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Little Friend

Prompt: Roman and Virgil being so happy when their shy little Logan makes friends with Patton because he’s so sweet and nice and Logan doesn’t have any friends.

“Logan!” I call out the side window of the car. I see my little angel run up to the door, sliding in quickly.

I start driving. “How was school today?” I ask Logan.

Logan sighs. “It was… okay?” He looks out the window. “I met someone today.”

I blink. “Really?” I ask.

From the corner of my vision, I see Logan nod. “His name’s Patton. He’s very loud.”

I chuckle. “That’s nice to hear, Lo.”

Silence for a little while. “Dad?”

“Hmm?” I hum, letting him know I could hear him.

“Why does Patton like me? No one else does.”

I feel my heart break when I hear those words. “Logan… You’re just… different. That’s all. Patton can obviously appreciate that, and I’m glad he can.”

Logan sighs, looking out the window again. “Patton’s really nice. You’d like him, Dad.”

I smile softly. “I’m sure I would, Lo.”

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ok so i saw a truck today and i thought it said MANSCAPE but it actually said MAINSCAPE and it was a landscaping company. but then i thought LARRY AU. where louis owns a landscaping company called MANSCAPE and harry thinks it’s some sort of in-home pubic hair grooming company, so he calls to make an appointment, there’s some discussion of whether he wants his bushes trimmed as well, and then when it’s time for the appointment, harry’s like half-naked waiting around in a robe or something and louis shows up with lawnmowers. 

i’m convinced that Tony doesn’t actually go to high school and just shows up occasionally to give cryptic advice to Clay

The moon signs when they’re emotional

Aries: I’M GOING TO PUNCH A WALL!!!!!! WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO BE OUT TO GET ME???? CAN’T I LIVE??? I’M SO UPSET AND WHY DOES NO ONE CARE??? MY EMOTIONS ARE THE #1 PRIORITY RN!!!! *blames someone else for their problems* (5 minutes later is over it)

Taurus: why life wHY?????? I didn’t want to mOVE today let alone CRY *crawls into a hole full of blankets and sobs into a bag of chips*

Gemini: oh lol whatever idk why my eyes are wet but I’m just gonna ignore this and hope it’ll go away tomorrow

Cancer: I just love to fEeEeEeL things :(((((( I’m going to cry and think about the reasons why I’m crying and maybe look at old pictures and write a poem and cry more *eats an entire carton of ice cream*

Leo: I can’t cRy in fRonT of PEOPLE!!! I have too much pRiDe!!!!! *throws head back and struts their stuff* (10 minutes later they have a dramatic emotional show just for the benefit of everyone else)

Virgo: am I actually feeling this or am I just projecting my feelings into this moment so that I can get them out? what do these feelings mean? what does the fact that I’m questioning my feelings mean? is that another feeling? is life even real? I hate myself I’m so INCOMPETENT *hysterical crying*

Libra: nOOOOO this means cONFLICT!!!!!! I can’t have this in my life!!!!!! maybe if I hold this in nothing will happen. I definitely won’t bother anyone else about it because that would be tOO MUCH FOR ME I can’t put burden on others

Scorpio: *has straight face* this is just another case of the darkness inside my soul

Sagittarius: haha WHATEVER!!!!!! gonna go run away from this bc who needs this kind of drama in life?!?!?! not me!!!!!!!! I’m fiiiiiine those aren’t tears it’s just a piece of dust in my eye

Capricorn: I need…to pull…myself…together….must…look…like…everything…is…normal… *has mental breakdown alone*

Aquarius: emotions???? I don’t have emotions lol what are those??? I’m aBOVE that so I’m just going to focus on the fact that society is so corrupted or something!!! there are way more important issues that MY feelings

Pisces: I…just CAN’T deal with life anymore…I need to eScApE I’m drowning in my own tEARS *sobs*

The Three Moments You Shared with Steve Harrington (2)

Word Count: 1,091

AN: a lot longer than last part! two more parts i believe. also the glance they shared in pt 1 doesn’t count!! thank you for reading :)) also i love steve’s hair why does no one else talk about it


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You eyed the red soda can sitting in the bag beside you as you nervously tapped your thigh. This is a dumb idea, you thought. Your brain soared a mile a minute as it went through the possible scenarios of what could happen if you stepped out of the car right now. It’s just a friendly gesture. But he also might think you’re some creep.

Fuck it.

Grabbing the soda can, you let your legs do all the guiding while you sat back and began to regret this decision. But it was too late. You were already standing next to the towering ladder with a one Steve Harrington scrubbing away at the marquee.

