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Words: 792
Warnings: Dysphoria, Bullying, Self-Hate
Inspired By: @bunny-yams Highschool Hamilton AU

Thomas and John walked into Mr. Washington house as he let them in. “Alex is in his room, he hasn’t came out all day,” George spoke, following the two boys a bit. “I’m pretty sure dysphoria has hit him hard this time,” He added. The boys nodded, walking up the stairs to Alex’s room.

John knocked lightly, waiting a moment before speaking, “Hey, Alex. It’s us, can we come in?” He asked. They waited before hearing a click from the door. “We are coming in now, okay?” John said before Thomas opened the door.

Alex sat on his bed, his head facing his knees that were at his chest. His back was against the wall as he sat there, unmoving. Thomas and John walked over, sitting down on the coloured duvet on ether side of the boy. Thomas reached up to run his hand through Alex’s hair.

“Hey, what’s the problem love?” Thomas asked. Alex leaned over on Thomas a bit, and let out the tears he was holding in. Sobs filled the room as the two jocks looked at each other in worry. They both attempted to comfort Alex without moving him, since he always hated being held when his dysphoria was acting up.

Alex’s cries died down a little bit before his broken voice filled the room, “Why c-can’t I be st-strong, be a b-boy like you guy-ys?” He asked quietly as he let more tears fall.

“Hey,” John started, “You are just as much a boy as we are. You are a boy, okay? We only ever see you as one, and so does everyone else,” He said as Alex let out another sob.

“Hey, look at us,” Thomas said, and Alex looked up. He quickly looked down as Thomas gasped quietly, confusing John.

“Alex, please look up again,” Thomas spoke slowly, though he knew what he saw.

Alex knew he couldn’t hide it, but he didn’t want to face his boyfriends right now. Thomas gently put his fingers under Alex’s chin; not to force him to look up but to convince him too. Alex slowly looked up at John and Thomas, making John shocked as well.

Alex’s tears had washed away some of the make up around his eye, showing off a purple and black bruise. “Who, who did this?” John asked quietly, trying to not burst out in anger right then and there.

“M-Matters what day you-u want t-to know-w about,” Alex mumbled, looking down again.

“Are you hurt anywhere else?” Thomas asked, and Alex just vaguely gestured to his sides and legs. John went to stand up, wanting to get Washington but Alex grabbed onto his sleeve.

“P-please, don’t tell him,” He asked, his voice breaking. John looked at Thomas sadly as Alex refused to let go. “P-please,” He spoke again.

John let out a small sigh, sitting down beside Alex once again and gently pulling him close. “So, this isn’t about your dysphoria?” Thomas asked, holding onto Alex’s hand and rubbing his thumb across the back.

Alex shook his head, “Y-y-your w-wrong. N-no one th-thinks I’m a guy, they-y all hate me-e and s-say it’s for attention,” He stuttered out; squeezing Thomas’ hand tightly.

“Hey, who ever said that is wrong, you are perfect the way you are Alex. You are our boyfriend, and you’re a boy, okay? A strong, brave boy,” Thomas spoke.

“B-but, I couldn’t-t even st-st-stop this,” Alex gestured to his eye, “they’re th-the ones who t-tell me I’m a w-weak girl and-d proved-d it b-by beating-g me multiple t-times,” Alex curled into himself a bit, “I-I hate th-his, I hate me-e, I w-want to b-be okay,” Alex’s eyes started watering once again.

“It’s okay to not be okay Alex, but you don’t have to go through this alone. We’re here, Mr. Washington is here, you have so many people who are here for you. You are a boy, you don’t have to prove that to anyone,” John spoke.

“And, if others don’t see it, we will always be here to protect you, to help you, and to show them the truth. That being you’re the best boy, and the best boyfriend, to ever exist,” Thomas added, kissing Alex on the cheek.

Alex nodded. He still hated himself, but John and Thomas were there for him. They loved him and he loved them to, completely and whole heartedly. Even if no one else believed him, all said it was for attention and hurt him because of it, Alex would always have his boyfriends.

And, that is enough.


I Don’t Do Jealous

The hunt through time to stop Vandal Savage continues, you and the rest of the team get prepared to face him while Rip comes up with the best time to strike. In the beginning, you thought travelling through time to stop the bad guy would be easy, thinking that it would be one quick trip and you would all return home in no time. Your adventures thus far with this team have proven otherwise. You can’t even remember how long it has been from the moment you decided to join this crusade. When the missions is complete and the time has come to go home, you can return with your head held high knowing you saved the world from a great evil.

Your teammates are a bunch of unique individuals, who in an ideal situation, would be unlikely to work together. Yet here you all are, travelling through space and time with one another, learning to work as a team effectively. Slowly but surely you are getting there. Sure, Snart and Rory are a bit of a wildcard but even they have proved themselves to be worthy team players, which you never thought for a second would happen. 

For some reason, Snart draws you in. The more time you spend getting to know him the more a bond between you forms. Of all the people on this ship, you did not expect to catch a soft spot for Leonard Snart, a well-known criminal. He’s not your go to type but there’s just something about him. Maybe it’s the way his cold blue eyes stare directly into yours when he is talking to you. Or perhaps it’s the way a small smirk forms on his lips whenever you stand your ground with the others and when he sees you fighting. You can deny it all you want but the fact is you have feelings towards Leonard. 

At this very moment, Leonard is contently watching you from a close distance. He casually lays on the floor, resting his head against one of the metal pillars behind him, one leg crossed over the other. You are sitting down in the middle of the floor in a meditating position to focus your mind, using your telekinetic abilities to levitate random objects around your body. They orbit around you like the planets do with the sun, you are the life force that keeps them going and Leonard finds it oddly satisfying to watch. You don’t have a concentrated look on your face, it is free from any expression as you carry out this display with such ease. 

Even with your eyes completely closed you can still feel Leonard’s eyes on you.”You know it’s rude to stare, right?” A smile appears on your face as you direct a question to him. 

To which he smugly replies. “Did you know that I don’t have any manners? And I wasn’t staring, don’t flatter yourself.”

You open your eyes and turn your head to face him whilst keeping all the objects in the air, even he can’t deny the fact that is rather impressive. “You’re such a charmer, Snart.” He laughs slightly at your comment.

What he likes about you the most is your sarcastic sense of humour, it strikes well with him. While many others would be easily offended by your sharp tongue and forward nature, Snart admires it. Sure, you may be like the others on this team who believe in protecting the innocent and doing what is best for the greater good and all, but he sees something different in you. You’re not afraid to make those tough choices that the others are morally restricted by. You can easily take back control of a situation when it is spiralling downwards and that is why this team needs you. That and so you can keep him and Rory in check because they respect you enough to actually listen. 

Deciding that you have trained your mind enough for today you get up onto your feet. That’s when Ray enters the room with his pearly white smile, causing Snart to roll his eyes and look the other way. Although he has grown to tolerate Ray he still can’t stand him at the best of times. 

“Hey, y/n. I’ve been looking all over for you.” Ray stops a few steps away from you. 

“Hey Ray, is there a problem?” You return a small smile. 

“There’s no problem exactly… But I could use your help with something.” He begins to say walking towards you slowly. Even Snart can tell that he is clearly trying to be flirtatious in the way he carries himself and how he looks at you. This isn’t exactly the first time he has witnessed him flirting with you either.

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 Pairing: Eric Coulter X Reader

 Word count: 1.009

 Requested by @ unintentionally-sarcastic :  Hey, so I saw that you posted some writing prompts and I was wondering if you would be willing to write one using 21. “I may or may not love you. I’m still thinking about it since you’ll probably break my heart.” and 26. “(Y/N), it’s 4:03 am.” for Eric from Divergent? 

 Prompts 21. “I may or may not love you. I’m still thinking about it since you’ll probably break my heart.” and 26. “(Y/N), it’s 4:03 am.” 

 Next week the initiation is over. You need to tell Eric the truth before it, so you’ll know how to move on. The bad guy isn’t that bad around you and the worse just happened. You fell in love with him. Against all your friends, who keep telling you to keep away, you fell for him. Wholeheartedly. As you dry your hair with a soft towel, staring at your image in the mirror, Eric comes to your mind. Why does he gotta be a jerk to everyone else but you? Is he just messing with your mind?

 “(Y/N), let’s go, we’ll be late.” Lana calls you from the door frame and you quickly follow her, thankful for having something else to think about.

 After your Fear Simulation, you walk back to the Training Room. This is how it works from now on, Stage One is permanent. To improve the fighting skills even more. But you don’t care, you like it. When you hit your target, you hear him. Eric’s small laugh as he comes closer.

 “Very good.” You avoid eye contact, even though you love his eyes. “How was your Fear Simulation?”

 “It was fine. It’s almost done.” Giving him a short answer, you walk to get your knives. You feel that he’s waiting for you to say something else, but you keep your mouth shut.

 “(Y/N), what is it?” His low voice kinda hurt your heart. Is he sad or something? Can Eric be sad?

 “Nothing, why?

 “There’s nobody listening, why are you ignoring me?” Eric grabs your arm, forcing you to drop the knife you were aiming. “What’s wrong with you?”

 “What do you want me to say, Eric?” You push him away violently, making him roll his eyes.

 “I want you to tell me what the hell is going on with you today.” Grabbing you by your shoulders, he pulls you close, eyes locked on yours. “I’m not good at this. You have to…”

 Then someone else comes. There’s a guy being carried and four others helping him. The Fear Simulation can take you down just like this. One day you walk out, bravely heading back to the Training Room. The other, you need to be carried around, panic all over your face. That makes your heart break.

 You did have your share of panic attacks, right in the begging of Stage Three. But there he was, helping you get back on your feet. Eric never allowed anyone else to get too close.

 Before they can see you and Eric so close, you step back, taking the knives back. When did you drop them? You can’t remember. Eric usually makes you forget things. His eyes washed away half of your worries, bringing out feelings you can’t understand.

 “I… I need to speak with you, yes, but not here.” You mutter, hitting the target furiously.

 “Here, take this.” Eric hands you a small dark box. High-tech, probably one of Erudite’s new invention. There are a few buttons and a little screen. “It’s connected with my wristwatch. Press the green button and I’ll meet you.”

 “Right.” Scared of losing your courage, you sigh. “Meet me on that corner near the cafeteria tonight. The one with a dead end. Do you know where it is?”

 “Of course I do. No matter how late it is, I’ll be there.” With one last glance, he walks away, and my heart already misses him.

 How can you be so in love?

 The alley is pretty cold, but you’re shaking because you’re nervous. Well, you’re way beyond nervous.

 You’ve been pressing the stupid green button again and again, hoping that he’ll hear it even though his sleep.

 When you’re about to give up and go back to get some sleep, Eric shows up at the corner, forcing you to step back into the alley.

 “I thought you wouldn’t come, I’ve been waiting for like forty minutes.”

 “(Y/N), it’s 4:03 am.” His voice is heavy with sleep, but he sounds like home.

 Wait. You can’t allow him to mean something so important to you. No way. Eric isn’t in love with you and he’ll probably just vanish any day. Closing your eyes to steady your heartbeat, you tug on your sleeves to gather courage.

 “Sorry, I would call you before breakfast but I couldn’t wait.” You’re thankful for the darkness, or else Eric would see you’re blushed cheeks. “Eric, I’m… It’s just that I’m…”

 “Just say it, (Y/N), you can trust me.”

 Eric sounds honest, kind. You don’t know what to think anymore. “Initiation is already over and I need to know what’ll happen between…”

 “(Y/N), just say it.” He takes both your hands in his, those blue eyes locked in yours. They look so beautiful, even in this dim light.

 “I may or may not love you. I’m still thinking about it since you’ll probably break my heart.” You say all of a sudden, closing your eyes shut so you won’t see the expression on his face. You can hear your own heartbeat and that’s pretty weird.

 “May or may not?” Before you can open your eyes, you feel his lips on yours.

 Try to resist it would be stupidity. You wrap your arms around his neck, smiling through the kiss. You pull away when you hear footsteps and hide against the wall. Once they’re gone, you can’t help but let a small giggle escape.

 “Well, I think we’re good.”  Eric pulls you close to peck your lips. “Now, go get some sleep. You’ll have a long day tomorrow.”

 “Yeah, I know…”

 “I’ll be there. When you’re done with initiation we won’t have to hide.” Eric takes a look on the corridor, gesturing you to go. “I’m not going to break your heart. I promise.” He whispers in your ear when you walk past him, just to bring another smile to your lips.

 “See ya around.” You mutter back, rushing back to your dormitory, thinking about the new life in Dauntless and happy to know that Eric will be part of it.

This life, part 6

Pairing: Reader x Loki

Word Count: 3326

Warning: Angst, little smutty talk (like a little tiny bit)

Part 1  part 2  part 3 part 4  part 5  

You sat watching the setting sun on the terrace as your belongings were brought in.  The Queen had made sure everything you owned had been brought from the home you had lived in for the last years.  She wanted to give you every bit of help she could.  It was her way of welcoming you home to the palace.  The place where she knew you belonged. You were not sure how you felt being back in the family chambers.  The smell… the memories like ghosts haunting your thoughts.  There were far more good memories here than the bad ones at the end. Those were the ones you were choosing to remember now.  If you thought of anything else, you feared that you would not make it through the night.

As you slept, your dreams were different.  They were memories, flashes of a time when you were younger.  Almost a woman running the fields in a long gown, laughing.  It was only a glimpse, as when you turned to look at who was with you, the memory would change.  This time it was you crying as Loki called you a whore.  You remembered the shock and pain you felt as the words hit your ears and you saw the look on his face as he said it.  The hate that was there, burned into your core. It was then that you had run off, unable to stay in his presence.  Everything flashed once more bringing you to the moment you removed your helm on Midgard. It felt like the dream was trying to take deeper but you refused.  Fighting against it you slowly became more aware of the bed in which you lay.  It took a moment but you sat up gazing about the room feeling as though something was off.  Were there eyes there?

