why does harry have to ruin everything

Requested: 16. “Every time I look at you it hurts.” from the prompt list, thank you for requesting!

It all started when they were both eighteen. That’s when Harry first fell in love with her. He knew he couldn’t break the boundaries, he couldn’t tell her the truth because it could potentially ruin everything that they have. They both spend almost every hour of the day together, Harry was confused as to why she never loved him back I mean, he was the person who was there for her when she needed it most. He was the person she cried too when her boyfriends left. What more does he need to do to make her understand?

Five years later, she’s engaged. Her and Harry had lost contact. At leased, that’s what she thought until he showed up at the wedding ceremony.

“Harry, what are you doing here?” Her voice soft. Harry’s eyes glistened as he saw the girl of his dreams in a wedding gown.

“I, uh- I’m moving back to England.”

“You’re what?” She stands, walking over to him, lifting the bottom of her dress as she does so.

“I’m going home. I’m not coming back.” He couldn’t cry, no, he wouldn’t cry in front of her.

“Why? Is something wrong with Anne?”

“Nothing is wrong with my family. I just can’t stay here and watch someone I love get married, fuck- every time I look at you it hurts.” That’s when he lost it, the tears came, he tried his best to hide it by placing his hand over his eyes but it was no use. Y/N couldn’t say a word, she was confused, just as much as he was but there was nothing they could have done about it.

Y/N was Harry’s love, but Harry wasn’t hers.


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Matthew Crawley

Give me a character and I will answer:

I just did MM …but ya know… I gotta do Matthew!

Why I like him: He’s my Matthew. He’s kind, humble, and wears his heart on his sleeve. But he’s also smart, snarky, and hot af. He’s everything.

Why I don’t: He can wallow in his guilt for too long….

Favorite episode: S2 Christmas special. I loved him throughout this episode …especially “Lady Mary Crawley, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”

Originally posted by ladysarah94

Favorite season: I will say …despite money plot stupidity and Mary’s bitchiness…::and that ending::… S3. I loved Matthew’s growth in this season into his fortune, his station in life, his love for Mary, and his confidence they could make it all work.
Favorite line: I have so many favorite lines. Dan’s delivery of certain lines however rise above the sometimes cliched, cringe worthy, creaky dialogue… “Don’t play with me…” “Oh God Mary I am so so sorry.” “I will love you until the last breath leaves my body.” “Robert the last time you made an investment you nearly ruined the family…” “Then Harry Stoke is a fool…”

“Hello my dearest little chap.”  “Now come and kiss me.”  But I truly love the obscure line right before as well: “Then I”ll get wet.”–it says everything about Matthew. He wants to stay with Mary. Be with her. |

Favorite outfit:

‘nuf said… 

Lady Mary Crawley
Brotp: Tom Branson
Head Canon: He secretly longs to whisk Mary away to New York City for a tryst before their wedding… ::so he does:: lol
Unpopular opinion: me agreeing with this statement: “that’s why it’s called an option.” 
A wish: that we could have seen more of MM’s relationship from Lavinia’s death to the Christmas special opening to better understand how they came back together as friends. 
An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen::  nothing bad happened… they lived happily ever after in my world.

5 6 words to best describe him: a man who won my heart
My nickname for him: my soulmate

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Okay so there is the funny version where Tequila would be an over the top and super corny cowboy who propose with boxring!hat.

But I also want a more serious version where Tequila and Merlin to have been together for a while, but they are very busy and also living on two different continents you know? So they don’t see each other much. But both love the other dearly.

And Tequila is totally gone on that man of his and his mama raised him right so of course he’s gonna make an honest man out of him (omg i just got hit by the thought of Tequila’s mama trying to fatten Merlin up the first time Tequila bring him over??? anyway moving on)

And Tequila isn’t shy and he’s a pretty confident guy. But Merlin ain’t exactly an expressive guy. Tequila’s got no doubt that they’re both in love, but what if Merlin isn’t as much in love with him? Or what if Merlin is okay with the mostly long-distance relationship but isn’t with being married? It’s a pretty big commitment after all.

