why does this guy have fangirls

Pffft. But honestly. Can we just talk about how it seems everyone in beacon town has a crush on Jesse?
…this could be an interesting AU
Also I currently don’t trust ANYBODY in this game right now. Mcsm has laid a deep sense of untrustworthiness in my Conscious.

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Why do you even thing Micheal roker is attractive. He looks so creepy and old. No offence but he isn't really pretty.

Hello dear anon who probably is the same who asked me about Ben Mendelsohn…

I’ve said this before and I say this again. I AM NOT THAT INTO PRETTY BOY’S!

ATTRACTION IS SO MUCH MORE THAN PHYSICAL APPEARANCE! I like men who has a certain something in their personality that shines through that just makes them so goddamn charming and attractive. Not to mention the way they look at me and their smiles that just makes me melt. That is what makes them attractive to me!

Also, you can ask the other hundreds upon hundreds of his fangirls/boys why…

And yeah he’s old, he’s fucking 62 but age doesn’t matter to me!

Also I am kind of weird I guess and would love to have a guy look at me like Rooker does both in the second and third gif shown below…

Hope my answer is sufficient to you…

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Underrated Mohnstad moments

I feel like there’s a lot of forgotten moments about Chriseva or even things that some people don’t know about :

- When he wanted her to send him nudes (ok, i’m still not over it).

- When he keeps looking at her when he invites the girls to the Halloween party.

- When he calls her “ sweetheart” and say he wants to help her “ take her panties off” (fuckboy af).

- The fact that he remembers her after the party where they met, although she forgot about him (pretty sure he likes her since the beginning even if he was a total drittsekk back then).

- Absolutely NOTHING will beat the iconic Evak eyefucking scene but in 1x04, the way he undress her with his eyes from accross the room before he goes talk to her is just so hot.

- When she says to him that she is a psycho stalker, like Derek in OTH (ok, i have to admit this show is so bad but it didn’t stop me to scream like a fangirl when Eva mentionned it).

- The wink at the Christmas Party (i’m so weak).

- The fact that he seems to be the mysterious guy who fingered her in the taxi after the bus party in season 2.

- In 3x10, when she plays with the zip of his shirt in the background.

The Boys trying to decide on a new segment for the radio (Radio Jack June 9)

Kai (reading mail): “Hey everyone, nice to meet you! This is a suggestion for a new segment – how about ‘Intro Quiz?’ (I guess a game where you have to guess the song just from the intro) Of course it doesn’t have to be – (giggle) – songs by the GazettE –”

(everyone gigglin)

Reita: (crackin up) It’s so loud

(everyone laughing)

Aoi: Omg omg


Reita: Grgrgrgr

Aoi: Hey what was that sound?

(*He’s making a joke bc they’re doing a new segment where fans send in a recording of a sound and they have to guess what it is)

(Everyone dies laughing)

Reita: So it begins!


Aoi: That was funny~

Kai: So anyway (giggling) they’re suggesting an Intro Quiz game. Another one, “congratulations on starting Radio Jack! It’s been so dull with Rajigaze finished and no lives, but those days are finally over. I thought of a segment for the show: Fangirl Poems. The hikikomogomo –” what? Do you understand that – tf does ‘hikikomogomo’ mean?

Reita: Um I use that word pretty much every day

(Everyone laughing)

Kai: Shut up. 

(Okay I had to look this up but it means like “highs and lows, joy and grief,” I guess being a fangirl is an emotional roller coaster lol)

Kai: “We can send in poems in 5-7-5 format about our lives.” Another one, “I was thinking that scary stories would be good. Paranormal stories, or stories about scary people – any kind of scary story. And then you guys could assess how scary it was.” Orrrrr, “Weird Food Combinations. People send in food combinations that seem weird but are actually good, and then you guys actually try them –” Does that mean we have to eat them here? (laughs) 

Uruha: Seriously??

Kai: Well there are lots of ideas, like taking calls from listeners…all kinds of things, anyway, we’ll continue to read your ideas. But of the ones I read now were there any you thought might work? 

