why does no one else have these feelings like me

i make a funny post about my feelings of numbness; a person points out i have executive dysfunction. for a second i snort; i know i have mental illness, nothing new here under the sun. but then i realize how many of my symptoms i forget are symptoms. that it’s not normal to be tired all the time. that it’s not normal to get angry for no reason. that the fact i carefully balance between depression and anxiety isn’t a normal railroad track to be walking - i know that it’s not normal to constantly wonder if the train is coming; i forget other people aren’t standing in the way, that being hit isn’t even an option.

there are a lot of posts that make me laugh at first. “do you ever feel you’re running out of time for no reason?” the person asks. “anxiety,” another replies. it’s sort of sad-funny. but i wonder how many of us are asking “am i okay?” “is this me or a symptom or normal?” 

how very sad none of us know what to expect out of this. i have a diagnosis and i still wonder if it’s normal to panic on buses. is it normal i’ve been having panic attacks since i was young? i picture my seven-year-old self with new technology. would i have typed into google why can’t i sleep or would i have assumed everyone constantly feels like they woke up from a bad dream?

do people who are healthy ask “does anyone else”? do people who are healthy ever have to wonder if they’re in one piece? what is it like? 

“anyone else get bad feelings in classrooms?” i wonder aloud. somebody looks at me with pity. now it comes down to the question: is it me or anxiety?

Ken Penders is going to purposely stir the pot to drive controversy for attention because of the breaking information that Archie was canceled through Sega.

Why do you think he’s suddenly pumping merch and pages for his comic?

He is using the breaking information to get YOU to throw up his controversial content, so he can get people to check him out, because he, in and of himself, has to ride information because he, in and of himself, isn’t actually worth your time.

I am offering some advice, do what you will with it-just a list:

Stop blogging him.

Stop spreading his comic.

Stop reblogging people who do.

And let him die in obscurity.

Unfollow him on Twitter.

Ignore him as he controversially stirs the pot.

Throw water on his little fire and let the toxins wash away.

If the last twitter he made didn’t determine that his acts of prejudiced nature are obviously sensational to you, I don’t know what else to tell you.

Don’t let his demonstrably unreasonable derailed actions get traction.

Show solidarity and focus on something else.

I don’t know why people want to talk about it in the first place, but what would I know, there’s reasonable doubt that my content is nearly as interesting since I am only giving available to you simple art that is sporadic and instantly discardable.

And I’m not even talented.

So maybe it’s because I don’t offer wide reach news on actions within the community. However this Ken Circus that seems to make it to my dash whenever he does something extremely trivial has become extremely noticeable as of late and it’s interesting to me the timing of the slew of new content.

I only have one kind of content, and maybe other people on here need something to talk about between information getting put out otherwise which is why they give attention to broad unimportant controversial actions cultivating attention being given to a small minority within the community in favor of whatever else they could be doing with their own time. To me though this feels like it is just legitimizing content that focuses on aspects of the community that spread a sentiment of a part of the Sonic community that I would honestly rather assume everyone would desire to move on from. In other words *I want this to end*

In fact I would even argue the constant chatter existing around the external actions of a person who has easily become irrelevant actually has only made him relevant, and even continues to encourage him.

I want to ask why.

Why do we have to constantly drag this out?

Is there not content identified within the colmnulitive existence of the Fandom that could benefit from the amount of attention we grant Penders on his every waking tweet?

Ken Penders is designed specifically to be reported on, but it kind of reminds me of another person that states controversial things to stay in a spotlight.

Not to assert it’s necessarily the same, but akin to a smaller group Ken serves a specific capacity of wasting our time just as much as Trump does to a much larger group.

Personally I’m not going to ever be talking about this man again, I won’t be rebloggimg or discussing him, because he’s robbed me of my time. I want to protect my time proportionally to what I believe it’s worth and Ken Penders just doesn’t really come to mind when I think of something I could be doing with it-from here on out-

That is all I have to say about that.


No I’m serious…

1. Don’t look at me, or I’ll think there’s something wrong with me.

2. Don’t take a long time to text me back, or I’ll overthink.

3. Don’t look in my direction while you’re talking to someone, or I feel like you’re spreading rumors about me.. judging me.

4. Don’t go ONE day without talking to me,
or I will analyze every..single..moment we had. To make sure I did nothing wrong..

5. IF YOU LIKE ME. Tell me at least five times a day, and why you like me.
Or else I will feel like your feelings have changed.

6. I will go back and forth with you, on ‘us’ until you get tired of me and leave.
.. and then I will say

7. If we’re dating, I will apologize and cry for my every move.
Then leave because 'I ruined it’


Yeah. Thought so.

I Care. - Theo Raeken

Ratings: Fluff?

Warnings: Spoilers from 6x16

Request: @thatgirlwiththeblackglasses said: Hii! Idk if u saw episode 16 (of season 6) of teen wolf, but of you did would u like to write a Theo Raeken imagine where he and the reader don’t really get along. But they do have a crush on each other but won’t admit (sorry if this is weird). But what 6.16 has to do with this is I thought maybe the Theo/Liam scènes could be Theo/YN? And if it can, they confess feelings for each other? Kinda smutty if u want to write that. Love ur blog! Sorry if it’s confusing, if it is, message me pleas💗

A/N: GUYS!!! I’m thinking of making a part II. Like, smut was requested, but I got really carried away & this is already super long. So, if you want smut, just request a part II. Seriously. I’m ready to write smut for this. Also, I meant to post this Sunday, but I saved it to my drafts and didn’t realize it. Whoops.