It sounded insane as you rubbed the weariness from your eyes.  Dawn was not long from breaking as you noticed the faint light through the window. Today was the day you would meet the Defenders as their Captain, adding to the legacy of your family’s name.  Dressing in your armor first, you made sure to give yourself time to eat and be at the training area before anyone else.  As they started to gather, you could hear the whispers.  Some were amazed you stood before them; others doubted you could do what was asked of you.  You had been doubted before and look where you stood now.

“You all know who I am. Therefore, I will skip the formalities. Train hard and you will represent Asgard with pride.  If you let your prejudices consume you, decide to make the choice to disregard what I will teach and you will be removed.  Do you understand?”  There were more whispered murmurs from the group as you looked around.  “I want an answer.  Do you understand?”

“We understand.”  Was the answer received.  It echoed against the walls of the training area.  You nodded letting the training begin. Formations and defense moves were to start.  There were several pushbacks with several members but you pushed right back.  No one was going to force you out. Especially when you knew, you could make them better.

Loki lived in the shadows since his return.  Just as he had when everyone thought him dead.  Now he had the opportunity to go into the light of day and here he stood watching you.  The ache in his chest was made only worse with his proximity to you now.  His heart nearly exploded in seeing you again on Midgard. You were the last person he ever thought he would see again.  Now he suffered with you so close.  It took every fiber of his being to not grab you and show you what was in his heart.  Long ago, he thought you knew, but… No, he could not think of it again.  It hurt more every time he thought of it.

One of the soldiers had taken a sly shot at you causing you to fall.  Loki nearly jumped off the terrace where he stood to take off the man’s head.  However, you flipped up from the ground grabbing the man by the back of the neck, bringing his face against your knee, crushing his nose.  You were a blur as you spun around, connecting your foot with the side of his head.  The man flew to the ground with a loud grunt.  Loki had to cover his mouth to prevent a cheer from being heard.  He did not think he had ever been so proud of you than at the moment.  That feeling only increased as you stood over the man asking if he yielded.    Loki could not hear what the man said but he watched as you offered your hand to help him stand.

“Has she not grown lovelier over the years?”  Frigga’s voice sounded from behind him.  His posture stiffened as his knuckles turned white from his grip on the terrace wall.

“Good morning, mother.” She laughed as she rested a hand on his shoulder.

“Yes it is a good morning, Loki.  Overseeing our new Captain?”  He sighed releasing his grip.

“I think you know better.” Frigga turned Loki to face her.

“I do.  Circumstances are far different now my son.  You both are free to love whom you choose.  Tell her… show her what is in here.”  Resting a hand over his heart, her eyes pleaded with him.

“It is not so easy, mother. I said so many cruel things, committed so many atrocities I do not believe she could forgive it all.  There is her one betrayal of me… It never leaves my mind.” His mother looked confused.  Never had she heard anything from him or you about a betrayal.  

“What betrayal?”  Loki shook his head.

“It truly means nothing now. But it will always be there in the back of my thoughts.”  Your calls to the soldiers could be heard up on the terrace causing them both to look down towards those gathered.  They watched quietly for several minutes as the warriors ran through the motions you were showing them.  It started to look like a well-played dance as they started to move in unison.  “Even now she draws them in with little effort. They all flock to her and they do not know why.”

“Whether she cares to admit it, she is as her father in that way.  People just listened to him as they do now to her.  You are correct though, she does not know it.”


Time passed by so quickly you hardly believed you had been Captain nearly a month.  Those under your command were making great strides and training was going well.  You felt as though you found what your purpose was.  Everyone could see how much happier you were recently.  Training with the Defenders during the day and doing whatever pleased you at night.  Many times it was enjoying ale and stories with those you held close.  For once, everything felt right.  Drawing a hot bath, you stretched out letting your muscles relax after another hard day of training.  You closed your eyes as you rested your head against the back of the vessel.  A hint of a smile played with you lips as you toyed with the idea of how good it would feel to have a man between your legs right now.  Pushing slowly into you as he kissed your neck.  Damn it, it had been far too long since that had occurred.  

A frown replaced the smile as you thought back to the last time.  It was awful and the man had been in such a hurry to get between your thighs that he finished quickly and had pleasured you naught.  The best time had been your first.  Worshipping your body throughout, his tongue had tasted every bit of your skin.  He had ensured any pain felt was followed by more pleasure than you had ever dreamed. There had not been another time such as that.  Thinking of his lips on your skin now… it made all your sensitive areas tingle desperately.  

“By the Gods… no.” Standing quickly from the bath, you dried and put on your leather armor.  There was only one way you could think to work off that feeling. Thor found you not long after fighting an unseen target with an aggression that was rare.

“Should I ask or will it remove my head from my shoulders?”  You did not answer at first as you were heaving for breath.  

“I needed… to rid my mind… of thoughts…. This was… the only way.”  Pointing a water skin close by, he picked it up tossing it to you.  He stood looking at you with a raised brow.  “No, I will not confess it to you.”

He laughed his deep barrel laugh as he crossed his arms over his chest.  “I will let you have your thoughts.  Though I may have something that may support ridding them.”  You emptied half the skin before looking back to him.

“Tell me…”

Thor’s something was a journey to one of the outer villages to stop raiders that had been ransacking over that part of the realm.  Many homes had been destroy and there were reports of people taken.  It was unknown what had become of them.  Word had been sent to Odin for help.  The king gave the task to Thor to remedy.  Now here all seven of you stood in the midst of the burning village.  Thor had forced Loki to join the group.  Told him it was important to show that he was longer who he had been.  It was a chance to redeem himself.  Reminding him of all the times they had joined to fight together. Loki merely rolled his eyes but joined knowing he would see you.  It was torture in itself but he had no resistance against what you did to him.  

The plan was to take out of raiders you could now in the main area of the village, saving what innocents you could.  Then you all would concentrate on finding those who orchestrated the attacks.  Within the hour, the village had been mostly cleared. Word came that several of the leaders had taken over a farm on the western edge.  It backed up to a dense forest where the terrain made it difficult to attack from that direction.  Obviously one of the reasons they chose that area.  The group stood together on the hill looking down at the farm.  There were only two guarding outside but you knew there were far more on the inside.  “Fald?” You asked with a wicked grin. Volstagg groaned and Fandral rubbed his face.  Thor looked between the group then back to you.  Loki was confused.

“Fald?  The village of Fald?”  You looked back to him with a devious glint in your eye.

“Yes, that Fald.” Thor groaned but extended his arm as to let you go ahead.  

“My friend… Try not to take the damn building down on top of us again.”  You shrugged as you took off down the hill.  The darkness masking your movements from the raiders.  The group followed behind as you came upon the large barn.  Voices could be heard from inside, far more than you expected.  Thor and Volstagg walked in front of your ready to pull open the large barn doors.  “Ready?”

That grin had not left your face; nodding to him, you started to pull the energy from deep within you.  The two men pulled the doors off their hinged causing those inside quite the shock.  Walking closer with your glowing hands caused more though they started to run towards you.  “I thank you for the welcome party.  Though I think you all need to learn to not take that which does not belong to you.”  Thor and Volstagg ran out of the way, as you sent the electric pulse towards those coming for you.  It knocked them all back, sending a few through the barn walls.  Loki was in utter amazement.  “The building still stands.  Does that please you?”

Thor laughed before running into the fight.  Everyone else following behind.  Swords and hammers clashed, screams of those who met their end filled the air.  Blood marred your armor as you fought through their ranks.  The group had been separated by the end of the battle.  There had been more raiders in the forest that had come to join in the fight when they heard the screams.  Over all the commotion, you heard a different scream.  One of panic and fear, from a woman.  As you glanced over at your companions, you noted they were all well prepared and able to finish those that were left.  The scream rang out again forcing you to follow it.

The far end of the farm was a line of old trees.  You found two raiders attempting to drag a girl off towards the woods.  She could not have been more than fifteen.  “Let her go before I relieve you of several favorite appendages.”  Your swords drawn holding one in each hand ready.  The one that held the girl pulled a blade up to her throat, showing a smile that held few teeth.

“This one is ours. Step close and we will see how pretty she bleeds.”  The girl tried to squirm by the blade pierce just a bit of her flesh causing blood to well up then trail down her neck.  There was no way for you to use your abilities and not hit the girl as well. Tentatively you took a step close. The man pulled the blade even closer causing the girl to cry out.  “I told you… I don’ care if I kill her.  Always more I can take.”

“Take me then.  Let the child go.”  Both men look surprised you would be willing to trade yourself for some girl.  

“Fine, drop your weapons. “ You did as they said, dropping both blades to the ground.  “Good, now… step closer.”  It did not take a genius to know what they were going to do.  The second man grabbed you roughly.  “Good now we gotcha both.”

“Not today.”  Throwing your head back you heard the crunching of bone of the one that had you before punching the other one in the face.  He lost his grip on the girl and you screamed at her to run to your companions.  She did not wait for further instructions, running faster than she ever had.  Both men converged on you, pissed that you cost them their prize.  One of them slammed his fist into your stomach causing the wind to fly from your lungs.  The other kicked your ribs hard as you were bent over.  Somehow, you were able to catch yourself from falling completely over.  Turning quickly you kicked one in the gut causing him to fall.  The other hit you in the head with something hard.  That sent you to your knees.  You could feel the blood dripping down the side of your face as you tried to call your energy to you.  

“Hold her…”  A third man’s voice called out.  Your arms were pulled back behind you holding tight.  As much as you wanted to fight back, the pain in your head would not allow it.  A metal collar was secured around your neck sending a jolt through your body.  Another blow to the back of the head and your world faded into darkness.


You companions had cleared out the rest of the raiders from the farm.  They were all exhausted, filthy, and quite ready to return to Asgard. Sif was the first to notice.  “Where has [Y/N] gone?  I have not seen her in some time.”  Everyone looked around quickly before deciding to separate to search for you.  Several hours passed before they admitted you were gone.

“We need to find her, now!” Loki was on the brink of panic as his heart pounded in his chest.  If something happened to you…  It was then the girl you had saved came out of hiding.    Timidly she approached the group.

“Pardon, my Prince… the woman told me to find you.” Thor looked down at the girl.

“The woman?  Our companion?”  Nodding, the girl looked petrified.  “Tell me, where is she?”

“Those men, they wanted to take me.  Called me a new plaything.  She stopped them.  Told me to run and find you.  They took her.  They beat her and dragged her off.  I just wanted to see if she was all right.  I should have found you as she said.  I am so sorry…”  The girl broke into hysterical sobs before Fandral embraced her.

“It’s all right child. We will find her.”  He whispered quietly in her ear and he comforted her.  Once she had calmed they were able to determine the direction you had been taken. Your friends went off into the night searching for you.  Their only hope was finding you before any further damage could be inflicted.

They searched for days for you, to no avail.  It was as though you and your captures had vanished into the void.  Heimdall could not even locate you.  Loki was half-mad with his worry.  Every moment sleeping or waking was of you and his love for you. It consumed him.    The six of them were camped out along one of the major rivers of Asgard.  He walked off to drown in his own thoughts without having to hear the horrid snores of Volstagg.  Thor followed not far behind.  “We will find her brother, I promise you.”

“Promises are worthless until she has returned.”  The curtness stung a bit, but Thor chose to not return it.

“You are not the only one who cares for her.  Every person here loves her in their own way.  None of them will give up until she is home.” Loki shook his head walking towards the water.

“I have held on to so much anger, but I will let it all go just to see her face once more.  She may never be mine but I swear to the Allfather I will do anything so that she lives.”  

“When she returns, and she will return, you need to tell her that.”  Loki turned back to look at Thor, many questions in his eyes.

“You do not care for her as I do?”  

“Brother I do not understand.  I love her as I would a sister.  There is nothing else between us.  There never has been.” Loki stepped back reading his brother’s expression.  

“Never?  You were to be married once.  You took her to your bed, just days after I took her innocence. If there was never more than a brotherly affection, tell me how you would bed her.”  Thor’s brows raised in surprise.

“Bed her?  Loki I never bed [Y/N].  Yes, we were to be bound but spoke that we would not consummate anything until after the rites.”  Loki’s skin went paler than Thor would have thought possible.

“I saw her… I saw you… She left your chambers it was nearly dawn.  You embraced her then she ran off.”  It took a moment for Thor to remember the moment Loki spoke of.  When it came to him, he sighed.

“She was speaking of you, dolt.  [Y/N] came to me crying that she had betrayed our promise and me.  She felt I would cast aside her friendship.  The guilt was eating her from within.  When she explained, what happened and why she wished to end the engagement, there was no anger.  I told her we would figure a way to end it without dishonoring either family.  I wanted to find a way for you both to be happy together.  She wanted to be with you, brother.”  The words stabbed through Loki’s heart cleaving it into so many pieces. As he stumbled backwards, he mumbled.

