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Satan the Bully

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Title: Satan the Bully

Characters: Lucifer x Reader, Gabriel

Word Count: 905

Warnings: Lucifer being a bully >:( and slight fluff

A/N: I have to admit, this one was hard to write. I’m not a bully and I don’t like to be rude at all, so forgive me if this lacks in the bullying department. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! *ALSO DON’T BE A BULLY. I WILL SEND LUCIFER HIMSELF AFTER YOU* This was also requested by an anon!

When you first found out that you were Lucifer’s soul mate, you were excited to say the least.  Those feelings quickly faded once you started to hang around Lucifer more often.  He was rude towards you since the day he met you.  He said hurtful things and never apologized once for them.  Sam and Dean were starting to get fed up with how Lucifer treated you.  They always made sure you were okay after a day of being with Lucifer.

Lately Lucifer had been getting worse about bullying you, but you were still willing to trying and be with Lucifer.  It wasn’t like you could leave him.  You loved him and you were sure he loved you.  There were still some things about being soul mates you weren’t sure of.

The fallen archangel leaned his back against the table, watching you read a book about witchcraft.  “That’s the wrong book [Y/N],” Lucifer noted, aggravation evident in his voice.  “Why can’t you do anything right?  How are you supposed to help Sam and Dean when you can’t even research the right book?”

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Simprovised - a change in rapport.

Wowee let’s just take a look at what happened here for a brief moment since this is post Burns Cage Apocalypse 2k16 atmosphere.

So what difference do we notice off the bat? Well it’s very little, but there are some key differences:

Smithers is pretty much out now, and this is the first time he tells the plant co-workers up front that Burns is handsome. There might have been times in the past where he did the same but he had a sense of masking it or covering up his tracks whenever he’d let it slip.

Second, is Burns’ consideration now that he knows that Smithers is not after money or power, nor is a toady who is getting paid to compliment him hence why he does - in the ending of Burns Cage, Monty realizes that Smithers is there for him and him only. This is why after Smithers compliments him on the seminar above he takes it sincerely. It cannot be captured in this gif, but after Smithers calls him “handsome” Burns hums with an air of enchantment and winsome thought. It seems that he is taking into consideration the sincerity of Smithers’ words now and I am excited how this will play out in the future.

Third is the casual rapport between them, complimenting on Smithers end - really little difference except the frankness of the situation. Burns looks at his ward for his approval instead at him waiting for one out of obedience it appears.

Casual jokes! Look at that. Aside from keeping up appearances they are behaving once again as a well oiled machine, with a tinge of old married couple interlaced within the conversation.

Guys, I think we may be moving towards something beautiful here and I cannot wait to see how they will be in the next season.

Can I ask you something? I mean you, you who read what I write. I know a person who cheat his girlfriend and I don’t blame him as I don’t know why he does this, but I want to ask, I want to understand it. These People loved the one they betray now and even if they never find it out, I want to understand why. Does these People don’t love they Partner anymore? So why they don’t end the relationship? Why doing it I silence? I don’t understand why they do this. I mean sure you could say all men are the same but women are not other, are they?
I guess it’s something a person decide for his own, but that is so selfish…
I’m 21, never had a girlfriend don’t think that will change that fast as I really am shy and also not the cutest, but these people…
I mean did they never were lonely? Laying alone in bed looking at the ceiling of the room thinking how they special person could be…
Are they scared of being lonely, so they don’t leave they partner? Then I don’t know why they need to betray them… aren’t they happy? So why they don’t talk? Isn’t she/ he not attractive anymore? So why don’t talk or end it? Is this really that hard…
I want to understand them. The reason why they are that selfish, how they can still look in the eyes of someone they once loved.
I want to understand why they do this. How they can do something like that and still be happy…
I’m a lonely person. I don’t have many friends and as I moved to a new City three years ago, they aren’t really close. I live three years here and I don’t have a single friend in that City. Sometimes it bothered me, I won’t lie, but I try my best to live that life so I won’t regret something when I’m old. Still that don’t change that I’m lonely.
I fall in love in a person in a MMORPG, because it feels to be good to have her around me. It feels to be right. Of course that was just a dream. She has a friend in real life and its totally understandable that noone would fall in love in a person you never met…..
So I’m here looking at the ceiling of my room and thinking how my special person would be, when I will meet her and when I can be happy….
That one thing I can tell everyone who read this is, that its not necessary how much people are around you, nothing sucks more then feeling alone in a world everyone else seems to be happy or lies to be. The feeling of being alone is something noone can take from you and if you found your special person, do what you can to hold her/him, then trust me nothing sucks more the being alone….

ALTL Part 47

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Title: ALTL Part 47

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Lucifer

Word Count: 1,093

Warnings: angst I guess?

A/N: Let’s end Sweet Treat Saturday with a bang shall we? ;) I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!! I love you all so much <3 <3

The masterlist to this series can be found HERE!

Ever since your argument with Sam and Dean, things had settled down.  You were back into the groove of hunting.  You respected Sam and Dean’s wishes, only going on hunts that were absolutely necessary.  It gave you time to work on harnessing your abilities.  You had to learn one way or another.

“Now focus on your fist [Y/N],” Lucifer coached.  “Make sure you hit the concrete cinder block Gabriel is holding, and not Gabriel.  Although, that would be hilarious.”  Lucifer held his arms out to the side as he caught Gabriel’s glare.  “I’m just saying, it would be.”

“I’m not going to hit Gabriel for funzies Lucifer,” you muttered.  “If I hit him, it would be for a reason.”  You grinned, getting a glare from Gabriel.  “I’m kidding, just hold it steady.”  You took a deep breath, focusing on the task at hand.  When you struck the cinder block with your fist, the concrete block turned to dust.

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— “Conflict. As the world tethered on the brink of anarchy a new hope arose. An elite international taskforce, charged with ending the war and restoring liberty to all nations. Overwatch. Soldiers. Scientists. Adventurers. Oddities. Guardians who secured global peace for a generation. Under its steadfast protection the world recovered. And today, though its watch has ended, its sowing ideals of freedom and equality will never be forgotten.”


Owari no Shipping Week: Day 4:  Happy / Smiles / Kisses


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also i spent a considerable amount of time cursing under my breath trying to draw this im never drawing kisses again…. ok maybe i will but not any time soon bc wow that was difficult


“I’m sorry for pretending not to know you. I wanted so badly to call your name”


“Computers aren’t the thing. They’re the thing that gets us to the thing.” (Halt and Catch Fire 1x01  vs.  Halt and Catch Fire 4x09)