Imagine wanting to hate someone so much that you trick yourself into believing that you do. That someone would be Theo Raeken. As someone who’s been best friends with Scott  Stiles forever, I knew Theo well. And, by that, I mean past tense. I knew. I knew the Theo that was once my best friend. My first kiss. The Theo that moved away. That Theo isn’t the Theo standing in front of me. The Theo standing in front of me is the Theo that killed his sister. He came back to Beacon Hills and tried to use the friendship we all once shared to stab us in the back. It was a weight off my chest when the ground swallowed him whole.

“Do I get a choice here?” I asked. Liam and Scott were talking to me about a plan to lure the hunters out and give us a chance to get a step ahead. Said plan involved Liam, Theo and I alone in an abandoned zoo. I love Liam, don’t get me wrong, but he can have some of the worst decisions. Like that time he brought Theo back without our agreement. Watching Malia attack him almost made it a little bit better.

“No. If we gave you a choice, you’d do the opposite of what we need you to do.” Scott said, his eyes pleading me to just go with it.

“Why does he have to come?” I asked. Theo was standing against a wall on the opposite side animal clinic. I could feel his eyes burn holes in the side of my face.

“Because I’m also a valuable part of this plan.” I could practically hear the smirk that he wore because of how cocky he sounded.  

“We’ve gone over the plan. There will be no changes. No one is getting out of this because they don’t like someone else. We need everyone to do exactly as planned or it’ll all fall apart.” You can always tell when Scott meant business, and this was one of those times. We all gave in and left the animal clinic. Liam, Theo and I headed out to Theo’s truck to wait it out at the zoo.

I could hear Mason over Liam’s phone. The plan was working. Nolan was following Mason to the zoo, and he’d be there expecting to find the entire pack.

“He’s driving a bright red car.” Theo looked at me, knowing I’d hear the comment as well, and chuckled. Any other time I’d refrain from reacting if Theo was involved, but I laughed with him. If asked to describe Nolan, discrete will never be an adjective used.

As Mason pulled up, we all hopped out of the truck. Liam and I left Theo to empty the trunk as we crowded around the rolled down window of Lydia’s car.

“Should I come with you guys?” Mason always wants to help us, whether he really can or not. In this situation, however, none of us were going to let him try. Mason can only do so much before he’s thrown into the line of fire, and he’s already tip-toeing on top of it.

“His friends shoot to kill. Go home.” Theo was right behind me, his arms full of stuff from the car. Mason agreed and drove off, leaving us to get into position.

“They’re not gonna believe Nolan.” Liam and Theo were going back and forth. Nolan only saw the three of us, and now there are only two hunters here. In order for the plan to work, we needed more of the hunters here.

“Okay. Then they’ll have to believe us. Isn’t that right?” Suddenly Theo was yelling at Liam.

“What the hell? Theo, what’s your problem?” I placed my hand on his shoulder, hoping to grab his attention and quiet him down.

“My problem? What’s your problem? Oh, that’s right, you always have a problem.” Theo’s voice rose with each sentence. If he wanted the hunters’ attention, he had it. They definitely knew we were there now. The next thing I know, Theo’s hand collides with Liam’s face.

“You see that, Scott? Little beta can’t even take a punch?” Then I knew. Theo was trying to get their attention and make it seem like we were all here. If they thought we were all here, they’d be forced to call for more backup.

I stood up, knowing I’d have to make myself known as well, and pushed Theo against the wall we were hiding behind. If this was a free chance to hit Theo, I’d take it. When my hand made contact with Theo’s jaw his head hit the wall and he was momentarily dazed.

“You’re one to talk, Theo. Seems you can’t take a hit either.”

“I’m not going to hit you,” Theo said, quietly. “Let me go.” I studied every part of Theo’s face before I hit him again, testing him. When Theo didn’t even raise his arm against me, I pulled away.

“Awe, Theo. No need to go easy on me.” I tease, raising my voice so I knew they’d hear. This time, Theo switched us around. Somehow, my back was suddenly pressed against the barrier. Theo still made no move to hurt me. Liam took the opportunity to grab a hold of him, spin him, and dish out a punch similar to the one Theo threw at him.

“Your beta, Scott, he’s only good in a fight when he’s angry. Let’s see how he gets.” When Liam growled, I couldn’t tell if he was acting or if Theo had really made him mad. Finally, we could hear the hunters scattering and calling for help.

“Are you done? Or do you need to keep going?” I asked after Theo ripped Liam’s shirt. They both looked as if they’d been jumped.

“I think they’re sold.”

“You ripped my t-shirt.”

“Yeah? You broke my nose. Twice. It healed. Then, you broke it again. Two times!” I couldn’t help myself when Theo said this. I gave in and swung at him once more.

“Three times.” I smiled victoriously as I watched his nose begin to bleed again. We looked around, checking our surroundings before running to our next hiding spot. Theo began to complain, pestering Liam about why he’d pick an abandoned zoo to bait out the hunters. I tuned them both out as soon as Liam began comparing the zoo to a Greek island.

All three of us were stood in this tiny spot behind bars, looking out for the rest of the hunters. When they finally came, they came in bulk. Everyone was there - Nolan, Monroe, and Gerard included.

