why does the text look like that

Look, chowder definitely is the type to take a picture of you whenever you’re in an embarrassing situation and it is the bane of nursey and dex’s existence they barely have time to process it before chowder’s phone is in his hand and he’s always so??? Cheerful?? When he does it??? They don’t even know why he does it because it’s not like he sends them to the group text or anything, but they know….. that if chowder ever got mad enough he has more than enough to blackmail the hell out of them

okay this is really why representation is important. My 52 year old, half filipino, half Polynesian mother went to see Moana with my little cousins and she cried through most of the movie because she saw her three daughters and herself in a Disney princess for the first time. We grew up in a predominantly white suburban town and she had to remind me and my sisters everyday that our brown skin, wide noses, dark features were beautiful and that one day we’ll get a princess like us. Not only does she look like us but she’s smart, kind, brave, family oriented and everything my mother has ever wanted in a Disney character. this is my thank you note to the people that took the time to accurately create a Disney princess that my 52 year old mother could finally look up to.

‘Why do Feysand and Rowaelin not get treated exactly the same way in the narrative/look exactly the same/why does Rhys do some things Rowan doesn’t/why is Rowan allowed to do some things that the narrative addresses with Rhys and points out that they’re not good’? repeat forever. 

Because there is not one model of a good/healthy relationship. It does not work Feyrhys = healthy; everything else = toxic. 

Because women are not carbon copies of one another. We have different tastes. We have different likes. We have different needs in a relationship. We are our own individual people and we need our partners to respond to our personal preferences, likes, and dislikes and not simply have someone behave exactly the same way to every single person they’re with. 

Feyre dislikes feeling smothered or not having her full freedom and independence. As such, when the mating bond snaps into place between her and Rhys, Rhys carefully explains to her why he feels protective and territorial and that he is working to stop doing that. Because she has been in an abusive relationship before where someone has done these things to an unhealthy level and is uncomfortable with any minor repetition of them. Rhys addresses her personal concerns and her personal needs and that is why the narrative picks this out and unpicks it and explains it with Rhys but not with Rowan. 

Aelin is a completely different character with a completely different backstory, a completely different set of insecurities and a completely different set of needs and Rowan responds to them. Aelin does not have a problem with Rowan being territorial or protective over, not in the way Feyre does. It might be a vague annoyance sometimes (AT THE VERY MOST) and even then she’s dismissive of it and it amuses her and it is never taken too far to the point that it restricts her freedom/the choices she can make/the things that she can do. And she is not in any way triggered by it as she has not experienced the same kind of abuse that Feyre has. 

Territorial behaviour of the kind that comes natural to the fae is not in itself abusive/unhealthy. Protectiveness over the people that you care about is not in itself unhealthy/abusive. What would be unhealthy would be to expect men to treat every single woman he meets/is with exactly the same way because it suits one single woman. That is reductive and frankly insulting.

 I have no doubt that Rhys would behave differently with Aelin and that Rowan would behave differently with Feyre because they are individual people with individual needs and desires and expecting Aelin to be treated the same as Feyre because this is apparently the only standard of a healthy relationship is frankly a little bit misoygnistic because, shock horror, not all women think the same/feel the same/like/dislike the same things. Isn’t that amazing? It’s as though we’re real people who know what we like and don’t like and expect the people closest to us to respect that and respond accordingly. Incredible. 

TL;DR Stop comparing Feyrhys and Rowaelin. Especially if the purpose of this is to say ‘Rhys does x, this is good for Feyre and makes their relationship healthy. Rowan does not do x, therefore this is bad for Aelin and makes their relationship unhealthy’ because, newsflash, that’s not the way it works

There is no one way to have a good, positive relationship. In fact that thinking in itself is unhealthy. Different people have different needs and their partners should therefore behave differently so suit those needs, not just mirror another’s behaviour because it has been deemed ‘The Most Healthy And Appropriate Way To Behave With Women’. Because. Guess what? Not all women are going to want/respond well to that and you ignoring their needs and wants in order to try and fulfil this idealistic idea of a perfect relationship is not healthy. Rowan is responding to what Aelin personally wants/needs/feels comfortable with. He is not Rhys, he does not behave like Rhys and that is completely okay because Aelin is not Feyre and does not need him to do that for her. 