Ruki: I thought the poem one was interesting.

Uruha: Yeahh

Kai: The Fangirl Poems? 

Reita: Make one right now.

Kai: (laughing) Pls

Uruha: He’s not even a fangirl lol

Ruki: Why r u looking at me

Kai: So should we use this? Let’s keep it as an idea to maybe use later. Fangirl Poems. 

Reita: I’m just wondering how we can use that on the radio – like, we read it, and then what? 

(Kai laughs)

Reita: Like, “oh cooool…”

Uruha: You rate them!

Ruki: Yeh let’s have them send some.

Kai: Yeah let’s do it! And what else…Intro Quiz?

Ruki: With the GazettE’s songs right? 

Kai: No, it doesn’t have to be!

Aoi: Yes it does

Kai: It does?

Ruki: But if it’s the GazettE ofc we’re gonna get it 

Kai: Yeah true…

Aoi: We’ll think about it.

Kai: (laughing) Well anyway, for now we’ve decided on the Fangirl Poems.

Reita: And we’re still taking ideas so

Ruki: Well that other one was interesting too, the uhh, the food one.

Kai: Ahhh yeah, where we have to eat –

Aoi: Let’s do that now. Let’s do that right now. 

(Kai laughing)

Ruki: Well it should be something that gets us hyped up. 

Kai: Ahh, you’re right…

Ruki: Like, when people message us with their problems, or that Dark Side stuff, they’re kinda downers. 

Reita: OKAY! OKAY!

Kai: ???

Reita: I wrote a poem!!!

Kai: Okay

Reita: Okay here it is –

Aoi: Wait hold up, my stomach

(everyone dies laughing)


(Kai is especially dying) 

Ruki: Okay go

Reita: “After headbanging and buying goods, I can’t move my neck.”

(*In Japanese saying u cant move ur neck is like an idiom for being broke so his Gemini ass is making a pun)

Everyone: Ahhhhh!!!!

Reita: Get it? Cause their neck hurts, and they spent all their money. 

Everyone: Ahh I see

Reita: How was it???

Everyone: Ur good 

(They’re all talking over each other now but Ruki suggests that they give something to the people whose poems are good and then someone suggests stickers)

Kai: Stickers?? Well anyway, we’ll make you something.

Reita: You can just download a picture of the sticker and make it yourself

(Everyone laughing) 

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hey hey hey okay so this isn't really a fic ask but why does the majority of the phandom agree that Phil tops?? like, I agree he's top but why? I dunno it just doesn't really make sense to me. I guess I just agreed naturally.

technically speaking if they were in a sexual relationship they would probably be versatile but for fanfic reasons, dan is a massive fangirl and literally does everything that phil tells him to do. plus, dan is loud as fuck. Phil is quiet, more controlled, and has a very dirty mind (as you can see from his old videos and his innuendos). it’s those ‘innocent’ guys that are usually beasts in bed LOL. Plus, have you seen phil’s toxic video ? you cant look at that and tell me that man is a bottom


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Hi! So due to Tumblr fucking up I've been seeing some anti sns post in our tag and some of these posts greatly amuse me. I've seen stuff saying we only ship sns because Sasuke and Naruto are the main guys, we're supporting an abusive relationship only because it's gay and we're all yaoi fangirls, we should support Narugaa instead of sns cus that ships healthier, sns is as one-sided as ss, etc. Tbh stuff like this makes me glad I'm not in those fandoms. Anyways, have a good day!

“We only ship SNS because Sasuke and Naruto are the main guys.”

I… what? What does this even mean? 

“We’re supporting an abusive relationship only because it’s gay.”

Now, before I explain why it’s absolute nonsense to describe SNS’ bond as abusive, I should add that it’s interesting how these anti-SNS people are the ones who reduce SNS to the homosexual nature of the ship. Simultaneously, they are convinced that we must ship Naruto and Sasuke for the homosexuality. This is clear-cut projection on their part. They cannot understand why one is able to see past the fact they are of the same gender and ship them for their romantic potential, so they assume the reason we ship them is due to fetishising gay relationships, meaning in reality, they are what they seem to loathe the most—a bunch of homophobic teens. Also, do we ship them only because they’re the main characters or because it’s gay?

