why does japan get all the fun

Rajigaze Dec 2

(Anger mail)

Reita (reading mail): “One year, I went to Disney Sea on December 24th in the snow.”

(*so instead of disney land and world japan has land and sea…u tried guys) 

Reita: Oh this must have been recently if it was snowing!

Kai: Oh, that day! Ok ok ok 

Reita: “There was hardly anyone there and I had a blast, but when we were waiting in line for the Tower of Terror, the couple standing in front of us suddenly started kissing and I was stunned.”

(Kai laughing quietly)

Reita: “And it wasn’t just like once or twice either, they kept going at it, and the sound of their lips was so loud, they had to be doing it on purpose. It made me nauseous.”

(Kai giggling)

Reita: “I thought, how can you be doing this at Disney where there are children? Reita-san, Kai-san, what do you think of couples like this?”

(Kai giggling)

Reita: “I think they should be more considerate of the people around them.” …So what do you think?

Kai: (does NOT miss a BEAT) She’s probably just jealous.

Reita: Ahhhh, you know it might be a bit of that. 

Kai: Like, ‘it was at Disney so blablabla’, does that even matter? Can you not do that stuff there?

Reita: It’s fine, no?

Kai: Don’t ask me (laughs) I don’t know, but….isn’t it fine!? Like, to be judging people for that…it’s old-fashioned!

Reita: Yeah, it is. 

Kai: That’s not the world we live in anymore.

Reita: I want to live in a world where people can be unapologetic with their PDA.

Kai: Right?

Reita: But I used to think like that too…like, when I was driving, and there was a guy on a motorcycle in front of me with like his girlfriend riding behind him or something, I’d be like, ima just run these guys over

(Kai bursts out laughing)

Reita: But now, I want people to flaunt their PDA all over the place…and I want y’all to do something about the declining birth rate. 

Kai: (laughing) Oh so that ties into it too.

Reita: Yes yes. So I mean, it’s fine! You should just think like, “aw, they’re so happy together, they must be having fun~”

Kai: Yeah, I think it’s fine too. I think she was just jealous. 

Reita: Well I mean, Japan does have this culture of holding back. 

Kai: But I get why you’d be jealous.

Reita: Like in other countries it’s insane.

(they’re just both having their own conversations with themselves i can’t)

Kai: Well, yeah…you can do whatever you want [in other countries]…

Reita: So leader, are you gonna start making out in public too?

Kai: Hmm…would I stop at kissing tho…?

Reita: WHAT!? (dying laughing) YOU’LL GET ARRESTED

(Kai laughing like a little shit)

Why You Should be Friends with the Hetalia Characters
  • Italy: Upbeat, always wants to be around you, will make you pasta.
  • Germany: Strong, caring, has dogs.
  • Japan: Quiet, won't mind if you don't talk all the time, always down to watch anime.
  • America: Fun to be around, energetic, will go to McDonald's with you at 3am
  • England: Intelligent conversation, always has a cup of tea for you, does really try to be a gentleman.
  • France: Suave, always cooks great food, and has good wine.
  • China: Ready to cook or get food any time if you're hungry, fun to go to the zoo with because he freaks out about cute animals.
  • Russia: Scares off people you don't like, very cuddly, probably super happy to have a friend.
  • Canada: Sweet, always super polite, might show up at your house in the morning and just make pancakes for you.
  • Prussia: Will defend you to the death, great drinking buddy, lonely and really needs a friend please be his friend.
  • Austria: Rich and will buy you things, charming gentleman, will play music for you and take you to the opera.
  • Spain: Happy-go-lucky, super loyal, low maintenance friend.
  • Romano: Affectionate insults, bakes really good pizza, is actually harmless even though he yells a lot.
  • Hungary: Mom friend, will protect you with her life, pretty much up for anything.

it happens years later after all kinds of stuff. Like Wars, First Loves, Quests, Polar Politics, Kiku being engaged to another, Alfred almost dying… you know the fun stuff ;) Them finally getting married would be the ending note of the story.

If your wondering why Alfred’s hand all damaged it’s due to an injury  that Ivan inflicts on him during a battle. And yes his clock is broken I don’t know who does it (I have two lines of plot that I’m trying to work out each with a different perpetrator breaking it) 

Also thank you 2nd Anon for your nice comment!