why does min love you so much

“You pulled me in the corner of the hallway, far from everyone. You wrapped your arms around my waist and held me tightly. My knees weakened. Then you laid your lips upon mine and I felt as if it was heaven. I grabbed the back of your jacket, fearing you’d disappear like you do when I wake up. Because this feels like a dream, Yoongi. It does. And if it is, I hope I never wake up. You want to know why? Because without you I am nothing. I love you. So fucking much." 


what i think yoonseok is sometimes

Yoongi to Hoseok: I love you so much, my beautiful soul partner, my angel, nothing can make me not love you!

*After the extra dance practice that Hoseok did with Yoongi.*

Yoongi to Hoseok: i hATE YOU!!! whY??? WHat dID I dID FOR yoU TO makE This WHit mE jUng HoSEoK.


Hoseok: *does aegyo.*

Yoongi: okay how can i hate you now, you prick?

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2&12 with Yoongi?

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“As if I Deserve You”

Genre: Slight-Fluff, mainly Angst (oop)

2: “You love me as if I deserve you.”

12: “You’re a genius with facts, but you’re really stupid with people.”

- Admin Dayna

“I’m tired,” He whispered. “but I can’t stop thinking about you long enough to fall asleep.”

“What are you saying?”

“I don’t know…” His voice trailed off into silence. The quiet that fell between the two of you was eerie. Odd. You’ve never felt awkward in silence. But there was a tone in his voice that didn’t settle well with your now anxious heart. Yet Yoongi hadn’t spoken up since he fell into silence to relieve you.

“Yoon – “

“Sometimes –“ He started up once more, clearing his throat before finishing the thought, “sometimes when you’re around, I can’t look you in the eyes.”


“You’re just… what am I doing here?”

“What kind of existential crisis are you going through, Yoongi?”

“What the hell am I doing here, [y/n]? I don’t belong here.” His voice waivered. Was he about to cry? Your grip on your cellphone tightened. He was thousands of miles away. He can’t cry on the phone with you while he’s thousands of miles away. How are you to make him feel better when you can’t hold him? 

“Why do you sound like that?”

“Like what?”

“Like you’re thinking about suicide or something…”

“What?” Yoongi responded confused. As if you were the crazy one. Rejecting the thought all together. You heaved a relieved sigh. “I was just thinking, [y/n], how lucky I am.” Lucky? Why would luck cause someone to sound so defeated? You sat up in your bed, holding the cell close to your ear. You held your breath afraid to make a sound and miss a word. “You love me as if I deserve you.”

“Excuse me?”

“Why are you with me?” He questioned with the same wavering voice from before. “You’re so fucking special… I wish I was special.”

“Min Yoongi.”

“I’m a weirdo –“

“A weirdo?” You repeated, nervously laughing.

“Here me out, shit!” He snapped. You could feel his smoldering scold through the phone. You muttered an apology and kept quiet. Yoongi hadn’t said anything for a while. You could hear his irregular breathing through the phone. He was fighting back tears, wasn’t he? This conversation was going nowhere. He was dwelling on something. A thought that was affecting him so deeply, he couldn’t even utter the words to you. What a useless feeling for the both of you. He was depressed and you had no idea what for. All either of you did now was sit on the phone in a melancholy silence. “[y/n].”


“You notice when I’m not around?”

“… huh?”

“When I’m not around, do you think of me?”

“That’s a stupid question, Yoongi.”

“What if it’s not stupid to me?” 

You licked your lips, closed your eyes and sighed. Frustration was building up between the both of you. “Of course I notice when you’re not around. I’m always thinking about you.”

“Probably not as much as I think about you.”

“You’re annoying me.”

“Sorry.” He mumbled and yawned. 

“What time is it where you are?”

“Umm…” You could hear shuffling in the background for a second before he finally gave you an answer. “2:25 AM.”

“Why are you up?!” You reprimanded him knowing damn well he needed to be up bright and early that day for work. He has been slacking on his sleeping habits for far too long. The boys had been complaining about it to you before, but now it was all too real.

“I told you why I was up!”

“You’re blaming me for your shit sleeping habits?”

“You’re not my mother, jagi.” He snapped, “you shouldn’t even be my girlfriend…”

“Why are you saying shit like that? What has gotten into you?”

“I don’t deserve you! I don’t deserve any of this… I don’t deserve the fans and the recognition –“

“Is that why you said you’re not special?”

“I’m not.”

“Oh shut up.” The longer the conversation went the more agitated the both of you felt. This back and forth was incredibly useless. Nothing was getting solved at this rate. “everyone loves you. I love you.”

“Why? I’m not special. I’m –“

“You’re a genius with facts, but you’re really stupid with people.” You say. 


