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Hi 😊😊 i was wondering if you could do a kara danvers x pregnant reader. reader is around 6 months pregnant with their child and one of kara's enemy's find out about her and kidnaps her and kara saves her sorry if it sounds stupid💓💓💓 they use a donor for the baby with kara's egg so the baby is super strong like kara😊😊😊😊

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Not stupid at all! Thank you for sending in this request! I get to add a GIF of Daddy Danvers! I was halfway through with writing this and it got deleted…… why does life/my ancient laptop hate me?

P.S. Thank you Lily for editing this 

Words: 1300+

You wake up to kisses being pressed to your abdomen causing you to smile. You open your eyes to see Kara kissing and talking to your baby bump.

“Good morning, beautiful,” Kara says after she has noticed that you’re awake. She places one final kiss on your belly then moves up to sit by you.

“Good morning, love,” you say kissing her. Both of your stomachs start growling, and you part from the kiss giggling.

“Let’s go make breakfast!” Kara exclaims practically leaping off the bed. She helps you up out of bed and carries you to the kitchen. “What do you want for breakfast, little one?” The blonde asks placing a hand on your bump. You feel the baby move around and look down at Kara to see her looking up at you with a giant smile.

“Our little Kryptonian heard me!” Kara exclaims like an excited little kid. She places more kisses on your bump before getting up. “Since I didn’t get a straight answer out of the little one, what would you like for breakfast?”


“Pancakes it is,” she gives you one last kiss then gets started on making the food.

As Kara makes breakfast, you watch as she dances around the kitchen and flips the pancakes way up into the air. Once she’s done putting on her little show, places to big stacks of pancakes on the counter for the two of you. You both dig in, but halfway through you and Kara’s second stack of pancakes Kara gets a call. She groans before picking it up and answering it.

“Hello… Really? Ok I’ll be there in a minute. Ok, bye,” Kara says hanging up the phone. “I’m sorry, love. I have to go to the DEO. They need Supergirl to help with an alien emergency. I promise I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“Sure, it’s alright. I’ll see you soon,” you reassure. Kara smiles and kisses you.

“I love you, (Y/N),” Kara says after she’s in her suit.

“I love you too, Kara,” you say and she’s off.

After you finish your breakfast, you clean the dishes and then go and lay on the couch.

“What do you want to watch, little one?” You asks placing one of your hands on your bump as you scroll through things on your TV. The baby moves around causing you to smile.

“That didn’t really answer the question, buddy. You feel like watching some Harry Potter?”

The baby moves around a little bit more.

“Heck yeah you do,” you select the movie and no more than a fourth of the way through it you fall asleep.

You wake up to a loud bang. You shoot up from your spot on the couch to see two figures in all black surrounding before you’re knocked out.


“I’m back, and I brought pot stickers for lunch!” Kara exclaims as she enters the apartment. She puts the bag of food down on the counter. “(Y/N)?” She calls looking around the living room confused.

Kara walks back to the bedroom to see if you’re in there but finds it empty.


She searches the whole apartment finding no sign of where you went. Frantically after calling your phone multiple times and receiving no answer Kara calls Alex.

Thankfully Alex answers quickly, “Hel-”

“Alex! (Y/N)’s missing and she hasn’t answered any of my calls! What if something happened to her?”

“Did she say anything to you about going anywhere before you left?”


“Come to the DEO and we’ll see if we can track her or something, alright?”

“Ok, be there soon,” Kara hangs up the phone and speeds to the DEO. 


You wake up tied up in a chair. You open your eyes slowly to reveal what looks to be a poorly lit factory building. It looks like it hasn’t been used in decades and smells like it too.

“Ah, you’re finally awake!” A voice says coming from some speaker you can’t see.

“Who are you?” You ask, your voice cracking from its lack of use.

“I’m Livewire, but that’s not important. What’s important is that I have someone that Supergirl cares about.”


“Did you find anything, Winn?” Kara asks as she paces nervously behind him.

“No, I tried tracking her phone, but-” He’s interrupted by loud buzz and all the screens in the DEO changing to show Livewire’s face.

“Hello, Supergirl,” the woman sneers.

“Livewire, what do you want?” Kara demands.

“It’s more like what do you want?”

“What do you mean?”

“I have something that may be of importance to you,” Livewire says and the screen cuts to a video stream of you tied up in the chair.

“(Y/N)?” Kara calls, but you don’t respond.

“She can’t hear you, silly.” Livewire laughs.

“What do you want with her?” Kara says her voice turning to steel.

“Meet me at the location I send to you at midnight. Bye, bye, Supergirl.” The feed of you in the room cuts off and the screens go back to normal.

