why does that sentence sound so strange

★·.·´¯`·.·★ FNAF The Musical (Live Action feat. Markiplier, Nathan Sharp, & MatPat) sentence starters

  • ‘‘Pleasure to meet you!’‘
  • ‘‘I’d like to leave a few quick words..’‘
  • ‘‘Blah, Blah, blah…’‘
  • ‘‘That’s completely absurd.’‘
  • ‘‘Midnight already?’‘
  • ‘‘I’ll try out all the cameras.’‘
  • ‘‘Don’t be dumb! That’s insane!’‘
  • ‘‘____’s staring right at me..’‘
  • ‘‘Opps! Sorry!’‘
  • ‘‘What’s that sound?’‘
  • ‘‘It seems to be screaming!’‘
  • ‘‘Everything’s seeming slightly strange..’‘
  • ‘‘Let’s say hi! He/She/they seem a bit jumpy!’‘
  • ‘‘Seal the doors! Hit the lights!’‘
  • ‘‘Stay away! Leave me be!’‘
  • ‘‘Don’t be scared! It’s only me!’‘
  • ‘‘Oh no! He/She/They sound like their in trouble!’‘
  • ‘‘They’re breaking down the door!’‘
  • ‘‘He/She/They sound so terrifed!’‘
  • ‘‘Is that something in the vent!?’‘
  • ‘‘Why does it smell like blood and mucus?!’‘
  • ‘‘Don’t blink..’’
  • ‘‘Don’t breath..’‘
  • ‘‘Don’t move..’‘
  • ‘‘Please, ____, Leave..’‘
  • ‘‘He/She/They must be scared of the dark.’‘
  • ‘‘I wanna go home!’‘
  • ‘‘Go away!’‘
  • ‘‘Your singing sucks!’‘
  • ‘‘Wow. Tough crowd.’‘
  • ‘‘Are you here to kill me?’‘
  • ‘‘I…I lived!’‘
  • ‘‘Something here seems foul..’‘
  • ‘‘Something here just reeks of blood.’‘
  • ‘‘Could it be these halls are echoing…’‘
  • ‘‘In all my dreams, I see..a maze of halls with bloody walls.’‘
  • ‘‘Don’t play these games..‘‘
  • ‘‘You’ve lost your fright!’‘
  • ‘‘I’m armed with more then a light..’‘
  • ‘‘No phones. No screens. No more.’‘
  • ‘‘Just you and me, a gun or three.’‘
  • ‘‘No, no, no. You don’t get it! You don’t get it!’‘
  • ‘‘I won’t tell if you don’t.’‘
Top ten criticism on HIMYM's finale and why I think that they're not true

Well, after several rewatchings of the finale episode, I felt ready to write this. This is going to explain my opinion about the finale and what I think about all the critisism, but first of all let me start like this:
Kids, this is the story of how i met HIMYM. It was way back in 2011, when I first realized how great the sitcom “how i met your mother” is. Before I did, I always thought it’s some lame tv show, which I’m never going to watch. It always bothered me when it was on. Then, after a lot of struggling, I decided to give it a shot. I watched some episodes of season five on tv ‘till I suddenly fell in love with the show. So, I started very late with being a fan of the show, but after falling in love with it, I watched all episodes in less than two weeks. I just loved the show and each character so much that they had become my second family. If they were happy, I was happy. If they were sad, I was sad. In the end, HIMYM helped me to get through my life and teached me more than school will ever do. And I’m more than just thankful for that! Now let’s take a look at the critisism…

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