So he’s got to make sure Merlin will at least consider it seriously. So cue a super romantic weekend that he plans with everyone’s help because Whiskey is his mentor, Harry is Merlin oldest friend, Roxy makes sure Harry isn’t saying shit to to fuck with Tequila’s head, Eggsy is actually great at romance and a good friend too both and Percival might be the scariest guy ever but he’d been married with Lancelot for years so he must know a thing or two about marriage.

And either everything goes horribly wrong because they are spies and at the end of their “date” Tequila is completely distraught because why would Merlin wants to marry him if they can’t even have a simple date together?

But Merlin does love him and of course he realise that Tequila is acting weird for only a ruined date and asks him what is happening. And Tequila could say nothing or lie even, but they relationship has always been one based on respect and honesty so of course he tells him all about his plans and how he wanted to ask Merlin to marry him but now he’s ruined everything.

Or the other eventuality is that everything goes perfectly well and Merlin is freaking out the whole time, wondering what anniversary he’s forgotten and how he’s going to make that up to Tequila and hopefully he won’t get dump over this.

Either way it both ends with Merlin saying yes (of course) and also being slightly overwhelmed that Tequila loves him so much and not only that but that all their friends have pitched in to help him plan this, whether it went wrong or well.


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zarry, 31👀

31. “You lied to me.”

Harry quickly sits up in bed when he disjointedly feels the knocking against his bed frame. It’s light, a rapping of knuckles or maybe a fist, someone clearly intent on shaking his bed to wake him up. Harry isn’t scared in the slightest, even as he blinks a few times and hears someone breathing beneath him. He honestly should be worried over impending doom at someone creeping across his floor and knocking against his bed, but after living in a house with so many people for the last two years, it’s not the worst way he’s ever been woken up out of a deep sleep. University has been an eye-opening experience.

In the half-light streaming in through the cracked window overlooking the hushed street below, Harry leans over and peers down at the floor.

Of course it’s Zayn.

He’s face down, ass practically hanging out of his jeans, one boot on his foot, the other attached to his ankle by a string. But he has an arm thrown out, his bloody knuckles inched over just enough to reach Harry’s bed, to knock against the wood.

He does it a few more times.

“I’m up,” Harry says quietly with a sigh, laying back down on his stomach, still looking down at Zayn on the floor.

“You lied to me,” Zayn muffles into the floor, and also into Harry’s washing that hasn’t been done in about a month’s time. Harry doesn’t believe in closets. Or folding.

“About what?”

“You said you were going to see him.”

“I didn’t lie,” Harry says carefully, even though he sort of did. When Zayn and the lads went out earlier, Harry had said, with his eyes still very much focused down on the reading in his lap, that he was off to see Thompson at his flat. And yes, he had actually met up with Thompson, but it had only been for a coffee. For an hour. It’s just that, for as much as Thompson is handsome and sweet, when their knees touched under the table, something in Harry’s stomach clenched like he had done something wrong.

But it wasn’t a lie.

“You said you were going to him,” Zayn slurs, shifting on the floor uncomfortably. His entire body moves like he’s trying to push himself up, but he can’t quite manage it. He must be too tired. He’s hurt himself somehow. “So I went out and I got pissed and I kissed about three birds in the second pub. And then I came home, brought one of them with me even, she’s in my bed right now. Right down the hall. Go see for yourself. She’s in there in nothing but red knickers. And then… and then I went to take a piss, grab a condom or two, because maybe I’ll fuck her again in the morning, who knows, I could do that if I wanted to. But then I stupidly looked in your room, seen you in your bed, head tucked under your pillow, and… you’re here.”

Harry closes his eyes and exhales a breath.

It was a lie.

