why does no one focus on this

I like to think that Derek can hear Stiles heartbeat all the way across town, and when he leaves Beacon Hills he can heart it until he’s halfway into Oregon, but by then it’s so second nature to have the steady beat of Stiles’ heart in his ears that he doesn’t really notice it. 

Until he can’t hear it anymore he has to pullover because it’s too quiet. It takes him a few days to figure out what’s missing and when he does he figures he’ll get used to the quiet, especially since he’s living in Seattle now and it’s never really quiet in a city.

But he doesn’t get used to it, it’s always just a little too quiet for him, or there’s too much noise with nothing to focus on. 

That is until one day two years after he left Beacon Hills he comes back from visiting Cora and something just feels right. It takes him a minute to realize why, but when he does stops in his tracks and tries to find him. 

He follows the sound of his heartbeat to the campus of University of Washington. He finds Stiles in the library and then stops because he doesn’t know how to approach him. 

“I know you’re there,” Stiles says without looking up. There’s a smile in his voice and Derek slides into the seat across from him, his heart racing but he feels calmer than he has in years, “Took you long enough to find me.”

“I was out of town,” Derek says with a little smile, “Can I buy you coffee?”

“You can buy me dinner,” Stiles says, closing his textbooks and standing up, Derek following behind him. 

Years later, the day before their wedding, he tells Stiles how he found him in the library that day, Stiles isn’t surprised at all, he could hear Derek’s heartbeat too. Deaton told him it could happen when someone is your anchor and your their anchor too. 

Questions for your developing magic system


  • What is the source of the magic? How is it accessed?
  • Who has access to the magic? Everyone? A select few (chosen, trained, holy)?
  • What is the relationship between magic/non-magic people? Why?
  • How are magic spells performed? Does one have to do something specific to access it? Why?
  • What are the limits?
  • (If relevant) Why haven’t magic users taken over the world?
  • How does magic interact with the world?
  • Can it realistically be used in combat? Can it be defended against?
  • What are the effects of use over time?
  • Do you want to focus on using familiar terms or original terms in association with your magic? Why?


  • How did it evolve from the world as we know it?
  • Is it as practical as it is fun?
  • Why was it needed?
  • Does it accomplish its task in the most efficient way? If not, why?
  • How available is this tech for the common person?
  • How much training does using/repairing/creating/improving this tech require?
  • Does this tech require an element or advancement that doesn’t exist?
  • Has this technology truly improved quality-of-life for the people?

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I’m a little tired of discussing the Martha scene, but somebody always says something that refreshes my feelings on the matter and makes me analyse scene anew.

Bruce was so lost in his rage, and the only thing that slowed him was hearing his mother’s name. If I need to explain why that name was said and why it affected him one more fucking time, I will scream. So I’m not going to.

What I will reiterate is this - He was absolutely still going to kill Clark. Even when Lois was holding Clark, he still drew back that spear for the killing blow. But as he does that, watch his eyes. They drift to Lois, they’re barely focused, but then they do focus and the fog of rage just blows away, leaving only confusion and shame. It’s the most subtle, nuanced and incredible part of Ben’s performance and it was met with ridicule. That’s fucking sickening. Honestly, how did anybody watch that and not see how each and every line and scene direction built up and dovetailed to the next? I know I’ve waxed lyrical in my rage over people not paying attention, I’ve been doing it since the backlash of Man of Steel, but come on, people, how did you not see what was right there in front of you?

There are subtleties and subtextual themes throughout Batman V Superman, the movie is rich with them, but it’s fair to say that none of those subtle details and hidden messages were integral to following the plot, they just made the plot more sumptuous. And certain details were as clear as day, right there on screen. So where were people looking?

I will defend this movie forever, especially the Martha scene. Because it worked. It didn’t need explaining if you were actually paying attention.

I read an article the other day about this movie fast becoming a cult icon, that’s already gaining more and more fans and more love, and I looked into the comments and saw the haters dwindling, just chanting the same old tired arguments. And then I saw people admitting that the film had grown on them, or admitting that they hadn’t really noticed a lot of elements the first time around, and it filled me with joy.

