why do you think ashley insisted that emily stay with them

5x23 WOAH - finale is so close

Lots of things to note and at last some good old fashioned clues. This post is long with no interesting pictures but I hope you all likey, here goes:

  • VARJAKS PHONE NUMBER - I am glad Spencer recognized the phone number from the paper clippings. She didn’t work out that it spelled Sara Harvey yet though. Imagine if the characters were as smart as the fans.
  • SPENCERS HOUSE - Mr Dilaurentis pointed out that Spencers house is the one with a big gate and wall. Interesting because of what Grunwald said about “GATES and walls, dams and barriers”. The gates keep coming up but this is the first time they have been directly linked to the house of Hastings
  • ANDREW ON MONA - Andrew said “the only thing Mona likes more than winning is taking all the credit” Also indicating that she wasn’t the best team player. I wonder if she took all the credit for everything -A did and enjoyed feeling as though they were her plan’s.
  • DOES VARJAK WANT ALI IN PRISON OR NOT - At first I thought Varjak was a helper of Alison’s and that they were trying to get her put in prison to keep her safe. (Varjak used James Neilan to set up the Bethany letter which made Alison look like she lured Bethany to Rosewood to kill her, and Varjak hurt Cyrus so that Alison could not use him as an Alibi. But If we jump on Spencers train of thought, that Cyrus was going to testify for the prosecution that Alison was never really kidnapped. Then it makes it seem like Varjak hurt Cyrus to stop him from testifying. Meaning Varjak was helping Alison’s case not the prosecutions case. WTF does Varjak want to do - set Ali up or get her off. (I’m starting to think Varjak didn’t plant that stuff but went to James Neilan the same way that Ezra did - to find out who did plant it and James Neilan decided to help Varjak out with info etc. meaning Varjak is helping get Ali off) 
  • IS VARJAK -A - The newpaper ad’s were real and hidden by Ali. But the Holly passport and Bethany letter were fake and set up. Ali thought the ad’s were being sent by Mona because they stopped when Mona was killed. But the ad’s had the same number that Varjak had and Varjak is linked to James Neilan who was a part of the set up stuff.  The number really indicates that everything was coming from the one person….Varjak. Also Varjak’s place is different to -A’s lair. But then -A is seen at the end in the lair shredding Varjak’s stuff (which I assume was the stuff Neilan got from the Varjak safe). So I guess I have to conclude that either:
    • Varjak and -A are the same person.
    • Or they are working together
    • Or Varjak is another pawn in -A’s plan.
    • Or Varjak is a made up alias for -A.
    • Or -A was one step ahead of the  liars in finding Varjak and has already got rid of him and his stuff.
    • Aurghhhhhhh my heads going to explode. keep reading cause I think I figure it out by the last dot point!!!
  • THE CHILDRENS BEDTIME STORY - “Goodnight Moon”. So many things I wan’t to discuss about this. I will have to do a seperate post.
  • THE FRENCH MUSIC - “Paris Skies A” by Edward Jay, Eve Loiseau & Vasco (thankyou pll wikia page for this) Can someone who speaks french please tell me what they are singing. I can’t believe Spencer didn’t translate it for us. We all know she is AP french.
  • RABBIT HOLE - Anyone catch Emily say that they are “all gunna get dragged down the rabbit hole with Ali”. Yet another reference to Alice in Wonderland. please see my now ancient post on this HERE. Or maybe -A stands for Alice. Could it be that simple.
  • SPENCER - When talking to jason about being wrong and grey area’s. She finally admitted that she jumps to conclusions, usually the wrong ones. And -A knows she does this and has been using it against her. Who knows Spencer well enough to exploit these traits in her personality (?Melissa or Toby)
  • TED - Funny that he would talk to Ashley about having a clean slate, the episode after -A wiped the slate clean for the messages on the liars phones. Overall I think he is a really decent fellow. I loved the way he insisted on finishing his coffee. Like he knew Ashley was just pushing him away and he was determined to stay with her. It’s also funny that Ashley and Hanna both did this to their partners in a time of trouble.
  • MONA’S ROOM - So the Varjak phone number person (whoever the F they are) lured them to Mona’s room just to make out like they found the only remaining clues from Mona. I would have thought maybe they were hoping the girls would find a clue there for them. But they must have been inside looking already to put the note, play the music and unlock the front door. I thought what a silly thing to do, why bother  It backfired on them anyway because they did find a clue. (But then I worked it out….keep reading)
  • NICE TOUCH - Notice the shiny silver A on Monas record player.
  • MONA’S NOTE - So straight away pretty obvious each of the 3 lines contained the same letters. Explains IMK tweet clues clues clues. same thing 3 times. so I looked here on tumblr and lots of people have already solved the anagram to Charles Dilaurentis. GOSH, This with the finale spoilers means they are really going with the “charles” thing. I AM A LITTLE ANNOYED TBH. I wanted something more from the show than a brother of Alison is -A. I guess this also explains the other IMK tweet with the manequins saying “brother. But I thought they would have weaved in way more magic than that. I think its a bit of a let down. I am still trying to solve the anagram to be something else…… On a side note the message was written using a typewriter. like the 2 messages in S1/2
  • HIDING PLACES - notice the person who ransacked Mona’s room knew to look in the doll’s heads and the air vent. Same places Ali has used in the past to hide things.
  • ANDREW - I think they are making him look suss. Honestly I think he is so smart he has probably figured out what’s going on and is looking out for the girls.
  • ASHLEY - Anyone catch how she said to Hanna "this is all my fault”, reminded me of Mrs D in the black veil in Ali’s dream in the Xmas episode. Could this be another hint that black veil is a parent.
  • THE WHIPSER MACHINE - I wonder if the other whispers might give us parallel’s to other secrets:
    • I took $ from my mum’s purse and she thought it was my brother
    • The brooken headlight, I did that, I think I dont remember much of that night
    • I hate my boobs they are like a complete joke
    • The dog didn’t run away, I left the gate open on purpose
  • AN ICE PICK - I thought the thing that broke Mona’s window looked more like an ice pic than a screwdriver. This was kinda confirmed when it had Boo Boo’s ice cream factory written on the side. Interesting that it is another reference to ice (see here for other fire and ice stuff). I guess this means that the police will be directed to the ice cream factory and find the girls fingerprints. So maybe this was the reason that -A sent the girls to Mona’s, just to set up the next set up. -A is too smart.
  • A ENDING SCENE - Aside from the obvious shredding of Varjak’s stuff. Notice the M on the shredder. Also -A was using their left hand again.
  • AND TIPPI - was still singing that phone number. Makes me think Spencer got the original number wrong and this was how -A found the Varjak number…. If I am right this could mean that Varjak was helping Ali, but -A found Varjak and used Neilan to set Varjak up and take over Varjak and get rid of him. Maybe -A killed Varjak already and has taken over his place and is going to turn it into the giant dollhouse!
Over A Barrel Thoughts/Review