“You’re here, you fucker. You lied. You’re supposed to be there, with him. Not here, not tonight when I got home with her.”

“Sorry,” Harry says quietly.

“You ruin everything,” Zayn huffs angrily, throwing an arm out to shove Harry’s jeans away from under his head.

Harry almost sits up. He almost pushes himself up onto his elbows, to move onto the floor so he can help Zayn to his room. But he gives himself a few more seconds, before he actually does have to go see the girl in the red knickers in Zayn’s bed.

Even though they were never anything real, anything substantial because Harry’s too much of a coward to try, it’s not something he wants to see. It’s why he has to lie in the first place. To save himself the visuals of Lad Pub Nights.

Before he can, fast as anything, Zayn is up and off the floor. He sways on the spot, his entire center of gravity tilted to one side. Harry sits up and reaches out with a hand so he won’t fall, but Zayn waves it away. His face is red, angrier than Harry’s ever seen him before, his buzzed head almost glowing in the nearly dark room. He looks beautiful. Harry has to clench his jaw.

“I fucking miss you,” Zayn says like he wants to punch him.

“We…” Harry starts, shaking his head. We never were, we didn’t, we haven’t, it wasn’t. We never started. There was never anything to end.

“I miss you even when we’re in the same fucking room,” Zayn spits, reaching a hand out to grip Harry by the hair harshly. “In the same fucking house. How fucked up is that?”

And then without any more preamble, he leans down and pulls Harry close by the hair to kiss him. Just like that. It’s not their first drunken kiss, but it’s the first time in a long time. Harry melts into it despite himself, tasting the liquor on Zayn’s tongue, the roughness behind his teeth. Zayn makes a sound between them in the silence of the room and all Harry can think about is the girl in the red knickers. If she can hear it.

Zayn pulls away first and lets Harry’s hair go. He straights up as best he can, but he can’t stop the swaying. The room must spin around him, because Harry watches his eyes unfocus, wander, drift up towards the ceiling like they’re following a rogue butterfly drift away.

“You lied,” Zayn mumbles, reaching a hand up to scratch at the back of his head, no longer angry. Just… empty. Face blank. “You lied, mate.”

Harry watches him shuffle his way out of his bedroom and out into the hall. His one boot attached to his ankle drags behind him like a dead limb, knocking into beer bottles and a football left behind by one of the boys. Harry sits in his bed and listens to Zayn’s boot bounce against the wood floor and walls of their shitty house, all the way to his own room down the hall, to the girl he has waiting.

Harry rubs at his face and sniffs. He wipes the taste of Zayn away.

He spends the rest of the night folding the shirts on his floor.

Unpopular Opinion:

‘Shadowhunters’ has totally butchered The ‘Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’ and if I was Cassie I’d be pissed that the second attempt to bring her work to the screen has been a total fail!

Like, how hard is it to follow the storyline and major plot points!? Why add unnecessary shit like Izzy being addicted to Yin Fen (Read The Infernal devices for fucks sake! Once addicted you can never stop taking it. COUGHT GEM!!!) and that whole alternate universe and now the body swap. It’s like they took ideas from the worst fanfics they could find.

TPTB missed a perfect opportunity to cast actual gay/bi actors for Malec and I cringe every time Harry and Matthew have a scene together because they don’t have chemistry. That ship has totally been ruined for me

Argh! Like where was everything from the chapter 'The Midnight Flower’? And why the hell does the institute look like a friggin FBI headquarters and why are there so many irrelevant people walking around?

I’m too scared to know what Alicante is going to look like (although I doubt they will even go there) after that shocking location they used for the Clave. And don’t even get me started on the shitty underpass for the City of Bones, like WTF!?

I used to think the movie sucked, but Shadowhunters is a new low. Why do people insist on taking a popular book series and butchering it.

