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6611 km are between us.We tried to be together then we broke up and now we've decided to give our relationship a second chance.Not only the distance is a problem but also the language, the fact that I'm 4 years older and also that our parents will never agree.We call each other and facetime, I'm in love with her we're planning to have a future together but I'm so scared that someday she'll find better,she is incredible.I wanna trust her more any advice ?? (Btw love your account it helps a lot)

Love knows no language and age. We don’t have control in falling in love with someone. It happens out of sudden, that is why it is so magical when it does happen. The best I can suggest you is to stay positive, don’t let anyone tell you are too old or it won’t work out because of different language. When you truly love each other don’t let small things ruin the good. You guys can always learn new language or teach each other the language you talk. The best reason to learn a new language as well. ;) You got to be positive I think, don’t let the negative thoughts get you. Sure she can have anyone she wants to at her place, but she has chosen you and loves you, when she is true to her words, nobody will be able to change her mind. I hope you get what I am trying to say. Good luck to you guys!

When the announcement came out about the Muggleborn registry, Colin Creevey was sixteen years old and unsurprised. Still, he knew that Harry would never let Dumbledore’s Army down, never, so how could Colin? How could Colin go into hiding when Harry was going to be out on the front lines fighting? Colin knew every detail of the war, knew what they were fighting for and why

He needed to be near enough to the school to join him if ever anything happened. Luckily, Madame Rosmerta felt that doing her part in the war - especially after unintentionally helping the other side - meant harboring a fugitive in Hogsmeade. She was, of course, hoping for Potter, but when it seemed that he was otherwise occupied, she agreed to take Colin and his brother Dennis, too. 

When the passageway opened up from the Room of Requirement, the Creevey boys were the first people Neville exaltedly wrote to. 

Cleaning up after the mess that is PotC 5 *UPDATED*

Ok so I was thinking about how they completely screwed the lore up for Jack Sparrow, so I’m gonna have a go at piecing together his origin story, among other things. Please poke holes/ tell me where I’m wrong because I want to get this refined.

  • Problem: Jack’s compass was bartered from Tia Dalma, but in 5 he got it from a crewman. Solution: Jack did, in fact, get the compass from the crewman but later lost it at sea when Beckett sank the Pearl. It came to Tia Dalma (Calypso) who recognised its power and Jack had to later barter it from her to retrieve it.
  • Problem: the Wicked Wench was shown as a pirate ship, but Jack worked for the navy (’people aren’t cargo’ scene). Solution: The Wench was a pirate ship when she was under control of the previous captain seen in 5, but when he died and she became Jack’s ship, Jack decides to join the navy and work under Beckett (he was still very young + not yet branded and probably saw it as the best thing to do). When Beckett asked Jack to ship slaves, he liberated them, got branded, etc. and the ship sank. This explains the pirate flag in 5 and also the problem of ‘Why would Beckett sink a navy ship just to get back at Jack?’ Jack goes on to make a deal with Davy Jones and you know the rest. 
  • UPDATED Problem: Jack is a gallant hero and very intelligent, so why was he ‘drunk’ the whole time? This one really pisses me off personally Solution: it’s been however-many years since Jack has been on sea, as we saw in one of the scenes the thing he desires most is to sail again, so it could be excused that he wishes to drown his sorrows 24/7, considering he’s no longer a ‘wanted’ or famous pirate, he doesn’t have a ship or much of a crew and his friends aren’t in contact with him. *ALSO Angelica has the voodoo doll of Jack, as seen at the end of 4. This could be the reason for his misfortune and *ahem* strange behaviour. Thank you to the person who suggested this to me!
  • Problem: Why does Will Turner have barnacle-face when we know that this only happens to those who do not fulfil their duty (i.e. Davy Jones)?  Solution: Will did not have barnacle-face up until that point. It could be assumed he was doing his job well and then noticed Henry was drowning and stopped ferrying the dead in order to save him, i.e. as soon as he ‘crossed-over’ he gained the barnacles. This would explain why Will only had a few barnacles and not ‘transformed’ like Jones.
  • Problem: Why is Elizabeth in a dress and corset when the whole point of the first movie was freeing her from it? AARGH I hate this one aswell, completely undermines Elizabeth. Oh wellSolution: Elizabeth felt it necessary to return to civilization to raise Henry, she did not want him involved in piracy for his own good and therefore didn’t talk about Jack. At the time, a woman such as Elizabeth would have been known in civilized culture as ‘governor’s daughter’ rather than ‘pirate king’, so she has to live up to this name in order to be accepted in that society (remember we’re talking 18th century here). She doesn’t have her husband, Jack or even mentor!Barbossa to help ‘free her’ from these expectations
  • EDITED Problem: When, in the time between being cursed, dead, looking for Jack, joining the navy and controlling the ocean did Barbossa have time to have a wife and child? Solution: After the events of AWE,  he had Smyth as a wife, who later became pregnant and died in childbirth, afraid that Carina would be worse off as a pirate girl, and, of course, out of a sense of his merciful nature caring dad!Barbossa left Carina at the orphanage. Barbossa then joins the navy. (thanks to everyone who pointed out my mistake)

