why does anything

i just had the stupidest fucking idea of team voltron hanging out on a ice planet for whatever reason and someone daring someone to lick shiro’s arm to see if ur tongue gets stuck to it and it DOES and someone is just stuck to shiro’s arm at the awkwardest fucking angle ever and the mission is literally called off because everones laughing so hard even shiro except the person whos tongue is stuck is just crying but in hindsight is rly fucking hilarious

post-"Three Gems and a Baby"
  • Garnet in Joy Ride: *almost accidentally hurts Steven by punching him into oblivion because she didn't know he was in the pod*
  • The Fans: She didn't know it would hurt him and she stopped before did anything and she felt bad, she didn't do anything wrong.
  • Me: Agreed, she had no way of knowing it would hurt him and she didn't do any damage, Garnet is pure!!! Glad to see you're thinking with Your brains
  • Pearl in Three Gems and a Baby: *almost accidentally hurts Steven by removing his Gem because she didn't know if it would hurt him and she believed the Love of her Life was trapped inside of him trying to send her a beacon of light as a desperate plea for help*
  • The Fans: Pearl is a MONSTER and she literally 100% attempted premeditated infanticide because she HATES Steven
  • Me: ???????????

Hong Jisoo in his class yearbook…

cr. chiagiaa

I have this default flaw in my personality where I am unable to express my innermost thoughts/problems/emotions to those close to me because I don’t want to burden them or look like I’m seeking attention or become that ‘boring’ person who’s always having some sort of mental health related crisis, but I am perfectly okay with talking in depth about my mental health on a public blog where literally anyone could read it if they wanted???


Like who he tryna kid though?

why is the first phrase that comes to mind when I wake up ‘wakey wakey eggs spaghetti’ like srsly brain now is not the time for carbonara


Damon: I don’t know what’s happening to me, but so far, this thing has been nothing but trouble. Why did you give me this?
Caroline: It was Elena’s.
Damon: Yeah, I know that. Why does it mean anything to me? I hold it and I get this… little flicker of warmth. And then… it’s gone.
Caroline: What did that woman do to you?
Damon: After I flipped my switch, Sybil tinkered in my head. I don’t know what it was, but she did something to guarantee that all my feelings for Elena went away.

Just a voice on the phone.

Mary (Rosamund) was the one who heard the orders over the phone that catastrophically changed the plan in Georgia. The orders that supposedly came from Mrs. Norbury, who is paralleled not just with Jim, but with Jim giving orders over the phone: Why does anyone do anything? (credit @reichebach)

Mycroft confirms it was after this incident in Georgia that he gave the initiative to stop using freelancers, aka AGRA. And only one of the four––well, two, as it turned out––survived.

Long read but in my TEH meta I pointed out a metaphor for when Mary stopped working for Mycroft and started working for Jim. Short version:

1. Moran, the canon name for Moriarty’s right-hand man, boards the train at Westminster. Westminster = Mycroft. He IS the British government. He employed “Moran.”

2. “Moran” and an entire car vanish before the train reaches St. James’s Park. James. Jim. Clearly. “Moran” was assumed dead, but Jim had her–uh, him.

3. CAM records everything. Right up there, top right corner! Magnussen had this information on “Moran.” Including the fact that she, I mean he, was naughty and bailed on noble hostage rescue missions to work for a consulting criminal instead.

Mary had her AGRA flashdrive, yet she still went to kill Magnussen for what he knew. Because he knew something that wasn’t on that flashdrive. He knew about how she betrayed AGRA in Georgia. 

“Something went really wrong,” she tells Sherlock solemnly in TST. But in the flashback, the moment things go wrong?

She’s looking pretty pleased.

Mary is Moran. Not literally, that’s not her name. But in a right-hand man sense, for sure. She took the call from Jim –– “just a voice on the phone,” yeah, that was absolutely Jim Moriarty, isn’t it always? 

When backed into a corner in the empty house (ala canon Moran), she was okay with giving John and Sherlock the AGRA drive. It contained information on who she was before she betrayed AGRA, Mycroft…England. It did not contain information on the work she did, and continues to do, with Jim Moriarty.

And Mycroft knows. If at any point he really believed all four of AGRA had died, he obviously recognized “Mary” the moment she showed up in John’s life. So once again, we have Mycroft allowing Jim to do his Jim thing, and he just…doesn’t say anything to Sherlock. Reptile. :)

I have to admit, TST really got me close to believing Redeemed Mary was a go. And I was okay with it! I preferred Villain Mary, but so it goes. But no, her story is so far from over. She’s going to be revealed as one of the most savage, brilliant villains of all time.