why does he know it's a bad place to hide from jade

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If someone were to write a demonstuck fic, what would be somethings that one would need to put in the fic?

it would depend on how deep you want it to be, like if you just wanted little one shots or a whole novel lmfao. i have the whole story in my head im just not in a writing mood lately? but if someone felt like writing a fic of it, there’s generally just a few things to follow event wise. 

the plan i have for it is under the read more if you dont want spoilers!

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Sampling the Merchandise

So this post just came across the bestie’s dash and I couldn’t help myself.  Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies.

“I just saw a thing on fb like ‘does somebody wanna be fake engaged to me for like 2 hours to try free wedding cake samples’ and im just…….. imagine your otp”

[read it on AO3]

Bellamy’s scrolled through his Twitter timeline six times and has checked his news feed twice and he’s not sure why he’s doing this to himself.  The plethora of Valentine’s Day selfies and proclamations of love are making him sick to his stomach.  But then, maybe that’s his fault.  After all, he is the one who decided to break up with his girlfriend a week before the big V-day.  The box of chocolates he bought her and the massage parlor certificate are still sitting in his bedside table drawer.  He’d considered giving them to Octavia but that felt cheap somehow.  Instead, now he just stares that them every night before he goes to sleep.  It’s definitely not healthy.

He just sighs and clicks back into Facebook.  Refreshes the page.  Freezes.  Then refreshes again, leaning in closer to his computer, eyes squinting.

Clarke Griffin: who wants to be my fake fiance for the day for free wedding cake samples? (p.s. I’m only half joking)

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moments between yesterday and tomorrow PART 32

Two years rush by, a steady stream of days trickling past like sand through an hourglass. 

You grow into loving John. It becomes as much a part of you as your hideous blood color, with all if the same consequences besides. A truth that always is and always will be, one which will remind you of its existence like a punch to the gut ever so often —before settling into its old familiar ache again.

Your friendship flourishes and the two of you settle comfortably back into old habits, long evenings of running through the park and rolling around in the grass with sunlight dapples gliding across your skin until you come back home filthy and bruised and so fucking alive you could scream with exhilaration. 

Although little things do change, now that they get caught and snag on the web of thorns that is the social hierarchy of high school. Biting John is one of those things; you make sure to nip him where it won’t show. John learns to be careful of how he talks about you to others -even though you suspect he doesn’t wholly understand why he shouldn’t, just that he somehow recognises you both don’t match the bigger picture. Despite that you become John-and-Karkat in school - or johnkat, like Dave says, because he’s a lazy sack of shit and it’s faster.

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