“I called her a whore…”

Part 7

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daddariossmile  asked:

Okay, so I'm thinking Malec, Alec as A, Magnus as B (or vice versa I'm not picky). Maybe a college setting? So... Person A and B doesn't really know each other at first. Person A is deaf. Person B slowly learns sign language. A casual "good morning" and "have a good weekend", then "merry Christmas" and the occasional "happy birthday". Later "will you be my valentine/date" and if course "can I kiss you". Person A is very in awe of the fact that someone is willing to do that for them.

the pressure of dealing with this amazing au ok here we go

  • so alec is probably the deaf one because i feel like that just fits the story i have in my head better
  • he wasn’t born deaf so he can more or less still talk perfectly well, but that obviously doesn’t make up for the fact he can’t hear
  • in fact, the only people alec actually talks around are izzy and jace, because if he tries to actually talk to anyone else, they start to talk back and it all gets very complicated from there on out
  • alec has been trying to lip read from the moment he lost his hearing, but it’s hard sometimes and getting things wrong and being completely unable to correct them without resorting to written words drives him crazy
  • (i’m no expert on deafness so i don’t want to make too many crazy claims without doing some proper research, but i figure he maybe lost it as a teen thanks to some viral thing, so learning sign language has been a bit of a process for him along with everyone else)
  • actually on that note, he, izzy and jace communicate through sign language more than speech these days, because they all learned together and it doesn’t cut anyone out of the conversation
  • maryse and robert are terrible at it but alec doesn’t see much of them anymore anyway, since they disapprove so highly of his gay agenda lifestyle
  • anyway magnus and alec take the same college elective together - maybe mythology???
  • it’s a small class, and there’s a lot of group discussions and things, but alec mostly hides up the back and does his best to lip read - he gets extra notes from the lecturer after to double check he didn’t miss anything
  • all magnus sees is this super handsome guy who just… hides quietly at the back all the time
  • he tries to talk to alec this one time but alec flees the scene as fast as possible
  • magnus, not to be put off, starts systematically asking everyone he knows about the cute, mysterious guy, until raphael finally sighs exasperatedly and declares he’s deaf, you idiot
  • and at that point magnus kind of realises it’s probably not rudeness but just a lack of an easy way to communicate
  • and so he does a little homework into forms of sign language (why are there different types?!?!?!!) and learns a quick ‘hello, how are you?’ as an experiment
  • and when he goes to class and shows alec, it’s a bit sloppy and the expressions aren’t quite right, but the way magnus moves his hands is magical and alec just flushes and replies quickly in sign language
  • which of course, magnus gets nothing of, but he apologises and then basically spends every spare night looking up new phrases in sign language
  • and every day he comes in to show them to alec who smiles just a little wider because of it
  • eventually they go for coffee and alec starts to talk to him verbally, instead of the note passing and use of messenger they’ve been going on
  • but as magnus picks up more and more sign language he drops the words and uses his hands instead
  • eventually alec asks magnus why he’s bothering to go to the effort
  • and magnus just smiles and signs that it’s because he wants alec to date him and how else would he be able to communicate his deep love and affection if it’s not in a language that alec can actually fully understand
  • alec falls in love pretty much on the spot, as if he wasn’t already
  • jace and izzy are all ready with the shovel talk until they walk in and find magnus and alec chattering away in sign language like it’s nothing
  • they pretty much sign their approval right then and there, and izzy starts quietly planning an engagement party
  • her and jace have a bet going on about how soon they’ll get married - izzy wins, because izzy wins everything
  • jace gets to be best man though, so he’s not too sore
  • they say their vows in sign language, because that’s the language they started this relationship with, so magnus insists on sealing it with it too
  • and then they’re unbearably cute forever the end

send me an au and i’ll expand on it!

Just You, And I, Together Forever


The locker popped open, revealing the neat stacks of books and worksheets that Stan had collected throughout the semester. He rifled through them, searching for his math textbook to take home, when he realised that something had indeed fallen out.

It was an envelope, sitting, blue and crisp, on the edges of Stan’s hi-tops. He scooped it up with a frown; it was too formal to be a hall note from Rich and not the right stationary to be from the school itself. He ripped it open with some bemusement (because honestly, who wrote letters?), and realised that it was only an invitation to Bill’s 16th birthday party.

Stan bit his lip as he read it over, noting the neat and formal print. He closed his locker and began walking toward the exit, still examining the paper. Last year, it had just been a small thing—the losers and Bill’s folks, eating Bill’s favourite meal and watching his favourite program on TV. They’d played board games and even tried a beer in Bill’s backyard.

This, though… This was Bill’s sixteenth birthday. Most people knew Bill, and if it was important enough that he was sending out invitations…

“Hiya, Stanny!”

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bisharpshooter  asked:

okay idk if you wanna do this or not but like there's not enough Allura and Lance platonic fics so could you maybe do Platonic Allura/Lance + them spending time just talking about things like crushes/dates while doing a beauty routine?

platonic allura+lance coming right up! (these are the leggings they wear btw)

(send me prompts, any fandom/ship!)

“I’ll get you something sparkly, Princess,” Lance had said and Allura had believed that he would. It’s just, she’d been expecting something small, perhaps a necklace or a pair of earrings or maybe, at the very most, a pair of bedazzled socks. Not—

“Don’t you like it, Princess?” Lance says brightly, holding up  the offending item in question. “I had to guess your size, but I think it should fit.”

“Um,” Allura clicks her tongue and tries to figure out the most polite way to phrase her many, many questions. “What— What are they?”

Lance tilts his head to the side a little and frowns. “You didn’t have these on Altea?”

“No,” Allura says firmly. “Definitely not.”

“Oh, well then,” Lance says cheerfully before tossing the package to her. “These are leggings, and they’re about to be your new best friend.”

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Glide (Mulligan x Reader) Part 2

Words: 1500+

Warnings: Cursing

A/N: i tried to stop myself from making this longer than 2 parts but i can’t help it. ugh. and my computer keeps on fighting me so there’s that. this took longer than it should have to post my dudes

Part 1 

He slowly back away from you, panic on his face. You took a step forward, but he held up his hands, not wanting you to go any further.

“Y/N, what are you?” He said, and you were taken aback. He was speaking to you like you were some sort of creature. You could not help but frown at his question. You knew it was strange, the things that you could do. But you never thought he would treat you like this.

You thought you knew him better.

“What are you even saying? I’m me, I’m a human being. Just because I can do these things, does not mean you have the right to treat me like dirt.” He widened his eyes at your response. You turned around, and began walking away.

Luckily, only Hercules saw what happened. Maybe you could go to another town before he told anyone about you. It would be hard to get another job, since you’ve been in NYC for so long, but it would have to do.

You felt fingers wrap around your forearm. You looked back, seeing Hercules. “What? Aren’t I some creature?” You hissed, and Mulligan shook his head.

“No, that’s not what I was saying. I meant to say, are you evil or good? I watched too many superhero movies, so I need to know. I don’t want to date a woman who kills people.” Mulligan stated, looking at you seriously. You widened your eyes, and snickered.

“Are you being serious? Good or evil?” He didn’t answer, continuing to stare at you. You laughed, shaking your head. “There’s no such thing as good and evil. There’s no superhero or villains, Herc. It’s just me, the same girl, just with some bonus points. Well, I take that back. The powers are kind of a headache.” You mumbled, shaking your head.

He grinned, pulling you into his arms. You froze, confused. “Then, I can thank you for saving me.” He said, holding you tightly. You couldn’t help but laugh, pressing your face against his chest.

“Mull, you’re ridiculous.”

“And you have superpowers. What else can you do?” He asked. You looked up, seeing the man in the truck stirring. You pulled out of Mulligan’s arms, walking quickly away.

“I’ll show you, but not out here. I’ll take you to my house.” You replied, and he wiggled his eyebrows.

“Already? On the first date?”

“Shut up.”


You and Herc sat in your living room. You put a container of water and a folder on the table in front of you. He watched anxiously, and you put your hand up, the water rising out of the plastic. He widened his eyes, watching the water move in the air. You smiled at his reaction, and pointed your finger towards him, and water splashing on his face.

“What the-“ He cursed, standing up quickly. You laughed, holding your stomach. He looked at you, a smile appearing on his face. “You’re an asshole.”

“Hey, you wanted to see what I could do. That doesn’t come without a price. Okay look, sit down.” He frowned at you, and you patted the chair. Sighing, he sat down. You touched his cheek. The water evaporated quickly, his face becoming dry again. He touched your hand, a crooked smile on his face. You let go quickly, blush appearing on your face.

“You’re amazing, you know that right?” You shrugged, glancing at the folder on the table. Grinning at him, you held up your hand, it disappearing through the folder, and appearing on the other side. He reached out to touch it, but you pulled your hand back quickly.

“The only time going through objects is useful is when I forgot my keys. Other than that, it’s pointless. But yes, that’s all I can do, I think. I never tried jumping off a building or running into a wall. Besides that, I think I covered all my bases.”

“Does anyone else know?” He asked, and you shook your head.

“The last time I told someone they freaked out, and I had to move. Everyone was becoming suspicious of me, so that’s why I’m here now.” He nodded, his eyes looking at the table.

“You know, I’m not going to do that. You are amazing woman; these things are just a part of you. I won’t tell anyone.” He stated, looking back at you. “You could trust me.” You cleared off the stuff on the table, carrying it to the kitchen. Mulligan followed behind you. “I still have a question, does anyone else have these abilities?”

“No idea. I didn’t see Superman in the news lately, and no villains have tried to kill me, so I think I’m one of very few.” You opened your cabinet, taking out two cups. “Lemonade?” He nodded, leaning against the counter. You poured the juice, and he watched you. After a few moments of being stared at, you laughed, looking at him. “What?”

“You’re beautiful.” He said, a sparkle in his eyes. You looked away from him, putting the juice back in the fridge. “It’s remarkable how you could do these things, and I’m just ordinary. I’m just your average Joe.” He whispered, looking at his hands. “These hands could only stitch.”

“Herc, you are amazing. No one could make an outfit design as fast as you, no one has your kind, understanding personality. You are you, and there is nothing that would change that. Don’t treat yourself that way.” You replied, holding the cup out to him. He took it, staring at the juice inside.

“Another question.” He looked at you, and you nodded, sipping on your drink. It was not a surprise that he was so curious, you would have done the same in his position. “Do you save people? Are you a hidden hero?” You almost choked, coughing loudly.


“Do you run around in a spandex and rescue cats from trees or take people out of burning buildings?”

“No. I don’t want anyone to know about me, and doing that would kind of mess up my plan, Herc. And you know how quickly they would find me? Cops aren’t as stupid as in the movies.” You placed your cup on the counter. He was still leaning, thinking.

Who knew that your crush would be sitting in your apartment? You stared at his muscular arms, looking at the veins raised on his skin. Why did he hide his arms in long sleeves all the time? You regretted not being able to see this until now. You glanced back up at him, seeing smirk forming on his lips.

You turned away quickly, cursing at yourself for getting caught admiring him.

“Y/N, you know, I could help you make an outfit. Since I’m a designer.” You chortled at his offer, shaking your head.

“No thanks, Herc. There’s soldiers and police officers and other people who can do that. I’m just a girl who happens to be able to pick up things and go through stuff.”

“You make yourself sound so dull.”

“Aren’t I?” You looked back at him, and he raised his eyebrows. Goodness, why was he so handsome? You were barely able to concentrate around him. You looked at the time, seeing that it was already three in the morning. “Herc, do you want to stay over? It’s late. I could bring out some blankets and you could sleep in my room. I could take the couch.” He shook his head at your suggestion.

“What kind of gentleman would I be if I took your bed? But it’s okay, I’ll get going, since you want me to leave so badly.” He joked, and you tensed up. He grabbed his jacket and bag off the couch, walking to the door.

“No, I didn’t mean that. I just looked at the time and-“

“It’s fine, Y/N, I was kidding,” He opened the door to your apartment. Before leaving, he turned, looking down at your lips, “besides, I won’t be able to go to sleep while I’m here. I won’t be able to stop myself.”

For crying aloud, why did you not go on this date sooner? You were trying to stop the vulgar images that flashed through your mind, cursing at yourself for being such a pervert. He grinned at your blood-rushed cheeks, placing his hand on the doorknob.

“Goodnight, Y/N, I’ll see you tomorrow.” He kissed your cheeks, and walked down the hallway, leaving you standing there.

Good grief.

You closed your door, locking it. You turned around, coming face to face with a tall man. His hair was curly, pointing in various directions. Immediately, you began throwing up your hands. He grabbed you by the throat, picking you off the floor. You struggled, gasping at the loss of hair.

He grinned at your fruitless efforts, pushing you against the wall. You tried to raise your arm, but he put his hand out, and you suddenly could not move yours. You gasped, barely able to say a word.

“Who?” Was all you could say, and he smirked.

“See you soon, Y/N.” Your oxygen loss was too much, and you passed out.

Eric Coulter fan fiction

Chapter 2 of ? Read Chapter 1 here

I run as fast as I can to my room. Oh my god I must be late. My watch which was on my wrist is gone. “Fuck!”. I probably left it at Eric’s place. Anyway I throw my blanket and pillow on my bed and fold them. I quickly grab fresh towels and head to the bathroom to take a shower. Breakfast is probably over by now. I look at the little clock attached to the shelf. 9:30AM. Okay, I still have 30 minutes to get some food. As quickly as I can I change my clothes to my work uniform. Before I leave I check myself in the mirror. Black jacket, black shirt, black skirt and black boots of course. 

I like it even though it’s not made for running as fast as you can to get breakfast. There are still people sitting and eating in the dining hall. I made it. I’m truly proud of myself. “Hey y/n, wanna sit with us?”, it’s Finch. He looks at me and points to the table where Kate and Alex sit. “Sure, I’ll be right there” I say. I take a tray with a plate and cutlery with me and go to the table. 

“It’s initiation day today. I wonder if there will be any transfers from Abnegation or Amity. The last time I saw a someone transferring from Abnegation to our faction was years ago ” Alex laughs. “Remember when we had to fight against each other? We both ended up in the infirmary for a week” Kate kicks my foot “Hey are you alright? Did something happen today?” “Everything’s fine.” I lie to her. I hate lying but nobody would believe me that I slept at Eric’s place today.