Maybe there is hope for people, after all.

anonymous asked:

do u have any good links/posts on how to fan out over PoC characters/ships without it becoming fetishization? (as a white/female fan). i checked out FAQ and didn't see anything but sorry if i'm missing something obvious

Hi! I know there are some circulating, but right now the only one I can find is only about latinxs. I could give you some ‘tips’, though:

  •  Avoid using language that fetishizes PoC. Don’t call your fave latino your papi, don’t compare dark skinned people (especially black people) to food, etc.
  • Ask yourself why you’re “fanning out” over them. Is it because you find them exotic? Does your fascination come from their race/culture? For ships, are you applying stereotypes to the character(s) of color? Are you hypersexualising or desexualising them? 
  • Don’t focus only on their ‘ethnic’ features when praising them. Yes, they are beautiful, and you can appreciate them, but if you fixate on them then you’re fetishizing them. This includes, in the case of “foreign” celebs, fetishizising their language. I die inside a little every time I see a gringx ‘swooning’ when Diego Luna speaks Spanish, or when I see k-pop fans making fun of their idols’ ~funny words~ in korean. 
  • Please, praise the characters of color, call them beautiful, handsome, pretty, georgeous, but don’t be over the top (especially, as I said in the last point, with their ethnic features) and be mindful of the way you do it. Why are white women beautiful angels who must be protected, but you want brown women to ‘walk all over you’ and ‘kick your ass’?
  • Again, this might sound like it’s not that important but please don’t be over the top. It’s so cringeworthy, fake, and obvious when a white fan’s ‘fangirling’ over a character/person of color and they just want ‘ally points’ for liking said person. Just. Don’t do that. Talk about them, express your love for them, but be sincere.
  • And if someone (read: a person of the same race as the character you ‘like’) calls you out on something, apologise and correct your behavior.

I think that basically covers it, but anyone feel free to add to the list! 

Mod A.

Dating Ethan (Featuring Dogs) Would Include

- okay so

- dogs right

- they’re beautiful on their own but with ethan holy ham

- snuggles of freaking course

- imagine chica (assuming she does this) at the office okay

- and ethan doesnt intentionally do it but when hes working and theres no one else around to give chica company she’ll whine at him when he refuses to pet her

- and for a minute he gets frustrated because he cant focus or get anything done because she keeps pushing his chair and trying to put her face in his lap

- but then he looks down at her face and cant help but smile and is reminded as to why he loves dogs so much

- and he just stands up and chica gets all excited and he lays down in the floor with her and they get all cuddle-y

- and you walk in some time later to find him asleep because he desperately needed it and you cannot help yourself from taking a picture and then you carry over a blanket if you can find one

- and you lay down next to him and he automatically wraps up around you in the process leaving chica

- and chica gets jealous and pushes at his back and licks his neck and face and he wakes up

- and hes just laughing and youre just smiling because look at this man he is the most adorable human eiuoshojwda

- tbh chica shipped you two before the gang did

- okay other than that

- when you take chica out for a walk you always ask ethan if he wants to come with

- and he always says yes

- and you walk down the street and have people ask to pet your dog and its just a beautiful experience

- now say you owned dogs

- of course the dogs sleep in your all’s bed

- they eat dinner and breakfast with you

- and they watch movies with you

- though sometimes they can get a bit clingy when you need alone time, having them in the house with you and ethan is more love than you ever could’ve asked for

- naming them together

- them being jealous because you come home smelling like chica

- having them meet chica and it being like a dream come true

- taking them all to the dog park

- the car being packed as heck

- sending the dogs with chica to doggy daycare when you all travel places

- sometimes you hate saying goodbye and you’d rather you stay home and take care of them but you know its good for them and you’d end up hating it too because you’d be away from everyone

- the first time you had to travel since you got them you cried in the uber drive to the airport


etrian odyssey dungeon two has been announced!

At the bottom of the Yggdrasil Tree there is said to be an entrance to the “Land of the Gods”—.

One day, you, an adventurer who visited the lakeside town that looks out on this legendary Yggdrasil Tree, meet a mysterious girl.

“I want to go to the base of the Yggdrasil Tree no matter what it takes.”

Just who is this girl? Why does she want to go to the Yggdrasil Tree? Frequently clear “mystery dungeons” and, together with the girl, head for the distant Yggdrasil Tree!

there will also be tenth universality art book with it for limited edition. It looks like it will focus more on story for this game.

also there is a trailer 


Fusions' Personalties

I keep seeing posts like ‘why is Sardonyx so loud when Garnet is quiet?’, 'why is sugilite so umstable when Garnet doesn’t do much?’, 'why is opal so quiet?’, etc.

