why does everything have to cost money

A Series of Short Essays From A Clone Adapting To Civilian Life

How Does Everything Cost This Much Money?

The Apartment Is Barely Bigger Than My Bunk And Costs More Than A Kriffing Destroyer

I Just Realized​ I Have No Bedtime And Can Eat Like Sixty Tacos Right Now And Nobody Can Stop Me

This Was A Poor Decision But I Don’t Regret It

Kark It’s Quiet At 4AM

Why Am I Crying?

Turns Out My Neighbor Can Hear Everything Through The Walls And Thought I Was Dying But Now We’re Watching Bad Martial Arts Movies And Her Cat Likes Me So I Think I’ll Be Okay

Late Night Walk

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Title: Late Night Walk

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 858

Warnings: fluff

A/N:  This was requested by @lucifer-in-leather: Could I request a fluffy Lucifer fic where the reader is walking home alone at night and he offers to walk with her to keep her company?  I hope this is okay! I hope you enjoy this! It would help me out if you could check out THIS post. It deals with the next series.

Another late shift, another walk home in the dark.  Walking home alone didn’t scare you, it was the things that could hide in the shadows that worried you.  It was hard enough knowing that demons and angels existed.  You wondered what else was out there, waiting for your guard to be down.

“Hey there,” a man spoke from behind you.

You spun around, clutching the handles of your bag.  You didn’t know this man and you had never seen him before either.  He didn’t seem friendly, and you weren’t looking to make any friends.  Especially not at night, walking down an empty street.

“I don’t really have time to talk,” you stated politely, putting on a fake smile.  “Have a nice night.”  

“Not so fast sweet thing,” the man called,out as he ran up to you.  He grabbed your arm, forcefully pulling you to a stop.  “Don’t be so rude.  I only wanted to get your number.  That way I can call you later.”  You could smell the alcohol on his breath.  

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Mon-El of Daxam – Hero’s Journey to Valor - Part 1

The Supergirl Writers know about The Hero’s Journey (Monomyth) steps as described by John Campbell (it is specifically mentioned in the last conversation that Kara and Cat have in season 2).

Mon-El is following all 17 steps through his journey to Valor. I’m going to explain how he does meet them pointing to specific scenes in the episodes. I’m going to divide this in 3 posts and this is Part 1.

I will also make guesses about how Mon-El could achieve the remaining steps of this journey during season 3 for his rise to Valor. It is going to be so awesome!

Btw, his transformation to a better person/ hero includes how to be a productive member of society, find a job and actually be good at it. Not only fighting bad guys.

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[image description]

what should happen:

disabled person: I am disabled and require assistance!
help person: I shall help you!

what happens most of the time:

disabled person: I am disabled and require assistance!
help person: I shall make you feel as shitty as possible in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

disabled at the airport:

before your trip: ANNOUNCE YOURSELF!
when you get there: ANNOUNCE YOURSELF!

disabled person: but I literally have a disability which impacts my ability to communicate?


disabled person: ok but why do I have to do it for every transition for everything why the face of disbelief 5 times and not 1, why the constant initiating why does help cost nearly as much as no help…

“We wouldn’t want you to gain any undue advantages. Only money can buy advantages. It wouldn’t be fair on the RICH PEOPLE.”

[end of image description]

Airports are kinda hard when you’re disabled, and you have to keep announcing yourself and keep being looked at by people who think you’re not really disabled. Since people can buy the right to board early, buy the right not to queue, buy many rights which are necessary adjustments for many disabled people, I find the level of scrutiny from some people unbearable. Some people act way above their pay grade and make comments that have nothing to do with their job and it sucks a lot.

I just found this which I had forgotten about and made during my last holiday, when I was scrutinised more than ever and treated like absolute shit at the airport.

atsuwee-deactivated20171001  asked:

YOU SHOuld see the price for clothes here like holy dang. 30-50$ for t-shirts. 20$ for a cap or sunglasses. Not to mention jeans. You wanna be a kool kat and wear the latest styles? Frick off stinky you need a million money.

Holy cow man.. For 30$ you can buy like.. Idk maybe 2 pairs of Good Jeans here. 3 even if you know the right places to shop. For 30 Usd you can buy 2 designer shirts here.. I have a cousin who grew up in America visit here and he like, lost his marbles when he saw how cheap designer shirts were here.. why does everything cost so much.. my most expensive shirt is 10 dollars.. my most expensive pants cost maybe 8 dollars.. I’m not sure..

Okay, let me call out some shit here:

Miss Juliet Simms has recently created a Pledge page. Now this is full of shit and I’m not even going to sugar coat everything. In total she is charging: $18906. WHO THE FUCK DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? 

LOOK. It does not take that amount of money to create an EP. At least it will cost around a grand for around 1000 copies to send out. Is she wanting to put out 18000 copies? She doesn’t have enough fans for that. SHE IS CHARGING TOO MUCH AND IS GIVING SHIT IN RETURN. 

Let’s see, the more extreme ones: 

$2500 to get to dress like a hobo
$1000 to see you eat 
$3000 for a guitar, wow why don’t i just go buy 30 for around the same price?
$30 for a bit of string and a couple beads that’ll brake
$30 to see my twitter tagged on yours?
$60 signed CD’s, ngl: who really is into your music now anyway- you’re old news
$200 for ONE guitar lesson, why don’t i just go onto youtube and watch a FREE one?
$100 for lyrics written on paper, i can do that myself. 
$4000 to let you know where i live

YOU SHOULDN’T BE PAYING FOR ANYTHING OF THIS AT THIS PRICE. JESUS. Not even charities charge this much! Water Aid, NSPCC and others are more in need than her and all they ask for is £1 a month! That’s only £12 a year! 

She’s a barely scrapping the bottom on the barrel with the label of D-List ‘celebrity’. No one ever charges this much, hell if I had enough money to pay for all the shit she’s wanting I’d rather give it to a charity. She needs to realize the music bis is not for her, it could have been if she stuck out and stayed with ALL as there was a potential there but she blew it. There is nothing for her, who really does want to listen or be a fan of a nearly 30 year old woman who has been 'in the music scene’ for 10 years and has gotten no where? I’d rather go discover a NEW band and not listen to her. She had her time and lost it.

To me, this is such a terrible way to treat the small amount of fans she has by making them or most probably their parents pay for the shit she isn’t able to herself as she has done nothing in two years and is a sellout! 

She needs to get a real job and a life check as she is not who and where she thinks she is. 


Inward & Onward

How does one break habits they use to cope,
And escape their commonplace of sanctuary?
What could be wrong with the sense of safety,
Or does everything have an unwelcome cost?

We waste more money on fear and comforts, 
Two feelings which can change with the wind.
A need harboring the gross number of wants,
Because convenience is the simplest excuse.

Perhaps we should be asking ourselves why,
As it is clearly the most demanding question.
We direct it at others when we want to know,
But shy away at the thought of responsibility.

Yet this query is as dangerous as its answer,
Creating both greater truths and grander lies.
Which would make it another shield or pillow,
Unless we use it to free our-self from desires.