why does it look so bad hmmm

I got bored today so I did some Pokemon doodles

And HOLY SHIT Diode is the most amazing pairing in the universe

And Clemont is the most ADORABLE human being that was ever created ever

And Kirakira is the CUTEST song and when I listened to it for the first time I couldn’t stop squealing and my sister thought I’d gone insane. It was bad. XD

Anyway everyone’s a little older here (hence why Bonnie has longer hair) and a headcanon is that Serena takes Clem and Bonnie shopping and buys them a whole buncha designer clothes so dayum does Clem look good in that shirt and those jeans mmmmm-hmmm //stares  ఠ_ఠ

Also I kinda tend to use both the Japanese and English names when I draw so there’s a mix of both! Oooops!

Well excuse the crappy drawings it was all done in pen and I wasn’t really trying so…first attempt at drawing Clemont turned out pretty good ^w^

Quick 10x08 bullet points because I’m too busy shaking and crying over the 10x09 promo to meta properly:

  • Donna was surrounded by yellow flowers, was told she needed a halo, and was referred to as a ray of sunshine. All things that are associated with Cas. She was also pining after a lost love and seemingly refusing to give up on him despite everyone seeing nothing but bad in him.
  • Jody wondering why she can’t get through to Alex, foreshadowing Sam not being able to get through to Dean when the time comes?
  • Dean was very defensive of his fake identity… he’s trying to find meaning in something even if that something isn’t true to who he is.
  • Doug was on a dating site… this is out third dating site reference in as many episodes, so many people looking for love in all the wrong places, hmmm…
  • Hippie vampire said what she does is love, which echoes what Shay said about her job, the job Dean said doesn’t look like love to him. While Shay was very much not happy in her life however, hippie vamp seemed to embrace the life completely. Shay escaped her life, hippie vamp died because she couldn’t escape the darkness that consumed her.
  • Vampire sheriff learned to control his nature and his urges, and I’m about 500% certain right now Dean will be stuck with the mark for good. He left his old life and found something new to live for, something that didn’t involve killing but rather truly trying to help people. Very reminiscent of Cain stopping the killing altogether…
  • The dark side winning when he got his head chopped off however is completely 100% not ominous at all.
  • That’s a lie it is v ominous and you should all be worried that Dean’s about to go full on dark side.
  • Dean is a lying liar who lies and it breaks my heart. He thinks if he just tells himself he’s back to normal that maybe it will actually happen…
  • Jody Mills is everything.
  • Donna Hanscum is everything.
  • These are not meta points they’re just facts okay.
  • Too busy shaking and crying over the 10x09 promo to put anymore pieces of this puzzle together right now…

Omg guys I have been so busy the last few weeks with finals but I’m back!! Requests are open, I am continuing new girl and starting some other projects soon!! Part 2: sorry if it’s a little short. The next part is gonna be F.U.N. ;) 

The next morning I arrived at school and met up with Jaylee, Alicia, and Amanda. Megan was sick at home so the four of us went to our classes. When we sat down at lunch Hayes and Jaylee weren’t with us.

“They’re making out behind the chem lab” said Gilinsky smirking Cameron chuckled

“I need a girl who’s down to do that with me everywhere. PDA’s for the win” he glanced at me briefly

Everyone laughed at his remark but he made a face because apparently he was serious

“I’m sure that won’t be to hard for you Cam” I said smirking Everyone nodded in agreement

“Yeah it’s almost to easy dude like how?” Nash exclaimed jokingly

“He’s a ladies man” said Johnson shrugging his shoulders

“Hey” Cam spoke up “I may be a ‘ladies man’ but it’s still harder than it looks, even for me" 

As he said the last part he sat up straight and puffed his chest a little and us girls were chuckling under our breath at his little speech. The rest of the morning was uneventful. When the bell rang we all met outside around the other corner of the courtyard that was semi-hidden from the rest of the courtyard. I sat up on the wall and Cameron jumped up next to me while I swung my feet back and forth smiling. He is hot I’m not gonna lie, I kinda like him, though he is a little cocky. Johnson spoke up

"So I guess you girls are having your party thing tonight huh?” He asked Jaylee “Yep! But now we have five girls because of (Y/N) so it will be even” she said contentedly

“Wait what?” I asked confused

“We have three party/sleepovers each school year. One at the beginning, one in the middle which is now, and one at the end. It’s at my house and we have a lot of fun” she smirked

“It’s our thing” said Gilinsky

“So guys and girls?” I asked

They laughed

“yeah” said Jaylee “I live with my step brother and he doesn’t care. He isn’t even home he’s at his girlfriends apartment tonight”

I nodded. I had never been to a sleepover with guys. Eh oh well it doesn’t matter I guess. It actually sounds like a lot of fun.