New Years Eve
  • Pansy: C'mon Granger! Move Your ass!
  • Hermione: I don't think I'm going out Pans...
  • Pansy: And why not? You look fine as hell!
  • Hermione: You don't think its too much? Too Slutty?
  • Pansy: Here. We'll ask a guys opinion... Blaise! Tell Hermione she doesn't look like a hoebag.
  • [Blaise looks Hermione over]
  • Blaise: On a normal day, I'd say she does...
  • Hermione: SEE!
  • Pansy: Let Him Finish!
  • Blaise: BUT! This is New Years Eve! There are different standards.
  • Hermione: What are you talking about?
  • Blaise: In order to look like a hooker on New Years you pretty much have to be blowing a guy on the street while he's paying you.

don’t compare yourself to professional athletes. i found myself recently obsessed with “why don’t i look like that” or “why can’t i run that far or lift that much”. and then i realized. i’m just a normal girl who does her best to eat healthy and exercise while also studying, socializing, and participating in a million other things and still get 8 hours of sleep. professional athletes make their livelihoods by fitness. they literally get paid to run, perform, etc. 

while you’re sitting in class or studying or at your job, these athletes are exercising and getting professional advice about nutrition, work outs, etc. so no, you shouldn’t feel like you have to look like a professional athlete because you’re not one. you’re you.

If Lucy is ever lost
  • Night Watch: She’s missing? We’ll keep an eye out for her, what does she look like?
  • Lockwood: Well, Lucy’s got the most beautiful hazel eyes--you can see flecks of gold in them when there’s light--she also has this milky brown hair that flows in the wind when she runs beside me, and oh! She smells of soothing honey tea on a cold day. And god, don't even get me started on her smile, it’s the sweetest--makes you feel all safe and warm inside--
  • George: Ok I'm sure that's quite enough information on her Lockwood

Does eating gold make me look a like a golden boy?
Let me try out!

I’m so fucking curious about Lucas Baker that it’s pissing me off. And of Zoe. They rarely interacted and only mentioned each other once (excluding Lucas’s journal). Where does Lucas sleep? Or does he and Zoe sleep at all? Are they cannibals or do they have a secret storage of food, they are sickly looking. How did Zoe find out about the D-Series or did Mia tell her? Why does Lucas care if Zoe wants to be cured, there was only two syringes anyway, not like they’ll try and cure him. Not like he needs to be cured. Is Lucas a rapist or does he dispose of his victims in his traps? Why are they still living with their parents? Do they care about each other at all? Lucas yelling at Eveline? Does anyone realize that Lucas isn’t a psychopath, he’s more of a sociopath. There’s more questions, but I guess that’ll be answered in the DLC’s….

11.23.15 // 2:06 am

ARIES - have you forgotten what good they have done for you? have you forgotten the time they took out of their day just because they wanted to be around you? just because you have been convinced that you do not need them by those who are their enemies doesn’t mean that you can’t still love them. you do not need to be so hostile.

TAURUS - have you sat back and looked at your own life before laughing at another person’s current status in theirs? have you realized that your hands are not clean either? i know you may be too stubborn to ask yourself these things sometimes, but being a kind person does not take much effort.

GEMINI - did you text or call them today? did you pick up your phone and think about them as soon as you unlocked it? why are you so distant from the people that you “like?” have you fucked them over? solitude is not always necessary. sometimes you just need a little company to change your view of those who fall for you.

CANCER - you stayed up all night again, didn’t you? you’ve grown so tired of caring too much, that now you care too little, am i right? you’ve grown so tired of the question “is it lust or is it love?” lingering in your mind. you may be in love with the night and the moon may be your safe haven for now, but the sun will still rise come morning. it is time to answer your questions for yourself.

LEO - why do you continue to choke on your pride? you appear as proud, courageous, and strong to others, but what if they saw what lies underneath? what would they say if they saw you in the bathtub with a hot face and red, wet eyes? what would they say if they saw you outside at 3:14 a.m. with a cigarette and bitten nails? you may be the sun, but even stars burn out eventually. it is time to admit your mistakes and your flaws.

VIRGO - have you asked yourself what good you have done for the world recently? when will you put down your pen and go outside again? when will you take a break from your desk? when will you finally say “hello” to that person that makes your heart pound? your sketches and scribbles and your writings and ramblings aren’t always clear. maybe it is time to be straightforward with the world. maybe it is time to make someone’s day in the world. you would find great pleasure in giving to the world.

LIBRA - did you compliment someone today and sincerely mean it? did you genuinely intend to make someone smile today without going back to your clique and laughing about the same person you complimented? this is a common human act, so don’t feel too horrible about it, but maybe you should branch out to more people with intentions to help, not harm. being different people when you are around different cliques or groups eventually gets tiring. if you continue to live this way, you will dull out.

