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Underworld (Jason Todd x Reader)

Summary: You’re a crime boss and Jason takes over Gotham’s underworld.

Warnings: non, I guess. It’s kinda bad and sucks tho

You notice right away you are not alone. And considering the fact whoever sneaked into the warehouse was able to sneak into the warehouse makes you shutter.
Deep down you already know who it is.
And you wish desperately you are mistaken.
You try to act natural. The men working for you haven’t notice, being unaware of their environment like children.
The Red Hood took over Gotham’s underworld by storm, but with his skills it’s not surprising.
You’re not a bad person… you just work in a bad business.
A business where it’s easy to make enemies.

“So, look at that,” a dark voice calls. You raise your hand, stopping your people from shooting blinding in the dark corner of the ceiling. “Aren’t you a little too beautiful to run such a business?”

“Thanks for that slightly sexist statement, Robin,” you click your tongue and cross your arms.
The Red Hood.
He was Robin before Joker killed him.
Research is your superpower.
You don’t bother to care how he came back to life.

He jumps from the ceiling, landing right in front of you. You grin. He is tall, has thighs you really want to sit on and arms that could crush a skull. A red bat is embellishing his chest. “I suppose you already heard how things are working now.”

“I did indeed.” You nod. Half of Gotham’s drug bosses are dead thanks to Red Hoodie. You aren’t gonna pick a fight with him.

“Good.” He points his gun at you before putting it away. “Hey, no one had to die that’s pretty great.”

“Amazing.” You roll your eyes and walk him outside. The red helmet is a pretty smart move. No one sees the emotions that his face could give away and in a fight emotions can be easily used.
It’s also good for safety reasons, you suppose.

“Cheer up, (Y/N). It’s not much of a change for you anyway. You don’t sell to kids, you treat your girls right.” He did his homework, too.

“Yeah, I have morals… shocking.” You open the door for him, letting him step out. It is a grim night. It has been raining previously and instead of washing away the dirt of Gotham it makes it even worse.
He nods towards you and you return the gesture.
The door clicks shut again. Better a Bat ruling Gotham’s underworld than someone like Joker right?


“You were assigned to keep them safe!” You yell and bring your hand down on the table harshly. The man sitting in front of you jumps. He isn’t daring to look at you let alone move a single muscle. “Two girls are dead, because you were doing whatever, I don’t care!”

“I’m sorry, boss.” He pleads below a whisper. Is he, though? You’re not in this position because you tolerate mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance, well, under normal circumstances. You pull your gun out and shot him right between the eyes. You take a deep breath and close your eyes for some seconds. “Julian,” you say, looking at your right hand. He nods, knowing the drill.
Throwing your jacket on you walk to the car.
Your throat tightens. It was never your favourite task to check the girls apartments to find out where their relatives live so you can break the sad news to them, but it is all you can do. They deserve it after all.
You park your car and get inside the apartment Judy and Jasmine were living in. Everything is nicely decorated. A lot of pillows and blanket make it cozy.

“What are you doing here?”

You point your gun at a red helmet. You heart races and your eyes are wide. He only managed to sneak up on you because your mind is somewhere else. “What are you doing here?!”

“I asked first.” He snaps like a child.

You put the gun away again and start looking through their stuff. “Two of my girls died yesterday. I’m looking for numbers of relatives, anything.”

“So, that’s why you shot that dude.” He concluded.

You stop and turn to him. His body seems as hard as wall. Is he working out a lot or does all this come from vigilanting? Is his face matching the body, though? What if he has no teeth, or worse, rotten ones. “Are you stalking me, Hoodie?”

“Checking if you follow the terms.” He corrects you.

You scoff and find their phones. They might as well are your best clue, but you keep looking anyway.

“I don’t get it,” Red Hood says. “How did you become a fucking crime leader? I see why you are now, but why in the first place?”

“I tell you if you take the helmet off,” you smirk and arch an eyebrow, challenging. It’s worth a try right? You were just really curious.

He chuckles. His gloved hands raise to his head and the scarlet helmet clicks open. You bite your lip as your eyes meet his rich blue ones. His hair is so dark it almost appears bluish and you’re sure he killed foes with that jawline and cheekbones before.

“We should fight and have angry sex,” you suggest honestly. “But, well. You know, Hoodie. I realized Batman is achieving squat. You can not wipe crime from the streets of Gotham, all you can do is control it.
I’ve lost people, that was the trigger if you want so.
I cannot stop prostitution, but I can try to keep them save and treat them right. I can’t stop gun trafficking, but I can control more or less who gets them.”

