why does he have scratches on his chest :(

Saeran Fanfiction #5: Calculus Sucks

A/N: Wrote this as a smol pick-me-up for @dancingchestnut, my smol bean lover @saerans-ri (omgomgomg our r/s is public now 😂😂😂) and other people who might be having exams/dealing with a lot of exam stress!! This is like, such a big throw-back to my life last year lmao. Hope you enjoy~ 

Calculus sucks. 

You run your fingers through your hair again, chewing at your bottom lip as you frown at the particularly difficult question on the practice paper you’re doing. How many questions does that make, exactly? You’ve already skipped a ton of them and you’re not even halfway through the darn thing. 

You glance over at the hopelessly tall stack of notes on the table, and dread fills you immediately. The frustration that has been gnawing away at you for the past half hour begins to bubble up in your chest.

With a groan, you throw down your pen, and in the process the inky tip skids across the page that you were reading. Great. As if the dizzying, hypnotic mess of words haven’t been difficult enough to digest already. Squeezing your eyes shut, you lean back in your chair, letting your head swing back.

You need a break. A yawn escapes you and you’re reminded once again of the bitter fact that you only had a measly few hours of sleep the night before because you had so much left to finish.

What you need is a nap. A long, uninterrupted nap. A permanent one doesn’t too bad to you at this point, actually. 

You just want a break.

“Wow. 8cm, huh.”

Your eyes fly open at the sound of someone’s voice, and you find yourself staring up into the face of a certain redhead standing over you. He has an amused smirk playing on his lips at the moment, clearly pleased that he managed to give you a near heart attack. You wonder how long he’s been there for.

You feel your insides melt a little as a moment passes where you’re a little too dumbfounded to speak. That smirk and adorable dimple below the corner of his cheek always makes you go weak in the knees, it’s unfair. 

Snapping up into an upright sitting position, you spin around your chair to send him a glower. 

“Geez Saeran, don’t scare me like that,” you say with a groan. “And what are you talking about? What’s ‘8cm’?”

“You have a pretty big mouth,” he answers, smirk deepening. “Does your mouth always stretch that wide when you yawn?” 

Okay. Forget mushy insides. 

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I just wanna talk about this picture for a minute .. I know it’s from the deleted scene from when Ian goes to visit mickey in jail in 6x01 and he goes and has sex with some random guy in a jail cell after Ian’s visit. But can we talk about the blood on his shirt ? We know mickey showed Ian his “Ian galager” tattoo on his chest. So what I want to know is did mickey get so frustrated after seeing Ian and knowing Ian was lying to him about waiting for him once he got out that mickey did something to the tattoo? Was he just scratching it because it was itchy? WHY IS THERE BLOOD ON THE SHIRT OVER THE TATTOO. WHAT HAPPENED, this is the stuff that shouldn’t be deleted and should be shown in the show. I NEED ANSWERS . Does he still have this tattoo on his chest or did he get it covered up??? Also mickey looks hot as fuck in this.
That’s it , goodbye

|| bittersweet ||

{summary: “everything i do is bittersweet.”}

[hanahaki disease au, where when you suffer from an unrequited love, you cough up flower petals.]

this is my first ever time writing for archie andrews from riverdale. i hope this goes well [♥]

if you want more riverdale imagines, let me know in an ask haha bc I have no idea how you readers would feel about this story

permanent tags: @ghostedwolf

warnings: angst with slight fluff

**please don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine**


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Your Savior - 5

I am so sorry that this took so long to get out! I am finally over my stomach virus and was able to get this done today!
Thank you as always for taking the time to read the nonsense that I have created in my head!
I had an absolute blast writing this chapter! It did stretch a little longer than I expected, but I really wanted to portray this part well. I hope I have managed to do that! 

Link to Chapter 4


Mentions of rape, swearing, violence, gore

Chapter 5

“Thomas! Bill! Get your sorry asses over here now!”

You heard the shuffling of feet in the dirt as the two men hastened to obey their given command. “Yes Boss? What can we do for ya?” Tommy answered, stopping a few feet from you and your companion. You chanced a glance up at the two men from your position on the ground. Tommy looked as cool as a cucumber, no trace of worry reflecting on his features. Bill, on the other hand, was shooting nervous glances between you, Tommy, and the man with the bat.

“On your knees. Now.” His voice was cool, but his eyes flashed darkly. His presence commanded authority, and the vibes rolling off of him sent chills down your spine, causing the hairs on the back of your neck to raise up.

“Sir?” Tommy questioned, slowly moving to his knees. “Is there a problem? ‘Cause I sure….”

SPEAK ONLY WHEN YOU ARE SPOKEN TO!” The man roared at him, bringing forth absolute silence from the entire crowd. He turned and looked down at you and extended a leather-clad hand. “C'mon Doll, there’s no reason for you to be down in the dirt.”

You stared at his hand for moment, before looking up to his face. The fury that had been etched there mere seconds before had been replaced with gentleness and compassion. You gingerly took his hand and slowly rose to your feet, taking a deep composing breath before turning to face your attackers keeping yourself positioned just behind his comforting presence.

“Now boys, we seem to have ourselves one hell of a goddamn dilemma here, and I just cannot have that.” He began pacing in front of the two men, swinging “Luillce” absentmindedly. “For things to keep running as smoothly as they have been around here, I need reso-fucking-lution, and I need it now.” He made his way back to you, wrapping his arm around your shoulders, causing you to flinch unconsciously. “Now, this little lady here, well she’s had a bad fucking week. While she was out minding her own business, just trying to survive in this fucked up world, two…” he struggled a moment to come up with the right words, “COWARDLY BASTARD-ASS SONS-OF-BITCHES, ATTACKED her, RAPED her, STABBED her, and left her for dead.” Hearing your story broadcast to all of his people, all of those strangers, brought hot shame to your face and tears to your eyes. You hung your head low, refusing to look at the crowd. What must they think of me? To be in this world and not even be able to defend myself against two men. How stupid!