“We’re all yaoi fangirls.”

Generalisations are always true, duh. 

“We should support NaruGaa instead of SNS because that ship is healthier.”

But, we don’t want to? Why do they care so much about what we ship? Furthermore, SNS is not abusive. I do not deny that Naruto and Sasuke can exhibit abusive traits. However, behaving a certain way under extraordinary circumstances doesn’t say anything about how one would behave in everyday life. In psychology, it’s extremely important to take the context into consideration by looking at the circumstances present at the time of the behaviour taking place. If a person was rude to you, was it because they are simply rude by nature or because of something that caused them to respond in a rude manner? To make a logical and sufficient determination, you need to look at the context. Since we do know a little bit about how Naruto and Sasuke interact under normal circumstances, we cannot reasonably infer that their relationship is of abusive nature. 

We do not have any canonical evidence of what an intimate permanent relationship between the both would look like in a domestic setting under normal circumstances, which means that it cannot be proven that they’re in an abusive relationship in the series. As a matter of fact, there is canonical more evidence that goes against it. (1) They are on an equal playing field and thusly enemies, (2) hardly any of the signs fit into their relationship, (3) they don’t aim to chip away feelings of self-worth and independence in order to gain control in the long-term, (4) the violence exclusively takes place under extraordinary circumstances, (5) and there is no evident cycle of abuse. Yes, their relationship is somehow messed up, but it is not abusive.

“SNS is as one-sided as SS.”


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I think one of the reasons why we find shawn so attractive is because he's so real ya know? He's very handsome but its sort of in an approachable way? Like he's not those type of guys that are just too handsome already that its kind of intimidating

I think that is somewhat true, yes. I mean he’s still in the very attractive end of it for sure, but he does have his flaws and that makes him more “human” to us and more relatable. Like he has his little scars, his lazy eye, the fact that he still gets spots and pimples. 

He isn’t perfect in his looks and he doesn’t come across perfect either nor does he try to. I feel like Shawn has always been very open about the mistakes he’s made or the embarrassing things he’s done and he’s pointed out pimples in snaps and things like that, it just makes him come across more “human” if you ask me. He doesn’t hide those things, he doesn’t put up any acts, he is very honest and very real with us and therefore we get to see sides of him that makes him more real to us. 

Also in the way that he is as a person, you know. He doesn’t come across perfect there either. It’s somehow nice knowing stupid little things like he can miss home too, he can struggle too, he made mistakes, he had embarrassing teenage moments. Those kind of things that he is very open about, because we can still reflect ourselves in that. And that makes him so attractive to us, because his heart and his mind are at the same place as ours. And he isn’t trying to show this perfect image of himself, he is trying to show us the real side of himself. 

You know, as someone who has spent a year around the anti-Onision community on tumblr, it is sometimes quite funny seeing people who like to call themselves “anti-Reylos” and run anti-Reylo blogs. If you don’t know who Onision is, he’s basically a completely batshit YouTuber who:

1. emotionally abuses every woman he’s in a relationship with, with these women having on three different occasions been much younger than him (17, 17 [age of his current wife when he met her on twitter when he was in his late 20s], 19)

2. made multiple videos filled with pictures of his underage fans, often in their underage or showing a sizeable amount of skin, rating them, telling them if they were too “fat”, too “skinny”, too unhealthy-looking, too not-fitting-whatever-standards-he-has, while not being a doctor, at all. In fact, he hates doctors and has said before that he didn’t like one of his girlfriends taking medication for her bipolar disorder because it made her “different”.

3. mocks people for expressing sympathy for murder victims like Christina Grimmie or Manchester victims, calling them fake, saying their prayers are “useless”. And he had a snide comment to make about Carrie Fisher when she had the heart attack leading up to her death, too. “You normally have to treat your body like absolute garbage to be a woman who has a heart attack at 60.”

and there’s a lot more to say about him (such as that one weird time he tried to start his own religion), but I already feel like I’m being too long-winded.

