why does it never stop


When he started a broadcast just to show his face

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When he battled to death for a bag of chips

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When the members left him hanging but he got himself

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When he kept pulling out hearts out of nowhere like a magician

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When he made the world faint whenever he blew his kisses

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When he committed cannibalism

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When he spells English words to show his genius

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When he mastered bird language

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When he danced with no music …

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Everywhere and with everyone

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When he got embarrassed by his own doing

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When the future generation of handsome little Jins was in danger

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When he literally stole the french fries from a stranger

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So whether you think this is embarrassing or cringy this man will never stop, why?

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Because your opinion does not count peasant

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I love him and you?
By @mimibtsghost

  • Percy: I've been staring at the edge of the water long as I can remember
  • Grover: Stop
  • Percy: Never really knowing why
  • Apollo: [does the bg music with his instruments along with the rest of the Apollo cabin]
  • Percy: I wish
  • Annabeth: Percy, stop
  • Percy: I can be the perfect daughter
  • Percy: but i come back to the water no matter how hard I try
  • -
  • -

So I know everyone who reads the Price of Salt says Therese is even gayer than we thought, BUT HOLY HELL THERESE IS GAYER THAN WE THOUGHT. You thought the movie was gay? That’s nothing. Like literal hours after meeting Carol, Therese almost sends her a Christmas card that will either say “You are magnificent” or straight up “I love you”. HOURS. Then there isn’t even a scene with the gloves?? Carol just calls Therese to ask her out because she liked the card. That’s it. Therese didn’t even write anything cute. This is an even more paper thin lunch date excuse than the gloves. It’s great.

Then the next chapter is their date lunch in which Carol tells Therese that she’s sensitive and pretty to which Therese simply responds with “I think you are magnificent”. I THINK YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT. Like, who does this?? My precious gaybe Therese why are you like this?? (never stop) THEN she decides she wants to throw herself into Carol’s arms and “bury her nose in Carol’s scarf that was tied close around her neck”. Get a room Therese. 

This book continues to amaze. I cannot even wait for Therese’s bound to be ridiculous internal monologue when we get to Waterloo that shit will be lit af

Okakuri Week Day 4- Memory.

i wonder what he’s remembering… probably something bittersweet.

Bruises and Patches

Felix One shot

Request:  Felix one-shot where the reader patches him up after his lanky self falls down and gets slightly hurt (like cuts and bruises) and Felix starts liking her when he notices how nervous he gets while shes so close to him. Then later in the week he visits her while shes alone in her tent in the afternoon and he gets really close and she kisses him because she likes him too, making him flustered?? Thank you

Warnings: None, just a bit Hurt and Fluff

What did they called it? Stupid mountain climbing to fell down and die? Indeed not, but that’s what you told Felix. Hissing at her,he went around and yelled down,’Shut your mouth!’, when you called him worriedly. You’ve told him, he would fall down and break his bones. And again he said:’Shut your mouth , I said!’

Peter patched her shoulder briefly, smilling at her, not smirking. 

‘You know Felix, he won’t fall down, and he would never let him stop.’

‘But why does he need to be so rude, then?’,you asked and looked up to Peters emerald eyes, just to miss how Felix slipped from a rock and fell down onto the hard ground, with a piercing scream, that would even wake up the mermaids in the lagoon. Screaming and yelling in pain, Felix lay on his side, holding his aching limps. The lost boys ran worried towards him, and even Peter seemed to be shocked. Checking it wounds, he said:’That will be a painful week, buddy.’

Felix missed it, he started to weep and for the first time, you saw tears in that lanky boy’s eyes. no one ever had sawn Felix fell down, or got hurt anything at all. A few boys handled it, to carry the heavy giant teenager into an tent, not without cursing him more pain of course. now you sat there, on the log next to Felix tent, far too insecure to enter, while Peter watched from above a tree,waiting. he told you to look after his wounds. You obeyed

You managed to enter, saw Felix laying on his side and wanted to ran off. But you stayed. 

‘May I take a look at your wounds?’,you asked shyly. ‘Pan told me to do that!’, she went on rushed, before Felix could send her away. Felix shoulders sank.He turned his face away and let out a slow, seething breath. ‘Sure.’

Felix’s wounds weren’t that bad after all. He only had some cuts and bruises. But some of the cuts were big and they wouldn’t heal on them self.Felix flinched, when suddenly a needle and yarn appeared in your hand.He grabbed your wrist to stop you, before you could even start. ‘Felix, I must close this!’ Felix shook is head in fear and grabbed your wrist tighter,underestimated his strenght with that until you start crying of that pain in your wrist. he left her in shock, realising that he almost broke your little arm’s bone. 