“Does your dad get uptight about that stuff cuz if I was him I’d never let you out of the house” Cameron said smirking at me

He had draped his leg over mine casually and cocked his head

“Ha ha ha cam and yeah he does but he’s on a business trip and I’ll just tell my mom I’m going to Jaylee’s for a sleepover, she doesn’t have to know” I smiled 

“Hmmm bad girl?” He whispered loudly to Hayes and he laughed 

Nash piped up “not bad, just down for some fun” he smiled

I smiled 'thank you’ towards him and he winked. My stomach fluttered and I almost fell off the wall. I grabbed cams arm for balance and Nash laughed knowing why I almost fell. Everyone else looked confused as to what just happened but I changed the subject.

“So what time does the party start?”

“Come over at 8:45-ish for a good time” she handed me a paper with her address and phone number on it

I got home and threw my backpack on the floor. I decided to pack my bag for tonight so I went to my room to start picking out clothes and other things I need. I grabbed a pair of loose pastel pink cotton shorts and a large faded tie-dye shirt for pajamas. I also grabbed a gray sweatshirt, an extra t shirt and my pillow and threw it into a bag. I walked into the kitchen to get a snack and a blonde girl was sitting in a chair with a salon apron cover thing draped over her. I smiled at her. Sometimes mom styles at home for a cheaper price to help people save, and she also does it for friends and family. I stepped around her to get to the fridge and mom walked in

“Hey Hun how’d you get home? I was going to send Shawn”

“My friend Amanda gave me a ride, she lives on our street”

“Oh that’s nice”

“By the way she and three other girls are having a sleep over tonight, can I go?” I waited in anticipation for her answer

“Well, I guess you can as long as you get some homework done before you go”

“Yes, Thank you!” I exclaimed

I poured myself some iced tea and grabbed some cookies before I headed off to my room to finish homework. I sat at my desk and opened my laptop to start. I did homework until 5:00 pm and I thought I’d take a nap so I’ll have enough energy for tonight. When I woke up I finished packing and opened my drawer to get my phone charger and I gazed upon my small collection of condoms. My mom always makes sure Shawn and I have some handy, even though she’d like us to wait, she wants us to be safe. I wasn’t planning on going that far with any one tonight but I grabbed two just in case. I walked into the kitchen with my bag and sleeping bag and put on my black and white classic vans. I said goodnight to my mom and walked out the door to see Amanda in the drivers seat of her car out front. I said hi and hopped in.

“So, you think you’re ready for tonight?” I hesitated

“I think so, yeah. I’ve been to sleep overs before" 

"Yeah but not our sleepovers though” she said with a smirk

I shook my head smiling, wondering what the night had in store… 

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Part three coming soon, reblog if you want the next part!!

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How would the RFA react to an oblivious MC? ( like they keep flirting but all of their wooing attempts sail past MC's head... or worse, MC ignorantly chatting with a guy who keeps hitting on her)

Ohhhhh okay okay i got this one second! 

“MC, how would you feel about going out to dinner sometime? I can even light some candles, if thats your taste.” Zen spoke softly to you, in an attempt to gain your attention. Unfortunately you were more interested in Sevens Conversation about cats, so you felt a tap on your shoulder. “MC? Does that sound like fun to you?” “Hmmm? What was the question?” “Would you like to go out to dinner sometime?” “I prefur to eat at home, thank you though, Zen.” 

