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Who do you think wrote the original graffiti in "Truth or Ed"?

That’s actually ‘Pick an Ed’, and it’s always been something that sat wrong with me about the episode.  There are a ton of believable answers they could’ve come up with to cap off the episode, because the show at that point had done nothing but build up an army of characters who like to say mean things behind Eddy’s back. Why leave it as another unsolved mystery when it could have just as easily been something obvious, like how no one was fooled by Jonny being Melonhead?

The main reason I feel that way is THIS is the opening shot of the story.  In one second, the storyboarders convey two people with ongoing vendettas against Eddy, currently provoked by Eddy, AND we get a glimpse of the home ec incident that motivated them.

The only evidence against either of them being the culprit is that both Jonny and Kevin are shown taking different paths than Eddy, suggesting the graffiti was the work of someone outside the class, or could have happened at any time without the Eds noticing it.  Was it just an invisible outsider trying to get the main cast’s attention?  Jimmy being passive aggressive?  It’s pretty suspicious that the Kankers are nowhere to be seen in this episode…

I’d also like to point out that the final cut of the episode ends on an odd note, with Edd just staring at the graffiti…

I originally thought it looked like Edd was as curious about the vandal as the audience would be, and I also wouldn’t blame you if you thought it suggested Edd wrote the graffiti and was feeling guilty.  However, there’s a deleted final shot with Edd still in the school, late at night, obsessively trying to clean the wall, which I think suggests Edd is innocent and naively prioritizing cleaning over crimesolving.  Let’s be honest, Edd would have better penmanship than that.

Look at how neatly Edd wrote “Carl.”  “HUgo” was probably Ed’s handiwork.

My buddy and I have never played DnD.

Our friend is very patient with us in helping make our characters, but we go for our aesthetics more than actual effectiveness.
(K is me, V is my buddy, DM is… well yknow)

DM: So given your main ideas, I’d say, Kooby, go for either a Pixie or Dragonborn.

K: …can my character wield a frying pan?

DM: what? Why?

K: yknow just in case my sword breaks or whatever.

DM: …if you want to do that, I’d say go with the fighter class and make them a pit fighter.

K: awesome.

(Some time later)

DM: how are your weight limits?

K: Well, I’m over by like, 10 pounds i think.

DM: how many weapons do you have?

K: 3. A bow, a shortsword and my frying pan.

DM: …what die do they use for damage?

K: uhh… 1d4 for shortsword, 1d8 for pan…

DM: …get rid of your sword.

V: (immediately starts laughing hysterically) I love how in this game that SOMEHOW a dragon standing upright is more proficient at smacking a guy’s head in with a frying pan than cutting dudes open with a sword.

I don’t think you’ll ever stop being the main character in my story. You might never think of me, maybe one day in October when coffee burns your lips like I do. Maybe when you wonder why you don’t like the smell of bubblegum anymore but love it all too much. Maybe that will be the extent of it. Maybe I’ll be a passing thought.

But not you. Every song is going to whisper your name, every lovely thought will feel like falling asleep in your arms and every new relationship will remind me of all the ways that they could never be you.

You won’t be my past. You’ll be my present and future and all the darkness in between. I’m never going to stop wondering if you’re looking at the same sky, I’m never going to stop wondering where you’re waking up, and who you’re waking up beside.

Maybe I’ll be bitter, nostalgic, angry, happy or just excruciatingly lonely. But I’ll never stop writing about you. No day will go by without remembering the things you made me feel, and the ways you made me myself.

One day you will be long gone, and somehow you’ll be everything but.

—  the air that I breathe ~ blue-delusion

So there are misguided people who think that the reason why people hated on Bleach is because of the endgame ships.

If that is so, why then even non shippers hated the ending?

These people don’t give a fuck about romance but they hated how the story went.

If you are a thinking reader, you will never accept this ending.


Because Ichigo’s journey as a hero was nullified. Negated. Thrown away.

People have made jokes about Ichigo being Al Bundy. About him being a couch potato. In surface, this seems like mere bashing. But you know what? They illustrate the kind of disappointment for the supposed main character of the story.

Think about this:

Why do we read shounen? To see the hero grow. Most of the time, they start as nothing. But they have goals. And we read the series to see how he actually achieves that goal.

