why does she have to be so flawless

The mind of a Swiftie

“Taylor Swift”

“I need to check tumblr”

“Why is Taylor never on tumblr when I am on tumblr?”

“Why isn’t the radio playing Taylor Swift?”

“Which Taylor Swift shirt should I wear?”

“I can’t wait another two years to see Taylor again”

“Is there even a ten minute version of All Too Well or was that all a lie?”

“I just need to hug Taylor right now”

“How does Taylor have time to sleep?”

“Why does Taylor wear heels when she is already tall?”

“How does she walk in those heels”

“Can I work for Taylor Nation?”

“I wonder what Taylor is doing right now”

“Taylor’s squad is flawless”

“How do people get so many notes on their posts?”

“Why do people hate Taylor Swift?”

y’know, nobody really talks about how much of an impact Rose’s death must have had on Garnet. 

Amethyst was a friggin’ BABY. Look how YOUNG she looked. 

Pearl lost her mentor and the Gem she loved, and desperately needed someone else to latch onto as leader and role model. 

Garnet lost Rose too. Honestly, Garnet probably never even got to mourn. She had to be there for the other Gems, because that’s what she does. She’s always expected to be stronger than she is just because she’s a fusion. 

I can’t help but wonder if that’s why she goes on so many missions alone. In part to protect the others, because that may not have been a role she was ready for, but it’s one she was forced into. But in part just to be alone, without anyone expecting her to be their leader or mother or role model or fusion partner. She’s got to live up to Rose Quartz. She has to be a flawless, fearless leader, while hiding that she never got to mourn, and simultaneously keeping the other gems together in a way she was probably far too young to be forced to do.  

Everyone assumes that since Garnet is a fusion, she’ll be okay. That she’ll take care of things herself. But it’s really dangerous to rely on one person to be EVERYTHING to you, because just one person CAN’T be, much less one person who is currently half of your consciousness. 

And I bet she hasn’t said a word about it until this episode. 

anonymous asked:

Love your blog! Have you come across any skincare brands Cait uses? I know she's a big Colbert MD fan, but does she use any other products that you know of? Her skin is just flawless. I'm so envious! 😍

Different makeup artists have used different brands of skincare on Caitriona depending on the event but they rarely post the specific products which is why I haven’t included many on the blog. But she has had Omorovicza and Sisley used on recently.