The bell rings, it’s 10AM. We all leave and go to work. There isn’t much to do at the infirmary, I just have to unbox the deliveries from Erudite. They send us new medicines and tools every week. I unpack the stuff and sort it in the cupboards.

“You forgot something today” a familiar voice whispers in my ear. I turn around from the counter and see Eric standing close to me. He’s holding my watch in front of my face. I take the watch and say “Thank you”. He steps back. I hope he goes back to the training hall. I turn back to the counter and act like I’d do something in the hope that he goes. I look back but he’s still standing there. I’ve never seen you here before”. “That’s because you never bring injured people here or ever get hurt”. “Of course I never get injured” he smirks and comes closer to me. 

I feel his muscular arms wrapping around my waist. “Eric what are you doing?” He doesn’t answer but holds me stronger than before. His warm breath touches my neck. A shiver runs through me. I want to get out of his arms but he’s stronger and I don’t want to do something I might regret. 

 “You don’t have to be scared y/n, I’ll keep you safe, I promise.” he whispers in my ear again. “E-Eric please, tell me what this is all about.” I look him in the eyes. His eyes are so blue and gray. “Eric, I need you. Now!” we both look at the same direction. It’s Max, another Dauntless leader. The only answer I get is “I’ll see you later” before he loses hold of me and follows Max who walks towards the pit he says. 

I’m so confused. If Max didn’t show up, what would have happen then? Was he about to kiss me ? Why do I think about that? Did I like it? Do I like him? Why does he want to protect me? I was one of the weakest at training but I still made it somehow, so I can protect myself.

I try to distract with work and I’m kinda happy when an injured initiate comes in. He has a wound several scars and on his face. I quickly disinfect him, put a plaster on him and let him go. 

It’s lunchtime now and everyone moves to the dining hall. I walk past the training hall and see all the initiates throwing knives. I don’t really know what’s going on but all of the sudden a girl stands in front of the target and Four starts throws knives. Why would Four do that? He’s the nice guy. But then I see Eric next to him. Well, now I know why he’s throwing these knives. I leave before he sees me and go to grab some lunch.

Chapter 1

Let me know if you would like to read more. Tell me if I should tag you for the next chapter :)

Behind The Scenes 2 (10.75/16)

Author’s note: I seriously don’t trust my computer, so let’s see if this part even gets posted today! The next part won’t be posted till Wednesday (hopefully). Sorry for any errors.

Genre: idk tbh… (Suga) (Jungkook)

Word count: 1496

Summary: Can you get thorough to Jungkook?

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

Back at the dorm, you did the usual routine of cooking, eating and cleaning. Since it was still a bit early, Rap monster had somewhere he needed to go. And since you “did your part”, he decided to reward you and let you stay out of your room until he got back.

You decided to go to Jhope’s room to talk to him and tell him about your sweet  revenge on Jungkook.

You lightly knocked on his door. When he didn’t open up, you poked your head inside. “Hobi?” His lights were off and it looked like he was lying in bed. “Hobi?” you called out again. From his bed you could hear him mumbling about something, but you couldn’t make out what he was saying. “Dang, he’s high already…. Ah, well then Yoongi will get to know first as usual.” You went to Suga’s room, letting yourself in with a light knock.

You were welcomed by a flash coming from his bed. You saw him laying against the wall posing with the stuffed panda he won.

“Were you taking a selfie with that toy panda?” you asked laying down in the spot next to him.

He looked at you a bit embarrassed. “And if I did?” he retorted

“Ha! Nothing… What are you doing?… Other than taking selfies.”

“Just reading.”

Then you heard his phone buzz. You leaned over to take a look at his screen. Your attempted failed though because Suga quickly moved his phone away from you.

“Why does everyone keep doing that?” you asked in frustration.

“Why do you keep looking at people’s phones?”

“… Fine, you have a point…”

“So how was it for you today?”

“Like I said, it was actually fun. Jungkook and I went on a bunch of rides. For most of the day he was actually fun to be with!”

“Really?” Suga asked, quickly turning to you.

“Yeah, but then he started flirting with the girl at one of the stands.” You cringed your face.

“You got jealous or what?” although he was obviously joking, you could have sworn you got a vibe of genuine curiosity form him.

“No! It was just annoying. He wasn’t going along with the whole thing. I was scared he was going to fuck it all up cuz he can’t keep it in his pants… So I got some revenge.” You giggled.

“What did you do?” Just then his phone buzzed again and his attention went back to his phone.

You continued to speak, but he wasn’t really paying attention to you.

“Yoongi… Yoongi… Yoongi!”

“Huh? What?” he mumbled, still looking at his phone.

“Did you hear what I said?”

“Yeah… something about Jungkook.”

“What are you doing?”


You took the phone out of his hand and took a quick look at his screen.

“Hey!” he ripped his phone out of your hands.

“You could have just told me you were texting Aiko.” You said now grumpy.

He typed something out and then put his phone back in his pocket and turned to you. “Ok, tell me your revenge again.”

“Nope, I already told you. You should have been listening.”

“Tell me. I’m listening now… I’ll give you this panda if you tell me!” Suga offered, holding the stuffed toy in his hand.

“…Fine.” You took the panda from his hand and retold your revenge.

“That’s hilarious, you should be proud of yourself.” He smiled.

You sat up on his bed. “I know.” You said, joking flipping your hair dramatically. Then you stood up and went to open the door. “I’m gonna go now.”

“What? Why?”

“I need to talk to Jungkook. I gotta do it before the monster gets back.”

He looked at you a bit confused.

“Maybe I’ll come back when I’m done.” You said as you walked out.

With much determination, you made your way over to Jungkook room’s and knocked loudly on the door.

“What? I’m busy!” Jungkook shouted

“I need to talk to you!” you said through the door.


You waited a good minute before knocking frantically on his door.

“What?!?” He shouted through the door. Soon he finally opened up and asked. “What do you want?!?”

“Are there still cameras in here?” you whispered.

He rolled his eyes at you. “They got take got taken out!” He said in a still angry tone.

“We need to talk.” You huffed, pushing your way into his room.

“By those words, I really hope you mean that you are going to “break up” with me.”

You walked over to his desk chair and took a seat. It wasn’t until you did so that you realized he was only in a t-shirt and boxer shorts. “Can you please cover up?” you asked looking away from him

He grunted and pulled on the pair of pants he was wearing earlier, not bothering to button them closed. “Ok, what did you want to talk about? Is this about paying me back?”

“You know I don’t have any money.”

“There are other ways you can pay me back.” He said slyly. He sat on his bed and smirked at you.

You glared back at him. “I wanted to make truce.”


“Yeah. Look, we both hate having to do this whole pretend thing, so why make it harder for each other.”

“Cuz its fun. Why should I change so much just cuz I’m stuck with you now?”

“Was it fun when I fucked with you today? Cuz it definitely was for me.”

He just looked away from you, not wanting to accept the fact that you made a good point. “It’s hard to take you seriously with that stupid panda you know.”

“Ignore it.”

“…So what’s this truce of yours?”

You rolled the chair closer to him. “Well, I wanted us to agree to be civil about this whole thing. I say that every time we have to be together, we just pretend like we are actors in a drama. We don’t have to go as far as making out or having in depth conversations or whatever, we just have to be more legit than we are now. I’ll do my best to be more involved and not pull away and stuff. You can’t be going around flirting with everyone. And we can’t be fighting with each other either.”

“That doesn’t sound very fun.”

“That’s not the point. The point is I don’t want any reason for Namjoon hurt me. It’s my ass that’s on the line here!”

Jungkook stopped talking, remembering how serious the whole situation was. He wanted to bring up the fact that you were putting yourself on the line when you threatened him earlier, but just he kept his mouth shut.

“How we were on all the rides is how we should be all the time when we are out in public. Not exactly love, not the shit we deal with here, just whatever we have to do together in that moment.”

Jungkook nodded at your reasoning.

“The main goal is just to look like a legit couple. If we want to talk about something serious we can say… “Time out” and for that moment, we don’t have to be pretending.”

“Like a safe word?” he smirked

“… Sure… like a safe word… then to pretend again, we can say “Time in”. But my point is that we have to take this seriously. Shit is bad enough and we shouldn’t make this harder for each other. That is what Namjoon wants. He wants us to be at each other’s throats. Maybe if we do this good enough, he’ll get bored and make up break up.”

“He’ll just come up with something worse.”

He was right. “…We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

“… You make a good point though. I guess I’ll go along with this shit.”

“So, no more flirting, no more starting shit with me, no more mumbling shit at me under your breath. I will reciprocate the cheesy crap and I won’t make you spend so much money or threaten you… Deal?” You stuck your hand out to him.

He started at your hand a bit as he contemplated your deal. “… Deal…” his hand engulfed yours. “Now that that is settled, can you please leave so that I can properly relieve myself.” He said, his hand still holding yours.

“Relieve yourself?”

“Yeah, I was in the middle of it when you wanted to come in.”

You looked at him confused. All his did was give you that stupid smirk of his.

“You know… Why do you think my door was locked?” His smirk grew.

You froze. He couldn’t be talking about what you thought he was talking about. You looked down at your hand and pulled it out of his grasp and then you looked back at him. He was on the verge of laughter.

“Eeeeeewwwwwwww!” you ran out of his room and to the hallway bathroom to disinfect your hand.

So let me teach you

a/n: My heart hurts after the finale… I’m sorry if I offend anyone because I have no idea about this stuff. Although, when I was younger I had to use sign language to talk; nobody understood me…yeah…

Requested: Omg yes

Pairing: Josh Diaz x Reader

Summary: Y/N is deaf but that doesn’t stop Josh from talking to her; whether it’s using sign language or hearing aids, he finds a way

Song{s) To Listen To: Teacher - Nick Jonas and Hey Jude - The Beatles

If she was being honest, teaching Josh how to sign was so much easier than she expected. Due to her circumstances, not a lot of people took the time to learn sign language. Only a few of her friends knew how; Lydia, Scott, and Mason were naturals at it. Although, Stiles and Liam were having…a hard time figuring out the hand movements…and after one lesson, Malia gave up. Y/N can’t blame her though, because signing is more difficult for some people; luckily, Y/N also had a hearing aid.

Nobody expected Josh Diaz to be so fluent when learning how to sign. Not even Y/N. He took his time with every little movement and made sure to practice whenever he had the time. The first thing he wanted to know was the alphabet. That kind of confused Y/N until he explained why; so he could spell out the words he didn’t know. Overall, he learned quickly.

The two of them are sitting outside in the courtyard at one of the blue round tables, practicing random useful words. Josh can’t help but smile as she tries to get him to do the sign for wolf. He shakes his head, “Can you show me how to say b e a u t i f u l?” He signs, raising an eyebrow with a slight smirk.

She blushes, nodding as her hands start to move. After showing him, she turns her hearing aid on. “Why did you want to learn how to say beautiful?” She says slowly, signing every word as she talks. “You always ask me that.” She laughs quietly, shaking her head.

Sighing, Josh looks around; whipping his head from one side to the other. Good, no sign (a/n: haha puns…I’m sorry) of either the McCall or the Raeken pack, “I’ve been practicing this for a while; but don’t laugh if I fuck up.” He chuckles, signing fast as he bites his lip. He takes a deep breath, watching her grin. “Y/N, you are absolutely-”

Stiles suddenly runs up, tapping Y/N’s shoulder. She spins around, seeing Stiles glaring at his hands, “Okay, um-” he pauses beginning to bend his fingers. “Pack… and….” He squints, trying to remember the alphabet, “T h e o pack…. are going to…. have a meeting…. right now.’’ He smiles, proud of himself.

She taps her ear gently as Josh snickers, “My hearing aid is on Stiles; you can talk. Or sign and talk, so if I don’t hear a word, I won’t miss anything.” Stiles cringes a little but nods, motioning over his shoulder. Josh grabs her bag, following the big brown eyed boy with Y/N.

Y/N pokes Josh as they walk and he glances at her. “I’m taking my hearing aid off. It’s kinda bothering me, you know?” Josh nods, running a hand through his hair. “Is it okay, um, if I hold your hand? So, you know….cars and people…” Josh quickly moves his head up and down with his cheeks tinted red, taking her hand in his shakey hand.


Scott and Theo stand in front of the two teenagers; their arms crossed. Josh blinks a few times, shifting uncomfortably on the couch next to Y/N. “Stiles said this was a group pack meeting.” Josh tells the two guys, also making sure to sign for Y/N (like everyone does). “Why are me and Y/N the only ones here?”

Pulling a stool behind him, Scott takes a seat and sighs, “You and Y/N are here because Theo and I have been talking.” He signs, licking his lips, “We think Josh should help you, Y/N. With school, fighting, etc. Yes, I know ‘you’re a werewolf that can protect yourself’, but Josh can help you; so you won’t get hurt from behind again. Do you understand?” Both nod their heads.

Y/N smiles, nodding “If it’ll help, absolutely. Josh is the best one who can sign. Right Josh?” The Brazilian boy nods as well, gripping her hand, “I mean, we’re practically dating.” His face heats up and he scratches the back of his neck.

Theo puts his hands in his pockets, “McCall is going to sign for me because I have no idea how.” He chuckles maniacally, gesturing to Scott. “After thinking and discussing; McCall and I have decided to let Josh transfer pack’s. Believe me, I don’t like it but after,” he sighs, “nevermind. Josh you’re in McCall’s pack.”

“Um, okay?” Josh cracks a smile.

Getting up, Scott claps his hands, starting to sign, “Great, then it’s settled. Welcome to the pack, Josh! Thanks for your help.” He begins talking to Theo in another room.

Turning to Y/N, Josh looks directly in her eyes, “If we’re in the same pack now, I need to tell you something.” He signs, “You are absolutely beautiful and I’ve liked you for months, so, will you please be my girlfriend?”

