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My Imaginary Friend (Yoongi X Y/N)

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Y/N sat down on her bed throwing her shoes off. Another day of school had come to an end. Finally, Friday. She laid back and looked at the ceiling thinking.
“So today was pretty chill..thank God. Jake didn’t show up so I guess I was lucky. I just don’t understand why he hates me. No matter who I talk to they all describe him as a good and sweet guy..But when it comes to me he’s always so cruel, he just loves to see me suffer..He’s made my life a living hell.. And my mom, why doesn’t she like me? Why does she always tells me that I am a mistake? Maybe both her and Jake are right..Maybe it’s all my fault..”
She broke down, hiding her face into the pillows,she let her tears run free. It broke his heart seeing her like that. He wanted to go down there and talk to her, hug her..let her know he was there. He actually listened to everything she ever said to him.. But he couldn’t..It was against the rules. He couldn’t reveal himself.. After all his job was to protect her, like a father would, not to fall for her. But, he couldn’t deny his feelings..How he felt. He knew it was wrong, But He couldn’t stop them..He didn’t want to. After what seemed like forever Y/N had finally calmed down. The clocked striked 6 meaning, her mother would be here any minute now. Shit. She heard the door unlock and made her way downstairs. The sight was terrible, but not anything new. Her drunken mother stumbled inside,a beer bottle being held loosely in her left hand. She looked at Y/N before passing out on the couch. Y/N sighed loudly and grabbed a blanket to cover her mother. No matter how much she hated this side of her mother, she didn’t despise her as a whole. You know, she wasn’t always like but that when her dad died she changed. She started drinking and hitting Y/N.
“You’re the one to blame”
“Why do you look so much like him?”
The only things her mother would say to Y/N. They hurt. At first she didn’t let them bother her, but after a while they got to Her. But that’s when she found a best friend. She didn’t know his name, or who he was, but she knew he was there. She knew he listened to her. The one person she could trust and tell everything to. Her imaginary friend..Or was he real?
Five years have passed since that day. Y/N was now an adult and had her own job. It wasn’t anything special, she was just a waitress, but she could afford having an apartment of her own and that’s what really mattered. It was a Sunday morning and she was cleaning up her attic. Useless pieces of paper, broken necklaces, nothing special really. As she filled the third garbage bag though, her eyes fell into a white envelope.
‘Weird’ she thought to herself and curiously took over her. She opened it. A letter? She eyes scanned the tidy and beautiful handwriting as she begun to read.
“My dear Y/N,
I don’t know if you’ll ever read this and I, don’t exactly know where to place this letter but I hope one day you find it. I hope you still remember me, your friend. The one you told everything to. I remember the first time you realised I was there, with you. I’m sure you don’t even remember it. You were only two years old, such a beautiful baby girl that grew up to be such a beautiful young lady. You had thrown your doll out of your crib and I couldn’t help but give it back to you. I didn’t know how, but you had seen me. You shot me that beautiful smile of yours. Growing up, that smile seemed to be fading and ever since you entered high school you were not yourself anymore. Remember that jerk Jake? How he made you suffer? You don’t know how much I wanted to go and punch him for hurting you..but I couldn’t. It was against the rules. Whenever your mother came to the house drunk and hit you, oh how much I wanted to make her pay for what she did, but again, it was against the rules. I remember that time when you where 16, you were at your worst. Crying, having a complete break down yelling at me to show myself or to leave you alone. You told me I was making you go crazy, that you hated me. Later that night though, you whispered that you were sorry, so quietly yet, I heard it. You begged me to come there, but after a while stopped thinking I was gone. The truth is I was there all night, standing in the corner of your room watching you sleep. You don’t know how badly I wanted to come there and talk to you but I couldn’t. It was against the rules. That day I realised it was better I left, you can do so much better without me. Don’t worry, I’ll visit you once in a while, making sure you are ok. It’s my job after all.

Lot’s of love,
Your guardian angel Min Yoongi.”

Y/N was wide eyed. All the memories came back to her. All those things she had been trying to push away for so long, she could fully remember now. She remembered him. Min Yoongi? She runned and grabed her laptop. She had to find out who that guy was. After hours and hours of researching she came across an old newspaper article that read:

“May 23 2009

The 23 year old male was found dead today at his and his father’s apartment. He was fatally killed by his abusive alcoholic father. His name is said to be… Min Yoongi”

She looked for the address of the boy’s house and to her surprise she found out that, that’s…where she used to live.

  • Aoba Johsai as conversations I've heard on campus
  • Hanamaki: Did you know you swallow like 8 spiders a year.
  • Iwaizumi: Freshman year, Oikawa bought me a stuffed animal that he said looked like my dog. It was a cat?
  • Matsukawa: Gummy bears were on sale for 90 cents so I bought 20 packs.
  • Kindaichi: I got a salad every day this week but haven't even eaten one.
  • Kunimi: I'm allergic to gluten, but the main line today looks good. I'm going to eat it; I'm dying anyways.
  • Watari: I start discourse on Yik Yak.
  • Yahaba: I don't know why I agreed to walk to the graveyard with you at 10:30 PM.
  • Oikawa: He just walks into the bathroom and starts talking to you. He lives on the first floor why does he come to the third floor bathroom to start a conversation?
  • Kyoutani: I skipped class today but it turns out my professor canceled it anyways.
excuse me while i put myself in a corner and cry into my blanket;