SCORPIO - why do you keep manipulating those who just want to be your friend? why do you think that is okay? is it because you are too scared to trust? they just wanted to be your friend and you kissed the person they liked while continuing to fake a smile to them. all they wanted was to be kind to you. you are a good person underneath your cold exterior, i know you are. but you need to stop breaking hearts and causing tears.

SAGITTARIUS - have you slept in your own bed once this week? or has your home been wherever you have lied your head? you keep running and running because you think that you will never be caught — and you are you probably right. but what are you running from? is it your problems, whether they be at home, with loved ones, or at school? it is time to come home and face your problems head-on, with bravery. it is time to stop hesitating.

CAPRICORN - why did you tell them it wouldn’t be a one time thing? why did you have them in your car, in your arms, and in your lap? why did you put your hands in their hair and all over their body? why did you fake reassurance? they thought you meant it. why did you believe what you heard over them? you hurt them and that’s not okay. they can’t go about their lives when you keep smiling and waving at them in the hallways. it is time to confess and apologize.

AQUARIUS - do you not realize that your best friend loved you? do you not realize they sat in bed for hours upon hours, thinking of ways to apologize? why wouldn’t you accept it? why did you choose someone who is clearly untrustworthy over someone you have known for over half of your life? why did you choose that person over someone who sat with you at 2 in the morning and smoked a pack of your mom’s cigarettes while talking about life with you? you have faults yourself and you are equally guilty in this conflict. you need to start feeling. you need to understand the pain of others.

PISCES - why do you hide under your covers at night? why do you conceal yourself in public? why can you defend your loved ones but when you try to defend yourself, you stumble on your words? what are you so afraid of? what comes to your mind when you think of your phobias? sticking up for others will earn you nothing but enemies and friends. sticking up for yourself will earn you nothing but respect and fear.

Me, a person who's never played Overwatch, and what I know about the characters:

Widowmaker: HON HON HON why she purple tho is that like a eat-too-much-carrots thing but with grapes???

Torbjorn: “TORBYURN” he got the snatchy snatchy grabby claw, does he attack with it?? I hope so. Wait does he have a peg leg?? He’s a pirate viking!!!

Tracer: She’s a meme queen and a homo goddess. Looks like she watched a hair tutorial from that Kingdom Hearts kid.

Symmetra: Looks like she owns several hoverboards, and has owned Google Glass since before it was released.

Genji: Daft punk fucked Samurai Jack??

Honzo: like a sadder Mulan character, he’s got sideburns for DAYS but he rocks the salt-and-pepper. Ball of anger.

McCree: That spelling doesn’t look righhhhhhhHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGHHHHHHH NNN

Solider 37: Commonly the DILF. I kind of thought that the mask was just like… his FACE. He winky wonks at Anna?? Wait how does he drink coffee

Anna: kickass grandma. Idk if Mexican, Aztec, or Egyptian but she’s 100% badass. She’s my hero and I want her to rescue me.

Reinheard: I called this man “Heart-throne” for some reason. He BIG AF and I don’t know a single thing about him. Probably cause he’s too hard to fucking DRAW.

D.Va: she’s xX_gAm3R-gURL_Xx and seems to have manifested the personality of a white knight minus the weight and the fedora. She’s probably a Smash Bros elitist. Probably brings her own controllers to parties.

Zyra: STRONK RUSSIAN LADY!! I feel like she’d wink a lot, yknow? I bet she can cook really well.

Mei: I worked at a Chinese supermarket for 8 months so everytime I hear Mei I get war flashbacks. She has a cute robo friend right?? I feel like Mei to overwatch is like the pikachu to SSBB. Def took style tips from Ice Climbers.

Reaper: He’s so edgy. Is he made of smoke?? Why the mask. SO EDGY!!! I love him tho and I think his mask looks like an angry owl. Please clean up your guns reaper!! Feel like he’s a wildcard, like he could be vegan or something.

Sombra: I’ve heard such mixed things with her. Not a fan of the “boop” but she looks cool when she attacks?? Why she salty tho, why can’t she be like a hacker robin hood? Is she Mr. Robot?

Zanyetta: idk if that’s his name but it’s robo ghandi. I thought he was one of those looks-nice-but-is-evil characters but I think he’s actually just a pure ball of hope and sunshine. Dig the floating balls. Kinda looks like a pokemon?

I CAN’T REMEMBER THE REST OF THE CHaracters but its 2 am and I don’t know why I exist so