So I might want to make a theory out of this.

Opal is quiet because Pearl and Amethyst didn’t have the strongest connection between each other and everytime they talk about something, it turns to be a fight. They used to fight all the time and they probably figured that if Pearl and Amethyst didn’t talk at all, they probably could focus on Steven more and could focus on being a one being.

Sardonyx is a fusion between Pearl and Garnet, and what does these two have in common? That’s right, they like to impress Steven. That explains why Sardonyx is conceited and loud. After the accident of Sugilite, Pearl wants to impress Steven by hinting that Sardonyx is better than Sugilite. Garnet just likes to make Steven happy in general, so both of them put on a mini-show for Steven.

Sugilite is harsh and loud because of what Garnet said in 'Cry For Help’, “I can be brash, you can be reckless. And we can both get carried away.” Amethyst likes to be strong and when she fused with Garnet, she feels a lot stronger and she wants to get excited, and that leads to the inability of self control. Garnet is pretty rough as a gem, she likes to play rough sometimes, hence why Amethyst and Garnet can be unstable when their personalities are combined.

I hope this makes sense.

Here’s one thought I had about why the obsession potion didn’t work on Ezekiel:

(spoilers: it’s not because he had feelings for Cyndi)

He’s already obsessive (and honestly a bit compulsive) about everything.

(note: see how he constantly just steals stuff - Ezekiel said himself that the “hole in his heart” is filled now. So why does he continue to steal little things like the stuff from Cyndi’s room? Compulsion)

Like, we all saw how he acted when he couldn’t figure out where he knew Cyndi from. He wouldn’t let it go. He couldn’t focus on anything else. He’s unable to switch gears from his current train of thought to another. I.e., he was obsessive about it.

And that’s kind of the way he is with everything.

That’s why he’s such a good thief. Because, like he said, he decided to do it and then he couldn’t stop. Also known as: obsession.

Ezekiel becomes single-mindedly obsessed with a lot of stuff honestly. 

See: point of salvation where Eve has to try multiple times to stop Ezekiel’s train of thought about how to get past the rage people. 

(Actually, see that whole episode honestly)

See also: a few episodes back where he kept checking the weather when Jake and Cassandra were out on a mission. It was very important that he kept checking the weather and became very frustrated when Eve interrupted that task. 

See also: constant fidgeting.

Even his constant “I’m not a good guy” assertions could be an example of an obsessive thought pattern (especially considering his negative reactions to people thinking he’s not a bad guy which might be a reaction both to the idea of him being a good guy (which we all know Ezekiel wants to be more than anything) but also to the disruption of that thought).

Basically, the obsession potion didn’t work on Ezekiel because (in much the same way that he was immune from the apple of discord because he was already the worst version of himself) he’s already obsessive and therefore immune. 

i would say ‘someone stop me’ but i don’t think i want to stop? ao3 link

Summary: Liam has a confession to make.

Three Words

Sara’s setting a ground rule. They’re not going to have sex in the sand. It’s unpleasant enough when the sand is a known quantity, but up until recently, this world was irradiated and Sara has not come this far to get radioactive sand in places where it definitely should not be.

Still. The feeling of Liam’s body beneath her almost wants her to throw caution to the wind. But only almost.  When Liam smiles up at her, it takes her one step closer to changing her mind. “I’ve noticed something,” he starts, a hand on her hip as though it belongs there. (It does.)

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I’d like to make a public announcement on this issue, because right now it’s a bit out of hand and it’s making me sick. 

BTS, EXO, and GOT7;

They are all friends, they get along, and they respect each other as humans and artist. So why is it that their fans have to start fan wars? 

I don’t care that EXO is beating BTS on the MAMA awards, I don’t care that GOT7 surpassed BTS on Best Male Dance Performance. That does not give anyone the right to drag each other, that does not give any one the right to go around slandering any other group. Instead of focusing on this bullshit, just focus on supporting your bias group, all this wasted energy can be used for something that is positive.

I’m not going to insert any pictures of what anyone has been saying, because looking at that stuff literally made me sick to my stomach. Those people that are going around being negative need to take a step back…. I’m also not going to link anyone to their harsh words just so that they can get attention that they crave. 

