why does nobody talk about this film


Now, until someone can show me a video of Madonna belting F notes and holding notes for more than 30 sec without taking breaths in between, then we can talk about who’s better, but until then, i don’t want to hear shit from nobody about patti being a bitter old hag. Why does BROADWAY LEGEND PATTI LUPONE need to be jealous of Madonna. By the time of this terrible movie was being filmed, Patti was fucking done with ALW anyway, so I’m sure she didn’t envy anything that had to do with that movie. Also, why is this still an argument, Madonna can’t even sing the score in its original key. Patti did it in the original key 8 nights a week for a year. SHE WON A FUCKING TONY FOR CHRIST SAKE. IDGAF ABOUT MADONNA”S GOLDEN GLOBE, if you look at the nominees, of course Madonna would win, the movies she was up against were shitty, literally she was up against Glenn Close for 101 Dalmatians, Babs for The Mirror Has Two Faces :l, Debbie Reynolds, for this weird ass movie, Mother, and some other actress for Fargo. Literally all these movies were shit, so the only option probably was Madonna. Also, asking where is Patti’s movies or whatever, shes not a movie actress, and shes not trying to be a movie actress, her thing is BROADWAY, a place where gays and crazy ass musical theatre people obsess over the smallest actions and acting choices. ALSO CAN WE ACKNOWLEDGE THE FACT THAT PATTI ANN LUPONE WAS DRUNK! LITERALLY I HAVE SEEN SO MANY VIDEOS OF PATTI DRUNK AND SHE LITERALLY HAS NO FILTER. ok im done.

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sorry, but everyone involved in dunkirk knows that harry is a massive draw. everyone. and they're using that to the film's advantage - nobody knows who fionn is, but if they stick harry next to him suddenly his interviews are talked about a hell of a lot. that's why they're together, fionn likely understands this and so does harry. harry hasn't chosen 'lol lets go with fionn so i can upstage him', that's what he's been assigned, so people need to leave off harry.

i agree, i think it’s a brilliant move tbh to pair fionn and harry while also giving fionn solo interviews which can further make fans curious about him.