“I love you, Min Yoongi. So does Army. So do Jin and Jimin and Tae and Kookie and Hobi and Namjoon – people love you. There’s nothing to really explain. We just love you. We care about you, we think about you every day and every night –“

“I –“

“I especially think about you every day and every night.” You cut him off, “do you know how much it hurts to hear you say you’re not special? You’re stupid sometimes, Yoongi, I swear! I could just – ugh!”

“Are you mad at me?”

“No. I’m not mad at you.” You bit your bottom lip, finding yourself choking up on the words you want and already said. God this was exhausting. “Listen. You need to sleep. I’m going to hang up, and you’re going to bed. Alright?”



“Yes, Jagi?”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“I’m serious.” You said sternly.

“Alright… I get it. You love me.”

“Goodnight, Yoongi.”

“Night, jagi.”

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Hi! How long does it take you to make a drawing like the ones you're answering the asks with? (Also could you draw yoonseok? It doesn't have to be shippy! I just don't think I've ever seen you draw them and I'd love to know how they look in your style!) Love your art!!

depends!! i still have a lot of trouble drawing phil so anything with him is harder but dan, tae and jk are fast af ((max 20 mins, min 7???))

omg i love yoonseok i still have trouble drawing them tho, so that’s why i don’t post them much!!

here’s a quick lil one for ya tho, thank you for the lovely message!

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Why do you love Min Yoongi so much when Jungkook is much better looking

Min Yoongi is very handsome but there’s so much more to him than that. Jungkook is very handsome as well. Jungkook has that traditional attractiveness that the general public will agree one. Yoongi doesn’t have that and it’s perfectly okay. Min Yoongi (and Jungkook too) is so much more than just a pretty face and he does have one. He is so passionate about his music and following his dreams. He’s true to himself and doesn’t let others change him. He is one of the most hardworking people I know. He spends hours upon hours, up at all kinds of crazy hours in the morning working on music for Bangtan, for himself. He doesn’t just focus on doing his own thing but spends time working on dance, helping the other members where they’re lacking. Whether that’s telling them, hey this needs some work and being completely blunt and honest with them to improve them or it’s helping them because they come to him for advice. He’s speaks his mind and praises his members for their hard work. He’s constantly saying over and over how hard Jimin works and how proud he is of Jimin for practicing as hard as he does. He praises Jungkook’s work on the Outro of their latest album. Which Jungkook came to him for help but you don’t see Yoongi taking the credit. He’s greedy in the sense that he wants to produce music and good music but he isn’t greedy for himself. He such a talented rapper, producer, lyric writer. He has really great fashion sense, have you seen his airport fashion?! Yoongi takes care of the members even if he isn’t so blunt about all he does. He’s a quiet a man and he’s humble in the ways it counts. He’s adorable when he’s promoting his own work because he’s genuinely proud of it. Yoongi isn’t stuck up thinking he’s better than everyone he knows he has flaws and has admitted them, he’s constantly wanting to better himself. This man is so sweet, caring, loving and sincere to his groupmates, friends, family and fans. For his last two birthdays he has prepared some sort of gift for the fans whether it be candy or drinks or both. He drew his own label to stick onto the drinks, he picked out himself what he thought was a good choice, he paid for those gifts to the 300 something fans (in the first one) on his own. He took the time to HANDWRITE every single message on a sticky note from him to the fans. He felt bad that more fans came than they had been anticipating and he took more time to write more messages for them. His group members helped him with the packaging for the second B-Day support he did and he bought them all pizza for helping him do that while he was handwriting all the messages, yet again for another year. Min Yoongi is a rapper and yes rappers are cocky but he’s cocky about his rapping, his music that he puts his sweat, tears, blood and undying devotion into not just for himself but because he wants to make good quality music for us, for fans, for people who aren’t fans but happen to hear his work and nod along. He’s so much more than a pretty face and I love him for that. I love him for who he is and who he isn’t, who he will become and who he’ll never be able to be. Min Yoongi is not perfect, we all make mistakes but he’s perfect to me.

If you get the chance see him in person, he’s so very handsome and I mean physically attractive even if it’s not in the traditional sense. You’re missing out on something if you don’t.

Jungkookie is precious to me as well for many reasons I will not get into today but he doesn’t move my heart the way Yoongi does and that’s okay. Not everyone can do that, everyone is different.

Suga, Min Suga and Min Yoongi I love them all and always will as they are all facets of one beautiful person.

I’m sorry that’s long but I hope that answered your question and perhaps someday (if not now) you’ll see the true beauty in someone not just their ‘immediate physical attraction).