“We’re supposed to be decoys, not target practice.” Theo and I went to leave, but Liam stayed. I grabbed Liam’s hand, hoping he’d get the hint and follow, but he didn’t. I faced him, trying to convince him before he yanked his hand from mine. Theo grabbed his shoulder, but he shrugged his hand off. Theo tried to convince him but gave up.

“Fine. Get caught.” As Theo left, I gave Liam one last look.

“Please don’t make me follow him on my own,” I begged. Liam said nothing, so I too gave in and left, trailing behind Theo as we heard Gerard announce his army.

“He’s going off anger,” Theo muttered to me as I caught up. “He’s going to get himself killed.”

“He’s angry. Theo, aren’t we all angry? Each and everyone one of us is being targeted. It’s like the deadpool all over again. Ordinary people are picking up weapons and hunting us. People we’ve known forever. Everyone has turned against us.” The deadpool was before Theo returned to Beacon Hills, but that didn’t change the fact that this was the same song and dance, just more personal. Theo didn’t see how the deadpool hurt us, but now he’ll understand it.

“I’m not dying out here because you want payback against some kid who kicked your ass.” The bitterness in Theo’s voice didn’t surprise me at all. It also didn’t surprise me when Liam pulled away from Theo again.

I felt Theo grab my hand and pull Liam and me away from our spot, which alerted Nolan of where we were. Theo tried to tell Liam to calm down, but all that did was make it worse. Liam flashed his golden eyes at Theo. I could feel Liam’s anger radiating off of him.

“What’s going on with you?” I asked him.

“This can’t just be Nolan. Something around here is triggering you.” Theo added. When Liam tried to tell us he was fine, Theo kept pushing his buttons. I could hear Liam’s heart beating quicker as I took a step back, not wanting to be between the two if one of them threw a punch.

“They’re up here!” We were so distracted by trying to calm Liam down that we did hear Nolan find us. Liam charged at him, taking him over the barrier and catching Theo and I both off guard.

“Dammit,” I muttered, stepping forward to see where they landed. I went to jump down and follow them, but I felt a hand grab a hold of my wrist.

“(Y/N), stay up here,” Theo said, pulling me towards him.

“Why?” I tried to pull myself away from him. I could feel my own heart rate go up as I realized how close I was to him. Being this close to him, seeing him in this light, it made me momentarily forget just who he’d become.

“Nolan has a bow. You and I both know he probably won’t hesitate to shoot you. I’m not going to let you get hurt.”

“Nolan won’t hurt me.” I tried to pull away once more. Nolan and I used to be friends. Nolan was like a baby. He’s scared, and he’s confused because he doesn’t know what’s happening. “I don’t need you to protect me. Especially not from him.” I don’t need Theo thinking I need him around.

In the time that Theo spent trying to keep me away, Liam had lunged at Nolan. Nolan’s back was pressed against the wall, and he might have been crying. It hurt me to see that. Deep down inside of him, he knew what he was doing was wrong. Nolan is a good person. He’s just been misled. Liam was hitting the wall next to Nolan’s face. He was trying so hard to keep from killing him. Finally, I felt Theo let go of me. Before I could make it, Theo was already over the ledge. Next thing I knew, Liam was on the ground.

“Run.” Theo gave Nolan his infamous smirk. For a split second, I couldn’t help but feel a bit attracted to it. I shook it off and helped Theo drag Liam to the truck.

“I don’t need your protection,” I said as Theo and I climbed into the front seats of his truck.

“I don’t want to see you get hurt and know I could’ve prevented it.” He spoke quietly like he didn’t want me to hear it.

That struck me. It pulled at my heartstrings. Deep down inside I knew I cared about him. I never quit caring. But he doesn’t have to know that. When Theo came back I expected him to be the boy I wanted him to be. When he wasn’t, that’s what hurt. It hurt knowing he wasn’t still the same boy that stole my heart when we were younger. Theo was my first kiss because he was my first love. I wanted him to be the same Theo, even though I hadn’t seen him since like the 4th grade.

“Theo,” I started before he interrupted me.

“No. I’m being honest here. I know you probably don’t trust me. Rightfully so. But, I need you to know that I care. I need you to know that I am scared that something will happen to you. And I will do my best, when possible, to keep you safe. Because I care.”

“Theo, shut up,” I whispered, my face heating up. I knew he could hear how rapidly my heart was beating.

“Seriously. (Y/N). You know me better than everyone else does. You know when I’m lying. You know when I’m acting. You know that’s not what’s happening here. I know you can’t stand me, but you’re the only one I care about enough to keep safe. I’d go crazy if you were hurt in some way.” Theo reached over, grabbing my hands in my lap. “Whether you care or not, I do. I want you to be safe.”

I threw my walls down for a moment and held his hand with mine. I took a moment to study his heartbeat and the way his face looked with the street lamps’ light bleeding through the window.

“I care,” I whispered, scared to mess with the moment that we were having. It was fragile. I felt that if I breathed too hard it would ruin. Theo didn’t pull his hand away from mine.

“Did you have to knock me out?” Liam was no longer out cold. “How many times?”

“Five times.” The smirk on Theo’s face made me laugh a little. I chose to ignore the rest of the conversation until we were parked. Liam got out of the truck and, before I could open my door, Theo locked the truck. With his seat belt off he turned towards me, his one hand still holding onto me.

“Do you really care?” He said, his eyes not meeting mine.

“I want to say no. I want to not care. But I do. And it sucks.” This time it was my eyes that wouldn’t make contact.

“Why do you hate me so much?”

