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I’ve been waiting to calm down from yesterday to make this post. So here goes I’m as calm as I’m going to get. I had my colonoscopy done yesterday, and when I woke up the doctor who did my surgery came over to tell me how it went. Now note tmi (I went in because I was having bleeding and lower abdominal pain constantly) so the doctor says “Your colon looks absolutely fine, we didn’t find anything, it’s text book perfect.” Alright so I’m wondering why the previous time they found colitis and why I’m still bleeding off and on. The doctor doesn’t even get to that she jumps straight to my diet, (even though she just looked at my colon saw that nothing was wrong apparently even though I’m bleeding) “What does your diet consist of? Do you eat healthy or eat a lot of junk food?” Now mind you I was just waking up from anesthesia. I said “Well I don’t really have the money to buy super “healthy” things. She proceeds to say “Well that doesn’t really matter… But do you eat a lot of junk then?” And I said no not a lot. “Chips, crackers, cookies?” and I said no not really. “Well what about soda?” she asks and I said “Well yeah I probably drink more soda then I should.” and then not even a heartbeat this doctor says to me.. “You probably wouldn’t weigh as much if you didn’t drink so much soda.” hold the phone, I came in here did all this prepping for this procedure to find out why I’m bleeding and have constant lower abdominal pain and she basically just says I’m fat and I should stop because I like to drink soda??? I’m as healthy as you can get when it comes to heart health, I freaking have low blood pressure but because I weigh more than she would like she thinks it’s necessary to tell me I wouldn’t weigh as much. And she kept saying it to. “You really wouldn’t weigh as much, soda is expensive (i buy the store brand for $4.24 for 24 cans of soda…) You wouldn’t weigh so much if you just stop drinking it. Stop drinking soda.” If I didn’t say anything about soda what would she have then to throw at me just to get to tell me that I’m fat. I’m seriously so sick of people denying me health care because of their personal opinions. I don’t have severe depression because I don’t take medication for it or see a psychiatrist because 1. they don’t respect me (texting while I’m in the room with them) 2. I DON’T HAVE THE MONEY. I just have to cope. My rheumatologist won’t give me anything for my EDS/hypermobility even though I’m in constant pain from that because it’s probably just my mood that makes me feel “icky”. And now because they can’t find some easy solution to the problems I’m having their answer is my fucking weight. I’ve really had it with doctors. It’s all just bullshit.

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You can gtfo of my friends life thank you very much Nobody cares about your useless ass opinion Don't you have anything better to do then harass people with your irrelevance ?

Omfgggg she’s sending her little minions to attack me now??? I’m laughing she really does care. Also who the fuck are you calling me irrelevant like….. Bitch I dont even know you but okay get them notes i guess 👀… (Also why are all of her friends like dykes or something???)(is she apart of the ugly dyke club???)

Ok so I'm gonna do one too


okay so I’ve seen a lot about peridots redemption thing and the theory with pearl and such. I have tagged my thoughts but now I’m going to do one myself(mainly because I can and to calm my feels)

So as we have thought,

we already know that homeworld gems such as Rose Quartz, Garnet and Pearl didn’t like what homeworld did(that’s why they rebelled) even lapis realized what she didn’t like about homeworld anymore. So as peridot is trying to escape and actually “exploring” herself and is developing a personality(which we have noticed has sort of followed steven as in childish) she will realize how homeworld really is and BAM! Redemption

But as a side note on pearl and peridot. We’ve discovered how pearl said she needs someone to tell her what to do. We already can see that she does look for approval and strength. We can tell she is very good at technology and such, being more brains than brawn. Although she is capable of fighting, she needs an objective(such as peridots objective to evade and return to homeworld, thus she fights sometimes) Obviously we can see that they have similar qualities. As peridot was trying to escape we can see her use weapons on herself she probably didn’t really know she could(or would’ve had to) use(based on her reaction. So to add to the idea of pearl and peridots being the same, this means that even though they weren’t MADE to fight, they are capable of doing so. This would mean, if peridot were to get her redemption, we would get to see more weaponry of her(plus a different side to her as well) and I am ALL FOR THAT.

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PHIL CONSIDER: leia: "why do you always fly the falcon? Because you're a big, macho man?" "No it's because I was never sure if your tiny feet could reach the pedals" (side note does the Falcon even have pedals)



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I still can't believe that this girl sent me 7 messages then blocked me before I could respond. Who does that? Did they need to have the last word and 'win' so badly? SO SELF CENTERED.

As always, lmao! of course they need to “win”, blocking someone is about the only way the can lol.

In another note, seeing people who claimed not to care about this film be all over it now because of some “spoilers” lol it’s annoying, people will lick up anything from SP even then standing next to each other at this point, we just had an entire Gaiden while no one else had anything since 700 so why are certain SS fans so desperate? shouldn’t other pairings be more so? I don’t get it.

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So going off of the modified glottis idea, that would mean that Asgardian!Steve can’t even pronounce his own name correctly anymore? That’s probably not helping with the body dysphoria. ._.


I also fought the urge to spend, like, paragraphs on how alienating it felt to have ocean water hurt his nose and throat, like, WHY DOES THIS BURN AND WHY WON’T IT STOP? AM I SICK? THERE IS LITERALLY NOBODY I CAN ASK AND I DON’T KNOW HOW SHOELACES ARE SUPPOSED TO WORK, WHY DID I NOT PAY MORE ATTENTION TO BUCK’S SHOES WHEN HE VISITED ME ON THE SHORE

so wait if nea is actually the millennium earl - his second half - then why do all of the other noahs hate him so much????

is nea actually just all the really annoying traits of the millennium earl? is he the moon moon of the noahs? these are important questions that won’t be answered for like three months if even that oh god I don’t know if I can survive this … we did survive three years tho bUT STILL WHY SO LONG

Dabbly Notes on Hollow Heads

To avoid confusion, this is what Hollow Heads are.

They’re a special species that I made, specifically for adopting purposes. They’re a closed species. But they’re also open lore.

Meaning, if you adopt one, you can do whatever you want with it. Did your Hollow come from a alternate universe? Have at it! Was your Hollow made in a lab? Sure, why not! Was one magiced up out of no where? Is it mean? Nice? Small? Big? Does it even have a soul? All up to you!

So far, people had used their adopted from anything from mod-personas to actual characters for a story or rp. Let your imagination go wild. You adopt it, it’s yours to do whatever you please.


You own your hollow. And only your own Hollow.

EX:  You bought a ‘Eyeballs Hollow’. You make up a world where your Hollow isn’t the only one of its kind. This means, your entire world should only be populated with other Eyeball Hollows. You can’t just drag in other Hollows, unless you talk to me and we work something out. 

(And I’m pretty agreeable. 

So if you said something like: ‘This is the story I’m working on. But I need to bring in another type of Hollowhead- one based on Teeth? Can I do that?”

I’ll probably give you the go ahead. (And unless you specifically ask me to design a ‘Teeth’ Hollow Head, I’m not gonna charge you) Just be nice about it okay?)

Also. You don’t own other people’s Hollows. So say you have these ‘Eyeball Hollows’, but someone else owns a ‘Teeth Hollow’ and are doing something entirely different- guess what? You’ll have to think of something else. Or talk to that person to see if they want to work with you. But don’t force your lore on someone else.

Distinctive Features

Note the head shape. The head isn’t just hollow. But it cups to a point in the back of the skull. Natural eyes are never present, and the Hollows are typically filled with something.

The legs also always come down to a point.