Zen looked confused for a moment, then got a sly look on his face “What if i came over and helped you with dinner one night? We could even watch a movie aferwards.” He winked, but you just thought, why would he want to eat at your house? if he wanted dinner so bad, just go out to eat. “No thanks, i planned on playing a board game!” You laughed, but his attempts wernt going unnoticed. Seven turned to you “MC, dont you want to spend time with any of us?” Jumin put down his wine glass and looked over, questioning eyes saying more than his statement that followed “I could treat you out to anywhere you want to go, if you would prefer someone with more class.” 

Zen sneered, “I asked first, cat freak!” “Well i wont refuse if she accepts.” Zen pried his eyes away from him, to look at Yoosung, pleading silently for help. “Maybe going to the fair at my college campus would be more fun?” You cocked your head, wondering why everyone was trying so hard to hang out with you. “Its not that i dont want to hang out with you, i just dont see why friends need to spend so much money on one another.” 

Everyone froze. ‘Friends?’ The statement was on everyone’s slightly ashen faces. V was the first to speak, as he was quiet up until this point. “MC, i think they are trying to ask you out on dates, not out as friends.” Your eyes went wide. “Why would you guys want to do that? I had someone give me this earlier today, do you think he was trying to ask me out too?” You pulled a piece of paper from your pocket and set it on the table. On it was a phone number, followed by some ‘XOXOXO’.

Zen and Jumins faces became sparked suddenly as Zen threw the paper away. Turning around, V spoke again “Do you ever think of one of us more than the other? I mean, we cant force you out on a date, but they sure are trying hard. Why not accept one of them?” You thought to yourself for a second, “Why not you?” V has shock strike his face, and turned to you once more “I didnt ask you, why not….” “But i am!” You stood up and put on a brave face “If i go out on a simple date with anyone, i want it to be you, V.”  

As everyone, including a slightly salty Zen, was getting up to leave, you asked meekly “What is it that you do on dates? Ive never been on one. What are they for?” For the first time that night, jumin choked on his wine. “They are a medium at which you get to know someone on a romantic level, in hopes of one day making then your partner.” “ Ohhhh.” 

Mirror Mirror

The story contains major spoilers for Drakengard 3, so you’re advised to have finished the game.

This is a novel about Male One contained in the prelude book. 

Ι have to stay here. In this tower, in this single room, my only scenery being the stone wall and an iron door. There is one window, too high for me to reach. A small bed and a chair. It takes 13 steps to cross the whole room.

A tower where I could not see the colour of the sky. That…was my entire world.

No one knows about this room other than Sis, and no one but her comes here. I have never spoken to any other human. Only Sis, and her dragon, Gabriella. Though, Gabriella always spoke to Sis. Gabriella kinda has a bad mouth, and is a bit of a bully to me. But I didn’t hate Gabriella, because Sis loved that dragon dearly.

Sometimes, Sis would take me to fly with her on Gabriella’s back. We headed out to fight. At those times, the world was still in turmoil and Sis had to defeat many, many enemies. I lent her a hand with this, but I’m not sure how helpful I was…

But I also had to become stronger, in order to kill Zero. If Sis somehow lost against her, I would have to kill her in Sis’s stead.

“It’s alright. You can do it.”

Sis would say that to set my mind at ease, but a crucial fact escaped her. If it came to the point that I had to kill Zero myself, then that would mean Sis would already be dead. I don’t want that. I don’t want Sis to die! If she dies, who will come see me? If she dies, who will come talk to me? If she dies, I…!

My face isn’t all pouty because I dislike fighting. I just really don’t want to use that sword forged from dragonbone. If only that day never comes…If only I could stay in that tiny room where Sis comes to hug me tenderly forever…

That was my sole wish. However…

I had to stay here.

In the end, that day came. Zero and Sis would have to kill each other.

“It’s ok. If I do as Sis instructed me, I will manage this.”

Sis was surprised to hear me say that. How could I know when she hadn’t said anything yet? But I understand. She doesn’t have to say anything. I’m not as smart as Sis, so I’m no good with the difficult stuff; but I can always tell how Sis feels. Her sadness or her happiness, her anger or her loneliness. I can tell, so long as I’m close to her. Because we’re twins.

That’s right. I knew. Even if Sis managed to defeat Zero, we would never meet again. Because Sis intended to die after the deed was done.

I tried to stop her just once. Throwing a tantrum, I yelled. “I don’t wanna go!” Crying the whole time.