For a while, you had no idea what to say. You just stood there, watching as he rubbed the red spray paint away, until you realized that soda was probably getting warmer by the minute.

“How’s the weather up there?” You called out, instantly regretting it.

Steve looked down at you with his brow furrowed, “What?”

Shaking your head as you tried to push the memory out of you. “Nothing, nothing. I was just,” you squinted your eyes as you looked up at him, “driving past and thought I’d give you a hand.”

He blinked his eyes a few times, a bit taken aback at the offer. “Oh. Well-”

“I can always just go if you don’t need the help, I mea-”

“No, no, no. It’s nice of you to ask but,” he gestured at the area around him, “I’m not quite sure how you could help out.”

Looking at your surroundings, you notice one of the employees standing across from you, holding the ladder steady with a few rags hanging out of his pocket. “I guess I can throw up some extra towels up if you need any.” You suggested.

“Go nuts, dude.” The employee tossed the towels your way and left the two of you to clean. You quickly shuffled closer to the ladder, making sure to hold it in its place.

Silence filled the air with the exception of a few cars roaming past. You tried thinking of ways to start a conversation but you didn’t want another ‘how’s the weather’ incident to happen so you decided to keep your mouth shut. It’s what you were known for anyway; the quiet one.

Never speaking up in class a whole lot and only really having to speak during presentations. It wasn’t that you were shy or anything, you just didn’t have much to say and people didn’t pay much attention.

“You’re in my English class, right?” Steve piped up, still scrubbing.

At first, you nodded as a response to his question but you realized he wouldn’t have even seen that. “Yeah, I am. I sit like, a desk away from you.”

“Yeah, and you were that girl at the gas station.” Shit, he saw me. Probably some creep to him now.  “Could you pass me another one?” You grudgingly grabbed a towel from one of the steps and tossed it up to him. 

It went silent again.

You kicked at the pebbles beneath your feet to keep you from staring at Steve. As your mind jumped from school, to humming songs, to what to have for dinner, you didn’t notice Steve climb down the ladder.

“Oh, sorry.” You stepped to the side and looked up at the sign. The marquee still had remnants of the paint speller out ‘LER.’ “What did it say?”

Steve shoved the sleeves of his sweater up and shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know, some idiot did it.” He mumbled. He pointed to the other side of the ladder and asked to help lift it closer to the corner of the sign. 

You lifted the ladder with ease and stopped till you felt your back against the pillar. Your breath hitched itself in your throat as you lock eyes with Steve again. This time, much closer. His eyes scanned over your face, making your heart pound in both ears. The blood was dry and settled into certain areas near his eyes. He looked like shit.

“Thanks.” Steve chuckled, resting his arm atop one of the ladder’s steps. “Good looks like this don’t just happen.” He motioned to the bloody side of his face.

Confusion replaced butterflies as you tried to connect the dots. Then your eyes widening. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean that, it wasn’t even supposed to come out like that I-”

“Relax, (Y/N). I know I look like shit. I deserved it.”

“You know my name?” You asked (because how self-involved are you, really).

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

“Because whenever someone mentions my name they usually ask ‘Who’s that?’” You scoffed, handing him a new towel.

“Nah. (Y/N) the Wise is what makes class not boring.” He went back to climbing the ladder. You shook the excitement you felt away, you knew better than to mess with someone who’s clearly smitten with someone else.

“Is that your nickname for me?” He nodded. “I had no idea. Now I feel like I have to return the favor. Will King Steve suffice?” You joked, smiling to yourself.

Steve groaned, shaking his head, “Anything but that.” He stopped for a moment, “(Y/N) the Wise and Steve the Idiot. Sound good?”

“Sound great!” The two of you grinned at each other with your newfound identities.

You were able to hold a long enough conversation with Steve until he finally finished scrubbing the paint off. He took all the red-stained towels and began tidying up.

Reaching into your pocket, you realize the can has been sitting in there the whole time. Because of your warmth, it wasn’t anywhere near cold. You scrambled, quickly trying to come up with a solution.

“Um,” you mumbled, deciding to just place it on a ladder step. “It’s not even cold anymore but I meant to give it to you earlier.”

Steve turned around and smiled at the kind gesture.

“You don’t have to do anything with it. You can throw it away, warm soda isn’t even good. I mean, it was supposed to be for your face but I don’t know-”

“Thanks, (Y/N).” He interrupted your rambling.

“You’re welcome, Steve. I’ll see you around.” You waved goodbye before turning the corner.

Steve stared at the soda can with an unknown grin on his face for a while until he grabbed it to place on his face, the aluminium relieving the pain slightly. “Still pretty good.”