It’s just… On one hand, I’ve seen people who run blogs dedicated to talking about someone like him, about why he is a terrible person who does not deserve a place on YouTube, who is a terrible influence, who actually abuses people in his life, who married a 17-year-old fangirl behind her parents’ backs only to emotionally abuse her and cheat on her under the guise of polyamory (which I support but he makes a mockery of) with a 19-YEAR-OLD GIRL WHILE HE IS 31.

And yet… some of you guys… make hate blogs about… a ship? What?

I don’t even know if I should have wrote this post but like… really? lol

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I see Lucy as a hufflepuff, the traits of the house are "Loyal, patient, fair, hard-working, true" and I think Lucy really goes with that, yes ravenclaw (the house Lucy is usually sorted in) does resonate somewhat with her but, Lucy can still be a hufflepuff and be creative & smart.

I was having this conversation with @not-just-any-fangirl earlier haha

I headcanon Lucy as a Gryffindor that expected to be in Ravenclaw. Personally, I could see her being in any house (though I can understand why people do), but, especially later in the manga, Lucy is pretty Gryffindor oriented. (also I like the nalu cross-house scandal so…)

I headcanon all three Strauss siblings, Wendy, Juvia(hatstall), Alzack, Jet and Droy, Mest, Mavis, the Blue Pegasus guys, and Yukino as being from Hufflepuff though! (probably others too, but I don’t feel like typing all the names.)

In all honesty tho I do think Chloe has a thing for Marinette.

Whenever she hits on Adrien it’s always extemely public. I saw a post talking about how she didn’t even care that Adrien didn’t know he was signing her love letter, she just cared that other people could see it. AND when she tried to kiss him it was going to be o video for her dad to see. Why would a hetero-sexual girl want her dad to see her kissing the boy she likes, unless she is trying to prove something. It honestly seems like she’s trying to either prove something or hide something from the people around her. She wants them to think that she can be in a relationship with the hottest guy in school, even though she doesn’t have any real interest in him. 

And why does she get so upset when Marinette has interest in a boy that she doesn’t? I mean yes you could make the arguement that Marinette is getting in the way of her creating this image she wants for herself. But Adrien has shown to have loads of fangirls who cry over the possibility of him with another girl, she would proudly boast that she and him ‘are totally a thing!’ But she seems to get a lot more upset when it’s Marinette. She will interrupt her while she tries to hand a birthday present to Adrien and kiss him on the cheek right in front of her. She will embarass her every chance she gets (albeit she does this with everyone, but not nearly as much as she does with Marinette). She will throw a huge tantrum at the idea of Marinette kissing a boy (that she has no real interest in) and will make as many threats as she can of having her dad make sure they don’t win, just to make sure that kiss doesn’t happen.

 Not to metion how ruthless she is to Nathanael when she sees that he has a crush on Marinette. She laughs as if it’s ridiculous to think that they would ever go out and makes a complete show out of it infront of the entire class, then defaces his picture he drew of him and Marinette. She has literally nothing to gain from doing that. With the movie she had the other motive of wanting be the star of it and her ‘crush’ on Adrien. But shaming a guy for taking an interest in the girl who is supposed to be her rival does nothing to help her. Infact encouraging him to pursue a relationship with Marinette would help to eliminate more of the competition. But no, it’s something that he shoud be embarassed about, he should feel stupid for thinking he could EVER go out with Marinette. 

And don’t even get me started o her interactions with Ladybug.

I honestly believe that most of Chloe’s mean attitude is just a cover up for a very confused and scared girl. She wants everyone to like her and would prefer pointig out everyone’s flaws and never acknowledge any of her own faults because she wants to be a perfect or at the very least a normal girl. Unfortuately in her mind that means she needs to like boys and make sure no one doubts it for a second, while also pushing down any feelings she may have for the cute blue haired chick who has a crush on her beard. 

In short I believe that Chloe’s actions are basically a big shout out to the world saying:


Or maybe she really is just straight and acts like a bitch for the sake of it and I’ve just stayed up past 1:40 am just to rant about the sexuality of a fictional character.