“Wise words.” His voice is clearer now. It’s making your skin shiver.

“That’s exactly what you’re doing, too. You wear a bat on your chest it’s pretty obvious in your case.”

“I’m not like Batman.” You notice you hit a nerve. Maybe being Robin was not the best thing that could happen after all. Well, he died as Robin. It surely wasn’t for him.

“You’re stronger.” You say and you mean it. Is it hard to not kill? You think it’s harder to kill and live with it.

Hoodie scoffs.

“Oh, and just ask for a date and don’t stalk me.” You wink before looking through the night stand that once belonged to Judy.

“I don’t do dates.”

“Well, angry sex then?”

wolfstar headcanon

I have this headcanon, that Sirius was super into Queen. 

On day he was is in his dorm signing Bohemian Rhapsody (‘so you think you can stone me and spit in my eye?’) he’s jumping around the room, playing air guitar and drumming the air with his wand and another random object he found. 

Remus has been standing in the dorm room door for quite a while now but Sirius hasn’t seen him, to entertained with his own self to notice.He watches him with a huge dorky smile on his face, trying to hold back a laugh and suppressing the urges to go and hug Sirius for being so adorable.

After a moment Sirius turns around (so you think you can love me and leave me to die?) and sees Remus who is slightly red in the face for being caught staring. Not as red as Sirius though, who was now stuttering.

“Re-Remus, uh, what’re, what are you doing here?” he said trying to act cool and collected, but failing miserably. Sirius stopped the music with his wand, he was embarrassed but this still was his favorite part. 

“This is my room too you know, in case you don’t remember” said Remus stepping inside the room and closer to Sirius with a smirk on his face. Sirius’ red face had gone to pale white in an instant, 'why does he have to look so hot when I’m all flustered’ he asked himself.

“I think, I can dance better than you.” taunted Remus, now inches away from Sirius. 

“In your dreams, Moony” responded Sirius gaining back confidence. “We’ll see about that” said Remus, turning the music back on. He didn’t really think he was better at dancing than Sirius, he actually thought he was horrible at it, but getting on Sirius’ competitive side meant he got to see him dancing some more.

They both start dancing and signing together, Remus playing air drums and Sirius air guitar. (Oh, baby, can’t do this to me, baby)

Sirius got on his bed and started jumping on it, waving his black locks crazily in the air. Remus, had fallen on the floor from laughing so much. (Just got to get out, just gotta get right out of here

“Get up, Remus! It’s my solo!” yelled Sirius to Remus grabbing him by the hands, helping Remus back on his feet. “Go!” (*awesome guitar plays in background*)

Lost and Lonely || Vamp! Wonwoo

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 // Pt. 8 //

Word Count: 1090

Wonwoo sat up, his ears standing up at the rustling sound near him. He looked around and then under. There was no one to be seen. He squinted his eyes and quietly got off of the tree. He stood several feet behind his stalker and stared. After a moment, he shifted so that he was directly behind her and he reached out a hand, wrapping it around her neck.

“What are you doing?”

You jumped, inhaling quickly. “Brother-in-law, it’s me.”

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Birthday Solangelo

Nico stared at the sweater in Will’s hands. Some how Will found out that it was Nico’s birthday and he wanted to give him a present.

“Sorry this last minute. I didn’t know it was your birthday until today.” Will said to Nico was a sheepish smile. The sweater was way too big for him, it was bright orange and had Camp Half Blood written on it. Nico had a suspicion it was one of Will’s old sweaters but Nico couldn’t seem to say no to him.

So Nico forced a smile and said “That’s alright Will. Thanks for the present anyways.” Nico wanted to know how Will found out about his birthday. He never told anybody at camp and if he is to be completely honest, he hasn’t really celebrated a birthday since Bianca died. I guess Chiron may know about it……but that’s about it for people who would know, Nico thought.

Will smiled at Nico and told him “I found out from Chiron. I asked if anybody had a birthday today and he told me that you’re birthday was today. I didn’t have time to really get you much of anything but here’s a present anyways.” Nico tried to force a smile at Will. He didn’t really want the sweater. He’s not much for sweater, much less camp half blood sweaters and even less so a used camp half blood sweater. Will hands him the sweater and gives him this puppy dog look like Please put it on. Nico sighed and put the sweater on. The sweater was way too big for him and it was too bright and it just wasn’t him. Will looked happy though and that’s all that mattered to Nico.

“You like it?” Will asked with puppy dog face.

“Yeah I like it Will. It’s a bit big though.” Nico told Will with a small smile. He’s pretty sure they both know that this is Will’s old sweater so of course it’s going to be big. Will’s like 6 feet tall and Nico’s like 5’3. Will kissed Nico’s hair and smiled.

