why does he think that's a socially acceptable thing to say oh my god

what the fox doesn’t say

James Potter added a life event: 

met the love of my life today 


Remus posted a new status: remember kids its all fun and games for the first two weeks but then you’re behind in everything and that is how you destroy your future and everything you love. 


Sirius: that was super depressing 

Sirius: wait do we have homework?

James: wait i think we might 

Peter posted three photos: this is why we shouldn’t drink with Sirius

1 Angry React, 50 likes 


Sirius: I feel targeted with this status 

Remus: why are you hanging from a chandelier

Sirius: i was channeling my inner sia  

Remus: makes sense 

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sorcererinslytherin  asked:

Prompts if you're still taking them? Astroneer AU- a few years later, they get the option of going back, just the four of them, and exploring another new planet. Do they take it?

short and sweet shenanigans. that’s all

Word Count: 1000+

To: Officer Ryan Haywood
From: Captain Geoff Ramsey

Subject: Sorola-6 Flyby

Lmao. We’re passing by your old stomping grounds. Also I’m this close to getting the planet to be renamed. Let me know if you want to stop by for nostalgic purposes ;))))

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anonymous asked:

More like he was pissed because they were taunting him and Sollux challenged him to battle. JFC it wasn't Feferi's rejection that made him snap, it was the fact that everyone antagonized him until he snapped. Does that make his killing justified? No. Come /on/, at least read the source material first. (Also if you actually played the flash, he DID ask for help, but no one wanted to (you can find this by talking to Karkat as Eridan))

Ok, let’s go.

Let me take a moment to assure you that I am quite familiar with the source material. I completed my second reread over the summer. I admit I didn’t play the walkaround that time because they take forever, but I reread the transcript, which I will make use of in this conversation. Fear not for my mastery of basic plot points. While I may not have a photographic memory, I do have google.

I assume you are responding to this post. Shockingly, you may note that I begin this post with

Eridan kills Feferi when she tries to stop him from ‘joining’ Jack (which would lead to Jack following Eridan’s scent back to the meteor as he does with Vriska and killing them all).

Score one for reading comprehension! That is most certainly what happened, as we can see in the transcript. 

FEFERI: T)(at’s it. T)(is makes me sad, -Eridan, but now we )(ave to stop you. We can’t let you find Jack and risk you leading )(im to us.
ERIDAN: so thats how it is is it
SOLLUX: 2he’2 riight, man. can’t beliieve thii2, ii wa2 lookiing forward two a nap two.

Feferi says they’re going to have to stop Eridan. Sollux initially attacks him, but after Eridan KOs him Feferi tries her hand at it. He kills her. That’s the surface level reason why he attacks her, no bones about it. What I’m doing here is proposing a psychological underpinning for his actions.

However, both Feferi and Sollux try to stop him. He knocks Sollux out. He kills Feferi. He also has a really nasty facial expression right before he does it. Hope is based on belief and desire. So while you might be able to argue that ‘oh he didn’t really know how to control his weapon yet’, I think Feferi died because he wanted Feferi dead, even though he had the capability to simply knock her out and make his escape. And based on my interpretation of his character, I think part of the reason why was because she defied him. She rejected him even though he claimed they were ‘meant to be together’, and she refused to come with him when he tried to leave. ‘You’re either with me or against me’, he told her, and her claiming her agency by refusing to join his mad scheme was a final rejection he could not handle. He couldn’t handle her saying no.

Let’s look at the text

FEFERI: NO. You )(ave lost ALL RIG)(T to use fis)( puns FOR-EV-ER. I revoke your fis)( punning license, as w)(ale as our fronds)(ip!
ERIDAN: don’t take that tuna vvoice wwith me princess

He gets pissy if she even tries telling him what to do (note his casual disregard of her wishes with a carefully placed ‘tuna’. Eridan doesn’t use fish puns as much as Feferi. He’s using it there after she told him not to specifically because he refuses to listen.  

Now, is it explicitly stated in the text that Eridan killed Feferi while merely KOing Sollux because of her rejection? No. However, I think it’s a fair reading to make. What is not a fair reading is what you’re saying up above.

‘Eridan snapped because everyone was antagonizing him’

Were they? Eridan thinks so

ERIDAN: i don’t fuckin need this from you i take enough shit as it is from the rest a your dirtscrapers

but as the conversation goes on, it seems he thinks ‘taking shit’ consists of being rejected and ignored. He is angry that no one ever visited his planet, which Karkat reasonably points out would be a terrible idea.

