff–it’s not just superficial differences like different movie preferences.

But if the point of the music video was to subvert the original lyrics’ intention, then it should’ve clearly showed that in the middle of the video when they’re showing the relationship….but instead we get them laying next to each other and Sabrina twirling around photographs (and the photographs don’t show much either).

So idk. I’m still not sure what the music video was going for tbh

Crush imagine #27

“Ah, this, is my favorite one” (Y/C) chuckled. We were playing mini golf, and I was leading, but it was a difficult course and he’d played this one many times before. “See you have to time it just perfectly, so the ball goes through the wheel” he tapped the ball and ended up getting a hole in one.
“Just one hole in one won’t get you a win” I smirked.
10 tries later, I was still trying to get the ball through the wheel. (Y/C) came over to me and wrapped his arms around me from behind me, and rested his chin on my shoulder. He then held the golf club over my hands and hit the ball for me. It was moments like this that would momentarily make me think (y/c) liked me as more than a friend. (Y/c)’s lips brushed against my neck lightly. A chill went down my spine, (y/c) made me feel so different.
“(Y/C), what are you doing” I pulled myself away from him.
“Helping you in mini golf” he smirked. “Or I think that’s I’m doing, I mean it is just mini golf, not a date.”

“So why does it feel like more than mini golf?” We grabbed our clubs and moved to the next hole.
“Because, I want it to be more, and I know you want it to be more” he looked away.
“Wait, you like- hold on, you know?” My eyes widened.
“You don’t think I noticed, how you hugged me a little longer, how you sat closer to me, or how you would pick me to sit next to while watching a horror movie?” He gave me a look.
“I didn’t think it was obvious” I looked down.
“I mean those became tell tale signs after I read your texts to (y/f)” my jaw dropped.
“You read my texts?!” I punched his shoulder.
“Only because I was feeling for you and I just wanted to know” he chuckled. “Look, (y/n), I like you, a lot. And I know you like me back. I think you’re beautiful and charming, and sweet.” (Y/c) gripped my waist.
“Well if you think, all those things, why haven’t you kissed me yet?” I looked up. He chuckled and leaned in, and kissed me softly.

Why does every horror/sci fi movie monster have shitty vision? Like any time it shows what the monster sees when it’s running through hallways or chasing people, the vision always have some shitty distortion effect to tell the audience that it’s the monster’s POV, as if the fact that it’s upside down with the ceiling looking like the floor or showing the backs of people that were clearly being chased by the monster in the previous scene wasn’t evident enough.

That always makes the monster less scary. Like now I know there’s a huge advantage humans have over it. It can’t see for shit. Any tiny details that could sway things in people’s favor won’t be noticed by it at all. 

Let your movie monsters have good vision.



You walked into Stark’s home theater, arms overflowing with stacks of DVDs and Darcy trailing behind you with her arms full of popcorn and all of the candy she could find. From across the room, you could hear Natasha rummaging around in the small fridge, pulling out everyone’s drink of choice. Pepper was throwing a bunch of pillows and blankets to Skye, who was helping everyone arrange them.

Movie night.

It was a great idea (if you did say so yourself). All of the Avengers guys were away doing who knows what, so you had gathered all of the females you knew into one place and sat them down in front of a screen, ready to watch movies.

“I’ve got all of the genres, romantic, comedy, the love child of those two aka rom-coms, animated, musical, horror… You name it, we’ve got it.”

“Why does it sound like you’re trying to sell us something?”

You rolled your eyes softly and set down all the dvds.

“Alright, pick one, any one, and we’ll vote on what to watch first.”

Everyone leapt towards the stack, but not before you subtly plucked your favorite movie out of the bunch. When everyone was finished, they turned back towards you, who was holding the movie and a cup filled with names written on pieces of paper.

“Really (Y/n)?” Natasha commented, looking in distaste at the method for choosing the movie as you held up your full hands in defense.

“This way no one gets their feelings hurt.”

You closed your eyes and reached into the cup.

“This year’s Hunger Games tribute is… Wanda! What’s your movie?”

She stepped in front of the large group of girls, holding up a slim case.

“I chose Star Wars, it’s on the list Steve gave me of movies to watch.”

You set up the movie and plopped down on one of the plush couches, squished in between Jemma and Lady Sif (who had come all the way to Midgard to hang out with you guys), Maria sitting on the floor in front of you.

The theme song played and Darcy started reciting all of the words at the beginning, causing Jane to look at her in amazement.

“I would’ve never pegged you to be a Star Wars geek.”

“I know, everyone expects you to be the one into sci-fi and stuff,” shot back Darcy, “What with you being into space and stuff.”

Jane scoffed, causing everyone (save for May) to laugh a little.

You all sat there in silence, stuffing popcorn and candy into your mouths, watching movie after movie until the treacherous sun rose, signaling an end to the lovely night you’d been having.
Everyone agreed that you’d have to do it again soon.



“Stark, shut up!”

“They ate all my candy and my popcorn, I’m aloud to be angry!”

“Stark, shut up.”

By drharlxxnquinzxl

campiisms  asked:

❝ Wait, you say that you forgot exactly what happened?! How much do you remember?! — So does that mean you can't recall what I said?!? ❞ Neil asks, talking way too quickly for this own good. He seems desperate.

          ❝I remember more about the crappy horror movies we watched than anything else?❞ Harrison was probably the only one paying attention to the movies, anyway. ❝I mean, I remember we were playing a game that involved spinning a bottle or…something. But when I try to remember anything more clearly it makes my headache worse.❞ ( Somebody get this poor kid an aspirin. )

          …wait, why is Neil looking at him like that? Harrison makes a faint shrugging motion. ❝I remember some stuff. Nothing too specific. I remember that you didn’t want to kiss me and held up the game for like fifteen minutes.❞ He thinks Nikki is the one who finally convinced Neil to get on with it, but he isn’t quite sure of that. ❝But that’s about it. Why? Did I miss you admitting you believe in magic or something?❞ He’s totally kidding. ( …Harrison, that’s…you know, something’s not right here. )

( @campiisms; Neil )