BTS Reaction #69

BTS’ reaction when they take a liking to you at a fan meeting but sees another member’s name on your shirt.



*scoots squeaky chair down the line*


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“Oh yeah, of course I’ll sign your album, especially since you’re one of my biggest fans~ What’s your name?” *glances at your shirt* *frowns* “Hold up… why do you have Jungkook’s name on your shirt iF I WAS YOUR FAVORITE?!?” 

His note to you on your album: Thanks for coming to our fan meeting! Hope you had fun talking to your FAVORITE, JEON JUNGKOOK and not THE GREAT MIN YOONGI D:< 

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*head pops up in front of Namjoon*

“WHAT??? I THOUGHT YOU SAID I WAS YOUR FAVORITE?? I’M OFFENDED” *gapes at you in betrayal*

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Hoseok: “So I see name on your shirt~ Does that mean I’m your favorite?~”

*Namjoon staring him down and giving him the death glare* “Hoseok… you better sleep with one eye open tonight…”

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“Taehyung~ I love you–”


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“Jimin… I’m so confused. This fan said that I was her favorite, but her shirt had your name on it…? What does that eveN MEAN?”

*pats his head* “It’s okay, Taehyung, it’s only natural that she would like me more~ She was probably just being courteous!!!”

*get ready for a twitter showdown*

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“Um… excuse me” *hesitates* “but… is oppa your favorite member in the group??”

“Yeah of course~”

*genuinely confused puppy eyes* “Then why is Taehyung’s name on your shirt?”

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KIM TAEHYUNG — worldwide cutie // feat. DUMB & DUMBER

ahh when taehyung thought he could get away from the zombie by pretending he was frozen HAHAHA and his reaction was too cute dhksns — until you hear his voice then you’re like #sexay 😩😍💦

gdjdbejdhbe kmN he’s such a squish 😙

and now….. there’s dumb and dumber!! my fav roommate buddies: kim seokjin and min yoongi, two squishes who does stupid things and idk why I love it so much and why I stan them :0

smh when they dressed up as zombies to scare other people and to be stoopid HAHAHAHA and while they were dressing up they left their free passes there *facepalm* HAHAHAHA — I lowkey think that this was yoongi’s idea HAHHAHAHAHA,, I love them so much ahh💖😋 squish. squish.

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i have a question... why does ur underswap papyrus not hold a cigarrette in his mouth? and also ur art is the kawaii-est, cyotest thing i have ever seen. ur art made me love underswap i dont even know.

*SQUEE* Thank you so much! Excellent question! I have been asked this a few times actually, haha. I’m just not ready to draw something like that. Also, personally I see him eating a lollipop than smoking!

Ways To Say Goodbye and Not Feel Bad (Rap Monster)

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Type: Angst/kinda fluff

Request: Can you please make a Namjoon angst? The plot is: The reader is a wedding planner/coordinator. Namjoon and the reader are ex-married. Namjoon’s current fiance booked to the reader’s wedding plan.

It was something you over looked it was a very common name, one of your assistants was a Kim for gosh sake so the Lee-Kim wedding could have been anything. “Alright so the brides name is Lee Sunhi and she seems like she needed to have you plan her wedding” Taehyung says teasing the way she spoke to him and moved. You let out a laugh “I’m very good at my job my friend” you tell him as he smiles largely “hopefully this doesn’t take long. My son needs to be picked up from school because my ex canceled today” you explained cleaning up your many pictures and papers. 

You smiled as your door opened revealing a young lady “Miss. Lee come come” Taehyung says escorting her in. “Sorry it’s only me right now my fiance had something to do before he come here” she said as you gave her a nod. “Well first off I would like to thank you for choosing my services on this special day” you told her. “Well I would like to wait for my fiance to get here before I really plan anything” she told you as you nodded “well my other assistant can bring in some books of what is popular right now if you would like” you told her as she smiles and you hit the intercom button on your phone “yes Mrs” a voice rang through “Jimin will you bring some of the catalogs in” you told him as you already hear him rushing to get up. 

Nearly 30 minutes had passed as you looked down at your phone to check the time. When you glanced back up you saw Sunhi glancing down at her phone as she smiles “he’s on the way up now” she said. You checked our phone to see you had a text but before you could answer it your door opened again “I’m so sorry I’m late my ex didn’t pick up Nero-” he stopped when he caught glance of you there. 

You spend many years getting to know the man who was now getting to plan a wedding for. Your ex-husband Kim Namjoon. You two were happily married until he met someone and your marriage went downhill. Nero, your son had to experience a divorce and Namjoon had to explain why mommy and daddy were not living in the same place before and after his birth.  