“Theo, I don’t hate you. As much as I should, I don’t. I trusted you when you showed up out of nowhere. I defended you when Stiles was against you. I almost chose you over my best friends because I still saw you as that boy that kissed me on the playground when we were little. But that’s not you anymore. For a while there I wasn’t sure who you were. When you killed Scott I lost my mind. If Melissa hadn’t of saved him, I never would’ve been able to be this close to you again. But somehow I can’t hate you. I avoid you because I hate knowing what you do to me.” I nervously played with his fingers, hoping he’d leave it at that.

“Hey,” he whispered. “Look at me.” I faced him. He took his hand from me and brought both of them to my face. I could feel his breath on my lips as he got closer. It felt like years passed before his lips touched mine. I reached one of my hand up to his face, falling into the moment. I could feel all my pent up emotion bubbling to the top as he kissed me. His lips were warm and he tasted sweet and I wanted the kiss to last forever. At some point we pulled away, waiting until we absolutely had to. His lips were swollen and the image in front of me was sinfully glorious.

As we made eye contact we burst into laughter, not really believing what was happening. I pulled his face back to my own, smiling into the kiss. My hands traveled from his face, down his chest, to rest at the end of his shirt. Nothing could really happen with the console placed awkwardly between us, but neither of us was willing to stop. Not until we had to. Before anything could happen there was a knock on the window.

“I was gonna ask how your part of the plan worked, but I’m sure I’ll have to wait,” Scott said from outside of the truck before walking off.

“We’re not done here,” Theo said, pulling away. I laughed a little bit before nodding my head.

“Definitely not.”

Sweeping Powder for Protection and Energy

I needed a good reason to sweep my house today, so I made some magical powder to inspire myself.

Just look at that totally real lens flare.


  1. Dry coffee grounds. I work in coffee so this is an easy ingredient for me to come by. If you don’t have much to spare, use what you can, or substitute black tea. Dark roast is ideal for grounding and protection and usually cheaper. I used a blend called “Defense Against the Dark Arts” because I am a nerd & also I wasn’t crazy about it so I don’t mind utilizing it. Coffee has excellent energizing properties (even the smell of caffeine has been proven to make people more alert!), not to mention protective and dispelling magic.
  2. Salt. As close to equal parts with the coffee as you can get. The two ingredients creating your base work together to protect and dispell negative energy, while encouraging positivity.
  3. Whatever other herbs you have for protection/energy/harmony/whatever you are trying to invoke. I used cinnamon, clove, and black pepper for protection, also because fall. Lavender, peppermint cocoa, basil, paprika, and other kitchen spices work well, just do a little research to ensure that you aren’t putting anything dangerous on your floor, and so you know what effects to look for.

That’s it for ingredients, for real. Even if you only have coffee and/or salt, this is still effective! The idea is mindful cleaning.


I sprinkled a bit of the powder in one room at a time, starting from the furthest from my front door. You can do West to East, North to South, away from the door, in concentric circles, or whatever suits you. I recommend doing one room at a time to help you focus & to keep track of how much you’ve done.

As you’re sweeping, visualize sweeping up not only the powder, but all of the negative energy. Imagine it all settling on the floor like dirt, and you sweeping it all up together. You can sing, chant, or listen to music, whatever floats your boat. If you honor a household god/ess, now is a good time to pray to them. (Hestia really likes me to listen to Heart while I’m cleaning, idk why but she does) Sweep your powder and negativity into one pile per room.

After you’ve swept all the rooms that you wished to clean, sweep all the piles up, dump into its own baggie, and take it outside. If you have a paper bag or something else that will decompose, feel free to bury it if you want. If not, just toss it out somewhere responsibly, but not in your house! Go back inside without looking back at where you discarded your refuse.

When you get back inside, you can smoke cleanse or make tea or just lay down if you’re out of spoons. Enjoy the fresh energy of your space!

Emotions that go with being a Spoonie

Fear: this is a big one. It is easy to be afraid when you are sick, and as spoonies we are always sick, but then the other stuff starts to add up quick, turning into a deep downward spiral of doom

Loneliness: Spoonies are often left out of invitations or can’t go even if they are invited. Friends ignore calls, until they have time to deal with their “sick” friend. Quite frankly, able bodied people don’t have time for spoonies so we are lonely. Spoonies get left out of a lot.

Sad: this one is easy. Feelings of sadness come for all kinds of reasons as a spoonie. It’s sad being a spoonie and watching the world go by as if it were a television show and we are just watching it.

Anger: this is a big one. It’s easy to be angry for being a spoonie. Wondering why. WHY ME???

Self-Doubt: doubting yourself due to your disability

Feeling Inferior: always trying to overcompensate, prove that you are just as normal as everyone else.

Self-Pity: it’s easy to feel sorry for yourself as a spoonie, because you feel like everyone else does.

Mad at the world: this one is easy

Feel free to add any others that come To mind or things that you have felt.

Drunken Antics

Can you write an imagine where Archie likes a girl but he thinks she likes Reggie so he does nothing about it but then he drunkenly confesses to her after a party?

I absolutely adore Archie so much and I’m going to miss Ross Butler as Reggie Mantle 😭 but I’m happy that his career is taking off too. Anyway, enjoy this one!


‘Why him, Jug? Why?’ I slurred, drinking from my red solo cup whilst watching the girl who I was in love with, Y/N, sweet talking with my suppose best friend, Reggie Mantle.

Her face lit up every time he made her laugh and smile, managing to have an effect on her that I wish I had.