“Well that’s terrible Boss! What can we…” Tommy began.

DID I TELL YOU TO FUCKING SPEAK?!?!” He roared and waited for Tommy to silently shake his head before taking a breath and continuing on, resuming his pacing. “Now that would be problem enough boys, but it just gets worse from there. You see, being goddamn smart, and bad-fucking-ass, not to mention tough as HELL, this little thing here took the knife that she had been stabbed with OUT OF HER OWN FUCKING SIDE to fight back and managed to escape.” You heard several murmurs from the crowd after this, but it didn’t take long for a tense silence to once again take over.

He knelt down in front of Tommy and Bill. “Now, do you want to hear the really interesting part? I’ll bet you’re just dying to hear it.” He was obviously enjoying himself, he was grinning dangerously and even snuck his tongue out from between his pearly white teeth to lick his bottom lip. “The knife that was used to attack her, do you want to guess who it belongs to? Go ahead, take a guess.” Tension hung in the air, hot and heavy. It was a rhetorical question, but still he sat inches from the two men as if actually waiting for an answer. “It belongs to ME.” He said darkly, pulling it from the dirt to show it to the men. “See? It has my girl Lucille on it, and I do believe that you have a knife checked out from the inventory that I don’t happen to see on you right now. Now how in the holy fuck did that happen?”

Tommy had finally started to show some signs of stress, you could see sweat building up on his forehead, and his voice had lost that confident swagger. “Well sir, here’s the thing, a few days ago Bill and I were out scavenging and I, well I lost it, I knew you’d be mad so I didn’t say anything. I’ve been hoping to find or replace it…”

“You…lost it?” He asked incredulously. “That’s what you’re gonna go with? Goddamn, I knew you weren’t smart but holy hell. Alright.” He was rubbing his scruff as he got to his feet, obviously feigning thought. “You know what else I find really interesting about her story? Out of this whole camp, ALL of the men here, she managed to pick YOU two sorry sons-of-bitches out of the crowd. If you ask me that’s pretty fucking interesting. Now why would she do that? Why you two?“ He looked at the two men with a raised eyebrow, waiting for an answer.

“I-I don’t know Boss. Maybe she’s just confused? After something like that I’d imagine the thoughts in your head get a little fuzzy.” You snapped your head up to stare incredulously at Tommy, rage building up inside of you.

“How fucking dare you!” You spat at him, meeting his eyes for the first time without fear. The man in the leather jacket’s presence the only thing keeping you from leaping at him and clawing his eyes out.

“Easy there darlin’, easy!” He chuckled, walking back toward you. “Thomas, I’d be careful if I was you, she looks pretty damn pissed off.” He said over his shoulder to Tommy. “Now sweetheart, he does have a point.” You snapped your head to glare at him as he began pacing and rubbing his face again. What?!?! “How can I take just your word that these two men, MY two men attacked you? I’ve known them for a long time now, and you and I just met. How do I know that you AREN’T just confused, or lying. Maybe Thomas here DID lose his knife and someone else happened to pick it up and THEY attacked you instead of my guys.”

Your chest heaved and your voice shook as you answered him, you were so furious you could barely breath. “It was them. I know it was them. I will NEVER forget what they look like. Why does he have a scratched face, then huh? It’s because I cut him trying to escape! Bill too, on his right forearm!” Does he seriously not believe me? After all of this?

“Well that’s a fair fucking question! Thomas? Bill?” The man replied gleefully, waiting for an answer.

“These are from a bird. A hawk or some shit. We startled it in the woods. It flew up and attacked us.“ Tommy answered smoothly, obviously having thought of this answer before.

“A, bird?” The man asked. “Fuck, well sure.” He rubbed his eyes wearily before looking again to you.

“My pack! If they are as dumb as they look they actually brought it back with them. It’s khaki canvas, and I can list every supply inside of it, including a picture of my and my sister!” Explain your way out of that one asshole!

The man sighed, turning to Simon, who immediately walked away, returning after just a minute or two with a clipboard full of papers. “Well sir, it does say here that last week Bill and Thomas checked in a khaki canvas bag. Supplies include…”

“Don’t bother Simon. Thomas? Bill? Want to explain that?”

“We, we found it.” Stuttered Bill, finally speaking. “It was abandoned out on Old Mill Rd, where we were scouting.”

Goddamn it. I can’t do this anymore. You looked away and stifled back a sob. They can’t get away with this! Your savior saw your reaction and came over to you, gently pulling your chin back to look at his face. “I believe you doll, I do.” He whispered too quietly for anyone to hear.

“Then why are we doing this?” You cried quietly. “If they aren’t going to stand trial or something then just let me leave! I can’t stay here with them!”

“Oh sweetheart, this is the only fucking trial they’ll get. Around here I am the judge, jury, and goddamn executioner. But I can’t just have strangers coming into my camp accusing my people of things. I need THEM to believe you too.” He whispered nodding his head toward the crowd. “Just give me SOMETHING to give to them.”

It makes sense. He has to lead these people. You turned to Tommy and Bill and stared directly into their faces. Tommy had started to smirk, thinking that they were going to get off scott free. He even winked at you cockily. Your veins filled with ice, you closed your eyes but his face was still there. This time above you, panting. No matter how hard you fought…Your head snapped up, and your eyes locked with Tommy’s. This time, you were the one to smirk.