This isn’t directed at just one fandom, I’m saying this in general, only because a group gets the recognition they deserve does not mean that you should be hateful about it. You should be happy for them, you should be happy that Kpop is starting to be recognized around the world. 

But without being able to remember all the reasons why they weren’t together, lydia is able to just focus on her feelings, and feelings alone, for stiles.

And when she does get all those memories back of them together…of them laughing, fighting, crying, growing closer and closer, defending one another, studying, teasing scott, helping malia, working together to figure out what’s happening in beacon hills this time, and saving not just their friends, but saving each other…

Once she remembers that stiles was right there by her side through all those memories, it will only validate what she’s always known.

Which is that she loves him and has always loved him and will continue to love him, and there won’t be a day that goes by where she won’t risk her life to save his, where she won’t remind him just how much he matters just how IMPORTANT he is, to not just her but to everyone who is lucky enough to know him.

& that is the type of love that can withstand even the greatest trials in life and still come out stronger. that is stiles & lydia.


  • “I have no friends left.”
  • “Why do I do this? I hate it… I hate it so much but I love it even more.”
  • “My bones were shaking, I thought I was going to explode.”
  • “I’d been doing good until that point.”
  • “I even managed to take a shower.”
  • “We meet for all the wrong reasons.”
  • “I mean, she’s a sweet girl… as much as I’m a sweet guy.”
  • “Truer words could not be said.”
  • “I just can’t seem to focus on anything.”
  • “Then everything went wrong, just like it always does.”
  • “I fucking hate that shit.”
  • “I’m ok now.”
  • “Nobody would believe what happens inside my head.”
  • “I could have killed somebody.”
  • “I need a padded cell, I’m telling you.”
  • “This is life, like Burroughs or Kerouac, or Ginsberg… the ones who burn bright.”
  • “I really don’t care about anything.”
  • “I love that it’s so dark.”
  • “I don’t want to ever leave here.”
  • “He still owes me the $9,000 bail I posted for him.”
  • “I think it’s a fucking wig!”
  • “This has to work.”
  • “I can do it…”
  • “We have nothing to say to each other.”
  • “I just felt dead.”
  • “Last night was a bad one.”
  • “Dude, what’s on your hand?”
  • “What happened to me yesterday?”
  • “Between me and you, I guess I was in a bit of a blackout.”
  • “I didn’t say anything.”
  • “I have to pull it together.”
  • “I make myself sick.”
  • “I had nothing else to do so I figured why not?”
  • “I am so pissed.”
  • “She may be fucking insane, but she’s my girl!”
  • “If I see that dwarf, I’ll kick his ass!”
  • “It’s not cool to look too eager.”
  • “He’s the brother I never had.”
  • “Is this a crisis or a needed creative outlet?”
  • “I’m not listening.” 
  • “I’m really trying.”
  • “Let’s see what happens.”
  • “I feel like throwing up.”
  • “I don’t know how to stop thinking about it.”
  • “I know it’s not real.”
  • “This isn’t how I thought my life would turn out.”
  • “You must think I’m insane, but I’m not.
Healing Anxiety From Toxic Relationships

by Dr. Doreen Virtue

Don’t Focus On Whether Or Not Someone Likes You
Instead of being concerned about whether someone likes you and focusing on how your heart pounds and if you feel butterflies when you’re around them, wonder instead whether you get excited because your chemistry is reacting to meeting another dysfunctional person. Ask yourself instead, does this person have most, if not all, of the qualities you want in a relationship?

Be Your Own Best Friend
One reason why people stay in unhealthy relationships is the fear of being alone. One reason for this is because you haven’t developed a best-friend relationship with yourself. Try to reach a place where you actually enjoy your own company. And if that doesn’t help, know that being alone is healthier and preferable to being in an unhealthy relationship filled with hostile drama.

Stop Expecting Someone Else To Fix Your Problems
You are responsible for whatever needs fixing in your life, your financial debts, your career, taking care of your body and so forth, not your partner, your best friend or your parents. You will feel much better about yourself and your new confidence will be very attractive.