  • What she says: Im fine
  • What she means: How come whenever there's a potential gay character the straights have to come in and ruin it? Why are people acting like Scorose is a thing? Would JK do that to us? Does she really think we want another straight relationship? How come there are absolutely zero lgbt characters in Harry Potter except for Dumbledore who wasn't even gay in the series??? Will scorbus happen? Will we finally get some gay representation??? Or will fuCKING SCOROSE COME IN AND RUIN EVERYTHING????????
Why not Harry?

Alright, hi friend, I have been meaning to write this for weeks but I have been crazy busy with school and what not. And I remember you getting an ask a while back where you posed the question, why isn’t Harry getting any of the slander here? So I, based off of posts I’ve read that I’ll try to link, think that Harry is being protected by his friends. I think around May during the break someone called them the, “Harry Defense Squad” (I just looked for about an hour for the link to the OP of this term/idea and I can’t find it. When I do I’ll send you the link because it’s going to annoy me if I can’t find it. ANYWAYS) So the OP had said during the long break, out of no where: 

Glenne, Jeff, Nick Grimshaw, James Corden, and Louis

were all in LA. Which shouldn’t have seemed like a big deal as 3/5 reside in LA. But, it was extra weird to everyone because Nick had an obligation about 48 hours after he arrived, but it was in London. He seemingly was there for no reason and we were all? (hence my frustration without the OP so i have an accurate timeline). And Louis had been MIA but had appeared seemingly out of no where at the same time as Nick. And it was about a week maybe two after we got the announcement of 78 Productions. It was also about 2 days after we first started getting very very aggressive announcements that Harry is was looking to go solo.

The idea of the “harry defense squad” was that they were all there to protect Harry from having to go solo if he didn’t want to. BUT NOW! I think that they were protecting Harry against what is happening now. 


I think all of these things were insurance policies to Sony (Nick/Louis are the only ones that directly helps Simon Cowell but I’ll explain why I believe that in a second) to say “okay we are all willing to do something for you if you keep Harry out of the ensuing mud slinging. Because Harry/Louis/Azoff’s are not stupid. They knew exactly what they were about to do and I think they knew Simon would catch on soon. However, Sony is a MONSTER, and One Direction would be out of their right minds to cross them. So instead, I think that when 1D eventually leaves Syco they’re sliding over to Epic(maybe?)// another branch of Sony that isn’t Syco/Columbia. So they went to Sony and gave them their offers in order to make sure Harry would be protected. In multiple steps: 

1. Before HDS went to Sony to explain how they are basically going to screw over Simon Cowell and ultimately raise hell, they needed to prove that they meant business. So what the best way to show that? Louis promised his BABY(no pun intended), his record label, to Simon. So if Simon isn’t paying attention, he thinks "hey look I have Louis under my thumb for years, they’ll be loyal to me.” It distracts him. While they are able to move on with their other plans and work on distancing themselves in every way other than public, for now. (I also have a theory that Jay is the head of the board specifically so he can maintain a way for his family to profit in the future, but I have no idea how the accounts/contracts are set up. But I have zero doubt in my mind that Louis has ensured his family will always be taken care of. And he’s using 78 Productions to do just that. Anyways). 

2. Step 2 Nick Grimshaw, very very very public best friend to Harry Styles, as well as very very very very very publicly gay male will be the judge on TXF. THIS I think is what I think Sony/HDS handed Simon and said, “no Harry Styles negative press. You don’t drag his name no matter what the circumstances. Harry is a DO NOT touching subject by you.” I think it was presented in a way that was, “Nick is going to be on your show, he is going to make you seem like an LGBT friendly man, so don’t hurt what we’re doing with Harry’s CO process. Please in your heart of hearts Simon sign this and say you will not touch Harry or his name *wink wink we have an Azoff in the room you want to sign this whether you want to or not*”. So now, for about 3 months while babygate is being built, Simon isn’t paying attention to Louis’ partying ways REALLY. He’s kind of looking at Harry/Nick/Louis. What are they doing? Why does HARRY need protection? But hell if he’s going to come out, and I’m going to be positively linked to his best friend for a while, and I am signing one of Nick’s paychecks? Alright fine, this works for me. Whew Simon still thinks he is winning. 