Taehyung - The Joker

Summary: Taehyung goes to a friend’s Halloween party thinking no one will recognize him and he meets you, one of his biggest fans.

It’s Halloween. Taehyung loves Halloween. So when one of his friends invites him to a party, he jumps at the chance. Because it’s a costume party, Taehyung could dress up and won’t have to worry about being recognized. It was perfect…

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I don't really have anyone to fangirl about Phoenix to. I know people who are casual fans, but I want someone to whom I can explain how emotional I get listening to Entertainment or why Chloroform is one of my long-time favorites. How does one find this person? Like "hi u like phoenix too?? dont u love acoustic performances of countdown? yeah me too"


hello international skam fans

so i stumbled upon a Sweden/norwegian skam fan that was upset at the american fan base, (she wrote international skam fans on her post, but she was only talking about americans. @americanskamfans y'all gotta chill cause the norwegian fans think that all the international skam fans are weird just cause the american ones r extra) so i just wanted to tell u all something that i believe is very important. pls correct me if im wrong

1. skam is a norwegian show, directed FOR NORWEGIAN TEENS. This is why the director and writer Julie does not want it aired in america. its because it shows the actual segregation (maybe segregation is a harsh word but u get what i mean) happening in some europe countries. like manghi being the only black guy in practically the whole show, and sanna being the only hijabi in the school. thats because its REAL THINGS HAPPENING IN NORWAY.  americans can say “omg representation on tv, diversity lgbtq”, but we do have shows with diversity (like the get down, one of the best series of 2016 tbh. idk why y'all are not watching it) but the norway teens DONT. THATS THE WHOLE POINT OF SKAM. so the sweden  girl said this on her post: its easier for american teens to open up about lgbtq issues than lets say russian teens or norwegian teens. (idk if this is true. i would say coming out is hard for anyone but when u stay in a country where its not a popular topic like in the usa it can be harder for sure so i guess she’s right .) 

2. OKAY… ITS IN THE AMERICAN WAY TO “SHIP” OR “FANGIRL”. but here is the thing, most of y'all skipped s1 and 2 just to start s3 and fangirl over isak/even. its not a bad thing but the other seasons are made for a purpose and to send out a message to teens. s3 has a big message, but so does s1 and 2. u have to analyze all the characters, why they act a certain way and etc. also remember that they are playing roles, and acting… dont embarrass yourself fam 

3. please be respectful guys. in norway paparazzi  dont existe. the celebs walk around freely and no one barely talks to them. the teens dont say savage things on there celebs instagram post and etc. but americans, we do savage things like that. y'all gotta chill, and remember that all the actors are 17-19 years old. it must be kinda weird for them to have all this attention from super hyper fan girls. dont tag them in random post, dont travel to norway just to stalk them or their work place. norway teens dont do it, but i read that some international fans are doing it. please stop. dont make weird fanfics about isak and even either. like lets appreciate the show as it is lol. no smuts or whatever those are called

y'all can correct me if im wrong btw

I feel bad for any guys who tries to impress me. Why?

Him: (does something jaw dropping amazing)

Me: (not amused) That does not impress me much.

Him: What!?

Me: Did you see the way Bucky straddled that motorcycle in Civil War!?

Him: That is a–


Him: But that is a mov–



Okay, remember my post about Louise Brealey’s tweet..

And I said they wrapped up filming episode one on the 15th of April. Filming for episode 2 started on the 22nd of April and they did bits of episode 3 as well (going by the tweets from Sue of a picture of the writers in a cave we haven’t seen yet on the 25th of April, it said this…”The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual – one of Mark Gatiss’s favorite Sherlock Holmes stories – features an ancient treasure buried in an old cellar. Could that mystery be woven into one of the series three episodes…?”) We haven’t seen a cave yet. So possible episode 3 filming.