Yay for bronchitis!  Really though, as much as I want to blame illness for the time lapse in the review, it really is more of the “Meh” feeling about the episode.

Maybe it is a lingering hangover from Mona’s death, perhaps it is how absurd the story lines are becoming.  Possibly it is because I have generated some sort of theory about almost every person in Rosewood.  (In my head, Barry- the cop, was also a brief suspect! LOL)

Any who, I do have some thoughts and observations, so here you go.

1. Johnny Ramond/Ramone?- Hearing his last name made me think back to the Ramone’s shirt from last episode.  If this is all someone’s dream/alternate reality/story, they are getting lazy naming people.

At the end of the episode, when Spencer asks him to tell her about Italy, you can barely hear him say that it actually started in London.

On a side note, am I the only one who believes Johnny bears a slight resemblance to Jesse St. James?

2. I know this has been brought up elsewhere, though it bears repeating.  Why the hell do the girls automatically assume Ali is responsible for EVERYTHING.  "Ali planted the knife", “Ali hid Mona’s laptop”, “Ali is sending my Mom flowers”, “Ali killed Mona”, “Ali reprogrammed the register”, “Ali is dictating my college choices”, Ali knows how to set off an integrate fireworks display from prison",  "Ali took the last piece of the cheesecake"…

Ok, that last one wasn’t true, though ENOUGH ALREADY!  Seriously, if Alison does turn out to be A, her character should run for President because the chic can get shit done!

3. As others have mentioned, A is always whoever is most convenient for the girls to blame at the time.  A is always framing them, though the only people I have seen trying to frame others recently are the Liars. First, Emily willing to plant a hair of Alison’s in Mona’s home…

-moment of silence-

Now, Spencer is asking Caleb how they can find a way to make the storage shed lead back to Holbrook.  What the heck?

4.  There may also have been a boo boo on Caleb’s part.  He said that he wiped down the vents and light switch, though he also touched the lock on the unit, as well as the lock on the teacher’s storage unit, and there are probably things in that unit that he didn’t wipe down.

And, SERIOUSLY, why were they NOT wearing gloves in that storage unit?  Spencer touched the plastic sheeting and part of the barrell.  I call some straight up BS!

(note the YELLOW chemical suit in the background)

Also, Hanna’s first comment is that Caleb sounds like someone in an air duct?  Is she used to talking to people that are crawling through air ducts?

5. The hole in Emily/Paige’s shirt- to me, it did not appear to be there when Emily was helping Aria at the register, and shows up later on.   Can someone else take a look and verify this one way or another?