“Well this is awkward” neither you or Namjoon said it, it was Jimin who knew just about everything about your failed relationship. “Daddy” a voice filled the room “I um brought Nero” he said awkwardly. “I will keep Nero entertained for you” Taehyung says rushing passed Namjoon. 

Jimin pulled a chair up as you and Namjoon acted as if nothing was wrong and didn’t know each other. “Alright so I recommend locations” Jimin says. “So I was thinking a beach-” “no” Namjoon says thinking back to his first wedding. Sunhi looked at him confused “is that where your past marriage occurred?” she asked. So he knew about his past marriage. “Yes dear” he said grabbing her hand and bringing it to his lips. “Can you guys clear the elephant out of the room please” Jimin spoke covering his mouth afterwards.

Sunhi looked confused as Namjoon sighed “Lee Sunhi I would like you to meet my ex-wife Y/N” he spoke not looking at her. “You’re his-what he um never mentioned that you worked in the wedding industry” she spoke feeling embarrassed for choosing you. “you have nothing to worry about” you told them making the both look up at you. You gave a sad smile “at first I felt completely destroyed by what Namjoon had done about 5 years ago. But my son would tell me about the lady who his daddy loved dearly for many years. So I know the feeling he had were real. And I decided to be an adult and move past. And that’s why I am Min Y/N now” you told proudly. Namjoon looked down again “are you comfortable enough to plan our wedding?” Sunhi asked. 

You smiled “if you would let me” you told them. “Does this Min man treat Nero well?” Namjoon asked not really knowing much about your second wedding. “Yoongi treat Nero like he treat our daughter Isla. He loves Nero and I hope Sunhi you do too love Nero like your son” you spoke “yes I love Nero like my own” she tells as you smile. “Then I’ll gladly plan your wedding” you told them. Namjoon looked up at you seeing your smile. His guilt was strong, Sunhi had been the girl he threw his marriage away for. But then a moment of awh hit him it took 5 years for him to work up the courage to propose to the Sunhi. While it took you 5 years to meet a man, fall in love, get married, and have a child together. 

Maybe you two never really experienced true love with the other but if your marriage didn’t crumble. You wouldn’t have had tried to salvage it with a child and you wouldn’t have such an amazing son. Or now the proper spouse you truly loved.  

Reacting to you doing aegyo for them [BTS]

I haven’t done a lot of BTS reactions so here’s another one to add to the list!

Jin: “You… are just so adorable. I can’t handle this feeling.” *tackles you with many kisses*

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Suga: “I really don’t know what to say. Oh Jesus, you’re too cute. Get out, you’re distracting me, I need to work.” *pushes you out the door but then kisses you* “You know I love you right?”

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Rap Monster: “Oh my gosh. Stop it.” *is super shy* 

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J-Hope: “Wow. That’s adorable, I can do it better tho. Hahaha, I’m kidding babe. You’re cuter than me.” *does aegyo too*

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Jimin: *in shock, in a good way* “I’m gonna die from the cuteness. Stop it before you kill me.”

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V: “You’re so cute. I love you so much.” *can’t stop smiling*

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Jungkook: “Now I know why people love aegyo so much. My heart just melted like 2 seconds ago.”

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150224 F.T. Island Choi Min Hwan’s Instagram Update about Eric & Shinhwa on Healing Camp

I love senior when I saw you on TV.  You make a profound impression.  You are wonderful as a Leader of the team.  I respect that you keep the promise to the fans.  I think that’s why I’ll try to follow your foot steps.. I was watching and weeping… and I felt many things.. I learned many things from you.. Thanks so much senior..

Caption on Healing Camp screencap: “SHINHWA does not exist in memory (of the past) but existing idol group SHINHWA.”

Source: Choi Min Hwan’s Instagram + EricMun Tumblr

The promise Shinhwa told the fans in 2008.  Thank you for keeping it.

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Hey! Love your art! And, uh, hopefully, not an awkward question, but why does your US!Pap have one eye closed 95% of the time? Is it a stylistic choice or some headcanon or..?

Thank you so much! Oh goodness, I didn’t think people would notice. You have a good EYE for these things, haha. It just sort of happened while drawing. I guess I headcanon Underswap Papyrus to be so lazy, he doesn’t bother opening both eyes. He opens both whenever he’s not half-asleep which is very rare.

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Finished my finals and I'm out of school now 😁 can I get a Yoongi spam ?

Omggg why does everyone want spams? XDD But anyway… ofc you may get Yoongles spam :’)

As usual protocol is around here, we must start with silly Yoongles

Time to move on to cutie patootie Yoongles~

And since it’s Yoongi, we need a smug section:

And now for some unfff Min Swag



- DEVI (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . )