why does min love you so much

Monday Morning Rewatch Thoughts 612

THIS EP GUYS THIS EP (minus the last 5 min) WAS THE GREATEST

  • I love the toast at the beginning omg little moments like these i need more. Also Killian needs to be able to take off his damn jacket lol (but seriously…) ( I feel like this shouldn’t bother me as much as it does) 
  • Killian in Therapy, like bless, he needs it I was so happy they actually did this! AND THE RING AND EVERYTHING
  • OMG LITTLE DAVID LIKE I CAN’T “When you get back, are you really going to be better?” JUST RIP OUT MY HEART WHY DON’T YOU
  • Oh no Killian waiting at the loft’s door and all nervous AH
  • Killian’s list of why Emma’s better for this and then David saying Killian being a pirate is what he needs and Killian’s dejected face and the music and ;____;
  • “Come on, Buddy, it’s just me here.” first of all, David you dork. Second, Killian, smack him. Give him a left hook. Make him see what an ass he is being!
  • God I love imp Rumple he is always so fun and just Bobby kills it. 
  • though I do hope Killian actually did talk to Archie about that shit and he wasn’t just saying it but you know it was all true regardless and I cry 
  • EVERYTHING ABOUT THE POTIONS SCENE THOUGH omg I am so in love with that scene you don’t even know and Killian trying to crack a joke awkwardly what a DORK I LOVE YOU
  • Pleasure Island is fucking creepy
  • My God, that scene with David breaking down is just so amazing and holy Shit why has Josh Dallas not gotten more bc wow. And Killian just pulling him back, I am emotional.
  • “There’s one way not to lose your family is to let it grow.” HELP and then when David was silent and Killian’s fecking dejected head shake MY HEART!!
  • UGH and now the bad part. 
  • Okay, I do feel a little better rewatching it. Killian killed the Kings men we all know he has no qualms really there because of Liam and then he killed David’s  father so he wouldn’t speak about it. Okay. I would just like a wee bit more motivation there because of every other bad thing he’s done that we’ve been shown has had more so it really feels odd. And that’s not me glossing over his past or making it look better than it was, but the reality while it was bad bc murder is bad, his past isn’t as bad as Rumple and Regina’s and it feels like they harp on it as if it was. And if they had planned this from the beginning rather than throwing it in there for ANOTHER hurdle Killian has to over come bc apparently his torture and everything he went through in season 5 wasn’t enough, I wouldn’t mind because then you know it was planned and it would probably make a bit more sense than this. But, after having calmed down some  and rewatching it with fresh eyes and not immediately being like “AADFKLD NO we had to go there didn’t we…” when he first popped on screen for that scene, I am a bit better now and I am excited? def mixed with nervous. Even if there will always be quite a bit of salt underneath it all……. (headcanons to make it better. why did it have to be this way?) (Ohhh another headcanon Idea: Killian says load it up boys Pan will be pleased, idk something like that, and mention how he said leave no one or some shit idk it would just feel better with what we’ve seen of his character.)