Ichigo started powerless. His goal was to protect. He entered a world of supernatural wonder through Rukia.

At the end of the journey, he gains a clinic. *tires screech*


And oh, is he still a shinigami? What does he even do now? We’re all clueless.

We read the story for the hero’s journey. And in the end, we expect the hero to become greater than from what he was when he started.

This is so basic in every myth of every culture. Joseph Campbell calls it the Monomyth.

Following the law of monomyth, after that journey, HE MUST RETURN WITH A GIFT THAT IMPROVES OR CHANGES THE WORLD.

That was robbed from Ichigo.

This is what IchiHimes seem to miss. In order for their pairing to happen, Ichigo returned to that same state he started from. He did not complete the hero’s journey. He regressed. In order for it to happen, the story must be rejected into existence. That’s what makes this pairing so disgusting. But then again, it’s mere collateral damage.

(But do they really care about Ichigo though? As long as the princess gets her prize, the Hero does not matter anymore)

The Sokyoku was rebuilt, more stronger.

The worlds are separated once again.

When people say that 15 years went down the drain, ships are the furthest from their minds. The ships are mere collateral damage when Kubo decided to negate everything that the story once stood for.

Think more:

If Ichigo and Rukia never met, if Ichigo never became a shinigami, this is the same ending he will have.

If that is so, then what’s the point of writing the story in the first place?

Since the story is about the hero’s journey, then what is the point of all the fights, the defeats, trainings, and the victories? After all, after all these things, Ichigo will just settle with an ordinary life in an unchanged world.

Why did we even read Bleach? It’s all pointless.

If you truly respect your intellect, you will not excuse this ending.

If you truly read carefully, you will not apologize for Kubo and Bleach.

Kubo disrespected us readers because he disrespected the hero he created.

He wasted our time, effort, and money by posing Ichigo as an agent of change that ultimately results to nothing.

So people, readers with brains do not hate the ending for the endgame ships as the first thing in their minds Personally, I don’t even hate it for the plot holes and retcons. I view these as collateral damage.

I hate the ending because it negated the story itself.

I hate it because it wasted my valuable and irreplaceable resources.

I hate it because Kubo got rich from taking the money of fans who invested in his pointless story for 15 years.

So we will never shut up about our discontent. Doing so means intentionally insulting our own intellects.

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Why do you think Sherlock and John are more compatible than Sherlock and Molly?

I have a ton of reasons, but here are my main two:

1.) Sherlock is gay.

2.) Molly has literally under 9 minutes of screentime up through Season 3. I went through and counted. Out of 1087 minutes of screentime she has under 9. That’s 0.08%. And you’re asking how I find the two main characters more compatible? Right, okay. Think about how much more Sherlock/John content there is. Yeah. That’s what I thought.

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hi! I love your art! I was wondering if you could make a tutorial on how to add variety to drawing characters. all my characters look like carbon copies of each other with different hairstyles. thanks!

I wish I could make an extensive tutorial about this but tbh I’m not an expert on the subject. I’ll try to give you some written tips though!

I think the main reason why lots of people have problems with variety is the fear (sometimes subconscious) of making your character look ‘ugly’.

First of all, something I’d recommend doing this, but instead of trying to achieve the ‘perfect face’, try doing a bunch of different ones and keep them! Also, here’s some actual tutorials to help you out (x) (x)

One very good exercise is drawing your friends, trying to capture their main features. Maybe their face is very long? They have big lips? Small eyes? This is amazing for lots of reasons because:

-you’ll practice a lot
-you don’t need to bother with lineart
-by staring at their photos for so long, you’ll see how different real humans look and you can use such features for your characters
-you can show it to them if you’re satisfied!!

I’d also recommend to look at how your favourite artists draw faces and specific features, you can definetely take some of them and merge them in your style!

This wasn’t much of a tutorial but I hope it was helpful nonetheless! Thank you for the compliments and have a good day!

Writing Enemies to Friends - No Romance Involved.

Anonymous asked: “I’m working on a story where the main character and another character go from being political rivals, both with claims to the throne, to becoming trusted and respected allies. How do you develop a believable relationship arc? How do you show a relationship that improves over time, especially if it’s not romantic?”

I think enemy may be a strong term. A true enemy to non-romantic, respected friend 180 may be a little hard to believe. If they are a rival or an opponent, that’s more believable. What truly matters is why they are at odds. If both are really very similar yet happen to be competing for something they both want, once the competition ends or is eliminated, they could plausibly become friends because their reason for being at odds is out of the picture. 

With politics, things are a little gray. If it’s a straight-up power grab, that’s not a huge deal. They might stab each other in the back, but for that reason, they might understand each other pretty well - they’d be rivals, not necessarily enemies. 

If the politics comes from differing values and ethics, that is much more complicated. They may actually be enemies because not only are they competing for a throne to promote their values, but they are also trying to make sure their competitor does not get it. They’d be enemies. Friendship would be less likely only because they have combative differences of opinion. One way to make this switch may be to have one character come into a situation where they question their platform and political stance which would at the very least open them up to hearing the other side of the argument, even if they decide not to change their stance.  I don’t know if this helps. I’m speaking pretty vaguely. Feel free to reach out for specifics if there’s anything you’d like clarified or gone into detail! I’ll be happy to talk! Happy writing! 

So lets just say for our own sakes that silverflint is endgame… 

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Warrior cats Oc question!!

1. Who is your most evil character?

2.What prey animals are there in your clan?

3.Who is the leader of your clan?

4.Who is the medicine cat of your clan?

5.Where is your clan located?

6.Who is your main character?

7.Who is the most grumpy cat in the Clan?

8.How many kits are there currently?

9.What starclan thinks of your clan?

10.Main character

11.Who is the most disloyal cat?

12.Wars that your clan has been?

13.Most hated clan?

14.Love or hate kittypets?

15.describe how most of the cats on your clan are (colour of pelt, short fur, long fur, tabby, solid…) and why.

16.do you have any mentaly ill cats?

17.do you gave any homossexual cats?

18.best fighter in your clan

19.best hunter in your clan

20.any loners?

That’s it! Have fun!

Hidden Figures, white bosses, and promotions.

I finally saw Hidden Figures, but this isn’t really a review.  This is mostly just a little observation I had while one of the characters was angling for a formal promotion.

Minor spoiler ahead, but you find out about it less than 10 minutes into the movie and it’s not something you couldn’t assume or figure out from the time period anyway.

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End of the Year Writing Meme!

It’s been a piece of shit year, so let’s say goodbye to 20fucking16 with a writing meme, and consider all the things we’ve made! Send a word to a writer friend!

A. If you could rec a piece of music to accompany one of your fics, what would you pick? Why?

B. Who’s your favorite side-character from something you wrote?

C. Get any good comments on your stuff this year? 

D. Any drawings or pictures that had a big influence on your writing?

E.  Who’s your favorite main character you’ve written?

F. What stories are you planning for the future?

G. Where do you think you grew the most this year?

H.  How do you write? Paper, pen, computer? Music, no music?

I.  What’s your favorite work you did this year? Why?

J.  What are the best jokes you told this year? Any jokes you thought were funny that people didn’t catch? Vice-versa? 

K. Who have you killed this year? Why did they have to die? 

L.  Which character did you most write about this year, and why do you like ‘em?

M. Meta! Have any meta about a story you’re dying to throw out there?

N. Anything you were planning to write that never got written?

O. Do you believe in outlines? Show us one! 

P. What are your pet peeves in other people’s work?

Q. Quote three bits of writing you read his year. Can be your writing, or not. 

R. If you had to rewrite one of your stories from scratch, which one would it be? What would you do to it?

S. What’s the sexiest thing you wrote this year?

T. Themes, motherfucker, do you have them? What are they?

U. Any stories that took a abrupt u-turn from where you thought they were going?

V. Which story was the most viscerally pleasing to write? Tell us your narrative kinks. 

W.  Who are your favorite writers?

X.  What’s your least favorite work of this year?

Y. Why did you write? For fun, for a friend, for acclaim? 

Z. If you could choose one work and immediately finish it, what would it be? How would you end it?

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Who is Lapis Lazuli? Her personality seems to differ from episode to episode so I'm confused by any of her character development because I don't know who she was supposed to be and who she is now. I'm not saying that personalities can't change but it just doesn't seem consistent enough to understand who she is, what she feels, and how she thinks. I can imagine the other main characters in various situations and how they would act in them, but I can't do that for Lapis.

You’ve done an excellent job of summing up why people have been annoyed by her characterization.

Why (do) people play dating sims

I think I know why. Note that this is only my opinion. In the game, you are the main character. You are important. There are all these amazing people that you grow close too, and you matter to them. They love you, they care about you. You are important to them.
In most dating sims, even if you don’t do their route, most characters still like you. They’re still your friend, you still mean a lot to them. In dating sims, all these amazing (and attractive) people care about you. They love you, and they care about you. And when the heroine is relatable, it feels like it really is directed towards you. When you play dating sims, you feel important. You feel cared for. You feel loved.
-Mod Yan

detailed writer prompts
  1. what sociocultural factors of your own life do you think influenced your choice of character and how you play them?
  2. what is more important to you, narrative or style? if so, why, and how do you think you portray that in your writing?
  3. what iconography (symbols/images/motifs/etc.) do you associate with your character and why? how do you portray this in your writing? 
  4. without using your fc, describe your character physically - not just looks but also movement, posture, etc. 
  5. do you think your chosen fc could play your character the way you write them? if not, what changes do you think would have to be made? 
  6. let’s say someone else was going to write your character - what are the main points of their personality that you would tell the other writer to focus on? what about outside of that? images/symbols/moments in their life/etc. 
  7. what sort of medium do you think your character is best suited for (literature/film/graphic novel/etc.) ? if they are a canon, do you think there’s a medium that fits the character better than their current one?
  8. what writers influenced the way that you yourself write? how so? are there any that influenced you negatively? 
  9. when you see a partner’s response to a thread, what are common misconceptions/assumptions you see other characters making about yours? is that purposeful? 
  10. how do you think your character fits into your view of society? do you see them as a social critique? a celebration of certain societal values? 
  11. what mythic deity do you think best embodies the core values of your character? how so? 
  12. what is your character’s ideology? what beliefs and values are most important to them and how do they impact their decision making? 
  13. how has your character’s socioeconomic background influenced their ideology?
  14. do you see your character/their narrative as allegorical? if so, how do you attempt to portray this through your threads? if not, do you think that the lack of allegorical symbolism says anything about their metaphorical meaning? 
  15. for canons: do you think your character is a foil for another character? how so? 
  16. for ocs: what does your character metaphorically represent to you? what is their symbolic value as it pertains to you as a writer?
Cross goes to the grocery store

Previously on the Crack Adventures of Cross and Nightmare, Nightmare was having numerous problems, Killer Sans was revealed to have the shipper role and thought of a ship name for our beloved main characters, and Nightmare sent Cross to the grocery store to get more ice cream.

(Be warned that everyone is out of character)

Chara: okay dude we’ve gotta think this out through and through


Cross: why, a kind that Nightmare likes of course

Chara: WHAT

Chara: WHY

Cross: Don’t you see, Chara? It is essential to my master plan that we annoy Nightmare as much as possible! I can say something like “I got it for you, senpai!” and he’ll just be really mad or something.

Chara: but

Chara: but why??


Chara: this thing is Nightmare has made zero sense too

Cross: Come on man, you have to admit he’s fun to mess around with.

Chara: well yes but why humiliate yourself in the process

Cross: because it’s worth it

Cross: besides, it’s not humiliating if it’s done proudly

-(scene transition)-

(Cross walks in with a ton of bags.)

Nightmare: that is way more than ice cream

Cross: I’m makin tacos tonight

Nightmare: WHAT OH GEEZ NO

Cross: what


Cross: I believe we gain skills through trial and error


Cross: well uh

Nightmare: you are not cooking ANYTHING

Cross: but duuuuude

Cross: I need mah tacos

Nightmare: well I believe you have an addiction

Cross: you’re the one who frantically told me to go to the store because we ran out of ice cream


Cross: seriously? but that guy looks like he lives on human flesh


(Killer Sans walks in.)

Killer Sans: howdy shipsters, what be happenin?

