why does he look so fab all he's doing is sitting down with his eyes closed

Brawling Love Part 12

Summary: Bucky and the reader get handcuffed together to “work out their differences” according to Natasha and Clint.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: probs swearing (what’s new lmao)

A/N: I’m writing this, doing school work and watching Political Animals all at the same time lord help meh.

With the new found information, you stand dumbfounded as you stared at your door in which Bucky had just left through. You let out a frustrated sigh and sat on your bed with your head in your hands. Bucky liked you back and you screw it up.

“Just once, can something go right in my life?” you groan loudly.

“Why not left?” A voice says from your open bedroom. You look up seeing Tony leaning against the door frame.

“What do you want?” you grumble.

“To talk about what everyone just heard.” he replied, walking in with his hands stuffed in his pockets.

“Everyone heard?” you say.

“Yup.” he nods, sitting down beside you. “You both weren’t exactly quiet.”

You let out another groan. “Great.”

Tony inhales. “Listen kid, Bucky is an idiot. He’s insufferable, annoying, rude and downright obnoxious but he does like you. He genuinely likes you, believe me. He literally threatened to kill us if we teased him about his crush on you. Yes, the way he went about it was stupid. He called you names, said mean things about you but that was because he didn’t know that he liked you. He wasn’t accepting it but when he did, that’s when all of this comes into play.

“After he realized he liked you, he tried everything he could to get you to stay away from Ben because he wanted a chance with you. That and I told him to keep you from Ben because I just don’t like the guy. He thinks he’s better than me and he gives me a bad vibe.” you chuckle at the last part, shaking your head.

“What do I do? I didn’t say anything when he told me he liked me and that’s when he ran off.” you sigh. “I fucked up big time, didn’t I? Oh god he probably thinks I don’t like him back but I do. I’ve liked him for as long as I can remember I just-”

“I’m gonna stop you right there, sugar plum.” Tony says. “You shouldn’t be telling this stuff to me, you should be telling this stuff to Bucky.”

“What if he doesn’t want to talk to me right now?” you question as you fiddle with your fingers.

Tony pauses. “Wait a day.” you nod and Tony pats your shoulder. “Alrighty, good talk kid, we’ll be in touch.”

You chuckle at his words as he exits your room, leaving you to think of the many ways you could fix things with Bucky.

She didn’t say a word after Bucky confessed his liking towards her. Not a fucking word. It took everything in him, every ounce of courage to actually admit he liked her and she said nothing.

Bucky locked himself in his room right after the embarrassment he caused himself with Y/N. How could he be so stupid? Of course you’d choose Ben over him. Ben didn’t constantly argue with her, Ben didn’t make fun of her, he didn’t say mean things about her. Bucky did though.

“Oh my fucking god.” he groaned, stuffing his face in a pillow.

“Language.” a voice says and Bucky looks up, seeing Steve at the door.

“How’d you get in?” he questioned as he sat up.

“I had Friday unlock your door. Don’t worry, I won’t do it again, I just had to come talk to you.” Steve reassured.

“Talk to me about what?” Bucky played clueless.

“I think you know.” Steve gave him a tight smile.

“Everyone heard, didn’t they?” Bucky sighed as he closed his eyes.

“You two weren’t exactly the quietest.” Steve responded as he sat next to his best friend. Bucky held his head in his hands. “Listen Buck, things happen for a reason.”

“She didn’t say anything. She just stared at me.” Bucky says. “What are you trying to say? That I won’t get a chance with her because she likes Ben?”

“I never said that Bucky-”

“Yeah but you implied it.” he cuts him off. Steve lets out a sigh. “If you’re here to tell me to move on, you’re wasting your time. I’ll stop trying with her, she obviously chose Ben over me.”

“Bucky that’s not what I was saying. This is just a small bump in the road.” Steve says but he had already pissed Bucky off.

“Leave me alone.”

Steve looked at his best friend and frowned before walking over to the door. He grabbed the handle and pulled the door open before saying, “If you truly like her like you say you do, you wouldn’t stop trying.” and with that, he left.

A/N: Sorry it’s so short :( this was like a lil filler, I hope you liked it though.



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Kitty Troupe ( Cat Phantom Troupe)

I…I have no words. This just happened.