“I bit him.” Tommy’s smile faltered as soon as the words left your lips. “On his right shoulder, around the collarbone. I drew blood, there should be a mark.”

The man sauntered over to Tommy, and pulled the collar of his shirt down, exposing an angry-looking bite wound. He clicked his tongue. “Well Thomas, I just don’t think you’re going to have an excuse for this one. Do you mean to tell me, that two grown, healthy, well-fed, well-trained men were outsmarted and overpowered by this little hellcat here?” He laughed, pointing the barbed-wire-covered end of the bat at you. “Well now, that’s just downright embarrassing! You two should be ashamed of yourselves!”

Tommy began stuttering nervously. “She-she wanted it! She begged us for it! I don’t know what happened to her after we left but..”


Your mouth flew open in shock as he brought “Lucille” down brutally on Tommy’s head, cracking his skull open and spraying blood everywhere. You heard several screams from the crowd around you. “You lying sack of shit!” He raged. “How DARE you! You. Don’t. Deserve. To. Live!” Brutal swings punctuated his every word. He was a man possessed, continuing to beat Tommy’s head well after he was dead, leaving only an unrecognizable bloody pile of brains and skull fragments.

You stared at the pile with a hand over your open mouth. He deserved it, he was a terrible person. If hurt you, he would hurt others. The brutality of what you had just witnessed shook you to your core. In all the ways you had pictured Tommy getting his retribution, you had never pictured…this.

“Goddamn I love the smell of justice in the morning!” The man crowed, swinging a now blood-soaked Lucille, spraying blood in an arc in the dirt. He walked back over to you, a swagger in his step, slightly breathless and asked, “How was that darlin’? Everything you’ve ever dreamed of?” He reached a hand toward your face, which you immediately flinched away from.

"Hey.” He said softly. “Hey!” He said with slightly more urgency this time. You finally looked up, studying his face. It was flushed from the effort of swinging the bat, but behind the exuberant glow in his eyes, confusion and concern was growing. “Aw shit. I fucking scared you. Listen doll, I can’t lie and say that I didn’t enjoy the hell out of that. Thomas, well he deserved to die for what he did to you.”

You looked down, overwhelmed by the emotions running through your head. “What I CAN tell you,” he began, reaching again for your face, but stopping just before touching you to allow you to decide to accept it or not. After a few seconds you leaned your face into his ungloved hand, feeling the rough skin of his fingers gently caress your face before lightly tilting your face up to his again. “Is that I would NEVER hurt you, or let anyone else ever hurt you EVER again.” He promised in his low, gravely voice.

Warmth flooded your chest, and a few silent tears ran down your cheek before being wiped away by his thumb. You smiled lightly before glancing at Bill. “What happens to him?” You asked quietly.

"Well, he does still need to be fucking punished.” He started slowly, as he pressed Lucille’s handle into your open palm.

You backed away in shock, staring at the bloody weapon in your hand. “Me?!?!” You looked at Bill, your heart racing. “I-I can’t. I’m not, it should…” you stuttered, heart racing, trying to hand the Lucille back to him.

"You’re not what, doll? Strong? Well we know that that’s not fucking true! You CAN do this! You SHOULD do this!” He leaned in closer to you, whispering in your ear, sending shivers instead of fear down your spine, “you know you want to, even if you aren’t ready to admit it to yourself yet. I’m giving you the opportunity to make. Him. Pay. Embrace the anger, the fear, and use it so you can move on.”

Your grip tightened slightly on the wooden handle, and you looked at Bill, still on his knees in the dirt beside Tommy’s remains. You remembered his hands on your arms, holding you down as you screamed, his breath hot and needy in your ear while Tommy violated you. Your face hardened and you took a step toward him.

"Wait! Wait! Boss, listen!” Bill plead. “I get why ya had to cap Tommy, I do! We don’t rape, that’s one of your biggest rules!” He looked nervously between you and the man behind you. “But, listen! I never raped her! It was all Tommy, I swear!”

“But you would have.” You replied quietly, feeling the tension in the air. “While you were holding me down for him, you BEGGED him to hurry so that you could ‘have a turn’. And if I hadn’t escaped you absolutely would have taken your turn.” Your heart buzzed in your ears and you panted slightly. You turned to look at the man standing behind you, asking for permission to continue. He nodded, silently granting your request.

“Please, wait…” stammered Bill.

You tightened your grip on the wooden handle and cooly stared Bill down. You walked toward him slowly, like a lioness on the hunt. His fear was intoxicating. Once it had been you pleading with him, and now he was entirely at your mercy. You could understand now why your savior had enjoyed killing Tommy. You drank Bill’s fear like sweet nectar, feeling emblazoned with every step you took toward him, lightning crackling through your veins.

“Don’t worry baby.” You cooed at him. “It’ll only hurt if you struggle. But honestly, I kind of hope you do. I like it better that way.” You were able to enjoy one last moment of his fear as you repeated his own words back at him, before you brought “Lucille” down onto his skull with a bone-cracking swing.

************************************************** Aaahhhh! Sweet, sweet justice! I’ve been dying to dole out what Bill and Thomas had coming to them since Chapter 1!

Thank you again for all of the support! I love you all and wouldn’t be confident enough to keep writing without all of your lovely feedback! I’m always open for comments, asks, anything!