Please bear in mind that I am not defending Pirates 5, just trying to clean up the mess. Add your thoughts and drink up me hearties, yo ho! ( @dhiatzs

Sirius was no help at all when it came to weekend plans.
  • Remus: What do you want to do tonight?
  • Sirius: *waggles eyebrows suggestively*
  • Remus: ...Besides that.
  • Sirius: Why does there have to be anything other than that?
Feeling Hot on Hoth (Obi-Wan x Reader)

Prompt/Request: You and Obi-Wan are on a mission and end up in a very tight spot…literally.
Warnings: Suggestive themes.

“Why does she have to come along? It’s a simple mission we can do it ourselves. She’ll just get in the way.” Anakin complained to his master, low enough so your ears won’t pick up the words.

There was some truth in what he said. You weren’t needed for this particular mission, but Obi-Wan insisted you accompany them and so did your captain. As a trooper who recently completed their training, you lacked field experience. Obi-Wan agreed to bring you along on some missions to help you get the necessary experience.

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A beginning

I’m tagging some people who earlier expressed interest!

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I think a theme of the blog is going to be pointing out tropes and trends in movies that use horses.  Here’s a few examples:

  • Gratuitous Neighing (when horses make noises for no reason)
  • Rears Are Dramatic (for all those random and pointless rears)
  • Troubled Teen Troubled Horse (we all know this plot line)
  • The Magic Bond (”my horse just gets me, I don’t need tack”)
  • The Actors Can’t Ride (and we’re all cringing
  • Tackless In An Illusion (we all see that cordeo)
  • Galloping Out The Gates (yeah, and we’ll see how long that lasts)
  • The Majestic Friesian (aka why is it in every damn film)

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

Created Sapphire Theory

So, a lot of people have been concerned. The jig is up, right? Blue Diamond can’t be active on Homeworld while Lapis and her partner are trapped on Earth with Blue Fusion theory still in effect. Sure, we still don’t have any good answer for those statues; sure, Lapis is looking more suspicious than ever because she’s allegedly a “mere” worker bee here to assist in oceanic building projects and yet inexplicably she has an incredibly high sense of her importance and is clearly trying hard to cover up something major. But, none of that matters: the center is, we’ve seen Blue Diamond.

Have we, though?

(I’ll put the readmore here so anyone who’s already rolling your eyes can just skim over the post and go on with their lives)

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There’s something suspicious about Solas being agnostic but also talking about “great (religious) rituals” and that you should “tread lightly, this is sacred ground” in a reverent voice - what is up with that? Why are rituals worthy of respect to him when he hates the evanuris and finds modern religious organizations to be bad, and he doesn’t think gods are real? 

(This has been in my drafts forever - it’s really long rambling thoughts about spirits, the elven gods, worship, and religion in Inquisition.)

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Walking Dead Game FanFiction - "Gabentine"

Title: Gabentine
Characters: Clementine, Gabe, Kenny, Javi
Summary: In which Kenny lives, he sees a relationship sparking between Clementine and Gabe and leads into action to keep his little girl safe.
Author’s Note: I literally love Gabintine more than I love myself.
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The New Frontier had them cornered. Their land was on complete lock down, and their group was already on the wanted list. The perimeter would be searched top to bottom until they were found.

Next up on their to-do list: figure out how to get out of there.


The voice shot the child out of her thoughts; forming ways she could search and snag AJ without being caught by security. Her ideas were drawing thin, but just before frustration could fuel her, Gabe’s voice broke the silence.


“Do you mind if I stand?” He gestured to the open space on to the counter she leaned against.

Offering a kind smile, a part of her thankful someone interrupted her thoughts, she nodded. “Sure. Pull up a slab.”

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Amy was bored.  She was alone in the apartment while she waited for Sheldon to come home. She didn’t want to do any of her normal activities because if she got sucked in, she wouldn’t want to take him to the train store when he got back.  Instead of getting pulled into one of her novels, she decided to leaf through one of the comic books on his beside table.

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