“I gotta go take care of some things at the infirmary real fast but afterwards we’re going on a date and I expect you to wear that sweater okay?” Will told him with a smile on his face. Nico nodded and smiled at him as Will kissed him gently on the lips and then walked away. Nico started walking back to his cabin in the way too big CHB sweater. As he was walking back to the cabin, he noticed the sweater smelled like Will. Will smelled like sunshine and Nico has come to like the smell so Nico decided the sweater wasn’t horrible anymore because it reminded Nico of Will because it smells like him. Nico walked back into his cabin, sat on his bed and pulled the sweater up around his nose and just breathed in the smell of Will. Nico smiled at the smell of Will and waited for Will to come to set up the date. The more Nico breathed in the smell of Will, the more he decided he loved the sweater. He doesn’t care if it’s huge on him or if it’s bright orange and says CHB on it, it reminds him of Will and that makes Nico very happy.

After a while Nico decided to start walking to Will’s cabin but Nico decided to stop by the bathrooms before getting there. When Nico walked in he heard a familiar voice singing in a running shower. Nico smiled as he recognized Will’s beautiful singing voice. Nico saw Will’s shirt sitting outside the shower waiting for Will to put it on. Nico immediately went and grabbed the shirt and smelled his shirt. It smelled just like Will. Nico smiled and kept the shirt up at his nose. Nico was about to take off his sweater so he could put on the shirt when Will walked out and smiled at Nico.

“What are you doing with my shirt?” Will asked with a smirk on his face. Nico looked up from smelling Will’s shirt to see his shirtless boyfriend leaning against the entrance of the shower. The only thing covering his lower half is a towel tied around his waist. Nico’s face turned bright red. Gods damn it. Why does my boyfriend have to look so freaking hot right now, Nico thought with his cheeks bright red. Will, still a bit wet from the shower, walked over to Nico and wrapped his arms around his waist and Will smiled as he rested his head on top of Nico’s head. Nico’s face was bright red from embarrassment of being caught.

“So I’ll ask again, what are you doing with my shirt Neeks?” Will asked while kissing Nico’s hair. Nico’s still holding onto Will’s shirt and pulls it up to his nose and smells it. Nico smiles even though his face is bright red. Nico loved the smell Will had and Nico just wants to put his shirt on and keep smelling his scent in.

Will laughed as Nico smelled his shirt. Will thought it was adorable that Nico was smelling his shirt. “Why are you smelling my shirt? You like the way it smells or something?” Will asked with huge smile on his face.

Nico had a huge blush on his face and said “Yes. It smells like you. I love the way you smell.” Will smiled as he kissed the top of Nico’s mess of black curls that he calls his hair.

“Well I would let you keep the shirt but I actually need it so I can get back to my cabin so I can change for our birthday date. So can I have my shirt back?” Will asked with a smile  on his face. Why is he is so cute?! Nico thought. Even though Nico’s face is bright red, he squirms out of Will’s grasp and runs away with Will’s shirt out of the bathroom. Will laughed lightly, held onto his towel on his lower half and chased after Nico.

Nico ran back to his cabin and pulled off his sweater, took off his shirt and put will’s shirt on instead and then put his sweater back on. Nico sat contently on his bed and took in the smell of his boyfriend. Will walked into Cabin 13 and walked up to Nico on the bed.

“Neeks…..Why’d you steal my shirt?” Will asked with a small smile on his face. Nico sat on his bed and smiled and just breathed in the smell of his boyfriend.

“I like the way you smell. Can’t I keep it Will? Please?” Nico asked with a small smile.

“Neeks, I need it to get back to my cabin so I can change for our date. I need my shirt back” Will said with only a slight annoyance in his voice.

Nico got up like he was going to give Will his shirt back but Nico just went into one of his drawers, pulled out a old shirt and threw it at Will. “Here you go Will. Now you have a shirt.” Nico said with a small smirk on his face.

Will just laughed and put on the shirt. It was a bit small for him but he figured he wouldn’t be wearing it long anyways. “Thank you Neeks. Although I would’ve preferred my shirt, I guess this works as well” Will said with a smile. He walked over and kisses Nico’s cheek. “Well I’m going to go get dressed for our date. I suggest you do the same because when I get back, I expect you to be ready for our date” Will told him while giving him several kisses. Nico smiled as he kisses Will and watched him walk out.