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senator!Ben and jedi!Rey smutty one-shot

TITLE: Protect Me From What I Want 

CHAPTER NUMBER: 1/1 (Oneshot)

RATING: M, for sexual content 

GENRE(S): Reylo; angst, romance, sexual tension, fluff and smut 

WORDS: 2000

SUMMARY: In the years after Darth Vader’s Jedi purge, Luke Skywalker has created a new Jedi Order to help council the Republic, which is on the brink of intergalactic war with the First Order, and maintain peace. Rey and Ben grew up together, since Luke adopted Rey, saving her from the backwater planet, Jakku. Rey decided to join his ranks at eighteen after discovering she is a descendant of Obi-wan Kenobi himself. Ben Organa-Skywalker has risen as one of the Senate’s most promising junior senators, taking after his mother and grandmother before him. Ben and Rey haven’t seen each other in years until she is assigned to be his body guard.

NOTES/WARNINGS: Inspired by Placebo’s song “Protège-moi” (Protect me) and @reyloporn‘s art prompt, which can be found here.

If you want, you can read it on AO3 here. If not, continue below! 

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Michael Clifford Imagine → Mr. Badass Don't Be Shy Part 5

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Request: Yes

Word Count: 2.410

A.N.: I’m glad y’all like Mr. Badass so much! I decided to turn it into a little fanfiction with around 10 chapters maybe. It always depends on the notes and your feeback.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

“What I wanted to tell you earlier. I think…I think I’ve fallen for you.”

My eyes widened. I couldn’t quite believe the words that came out of Michael’s mouth only seconds ago. “You…you what?” Was the only thing I managed to get out of my mouth. Michael’s face turned a shade darker. The faint red tone embraced his cheeks and nose. He inhaled deeply before he repeated himself. “(Y/N) I think I fell for you.” He said. “No, actually I don’t ‘think’, I know.”

Completely baffled I looked at the dark haired boy in front of me. Only two weeks ago we never actually exchanged words. Now he wrote a song for me and told me he fell for me. Was I dreaming? This couldn’t be reality.

“Now would be the perfect time to say something.” Michael said and chuckled nervously. “I- Uhm..” Why was I even hesitating? I like him. I like him a lot. I guess I was just overwhelmed by the fact that he likes me as well. “I feel the same way about you Michael. I think I fell for you as well.” I mumbled and looked at him wide eyed. After these words left my mouth I felt my face getting warm. It was actually the first time I told a boy how I feel about him.

His lips curved into a silly smile. “You scared me for a second. I thought you’d say something like ‘nice’ or ‘thank you’.” He chuckled. “That would have been a little awkward.” I said. “True.” He grinned. “You know that this is the moment where I’m gonna kiss you right?”

“Then how about you stop talking and start kissing?” I giggled. “Sorry, you just make me really nervous it’s ridiculous.” He said and scratched the back of his head. I noticed it’s a thing he always does when he’s nervous. “Why do I make you nervous? I’m not doing anything” I laughed, stepped closer to him and put my hands on his chest.

Michael looked down to me and licked over his pink lips. “I don’t know. Just your presence is making my heart race like crazy. You make my head spin and I have to smile every time I see you. I want to be around you 24/7 and the thought of not being with you makes me sick. It’s crazy.” He explained and I could feel his heart beating incredibly fast.

My face light up and my heart danced in my chest. Michael’s words send a tingly feeling through my entire body. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. “I’m glad you told me that.” I smiled and moved my head close to his. Our lips were close to touching when Ashton’s voice broke us apart. “Dude, there are some girls who asked for autographs. You coming?” He asked excitedly. Michael rolled his eyes. “Can’t you see that we’re in a middle of something?” He snapped.

“It’s okay. Go. I’ll wait here.” I smiled and softly pushed him towards the main room with the waiting fans. “I’ll be back immediately.” He said and shot me a wink before he walked away with Ashton.

Right after Michael and Ashton left, I pulled my phone out of my pocket. My heart sunk to my knees when I noticed six missed calls from my mom and a new text message from my dad. With shaking hands I opened iMessage.

‘How dare you to just run off with that filthy boy? If you won’t be home immediately I will inform the police. That little piece of shit can rot in jail and you will be grounded for a very long time young lady!’

I inhaled deeply before I dialed my dad’s number. After only one beep he answered my call. “Where the hell are you (Y/N)?” He practically yelled. “That’s non of your business. Now listen up. If you should call the police you will never see me again. Your behavior is ridiculous dad!” I said, surprised at my own confidence. “Watch your tone (Y/N)! Come home. Now!” He said through gritted teeth.


“What do you mean 'no’?”

“I won’t come home. I’m with Michael and I will stay with him. You officially have driven me out of the house. Congratulations. ” I said and ended the call with shaking hands. “Fuck fuck fuck!” I yelled louder than I intended to. “Swearing is not very ladylike.” I heard Michael laugh behind me. I swirled around and ran into Michael’s arms. “My dad threatened to call the police if I won’t come home right away and I practically told him to fuck off. I don’t have a home anymore Michael.” I sobbed into his chest.

“Shh. It’s gonna be okay. You can stay at my place tonight and tomorrow we’ll figure something out. I’m gonna talk to your dad.” Michael said and stroked my cheek with his thumb. Slowly I nodded and tried to hold back my tears. “Thank you Michael.”


An hour later we arrived at Michael’s house. A typical suburban one, a bit outside of town. “My parents are gone for the weekend so we have the whole house to ourselves.” Michael explained while he unlocked the front door. “Okay.” I simply replied. My mood dropped right after the call I had with my dad. I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. I was practically homeless. Or more likely, afraid to go back home.

“Do you wanna eat or drink something?” Michael asked and lead me to the kitchen. I shook my head no. “I kinda just wanna sleep. I’m exhausted.” I mumbled and looked down to my feet, trying to hold back the tears that fought their way up to my eyes. “Okay, uhm lets go upstairs then. I’ll give you something comfortable to wear for the night.” Michael suggested. I nodded and followed him upstairs into his room.

