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Samurai Jack Review


This review contains spoilers. They will be highlighted in bold letters for readers convenience. If you have not seen this show yet or have yet to catch up on it, particularly the finale, skip over the bold lettered sections and come back to read them when you have.

My friends, the long awaited conclusion to the story of the Samurai who gotta get back, back to the past, has come to a close. The series concluded last weekend and much like the series as a whole, it did not disappoint. It had all of the heart, all the goofy humor, all the well choreographed action, all the calculated artistry and color that makes this series so great. But let’s take a step back a bit and take a look at the entire series, all 5 seasons, and see how the show holds up with all the sums of it’s parts. Before we do so, however, I feel obliged to claim minor bragging rights.

I CALLED THE ENDING!! … . sort of. Those who follow my blog know that before saturday came around I made a post predicting how the series would end (you can read the whole thing here: https://scrawnydutchman.tumblr.com/post/160827392693/samurai-jack-finale-prediction) but in a nutshell, I predicted that Jack would give up, find allies with everybody in the lands he liberated, they would all go on all out war against Aku, Jack would have a showdown against corrupted Ashi, Ashi would liberate herself from Aku’s control and realize she has all of Aku’s powers including opening time portals, she would fling Jack into the past the moment he was flung into the future by Aku and kill him right there.

I was mostly right. Jack’s allies go on all out war? Check. Jack has a showdown with corrupted Ashi? Check. Ashi frees herself from Aku’s control? check. Ashi flings Jack into the past at the moment Aku flung him into the future to kill him? Check. Though my prediction had a FEW miscalculations, which we will get into in a bit, frankly I’m just so proud of myself that I came that close to predicting it spot on.

Okay, now that my bragging is out of the way, let’s tackle each aspect of the show, starting with Story.


One of the major strengths of Samurai Jack is it’s beautifully simple premise summed up nicely by the voice acting legend himself, Mako.

“Long ago in a distant land, I, Aku, the shape-shifting master of darkness, unleashed an UNSPEAKABLE EVIL. But a foolish samurai warrior wielding a magic sword stepped forth to oppose me. Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time and flung him into the future, where my evil is law. Now the fool seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is AKU.”

I’ve said before many times that this premise is brilliant, because it’s so broad in it’s explanation and it’s setting is ripe for storytelling possibilities. The future is a distant mysterious place, and as such you can tell any story you want in it. A bunch of rave kids falling victim to mind controlling music? Go ahead. A strange homage to Alice in Wonderland? Go for it. A hilarious quest to quell the troubles of a flatulent dragon? Yes, even that. But on the flipside you can also tell stories more heavy in drama, culture and lore, and you can really up the emotional weight of the situation Jack is in. It’s a premise that’s practically destined to become a beloved television series, and so it has. 


To compliment this ever broad ever expanding world Tartakovsky has created we have a great likable protagonist who is just as much a curious fish out of water as we the audience are, so it’s very easy for us to project ourselves onto good ol’ Jack. But the best thing about Jack is that he’s motivated: He’s gonna get back to the past even if it takes him over 50 DAMN YEARS. Much like I said in my other and most popular blog post “Why Boyscout Characters are Underrated” It’s more important for a lead to be motivated then relatable, because that’s what ends up driving the story and the drama.

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*side note: ever since this show ended the most wonderful gifs have popped up, and it fills me with glee*

Being the stellar lead Jack is however, many would argue that the best part of this series is Aku, hands down. And I would agree with that. Aku. Is. AWESOME!! Easily one of the most entertaining antagonists in all of animation history. He’s the embodiment of evil and does some truly despicable shit, especially to Jack. So much of this series is just painful to watch because it’s Jack coming SOOO close to defeating Aku but Aku causes him to fall just short. He’s just so gleeful about ruining peoples lives and subjecting them to horrendous sadness and frustration. He is what every great character is tenfold …motivated (because again, motivated > relatable).

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That said, Aku gets to be really goofy in this too, which is a huge part of his charm (arguably the biggest part). He’s just so hammy and joyful about being so evil; I love it.

This show has a whole SLEW of great supporting characters though. The Scotsman is charmingly brash and loud and boastful, but a very loyal friend to Jack (admittedly after a rocky start). Scaramouche is a hilarious villain from the 5th season that relieved me when he came up in the first episode and proved to me that the 5th season hadn’t lost the silly charm of prior seasons. The characters from one shot episodes like the “Jump Good” guy, the British dogs, the rave kids, they’re all delightful and charming. Demongo was a great one time villain. But by far, the best supporting character …3 syllables . .  . SAH … MOO … RHAI

*Side-Note: One of the predictions I made about the finale was that Sah-Moo-Rhai would help in the fight against Aku and prove to be a competent swordsman. I was sadly wrong.*

Now all of these are well and good, but one of the most interesting and integral decisions made in season 5 was the introduction of Ashi to the Samurai lore. She is also very entertaining and, while her character growth isn’t as well developed and paced as say Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender, She is still a solid and likable contribution to the shows final season that I welcome with open arms . .. even if many of the fans disagree with me on how things turned out. Yeeeah we should probably address that real quick.