Know Your Boundaries And Stick To Them
We are constantly sending out hints to other people about how we want to be treated. These are called “boundaries,” meaning your deal breakers for what you will and won’t accept. How much importance you attach to honesty, respect, and reliability are just as important as personal space, time alone, or how much physical affection or romance you require. When you uphold your boundaries, you don’t allow others to manipulate, guilt, or control you, and your inner self will thank you

Trust Your Inner Warning Signals
Your body is innately sensitive to other people’s energies and intentions. Check your own inner warning signals, which will alert you that you’re with a toxic or drama-addicted person. Some warning signals you may be getting are:

-    You feel used, because it’s a one-sided relationship, with you doing all the giving
-    You feel guilty, like you owe the person something
-    You feel angry at him or her and at yourself
-    After the person leaves, you feel drained and tired
-    You have a desire to avoid the person.

Trust your intuition here. These feelings won’t be present in a healthy relationship.

Write A Letter To The Person You’re Upset With                                         Even healthy relationships can hit a rocky patch from time to time. At times like these, it often helps to write a letter to the person you’re upset with. Pour out your feelings, and hold nothing back. Then, in a ceremonious way, burn the letter. You can also send a more restrained version of the letter to the person, after waiting a day or two for a cooling-off period. This way, your letter will reflect your ongoing feelings instead of reactive emotions. It can be the starting point for a mutually beneficial conversation that will get you back on track. 

Just Say No To Guilt Based Requests
If you feel you are being manipulated and have no choice to comply, stand firm. They might cry, threaten to hurt themselves, say that no one loves them, or remind you of the times that they helped you. But by telling guilt-trippers no without guilt or excuses, they will either find another victim to harass or will realize that these methods aren’t healthy or effective.

Don’t Walk On Eggshells Around Angry People
If someone displays their anger in a physical way, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. However, if it is someone who just gets mad at the slightest provocation but rarely takes responsibility themselves, then release the fantasy that you will find the winning combination that will finally make them happy and peaceful. They most likely will need professional therapy. Tip-toeing around until they calm down doesn’t help anyone.

Stand Your Ground
Accusatory people are always looking for a fight, tell them firmly that they are mistaken in their accusations but do not engage in an argument or wander off-topic. Do not engage in blaming wars or you will get into an unending battle.

Stop Trying To Rescue Victim-Martyr Types
Since whatever advice you suggest will most likely be met with “I’ve already tried that, it doesn’t work.” It is best not to invest a lot of time into trying to provide a solution to their problem. Once victim-martyrs sense that you are out of ideas to help, they will move on to bending someone else’s ear about their current problem. 

Remove Yourself From A Relationship When You Notice A Red Flag
Take your time to get to know someone before you fully commit to a relationship. At the first red-flag, such as not honoring a commitment, or showing a lack of respect; extricate yourself from the relationship immediately before getting any more involved.

As a compassionate, openhearted soul, you want to give. It’s in your nature to care for others and ensure their health and happiness. Occasionally others may take advantage of your kindness which is why it is so important to enforce your boundaries in all of your relationships.

It may feel uncomfortable for you to put these rules into effect, it might feel like you are placing conditions on how you will help people, but if you refuse to do so, you’ll deplete your own energy reserves very quickly. It all boils down to respect. If the people in your life truly care about you, they’ll respect your decisions.

another concept for sana’s season, since apparently i have a lot free time on my hands (i don’t, i just spend a good chunk of it imagining sana’s season):

jamila is part of it. a huge part of it. jamila and sana’s relationship is a huge focus of it. 

we already know that sana and jamila share a tense dynamic. and so, in sana’s season, it’d be great to see the real reason behind why it is that way, why sana feels the way she does towards jamila. and to see, as the season progresses, them 2 actually resolving their differences and easing that strain and making things less tense between them.

and for them 2 to actually share a soon “to be sister in laws” type of bond, where they both aren’t opposed to one another, as is usually the case, but in fact, completely comfortable and happy with one another. that sana and jamila both end up finding a sister in one another. 