Nightmare: what

Cross: yo KS, Nightmare won’t let me use the kitchen cuz he thinks I’m gonna make it explode

Cross: it’s not cool

Killer Sans: (looks at Nightmare) wow dude that is not cool

Killer Sans: because even if he makes it explode you can just make someone fix it

Nightmare: well yeah but

Nightmare: IT’S MY KITCHEN

(Suddenly, they hear deep laughter. In the doorway is Horror Sans.)

Horror Sans: hahahahAHAHA

Horror Sans: you fools. while you weren’t paying attention I STOLE THE ICE CREAM CROSS JUST BOUGHT (holds up bag)

Nightmare: OH COME ON

Killer Sans: come on man you’ve had enough

Killer Sans: just give it back–


(Horror Sans escapes with the ice cream.)

Nightmare: GET HIIIIIM

(The yakety sax music starts to play as they chase Horror Sans around the castle.)

(However, all of them except Cross are collapsed on the floor within ten minutes because they’re all out of shape.)

Nightmare: Hand over… that ICE CREAM

Horror Sans: (sprawled out on the floor) you can’t make me

Nightmare: if you want fricking ice cream… then buy it with your OWN MONEY

Horror Sans: there aren’t any stores that will take limbs as cash

Nightmare: and you’re broke because of you NOW GIVE ME THE BAG BEFORE THE ICE CREAM MELTS

(Cross walks over and takes the bag from Horror Sans.)

Horror Sans: noooooo

Cross: senpai I have retrieved the bag

Nightmare: okay put it in the secret freezer and don’t call me senpai

Horror Sans: the what

Nightmare: I didn’t want to have to resort to this but you have left me no choice

Nightmare: the ice cream can no longer be publicly accessed

Horror Sans: (gasps) o-oh come on that’s not fair

Nightmare: you’ve brought it to this, Horror Sans

Horror Sans: NUUUUU

-(scene transition)-

Cross: well that didn’t go as planned

Chara: You don’t say! We don’t even get to make our tacos!

Cross: hmm… well, maybe WE can’t use the kitchen… perhaps we could make someone else do it…

Chara: look here Criss-Cross I really don’t see that happening

Chara: who the heck would make food for us around here

Cross: do you see any other options? it’s this or no tacos

Chara: we should at least try bothering Nightmare some more first

Cross: no way man, Nightmare never changes his mind on anything when it comes to stuff like this. we’ve gotta go for the alternative.

(And so Cross and Chara set out to find someone to make their tacos.)

(But it didn’t work, so they decide to go bother Nightmare about it anyway.)

Nightmare: (on the phone) What? No, I’m asking if the zebra squirrels were properly transported to Underfell! Ugh, you’re useless!

(Nightmare hangs up and turns to see Cross lying on his side on the desk right in front of him.)

Nightmare: what the heck do you want now

Cross: let me use the kitcheeen

Cross: I promise I’ll try to not make it blow up

Nightmare: I already told you, NO



Nightmare: GET OUT


(Suddenly, in this fit of confusion, a portal appears behind Nightmare and a certain glitchy skeleton pushes him on top of Cross.)


(The portal closes.)

(Nightmare twitches. And then, Killer Sans walks in!)



Killer Sans: HEHEH I’LL LEAVE YOU TWO ALONE (trolltastically exits)


Cross: … uh?


(Nightmare leans closer to Cross.)

Cross: w-wait what?

Cross: Nightmare you don’t realize what you’re saying–

Cross: I-I’ve been joking–

Nightmare: STAY STILL

(He gets closer. Suddenly, Cross is being restrained.)

Cross: AUGH


(Someone knocks on the door.)

Nightmare: grrrrRRRR WHO IS IT

Random Person: Lord Nightmare there’s a package for you


Random Person: yes mah lord (leaves)

Nightmare: (looks back at Cross) NOW WHERE WERE WE

Cross: N-Nightmare we can still talk about this

Nightmare: NO


Cross: (thoughts) CHARA WE DUN GOOFED


Cross: he’s actually really good at kissing though

Chara: SHUT UP

(They part.)


Nightmare: This still makes no sense.

Cross: (still thoughts) ehhhaheahahahehHEH

Chara: o____o

Cross: do it again senpaaaiiii…


(Cross is just kind of laying there, not talking and looking incredibly spaced out.)