Well this was tweeted by Steve Lawes… the green room at St Barts

It’s the room from the kiss, proven here…

Now, from the camera details at the bottom of his picture, it was taken on the 27th of April. They should have completed filming by the 15th and ep2 started on the 22nd. But they obs still had some stuff. Louise’s tweet was on the 12th of May… She said Benedict’s hair looked good today and she cannot share what they shot. I am guessing on that day. As we know the date of the kiss now (took 4 takes, one day) what happened on the 12th? What were they filming. One of the writers said “Molly does something this series” What is it. What does she do. Why was Louise fangirling almost 2 weeks after her kiss. hmmm?

Guys, I am totally hoping and almost somewhat certain we might get a major Sherlolly break through.

My mum read an Sherlock article in a TV mag today and it said John finds him using drugs to get to CAM and then Sherlock confesses something personal… what could that be?

Introduction: Fanfiction-Writers


Hello everyone. We are a bunch of fanfiction writers that hope to create a lot of content. So you may wonder, why do you guys have a group-blog? Well, we wanted to be able to provide fanfictions to every fangirl or boy out there. Usually a fanfiction blog does not watch or read everything, therefore is unable to write something for everyone, but the more fanfiction writers, the more stories they can write. 

Our Fandom List:

Harry Potter

The Hunger Games



Teen Wolf

The Divergent Series

The 100

The Lord of The Rings

The Mortal Instruments

Percy Jackson Series

The Maze Runner



American Horror Story

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Doctor Who


Game of Thrones

Once Upon a Time

Pretty Little Liars

The Vampire Diaries

The Walking Dead

D.C Comics

Marvel Comics

Star Wars

Star Trek


Attack on Titan

Fairy Tail

Blue Excorcist 

Death Note


Full Metal Alchemist

Sword Art Online

Tokyo Ghoul

& More!

We have over 100 Fandoms of varies categories, Books, T.V Shows, Anime, the ones shown above are what we frequently write and what would be counted as “the most popular”. If you have a request of any kind, feel free to send us an ask, your request can be anything, we have plenty of writers and should be able to answer your request and write it for you! 

Additionally to our Fandom List, we frequently write OTP Fanfiction, not just from TV Programmes, Books or Film but we can also do Band Ships [Eg. Kellic], Real People Ships [Eg. Phan] or even personalised Fan fiction, where your name can be used in a fan fiction between a person of your choice.

So if you’re not sure, don’t be shy.

Feel free to reblog this post in order to share the word that we’re looking for requests and ready to write whatever it is that the fangirl’s and fanboy’s of tumblr desire!

It’s just school, Dad. It’s not like we have irreconcilable differences.“
"Honey, I’ve watched a lot of 90210. The parents weren’t even on the show once Brandon and Brenda went to college. This is your time - you’re supposed to going to frat parties and getting back together with Dylan.”
“Why does everybody want me to go to frat parties?”
“Who wants you to go to frat parties? I was just kidding. Don’t hang out with frat guys, Cath, they’re terrible. All they do is get drunk and watch 90210.
—  Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

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EXO's reaction when they found that their girlfriend has multiple photos of them in her phone like a lot.

Okay I don’t know how this one turned out or if you guys will like it or not cause I’m not sure abou it!

Sehun:Ah this fangirls, they can never get enough of Oh Sehun!

Kai: But why does she has only has pics with the blond me? Doesn’t she likes how I look with dark hair?

Tao: Of course she has pics with me, I mean have you seen me?

Kyungsoo:*proud grin on his face about his gf stalkerish tendencies * She has one of the qualities that i look into a woman….

Chanyeol: *tries to remember when you took some of the pics that you have in your phone*Why am I asleep in some of them? Jagya did you take pics of me when I’m sleeping?

You: Not only whe you’re sleeping*evil smile on your face*

Chen:What the…..

Baekhyun:*gifs talks for himself*

Lay:*confused as always*Why does this folder is named the high unicorn when there are pics with me?

Kris:*pleased with what he sees* Indeed my face is a piece of art!

Suho:Why can’t she have normal pics with me?What does derp means?

Luhan:*opens a folder named “The manly Han”* but instead he finds only pics with his famous laughing face* Is she for real?