why does destiel happen to good people

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This whole PCA stuff and Jared not being nominated has me thinking. Who has more fans Jared or Jensen?

Good question!

I think that Jensen has more “FANS” and Jared has more “STANS”. Okay now you’re probably thinking what the fuck does that even mean lol?

Let me explain.

Jared Padalecki “Stans”: The reason why I say that Jared has more “Stans” is because there are a lot of us (like myself) who would continue to watch what Jared does (entertainment wise & personal wise) until we’re old and grey. We are the type of people that have Jared’s back even when he’s wrong. 

Jensen Ackles “Fans”: Now, for Jensen, the reason why I say he has more “Fans” is because Destiel and Cockles fans love him. But that ISN’T necessarily a good thing, because we all know that if Jensen ever said the words: “Stop pushing the whole bisexual agenda, Dean/Cas is NEVER going to happen and Misha and I aren’t together.” Most of Jensen’s so called “Fans” would literally rip him apart and start calling him homophobic again. These so called “Fans” would turn on him in an instant.

On another note, I’m not saying Jensen doesn’t have a few “Stans” like Jared because most celebrities do. But what I am saying is that a large majority of Jensen’s fan-base would turn on him in a minute if he said something that they didn’t want to hear. What’s the point in having more “Fans” if they don’t really give a damn about you, but only care about the ship they’ve created in their head that they want cannon so badly?

Which is why, in a way, Jared has a more loyal and larger fan-base. Because Jared stans are the ones that won’t walk away because he said something we didn’t like.


- K