ERIDAN: wwhere wwas evverybody wwhy are they avvoidin me all the time
ERIDAN: wwell i wwoulda but nobody else wwas vvolunteerin to pick up the slack on angel killin duties

So while he’s ‘asking for help’ by saying other people could take over angel killing duty (although it seems Ahab’s Crosshairs is one of the few things that will damage them, so other people might not have stood a chance) he refuses to accept the much more helpful advice that he can just. Stop. Killing. Them. 

I took a brief spin through Alterniabound, but I didn’t see anyone giving him more shit than they all give each other. I can’t say the trolls tend to be particularly kind, but it’s not like it’s an Eridan-focused abuse session. His claims are very reminiscent of his dancestor:

CRONUS: the last thing my feelings need is your harsh judgment. i just cant handle that, on top of evwerything else youvwe done to me.
MEENAH: what the fuck else i done to you??
CRONUS: you ignored me

Eridan has such a big victim complex that people not being interested in him romantically (he brings up Nepeta’s lack of interest) and people refusing to hang out on his deathtrap of a planet means they’re giving him shit. He brought this upon himself, but he refuses to see that. Hope has relationship ties, and as its Prince he has done a good job of tearing his own down. Eridan’s snapping was not really traceable to one moment. It has more to do with growing up entitled and privileged and refusing to acknowledge the reshuffling of societal cards when their world has been destroyed. Eridan can’t bend, and so he breaks. He clings on to his preconceived notions of what his role and world should be - who should obey him, who should love him - and any attacks on that become an attack on him. He pig-headedly pursued his concept of the ideal seadweller, as Vriska pursued her own ideals, and so he lost any safety net of relationships he might have had. Combine that with his refusal to listen to what the angels might really have been saying - instead typecasting them into enemies that need to be destroyed - and too long trapped on a claustrophobic, stressed out meteor waiting for death… why shouldn’t the two highest bloods abandon the others and make a deal with the devil? That’s how troll society is structured already. It’s a foolish hope, since Jack wouldn’t think twice before chopping him in half, but it’s a way to assert himself as someone who’s doing something, someone grasping for any power that’s left. So it’s less a moment of snapping than the actions of a scared and messed up kid who refuses to let anyone be a good influence on him.

As for them taunting him and challenging him to a battle…

SOLLUX: 2he’2 riight, man. can’t beliieve thii2, ii wa2 lookiing forward two a nap two.

Sollux doesn’t actually want to fight Eridan. He fights him to stop him from going to Jack and leading him to the meteor. And while nasty words are exchanged, 

SOLLUX: oh GOD, iit’2 hiim.
SOLLUX: ff can you tell hiim two go away, ii don’t even have the energy for thii2.
ERIDAN: hey finless this doesn’t concern those wwith mustard sludge slippin through their vveins
ERIDAN: its a matter for royalty
ERIDAN: so keep your mouth closed or ill slit you open ovver my next meal
SOLLUX: w/e bro, not iintere2ted.

Eridan gives as good as he gets. It’s not poor baby Eridan who stood there with his lower lip wobbling and tears glittering in his iridescent amethyst eyes as mean mean Sollux and that bitch Feferi poured on the abuse. Like seriously.

I don’t understand why I have to have this argument with some regularity. I don’t understand why there’s something about Eridan that draws people out of the woodwork desperately trying to explain away his actions or talk about how he was provoked or he was not that bad. He was a kid. He was raised in a shitty environment that made him monstrous. And then he killed two friends while being willing to let the rest die too. He was sawed in half and died horrifically and no one shed a tear, but he made his fate himself. No one was holding his hand and helping him aim. Tragic backstory only gets you so far before you are responsible. 

When I first read Homestuck, I didn’t really care much about Eridan Ampora. The fandom, however, has worked diligently to make me hate him. I see plenty of posts defending him and explaining away his actions, which makes me uncomfortable, because people with his mentality exist in our world. They’re the people I have to fear. Kanaya talked to him and made him a magic wand and wanted to restore their race, and he killed her because she tried to stop him from getting away. He destroyed the matriorb in a fit of childish pique. He had no reason to, beyond that he saw Kanaya wanted to protect it. He killed a girl who had done her best - not perfectly, but she was thirteen - to rise above her cultural conditioning and to dream of (eventually literally) a better world. Feferi was young and ambitious and kind, and Eridan blasted a hole through the stomach of a girl he claimed to love and left her body to rot.

But they called him names, or whatever.