Kara sighs and Alex wraps an arm around her shoulders.

“Don’t worry. We’ll get her.”

“Guys! I got something on (Y/N)’s phone!” Winn exclaims to the team.

“What did you get Agent?” J'onn asks as Kara, Alex, and him all huddle around Winn’s computer.

“I got a ping on (Y/N)’s phone. It says she’s in some abandon factory about an hour away,” Winn explains.

“That must be the location Livewire wants me to meet her at.”

“Are you really going to go? It could be a trap?” Alex asks concerned.

“Alex, I have to. What if Livewire has done something to harm her or the baby?”

“Alright, I see your point. J'onn and I are going for back up though. Right?” Alex says and J'onn nods.


At midnight, Kara, Alex, and J'onn head to the abandon warehouse armed and ready in case it goes bad.

“We’ll be over here,” Alex whispers gesturing to a spot her and J'onn wouldn’t be spotted by Livewire. Kara nods then continues her search for you.

“(Y/N)? Livewire?” Kara calls. She walks into the main part of the factory and finds you tied up to a chair in the middle of the room.

“Supergirl?” You ask hearing Kara approach.

“(Y/N)!” Kara exclaims running up to you. “I missed you so much! Are you and the little one ok?”

You’re about to answer, but Livewire appears before you get the chance.

“We meet again, Supergirl.”


“Now is that any way to greet an old friend?” Livewire asks with a laugh.

“We are not friends. Why did you take (Y/N)?”

“To do this,” She says then shoots a bolt of electricity at Kara.

Kara manages to dodge it, but only by a little. Kara uses her freeze breath to stall her and quickly unties you. Once you’re untied, you run over to where you see Alex waving you over to her. Alex and J'onn leave you in your hiding spot to help Kara kick Livewire’s butt.

It takes them about five minutes to defeat and you’re pretty impressed because Livewire puts up a pretty good fight. When the fight is over, Kara rushes over to you. She pulls your in for a hug and kisses the top of your head.

“I missed you so much,” you say crying tears of joy cause you know hormones.

“I missed you too!”

“I love you, (Y/N).”

“I love you too, Kara,” you say kissing her.

“Oh and I can’t forget,” Kara says leaning down to place a kiss on your baby bump, “I love you too our little Kryptonian!”

Slav’s Species Name

i’m not sure if anyones made a post about this yet! if so, i’m so sorry!

so this is really all speculation, and if anyone has any more input, i’d be really glad to hear it, but from what i’ve watched of season 2, i’m almost positive the name of slav’s alien species is Bytor. mainly because of that one quick scene in Stayin’ Alive, when Allura and the mice are playing charades. the mice stack atop each other, and start waving their paws around, a set of eight. Allura sees this and says:

while this is really really vague, i just found it interesting that they’d add this right after slav was introduced? 

Edit: i wanted to add this because i’d forgotten!

what does that make bytor water?

tbh, i just think hunk loosely described charades to the mice and allura, so they chose random words? I don’t think it’s an actual thing. 

and then theres the lil’ prisoner in s1 ep1 that looks really similar to slav, who’s most definitely a bytor, too! 

someone already added the picture, but i have one saved so why not lmao


LIT MEME: [1/10] SERIES OR BOOKS » the raven cycle

there is no good word for the opposite of lonesome. one might be tempted to suggest togetherness or contentment, but the fact that these two other words bear definitions unrelated to each other perfectly displays why lonesome cannot be properly mirrored. It does not mean solitude, nor alone, nor lonely, although lonesome can contain all of those words in itself. lonesome means a state of being apart. of being other. alone-some.

Legally Blonde the Musical ft. accurate song titles
  • Omigod You Guys: COURTNEY, TAKE YOUR BREAK(also Margot can speak to dogs wtf)
  • Serious: Plot twist, Warner is a dick
  • What You Want: Who needs a personal essay when you have the ENTIRETY OF UCLA
  • The Harvard Variations: share a BIT about ourselves
  • Blood in the Water: let's make no one want law career
  • Positive: either fight her or shake your ass
  • Ireland: pure sweet Paulette
  • Ireland (Reprise): pure sweet Paulette doesn't know where this metaphor is going.
  • Serious (Reprise): Warner is a dick pt.2
  • Chip on my Shoulder: Why go home for christmas when you can STUDY!!!!!
  • So Much Better: a good job > a dick + that one note no one can do
  • Whipped Into Shape: work out, protect yourselves and HOW DOES SHE SKIP AND SING AT THE SAME TIME
  • Take it Like a Man: pure bean turns into hot bean
  • Bend and Snap: picking up objects... sexy edition
  • There, Right There!/Gay or European: P R I D E
  • Legally Blonde: creepy professor ruins life
  • Legally Blonde (Remix): Redeemed bitch saves life + IRISH DANCING
  • Find My Way: everythings okay and destroyed gender roles
Okay but...