He went straight to his closet, pulled out an oversized sweater and handed it to me. “The bathroom is right across this room.” He explained. “Okay thank you.” I smiled and made my way to the bathroom to change and wash off my make up.

In time I got back, Michael changed as well. His black skinny jeans lay on the floor. His leather jacket dangled over a chair, along with his black Sex Pistols tee. He now wore a dark red sweater and his boxer shorts. “Thank you for letting me stay here.” I said when I stepped into the room again. “No big deal.” He shrugged. “Anyways, I’ll just leave you then.”

Nervously I rocked back and forth on my heels. “Can you stay? I don’t want to be alone.” I mumbled and chewed on my bottom lip. A light smile washed over Michael’s face and he nodded. “Of course.”

“Thanks.” I smiled and embraced him in a hug. “Always.” He whispered and cupped my cheeks with both his hands. “And tomorrow we’re gonna go to your house. I will have a serious talk with your dad.” Michael said with a stern voice and pressed a kiss on my forehead. “I’m a little scared though.” I admitted. “My dad can be a real asshole.”

“Don’t worry about it (Y/N). I’m a big boy. I can take care of myself.” Michael chuckled and let himself fall down on his bed. I frowned and sat down next to him. “Lay down and make yourself comfortable.” He instructed with a grin on his face. I furrowed my brows. “Why?” I asked hesitantly. “Well you’re upset. I want to soothe your mind a little.” He explained and grabbed the guitar which lay next to his bed. “I’m gonna play you some songs. Maybe it’ll be easier for you to calm down.”

My heart jumped in my chest and the tingly feeling in my stomach retuned when Michael started playing. I rested my head on the pillow and watched Michael’s fingers play with the strings of his guitar. It didn’t take long until my eyes felt too heavy and I fell asleep.

My dreams were troubled this night and I woke up early the next morning. All my troubles seemed to be gone as soon as I laid my eyes on the sleeping Michael next to me. His arm was around my waist and our faces were only inches apart. I felt his hot breath on my skin and his fingertips touching my back. A smile appeared on my face and I wanted nothing more but to kiss him. His fingers on my back softly moved up and down and he squeezed open one eye. “Morning.” He mumbled with a thick accent. “Morning.” I replied. “Did you sleep well?” He asked and slowly opened both of his soft green eyes. “Not so much. But it helped that I had you next to me.” I admitted with a smile. “Happy I could help.” Michael giggled.

For moments we just looked at each other, not saying a word. “God you’re so beautiful.” Michael whispered. I blushed and hid my face behind my hands. “Don’t do that.” He said and moved my hands away. “I don’t want you to see me blushing.” I whined but couldn’t suppress a laugh. “I think you’re cute when you’re blushing.” He chuckled. “Oh god stop.” I said and playfully hit Michael’s shoulder. “Fine.” He said, rolled on his back and stretched his body. “So how about breakfast? I’m starving.”

“Sounds perfect.” I yawned and rolled out of bed. “You coming or what?” I asked with a raised eyebrow while I put my hair up in a messy bun. “Sorry I was just blown away by how sexy you look in my clothes.” Michael grinned. I rolled my eyes and walked out of the bedroom, swaying my hips a tad more than necessary.

With a loud groan Michael followed me downstairs to the kitchen. “Didn’t know you’re such a tease.” He acknowledged surprised. “There are a lot of things you don’t know about me.” I winked. “So what can you offer?”

“Oh I can offer a lot of things. One thing in particular.” He smirked. “I mean for breakfast.” I laughed and opened the fridge. “Right.” Michael chirped and appeared next to me, putting his hands on my waist. He moved his head next to mine and whispered into my ear. “We have bread and cereal.” I bit my lip and tried to focus on the groceries more than on Michael’s lips. “Uhm cereal sounds just fine.” I stuttered, suddenly becoming really nervous. “Perfect.” He growled and grabbed the milk bottle before he got two bowls and some cereal out of the cupboard.

With my heart racing like crazy I swirled around and poured some fruit loops and milk in my bowl. Michael repeated my actions and sat down at the kitchen table. We ate quietly but the tension in the room was obvious. “So uhm, can we leave right away after we ate?” I asked to break the silence. Michael nodded. “Sure.” He mumbled with his mouth full of cereal. “What are we gonna do if my dad freaks out?”

“That’s easy. You’re gonna pack your bags and leave.”

“Yeah right. Where am I suppose to live?”

“Here.” Michael said with dead seriousness in his voice. “I certainly wouldn’t mind and my parents are never home anyways.” I furrowed my brows together. It was not a bad idea. I wanted to get out of my parents way anyways and the thought of being with Michael made me incredibly happy. “If you’re actually serious about this, I’m in.” I declared. Michael’s face lit up with excitement. “Really?” He asked with his eyes wide open. “Really.”


After we both finished breakfast and took a shower we made our way to my house. I felt sick as soon as my finger pressed the doorbell. “You can do this.” Michael reassured me and put his hand in mine, squeezing it softly. Only a couple of seconds later my mother opened the door for us. “(Y/N)!” She breathed and slung her arms around me, sighing relieved. “I’m only here to pick up my stuff.” I said and sneaked past her. “W-what?” My mom asked with fear in her voice. “I’m leaving.” I repeated, grabbed Michael’s hand and ran upstairs into my room.

Quickly I pulled a huge back out of my closet and threw as much clothes in it as possible. “(Y/N) you can’t leave. You have nowhere to go!” My mom yelled desperately. “Actually she has. She’s staying with me.” Michael said and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “No! No way she is gonna leave with you!” She yelled.