Many people, certainly fans on Tumblr, were very disappointed with the revelation that Jack and Ashi had a romance. They felt it was incredibly forced, they felt a non-platonic relationship between a man and a woman in a show was beyond cliche, and they thought it stripped Ashi of her agency and her being her own character because in the end all she proved to be was a trophy for Jack, the male protagonist of the show, to win. They’ve even gone as far as boasted shit like “GET THIS HETERO-BULLSHIT OUT OF MY SIGHT!” (replace hetero with homo and suddenly it seems like a real asshole thing to say doesn’t it?). I suppose I agree with the sentiment that blossoming relationships between male and female leads in a show is a cliche as old as time. But there’s a reason why it is so … . it’s because heterosexual relationships THEMSELVES are as old as time. Cliches are a product of evident truths that mankind has known about to some degree ever since literature first began. fit and well toned people are attractive, love triangles are just oozing with drama, and capes, while a practically useless accessory, look FUCKING AWESOME. It can be nice to break these stereotypes every once in a while for variety, but it shouldn’t be necessary every time. And an audience that would LIKE to see Jack and Ashi together shouldn’t have to have their little ship ruined because you “can’t stand hetero-bullshit”, (as if the relationship would somehow be more tolerable and less contrived and forced if Ashi was a man and they were a gay couple) because surprise surprise the show creators aren’t just trying to entertain YOU and YOU alone. Just like how Legend of Korra fans shouldn’t be able to ruin Korrasami for you, you shouldn’t shit on anyone for liking Jashi. Whatever happened to “love is love” anyway? As for the point about Ashi being stripped of her agency, 1. She CHOSE to engage in a romantic relationship with Jack. She CHOSE to join his side after being proven wrong. She’s not stripped of agency just because she fucking loves a dude and is just as competent a fighter as him, okay? She even plays a major role in how Jack ends up defeating Aku. 2. She’s not even a prize for Jack in the end anyway, because she ceases to exist after all of that … we’ll get to that in a bit.


Much like the story itself, the design is beautiful in it’s simplicity. It’s composition and color choices are BREATHTAKING! Not a single black outline in sight, everything is angular with defined shapes so you can tell which character everyone is even in silhouette, and the scenery  . .OH MY GOODNESS the scenery. The colors compliment each other majestically, whether they need to blend together or create contrast. the imagery is awe-inspired; the show never lost it’s touch in terms of how everything is shown and communicated. This show is the literal definition of “every frame a painting”.

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The sound and directorial choices of this show are great too. Genndy bases this show heavily on the suspenseful and quiet epics of samurai movies (as you can probably tell) and to an extent westerns. The show really challenges kids to have patience and sit through to the well-worth-it pay off, and it makes for some edge-of-your-seat excitement complimented with spectacular action choreography and animation. This show has some of the most imaginative and dramatic fight scenes ever put in western animation. The first and second episodes of season 5 were perhaps some of the best fighting animation I’ve ever seen in anything EVER.

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But to be fair the fighting compliments the humor of the show at times too, and I ain’t complainin’

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Conclusion (+thoughts on the ending):

Overall, this is a very satisfying show that’s praised over and over for all the reasons listed above and rightfully so. Genndy Tartakovsky has created something beautiful and has easily cemented himself as one of the greats of American animation. What else can I say . .  . . OH! how about the ending??

So like I said above in one of the bold lettered spoiler sections of the review, I pretty much predicted what would happen. And setting aside my pride for a moment the ending is only …  .okay. Yes it’s a big climactic fight, yes it’s a good twist and surprisingly it ends on a pretty somber note, so it’s by no means a horrible ending and this turnout makes the most sense all things considered, it just feels a bit rushed is all really. I wish it was twice as long as it ended up being quite frankly but eh, what you gonna do? I WAS surprised by a twist they end up going with about Ashi not being able to be with Jack because she fades from existence after Aku is defeated …right on their wedding day. Fucking OUCH. Jesus, Jack goes through decades of torture in the future only to finally get a final fuck you by having to let go of the woman of his dreams? That’s just cruel man. For a while when she remained in the past I was thinking “wait . . shouldn’t she fade from existence by now? how is she still here? and now they’re getting married? are they seriously going with this ending? I mean it doesn’t make a lot of sense but–” and then she falls over in her wedding dress and I was like “OHHH FUCK YOU! THAT IS NOT COOL! THAT IS JUST MEAN! GIVE THIS DUDE A BREAK!” Needless to say that was the most trolly ending we could have gotten. I can’t help but feel like the non existent Aku is having his last laugh.