What was so special about Reggie? Oh - right, he was the captain of the football team, which I could’ve been. I ran my fingers through my hair, getting frustrated watching the two interact. They looked like a couple which infuriated me.

'Arch, you need to chill out.’ Jughead interrupted my thought process. 'How do you know they’re not just talking like normal people do? I mean - it’s basic human interaction, right?’

'Because she’s looking at him all googly eyed and he’s looking at her like a piece of meat,’ I slurred, downing the rest of my drink. 'I need to do something.’

'No, no you don’t,’ Jughead stood up, trying to hold me back. 'Uh - Betty! Little help!’ I tried shoving him off of me, but Betty soon stepped in front, blocking my view of Y/N.

'Archie, what the hell are you doing?’ Betty asked, pushing at my chest to push me back.

'I need to tell - to tell her how I feel…’

'Who, Arch?’

'Y/N!’ I exclaimed, getting shushed by Betty and Jughead. I noticed Y/N peered her head over in our direction, frowning in confusion before excusing herself from talking with Reggie.

Oh shit - what did I just do? She must’ve heard me say her name. Her name was gorgeous though so I didn’t care.

'Oh sure, now you’ve done it…’ Jughead muttered, frowning at me.

Y/N walked over, her face glowing, making me blush unintentionally. 'What’s wrong with Arch?’ She asked, studying me up and down.

'He’s had far too much to drink, he needs to go home.’ Betty explained, giving me wide eyes of annoyance.

'I’m…I’m fine…’ I dragged out, chuckling a little before almost falling over, Y/N catching me before I fell.

'I’ve got him guys, let him sleep for a little before taking him home. Go have fun.’ Y/N smiled, wrapping my arm around her shoulders. Betty and Jughead watched me closely, walking away from them with Y/N inside.

It was finally peaceful and quiet, since everyone was outside and partying, the quiet caused my head to spin. 'You okay there, Arch?’ Y/N asked, sitting me on the black leather couch and sitting next to me, closely may I add.

I stared at her, her Y/E/C eyes gazing at me in wonder. She had an effect on me that no one else had, and I was okay with that.

'Why Reggie?’ I asked, blinking slowly.

She stared at me like a confused puppy. 'What? What do you mean “why Reggie?”, Arch you make no sense?’ She chuckled, that adorable little laugh.

'What does he have that I don’t?’ I asked, getting agitated. She frowned at me, but soon turned into a small smirk.

'That attitude of someone who is too up himself for his own good,’ she laughed, placing her hand on my knee.

Wait - what?

'Huh?’ I asked, causing her to laugh again, shaking her head.

'Archie, I have no feelings for Reggie - in fact he’s nowhere near my type.’ She explained.

I had a chance, I finally had a chance!

'What is your type?’ I asked, leaning closer to her face, watching her give me a small smile back.

'Someone who is sweet, kind, gentle - I don’t know.’ She shrugged.

'Well, I like you. I like you a lot actually.’ My drunk mouth spilled.

I finally admitted my confession. I told Y/N I like her.

Gah, shit.

'Really?’ She asked, her smile turning to a grin, 'you? Archie Andrews actually like me?’ She asked.

'I’ve liked you forever!’ I over exaggerated falling back into the couch.

'Well I like you too, Archie.’ She went to lean in, kissing me before I stopped her, kissing her forehead instead. She frowned a little, tilting her head. 'Why did you do that?’

'I’m not sober,’ I yawned, closing my eyes. 'I wanna remember our first kiss together…’ I dragged out, feeling sleep starting to consume me.

'Now I know why I fell for you, Archie Andrews.’ And that was the last thing I heard before I fell asleep.

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Let Me Touch Your Fire (6)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 440

Warnings: Aaaaaaaangst.

Summary: You’re a mutant who was experimented on by Stryker. He changed your mutation so instead of feeling others’ emotions and transferring emotions to them, you can now only transfer emotions and you feel nothing.

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged! There are 2 more parts left you guys.

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Blanks [Dick Grayson x Reader]

A/N: So here’s that fluff idea I had for Dick. I honestly really like this one and I hope everyone else does too! Enjoy my loves <3

(Part 2 - Mother’s Day Cuddles)


You were laying in a hospital bed, more tired than you ever have been in your entire life. Dick was still holding your hand and sweeping your hair out of your face with the other. Kissing your forehead he mumbled, “You did it” feeling the grin on his face.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me delivering twins would be so hard? And that I would get so sweaty?” You breathed, locking your eyes with his. He smiled before kissing your palm, “You look beautiful.”  

“You’re just saying that, I look like I just ran 8 miles” sinking further into the bed. “Can I just hold them already?” you whined, moving to look at the nurses who were measuring and weighing your daughter and son.

Dick smiled at you before looking in the same direction. “I can’t believe we made two humans.” he whispered, you let out a small laugh before resting your head on his shoulder. He ran his hand through your hair and kissed your head, humming you responded “A beautiful daughter and a handsome son.”

Nobody could put into words how happy the both of you are. Remembering all the panic of when the doctor first said you were having twins. Double the diapers, clothes, responsibility, everything times two. You remember the look you both exchanged when the doctor disclosed the information. A look of panic, fear, but also happiness. Who wouldn’t be happy? Two lives were about to make their way into yours.

You guys didn’t want to know the gender, making it a double surprise. Sadly you both didn’t expect a boy and a girl leaving you nameless. Right now they were simply baby girl and baby boy. Though you weren’t exactly worried about that right this moment because you felt joy rush through you as witnessed the nurses move to pick up the swaddled newborns.