3. Step 3 James will do the first interview. That means Sony, whatever you want us to say, we’ll say it. It will look natural, and it will help everyone involved. Other than the boys being comfortable with James, he helped further the party boy Louis narrative. hell, he basically summed up the fact that, “louis you’ve been partying getting girls you’re single now” whatever. I don’t have a strong opinion on James giving something up as much as he was giving Sony a guaranteed way to get whatever they wanted to across in an interview in a natural looking way. (Let’s not repeat the Four hangout ever again please dear god). 

4. The Honda Civic tour a la, Jeff Azoff. Along with one of his LGBT+ opening act. Based on a few conversations I’ve had with my friend in LA (she’s relatively new to the industry there so I don’t have that much detail) but THCT isn’t something that is easy to achieve just by being a big name. But with his connections Jeff can get them the tour and it will be lucrative for Sony, most importantly. I’m not sure if there were more behind the scene things that Jeff was willing to give up for Harry or for this entire thing, but I believe there was stuff that we’ll never actually see. But I believe that THCT was very much what Jeff offered to protect Harry. 

*I honestly don’t have enough information on Glenne to know what she could have/did offer for Harry, but any woman who is GF to Jeff Azoff isn’t going to just be a side show. She makes herself just a visible with Harry as Jeff himself, I’m watching Glenne but again, I don’t know enough about her to make assumptions*

All in all I think they went to Sony because they knew as soon as Babygate hit, Simon would realize that he had been crossed. And there is no one who can keep a muzzle on Simon, except for Sony. They are the only entity that owns Simon. So with Sony on their side, the boys are able to keep him quiet about Harry. Why Harry? I think it has a lot to do with the fact that one of them needed to not be slandered before the CO. And Louis knew babygate was part of what was going to happen. (other than the fact that Harry has been through a lot, he is smart and he has become a really strong person, so I don’t think just Louis trying to be a white knight is why he decided that he would be the one taking the punches. I honestly think business wise and come out wise, it is so much better to protect Harry) Harry is also the person that needed the most work. He had to go from womanizer to charitable/fashion man in a year more or less. Whereas Louis is the opposite, he’s going from “loved up boyfriend” with basically no other public identity to “I have sex with random women and look I got one pregnant.” (While in the meantime is being charitable as hell also which, is actually genius.) 

I don’t think Simon knew that babygate was coming. I think he reacted too quickly, in a way that was not the narrative, for him to have known that it was coming. I think that’s when he realized that he was being toyed with. I think the fact that he was the first person to come out and say anything about Louis being a father and then PrintInterviewLiam was quick to follow after. I think around that time Simon wanted to say more about any part of One Direction and Sony kicked him with a “don’t even try it Simon”. And that was when he realized he was losing 1D and he was going to do whatever he could to make them pay for that. (Simon’s efforts are also why I believe that babygate isn’t over yet because he is doing everything he can to ruin what NT is doing.) 

I also have a lot to say about Sony and the 5th album and the release date but my brain is currently mush so I’ll send you what I think about that after I actually get a chance to organize my thoughts. 

But anyways, what do you think about this? Do you think it makes sense in the idea of “why is everyone getting bashed but Harry?" 