“What is going on here?” My dad shouted angrily and stepped into my room. “You! What the hell are you doing in my house? Leave!” Michael straightened his back and stepped forward. “Or what?” He hissed and balled his hands into fists. My dad copied Michael’s action, except he immediately connected his fist with Michael’s jaw.

Michael stumbled back a few steps. “You miserable…” He started but I held him back. “Don’t! Let’s just go!” I muttered. “Where do you think you’re going?” My dad yelled when Michael and I ran past him. “Away from you!”

“(Y/N) please don’t leave with him! We can figure this out.” My mom sobbed. “No we can’t. I love him mom and as long as dad doesn’t understand that I can’t come back.” I roared and ran out of the house, Michael following me. With screeching wheels Michael drove off.

We drove in silence for about ten minutes before Michael pulled over the car and climbed out of it. I jumped out as well and quickly ran towards him. “I’m so sorry for what happened. Are you okay?” I asked nervously. Before answering he inhaled deeply. “So you love me huh?” I opened my mouth to reply but nothing came out. “Uhm…” But before I could answer Michael cupped my cheeks and softly pressed his lips against mine. Fireworks exploded in my belly. I immediately slung my arms around Michael’s neck and melted into the kiss. “So do you?” He asked again after he broke the kiss.

“I do.” I admitted with a slight blush on my face. A smile grew on Michael’s face before he pressed his lips against mine again. “That’s good. Because, I love you too.”

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Hey! I'm like a huge fan of ur stories and I just wanted to let you know that u r the best Gruvia lemon writer out there!! :D This is not a request I just wanted to ask are you still participating in the 100 Gruvia Challenge? U r an amazing writer and I can't wait to see more of ur lemons later. ;)

ASDFAFJAKFHA aren’t you such a sweetie!! i definitely know i have some lemon wips (lol lemons are they still called that nowadays) so don’t worry, me and my “dirty old man” mind [as dubbed by my friends] will always be there for you x)

as for the gruvia challenge, er, i’m sorta participating in it? I wasn’t planning on accomplishing each and every one. maybe in time, and what a feat that would be :D i currently have a draft i need to edit for a request from the challenge, and i have this little thing here! other than that, in the future, any participation in the challenge would probably just be because an idea of mine just happened to fit a challenge prompt :3 hope that answers your question! and hope you like this super short little thing :3

25. Horror

Whenever Juvia wanted a movie night, they would take turns. One night she would pick the movie, then Gray would pick the next, and soon this became a routine of weekly nights lounging on the sofa with a bag of popcorn in one arm and Juvia in the other.

This week, it was Gray’s turn to choose as he casually scanned the aisle of DVDs. Juvia always chose super cheesy romance movies, ones that left her bawling on his chest while he scratched his head because people actually liked these things? Where were the exploding buildings and car chases? The adrenaline pumping fights with the hero narrowly escaping with his life?

While action movies were more his preference, for his movie nights with Juvia, Gray had a bit of a different taste.

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Nursey adopts a fluffy black cat (because “black cats aren’t adopted as often and they deserve love too but damn im gonna need a lint roller”)

She’s very friendly and she’s probably an outdoor cat and comes and goes as she pleases and as long as she doesn’t bring anything gross inside Nursey doesn’t mind. He probably names her something really dorky. Like Cerberus. Or Mary Shelley. Nursey is a damn nerd so basically Dex rolls his eyes all the way back when he hears the name.

Dex pretends he doesn’t like her. Cats are fine but he’s more of a dog person. But oh man, you guys, this cat fucking LOVES Dex. literally any time he and Nursey are sitting or laying together she’ll stretch herself out on Dex’s chest and he’ll grumble about it but he stays absolutely still so she won’t leave and she kneads his shirt a little bit and purrs and purrs and Dex loves it.

Nursey: what the hell she’s my cat why does she love you more than me
Dex: *scratching cerberus behind her ears* i have no idea what you’re talking about

Wait, What's the Date Again?

Title: Wait, What’s the Date Again?

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Words: 2,479

Warnings: Swearing

Requests: This is probably a long shot but it’s my birthday tomorrow (23rd January-I’m on uk time) and I wondered if I could have a little one shot maybe about dean celebrating the readers birthday like taking her to the fare or just anywhere? I know it’s a long shot because it’s so soon 🙈

A/n: Happy belated birthday to raisinghell-like-winchesters, who requested this, and I hope you like it! Also, you were born on National Pie Day. I’m sure Dean’s super jealous. Speaking of the handsome devil, had I remembered beforehand that his birthday was today, I might’ve done a birthday one for him, too. Eh, maybe I’ll do that one sometime in the near future or something.

Anywho, as usual, enjoy and feel free to tell me what you think!


You crawl out of bed one morning, your body heavy with sleep and still sore from a hunt a few days before. You’re glad to have a few days of rest in between hunts. Occasionally, when you’re trying to track something big, it’s hunt after hunt after hunt, but lately the cases have been coming in a little slow, so down time is all you have.

And you don’t mind it one bit.

Stretching your arms into the air, you let out a long groan as some of your tight muscles start to loosen, and afterwards you slip your feet into your slippers and leave the warmth of your room for the much cooler hallway. Your feet patter along the tile floor as you walk, your bare arms hugging each other across your chest as you try to stay warm in your pj pants and oversized short sleeved shirt.

“God, what do we live in, an ice box?” You say mostly to yourself as you enter the main living room. You’re surprised to receive a response.

“Morning, Y/n,” You brows raise as you see Dean sitting at one of the many wooden tables, smiling at you warmly. “I made you some coffee, black with a little bit of sugar, just the way you like it. Hopefully, it’ll help warm you up.” You see the steaming cup sitting in front of the chair across from him, and you smile and start to approach him, sliding into the chair across from him as your fingers wind through the porcelain handle of the cup.