Shifting to sit up Dick took your son in his arms and you your daughter. Smiling down at the sleeping baby you felt tears of joy prick at your eyes. Dick was sitting on the bed next to you, your son resting in his arms near your daughter. He was in the same state as you.

Chuckling you said, “They have your nose.” Tracing a finger over your daughter’s nose, her scrunching it at your touch. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at you. A grin spread on your face “Hey sweetheart” you whispered to her. “I’m your mommy, and that’s your daddy” Angling her small body as her gaze fell on Dick.

A small noise escaped her throat, sounding almost like a whine. The noise seemed to reach the ears of your son as he too began to stir in Dick’s arms. “Hey slugger” he greeted the boy. He stared up at his father, not moving or making a noise. “I’m your daddy there’s mommy and your sister” speaking in a soft tone.

He continued to stare up at Dick making a chuckle escape your throat. “Why is he staring at me like that?” he asked.

“I don’t know” answering while looking back down at your daughter, who smiled when you met her eyes. “Oh my gosh Dick look, she’s smiling” you patted his leg. Looking away from your son he was met with your beaming daughter.

He grinned wider, a short breath almost what sounded like a sob escaping his throat. “She has your smile” looking up at him you found him with tears of joy running down his cheeks. “Come here you big softie” leaning to press a kiss to his lips. He met you halfway before pulling away and resting his forehead to yours. “We have to pick names” he whispered.

Sitting back into the bed you shifted your daughter more comfortably. Dick leaning his head to rest on top of yours. Both taking a good look at your children, “I don’t know, we always talked about your parents names.”

He shrugged, “I don’t know. It would be different if they weren’t twins.” You nodded understanding “How about that’s their middle names?”

“Blank Mary Grayson and Blank John Grayson” Dick listened to himself speak. “Now just to fill in the blanks”

“I’ve always liked the name Rose” softly bouncing the baby girl, eliciting another smile from her. “I love that name. Rose Mary Grayson” he held his hand out, lightly rubbing the back of her hand with his finger. Him chuckling when she grasped it. “I think she likes it too.”

“You choose for him” looking over to your son. Dick looked at you before back at the boy still staring at him, but had a smile of his own. “Hmm, what about Ren?” he leaned forward to touch his nose to the baby’s.

“Where did you come up with that? I love it” Smiling at the gesture. “I don’t really know, I guess it was just meant to be” he leaned to kiss you.

Though it was cut short by the nurse entering the room. “Have you decided on names?” she asked with a clipboard in her hands.

Looking at the woman you nodded. “Ren John Grayson and Rose Mary Grayson” smiling at the names you both chose. “Those are beautiful names” she smiled, “You also have visitors, shall I let them in?”

“Yes please” Dick said standing up, lying Ren gently in your arms. Smiling you held both of the things you’d been carrying in your womb for nine months. Staring at the two babies, not paying attention as Dick’s family all came in. Looking up as they finished entering the room.

“Oh my gosh mini Graysons” Steph cheered happily, coming beside the bed to see them. “How can you just have given birth to twins and still look gorgeous?” asking when coming next to you.

Laughing you shrugged, “Thank you Steph” smiling at her.

“What names did you decide?” Tim asked coming beside her. Dick smiled, “Rose Mary Grayson and Ren John Grayson”

“Wow, I’m surprised you actually choose good names Dick. Or did [F/n] choose them?” Jason laughed putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Nope, I chose Rose and he chose Ren” You smiled from the bed. Noticing how Damian had made his way over to the side Dick once sat, opposite to Tim and Steph.

He was standing and staring at the newborns in your arms. Eyes trailed on Rose. “Would you like to hold her Damian?” asking him softly. He quickly looked at you, “Can I?”

You nodded, eyes moving to Dick. He came over and took the little girl from your arms. “Sit down and I’ll hand her to you” he instructed. Damian did as told, Dick handing the little girl to him. “Just support her head like that” helping Damian get into a more comfortable position.

Stepping back Dick sat beside you, wrapping an arm around your shoulder. “Steph do you want to hold Ren?” asking the giddy female. She nodded eagerly before you carefully handed the baby over. “He’s so handsome” she commented.

“I must say, you both do make beautiful children” Alfred complemented, standing next to Damian looking down at Rose. “Thank you Alfred, that really means a lot” you said before eyes falling to Damian and Rose. Damian was enthralled by her, not having looked away from her since beginning to hold her.

Dick was watching as Steph handed Ren to Tim, Jason standing over his shoulder playing with Ren’s hand. Smiling when he took hold of it. Cass was doing the same with Rose’s hand.

Though Dick noticed Bruce just standing by the door. Moving from the bed he met his side, “Well? You’re a grandfather how does it feel?”

Bruce looked at him, “I guess I never really thought this would happen.” he smiled. “When I took you in Dick I didn’t really think about any of this, the future this would have in a family sense. I know I haven’t been the greatest father figure but –” Dick stopped him buy pulling him into a hug. Something rare for Bruce to return but this time he did. “You were and are a fantastic father and you will be an even greater grandfather” Dick reassured before pulling away.

“If you can talk Damian into giving up Rose you can hold her” he whispered looking over at the two. Bruce chuckled, “I don’t even think I can do that” he laughed.

You watched the exchange from the bed a large grin plastered on your features. Looking over Dick noticed and came back to sit beside you. Bruce walking over to Damian where he somehow talked him into letting him hold Rose.