“Don’t worry. I won’t lose.”

Sis looked troubled. I never wanted to make her sad. I just tried to let her know that I knew this would be our last meeting. I know it all, so don’t worry. I know much more about this than Sis thinks.

And so, Sis was killed by Zero. I killed Zero, just as I had been told. All the Intoners were gone from the world.

But Sis never told me what to do or where to go after that. My head was full of “kill Zero” and “Sis will have to die”, so I had no idea what would come after that. I should have asked while Sis was alive, but it’s too late now. Sis is dead, so she can’t answer me.

Full of doubts, the Cathedral’s stained glass flashed before my eyes. It was in pieces, but still sparkled beautifully in the sunlight.

That’s it! Let’s make a church that reveres Sis.

I thought it was a splendid idea at the time. For my dear sis. All for her. But when I stepped outside the cathedral, I was scared. The outside world was too big. A world without sis is so lonely. It’s too scary to be all alone out here.

I ran. Ran back here once again, back to the security of my tiny room.

I had to stay here. Forever.

No one knows about this room. As her final trump card, Sis had to keep me absolutely secret, even from the rest of her sisters. The door cannot be seen from the outside. Even if someone were to somehow open it, Sis placed a spell that would not allow them to enter. That’s why no one knows of its existence.

There are no keys to this room. Not because Sis intended to keep me trapped or anything, but because I had never gone outside, nor did I ever think to. I would only step outside when Sis came to get me.

Sis will no longer come for me. The moment I came here, I messed the whole place up to make sure I would never be able to get out again. There is nothing I can do in the outside world. I could help Sis, but there’s not a signle thing I could do alone. Other than killing Zero.

I always waited for Sis to come and get me. When I was too bored, I would read a book, or practise with my sword. That was my daily life. Can someone like me even live out there all alone? Did my Sis really think so?

That’s why I came back here. In this room, I don’t have to do anything. It’s the only place where I can stay.

But no matter how long I wait for her, Sis will not come. I won’t be able to see her again. I don’t like this. I want to see her. I want to see her. I want to see her. I want to see her. I want to see her. I want to see her. I want to see her….

Aaaah, that’s it! I can’t see my sis in truth, but if I just want to see her face, then I can do it. I was created by her. We have the same face. If I wear her clothes, and look in the mirror… 

Lookie here! I’m her spitting image. It’s like my sis is really standing there. Sis, I wanted to see you…

“I wanted to see you too.”

We’re identical! My sister is right before my eyes. If I stretch out my hand, I can reach her.

My fingertips only meet the cold surface of the mirror. My sister is standing on the other side of it. Why can’t I go there too? Why do I have to stay here? Why am I all alone? Why did Sis leave me behind?

No. My sister never intended to leave me behind. In truth, she fully intended to take me with her.

Sis had to kill Zero. After Zero’s death, Sis had to die as well. Because the Intoners are the seedbeds of the flower that will destroy the world. This ruinous flower had to be eliminated.

However, the flower would escape destruction. That’s why Zero failed. In order to avoid the same mistake, Sis devised a plan to make sure she would be the last one to die.

That would be myself. Sis had me train in this room to kill Zero. She drew a sketch resembling a human on the wall, marked the spot where the heart is supposed to be with an X and had me pierce it with the sword. All so I would not fail to pierce Zero’s heart.

Sis never planned to leave me behind all alone. She believed I would follow her. She never told me what I should do after Zero’s death because there was no need.

I was the one who betrayed her. I was the one who was wrong.

I did not follow Sis to death after I killed Zero. I had a weapon that could kill Intoners right there. I may not be a real Intoner, but I can’t die from a normal sword either.

I want to try it right away. But I dropped that special sword back at the cathedral, and a normal one won’t work…I’m such a fool. I haphazardly broke the door when I came back here, so I can’t go back and get that sword. There are no weapons that can kill me here.

I have to stay here forever, unable to do anything. In the comfort of this secure room I know so well. All because I misunderstood. All, all of it is my fault. Siiiis. Scold me. I’m a bad boy. Come out of there and scold me!

The sister in my mirror won’t scold me at all. She looks as if she’s about to cry.