While waiting for Will to show up, Nico mostly sat and enjoyed the smell Will’s sweater and shirt. The only thing Nico really did for the date was brush his hair so it didn’t look so messy, although it still looks messy. Nico smiled and thought about how lucky he is to have Will. Nico heard a knock at his door and saw his surfer boy walk in. Nico blushed when he realized that he was still wearing the shirt he threw at Will. Will walked up to him and kissed the top of Nico’s messy hair.

“Did you even get up or did you just sit there and smell my shirt while I was gone?”  Will asked with a small smile. Nico nodded and blushed at Will. Will just laughs and kisses his cheek.

“If it helps I like the smell of your shirt so I kept it on. It smells like pomegranates and I love it. Now let’s go. We’re gonna have a picnic at the beach.” Will told him with a smile. Nico smiled and kissed him back.

“Well you smell like sunshine surfer boy. I’ve learned to love the smell because I love you.” Nico told him with a huge blush on his cheeks. Will smiles and kisses Nico repeatedly. Nico pulls Will onto the bed with him and keeps kissing him.  

About an hour later the two boys were laying side by side on Nico’s bed. Nico smiled and kissed Will.

“I love you too ghost king. Now come on. We need to go on our date.I planned it special because it’s your birthday.” Will told Nico with another kiss. Nico smiled and kissed Will again. Nico got up pulled up by Will and he wrapped his arms around him. Will smiled as he grabbed the picnic basket full of food and wrapped his free arm around Nico. He kissed his cheek and as they walked towards the beach.

“Also happy birthday my little ray of darkness.” Will told him with a small smile.

“Thanks sunshine.” Nico told him with a smile and then stood up on his tippy toes and kissed Will. He hadn’t celebrated his birthday since Bianca’s death but maybe he’ll start celebrating it again with Will. He smiled as they walked together to the beach to have their picnic. Nico couldn’t be happier.

he's a pain but worth it

Pairing: Rin/Haru

For: pushpulldynamics


If you asked Haru to describe Rin Matsuoka, he’d probably frown.

His eyes would grow hazy and his brows would knit subtle patterns of uncertainty and thought. This look would only last for a moment, fleetingly quick, and he would turn to you with an expression that held more than it wanted to, and say:

“He’s just a pushy, crybaby with a smart mouth.” 


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“Good Day Everyone it is me Joey and today I am doing a very special challenge today!” Joey said, a giant grin plastered on his face. “As you can see by the title, I am going to be doing the chapstick challenge, and since this is a special challenge I am join by a very speical guest.” Joey clapped his hands together and his smile grew, “You can come on camera now.”

A tallish pale boy appeared on the screen, “Hi!” He smiled brightly, “I’m Daniel and yes, I am the same person as the prince he kissed in ‘Don’t Wait’.” Daniel said smiling.

“And he is my friend who is a boy, who I kiss a lot, go on dates. So bas-”

“He also has sex with me, I’m his boyfriend, the reason he got Wolf and we’ve been dating since November!” Daniel cut Joey off, “Sorry.” Daniel laughed at Joey.

Joey giggled in return before fixing his hair, “So we have ten different kinds of chapsticks. Four good-”

“Like Marshmallow Peeps, Brownies, Girl Scout Cookies, and Cinnabon!” Daniel said overexcited.

“Right, and four bad-”

“Which would be bacon, dill pickle, pizza, and wasabi. Which are all gross and why do these things exist?” Daniel asked. “I really don’t like pickles or wasabi.”

Joey smiled at Daniel, “And two mystery flavors.”

“Which I’m scared of. He didn’t even tell me what the flavors are. I could be getting poison, for all I know!” Daniel defended himself as Joey laughed out loud. “This could be the end for me, as we know it. Which is a tragedy itself.”

Joey sighed dramatically and got out a blindfold, “Okay so I will be blindfolded first, since I will not be able to get through some of them without yelling them out.” Joey said as Daniel tied the blindfold around his head.

Daniel then grabbed the bowl which held the chapsticks, his hand went around for it for a couple of seconds before grabbing the tube. “Oh it’s a blank one. This will be fun.” Daniel said as he started to apply the chapstick.

“The flavors are choose were like um, this really weird one called um Unicorn Farts and Ketchup” Daniel broke out into hysterical laughter hearing Joey.

“Why would you buy those flavors?!”

“Because they were buy one get one free!” Joey defended himself.

Daniel finished applying the chapstick, “If I’m going to the ER your coming with me.” Daniel said as he gave a quick peck on Joey’s lips.

