why does ted get no love

Having a crush on some troubled teen killer does NOT make you a True Crime Blog.

You’re worshipping and romanticizing racists, pedophiles, mental illness, and a lot more. That isn’t true crime, that’s disgusting. True Crime is about studying what went down at the crime scene, before the crime, after, and why. Not how “hot” the killer looked in court, or how you would have “loved them more than anyone else if they were still alive”. You’re lonely. Not in love. Get help.

lelf lorth headcanons

shiro notices lance is stressed and has a always sunny-esque “lance day” where they all do what lance wants and its a family spa day. Everyone takes turns painting each other nails etc. Keith pulls lance aside to have a talk and to reassure him that he is a valued team asset. Shiro then pulls him aside to give him an almost identical talk (like word for word) and Lance laughs cause he can see Keith being like his older brother, yet for some reason he liked Keiths more, it felt more… Inspired. (“oh fuck why do i feel so soft when i think abt keith”) Lance talks to Pidge and Hunk abt stuff abt sexuality and he admits he does overcompensate (“yeah dude that one chick was like eighty” “idk man im worried i need to be liked, and that maybe something else…” aka lance getting closer to accepting and feeling confortable abt bisexuality) Lance feels very loved and appreciated at the end of it thanks to coming to my ted talk

Just... my unpopular opinion

I absolutely LOVED the finale for HIMYM. Life isn’t sugar and gumdrops and fairytales and happy endings. That’s what dreams are for. Let’s be real. In the pilot everyone expected Robin to be the mother. That’s how it’s set up. The episode ends with, “And that’s how I met your Aunt Robin.” We should’ve known from that moment how this series was going to end. The reality is, life sucks and doesn’t go as planned, and loving people is the way to make living bearable and worth-while. That’s why Barney finally finds the love of his life, his daughter. He can’t go on not loving anyone or investing in anyone because he’s getting older and he pretends his lifestyle is what he wants when in reality he doesn’t know he has any other options. Lily and Marshall got the closest to a happy ending, but not without countless fights and hardships. Ted’s life was the simplest out of the 5, but once the hardships came, they never stopped. Ted doesn’t get his happily ever after with Tracy, but he does get his kids’ approval to ask Robin out so he can be happy and his kids want this, so they encourage it. After 6 years of grieving in their family, it’s time to move on for all of them. Yes, the viewers get the news quickly, but the point of the episode is that the story is not about how he met their mother, but how he needs to get them to understand why Robin is so important to him…

Which he did.

So, Ted, go you. And writers, go you.

As a kid who encouraged her father’s happiness after the passing of her mother from a devastating disease, I applaud you. All the viewers wanted for 9 years was for Ted to be happy, and in the end, he was.