But yeah, Samurai Jack … it’s really good. Go watch it. Now. You fools. 

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Have you heard the mashable interview with Chris? Could he have stuttered any more when he was talking about AVPM and how he "heard of the thing" but "Had never seen it". First off, we know he's lying about that, since he AND Darren have both mentioned that Chris had seen AVPM, and the amount of stuttering he does is a tell also. Why lie? He brought up HP in the interview. He was never quiet about his love of HP. Oh, right, he is forced to be quiet about his love for Darren. Gotcha. Very clearly

Anon, I agree he is forced to remain silent and he is very much in love. 

But I think his denial of all things Darren is very intentional. Its been their strategy and it continues. Its why since Glee ended, with the exception of once, they do not interact on social media, they are never seen at the same place at the same time, they do not support each other’s projects publicly, and have not been seen at an event for the other in years.  Despite the fact that both men are the biggest cheerleaders of so many of their other Glee co-stars.

This lie was much more blatant than many others and easily refuted within seconds.  And Chris knows that, he is very well aware of the games being played. And he is very well aware of fandom. It is naive to think they do not troll and look at what is being said and what is being noticed. It is why Chris in particular continues to drop constant hints via social media.  

And I do think when the reference was made that appears to have taken Chris by surprise, Chris reverted into the strategy of “I don’t know him, I don’t like him, I never see him, and I know nothing about any of his projects.”

And by doing so.  Chris reminded us to keep looking. Keep talking. Keep making a big deal out of these things. Because the truth is out there.  And the two people at the center of this nonsense, who are the victims no matter what they do or say or how much they play, are screaming for people to notice.

I’ve received a call to fight. A call to fight…my brother. Powers unbeknownst-t-t-ttt. Brothers. For so long. No longer.
I have been training…endlessly, tirelessly. For days.
Exhausting my chi.
Are you training like me, Dominic? Monagimegamina.
You’re looking at me and you’re thinking, “Why is he so happy?” I don’t take glee from this my friend, my brother. We were in a fellowship together, my friend.
I fear nothing…..which is quite sad.
What are you going to bring, Manchester boy? English man?
All I have to ask…where’s your Pippin now? Bitch.
Dominic Manamana.
Mordor doesn’t look too bad now does it?

I’ll end you.

This is by far my favorite song from this episode - probably because the kids are having a ball.  (Shout out to Kurt’s poofy sweater and abysmal dancing.)  Even Brad looks like he is having fun!

How many times have I listened to this song over the years?  The limit does not exist.

And here is a live version of Amber singing it in 2009!  (They did not do this number on the Glee Live tour because why???)

And even though I don’t like the song as much, this is another solid group number.  That part with the hand holding at the end gets me every time.  Get ready for feels…

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I can't believe croach likes glee that sounds like a memevada thing but it's canon

i have so many questions about that tho like

does this mean that glee ends up having like 500 seasons or is croach just into ancient earth entertainment?

how did he discover it in the first place?

does he ship klaine?

does croach have a glee blog?

does he make sparks watch it with him? he totally does doesn’t he

Glee and race

When does glee address racism and call someone out on it? Please point me to the episode?

Rachel tells Mercedes that it’s glee club not crunk club and her initial reaction is to tell her that she’s going to beat her up. Mr. Schue is right there and doesn’t comment on it being a racist statement.

The journalist from the cheerleading magazine tells Sue that he thinks she’s a little racist because she’s called him Rerun twice (all black ppl look alike), but glosses over that to praise her ability to get the student body to join in song.

I mean Quinn did call Mercedes racist for saying that white people have no funk. Quinn later apologizes for it in the library and acknowledges that what she’s experiencing now doesn’t come close to what Mercedes has experienced her whole life. So yay for that?

Let’s not talk about audition and the whole Sunshine experience.

Asian F is all about race, but because Glee didn’t jump through the scream and say “RACISM RACISM WHAT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW IS AN EXAMPLE OF PREJUDICE AND INSTITUTIONAL RACISM”, people still choose to ignore that. Mercedes flat out told Artie in TRYWBTP that the issue with her being Maria was that she’s black. And Artie told her that this happened last year and she should get over it.

Brittany spent all of S4 calling Unique Mercedes. She did it in front of almost everyone, except for Rachel and Quinn, and no one called her out on it.

Jake tells us that he gets picked on for being biracial and we’ve never seen those bullies being shown the light.