Nightmare: … uh.

Nightmare: Cross?

Nightmare: (waves his hand in Cross’s face) are you still conscious

Cross: … no

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How can Emma be jealous of Robin if she's the one who gave Regina the idea to bring fake Robin back from Wish World with them?

…because if you truly love someone, you do what you think is best for them, even if it means encouraging them to be with someone who isn’t… well, you. 

For Emma there could have even been a more painful factor. The show is laced with subtle references to gay conversion therapy as I’ve talked about in this post. Subtext is important, especially on network television where anything controversial needs to be hidden. The writers have said that side characters serve to tell the main characters’ stories and the themes they are dealing with. What if all this is a way to tell us why Emma is willing to drag her family to hell for her boyfriend? If she was taught that being queer was so unacceptable that it would hurt her family more than going to hell… then it’s not such a leap that she would think honoring the woman she loves would mean staying away from her. Encouraging her to be with a man, if she’s picked up on Regina’s queerness. It’s a selfless kind of love. She is jealous, then catches herself, sees Regina’s pain and just wants her to be happy. When Emma said she made her own fate and Regina should too, maybe she meant that in spite of not being in love with Hook, she’s about to have it all with him… 

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this isnt a request but like, why do you guys never make?? greg universe gifsets even when he's prominent in an episode?? this blog is basically giffing-su-gems not giffing su. there's more to the show than just the gems and if ur gonna have the url "giffing-su" you have to represent the show's diverse cast, not just the gems

Well for one the gems are very much main characters, so of course there’s gonna be content of them more than others. And two, this is our blog? And we’re gonna post gifs of stuff that we want to gif. If you think there should be more greg gifs feel free to make them yourself. 


Since people seemed to like the idea, I decided to give it a try. There’s nothing original about it, it’s just a way for people in the fandom to get to know each other and sharing what they like and think about Makai Ouji. Hope you will have fun with it!

1. Please, introduce yourself:
2. Outside Makai Ouji, what are your (main) fandoms?
3. Now, let’s talk about Makai Ouji! Have you only watched the anime, or did you also read the manga?
4. Tell us how you discovered Makai Ouji!
5. Have you meet friends in the fandom?
6. Who is your favourite character? Why?
7. Tell us about three other characters you love:
8. Any character you like less? Why?
9. Do you relate to a character? Which one?
10. Who do you ship together? Why?
11. What about platonic relationships?
12. Your favourite scene (or Pillar)?
13. If you could change something about the story, would you? If yes, what would you change?
14. Which scene of the manga haven’t been animated you would have wished to see animated?
15. Humans, angels or demons: who do you like better?
16. Any favourite Makai Ouji fanwork you want to share with us?
17. An unpopular opinion?
18. Any headcanon(s)?
19. What do you think will happen in the next Pillars?
20. Anything else you wish to add (about yourself, Makai Ouji or something else)?

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Do you think that the reason why the obvious hidden feelings between Jaehee and Zen weren't explored further is because it's a dating simulator, and they cut off exploring further due to the sake of MC being the main romantic interest for every character? The more I replay, the more I see oddly untapped potential for the two, and Zen’s Good Ending honestly makes total sense for Jaehee with her being his manager and kind of dipping into your other ask where Zen’s ideal girl is a feminine Jaehee