Dick wrapped his arm around your shoulder, as you wrapped yours around his waist. Sighing contently while looking around the room at your loved ones. Dick kissed your head, “I love you.” His voice muffled by your hair. Smiling you looked up to pecked his lips, “I love you too.”

“Can you believe this?” He whispered, his hand playing with the ends of your hair. Shaking your head you answered, “No, it feels like a dream. But the pain assured me it isn’t” You laughed.

Dick chuckled too, “I know, you nearly broke my hand.” Hitting his chest, “Shut up” you laughed. He laughed more, taking in the scene once more. Seeing as Bruce stared down at Rose and Jason was sitting with Ren in his lap, playing with him. The other family members just watching the babies.

“We’re lucky to have all of them” you said catching Dick’s attention.  

He nodded, softly sighing, “Yeah. We are.”

*slams fist on table*

I need Eclipsa to come back as a postive force for Star. If she comes back as some fucking dumbass cliche i'ma piss myself.

Im serious no ones talking about it but the monster are straving. All of their food belongs to mewni. Hell we see buff frog struggling to feed his babies. I won’t mind if she comes back and sees the unfairness between the two and starts ripping mewni a new asshole.

I want her to see the starving monster, and a dark spell is cast over the crops of the mewnis. No one gets to eat until this nonsense is fixed.

I want her to meet star, and walk around her room. As star tires to make the best impression so you know she doesn’t destory the world. An Eclipsa see Stars spell book and as if she can read it. An Star looks a little ashamed but eclipsa picks it up and expresses joy. Eclipsa says she made one too when she was a child.

Eclipsa ask Star why her wand looks the way it does. An ask if she knows why her magic is being casted that way. Only to have Star break down and express all this emotion about what been happening. How she feels lost, how she feels shame, but also burning jealously.

Eclipsa ask Star, have you spoken to your mother about this. An of course Star is like no! She can’t know “she’ll just make me leave earth”. An it suddenly becomes way to clear to Eclipsa, Star has mother issuse. An so she adds Star in the way that no one else can. She talks to Star about her feeling and how they can go about expressing them better.

Making amends

Asked by Anonymous

Hi!!Could you do an imagine where Minho and the reader hate each other and always get into argument but one argument gets very heated and they end up making out? Thanks!

Fandom: The maze runner
Pairing: Reader x Minho
Words: 1007
Rating: T
Requests: Open

A/N: I hope you like it!

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  • Snow: How could you bring this Robin back?
  • Regina: You don't know what it was like. You weren't there! I mean, a version of you was but I killed her.
  • Snow: You did *what*?
  • Regina: Oh relax. She wasn't real.
  • Snow: But this Robin is?
  • Regina: Yes, because he was able to come through the portal.
  • Snow: How do you know no one else could? Did you try?
  • Regina: I feel like you're making a big deal out of nothing.
  • Snow: A big thing out of nothing? You killed me! Literally killed me! What is a bigger deal than that?
  • Regina: Why does that matter now? I've tried to kill you loads of times.
  • Snow: You know, as defenses go, that's not your best work.

RJ looks down at the dinner his mother had prepared him. It was light and elegant and delicious. She’d brought a vintage wine for them to share, and its fruity taste perfectly enhanced the meal. The night was warm and balmy, and the penthouse offered a gorgeous view of the sparkling city. He was spending time with his mother, whom he loved more than anything. 

Such a lovely night, but he couldn’t get Diosa off his mind. His love for her was weighing him down so bad he could barely enjoy the beauty around him. Not when he couldn’t have Diosa’s beauty by his side. 

He tries to change the subject…his mother would never approve of  his love for Diosa. He had to keep it secret from his entire family. She was Nicky’s girl, and on top of that, a girl they didn’t like. The Holmes’ all considered Diosa a big part of Nicky’s issues. It angered RJ that his cousin’s antics had created bad blood between the family and Diosa. 

RJ: Mami, I’m fine. This food is amazing. I miss your cooking when I’m on campus. 

Lala shakes her head: No. Not going to work, papi. I know my food is delicious. I’m not an award winning chef because I make microwave food.

RJ: *grins* So humble, Ma.

Lala shrugs: I’m humble with other things in my life. My food isn’t one of them. Anyway, who is she? What’s her name? Why isn’t it working?

RJ: Why does it have to be about a relationship?

Lala: Because if it were anything else like your internship or school, you’d have already told me or your Dad. You’re always open with us. So it is about a relationship. You’re down about someone.

RJ sighs: It is. I’m down. I feel really under, Ma. I can’t stop thinking about this girl. It’s like…it’s like she’s consuming me. I’ve tried dating other people. The girl I’m sorta seeing now, Margaux? She is amazing. But…

Lala: But she’s not the one.

RJ sadly: No. She’s not the one. She’s not who I love.

The Story of Us

PROLOGUE || 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 

Chapter Eleven: Tightrope Dreamer

Word Count: 6779

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

“Be down in a second!” Mabel calls out to Thomas followed by a squeak directed at Riley.

“Meow.” Riley giggles softly, referencing a previous ‘scaredy cat’ comment Mabel made about herself.

Mabel stands by Riley’s bed completely frozen. 

“Go on then.” Riley giggles as she gives Mabel a gentle shove. “He’s waiting.” 

“Come with me?” Mabel asks hopefully. 

“I can’t come with you.” Riley’s soft laughter continues.