One in a Hundred

Friend: I just don’t get why some schools can require kids get certain vaccines.
Me: There are many reasons. One of the reasons is herd immunity. To protect kids who can’t get vaccines. Like ones with leukemia.
Friend: But that’s only several kids out of a hundred.
Me: Think of peanut allergies. Maybe it’s just one kid in the class, but we still don’t bring peanuts to class for that reason.
Friend: You know, that’s never really made sense to me either. Why does everyone else have to give up peanuts for one kid?
Me: Is it that big of a sacrifice to not have peanuts during the school day?
Friend: I guess not. But my point is that if something only affects one out of a hundred people, why do we make a change?
Me: Fair thought. Let’s think of it this way. Let’s say you’re walking down a street with one hundred people, okay?
Friend: Okay.
Me: And you see one suddenly topple over, and he’s unable to breath. No pulse.
Friend: Okay.
Me: Do you try to resuscitate him?
Friend: Yeah!
Me: Why? He’s just one in hundred.
Friend: But that- I don’t see how…
Friend: I think I get it.

OK I’ve just gone through the KOEI twitter and got dem good alt outfits for you all to see.

Plenty of Sleep. — What can we do to arouse ourselves when we are weary and tired of our ego? Some recommend the gambling table, others Christianity, and others again electricity. But the best remedy, my dear hypochondriac, is, and always will be, plenty of sleep in both the literal and figurative sense of the word. Thus another morning will at length dawn upon us. The knack of worldly wisdom is to find the proper time for applying this remedy in both its forms.
-Friedrich Nietzsche, from The Dawn of Day [trans. J. M. Kennedy]
I always despised people who could sleep and that is naturally completely absurd, for I had but one wish and that was to sleep, but I could not do it. You see, life is basically quite simple: people get up in the morning, work, are tired after work and go to sleep, wake up again, and begin a new day. The extraordinary thing about sleeplessness is that it affords no discontinuity. Sleep breaks up the state of waking life, but for the sleepless one, who remains lucid in the middle of the night, there is no difference between day and night. He lives in a kind of ceaseless, endless time. It is another time and another world. Life in essence can only be sustained because of the discontinuity. Why else does one sleep? Not to rest, but above all to forget. A person who wakes up after a night of unbroken sleep has the illusion of beginning something new. When one instead remains awake the whole night long, nothing new begins. The secret of life is sleep; it makes life possible. If one could prevent mankind from sleeping, I am convinced that a massacre without end would ensue; it would mean the end of history.
-E.M. Cioran, in a conversation

who is going to explain to me why bruce has his arm wrapped around michael’s middle

The thing that killed me about this ep was how clearly Betty and Jughead’s insecurities came out.

Betty feels like she has be perfect, but deep down she thinks she’s twisted and broken and is tired of being put on a pedestal. She throws Jug a birthday party he doesn’t want because she wants to pretend like she can be normal and good and useful.

Jughead, on the other hand, has always been an outcast. His family struggles with money, his dad is a deadbeat and he’s been bullied his whole life for being different. He acts like he accepts his strangeness, but he really feels like people can’t love him because of it and that they will only leave him once they realize who he is. He lashes out at Betty because he’s terrified of her coming to that conclusion on her own.

Both of them don’t feel worthy. They both feel too damaged and are projecting. Jug doesn’t really think that Betty is too perfect, (he said as much in ep six), he’s just afraid she’ll realize he’s not. And Betts doesn’t think that Jughead is bad or too abnormal, (she trusts him and supports him in spite of his family’s rep). They just push those insecurities into the earlier events to try and spare themselves pain.

But then at the end of the episode they come back together and show one another these fears. Jughead admits he’s scared to be rejected yet again, that he isn’t used to people being nice to him and Betty reveals that she is struggling emotionally and that she thinks that there is something wrong with her. They open up and communicate and fall back together easily because the truth is they do accept each other, even if no one else does. This is why I love them so much. This episode was amazing for their growth as characters and as a couple.

Can somebody please just

bless me with an InuKag AU where either RN Inuyasha is in love with the unflappable, confident and cool Doctor Kagome Higurashi or RN Inuyasha falls for his sweet and adorable patient Kagome who has some kind of incurable illness so she’s a regular at the hospital he works at and she’s losing the battle against it. because we all love that angst. sweet, sweet painful angst. 


all i want is to sit down and smoke a joint with harry, get into a very deep philosophical conversation about life and the universe and everything in between it’s so good that we both cry and then the mood gradually change and have him bend me over his knee and pound me into the mattress and have his way with me