I know this face well. Sis always had that expression when she came to hug me. It was so strange. Why are you making that face? I felt so good, but did my sis feel bad? Why? We’re doing the same thing, so why does she look ready to cry?

Because we’re doing something bad, she said. Siblings shouldn’t be doing this kind of thing. It’s wrong. She knows, but she can’t stop. As if it’s terribly painful.

I didn’t really understand. Siblings shouldn’t be doing this? Then, it’s alright with other people? Isn’t that one much worse?

My sister’s expression went from troubled to surprised, but then she looked at me kindly.

“Yes…you are fine as you are…”

It looks exactly like my sister back then.

“Is that okay…?”

Hmmm, no. Her eyebrows came a little closer. Sis, did you notice?

“No, I hadn’t noticed.”

Of course not. I neglected telling you on purpose.


Yes, that’s how she tilts her head when she asks a question. I always liked that expression. An expression I wanted to keep only to myself.

Yes…I know more about sis than she herself does. I could see her face when she could not. All her expressions, one by one, even the little habits she never noticed. I know them all. Not just her face, but every corner of her body as well. Where to touch her. Her face, her voice, even her breath. I know it all.


The way she titlted her neck was so cute. Hehe. No one else has seen that but me. A sight only for my eyes. My sister, all mine. That face…

That’s right, my sister is not completely gone. We’re twins. It’s so simple!

“I’m not going anywhere…”

Yeah. We made that promise when I had that scary dream and wouldn’t stop crying. Sis stayed with me the whole night and held my hand till morning.

“I’m right by your side.”

Really? You’re not going to leave me again?

“We’ll be together forever.”

That’s right. There are no weapons that can kill me here. If I don’t die, then neither will Sis. I’m so glad I didn’t die! As long as I’m alive, so is she! Her death was what I feared most, but as long as my sis is alive, I don’t care if everyone else dies. The entire world can die for all I care.

I wasn’t wrong, was I? I’m not a bad boy, right?

“No…you are a good, good boy.”

Hey Sis, listen. I thought to make a new church, all for you. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget Gabriella too. You liked Gabriella a lot.

“Gabriel too. After Gabriella became Gabriel, I still loved her dearly.”

That’s what I wanted to make. A church that revered my sister and the Angel Gabriel.

“Tell me about it in detail.”

Okay! See, because of Zero, Church capital has become all messed up, right? We should rebuild it. Start over from scratch. First, we need to make a new church and gather a lot of followers. Oh, I just thought of an emblem representing both me and sis. How’s this?

“It looks pretty good.”

It really does! Our cheeks touching together perfectly, becoming one. Almost like mirror images!

“If you look at it from this angle, it looks as if we have a third eye.”

That’s right. In truth, I want us to be much, much closer. I want us to become one. If only this barrier between us did not exist, if it melted away, if only we could never be parted again…!

Ah. There is a but.

I did not manage to stay there.

This room that was supposed to be a secret to all was found. When I broke down the door, my sister’s spell was negated. A broken door that will not open easily draws attention. Even if you break it down, you won’t be able to go inside. Even if you open a hole through the wall, you will not be able to look inside.

“Lady One! You were here, all this time!”

The people on the other side of the wall were all strangers to me. Probably people of the church. Only those could come to this tower.

“It’s so wonderful to see you unharmed!”

Someone spoke with a raised voiced, crying. That is why I…no, I,* replied thusly:

“I apologise for making you worry. It’s alright now. I am no longer in pain.”

My sister is always with me. Because you and I are one and the same.

“Let’s go.”

And so, sis and I, you and me,* left that room and headed to the outside world.

“I am thinking of establishing a new church.”

“What manner of church, my lady?”

Yes. You and I, we,* shall become the suzerain of the new church.

“The Church of the Angels.”

Isn’t it a wonderful name? I’m sure it will gather many, many faithful followers. A church created to revere the Intoner and the Angel she summoned.

All for my sister’s sake.

* Up until that point, Brother One uses the male pronoun 僕(boku). At that point, he switches to the gender-neutral and more formal 私(watashi), the same pronoun Female One uses. He then proceeds to use both pronouns together when he refers to himself as “we”.

** The Church of the Angels was localised as “The Cult of the Watchers” in the english release of the first Drakengard game.