“I thought I already was, you dork!”

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For college!5sos blurb night, can you please do a project partner one with either Luke or Ash who happens to be a nerd but owns it like a boss in bed? :DD thank!! x


Wide-rimmed glasses, checkered sweaters and organised timetables; Luke Hemmings is everything you expected. Sure, you’d heard rumours from a few of your friends but aside from that you really had no idea what you were getting into when you signed up for his tutoring.

You were failing a tricky part of your course and he volunteered to help you catch up. You were a little surprised, having never spoken to him before, but gladly accepted and agreed to meet him at his apartment.

So here you are, fist raised and about to knock on the door.

But before you can swing forward and knock you hear the sound of turning locks and before you know it you’re staring straight at him, his wide, crystal-blue eyes looking at you with a shy smile.

“I heard you coming down the corridor,” He smiles sheepishly and steps aside, holding out his hand and gesturing inside. You smile, your books clutched between your hands, and walk into his apartment.

It’s a nice place: everything very clean and concise. You slip off your shoes and hang up your jacket on a peg before turning to see Luke staring at you, a slightly lopsided grin on his face.

“What? Is there something on my face?” You mumble, using your free hand to reach up and softly pat your cheeks. Luke shakes his head quickly, pushing his right hand to fiddle with the frame of his glasses as a fiery blush spreads across his pale face.

“I just think you’re really pretty, that’s all,” He explains, barely above a whisper. You find your eyes widening at his words.

Sure, you may have a little crush on the boy you’ve been unwillingly drawn to ever since class restarted, but you weren’t expecting him to say something so surprising about you.

“Thanks, Luke,” You give him a smile and rock back on your heels. His eyes light up as he remembers the reason for your visit.

“Oh, right, studying. I was thinking we could go into my room and try it in there,” His captivating orbs seem to skim over your body, taking note of every curve and crevice. You shuffle around, finding yourself feeling a little flustered.

“That sounds good, lead the way.”

Luke plods into a room a few feet away and you take a deep breathe. The fitted shirt pressed against his taught back seems to ripple as he makes his way towards his room.

You step in behind him, kicking the door shut and throwing your books onto his bed. Luke’s already sitting on the duvet, his hand patting a spot beside him and gesturing for you to join him.

His eyes seem to follow you as you sit down, sinking into the soft sheets as you peer up to see him looking down at you.

An energy seems to rip through the room as Luke’s eyes flicker from your eyes to your lips, his tongue flicking out to slide across the bottom one and moisten it.

Unable to resist temptation any longer, you reach forward and use one hand to cup his cheek, the silky smooth skin feeling luscious under your toughened palms. Luke tenses, his eyes widening.

You nudge your face a little closer, the overwhelming desire to kiss him growing too much to prevent.

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I’m really not a fan of the whole blame game that fandom likes to play. It’s usually pretty simple: the person who did the killing is the person responsible for the killing. Hades killed Robin. That’s it.

The blame game gets very convoluted very quickly because no one ever does anything for no reason, so you can always trace it back one more step. Let’s see:

If it’s Emma’s fault for “dragging” everyone to the Underworld, then first of all it’s also Emma’s doing that Hercules and Meg and Henry Sr and Liam and everyone else moved on. No matter anyone else’s role in any of it, because by this logic, only the person who initiated the entire situation is responsible for everything that happens within it. Emma Swan is the reason why all those people got to move on, why the Mills family got reunited, etc. Well done Emma.

Except we can trace it back further, because Emma didn’t go to the UW on a whim. She went to save Hook. Because he died to prevent the whole Dark One disaster. Which he brought about because Emma turned him into the Dark One. Which she did to save his life because Arthur nicked him with Excalibur, which he could do because they were in Camelot to save Emma, which was necessary because Emma became the Dark One, which she did to save Regina/the town from the Darkness, which was free because the Apprentice took it out of Rumple. Which he had to do to save Rumple’s life because Rumple had blackened his heart to that degree, with all his misdeeds.

Soooo you could just as easily say that it’s all Rumple’s fault. If he hadn’t done so many terrible things, he wouldn’t have needed saving. Or maybe it’s the Apprentice’s fault, for taking the Darkness out of him. Or Belle’s fault, for asking them to.

In fact, let’s talk about Belle. She asked the heroes to save Rumple - thereby putting the entire town in danger and necessitating Emma’s sacrifice - because she just couldn’t bear to let the man she loves die. My, doesn’t that sound familiar? And yet, none of the people who blame Emma for bringing about another bad situation because she couldn’t bear to let the man she loves die seem to apply that same judgement to Belle. Or vice versa.

I’m sure there’s another strand you could trace back whereby it’s all Emma and Hook’s fault for bringing Marian/Zelena back from the past. But even then - why were they there? Because of Zelena’s time portal. So that goes back to being Zelena’s fault, which traces back to being Cora’s fault.

I am not actually saying that Robin’s death or the whole UW thing is Belle’s fault. Or Rumple’s. Or Emma’s. Or anyone else’s aside from Hades who, you know, killed the guy.

People make choices. Sometimes they’re tricked, or influenced, or whatever. But everyone is responsible for their own actions and their own choices. Cora killed Daniel. Emma killed Cruella. Regina killed Graham. Hades killed Robin. That’s it. And just because maybe something could’ve been prevented had someone made different choices doesn’t make it their fault. If you invite a friend over, and she’s walking along the road and a car splashes her, that’s the driver’s fault for driving through the puddle too fast. It’s not yours for inviting her over, even if otherwise she’d have been at home and not gotten splashed.

So these arguments are a bit ridiculous, honestly. The show is pretty clear about the whole choice issue. You’re responsible for your own choices, not anyone else’s. And you make the best decision you can, in any given situation. Sometimes it’s a mistake, sometimes it has unforeseen consequences, but no one can read the future. All we can do is act in the moment.

Not to mention that we’ve SEEN what happens when you blame the wrong people. Regina spent years persecuting Snow for Cora’s crime. And as long as she kept blaming her misfortune on others, nothing got better for her.

No one is responsible for anyone else’s choices. I don’t know what’s so hard to understand about that.

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You're blinded by shipper goggles so you probably won't understand this message as you clearly did not understand Consumed or Daryl's development. Carol did not just told Daryl he was like a man out of nowhere she said that she changed and so did he and he asked how. And she said he was like a kid and now he was like a man. Carol spoke of her development from even before the ZA and then talked about Daryl, Obviously they meant their development through seasons or else why compare the two?

I realize that Carol did not just tell Daryl out of no where that he was now a man. If I remember correctly Carol is talking about how her several incarnations have burned away. First she was Ed’s wife (the abuse victim), then she was prison Carol (someone she actually liked), then she burned away too and now she isn’t sure what she is anymore. Daryl then tells her that we ain’t ashes meaning that they need to move on and that there is hope. In this exchange Daryl is hope and Carol is despair. She is lost and grieving and in his own way Daryl is trying to support her. Carol asks Daryl if he thinks they can start over and Daryl admits that he’s trying. That is when Carol says that he has changed. That he is now a man. She says this because this Daryl is different than the Daryl she’s known before. Emotionally he has matured and his outlook on life is different. He sees good people, he has hope, he wants to move beyond his abusive past (the reason he takes the book on abuse from the shelter). He is moving forward. Carol on the other hand can’t figure out who she is, what to do, or how to deal with her grief.

     In fact when she tries to talk to Daryl about what happened in the Grove Daryl tells her he doesn’t need to hear about it. He knows what happened by virtue of the fact that the girls are no longer with her. This right here is the exact reason Beth was good for Daryl and Daryl and Carol are not good for each other. This scene creates a juxtaposition to Still. When Daryl was lost and grieving Beth interacted with him in a way which forced him to confront his demons and then she healed him. Still in its entirety is an episode about healing. Not Beth’s healing but, Daryl’s because of what Beth does for him. She is the one that helps him by breaking down his walls in a way no one else ever has. In Consumed Carol is struggling badly (her inner turmoil by the way has yet to be resolved) and Daryl is not equipped to offer her what she needs. Emotionally he can not do for her what Beth did for him because of his own issues. He tries in his own way but, it is not what Carol really needs. She needs someone like Beth who can help her to heal. 

       Consumed is an episode that is written to show viewers just how lost Carol is. She was going to leave the group before Daryl goes to find her. She admits later that she was not sure she would do it but, essentially she was considering leaving her family. She admits she no longer knows who she is and while she acknowledges that she is going to try to move forward there is no actual resolution to this. In fact there has been no actual resolution to this date. Carol is still struggling with these issues and who she is. This is my interpretation of Consumed. If you feel that I am wrong about any of this then that of course is your right. 

    However I would argue that I am not the one with shipper goggles here. I see Consumed for what it was and what the writers intended. Carol and Daryl care about each other deeply and while he tries to help her Daryl is ill equipped to help Carol overcome her demons. These two people are both abuse victims. Daryl demonstrates a desire in Consumed to move beyond his past but, he does not yet have the skill set to do so. He therefore, does not have the skill set to help Carol either. You have to be able to help yourself before you help others and Daryl simply lacks the emotional wherewithal to do this. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care for Carol because of course he does but, it highlights why these two people can not have an emotionally intimate relationship. They both need people who are emotionally mature enough to heal them they can not heal each other without personal healing first.

       This is why Daryl healed so quickly after the fall of the prison because he had an emotionally mature person to help him do so. In Still we see a grieving and guilty man who has completely shut down.  It is Beth who helps Daryl to confront his feelings and to move beyond the fact that he believes everyone they know is dead and that it is his fault. By Alone Daryl is a different person. He is so content in fact that he is tells Beth that he wants to stay at the funeral home that they can make it work. He knows that at least Carol if not others from their family are out there somewhere but, he is willing to settle there at the funeral home. Since Beth’s death Daryl has been actively grieving (even casual viewers get this hence the griping about how lackluster Daryl has been lately as a character). Carol has still not dealt with the demons she put on full display in Consumed. Both Carol and Daryl are aware of each others pain and yet they still have not dealt with it. That is because they are both so consumed in their own grief and demons that they can’t help each other. Carol’s journey at this point is singularly hers and Daryl’s is his, they are individually being consumed by their own demons, and because of that they can not help each other. It is my opinion that that is why they have not been portrayed much together on screen. 

     Might I be wrong of course and I don’t write for the show but, shipper goggles aside there is the fact that these two characters are very damaged people. That is not debatable. The writers can write what they want and this is a TV show, it is fiction but, realistically it is highly unlikely for two such people to ever form an emotionally intimate attachment because they individually lack the skills to help each other. Again that is my opinion and you are free to have your own but, in summation Carol and Daryl are not talking about their development through the seasons to highlight how they have helped each other. The writers write that particular scene to highlight the differences in where these two character are at this point in the story. Daryl because of Beth’s influence is heading towards healing while Carol is headed down a much darker path. Therefore, as I had surmised in an earlier post Consumed is yet another way for the writers to display to the viewers how much of an impact Beth’s character has had on Daryl. That is the writing not my shipper goggles and while this is my opinion you are of course free to have your own. 

The college dorm Assassins AU no one asked for

A birthday one-shot for komtrashkru.

Prompt: “I thought you were the person in my building who died and I sent your family flowers with my condolences so… hi! Glad you’re not dead”

Okay. So I tried to write this true to the prompt. Twice. Then I realized that it wasn’t working and wasn’t fun to read. So I thought, alright, let’s drop the condolences and flowers and make it a college AU where they’re playing a game of Assassins with the people in their dorm.

If you don’t know how that works: Each person is assigned a target that they have to “kill” (in this case by hitting them with a balled up pair of socks). You inherit the target of each person you kill. Last one standing wins.

This isn’t what you wanted, Alex, but I really hope you like it anyway. <3

(I’ve never actually played Assassins—constant paranoia? no thanks—but I have friends who played with people in their dorms, and if that’s not perfect for fanfiction, I don’t know what is. So yeah, disclaimer: I’m pretty sure I’m bending and breaking the rules to make this work how I want.)

She’s hidden behind the half wall that doubles as counter space enclosing the café/breakroom area in the Physics and Astronomy building on campus. The microwave clock blinks 12:14 AM and save for her, the open room is completely empty. She can’t let down her guard though; Creeping throughout the building are 30 overly-competitive college students, each ravenous for victory.

But Clarke’s here to win, and as far as she’s concerned, hers is the perfect hiding place. The only way to see her is to get close enough to walk through the door or look directly down over the counter. Either way, she’ll be able to hear them coming.

…which is why she’s kind of offended when Bellamy Blake walks through the doorway without so much as a sound.

She moves to scramble up from her position on the floor as quickly as possible, because no way is she going out this early in the game.

Before she gets far though, he’s holding up his hands as he sinks down against the wall across for her, “No worries, I’m already dead.”

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Runaway Heart Chapter 16

“Alya!” I exclaimed, noticing both she and Nino had their phones out, and were snapping pictures. They laughed as the photographer glared at them.

“If you two continue to distract my models, I will have to ask you to leave.” He said. Nino and Alya looked at each other, shrugged and then waved to us as they headed over to the edge of the pond. The photographer stood still and watched them leave.He turned to us. “Now, let’s get started, shall we?” He started to instructing us to move into different positions. The first one he had us do wasn’t all that bad The photographer had Adrien and I stand back to back and look at him. He took several photos from different angles, and when he decided he was satisfied, he made us change our poses. We did this a few times and honestly by this point I was starting to get used to it and was actually starting to enjoy it, that was, until this next pose. Adrien gently placed his forehead against mine as our fingers intertwined. Adrien’s cheeks were tinted pink while mine were the same color as the coat I was wearing.