Think of this, Lance having to put up so many masks that he loses sight of who he is.

I might be self projecting but coming from a really fuckin big family I have to throw up acts to suit certain family members or else I’d have to face them complaining to my parents (and thus getting the ruler/cane/umbrella/sometimes pens of dEATH) and/or just having to deal with their disappointment.

So since lance comes from a big family that’s what he does? And he does it so often that by the time he reaches the Garrison and later on joins Voltron everything is just a mask bc he doesn’t know what to think and doesn’t know who he is. But the team doesn’t know? Bc this is all they’ve known about lance and by now he’s so good at masking himself it’s almost like a second skin.

Ok then cue them going to an alien planet who’s been able to resist the Galra’s for sometime and they wanna make an alliance with the alien planet bc they could use the allies. But the aliens are really strict and they don’t take no funny business like flirting or whatever. So when they get to the planet they decide Lance might need to stay behind bc he’s an impulsive guy and might fuck things up. But it’d be weird if only one paladin was missing right? So it’s just Allura and Coran that go down to greet the alien race.

But the alien leader is unimpressed and is like “where is voltron how do we know you’re legit?” (More serious like but meh I’m too lazy fuck it). So they have no choice but to let Lance and the rest of voltron out of the castle. Everyone’s keeping an eye on Lance (and Keith kinda but moreso lance) but they’re so surprised when his entire attitude changes? He’s serious, answers questions eloquently and is standing like he’s some army soldier or something like that.

They’re all so surprised bc wtf Lance how are you so good at acting? But they have to put it out of their mind bc hello alliance and fighting Zarkon. The alliance is made successfully and they leave to which Lance just reverts back to his normal self but only after an hour after leaving the planet (bc from experience it takes time to dismantle one mask and then put on another)

Then during one of their calmer weeks where there isn’t much news or fighting, someone (pidge maybe?) offhandedly mentions how Lance acted during their stay on that planet. (And Lance isn’t there he’s doing his beauty guru stuff) And everyone is like “oh yeah wtf was up with that” and someone else just jokingly says “Lmao what if Lance is acting with us too?” And everyone’s laughing bc this is Lance and no way this is Lance we’re talking about.

Lance enters the room when someone makes that joke and he’s like “yeah I am” and everyone nervously laughs bc “haha yeah really funny Lance you’re just joking right?” And he just is so serious for once and “no I’m not”. Cue Long conversation on why he’d feel the need to put on a mask around them bc they’re family and Lance talking about his insecurities with the team and there’s crying and cuddles and everyone is talking about their internal problems bc “we need to get these off our chests anyways.”.
Shiro is afraid that he won’t be a good leader and will one day lead them to disaster.
Pidge is afraid she’ll never find her family and that she’ll one day lose them as well.
Keith is afraid of his heritage and one day just bringing the whole team down bc of that.
Hunk is afraid of not being able to protect the team properly.
Allura is afraid that they’ll never defeat Zarkon and that she might lose the team too.
Coran is afraid of losing the team, Allura everything. (And if you want for comedic effect Slav just appears and is like “I’m afraid of dying but this conversation has increased our chances of living by 67%! And there’s watery laughter as they pull Slav in for a hug too)

There’s more cuddles and the team wakes up the next day with disgusting crusty eyes and pillows that still have tear streaks on them. Everyone is grossed out bc someone (Hunk maybe lmao) drooled and there’s calls of “EWWW” mixed in with laughter and everyone feels lighter and mildly happier. And if for a moment just a small one, Lance feels a flicker of who he really is of the him without all the masks.

Of course not everything is fixed right away, when is it anyways? There’s still relapses where Lance pretends to be something he isn’t in reaction to a situation that he doesn’t know how to react to, and then there’s more cuddles and the team taking care of him. Sometimes Shiro dissolves into panic attacks, sometimes Keith just starts shouting for no reason, sometimes Pidge just starts sobbing when something reminds her of her family, sometimes Hunk’s screams can be heard throughout the castle as he has nightmares of his team dying bc he wasn’t able to save them, sometimes Allura overworks herself into exhaustion, sometimes Coran has to just constantly check on each member of the team every 5 minutes and he’s always nervous and scared when he does so. But the team is always there to help each other out, there’s bonding nights with huge cuddle piles, forts made from huge pillows and blankets, sad movies that end with sniffles or sobs, funny movies that end with people crying from laughter. They’re all a little broken but it’s okay bc the team will always be there.

