why does my face look swollen

It’s All Coming Back

This is based off of a prompt I got a couple of weeks ago. Set in current Grey’s time, Maggie and Meredith help Amelia realize she’s pregnant.

Meredith had everything ready to go; Zola’s lunch was packed and in her bag, all three children fed, shoes and coats on. Maggie was just finishing her coffee, and all they needed now was Amelia. Since she moved back in, about a month and half ago, the carpool had gone swimmingly. No late and half naked Amelia changing in the back seat, no arguing about who was driving or what time they had to be ready in order to get the kids school and daycare. Meredith groaned at the thought of the tortuous part of the carpool starting again. Her and Amelia’s relationship was still on the mend and a dumb fight about being late for carpool was not something worth ruining it for, but Zola had school and Amelia was an adult, so Meredith decided it was worth the risk. “Amelia! Let’s go, Zola can’t be late.”

“I just need five minutes!” Amelia yelled from her bedroom upstairs.

Meredith rolled her eyes and sat down at the table with Maggie and the kids, knowing it would be well over five minutes. “Mommy I forgot my new princess pencil upstairs, can I go get it?”

“Quickly Zozo.” Meredith watched her oldest run to the stairs, her blue and green book bag bobbing up and down on her shoulders with each step. “And tell Aunt Amy to hurry up!”

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anonymous asked:

How would the MSB guys react to someone punching MC?

I spent a good amount of time thinking but it’s hard for me to imagine that the guys will allow someone harm MC physically. I think most likely MC will be hit by crazed fangirls or terrorists. Sorry for taking a while!

Sora: Sora was close to a lot of girls before he met you.

            One day, as you went on a date with him, one of the girls saw you with Sora and got into a fight with you. Most likely her saying bad things about you. Sora bowed to apologize to her. He said he won’t be seeing her again in the future and the girl went berserk, trying to slap you but Sora stepped in and let her slapped him instead. It made the psycho girl more mad and as she raised her hand to do it the second time, Sora grabbed her hand. “Stop it. If you want to hit someone, you should just do it to me but never laid your fingers on her,” his eyes were earnest. He bowed until the girl left them alone.

            Another scenario: If the girl really punched MC, Sora would focus on MC instead of getting angry. He would be saying something like: “Why are you doing this?” and then busy examining how bad your face look. Sora left the girl and asked you to sit on a park bench. He then ran to the nearest convenient store to buy an ice cold water or soda to cool your swollen cheek while asking, “Does it hurt? I’m sorry this happened to you because of my past.”

Kaiji: Kaiji will be the guy who is very protective to you. Considering his strong background in martial art, he will be tempted to use it to protect you from being harm but he also knows when to hold back.

            Kaiji was in your rescue team when he saw you were smacked by the man that kidnapped you. You groaned because eventhough you’re a girl, the kidnapper did not hold back on how hard he hit you. Kaiji’s hand clenched into a fist tightly on his sides. He was boiling inside but he knew one wrong move would ruin everything. He waited until the right moment to surround the kidnappers. He cut the rope that bind you and then lifted you up. You said you could walk on your own but he quietly took you to the car. Daichi gave an instruction to bring you to the hospital.

            Kaiji was frowning the whole time in the car.

You asked why and he said with a pain in his voice, “I’m sorry I let you got hurt again although I said I vow to protect you with my life.”

You unbuckled your seatbelt and Kaiji turned slightly to you, “What are you doing?”

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9736) I came back to school after the holidays and one of my classmates asked me, "Why does your face look so swollen?" I swear, my heart just felt so painful and I felt as if tears were going to flow out anytime. I answered, "I just grew fatter."