‘Y/N I am sorry, I-’

‘WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!?’,you yelled under tears, holding your arm. Again, Felix flinched. He didn’t meant to hurt you. Realising, how close she was, scared him. But on the other hand, he didn’t want her to go. It felt so strange.


Leaving him speechless in shock and under tears behind, you ran out of the tent. Stupid Felix, always hurting her. Stupid Pan, making her help that asshole.

Felix regocnising what he had done, noticed a single tear falling down his face. What was wrong with him? He didn’t meant to be rude, but then he remembered, never saying nice things to her, like how beautiful she looked that day, how cute the was, when she tried to fight with the bigger boys, who of course, would never hurt her. He always talked to himself, never to her. Yes, there was definetly something wrong with him, not admiting he had fallen in love.

One week later, you haven’t talked to Felix since you ran off, a violent storm raged over Neverland.It suprised the Boys on their hunting trip, causing them to ran back to their camp. Your tent, was the first one Felix ran into, forgetting what he had done, just to be remember when he saw your hurting eyes. He had the feeling that you hated him so much, and for a second he wanted to leave the tent, to risk dying in that storm.

But you didn’t hate him. 

‘Y/N?’, he mumbled. ‘Can we… Can we talk?’

‘Sure.’, you answered withouth any emotions while snuggling back under the soft covers. Felix walked towards you, sat next to you on your bed. He glanced down at you and wanted to smile. She looked so cute as always. And for once, he wanted to tell you. 

‘I didn’t want to hurt you. I am so sorry. I forgot for a brief moment, how strong I am.’, he said. You looked up to his blue eyes and smile. ‘It’s okay, it didn’t hurt for long.’

Suddenly it thundered, and you shrugged in fear. Felix noticed grinning and took a glance under the covers you hid under. ‘Are you scared?’

Another thunder, but now you cuddled into Felix waist instead. Flustered he saw down at you, but instead of pushing you away, he took off his shoes and went under the covers, letting you hug him. It felt so warm and loving. Enjoying that moment, Felix kissed your forehead, just to hold on his breath in shock, as he noticed what he just did. That was absolutely the wrong way to tell you about his feelings. You looked up in shook, and he prepared himself to be kicked out of the bed. How stupid he was. Felix really did enjoy laying next to you, to cuddle with you. He had never loved, but it felt so good, even when he was about to get dumbed. His heartbeat went faster, and suddenly you smashed your lips against his. It wasn’t a shy kiss, but not an eager kiss aswell. Both of you kissed slowly but passionate. Both of you forgot the world around you, so no one noticed Pan, who was looking for his second in commmand, just to smile and leave them in joy. Of course Peter was okay with that. 

There were no storms in Neverland.

It was him.

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I really hope you liked it. I am sorry if my english isn’t that good. It’s not my native language, but I’ll hope it get better when I write more!

Promise (Eric x Reader)

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You ran up the stairs of Candor, your lungs your burning and legs aching. But the image of Eric’s dead body made you stronger enough to continue.

While you were an initiate, you had fallen head over heels for Eric. Sure, he was no prince charming, but you didn’t care, he showed you a side of him no one else knew.

After you became an official member ranking first ( thanks to a certain leader), you had became secretly a couple, as you knew your brother, Four, wouldn’t accept it. When the war against divergents started, you sided with your brother and Tris, much to your boyfriend’s dismay, separating you both.

You thought you wouldn’t see him again, but alas, destiny wanted you to reunite again, but you had wished you didn’t have to meet in this conditions.

When Uriah had told you they had imprisoned the Dauntless attackers, something turned upside down on you, and here you were now, opening the door silently to where your brother was interrogating Eric.

You stood behind Tris, trying to not be seen by your brother nor your boyfriend.

-You think she’s safe now? You’re wrong-You sighed at Eric’s cocky attitude. Damn him and his pride! - Jeanine’s never gonna stop searching for you.

-Why? What does she want with her? Tell me- Demanded Tobias, anger in his eyes. You started to sweat, as you knew what your brother was capable of.

- Look, all I know is she’s exactly what Jeanine needs. She’s the perfect subject.

At Eric’s answer, Tobias readied his gun, pointing at Eric’s head.

-Was that supposed to scare me?

Why do you have to be so full of yourself Eric!

-You’re responsible for the death of hundreds of people. You know the punishment for that.

-Listen… I’ve found a way to live with the blood on my hands. But can you?- At that moment you knew you had to act.

As Tobias was about to pull the trigger, you jumped in between of them, hugging Eric’s stiff figure.

-What are…Wait, (Y/N)?-Eric asked, surprised and relieved you were okay.