“Smile” Adrien whispered. I glanced up to him as I nervously bit my lip. I didn’t dare to open my mouth, as I knew whatever I said would come out as a stuttering mess. “After this set we can take a break, if you want.” I nodded. Adrien closed his eyes, took a breath, and a smile formed on his lips. I followed his lead, and began to hear the camera clicks and shutter noise all around us.

“Beautiful!” The photographer said as he moved around. “Absolutely stunning!” The noises from the camera stopped. Adrien slowly let go of my hands and backed away from me. “You two would make the absolute cutest couple!”

“I know, right?!” Alya’s voice called from by the shore.

“A-Alya!” I shouted back, my voice wavering.

“Yeah,” Nino yelled, “Make a move, Adrien!”

“Nino!” Adrien’s voice wavered just as much as mine did. Our friends laughed as they tormented us.

“Yes, yes. That’s quite enough. Let’s go do the next set.” The photographer readied his camera as he looked around.

“Actually,” Adrien said, “Could we take a break? This is Marinette’s first shoot, after all. She seems a little whipped out.” The photographer glanced at me then nodded.

“Very well. Adrien, let’s get some solo shots of you.”

“All right.” Adrien sighed, he then turned to me. “Come join us when you’re ready, Marinette.” I nodded. Adrien and his photographer moved to a different part of the pond.

I skated over to the shore and sat in the snow, not caring if my clothes got wet. I yawned loudly.

Modeling is hard work, I don’t know how Adrien does it. Especially since he has so many other things he has to do. I thought, as I stretched out my arms. I looked over to where Adrien was skating for the photographer. The photographer made him stand in awkward positions, and have him skate slowly in order to get a picture. I could tell Adrien was forcing each and everyone of his smiles as he posed. I felt bad for him, he was obviously not enjoying himself. I decided to cut my break short and stood up. However, before I started to head toward Adrien, I saw Alya and Nino. I glanced to the snow on the ground and felt a mischievous smile come to my lips.

I slowly bend down and scooped some of the snow into my hands. I rolled it into a baseball sized sphere and looked back to Alya. I took aim at her and let the snowball fly. However, It wasn’t Alya I hit.

“Adrien!” I exclaimed, racing over to him. Adrien had skated in front of Alya right after I had thrown the snowball. It ended up hitting him in the back and he fell to his knees. “I’m so sorry! I was aiming for Alya and-” I was suddenly hit in my chest with a pure white ball, which shattered upon impact. I looked up to Adrien to see him by the shore, he was scooping up some snow. He quickly turned around and threw another ball of white at me. I quickly blocked it with my arm.

“Oh, it is SO on, Adrien Agreste!” I said, quickly moving back to the edge of the pond.

“Bring it, Marinette Dupain-Cheng!” Adrien replied with a playful smirk on his face. “Geez, why does your name have to be so long?”  I threw a snowball at him. It hit his shoulder. He threw one back at me.

This small war between us continued, as we both threw snowballs at each other and laughed. It wasn’t long before I felt something hit my back. I glanced behind me to see Alya and Nino had joined the fight. Eventually, everyone else on the pond joined as well. It started out as a free for all, but slow morphed into two teams on the different sides of the pond. It was me, Alya and six other people on one side and Adrien and Nino with seven others on the opposite side. Snowballs were flying all over.

“TEAM LADYBUG!” Alya screamed as she threw a snowball.

“That is not our team name.” I said, handing her another one.

“It is now!” She replied. I sighed as I made more. The war continued on for nearly an hour, until most of the people got tired and decided to call it a day and go home. Alya and I started to skate over to the boys.

Nino, for some reason, had Adrien in a headlock and was yelling, “Admit it!” over and over again. Adrien laughed and struggled to get out of the headlock.

“Let me go!” Adrien cried.

“Not until you admit it!” Nino replied.

“Okay! Okay! I’ll admit it!”

“What do you admit?” Nino asked, teasingly.

“Marinette’s really pr-”

“Marinette’s what now?” Alya asked, as we got closer. Nino sighed and released Adrien.

“N-nevermind…” Adrien muttered, Nino let out a frustrated sigh.

“I’m hungry.” Nino then said, “What about you guys?”

“Yeah, I could go for some lunch.” Alya replied. “We should go to that new restaurant up the street.” Nino and Alya removed their skates and put their snow boots back on. “Are you two coming?” I shook my head.

“I’m not all that hungry, actually.” I said, starting to untie my skates.

“Me either, but… I could go for some hot chocolate.” Adrien said, glancing over to Nathalie. She nodded her head. He smiled. “There’s a cafe not too far from here. Marinette… do you want to come with me?” I stared at him, shocked. Then I glanced over to Alya who was rapidly nodding her head.

“Uh… y-yeah! Sure!” I replied. Adrien and I removed our skates. I shoved them back into my bag. I pulled out my hat and scarf and put them on. “Oh, what do you want me to do with this coat?” I tugged on the collar of the red coat I was wearing. Adrien looked at me for a second, then turned his head away.

“Keep it.” He said.

“Really?! Are you sure that’s okay?!” I asked.

“Yeah… I’m sure my father won’t mind.”  Adrien finished putting his boots on as I placed my bag on my shoulders.

“Adrien, there’s only a half an left hour before your piano lesson-”

“Yes. Nathalie, I know.” Adrien replied, “I’ll be back before then.”

“You aren’t taking the limo?”

“Why would I? It’s just up the street.” Before Nathalie could say anything else, Adrien gripped my wrist tightly and started power walking away. I found this odd as I watched Adrien pull me along with him. The way he was moving was like he was trying to get away from something, something he didn’t want to be a part of. Suddenly, it hit me; he was running. He was trying to run away. I didn’t know from what. I didn’t from whom. All I knew was Adrien Agreste was running, and not looking back.

8 Part 2

Waking up to a smooth deep voice calling your name, my man’ arms tight around warming me up and our naked bodies together feels like a great moment. I couldn’t help but wake up smiling, best night’s sleep I have had. My eyes fluttering open to meet Chris’ looking down at me “Morning” he said brushing my hair away from my eyes. Smiling so wide nuzzling into his chest “is it morning already” I whispered sleepily. He laughed “hmmm yeah” I sit up slowly suddenly awake, I feel so damn sore “why you waking me anyway? I’m sure we have a late flight” He didn’t answer me but starts to kiss my neck and slides a hand down to my naked ass. I sighed as his soft lips felt so good against my neck and his hand which is currently massaging my bare flesh is turning me on right now. As good as that feels I am still trying to get over last night, I’m still sore from it all. I can feel him pulling me on top of him “did you just wake me up for sex Christopher?” I know he has “no!” he grins cheekily and just like that I knew he is lying “well … it’s not the only that we have to pack for LA” I groaned flopping on top of him “you’re actually horny again” I felt the vibrations of a chuckle through his chest. “Why are you laughing?” I muttered “You’re cute when you’re annoyed,” he said tapping my poked out bottom lip with the tip of his finger. I snapped back, “I was having the best sleep ever and then you just woke me up, you’re so annoying” I whined.

He kissed me slowly, nibbling on my pouting lip and then pulls back to get a reaction from me. I glare at him, he is really trying it. His lips once again find their way to mine and his hands slide down my curves. He moves his gentle kisses down to my neck “I love you” he whispers into my skin. I try to mutter it back but it comes out as a garbled happy moan that only encourages him more. Chris’ hands slip down to the outside of my thighs and his lips follow, charting a familiar course from my collar bone and then in between my breasts, I moan out. I can feel myself getting slick with anticipation, he is teasing me “still want to go back to bed?” sitting on top of Chris “no” I smiled, pushing the covers back “does your dick ever stay just down?” shaking my head shuffling back “I can feel your pussy all on my abs” Chris just watched my every move “you mean your fat” I chuckled sitting on top of his dick “damn” he mumbled, his eyes found mine as I got comfortable “I want to keep you like this for life” Chris bit his bottom lip, I reached forward placing my hands on his chest. My nails lightly sinking into his skin, I need something to keep me balanced.

My eyes closed and my body bowed up to his as he slid himself inside me for the first time this morning. It had only been a few hours we was having sex, but god, already it felt like it’d been four years. It felt like this was the first time. My eyes remained closed in serene bliss as he began thrusting himself inside me. At first it was a strange sensation. But then pain sliced through me like a blade. I winced in pain but then began to move against him; he didn’t need any further encouragement. Chris started out slow and then we built up speed until I was crying out his name. “Chris” I hissed in pleasure. The pain had reduced to a dull throb now but I could easily ignore it. I meet his every thrust with my own which drove me crazy. Chris’ free hand reached down and started to rub my clit. I gasp out again, on a pleasure over-load. I leaned forward kissing Chris roughly feeling my end arriving. In that moment it felt like everything shattered.

Chris smoked his cigarette and fell back to sleep, just so typical of him after waking me up but I’m glad he did because I had a shower in peace and without him pinning me to the bathroom wall. Dragging my suitcase along Chris’ bedroom floor, I need to pack which I hate doing. Looking over at Chris, he is sprawled out butt naked on his stomach with his ass on show, I had to supress my laugh to not wake him but the position he is in right now. Shaking my head getting my phone out, he would do this to me so I have to do it back to him and take a picture. Snapping the picture and then pulling a face, his ass crack all on show. Placing my phone in my pocket just staring at Chris, I feel so close to him now, in a clingy way and I knew this was going to happen that is why I did not want to have sex with him. The connection as comeback but even stronger than before, I love him but now I just can’t stand to be away from him. How am I going to even sleep in my bed without him in the bed with me, I am really not looking forward to going back now.

Hearing Chris’ family talking in the living room as I was making my way down the stairs with my packed suitcase, I froze thinking how long have they been here for. I hope to god they wasn’t down here while we was having sex because I think I was being rather loud in the morning, this is awkward now. Chris’ family all have access to this house which I don’t think is a good idea, especially if me and him are stupid enough to run around naked. I need to stop hiding away. Dragging my suitcase down the stairs as it hit every step with a bang, the talking stopped. I can’t pick the suitcase up because I do not want to break a nail and my legs hurt, I feel sore too so I rather drag it “Robyn!!” Chris shouted behind me scaring me half to death, letting my suitcase go allowing it to fall down the rest of the steps “what!” I whined turning on the step “oh my god, why are you stood naked?” Chris is mean mugging the hell out of me “you slapped my ass before walking out and then now you’re purposely banging on the stairs with that thing” looking down at my fluffy pink slippers, I love these. Joyce got me them “I cannot talk to you like this, your dick is all on show” Chris placed his hand on his dick “I am tired and you woke me” he walked off in a huff, he is talking about being tired but who told his ass to wake up in the morning wanting sex.

Shuffling to the living room with Chris’ big hoodie on “he arguing with you like you’re his damn wife” Robb said as I came into view and everyone smiled, I got so embarrassed for nothing “he is mad because I woke him up” Aaron, Tootie, Joyce, Christine and Austin all stared at me “does that mean you were in his room?” Aaron questioned, quickly finding a spot on the couch but maybe that was the worst decision to just jump “ah!” I squirmed in pain “in pain huh?” Aaron smirked “yeah why was he naked? So you seen his dick?” my eyes bulged out at Austin “of course” Aaron slapped the back of his head “so we moving up on the friends chart, are we on fuck buddies now?” my face is burning red right now, this is so embarrassing “boys! Leave her alone” Joyce said aloud, hiding my face “we are just asking our cousin in law, she don’t mind” Robb hit my arm, moving my hands away from my face “you finna let us come and chill at yo crib now? I heard you got that good weed there” I laughed looking away, I can’t deal with these at all.

I stayed silent sitting on the couch while they all talked amongst each other, my ear perked up as they spoke about Chris “that boy does not tell me anything, I get a call talking about the itinerary for a show. I was like who? What? And where” Christine complained “a show I never knew existed but he’s going Dubai for a whole week, not going to complain because then I can have a mini break away but your son needs to tell me. This is why he needs a wife to stop his fast ass doing things” Joyce was taking it all in, not once did she laugh and I knew Chris was going to get it once he walks in this room “he tells me nothing, after today I won’t see him and he will call me when he wants to complain about his life. Clinton is coming to see his son” I feel so nosey right now “he just realised he has one?” Christine said laughing, Joyce joined in laughing “he only wakes up when he knows Chris is leaving VA, watch him bring that ugly lady of his” my mouth dropped, Joyce is never like this “mom!” Tootie said laughing “she’s not welcome in my son’ home, I try and keep demons away from my babies. She is after my baby’ money, I know Clinton and he has not asked money from Chris but now she is on the scene that trailer wasn’t enough and got my son to pay out for a house” I wish I had some popcorn right now, I never knew any of this “oh remember when she came to Chris’ show by herself and made Chris take pictures with Clinton’ other kids and then posted it on social media sites like they was one big family. That riled me up” Aaron stared at me laughing “family” he said all wide eyed “we finna see a bitch fight over OG Clinton?” Austin asked, Joyce didn’t say anything but she is not happy at all.

The boys left us to go to the games room which made the room so quiet, Joyce and Christine continued to drag Clinton and Tootie is busy texting but I’m just busy thinking about Chris, I already miss him and he’s upstairs. Taking in some air looking over at Joyce I had to double take, my face dropped seeing Chris with the biggest grin behind his mom, auntie and sister. They lucky they have their back to him, he held my thong in the air with his one finger just smiling at me. I must have forgotten it, my face looked at him in horror “you forgot about this” he mouthed while balling it up in his hand, he bought it up to his nose and I gasped aloud causing everyone to glare at me and then to where I was looking. Chris quickly stuffed the thong in his pocket “morning everyone” he waved sheepishly walking over to me “you can sit somewhere else” placing my legs across the couch “what are these” he gripped my fluffy pink slippers pulling them off my feet “Chris!” before I could reach over for them he had already walked off with them “stop being childish” Tootie said while staring at her phone, Chris placed them on the floor pushing his big feet in them “you going to make my slippers big Chris! Stop” frowning at him, he pushed half his foot in with half hanging off the edge “don’t I look good momma” he posed looking at his momma, he pulled his sweat pants up to his chest “I must say I look extremely good” sneakily getting my phone out “Chris please grow up” biting my bottom lip laughing as Chris started dancing “sit yo ass down” Joyce said as he danced towards his mother “get away from me” Joyce broke into a smile, she couldn’t help but not laugh at him.