I guess it relates to this

Originally posted by menpale

Uvo- Holy fuck, Uvo would be the type of cat that thinks he’s a big dog. Push him on his back? Play time with human! Fetch? He loves that shit! Not to mention he’s huge and furry as hell. If he as much as brushes against you you will be covered in hair, period. It’s best if you don’t own any dark colors because he is pretty damn affectionate. 

Originally posted by misterjakes

 Kortopi- Smol fluffy munchkin. So fluffy that you can only see his one eye. He’d probs be one of the chillest cats ever and shows affection in his own special way; he’ll follow you everywhere and fucking LOVES being held and carried around ( he likes to feel tall). He does has a tendency to watch you while you sleep so when you wake up you get an eyeful of grey fluff. Kortopi won’t even use his claws on you, he aggressively pats you

Originally posted by mara-sarah-lucy-audrey

 Kalluto- Little. Black. Kitten. Would always bring you back little dead things foe his dearest human, extremely loyal and craves attention from you even if he doesn’t show it. This little guy barely ever makes any noise and it does tend to put some people off but he’s a good cat Ok? 

Originally posted by wildvampirequeen

 Feitan- Small angry runt. Don’t fuckin touch me me human I’ll bite your face off. He’s the type of cat that seems chill but is actually the biggest asshole ever. Once Feitan gets attached to you he’ll show affection by not hissing at you for being in the same room as him, sleeping on your face, covering your lap in fur ( purring while doing so) and allowing you to pet him. 

Originally posted by giphy

 Phinks- Hands down the problematic fave. Don’t get me wrong he adores his human but he also loves being an asshole for no reason at all. Oh, are you drinking from that cup? it be a shame if I ….knock it over. Human, why is your door closed and why are you not letting me in? OK I’ll just sing the songs of my people until you let me in. Not to mention he’ be a nosy little shit too, reading a book human? I’m gonna rub my face all over it. 

Originally posted by scarygifss

 Chrollo- He’d be a witch’s companion tbh. Nah but really he’d be an amazing cat. Totally cool with you petting him. He has a tendency to be a little protective of you and follows you around everywhere. Where are you going human? Can I come with you? I’m coming with you. He’s both an outdoor and indoor cat so he will follow. Hella smart, he knows how to open doors and break into cabinets ( which lead you to put baby locks on them but holy freaking walnuts he can open those too). He also is the worlds pickiest cat when it comes to his food; he won’t settle for generic dry kibble, nope, he’ll only eat the fancy canned food that’s $5.00 a tin.

Originally posted by caryncanfly

Hisoka-Remember how Phinks was the problematic fave? Hisoka would just be a problem. Human, it’s 4 AM! Time to feed me! Pet me human so I can bite and claw the crap out of you! Those are some nice white slacks you got there, they’ll look even better once I get my cherry red fur all over them. Are you getting up to pee human? Allow me to grace your lap with my superior presence and attack you if you attempt  to move. 

Originally posted by cat-gif-blog

Shalnark- Oh goooood, this little angelic looking furball. I can’t see him as anything other than a Scottish Fold. He’d be one of those cats you see all over the internet because he is just so damn cute. Shalnark i also the type of cat that is super cuddly with his human but is literally the biggest asshole to anyone else. Shal would probably be spoiled as hell too and be pretty smart, up there with Chrollo. The worst thing he would do to his human would be along the lines of I like that rag you’re using to clean off the table I’m going to claw the shit out of it. And Jesus Christ when he wants attention he will get it no matter what. Shalnark is not above climbing up your leg. But yeah he hella cute.

Originally posted by etherealesthetics

Pakunoda- Classiest cat ever, looks fab no matter what. I have a feeling that if you’re under 18 she will treat you like her kitten no matter what. Human, I brought you a dead bird, eat it. That’s not how you properly groom yourself, you use your tongue, human. OK Jesus Christ just let me do it. You might want to keep your door closed at night because she will properly groom your head  whether you like it or not. Believe me you do not want to wake up with Paku victoriously napping at your feet and oily ass hair.

Originally posted by vans-medina

She’ll act like she hates you but she ain’t fooling anyone she loves you. Oh, it’s just a coincidence I’m in the same room as you 97% of the time. I’m not sleeping on your head willingly, your giant head is just on my pillow and I’m too tired to claw you. I brought you this dead bird because you need proper fucking nutrition you stupid human-kitten not because it signifies my loyalty to you.