Eventually, Mabel does make her way downstairs and opens Jed’s front door. She jumps a little in place when she finds Thomas standing directly on the other side of it. 

“Sorry.” He chuckles quietly with a gaze pointed at the ground. He looks up slowly, focussing mainly on her clothes. “Are you in pyjamas?”

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Sentiments – A Taylor and Joe Short Story

He can see her in the bedroom, her body perched on the edge of the bed.  She’s slipped out of the dress she was wearing earlier.  The one he had told her looked amazing on her, the one he couldn’t wait to take off of her when they were alone.  

He watches as she pulls the phone away from her ear and tugs a t-shirt over her head.  She pulls it down over her chest, letting it fall at her thighs when she returns the phone to her ear.  

He lifts his glass of whiskey to his lips, letting the amber liquid burn a trail down his throat and settle into his stomach.  When he sees her lips lift up, a gentle smile forming, he takes another drink.  

He wishes he knew how to handle this situation.  How he’s supposed to act.  How he’s supposed to feel.  But he doesn’t.  He literally has no idea what to do, has no idea how to deal with the pressure he feels in his chest and on his heart or how to unravel the knot that has tightened in the pit of his stomach.  The one that formed there an hour ago as he watched her open her tagless gift and then grew exponentially ten minutes ago when he saw her glance at her ringing phone and whisper the name that appeared there.

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Funny Boruto Complaints

1.OMG NARUTO is god why didn’t he destroy the nue and Kakashi is a former Hokage wtf! BUT THEY FOUGHT MADARA!!(drooling)

-Me: 13 episodes in and you idiots still don’t get that this show is called BORUTO. There’s a whole opening sequence with little kids and a big ass title that reads BORUTO. I know Naruto and the others are in the show and thats just dandy but they can’t god mode every situation so, maybe you should go back to watching Shippuden? Or watch one punch, fights that are easy seem to get people happy. 

2. OMG SUMIRE said she wants revenge! Omg she’s copying Sasuke!

-Me: I never knew revenge was reserved for one character or one person. I didn’t know that daughters couldn’t try to avenge their fathers. That’s a total Sasuke thing to do and nobody else deserves to feel like they have a need for revenge. -_- stfu please. You’re just complaining for fun. 

3. OMG why didn’t Boruto let Mitsuki kill Sumire. 

-Me: Hey guys not only does Boruto sound like Naruto. IF you were a fan of Naruto you would know they have similar personalities. I’m pretty sure neither protagonist would allow their friends to die. Yeah we get you’re just itching for a darker turn of events but maybe you’ve just been watching the wrong Anime. Go watch Akame-ga-kill. 


-Me: How about you go crack open some Gaiden and read up on that and watch the war episodes in Shipuden. 

The comparisons and the insults are so stupid, you’re just looking for a reason to badmouth the show and guess what there are 13 episodes and another one on Wednesday so just sit back and keep complaining.  We loving the shade and the salt. 

The hardest part about moving on
is having to accept the fact
you are no longer mine.
Frankly, my dear,
the thought of you being with someone else
kills me.

Some other girl will get to
moan your name,
and feel your touch,
and leave their marks upon your back,
and it’s not fair.
Why does she get to wake up next to you
and taste your lips
when I’m the one who loves you
and you’ve just met?

You will hold her like you held me.
You will talk to her like you talked to me.
You will look at her like you looked at me.
You will grab her hips, bite her lips, pull her hair,
kiss her, grope her breasts, finger her, fuck her, moan for her.
And as you hold her close,
hold her close to your heart that once beat with mine and
take her in every position imaginable to every inch of the
room you were supposed to share with me,
I will have realized that I am nothing.
All of it meant nothing to you,
and I was nothing, nothing, nothing.
No one particular and not any more special than the girl
for the pleasure you’re feeling throughout your entire body.

And darling, you have every right.
You have every right
to fuck every girl in the bar.
But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to crush my brain
with a bullet, with a hammer,
with anything to make the images stop.

There are too many vivid pictures inside my head
of you being with someone else in bed.
And here I am on the bathroom floor
choking on all my mistakes,
and vomiting out all of my fears.

—  S.A.Z

anonymous asked:

I know I sound like a terrible person for saying this, but is there any way that I can make myself aromantic? I used to identify as a panromantic asexual, but due to recent events I don't even want to feel any attraction other than platonic attraction. Love hurts too much for me to bear and I just want it to go away. All I want is friends and nothing more. So how can I make sure that I don't feel anything besides platonic feelings?

honey, listen here for a second:

you can’t make yourself aro. if you feel romantic attraction, you feel romantic attraction and you cannot change that.

suck it up, sweetheart. the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

BEING AROMANTIC DOES NOT MAKE LIFE ANY FUCKING EASIER. i’ve spent countless nights staring at my ceiling knows my aro-ness would keep a lot of people from getting close to me. i’ve lost countless hours of sleep wondering why i didn’t feel romantic attraction like everyone else– i thought i was broken and i thought no one would love me for it. so do not say you want to be aro just so life will be easier bc you cant handle love. i know countless aros who hate themselves because they’re aro. 

newsflash: if love hurts, then it isn’t love.

you can’t change your orientation, but you can damn sure change your mindset on things.  if you only want to have friends, then start saying no to people who want romantic relationships with you. feeling romantic attraction does not mean you have to have romantic relationships. it’s not like you can’t live without them, just look at all the aces here.

i know i normally don’t swear too much in answering these, but this ask lowkey pissed me off. please educate yourself.