Joey licked his lips for a couple seconds, “I can’t tell. You need to kiss me again.” Daniel planted two more pecks on Joey’s lips, this time each kiss lasting for about a couple of seconds. “It’s really sweet, and it’s like really good. And super sugary. I think this is Unicorn Farts!” Joey yelled giggling.

Daniel continued to apply the chapstick to his lips, “I like this one. It’s really good, I think I want to eat it.” Joey eyed his boyfriend’s crazy sentence. “I won’t but it’s really sugary and yummy and it has like five calories so it’s healthy. Okay next one!” Daniel rummaged around again.

“I just don’t want to get the Wasabi one. Because the guy who sold it to me said ‘Do not like smothered it around your lips. Or you will get like a burn on them.” Joey said as Daniel dropped the stick.



Daniel picked up the stick, “My fucking luck. Guess who got the wasabi?” Daniel looked upset, “I’m going to smothered this on my lips so he can suffer because this was all his idea!” Daniel yelled as he began to smother the chapstick on. A few seconds later he began to lick his lips and looked confused.

“What’s wrong?” Joey asked.

Daniel licked his lips again, “It tastes like bitter but sweet” Daniel replied, “Did the guy sell you a different flavored one instead of Wasabi? Because if so, tell him thank you.” Daniel gave Joey a kiss.

Joey licked his lips, “I forgot to pay attention to the flavor.” Daniel gave Joey a annoyed look.

“He’s lying. He wants me to kiss him, again. But since I’m so caring, I shall.” Daniel locked lips with Joey again. This time it lasted for more than the good few seconds, almost getting into a minute territory.

“Green Apple!” Joey yelled clearly out of breathe breaking the kiss. “The flavor is, I don’t know why it says wasabi on it.”

Daniel just smiled affectionately at Joey, “Even though I don’t like Green Apple, I now know what to do if I want mini-Joey around.” Daniel smirked before giving Joey a kiss on the cheek. .

Joey’s face went instantly red, “Daniel!” He yelled, “My parents watch these!”

“So?” Daniel asked as if what he had just said was completely innocent.

“I don’t think they will like to know what my boyfriend does for our sex life!” Joey replied.

Daniel just shrugged before looking around for another chapstick. “I really just want the best ones.” Daniel picked up a chapstick container and frowned. “Why!” He yelled.

He opened the chapstick and instantly gagged, “Oh my god. It’s smells disgusting. This isn’t going to be a surprise.” Daniel began applying it to his lips before gagging again, “I don’t like it.” Daniel said as if he was a boy tasting peas.

“I can smell it, I don’t want to kiss you.” Joey said going away from Daniel. Who only laughed and forced himself upon Joey’s face. Joey pushed the laughing Daniel off and gagged. “DILL PICKLE! FUCK!” Joey yelled.

“I’m going for the green apple.” Daniel started to heavy apply the chapstick to his lips.

“You said you didn’t like it.” Joey replied sorta off in a joking matter as he wiped his lips off with the bandana no long covering his eyes.

“I’m trying not to throw up my lunch, and I can’t find the fucking Unicorn Farts one.” Daniel said, before laughing out loud. “I never thought I was going to say fucking and unicorn farts in the same sentence.” Daniel laughed again.

Joey just smiled sweetly at Daniel and placed the bandana over Daniel’s eyes. “Okay so since most of the good ones are still left this will be fun!” Joey looked directly into the camera.  He shuffled the bowl until picking a yellowish container.

“Oh my goodness gracious! I got super lucky!” Joey smiled as Daniel groaned in defeat.

“This game is fixed.” Daniel said as Joey started applying the chapstick, “Please let it be good and your-” Daniel was cut off by Joey’s lips. Instead of realising Joey when a few seconds past, he instead kissed back hard.

Joey broke the kiss long enough for him to piece together something, “Daniel we-” Daniel refused to let Joey get a few words in, “need to finish.” Daniel just started kissing Joey’s neck and unbuttoning Joey’s jeans.

“Wait one moment.” Joey said pushing Daniel onto a bed, and turning off the camera. One thing was sure, he was not going to have a sex tape happen. “Where were we?” Joey asked as Daniel pulled Joey onto the bed.


“So what are you going to tell your fans when they asked for the video?” Daniel asked his half naked self playing with Joey’s hair. Joey curled up against Daniel, a smirk plastured on his face.

“I’m going to tell them that I have an emergency that included Peeps and Green Apples.”  Joey replied causing Daniel to smile and kiss Joey.

“So that means you up for round two?” He suggested.

“You horn-dog. But yeah sure!” Daniel laughed as Joey began to kiss his neck.

 Let’s just say that Green Apples and Marshmallow Chapsticks go really really well together.