Originally posted by gifak-net

Nobunaga- This fucking dork. He doesn’t bring his human back dead thing he brings back sponges. He’s a good cat though, really, but he will try to drink some of your booze so watch out for that.

Originally posted by absintheandroses

Shizuku- She’s the type of cat that walks into a room, stars at seemingly nothing for an extended amount of time, and then walks out. You think it’s because of some ghost or some other spooky stuff but in actuality she just walks in, forgets what she came in for, and them leaves  to go back to what she was doing before.

Originally posted by volimte-iskreno

Bonolenov- I really don’t have much to say about him except he’d probably be a Sphynx and he’d love it when his human plays classical music or some shit with the flute.

Originally posted by caterville

Franklin- Props to this guy for being the chillest cat ever. The literal definition of chill but he doesn’t sit on laps because the last time he did he nearly crushed you so now he takes to sitting besides you. 

A Girl Like Her Thanksgiving

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Plus Size!Reader

A/n: This is part of a Girl Like Her holiday series I have coming up.  I just can’t let this story go.  Pure fluff hope you like it!  Want me to write more side stories like this for the GLH series send me an ask!

A Girl Like Her Masterlist / Relapse (sequel to A Girl Like Her) Masterlis

You were in your office going over your checklist for thanksgiving.   You were hosting thanksgiving at your and Bucky’s place this year.  It would be your first time having thanksgiving together and as you were hosting, everything had to be perfect.

You were going through the list for a fourth time when a knock on your door interrupted you.  Bucky’s grinning face peeked around the door, you meet his eye and give him a smile.  Which he takes as an invitation to come in.  Walking around your desk, he turns your desk chair to face him and kisses your lips making you hum in delight.

His lips leave yours to kiss your forehead before he makes his way to the other side on your desk, plopping down on the brown leather chair usually reserved for guests.  Bucky thought briefly about placing his legs on your desk, but thought better of it. He needed you in a good mood if he would get his way.

“Angel how much do you love me?”  He asks giving you a smile.   You look up at him narrowing your eyes, you knew him well enough to know that meant he wanted something.  Something you knew, he knew, you wouldn’t want to give him easily.   

“I love you very much. What do you want?”  You say grinning at him and giving him a knowing look.  Bucky tipped his head back a let out a groan.  He knew you would see through him, you always do.

Giving you a smirk he leaned forward placing his elbows on your desk holding his head in his hands.  You try to hide your smirk.  This must be something big, he was trying his hardest to make himself look as cute as possible. “Sweetheart, I was hoping I could help you with Thanksgiving dinner.  I was hoping you would let me, Steve, and Sam handle the turkey.”

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My Romanian Fiance

Here is part six to the “My Romanian” series.

Read My Romanian Best Friend
Read My Romanian Confidant
Read My Romanian Roommate
Read My Romanian Boyfriend

Words: 1168

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, send me an ask.

           You had been gone for three weeks doing press for the new season of your show. You didn’t mind it, really. But you hated being away from Sebastian. He was working on his own stuff, so the two of you were apart.

           Facetiming again became your means of communication. You didn’t like not being with him, but at least you got to see his face and talk to him.

           “Hey, Beautiful,” Sebastian smiled when the two of you pulled up your Facetime on your phones.

           “Hey,” you smiled at him, “How are you?”

           “I miss you, but I’m doing good,” he said.

           “I miss you too,” you sighed, “I can’t wait to be back with you.”

           “Just a little while longer and we’ll be together again,” he said, “Think you can make it?” he teased.

           “I’ll do my best.”

           “That’s my girl.”

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General Hux Project: Reference Gathering

The other major starting point for Hux (and all costumes in which there is more then one image) is to collect reference photos like they’re going out of style. Hux, asshole that he is, is one of the few costumes not part of the touring Star Wars costumes that were at the celebration. So while tons of pictures exist of Rey, Kylo, Poe, etc costumes on the dress forms at the Celebration…no first order costumes at all were there. Hux is not in a ton of scenes, annddd they’re wearing black clothing, on a black darkly lit ship *head desk* so let the fun begin! 

Some of this came from watching the movie again with the express reason of looking for Hux details, others from the lovely people at the RPF and Imperial Order (RPF is a great place to look for info and ref photos for costumes from movies). I mentioned fabrics in my last post, so this is all the sewing details of it.

So follow this way for tons of ref’s and detail notes on his outfit!

EDIT: Updating as movie is released and more details become visable with HD and behind the scenes. 

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