All these fucking rats saying exo doesn’t deserve to win! Mygod! First of all, fuck you. second EVERYBODY in the kpop fucking industry is talented and WORKS FUCKING HARD, i mean everybody keep on fainting and shit so no one really does not “deserve” an award, it’s not exo’s fault they’re fucking legends! 😝 y'all just jealous because no matter how hard you try to drag exo down.. your faves cant win shit. I think behind the scenes is a very talented group tbh I even voted for them for the best mv or smtn but their fans.. HOELY SHIT just WHY CANt YOU JUST FOCUS ON YOUR GROUP AND STOP HATING ON EXO? Insecure much?! 😡 and btw… exo doesn’t need daesang, daesang needs exo 😛😛😜😜

Sarada’s design

Sarada interestingly sometimes look like her mom and other times like her father. I can’t really explain how, but she does. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I never bought into the “Karin is Sarada’s mom” fiasco that was going on while Gaiden was being released. The other reasons is because I know Kishimoto wouldn’t do this to Sakura. Despite common belief Kishimoto stated that he actually likes Sakura, and while he doesn’t give Sakura the same amount focus as Naruto and Sasuke, he does treat her character with respect and she is the only female out of the Rookie Nine to become a jounin. So that being said I always knew that in Gaiden Sakura will turn out to be the mom.  Gaiden is just a short manga that basically eleborates the SasuSaku ship.

jaune, a man: is given more screentime & depth, shows emotion in regard to a traumatic event
fndm: see this is a Prime example of mainstream media catering to the man,, smh,, ,, why can’t we pay attention to the girls more??,,  why does a cishet dude have to be the main focus of every single show out there?? no one cares about your manpain jaune !!!! god and here i thought rwby was different,,,, miles luna kys

ren, a man: is given more screentime & depth, shows emotion in regard to a traumatic event

Sirius’ Picture-Guide on “How to get a werewolf”

First step: Where to find them

  • The Forest: They’ll always search for a save place to go to when there’s a full moon again. Don’t search for them in the forest during a full moon, especially if you don’t know them (yet, hopefully).
  • Book stores/libraries: Basically Moon-… everyone loves libraries! Books are not only a great way to distract yourself from stress and everything else in your live, Werewolfes also find it very calming to feel in control through being able to focus on one story for a while or through keeping discipline while studying since they’re forced to be out of control once a month.
  • Somewhere you can get food: Especially two or three days after a full moon Werewolfs will not have enough energy to cook meals themselves, so if they don’t have someone who does it for them already you’ll find some of them there.
  • Their bedroom: Yeah I know you want to get in there anyway, but that’s why this is the first and not the only step. A werewolf’s bed is more important than anything else since they not just sleep there and gather energy after exhausting nights, it’s often also the only place they can hide and feel safe. They need this privacy to cure their wounds until they’re comfortable enough with being seen again.

So I’ve noticed all of the ship wars in the SU fandom as of late. It’s getting really annoying tbh. 





Rebecca herself said that she loves all of the ships, so why are we as a whole acting like some are fatal? Erasing sexualities, really? The Harry Potter fandom has ships where straight characters are headcanoned gay and so forth. What do they do? Nothing. No one cries about it like the SU fandom does.

Let’s go over some main hated ships

Jaspis- I know, abuse. But guess wat? The abuse was not only done on Jasper’s side. Lapis abused her, as well. There’s redemption that can be made. That’s what a focus on the show is, anyways. If they talked and realized their mistakes, it could definitely work out. I’ve seen so much worse in other fandoms.

Stevidot- the ship I had in mind through this whole post. People say that it’s pedophilia, is it tough? We don’t know exactly when Peridot was made, we just know she’s era 2. That could literally mean centuries ago or five years ago. Gems don’t have ages. They were never babies and they’ll never be elderly. If someone saw Steven walking with Pearl, they’d think she was his mother. If someone saw him walking with Peri, they’d think they were school friends.

Pewey/Gregpearl- Oh hohoho, this one. Let’s be real, majority of this fandom hates these ships. They say pearl is a confirmed lesbian, when not exactly. There’s no proof (that RS tweet was photoshopped) and yes, she’s only shown female attraction, but some bisexuals and pansexuals also only show interest in  a certain gender. That doesn’t make them less valid. And saying Pearl hates men is stupid, she’s literally interacted with four or five men.

Lapidot/Amedot- the biggest war at the moment. I know, some are pissed because of what Zuke may have done to Peri and Lapis, but do we really need to fight about which is a better ship? No. Both show chemistry and would work out just fine. All three deserve love. Trying to put down the other is pretty childish, as far as I’m concerned.

Do you guys really like being known as the worst fandom on tumblr? I personally hate it. When I mention I’m a fan, I have people thinking I’m a sjw who hates all men. I’m sure many others have the same problem. 

If you hate a ship so bad, just fucking blacklist it. Don’t make an anti blog and torture shippers. They did nothing to you.