Chris soon finished annoying everyone, walking back over to me, looking at my phone “damn, I got my pants all in my ass” he started pulling his pants down “you mad?” he bent down picking my slippers up “you ruined my slippers so yes” I mumbled pouting not even looking at him, they were so comfy too. Chris picked my legs up sitting down and placing my legs over his lap, I didn’t react because he wants a reaction from me “I can buy you new ones” he said. Flicking through my messages and then remembering how G is wanting to meet up with me, let me delete these messages “stop ignoring me” he mumbled, I need to get away from G I really do without Chris getting involved “Robyn!” I felt the slipper hit my foot which made me look up, Chris cheesed at me “I’m sorry” he placed the slippers on my feet “see they fit just fine” he looked over at my face but I am not amused, he laid his head on my arm “all you do is annoy the poor girl and now you want loving?” Joyce frowned at Chris, he smiled at his mom nodding silently, Chris looks so cute right now. Pulling my arm from under his head and placing it around his neck “see mom, she wants to touch me” just because I know he won’t drop it if I don’t and not only that I have the pictures of him with my slippers on acting a fool so I’m good.

Joyce didn’t get to tell Chris about his dad coming because Clinton ended up just walking in, I was about to roll my ass off this couch but Chris quickly put his hand on my arm for it to not be moved. I wanted to get popcorn before he came, this seems so entertaining because he has bought his bitch and the kids “let me go” I mumbled to Chris feeling a little uncomfortable because I barely know these people, well his dad yes but this lady that Joyce been talking about doesn’t seem trustworthy so I rather be out of the room “waddup step moms” Chris said waving as they made their over to the free couch “don’t move” Chris said in a whisper “so good to see you” she beamed at Chris, Clinton’ other kids all look ugly and big headed. Looking over at Chris just looking at his little face watching his dad embrace his half sibling as he wanted sit on Clinton’ lap, makes me wonder if Chris ever got to do that but I doubt it.

Small talk between both parties made this awkward, Joyce is ready to snap “what’s up son?” Clinton said, Chris shot his head up from his phone to realise he wasn’t talking to him. He quickly put his head down “Chris” nudging him “have you packed? What time is our flight?” Chris looked up at me, his face all pouty “nah, I don’t need anything and the flight is at three” leaning forward pecking his lips “okay” he flashed me a smile “are you both together then?” His dad eventually asked “yes!” I answered so fast, Christine’ head snapped in my direction “for good this time? Don’t leave my son hurt like always” rolling my eyes, he has no right to give advice but whatever “he will be just fine” I said simply.

Well this VA trip took a turn, glad I’m leaving now. Staring at my snapback, my mother could have warned me before he came because that just came out of nowhere “son” my head snapped up “hey” I said in a whisper, he walked over to me slapping my back “how you been? We barely talk and we didn’t even get to hang out together” my lip curling up in annoyance “I know, just been busy” which I really wasn’t “busy with Rihanna?” I chuckled “could say so dad” smiling hearing her name, even her name makes me smile “just think who you want as your long term partner Chris, if you think it’s Rihanna what if she leaves you again. Your child if you do have one with her she will probably get a restraining order against you with that, be cleaver because she could possibly fuck you over” my smile soon disappeared “I understand but we good” my dad moved his arm “I want the best for you” sighing “Robyn is good, we are good so your input in my life is not needed. I love you dad but you can’t tell me how to live my life or try to teach me how to be a man when you wasn’t man enough yourself to raise me, just tell me how much money you want but don’t come for Robyn when you don’t know her” my dad looked at me in shock “are you ready to leave?” Robyn came around the corner smiling but soon froze seeing us both “yeah let’s go” walking away from my dad.

Hugging my mom “I promise mom I’ll be back” my mom gave me a little squeeze “I love you so much baby you know this but I really want you to settle down” moving back from my mom “I understand and I will settle down believe me, stop worrying about me” out of nowhere she hit my arm “stop keeping things away from Christine, what event are you doing?” holding on to my arm in shock, she switches so damn quick “which one!?” I said in annoyance “the one in Dubai, you don’t tell me nothing” I actually forgot all about that concert in Dubai “I forgot ma, I just had things happening” Aaron put his arm around me “my nigga” I am so happy he has come to save me, he dragged me away “my nigga got some” he shouted rubbing my head, I busted out laughing “I’m happy for you, don’t fuck it up bro” he moved his arm, I couldn’t stop laughing “she looks whipped anyways” he whispered as Robyn walked over to us “you didn’t answer me what position are we on in the friends chart?” Robyn punched his arm “shut up” I wonder what that was all about.

Rubbing my face watching Robyn put them stupid slippers on again “why you wearing them ugly things again?” she threw her handbag on the empty seat of the jet “why you hating on my slippers nigga” she sat across me on the empty seat lifting her leg up “show these slippers some love” shaking my head “I will throw them off the jet before we take off, don’t push it” Robyn smirked placing her leg down “baby, you never told me you’re going Dubai?” raising my eyebrow “who told you?” I barely know what I’m doing sometimes and she does “Christine said it” licking my bottom lip “we’re just friends so….” I didn’t know I had to answer to Robyn “friends with benefits now, you’re my nigga” my eyes lit up “ohhh shiit” this is shocking she is being so upfront “my dick got you feeling some type of way huh” she put a finger up at me, I love annoying her.

The jet came to a complete stop and I did the biggest sigh on earth, back to Los Angeles and the land of fakes. I felt the sadness overcome me and I hated it, rubbing my eyes looking over at Robyn asleep with them godforsaken slippers. She about to walk out with them on I don’t care, silently getting up from my seat and picking up Robyn’ handbag and shoes. The pilot opened the door for us, smiling at myself walking off the jet. They were already getting our stuff out from the jet “could you please put these with everything” the air hostess just looked at me confused “put them with Robyn’ stuff” Robyn is about to walk LAX airport in them stupid things, jogging back onto the jet “yo!” I shouted picking my backpack “Robyn” shaking her a little “we home?” she said in shock looking at me “yeah” sorting the straps out on my shoulders, she looked around slowly getting up “they took our stuff off” turning around smiling “Chris!! My shoes, I can’t walk out with these” I gasped in shock looking at Robyn “oh, it’s too late baby we just have to go like this” Robyn looks so confused “oh my god, I look stupid!! I can’t” I chuckled getting off the jet, I am not about to stand and hear her rant or even walk next to her with them fluffy shits on.

I wasn’t even sure to hold Robyn’ hand or not but I just walked in front while she walked behind me, I just want to get out of this airport. People gawked at us and were in shock as we walked passed. The security escort are being mad wack letting people come near us, my face dropped seeing Jay Brown waiting for Robyn but I couldn’t say anything but walk passed him and towards my bodyguards. Looking behind me Robyn greeted Jay Brown and were exchanging words “let’s go” my bodyguard nudged me, shaking my head I left her to it because shawty knows where I’m at if she needs me.

Not even going to lie but I feel some type of way that he was at the airport, why and how did he know when we was going to land, she must have told him. Throwing my backpack in the back of the SUV and getting inside as people screamed things at me, same old story here. My bodyguard banged the door shut and much to my annoyance people started banging on the windows, what the hell do they want from me. Why has my bodyguards not even got in the car yet, now I’m getting mad. The shouting from outside the door got so loud, suddenly the door opened seeing Robyn looking at me with meanest mean mug. I moved over on the back seat as she got in the back with me “you ditched me” she snapped “uhm no, you ditched me. Running to that asshole” she huffed placing her handbag between us “I found out that you! Took my shoes” my lips were about to turn into a smile but I held it together “you made me walk in these like a dumbass and then you left me” my bodyguard both got in the front “nice slippers” my bodyguard said to Robyn “shut up!” she spat “why did you walk off?” she leaned forward taking her slippers off “did you think I was going with him? He did try it but I refused, I told him that you’re taking me and when I turned around you was gone” taking my snapback off “sorry” I don’t even like her people and it’s like they could tell Robyn anything and that’s it she will be gone, I can’t let my dad’ words get to me.

Robyn moved her handbag shuffling closer to me “Robyn wants to go home so go to her place first” my bodyguards would have ended up taking us to mine “talk to me please” looking over at Robyn, she is so damn close to me “we was fine in VA now it’s like you have changed, I don’t like it” leaning forward pecking Robyn’ lips “I just assumed shit, I assumed you was about to leave me to go off with him. Shit just got to me, I was actually mad but I’m okay now” she didn’t look happy that I even thought that “I do understand, sorry. I know you hate my people but they are going to be in my life no matter what, I want us to work so please believe in me” I nodded “I do believe you, just not them but like you said we are going to work on us but I am rather confused on how we work, do I got to ask you for permission to go out or can I do what I like minus the girls?” Robyn tilted her head to the side, she look like she about to lay down the rules “let’s put it this way, would you hate it if I went somewhere without telling you” I shrugged “lies, you will be so pressed with me” turning my head looking outside the car window rubbing the side of my nose “this is stupid just say it straight up, we’re dating” I didn’t want to look at Robyn’ face because she is probably giving me a blank stare “BFFs” looking at Robyn “okay look yes we are dating, just don’t give me that look. I want to know what you’re doing, at all times” I knew she was dying to lay down the rules “I want to know everything Chris, you’re insecure but so am I and if we are living apart then I want to know” I am second guessing in wanting a relationship with Robyn “see now you’re not even answering me, you don’t like it” chewing the inside of my cheek thinking “Chris” Robyn hit my arm “okay, that is fine. I tell you and you tell me I got it” she is frowning so hard at me right now “tell me what you’re thinking about please” Robyn lifted her leg slowly laying it over my lap “just thinking…..” looking at Robyn’ leg “about what exactly” Robyn climbed on to my lap “thinking who’s more whipped, you or me” I chuckled “shut up” placing my arms around Robyn’ hips pulling her into me “so we’re BFFs dating hmm?” she nodded smiling “if that makes you happy than fine by me, don’t turn into some crazy girlfriend though” it feels so good to see Robyn smile, her happiness is going to be number one on my list “I feel so stupid in love” Robyn blurted out but before I could say anything she kissed my lips.

The car stopped outside of Robyn’ home “I guess this is you” Robyn’ face in the crook of my neck while still sat on my lap, she didn’t move from this position the whole journey “back to reality” she mumbled moving back, opening the car door and pushing it open with force so it was wide enough so she could slip out of the car. Robyn got out of the car in the most awkward way ever, holding on to her arm as she nearly fell out “crazy ass” laughing at her “whoops” she laughed at herself, grabbing her handbag from the side of me “you not coming in?” my bodyguard placed Robyn suitcase at the side of her “I have shit to do though” Robyn slowly grabbed the handbag from me, the look on her face I couldn’t even say no “okay fine, I’ll be back boys” slipping out the car “no funny business in there boss” slamming the car door shut “already done that big homie” sticking my tongue out laughing “oh shit” he said in shock, Robyn latched on to my hand “I made a decision, you’re the whipped one” she didn’t look back at me but I am laughing at the fact she really is.

Lee’ head popped up from behind the couch and wolf whistled at us both “well look what we have here” Mel glared at us “Robz I told you it was worth it” Lee struggled to get up off the couch “she a damn mess” I mumbled, Robyn looked back giggling “stop” after fixing herself up Lee finally made her way over to us “who the hell are you? Acting like our damn parents, move!” I said but Lee was looking Robyn up and down “shut up banana peel” I busted out laughing “don’t hate on me just because I’m light skinned” Lee kissed her teeth “so are we all good now?” pulling a face stepping in front of Lee facing Robyn “anyways I do have to go now, people to see and when I say people I mean my people like the boys” Robyn pouted “so seeing me is not important” oh god she is really going to drive me crazy “stay here or tell them to come here” Lee popped out of nowhere “oh hell nah, we already got Mel and her brat making noise we don’t need him and his animals here” side eyeing Lee so hard “now listen here you burnt roach looking fresh off the banana boat I can do what I like” Mel’ scream of laughter came out of nowhere “oh stop it Lee, you spoiling a moment with my man” Robyn pushed her away “whatever” she waved her hand around “you are important trust me and my house is always open for you but it’s better if we don’t tell the whole world about us, you know how it goes. The world goes crazy and then throws all of the past in our faces” hate seeing Robyn all sad but we have so many people against us “don’t tell Jay Brown about us, we are just friends right now but only we know the truth” placing my hand under her chin and lifting her head up “is that cool? Just your people do the most, they barely accepting this friend shit” Robyn wasn’t saying anything but what can she say when she knows I am right about all of it.

Pecking Robyn’ lips and waving bye to the girls “you still got to meet my niece yet, don’t forget that you have to be at her birthday party mister lowkey” I paused thinking while trying to get my cigarettes out of my pocket “your family and me?” she nodded smiling “she wants to really meet you so don’t play around” I actually forgot all about that, I thought she was playing “you want me to perform at a kids birthday? I told you the deal, you have to pay me in sex” placing the cigarette in between my lips while trying to find my lighter, Robyn walked over to me pulling the cigarette from my lips “I don’t mind that, but she is having her party in Barbados” my eyes widened holding my breath in “it’s next week too” blowing the air out “I have no idea what my schedule is” I really don’t either “you have no choice” Robyn placed the cigarette between her lips “I’ll be in Dubai, I’m sure of it. I will let you know but I will come okay? Just don’t give me that face” lighting my cigarette while it’s between her lips “thank you” pulling the cigarette out “I’m going now but I will call you” kissing Robyn’ cheek “I love you” she said those three words, as I spun around to leave “love you too shawty.”

