why does my cat


In which Bakugou is me

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Why does my cat take up 95% of the queen sized bed? She's not even a big cat, she's quite tiny despite being a year old, why does she push me to the edge of the bed?

bed is for cat. maybe human should sleep on floor tbh

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Sometime my boy will be doing a something and I come over to see (and taste) but then he say no it is not for kitties? Um? Excuse me humon, but why do you bring a something into my house if it is not for cat. Why does my boy not understand that ALL SOMETHINGS are for cat?

every 👏 thinge 👏 is 👏 for 👏 cat 👏

Why does my cat insist on sleeping in my face to the point of my suffocation? I love him so much and he is snuggly but sometimes I wake up unable to breathe 😅

miraculous headcannon:

One day in class, the subject of Ladybug and Chat noir comes up. And the whole class is talking about whether or not they are a couple. Marinette is just listening with half an ear until one of the Classmates (Probs Nino) asks Adrien his thoughts. Now she is interested

“Ladybug is very amazing, and chat noir is pretty cool. I am not sure if they are a thing but they seem to balance each other out perfectly. It would be kind of nice to know that the city is protected by a couple that loves the city as much as they do each other. But that is just my thoughts on it.” Adrien says as calmly as he could.

Everyone can’t help but think that would be great, except for Marinette. Marinette wanting to say something, but is just like. “Why did he have to say that? Why does my crush ship me with that cat?” 

She eventually speaks up.

“W-While I see y-your point. Wouldn’t the duo be too distracted by one another to effectively protect the city. Not to mention, if they did get into a fight it could ruin the dynamic.”

This sparks the debate again, and Adrien can’t help but look at Marinette as she sits back down.

Adrien then thinks.

“Wow, she was very against Chat noir and Ladybug. Could it be?”

After class, he meets up to talk to Marinette by her locker.

“You seemed really against Ladybug and Chat noir being together, I know it is your opinion, but Is there any reason that you are against the idea of them together?”

Marinette starts totally freaking out, like she thinks he is on to her. So she tries to come up with some poor excuse but then Adrien notices she is totally lying.

“I think I know why, it is because you’re”

“A-Adrien… I-i just don’t want anyone to know. I honestly didn’t think anyone would figure it out. I don’t want anyone to find out just please…” She pleads as her face is red with embarrassment.

Adrien then clasps his hands on hers.

“It is okay Marinette. I swear I won’t tell anyone you have a crush on Chat noir.”

He leaves with a polite wave and smile.

Marinette felt her brain short circuit. Her crush thinks she has a crush on chat noir. 

As Adrien gets into his car he sighs deeply.

“If Chat noir wasn’t in love with Ladybug, Chat noir would have fallen for her.” he thinks to himself.

things that i hate: when people misinterpret you being minimally friendly as flirting/reciprocating their flirting

Ortensia is one of the best and worst people to cuddle with. She’s warm and perfect size to spoon with, hell she even purrs. The only problem is at peak cuddle time she’ll just  leave. She just gets up and leave. Truthfully even she doesn’t know why she does this, but she does. It’s awful.