-Eric…-You sighed, hugging him tighter, letting your tears blossom.

-(Y/N), get away from him…-Interrupted Tobias, with a warning tone.

-If you are going to kill him-You started, turning at him-You will have to kill me too.

-(Y/N), Move.

-I won’t, I will not let you kill the one I love-You said, looking at your brother’s expression which changed from angry to surprised, then to disgusted.

Everyone gasped at the confession, even Tobias had his mouth agape a little bit

-How long have you been together?-He asked Eric, his eyes softening briefly.

-Since half initiation, I didn’t know why everyone was so terrified of him, but once I got to know him, I discovered that the cold attitude is a wall to the real man he is, a nice man…

-(Y/N)…-Eric sighed, tears threating to fall from his eyes.

Tobias’s eyes softened as he watched his sister kiss with passion the one she loved. He lowered his gun and advanced towards Eric.

-You hurt in any way, you are dead. Remind that-Said to Eric, untying him.

-I swear, Four, it’s never going to happen- Said Eric, pecking your lips.

-So…It could be said that you are on our side, right?-You asked, tilting your head to the side.

Eric, nodded, kissing your forehead.

After Eric joined the Divergent rebels, you went to a balcony to steady your breath.

-It was really brave what you did back there-Eric’s voice startled you

-Well, I’m a Dauntless, after all. I couldn’t imagine living without you-You smiled, but put a serious face afterwards -I’m afraid that Jeanine will be after you when the news arrive-You said, taking his hand.

-I know I"ll be in trouble, but I am not afraid of it-Eric smiled, not a smirk, but a real smile.

-Why so?-You asked, looking him in the eyes

-Because I am with you, and when we are together, we are unstoppable.

After that, he pulled into a hug. A hug that meant a promise , a promise that not even the most powerful beings in the Earth could break, and because of this, lasted forever.

Woeful Reminiscence

 Hey White, do you remember how we first met?

 It was a disaster, really. A hilarious disaster, no less. I remembered talking out of the blue to you right after that twisted speech. I remembered staring in ghastly fear at you tossing your Oshawott in the air the second you heard my voice from behind. What kind of trainer does that, by the way? You, apparently, which then led me to startled realization that your Oshawott still loves you after being forcefully turned into a temporary and unwilling flying-type.

 You were so angry at me. I had never, in my life, been yelled at by another human being. Your voice was so sharp from someone so short. In truth, I almost did state that, but thank God I didn’t; I’m sure I would’ve received a beating on the arm thanks to my – and I’m quoting you – ‘smart mouth’. I am quite intelligent, though, so thank you for that notice.

 But God, if I ever thought that you were a reckless, ruthless trainer that cared nothing but her own victory, to taste that bitter defeat and watch as your Oshawott celebrated the victory with you, it sparked something in me.

 I was wrong. And I hated it.

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I’m entrapped in your veins, captured in your eyes, and I didn’t even notice that you were searching for the one behind me. So I kept thinking that I was yours, when from the start you had already begun to leave me.
—  she’s better than me isn’t she?

chill friend bros holding hands platonically

vancouver gothic, in brief
  • you can’t go down that street. they’re filming a movie. that’s what the friendly people with the high-powered lamps and the trailers say. you will never find out what movie. perhaps the lamps are for another purpose.
  • you walk into the starbucks on the corner of thurlow and robson. you buy a coffee. you cross the street to the opposite corner of thurlow and robson. you walk into the starbucks on that corner. you buy a coffee. you cannot tell the difference between the customers of this starbucks and the last one, nor the baristas, but the furniture is far more inviting and the ceiling closer overhead. there are two more starbucks on the next two blocks of this street, and three more if you detour a block or two north or south.
  • they’re building more condos. the skyline is littered with empty high-rises, their windows eternally dark. occasionally there is one with a single lit window, its occupant like a lighthouse keeper illuminating the night in solitude. you pass five homeless people between your skytrain stop and the pizza joint where you buy lunch. who are they building the condos for? why does the construction never stop? what dwells in those buildings if not human beings?
  • everyone agrees that vancouver is the most livable city in the world. what lives in it is less clear. you don’t know anyone who lives within the city limits; everyone you know lives in burnaby, coquitlam, port moody, north vancouver, richmond, new westminster, surrey. but something has judged the city of vancouver livable. it will be moving in soon.
  • they found another disembodied foot floating in the harbour last week. no one knows what happens to the rest of the bodies.
  • it rains constantly. the gutters clog and overflow. everything is slippery and smells of wet asphalt. the downpour runs into your shoes, your skin cold and clammy under soaked fabric, and you are grateful because you have seen what happens when it stops raining.