why does spring break have to end


Sam: I can tell you the same advice I tend to give Dean.

Finding motivation can be difficult, especially if you find yourself under pressure. So it’s best if you get organized and make a schedule. What do you have to do and until when? That helps you not be overwhelmed because you managed to fit the tasks into smaller units.

Then try to find perspective. Why do you have to attend class? Does it benefit you? If you just have to take it then keep in mind that it will end eventually, you’ll just have to get through it. If you’re not able to pay attention during class, then maybe you’ll just have to study by yourself or a group after class.

And reward yourself. Dean usually gets through the things that bore him because he knows something good is waiting for him afterwards: a pie, a trip to the hot springs, a walk with Cas. And so on. Frequent breaks and enough sleep are also important!

I hope this helps a bit.

Steffi notes: Because I can’t draw Sam I tried with a reference and it didn’t turn out all that well. Sorry Sam! ;w;

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JFC, can someone PLEASE make a timeline or masterpost about Louis wearing shirts with skulls/skeletons so we can trace the pattern and possibly know what it means? ALSO, him being fresh shaved! I think this is something worth too...I would make one but I suck at this D;

okay, here’s the thing.  i thought i had a tag for skulls and i didn’t, so along with help from @silentlarryshipper i did the best i could to compile the shirts louis has worn.  i discluded the skull shirt he wore in the dmd video because he wasn’t really out and about in that one, but please not he did also wear a skull shirt in that video should you decide that is relevant.  

one thing i do find interesting though is that from around the end of feb i felt like the skulls were a warning.  i feel they work differently from the warning selfies, though.  those seem to have a very nearly immediate action that follows, the skulls do not.  their purpose is more to create a pattern of leading up to something.  

see, tin and i both think the purposeful wearing of skulls began in march of last year.  march through june we saw a good amount of skulls, as you see:

9 march 15

28 march 15

22 april 15

23 april 15

20 may 15

9 june 15

and then nothing.  other than the shirt he wore in the dmd music video i mentioned above, as far as i could find, louis did not wear a skull shirt.  until…

1 feb 16

15 feb 16

18 feb 16

19 feb 16

21 feb 16

9 april 16

10 april 16

so the question is why?  why now?  i mean, one idea is there were all the skulls leading up to the breaking of babygate and now we have a lot of skulls again, so is that leading up to the end of babygate?  do they have nothing to do with babygate?  does he only like wearing skulls in the late winter/spring?  there’s a pattern and i do feel they build up to something bigger rather than being individual warnings like the selfies.  once again i think we can only wait, but there is a lot of symbolism behind skulls.  it might be nothing, but i think these will also make sense in retrospect.

(i think i got all the skulls shirts he has worn since march of last year, but i could be wrong.  please let me know if i missed any!)

How my heart behaves // Snowbarry

Description // Drabbles - Barry and Caitlin, navigating the fine line between friendships and ‘the something mores’. 

AN: Inspired by a whole lot of this crazy wonderful fandom’s fanart and a Captain Widow scene from Winter Soldier. 


The look in his eyes was love, and, in his constant fashion, he assumed no one else could tell.

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