If you’re waiting for glee to point out racism and it to end with someone being told why they’re wrong, essentially learning their lesson, you’re going to wait a long time.

Remember how half the arguments about the break up were about how much at fault Kurt was for “not being there” by being in New York, not answering the phone once while at a work event, and having a job at all?

Why didn’t these conversations also point out that Blaine had just joined every club at school in his bid to rule the world and gotten class president, become the New Rachel, and found a new BFF to spend his time with in Sam? It’s almost like he filled up all of his time with stuff, so they were both busy, and when Kurt won’t drop the things he HAS to do (like work) and the things that make HIM happy, it’s an unconscionable offense, which deserves to be punished. (But Blaine can squander all the time he wants… it’s Kurt’s job to be free the moment Blaine needs him.)

Blaine didn’t “think they were over.” We know that for sure because he was coming to visit in two weeks. It just pisses him off when he has to do more than snap his fingers to get Kurt’s attention, and that’s always been true. In “Original Song,” in “DWS”, or any time Kurt has something going on that would require a modicum of Blaine’s attention or support.

What is Kurt going to do about his college applications or future? Blaine doesn’t really care… he’s going to get some more coffee so Kurt can deal with Sebastian insulting him to his face. Blaine’s way too upset because Finn won’t let him take over the Glee club. Why does Kurt get bluesy around the holidays? Well, we’ll have to wait a year to find out because Blaine’s not going to ask why Kurt is depressed. Kurt has a super important audition coming up? Sorry, Blaine’s busy punishing you by withholding attention and sex for having a life outside of him.

And finally, Kurt, you know you’re not allowed to have self-esteem and confidence outside of Blaine, especially after you saved someone’s life and ended up in the hospital. That makes poor Blainers the saddest of the sad.

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Avatar ended years ago! Stop being butthurt over your shitty ass ship not becoming canon! You butthurt cunt! I hope some fucking shoots your zutaran ass because you deserve to die! People like you old a grudge for years over it a continue to bash kataan! I HOPE YOU DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH! AND I HOPE THEY RAPE YOUR DISGUSTING ZUTARA CORPSE AFTER THAT FUCK YOU KATAANG RULES ZUTARA SUCKS YOU MOTHERFUCKER!

1st, I am so honored that my first piece of anon hate came about due to Zutara.

2nd, It’s “Kataang”

3rd, Had Bryke handled the ship better, built it more fully through the show (and not just as a one-sided crush through 2 seasons), I’d have fewer problems with it.

4th, I don’t really consider addressing the unhealthy elements of a relationship “bashing” it. If you do, then I hope you grow as a person, for one day you may end up in a relationship where being able to recognize problems and deal with them in a rational matter becomes %1000 times more important.

Finally, aren’t you really glad I am someone who does not suffer from suicidal thoughts? Aren’t you glad your words brought me nothing but masochistic glee? I don’t know why you want blood on your hands, and especially over something as trivial as an animated show, but calm the calamity that is your mammaries.

Now, I’m going to go read more fanfiction featuring Zutara, as I found a wonderful Modern AU where he’s a firefighter. My ability to enjoy something is not dependent on your opinion, nor is it dependent on what other people enjoy. If you want some Kataang fic recs, I’ll find you some. I think there was a one shot I saw a while ago while scrolling through AO3 where they play DND together.

Hey my friends. I hope you are having great holidays. :)

I’m sorry if some of you still think I’m trolling. I am not. If I got certain things wrong in the past, I believe what I got right far outweighs what I got wrong. Often on Glee they film far more than what ends up on the screen. They have this devil may care attitude (which is why so much of the show jumps from one thing to another without explanation and canon is re-written or forgotten). Most other shows have a showrunner in charge of everything and who is supposed to be on top of everything as well. Glee does not have one. Instead they have producers who pay attention when they are not busy with other projects and they leave the rest to underlings who are given no real authority or guidance and that is the main reason we can pretty much all agree that Glee has for the most part become this huge clusterfuck of a show. BUT that being said I want to assure you that I am telling you the truth about all the goodness that is in store for Brittana this season. I know it is difficult to believe but this season’s Brittana will be very reminiscent of the care that was taken with them in season 2 without the angst, apart from a few scenes with San’s Abuela in episode 6 and that will be resolved in a good way. I would never want to lead any of you on, only to have you disappointed afterwards, especially considering these episodes will be the last we’ll see of our beloved Brittana. So please be assured that you will love their story this season and prepare to flail because more than ever season 6 Brittana will remind us why we fell in love with those two adorable cheerleaders who sat in the back in the first place. IT’S GONNA BE GLORIOUS.

P.S I pray all of you have a fantastic New-Year. Jess xoxoxo