Home sweet home, placing my backpack down “little fat momma” my dog ran over to me, patting her head walking inside to the games room “My nigga” I said dapping Keeis sitting next to him “you 100?” he asked pausing his game “yeah I’m good, thanks for looking…” pausing midsentence seeing three females walk into the games room “we had a party, I forgot to mention. Hood planned it, the po po came and shut it down while you was away and uh yeah these stayed” my house looked so damn clean “but how does this place look clean?” he did a nervous laugh “we got cleaners” looking over to the girls “I’ve had you” I said pointing “yeah I have” I mumbled, her face flushed red “you stooped very low fucking that fat black shit” hood walked in with his ugly ass “get these chicks out” getting up from the couch, I guess this is what I get for allowing niggas to look after my place while I am away.

My phone buzzed in my pocket and I know it will be Robyn texting me, throwing my backpack to the side and jumping on my bed. Getting my phone from my pocket and seeing Robyn’ name across my lock screen, I know her so well. Unlocking the phone and going straight to her picture message she sent, better be a nude. “You have got to be joking me!” I half shouted seeing the picture of me in them stupid slippers of hers, she is so fucking sneaky.

To: Robyn

From: Chris

-_- Really?? What the hell! Delete it!

If she ever posts that it will be so damn embarrassing even though I am a goof but I’m a thug.

From: Robyn

To: Chris

Hahahaha! I am still laughing at this and nope! Not deleting anything, I put it as my lock screen too mwah!

To: Robyn

From: Chris

I’m not laughing…..

Placing my phone to the side of me sighing hard, I want commitment but then I don’t. I get scared of the whole commitment thing, me staying faithful never lasts but I am going to try and I have changed from that. I still have that thought in the back of my mind that she will ditch me.

From: Robyn

To: Chris

Oh god! Not the pouty face again, I would kiss your pouty lips if I was there. I miss you so much already and I don’t know how I’m going to sleep without you in bed with me ….. What are you doing?

To: Robyn

From: Chris

Yes pouty face is back because you not making me happy and I’m doing nothing, probably have a nap. Ikr we need to work on this sleeping schedule, we can dodge the papz maybe? In the middle of the night you can creep to over to my crib or I can come there but we need to be lowkey.

From: Robyn

To: Chris

Whatever Mister lowkey! We possibly could but I think my bed is more comfy, only god knows how many orgies you had in that. NOPE! I want a new bed before I come there :)

I chuckled at the text.

To: Robyn

From: Chris

You have already slept in this bed remember? Or you got Alzheimer’s? Anyways I used the spare bedroom, no worries lol.

From: Robyn

To: Chris

Forget you!

I laughed out loud knowing how annoyed she will be at the reply I gave her, she really think I would let anyone just in my bedroom.

To: Robyn

From: Chris

You mad or nah!?

From: Robyn

To: Chris

Nah nigga, just know I used the spare bedroom too or maybe the couch.

Oh that was low of her, mean mugging the text.

To: Robyn

From: Chris


From: Robyn

To: Chris

I learn from the best sugar lumps! Xxx

I swear she drives me crazy and this whole relationship is about to go zero to hundred so quick I just know it, calm before the storm.

Harry Imagine!

Harry Imagine for Jacqueline, I really hope you like it! I’m sorry if it sucks but it was like three in the morning when I wrote it.

I sigh deeply as I walked towards the gates of my school, really not looking forward today.

I’ve already had a crappy morning; I woke up late, I spilled my coffee all over my favourite shirt, and my school bag broke so now I have to carry all my things around.

Sighing once again I made my way through the crowded hallways. Filled with constant chatter of gossip, the update fashion trends, how many girls guys have shagged over the weekend, and much more.

After reaching my first block, which was English I thought of only one thing, or person in this case that made my morning just a tad bit better.


He sat next to me and I would always glance as much as I could at him, hoping he wouldn’t notice. He seemed so mysterious but it made him intriguing. He’s really shy and I’ve only talked to him three times but he’s really sweet but very closed off from everyone. I mean I would too if I got picked on like him. He has nothing wrong with him, I know that, so I don’t quite understand why he gets bullied

I smiled as I entered the classroom seeing him already in his seat. Sitting down I looked toward him, looking over all of his tattoos and his piercings, it made me smile because he seemed he wasn’t afraid to be himself. I blushed when he looked up at me, obviously catching me starring.

“H-hi Harry”

he didn’t responded but gave me a small wave instead.

Once the bell rang and class began I tried focusing on my work but I kept getting distracted by Jake who kept trying to talk to Harry, who looked like he didn’t want to talk to anyone.

“C’mon Styles, can’t you talk? or at least make a noise? I bet your whore of a mother makes sure hell of a lot of noise in bed”

he said as he high fived his friends.

I saw Harry clench his fist and it looked like he was about to cry but I couldn’t really get a good look because he stood up and walked toward the teacher.

“Mrs. G?”

The young teacher looked up and her mouth opened slightly as she responded.

“Yes Harry?”

“Can I use the restroom please?”

she simply nodded as Harry quickly grabbed the hall pass and practically ran out of the classroom.

before I could even think about what I was actually doing I stood up and walked toward the front of the classroom where Mrs. G was.

“Mrs. G? Can I use the restroom?”

“Of course, just be quick though”

I nodded as I grabbed the girls lavatory pass and ran out into the hallway.

I walked toward the boys bathroom and pondering on the thought of if I should actually go in to see if he’s in there.

just as I’m about to open the door I hear a loud sob from my right. I turn around the corner and gasp as I see Harry sitting there, his knees pulled up close to his chest and his body shaking from the crying.

I approach him cautiously and stand in front of him and slowly kneel down to my knees and place my hand on his shoulder gently.


he looks up at me in shock and tries to wipe the tears away as quick as possible but I grab onto his wrist to stop him.

“hey, it’s okay to cry, you know that right?”

he looks up at me before responding

“no it’s not okay to cry, especially because you’re going to make fun of me, just like everyone else”

He says as he looks up at me, my heart breaking at the sight of his eyes. Bloodshot and glassy.

“Harry, I’m not going to make fun of you or laugh at you for crying. What Jake said to you in there was pretty messed up so I understand why you’re cry-”

“No! you don’t understand! no one does!”

he shouts at me then quickly covers his face again and lets out another sob.

“Then tell me Harry, make me understand.”

I reach for his hands and smile when he doesn’t recoil.

I move so i’m now sitting beside him, still holding onto his hands as he looks up at me.

“It’s hard you know? Everyone thinks i’m some messed up emo punk kid who everyone thinks is easy to mess with but know actually wants to get to know me, no one cares. Usually I can take Jake’s stupid jokes about my life, but once he mentioned my mum, I almost lost in there. My mum made some pretty bad decisions in her life but she was the best mum i could ever possibly ask for-”

“Harry, what happened to your mum?”

He looks up at me once again and he looks like he’s about to break even more.

“You don’t have to tell me, I’m sorry I-”

“No It’s okay. She died when I was eleven from leukemia. I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later but I never wanted to accept it. My mum was always a kind hearted woman who always put others before her, but after the doctor told her about the cancer she changed. She never saw her friends anymore and I was the only person she talked to. I guess she just couldn’t say goodbye to them, so everyday I went to school and went home right after to take care of her, each day getting harder and harder because she kept getting sicker and sicker. Everyone thought I was some emo kid because I never talked to anyone so I never had any friends. The day she died was definitely the hardest because I couldn’t accept it, at all. My mum was my best friend as dorky as it sounds but she was. I told her everything and then one day she was just gone and I-I didn’t know what to do anym-ore.”

He began to cry again and I quickly wrapped my arm around his shoulder the best I could, seeing as he was a lot taller than me. I placed my hand against the side of his head and lead it to my lap and he began to cry even more.

“I’m so sorry.”

We sat there for a few more minutes until his cries die down and he just laid there, with his head on my lap.

“Thank you Jacqueline.”

He breaks the silence as I look down at him.

“For what?”


I smile as he sits up and looks at me, our face inches apart and I feel myself begin to blush.

“It-t’s no big deal”

“You know I always thought you hated me.”

I look at him in shock and begin to giggle, he looks at me confused before I speak.

“I could never hate you Harry, especially since I’ve had a huge crush on you for almost three years.”

I giggle out and then stop, I can’t believe I just told him that.

“You wh-hat?”


He looks at me, my insides melting at the sight of his beautiful eyes.

“You like me?”

My face was hot and I knew it looked as red as a tomato, but I nodded in response as I looked down. I soon felt his hand creep up to my cheek and make me look up at him. He smiled before he inched his face closer to mine. I gasped as I soon felt his lips on mine. He smiled into the kiss but I was still in shock. My mind went blank but I felt myself began to kiss him back. After what felt like hours he pulled away, me breathless.

“Wh-hy did you do that?”

All he did was laugh.

“Because I like you too, you’re the only person who actually smiles at me instead of just scoffs and rolls there eyes”

I smiled big at his words as I began to stand up.

“Oh well come on, we should get back to class”

We were both now standing and I grabbed onto his hand and was about to lead him back to class but he pulled my back which resulted in me crashing into him.

“One thing first”

I didn’t have time to respond before I felt his lips on mine once again.

Fill This Empty Space

I was inspired by a song called “Grace ”

It has been 7 month and 3 days.

She remembered like it was yesterday. She remembered his tears as she told him it wasn’t working with their schedules. She remembered his retreating figure. She remembered crying for days. She remembered everyone asking her if she was okay. She said yes. But she neglected to tell them that she had been crying for 7 months and 3 days… because nothing could fill this empty space.
She remembers the day she got the text from Val, ‘I am sorry babe.’ He had texted, confirming her worst fears.

She sat in the shower and cried until 4 a.m. that night…trying to fill the empty space.
She remembered getting his brief text in order to inform her about Sway. She remembered accepting so she could see him again. She remembered needing to fill this empty space.
She arrived last night and now she was waiting in the practice room. She waited anxiously with Jenna as the other dancers swirled around the room. She exchanged brief greetings with Rumer but she received a feeling that Peta had given her opinion already.

So she stuck with Jenna until he came. He would make her feel better. He would fill this empty space.
She felt him before she saw him. Spinning around, she immediately locked eyes with him causing a smile to creep to his lips. She mirrored his smile as he made his way over to her.
“Meryl.” He greeted while hugging her.

“Maks.” She returned. Inhaling his familiar sent as he pulled away. Her smile immediately dropped when she saw Peta walk in and plant herself by the mirrored wall next to Rumor. Her body tensed and he noticed. She watched as he looked over his shoulder to see what caused her discomfort.

“Why does she need to watch us?” Meryl murmured. Feeling a sense of betrayal zap through her.

“Just ignore her.” He explained gently while grabbing her hand and leading her to the dance floor. She felt everyones eyes on them as they began to practice. ‘Why couldn’t their Rhumba be practiced in private’ she thought to herself. Her thoughts were interrupted as She felt his hand move up her back and down her shoulders, causing her to naturally fall back into him and close her eyes. They moved so intimately against eachother for the next few minutes but her bubble was quickly popped when she felt another couple crash into them and step on her foot.
“Watch where your fucking going” Maks screamed at the apologetic dancers.
“Mer babe let me see your toes.” He said tugging on her arm. But she wasnt listening because the looks she was getting from around the room was making her uncomfortable. Hate, jealousy, spite, and sympathy burned her back as she let Maks pull her aside.
“My foots fine. Lets just get this over with.” She snapped to harshly even for her. She saw the surprised hurt in his eyes as he nodded his head and began their Rhumba again.
20 minutes had past and she couldn’t get into their dance. The meaning behind it and the history made her want to cry. She couldn’t practice their dance in front of all these people. She felt like she was being watched by an audience as he made love to her or something.
“Maks I cant do this…” she whispered bringing them to a stop.

“Why, what’s wrong, is it your foot?” He asked concerned.

“ No. I cant do this in a room full of people.” She snapped getting irritated. She saw people stop to look at them and she felt Peta tailing her with her eyes.

“…what do y…” he said responding but she cut him off.

“Get me out of here. Now!” She begged. Her voice betraying her. He didn’t argue When he saw the teara welling up. Grabbing her hand he ignored Peta scrambling to her feet and ran. Dragging her down a few hall ways and past curious employees Maks shoved them into an empty rehearsal room and slammed the door locking it.
Before either one could breath a word, Meryl flung her self at him. He immediately caught her and stumbled back into the mirror only to slide them down to the floor. She burried her face into his neck and slowly began to sob.
“Oh Merylushka…” he breathed worriedly as he stroked her head in comfort. “Tell me what you need…what can I do?”
“Oh Maks…” she cried unable to finish.
“Shhhh. Its okay baby just breath.” He soothed.
“I…n need yyou to fill this empty space. I can’t breath. I can’t stop crying. I need you Maks” Meryl sobbed as he hels her.
“Oh baby. Dont cry. I’ll make it all better I swear.” he promised forcing her face from his neck to dry her eyes.
“I can’t do this any more. Im sorry. Im so so sorry.” She whimpered.
“ I shouldn’t have broken up with you. I thought it would be best but its tearing me apart and theres this empty space inside of me Maks and it hurts so bad…”
“Ill fill it baby. Whatever you need. We can work through this…whatever you need” he soothed.
“You, just you. I need you.” Meryl hiccuped.
“I am here. We’re here. We’ll fill the emty space.