And bc I’m a cruel bitch, imagine the teams reactions when Shiro disappears after all this happens :) and then when Lance is captured by Prince Lotor :)))))))

I love y'all don’t forget :)

(Reasoning why Lance would just admit he was acting: I’m probably self projecting again but tbh when I’m caught out and someone asks me if I’m just acting I don’t mind admitting it. Maybe subconsciously I know I’ve really lost myself and I might need the help so that’s why I admitted it. But also bc I don’t see the point in doing the whole cliche “w-what? No I’m not this is the real me” bullshit bc 100% of the time no one who actually cares about you will believe that, and Lance RECOGNISES that the team DOES care about him even though his lack of self esteem and overwhelming self doubt often makes him doubt that fact.)

(Also I’m really new to the Voltron fandom so I’m sorry if my writing is crappy and the characters are a little ooc pls forgive this child I’m trying my best)

(New edit: I also have a lot of really cool ideas on how to continue on from Shiro being missing so if y'all want me to continue just ask-)
  • okay but elias woke up a little later today - he wasn’t planning on meeting the boys until much later - and he’s surprised when he runs into sana, smuggling food from the kitchen into her bedroom. she’s still in her pyjamas and she isn’t wearing any make up or anything, which, well, it’s nearly 1pm. so it’s a bit odd, especially for her.
  • elias asks her if she’s okay, and why she’s still in her pyjamas. and sana just shrugs and says, quite aggressively, “you’re still in your pyjamas.” and sometimes elias would bite back, tease her, but he also knows when to draw the line. and he can just see that sana’s not in the mood, so he just says, “any plans today?”
  • sana stares at him and shrugs, says, “nei”, then makes her way into her room, shutting the door, and elias leaves her be for a little bit. but a few hours later, elias notices she still hasn’t left her bedroom, which is kind of unlike sana. so he knocks on her door. 
  • she lets him in, but she’s kind of irritated; elias ignores it and says, “what’re you up to?” as he plonks himself on sana’s bed (which causes sana to sigh irritably, but she shuffles a little to give him space to get comfy anyway).
  • “nothing,” sana says irritably; dismissively. elias just looks at her and says, “okay” and waits to see if she elaborates. when she doesn’t, he says, “what was all that about last night?”
  • sana raises her eyebrows. “i’m allowed to have friends around, elias,” she snaps. “you do all the time.”
  • “yeah, but mine don’t drink in the house, and there’s never twenty of us,” elias replies fairly, but not unkindly. he looks at her, notices how deflated she seems, how upset she looks, and so he just says, “is everything okay?”
  • “yes,” sana says quickly. “everything’s fine.” which - okay, okay, sana isn’t in the mood for talking. that’s fine. so, elias says, “how about a movie?”
  • sana looks at him, frowning, and says, “what movie?”, and elias tells her that there’s this film on today, the one they used to watch all the time when they were little. and sana, despite herself, smiles at the memory, and laughs when elias does a (very bad) impression of one of the main characters. and elias thinks there is nothing that makes him quite as proud as when he makes his baby sister laugh.
  • they end up reheating leftovers from the other night and sit cross-legged on the sofa together, watching this film, which is funny but kind of cheesy and not actually as good as either of them remember it being, but it’s okay, because sana’s smiling a lot more now; seems more content.
  • elias’ phone rings just as the films ending and shit, time got away from him; he’d agreed to see the boys today. he picks up the phone and starts talking to them, to adam, and says, “just come over to mine, man, it’s chill, my parents are–” but then he catches sana’s expression; it’s small, subtle, the way her eyes fall to her lap and she prods at her food a little disinterestedly. maybe other people wouldn’t notice it, but elias does. so, he says, “actually, guys, sorry, film without me today, i forgot i made other plans.”
  • the boys erupt into indignant shouts about loyalty and how important their youtube channel is, but elias silences them, hangs up the phone, and sana says, “what other plans do you have?”
  • “well, they made a sequel to this film, and i think it’s stupid that neither of us have seen it”. and okay, he expects that to make sana smile, but instead she frowns and says, “but they aren’t airing the sequel at the moment.” so elias rolls his eyes, then says, “we’ll just have to find something else to watch, then.” and sana looks at him for a moment before rolling her eyes and saying, “okay. find something, then.”
  • she may not have said it, but she didn’t need to, because elias can already tell that sana’s feeling just that little bit better. and he’s so glad to see it, because he really hates seeing sana upset; can’t stand it, because despite how much he teases her, he truly does think there’s no one in the world who deserves happiness quite as much as his sister. and maybe that’s why, when they squabble over the last portion of food, elias lets sana have it. just this once.

Meme Taehyung - A Moodboard 

EDIT: A Jungkook edition is now up!