I don’t know if you’re still awake and will see this, most of my followers are probably in America and I’m many, many hours ahead which makes posting very difficult, but I felt compelled to answer this one, because I found it to be rather interesting. By the way this is the post where I mention what I mean about MC being a feminine Jaehee. In that one I discuss the different behaviours of MC towards the guys. Anyway, moving on:
While I think that yes, MC being the main romantic interest was reason for it I don’t think it was the main reason, though. Frankly I think that Zen just wasn’t attracted to her and that is the end of the story. The two of them knew each other for over two years prior MC even entering the picture and Zen never once made a move on her. 
In fact, I actually believe that her blunt feelings for him made Zen rather uncomfortable. Whenever anyone mentions them in the chat - be it MC herself or some of the others guys - he gets rather defensive and chucks if off to her being just a fan or goes on acting all dense about it. Thing is, Zen isn’t dumb. If innocent-naive Yoosung, emotionally constipated Jumin and emotionally crippled Saeyoung can understand her feelings for him than so can Mr. I Charm Them All Match-up Master.
He chucks her feelings off as just being by a fan, because he wants them to be as much. He doesn’t acknowledge her feelings, because he doesn’t want them to be there. Honesty in Jaehee’s route I felt extremely uncomfortable at his expense. She kind of imposed on him, good intentions or not, and for the most part of it her actions made him extremely uncomfortable. She was basically acting as his maid while working herself to death and he didn’t like any of it, attempting to send her home multiple times.
This brings me as to why Zen isn’t attracted to Jaehee. I will base this onthe chat “Girlfriend and Zen” that occurs at 0:00 on the third day of casual story, where 707, Zen and you discuss the ideal women for the two of them. While you make fun of 707 together, for what kind of women could ever fit to him, when Zen asks what kind of woman would fit him you get three reply possibilities:
A woman who only care for looks 
A sensible woman
An obedient woman
The first leads to Seven receiving the heart as it is now you two making fun of Zen, the second one leads to Zen receiving the heart, as it is the right answer and the third one gets you a massive heart breaking for Zen. This is why he would never, ever consider Jaehee because if she is one thing, she is obedient. It is a trait he doesn’t find attractive at all and she radiates it on a daily basis. It is also why he found her stay at his place so uncomfortable. She was playing little housewife and Zen doesn’t need something like that. He needs someone to challenge him a little, someone who knows what the want and is just the right amount of feisty. Jaehee could never be that someone.
When I said that MC is a feminine version of Jaehee I was referring more to looks than behaviour. In fact, Jaehee is much more stereotypically feminine in behaviour than MC is most of the time, at least in her own route. Her big dream is baking cutesy cakes and wearing adorable little maid dresses, clean her house in peace and cook. They even let her grow her hair out to drive that particular point home. It is also her wish to run the cafe that makes me disagree with your point of her being a good fit as his manager in the after ending. No, she would not, because she hates doing a manager job. It is precisely why she wanted to quit at Jumin’s. She realize that he passion lies somewhere else, namely coffee and pastries.
Not to mention that being such a mega fan at the brink of obsession is not a good basis to be anyones manager. Like I am an actress myself and if I ever decided to get a manager I would never consider anyone like Jaehee, because I’d constantly have to fear her admiration of me getting the better of her. While your managed has to see your talent to really sell you to producers and director they should still remain composed about it. Jaehee was never composed when it came to Zen. She was one step away from licking the abs of the posters she has framed on her walls. Which is probably also something that put Zen off of her. He doesn’t need a mega fan, he needs a girlfriend.
Lastly I feel that her looks actually paid into this as well. Jaehee just isn’t attractive. I know some people might disagree with me on this but it is canon that other people don’t find her attractive in their universe. She is meant to be unattractive, Jumin made sure of that so that his father wouldn’t fuck her. Her hair is not only short but parted strangely, giving her an enormous forehead, as well as being spiky instead of smooth and wavy like her natural hair is. While wavy stands for attractive and feminine the spikes of her hair are supposed to put you off, seem edgy and unapproachable. Her clothes are plain and boring, hiding everything you could find attractive about her admittedly good body and the glasses just drive the point home by adding that stuck-up/nerdy vibe while hiding her ‘pretty’ eyes at the same time.
I have to end this by also stating that I don’t see any untapped potential between the two of them at all. I mentioned that I don’t ship any of the characters before, but that isn’t just due to most of them being male and heterosexual but also takes Jaehee into account. I think she is the last woman that could ever make Zen happy. In fact by blindly feeding into his narcissism and being the obedient, little girlfriend she would damage him further. He couldn’t grow as a person at her side and the same goes for Jaehee. Her attraction for Zen is extremely superficial. She doesn’t like him for his personality but his looks and his talent. You can’t build a relationship on that.
In the end there is a good reason why one of Jaehee’s bad ends allows MC to get together with Zen outside of their route. It is something otherwise unseen, because I feel her biggest fear is admitting to herself that Zen and her don’t fit together at all, despite her interest in him, which is why they tackle that in a bad end. They are good friends, I could see that, but them being together in a romantic sense…not working at all.