You politely thank him, and you lift the cup to your lips before taking a small a small sip. Much to your surprise, you’re pleased to find that the coffee tastes exactly the way you like it, if not better. Dean had somehow known exactly how much sugar to add, and although you find it a little strange that he would pay that much attention to your preferences, it still goes down as a thoughtful gesture in your book.

As you slowly lower the cup into your lap, your hands resting on either side of it, you lift your head up to look at Dean and are caught off guard as you find that he’s already doing the same to you, his bright green eyes looking at you with such an intensity that it causes you to shy away. You bite your lip as your eyes dart down to the table, then to your other surrounds as you basically search for anything to look at other than him.

The silence soon becomes overwhelming heavy and undeniably awkward, so you force yourself to open your mouth. “So where’s Sam?” You ask, your eyes drawing themselves back to Dean’s. The trance he’s in suddenly breaks, and this time, he’s the one who looks away.

“Oh, uh,” Dean’s voice comes out sounding odd, and he clears his throat. “He went out to run some errands,” He replies. “Won’t be back until later this evening.” Right after seeing your crestfallen face, he rushes to add, “I know you wanted to do something today, we all did, believe me. But I was thinking that, I don’t know, maybe we could do something instead. Just the two of us,”

Your mouth opens partially as you try to come up with a proper response, but all that comes out is a small huff of air and a strangled sound, an you purse your lips. “I … Uh … “

“If you don’t want to do anything today, then that’s … That’s fine. We can wait for Sam.” Dean says, but you quickly shake your head, offering him a small smile.

“No, no, Dean, it’s fine, really. We can do something if you want.”

“You sure? It’s your day, Y/n.”

Smiling, you let out a small laugh. “It’s not my day, Dean. It’s not like there’s literally a national holiday based on me, like President’s day or even National Cheeseburger Day.”

Dean suddenly notices something and his brows furrow as he looks at you amusedly. “Really, Y/n? Did you seriously forget?”

“I don’t understand what you mean,” You reply in confusion, and Dean starts to shake his head, a small disbelieving smile pulling at one corner of his mouth.

Suddenly, as if struck with an idea, he freezes, his smile curing into a wide, slightly mischievous grin.

“Oh,” He says with a slight chuckle as his plan solidifies in his head. “I know what we should do.”


“Are you seriously not going to tell me where we’re going?”


“Really, Dean? Not even the teeniest, tiniest hint?”

“Not even the slightest.” You huff frustratedly at his response and jut your bottom lip out into a pout as you cross your arms. As you let out an deep sigh, you lean your head against the window, trying to occupy yourself with the passing trees and occasional herd of cattle and silently hope you’ll be arriving at your destination, wherever it may be, soon.

We’re in the middle of fucking nowhere.” You mumble, not expecting Dean to hear. But he does and laughs, glancing at you from behind the steering wheel of the impala.

“Geez louise, Y/n, hold your pea-pickin’ little horses. We’re almost there.”

You scoff and roll your eyes as you look out the window. “Almost where? Unless you’ve suddenly takin’ a liking to the boring and completely mundane, I don’t see how any part of this is gonna be the least bit exciting.”

Dean shakes his head, not taking his eyes off the raps in front of him. “Not everything has to have the potential threat of death looming over your head to be exciting, Y/n, trust me. There’s more to life than the jobs or just hunter lifestyle.”

“Like women?”

He laughs again as he nods his head. “Women most definitely being one of them,” A small smile plays on his lips as he twists the steering wheel in his hands and pulls the car around a corner. “But places like this are a completely different kind of exciting.”

You open your mouth to respond, your brows knitted together in confusion, but the words catch in your mouth when you see exactly what he means. In front of you is a large field, which would’ve been completely boring on it’s own, but with the rows and rows of different booths and tents and the large crowd of people swarming in and around it, the whole thing goes from a about a negative one to a ten on the excitement scale. A large sign raised above the entrance catches your attention, and after reading it, your face lights up in recognition and you let out a high-pitched squeal.

“No way, No fucking way, You breathe, amazed. “You brought me to a fair?” Your mouth hangs open in disbelief, a small smile pulling at the corners. Dean nods, appearing to be pleased with your reaction.

“Not just any fair, Y/n,” He says, his green eyes carrying a gleam of excitement in them.. “The Kansas State Fair.”

As he parks the car in an empty spot you begin to fidget restlessly, your body reeling with excitement, and before he can even shut off the engine, you’re already ripping off your seatbelt and flying out the door, with him calling after you. You take off in a dead run for the ticket booth, and it’s not long before Dean catches up to you, his long legs allowing him to move at a pace much closer to a jog rather than a run.

“Dude, unless you intend on paying, I suggest you slow down,” He says from beside you, but you only flash him a wide grin and push yourself to run faster, taking off ahead of him.

“C’mon, you big slowpoke!” You call over your shoulder. “Last one there’s a rotten egg!” Dean groans and mutters something to himself before he starts to pick up the pace and race after you, now actually having to run some in order to keep up with you. It’s not very long before you come to a halt in front of the ticket booth, unable to wipe off the eager smile on your face. Dean’s only a few seconds behind you, and after he comes to a stop beside you, his chest heaving as he tries to catch his breath, he stares at you dumbfounded.

“Why are you not dying right now?” He asks in between breathes. You laugh, a little winded as well, but having a background like yours does wonder for your overall level of fitness. Sheepishly, you scratch the back of your neck and shrug.

“I did track all four years of high school, won state three years in a row.” You confess, and Dean’s brows raise as he gives you an impressed look.