(Talking with Aria, and then talking with New Coffee Chic, whose name I refused to acknowledge because she will probably be gone by the end of the season) 

6. Ok, the receipt thing.  I guess we are to believe that A hacked into the register and programmed it to print out?  Again, according to the story line, Aria, Emily, and Jackie know about that letter.  

- Emily specifically tells Aria she doesn’t have to pay, which could be argued as reverse psychology

- Aria insists on paying, which could be argued that she knew the receipt would print out that way

(Side note- a blond in the background)

7. Ezra.  Ezra. Ezra.  I am the only one that feels as though his character has turned into some sort of cliche’ businessman?  On the phone with vendors, arguing all the time.  Pops in and out of the establishment.  There is just something not very Ezra like about him.  

I actually do think Ezra could easily be the one messing with Aria’s college stuff, for one of two reasons.  He either wants Aria to stay in Rosewood OR he wants to be Hero that saves the day by helping Aria get into a college after she failed miserably on her own.  

8. Speaking of colleges, did anyone else find it amusing that Spencer said she dreaded going to a college where everyone showed up to class in flip flops, and last season, Spence was forced to wear flip flops on the day of her drugged meltdown when she slept at the school?

9. I know the caramel chews have already been pointed out as having a Spencer link.  To me, this person had a Lucas or Toby feel, in other words, masculine.

8. New Coffee Chic- What the heck?  My guess is that she likes Emily, and she thinks Emily likes girls, and the comment about Ezra was to try to get a feel on whether she was correct.  

Still, creepy.  Why are the 20 something’s in Rosewood drawn to high schoolers?

As a side note- She reminds of a cross between Jackie and Maya.

9. Why on earth would Holbrook text Aria?  He was closest to Hanna, right?  You know, maybe Holbrook DID text Aria because Holbrook IS undercover.  Possibly, he is watching Hanna right now, and he texted Aria because he didn’t want his cover blown.  

Maybe he did show up at the Grill and saw Aria talking to Jason, and from seeing Jason leave Hanna’s house the previous night before, decided to text Aria and have her go to the flower shop. 

I originally thought that Ashley might have set this up once she knew that Hanna knew.  She ordered Hanna outside, which would have given her time to set up the lunch with Jason, only to cancel later.  

Here is the thing though- regardless of WHO called in that flower order, the flower lady said that it was a MAN.

10. Which leads me to Ted.  Good old, lovable, Ted.  I have always thought that he has had ulterior motives, and is most likely way more involved in this that he comes across.  As I have pointed out earlier, when Ted and Wilden “meet” at the church dance, it really seems as though they already know each other.  I have also theorized that Ted could be Byron’s brother, Scott.  While we are led to believe that Scott committed suicide, we never actually hear Byron say those words, it is only inferred.  Also from the sounds of it, whatever happened to Scott was before Ella knew Byron.  Ella and Ted went on one date and Ella’s main complaint about Ted was that he reminded her of Byron, and that they even ate ice cream the same way.

Ted magically appears at key moments in the show- he is there when Hanna finds Emily’s jacket at the church sale, he is in the house at Halloween when the little girl visits Ashley, he is the one to find the NAT videos and gives them to Ashley. He posts a huge bail for Ashley when they barely know each other.  On top of that, we are to believe that after a 3 month “trip” to Peru, Ted miraculously comes back early within hours of the Jashley connection, and decides it is the best time to propose to Ashley.

I have wondered, and I know others have as well, if Ted isn’t Bethany’s adoptive father.  Heck, I have also wondered if Ted isn’t really Dianne Fitzgerald’s husband, and somehow has ties to Ezra.  We have never, to my recollection, seen Ezra and Ted in the same place, have we?

Maybe Ted knows what it is up, and is messing with Ashley’s head, and making sure that Hanna and the other Liars know what Ashley did?  The other thought is Jason planned it all, and sent those flowers over in the hopes of destroying Ashley’s relationship.

11. JAshley= Weird… Not because of the age difference, that is par for the course in this show.  Weird because why?  Ashley is supposed to be happy with Ted, who on the surface at least, seems like a genuinely nice guy.  I guess we are supposed to believe that Jason is vulnerable right now?  I call BS.  As I believe half the town is related anyway, could this be a slight nod to tip us off that this is not the first DiLaurentis that Ashley has slept with?  Maybe Kenneth is Hanna’s father, and that is why they look so similar.  

Or maybe Tom is Alison’s father, and finding this out is one of the main things that helped to tear apart the Marin family?  This could also explain why Jessica reached out to give Ashley a job when no one else did- she felt guilty for having a hand in breaking up Ashley’s marriage. This theory might also explain a bit of Alison’s crazy, and again, why Hanna and Alison look so similar.  This would also give Hanna a reason to hate Alison, even if it was misplaced anger for her father’s sins.