Hope everything at work has calmed down!!! :) <3

God, darling, thank you so much for this! I always read your thoughts with great pleasure because you never leave anything to chance, always look for reasons behind your theories. That said, I am very open to different opinions, but I can’t imagine Simon not knowing what was coming with babygate. I do share the belief that NT mostly holds the reins here and that Simon’sfirst and sudden comments about babygate were indeed strange, but I’m more prone to believe he was on board from the beginning and found out he was being tricked and dumped some time later. But absolutely agree that Sony holds much more power here and that they seem to be backing the boys up right now and that Simon might be whining and being vengeful and uselessly fight something he doesn’t have a chance to win. I do believe he won’t be able to damage the coming out process and the band’s future that much. He’s more like being an annoying bump on the road. Very annoying.  Interesting point about 78Productions. Was ever there some real chance for that project? Was it a cover to keep Simon happy or was Louis actually planning something with it? Did it die in the rift emerging from the two teams? I am more inclined to believe the second option. I actually think Louis will get something similar soon, connected to some other label, obviously, very likely a Sony one. I like like like the Honda connection with Azoff and always made a good point out of it. And Icona Pop. Nick’s position is very precarious. He’s always been close to Syco, anyway and Simon is making a good use of him right now, as much as enjoys throwing garbage on him. And Nick is even doing a good job in my opinion (you’re always taking a big risk as a talent show mentor).  I see James Corden more as someone who’ll be at the boys’ side once the moment comes and will get other juicy appearances from them at the right time. Any point you’d like to expand on? Have you found the OP? :)

Thank a lot, lot for taking the time to write and send me your thoughts xx

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Erin, why does this fandom ruin everything for me? I just want to enjoy Harry and rainbows, but people are being awful and acting like he is hurting Louis or otherwise that Louis doesn't care as much and it makes me sad :((

So, when I came out of the closet I had absolutely no support. This has nothing to do with what you are telling me, but this is why you should celebrate Harry. Also, I have had one meal today and an entire ocean of wine. It has been a long day. So when I came out, I had no support. My relationship ended. My girlfriend was not ready. Some of my friends couldn’t cope. My parents picked sides for a bit.  It was ridiculous, but I was happy. I was really happy and content. I had done it. I had kicked down my own damn closet door and no one stopped me. 

But…there wasn’t a lot of people telling me it was okay? You feel me? So, I was happy, but I had no one to really look towards and say YASS THAT IS ME! Ellen lost her show? Then gained a show, I had her. A few celebrities maybe? I can’t even remember. Anyway, rambling, back to the point–so there was no one really CELEBRATING. 

So! Harry and a rainbow, Harry and rainbows–is IMPORTANT. There are young people all over the world seeing this kid dance and jump and hop around with a rainbow flag. Harry being so chill with a rainbow is showing kids that it is okay. You are LGBTQIA and you should be celebrating! 

The rest of this? Not important. We will get there. Louis is the biggest Harry supporter in all the land. Does Louis deserve this? Yes. Does Louis deserve to be freed? Hella. Does Louis hate rainbows? No. Does this make Louis gay? Before anyone comes at me, no one is defining sexualities here. But he is dating Harry so take that and run with it. Does Louis care? Course he does! He has a big heart! That is his baby!

Do not let anyone or anything take anything away from the fact that this is fucking important. Harry is dancing with a rainbow. 

Snowbaz VS Pottermore

aka i just retook the pottermore test and questioning everything i’ve done in my life i used to be slytherin and now i’m gryffindor

also, idk if anyone’s already done this yet. ik there’ve been hogwarts au/s but i’ve never seen this before? sorry if you already have, no offense was intended

fun fact; i made baz get the same results as me, even the wand oops


We’re both sprawled over the couch, Simon and I. I’m currently finishing my French paper and Snow is playing some weird and totally inaccurate wizard game. I would say something about how he’s already got magic and honestly what’s the point in playing virtual games if you can do it in real life? But then I remember that Snow has wings and a tail instead of magic so I keep my mouth shut.

“Baz!” Snow exclaims, his foot nearly kicking me in the face. I ignore him, because he’s probably about to pester me about how his computer is acting up again.

In the corner of my eye, I see him glaring. “Baz! Basilton! Bazzy!” he tries again.

At the mention of ‘Bazzy’, I snap. He knows I hate it when he calls me that and only uses it in times of great emergency. I look up.

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