“Yep. You’re awesome.”


The sound of Dean’s deep chuckling fills your ears as you eagerly pull him through the crowd, your eyes set on something on the other end. He loves this side of you. The child-like wonder and seeming endless grin on your face. It really was like you were a kid again, and that made him want to feel like one, too. After walking a ways, he finally stops beside you at a booth and chuckles.

“Ducks? You want to shoot ducks?” The bright classic yellow toy ducks moved along in two rows behind the counter, making small noises and quacks just like the real animal. You nod you head once, flashing him one of your signature smiles, and he returns his as he fishes money out of his wallet and hands a few bills to the man behind the counter. The man hands you each a toy gun and before long you’re both shooting away at the ducks, and one by one they fall.

“And you’ve won, sir! Which prize would you like?” The man turns and uses his hands to gesture at the various sized prizes along the wall. “We’ve got bears, basket balls, ducks, dogs,” He looks over at you and watches with a small smile as your eyes scan over each of the prizes with interest. “Maybe something for your girl, perhaps?”

What he says immediately catches your attention and you’re quick to correct him. “Oh, we’re not—” you gesture to the both of you, but Dean interrupts you before you can finish, pointing to something on the wall.

“That one on the left. Yeah, the bear,” The man hands it to him, and you realize with a laugh that it’s almost as big as you.

“Geez, Dean, that thing’s almost as big as me!” You say. He chuckles, nodding his head in agreement as he holds out the bear to you. You’re taken by surprise at first, and your eyes look up at his, and corners of his eyes pull tight as he smiles. Still hesitant, you slowly take the bear from him, your face softening as you notice how soft the fur of the stuffed animal is underneath your fingers

“Thanks,” You mumble, trying to ignore the flush of your cheeks or the odd fluttering in your stomach.

Later as you walk with Dean, a corn dog in your hand, and your new favorite stuffed animal, which you named Charlie, riding on the back of Dean’s shoulders, you find yourself asking a question that you’d forgotten you wanted to ask.

“So what’s with all this? The coffee, coming to the fair, the bear,”

Dean looks over at you still not believing that you haven’t caught on, even this far in the day after all these hours. “Do you seriously still not — Y/n, what day is it?”

You shrug. “I think it might be Saturday?”

“No, I mean like the date. Like what’s the actual date?” Again you shrug, and Dean rolls his eyes, turning to a random passerby for the answer instead. He taps the man’s shoulder and waits for him to turn around. “Hi, um. You wouldn’t happen to know today’s date, now, would you?”

The man’s brows knit together for a moment before he remembers, and then he casually replies with the date. After the man goes on his way, Dean turns back to you, and waits for your reaction.

Suddenly, it clicks, and afterwords you find yourself feeling like the world’s biggest idiot.

“You have got to be shitting me,” you finally reply, your eyes widened in disbelief. “That’s today? My birthday’s today? But I though it wasn’t for a few more months.”

Dean chuckles, finding the fact that you managed to forget about your birthday completely and totally amusing, and also kind of adorable, although he’d probably never admit that. “I guess time sure does fly when everything’s trying to kill you.” He replies, unable to hide his smile as he watches your nose scrunch up in thought, and he ruffles the top of your hair, forcing you to relax and let out a surprised laugh.

“Hey! Stop it!” Your laugh — Dean’s never really noticed it until today, but it’s a nice sound, something really beautiful. He loves being able to hear something like that come from you, loves being able to say or do something to make you laugh. Or smile. He loves your smile.

This is weird. Suddenly, he’s struck with feelings he’s never really known before, but he doesn’t want to ignore them or throw them away like they’re nothing because they’re not, and God knows how long it’ll be before one of you dies. Again. No, in due time he’ll tell you. Until then, though, he’ll just listen to the sound of your laugh and admire the way your face looks when you smile.

He lifts up the fabric of his sleeve to read his watch. “It’s getting late. Sam’s probably home now with the cake.”

“Cake? You got me a cake, too?”

He nods. “And presents,” Your mouth falls open slightly and he grins. “Hey, just because you forgot your birthday doesn’t mean Sam and I did, too!” You laugh, and Dean’s heart warms at the sound.

“Race you to the car!” You take off in a dead run for the parking lot, and Dean rolls his eyes, a small smile on his lips as he chases after you.

Kiss me - Hayes Grier

”I heard a rumor and I kinda wanted to confirm it.” You looked at Hayes.

“It’s not like you to believe in rumors.” His eyebrow lifted.

You looked around the room awkwardly. “Well..This ones a bit different”

“okay, well shoot.” Hayes said.

“Umm, Hayes do you like me?”  You asked him.

He smiled his cute goofy smile at you. “Of course I like you.” 

“But do you like like me?” You added.

His smile turned in to a blank face ”Okay, who told you that?”

“Does it matter who?“ You looked in to his clear blue eyes. “But is it true?”

He scratched his head. “Well I guess theres no point in denying it.”

You put your hand on his chest. "Why didn’t you tell me?”

”I’m just Hayes, you have a ton of more awesome friends than me.” His eyes didn’t waver away from yours.

”Lets try something out Hayes?” You suggested, cracking a smile.

”Okay?” He answered.

You let go of his chest and took a hold of his hand. ”Hayes, Kiss me.“

You counted every second as Hayes was thinking over your sentence, before asking you to repeat the question.

”Kiss me now.” You demanded.

Slowly he leaned in planting a soft peck on your lips.

”I wouldn’t let anyone else do that.”  You said and smiled at Hayes as he broke contact. 

His grin grew broader as he put his arms around you and drew you closer in for another kiss.