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May I ask your opinion on "The Good Doctor"? I thought the first episode was stunning, but I'd like to hear your thoughts?

I’m liking it a lot. Shaun isn’t just a collection of autistic traits. He has actual motivations to do what he does. Scenes show things from his POV. We see why he does some things that can look weird to NT’s instead of seeing him do them with no explanation.

The most important aspect is he’s a character with a POV, with feelings, with aspirations and with emotions. He isn’t a plot device. That’s what media does wrong with autism a lot– autistic people are just window dressing to move a plot and beyond that they serve no purpose.

But Shaun is the central character in this series. You can tell the actor did his homework about autism. While I wish we could get an actually autistic actor, but I think having an actor portray autism in a fashion that isn’t going down the list of traits is a step towards the right direction.

I feel like people don’t give media enough credit when it really tries to portray something. Perfect representation is never going to happen because no single person can encompass everyone’s experiences.

I call it good because the show clearly wants autistic people to relate to Shaun. Even if his reactions aren’t identical to mine, I can see a scene in his POV and be like “Oh, yeah, that’s familiar as hell…”

My parents notice I have a lot of mannerisms similar to his. (Particularly the clasped hands– I tend to do that if I don’t have a stim toy or some other object in my hands.)

I really hope we get to see Shaun have a meltdown or shutdown onscreen. That needs to be normalized as something that happens to autistic people sometimes. I’d love to see him go through one and deal with it. Kids aren’t the only autistic people who go through those, and I want to see the “it’s a tantrum” or “it’s pouting” stereotype get killed.

I also hope to see Shaun get super pissed off at someone. I betcha his tone of voice will change and NT’s won’t realize what’s going on until he yells. We got a little hint of it in the second episode where he goes to the girl’s house because he worried her stomachache wasn’t stress and it turns out he was right. You can see his frustration at being dismissed by his tone of voice.

I love that because I’m more tuned to tone of voice than facial expressions, so I recognized he was upset immediately. I was all “Dude, let him in, your kid is sick!”

Now if we could just get Freddie Highmore away from Autism Speaks…