am i the only one who teared up for yuri’s program, not because it was beautiful or astounding like how the audience is seeing it, but because he just did.not.get agape, did not understand why vik chose this for him? while others saw it as beautiful and flawless, we saw from today’s episode that he has heavy internal conflict and it looks like he truly doesn’t understand who/what he’s skating for. he was so focused on success and winning that he screwed up a bit there? he was mentally begging for the routine to end soon, so he could get over it and reach his goal–he did not enjoy that skate at all. i’m thinking yuri just does figure skating because he’s good at it but my guess is he doesn’t really like others’ attention and praises–because they don’t understand *him*, they just see him as this great figure skater. he finished with such an agonizing expression but then turned around and faced the audience with that confident smile, whether it be fake or real (i vote for the former). fuck. fuck this fuck me this show is capturing the teenage turmoils so well. or maybe im just projecting me onto him

edit: and i believe that’s the main difference between yuuri and yuri’s routines. yuuri knows exactly who/what he’s skating for and he’s confident in that. he’s found an emotional connection and reason in his skating whereas yuri still needs to work and mature on that aspect–he needs to find a reason for himself. what’s a song without soul, right?

Rejoice in your situation

When adversity comes your way,  its easy to succumb to disappointment and disbelief. Hardship occurs in all our lives whether it could be as small as losing a close friend ,financial difficulty or a downfall in school which leads you to undervalue your self worth. Every circumstance (whether good or bad) that we face is by the will of God.- This is so hard to comprehend. Why does God allow us to face misfortune? The situation you find yourself in today would have been prevented if it wasn’t God’s will. So today I encourage you to rejoice. If you’ve put your trust and faith in God you will know that in all things God works  for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28).

Our troubles don’t define us but how we handle them does. Look to God for he knows the plans he has for you! Plans to give you a future and a hope!

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! (Philippians 4:4)

-Josie x

lacrosse practice - Liam Dunbar

(Inspired by Liam vs. Hayden S5xE6)

“Hey Y/N, wait up!” Liam jogged over to me. It was the second week of school and already the Lacrosse boys were getting ready for the spring season, which is probably why he was walking with me too the field.
“Yes Liam?” I asked.
“Let’s have a contest” he held his lacrosse stick tightly and looked at me. I glanced at my soccer gear and raised an eyebrow. “We’re just shooting today, so let’s see who scores the most.” Liam playing lacrosse was something I couldn’t turn down. He just looked good while playing.
“And what does the winner get?” I asked, smiling.
“Well, that’ll be for the winner to decide. Yes or no?” Liam chuckled.
“You’re on Li” we parted and I put on my shin guards and cleats as Liam got warmed up. Never in my life had I turned down a contest or bet with Liam, and I wasn’t about to start now.


During the course of practice, I missed a few goals, and so did Liam. I was just hoping I’d won, because losing to Liam was not something I liked. “So Y/N, did you see my amazing skills” he flexed and smirked.
“Did you see mine?” I smirked.
“Oh yeah I loved the one where you nearly hit Mason” he rolled his eyes. “How many goals?”
“I got 24” I proudly said. It was practice but still.
“Ooh looks like I beat you this time, I had 35” he smirked. My jaw dropped, had he really gotten so many?!
“Okay Mr. 35, what am I doing today? Learning Lacrosse? Running across the field while singing a Hannah Montana song?” I sourly said. It was rare for me to lose to Liam.
“Nah, I got something better. You’re going to close your eyes” I closed my eyes, listening to Liam. “And tell me if you feel uncomfortable, or want me too stop” he whispered. Seconds later I felt Liam’s lips pressed against mine, and I knew then, I’d also won today.

Character: Liam
Sentence: “What did you do?”                                                     Request

“Hey, you look extra nice today. Did you do something new with your hair?”

“I put it up.” Puzzled, you stared at the freshman across the table, happily biting down on his hamburger. Since when does he ever notice anything? He’s a guy after all, you love him but sometimes the frustration of his obliviousness makes you forget a little bit why you like him so much. Which only left one thing, he was up to something no good.

“What did you do Liam?”


“You’re here trying to butter me up because you need my help with something. So what did you do this time?” 

“I uh, maybe, by totally no fault mine…”

“Spit it out Dunbar.”

“I rammed into coache’s car and I need you to distract him for me.” Oh boy, he even worked in the kicked puppy eyes.

“Okay, fine. But you owe me.”


Why does he have to be so fucking hot. Like OMG 😫😫😫 @officialr5
“My hair looks really good today.”
“Oh gosh.”

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okay but why does Suho looked like hes giving his blessing with the gift and congratulating his son on their marriage?

and looked how happy baek is holding the flower and that stares by his husband bandmates chanyeol.

“Im so happy for this moment. I was waiting for this moment to be alive. I hope their marriage will be bless by the whole #chanbaek stans that gathered here today, along with exo members. The only sad thing is that their father wasnt able to attend this wedding but he send his wishes towards the newlyweds. Take good care of my Baekkie, Chanyeol-ah. Once again, congratulations. Slow down on the booze and dontborrowmycondomchanyeolineedthemwhenyourfathercomes hahaha have a happy life together.”