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I am having trouble caring about my supporting cast. The only person who feels like a ham at all in my book is the MC but she isn't the only important character. I have like 9 characters in the book. How can I make the others feel more real?

Before we go into making side characters feel more real, there’s a few reflective questions that might help you think deeper about your own personal character creation process…

  • How did you come up with your main character? 
  • What about them appeals to you? 
  • What attributes have you given them which the side character’s lack?
  • Have you put as much time into your MC as your side characters?
  • If you had to list your MC’s personality traits, likes, goals, and quirks, would your side characters have the same number as your MC does?
  • Why did you choose these particular attributes for your side characters? Do you like them those attributes? What happens to the character if you change them? 

A few things that might help you make your side characters feel more real…

1. Eccentricities. 

Side characters are wonderful because you can give them all sorts of odd habits and characteristics without the hassle of managing those things in a narrating character. 

- Characters who never speak and characters who never shut up.
- Characters who are overly optimistic about everything and characters who could find something to complain about in any situation.
- Characters who steal things without reason and characters who would give away the shirt of their back. 
- Characters who are obsessed with ridiculous things, and characters who notice weird details.
- Characters who crack the same type of awful joke constantly and characters who use nonsense metaphors. 
- Character with pretty much any attribute that’s larger then life or taken to the extreme.

2. Dissect the Dialogue.

If you take three pieces of dialogue from each side character and put them in a random list, is it possible to tell who says what? When all side characters sound the same, they can often stop feeling real simply because they’re not distinctive.

3. Appearance Matters.

How you describe your side characters can have a huge impact on (and be hugely impacted by) how fleshed out the character is. Attributes the character was born with should never be their only descriptors. Find parts of their appearance that say something about who they are as a person. 

Over-dramatic outfits. Bad posture. Broken noses. Piercings, scars, tattoos. Abnormal resting expressions (the “bitch face” or an eternal mischievous grin). Crooked glasses. Miss-cut hair. Pristine manicures. Obsessive color coordination. Hand-me-down clothes. Tan lines.

The list is endless.

4. Cut out the Cardboard.

Side characters might not be as fleshed through as the main character, but they still deserve attention. Once you have an idea of what sort of character they will be, flesh them out properly. Put them in embarrassing situations. Examine how they handle failure vs success. Push them to their limits. Build them up and break them.

Work these scenarios in your head, in role plays, or on paper. You might even try writing from the character’s first person perspective. 

Use whatever means you need to take them out of their plot relevance and view them as the main character of their own story. Every person believes to some extent that they are the center of the universe. So should your side characters.

5. And Finally: Don’t forget to check why do you need a character fulfilling this role to begin with.

If you combine this side character with another side character, or remove the side character entirely, what happens within the plot?

I so do not understand the whole “I’m going to breed ball pythons because I want to make baby ball pythons” thing.

You shouldn’t breed just to breed- breed to better the animals.

It makes no sense to pair a single gene pastel to a normal- there are already normals and pastels being wholesaled to shops as feeder snakes for king snakes and cobras. Why are you adding to that???

Moreover, does “selective breeding” mean nothing to you??? Like you’re gonna take that dark brown pastel and breed it with a dark brown normal you’re gonna make more brown snakes. Why? Are you intentionally trying to make feeders snakes?

And I know what you’re thinking- “I can just give them away for free to people I know who will love and take care of them!”

Do you know what happens when you give animals away for free? People don’t want to pay for a proper set up. They don’t pay for vet care because they didn’t pay for the animal- they think if it dies then it doesn’t matter because they didn’t lose any money.

Freaking ACK. You don’t NEED to aimlessly breed ball pythons.

Things not to ask chronically ill people

Disclaimer: most of these are asked with the best intentions. I am not trying to call our anyone, only make communication easier.

1) So what’s wrong with you anyway?

2) What do you mean you can’t eat that?

3) Why don’t you ever want to go out with us?

4) I don’t know if the place is accessible, can’t you just make it work?

5) Why do you use a cane/wheelchair? I’ve seen you walk around in your house before.

6) Are you ever getting better?

7) How do you manage?! You’re such an inspiration!

8) Come on, missing a few hours of sleep won’t hurt you, right?

9) When are you getting better?

10) I have a cousin who had that! Have you tried…?

11) Why do you only hang out with other chronically ill people?

12) Can I pet your service dog who is obviously working?

Feel free to add more!

  • Steve: Hey, let's do 'Get Help'.
  • Kali: What?
  • Steve: 'Get Help'.
  • Kali: No.
  • Steve: Why not?
  • Kali: I hate it.
  • Steve: It's great. It works every time.
  • Kali: It's humiliating.
  • Steve: Do you have a better plan?
  • Kali: No.
  • Steve: Neither do I.
  • Kali: We are not doing 'Get Help'.
  • *elevator opens, Steve carries Kali out of the elevator in front of the guards while she uses her powers to make the guards think that she’s missing a leg*
  • Steve: Get help! Please! My girlfriend is dying! Get help! Help her!
  • Kali (whispering): Not dating, dumbass.

Hey!!! I’m gonna do this choice Tumblr meet up thing so!!! Uhhh Hi I’m 19 and Im in America! I really like A.C.E because their dancing is honestly amazing and the type of music they make is rad.

Im also unable to choose a bias💚 But I do like to hear about biases so if you want, message me your bias and why you chose them?

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Can marks ever change or become different over time? Or are you permanently stuck with the type of personality that your mark dictates? Wouldn’t that mean that there would be no character growth or development beyond what the mark allows? So if you had a mark that wasn’t necessarily good, that means you couldn’t ever really be good kinda thing?

Exactly! This is why some cover their marks up and act so different because they don’t like who they are. This au may look cute but looks can be deceiving, character development in this au is just, do you have enough self control and maturity to be who you aren’t?

I sounds like bs but gotta make this au terrifying in a way.

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since you are on the ace spectrum, is it inappropriate to request/commission/talk to you about nsfw topics or art?

it’s nothing to do with me maybe being on the ace spectrum haha (just because someone’s ace doesn’t make them like… scared of sex lmao…)

i don’t draw nsfw art and therefore do not take nsfw commissions. and i’d rather not talk about sexual topics on any of my blogs, i’m just not comfortable with that. i am a published author and therefore have a presence in the real world! plus got a lot of teens following me!

not too sure why you would want nsfw art from me anyway haha?? and it’s not appropriate to talk about nsfw things regarding any of my characters, as they are teenagers in the stories in which they appear.

if you want nsfw content, there are an absolute plethora of artists out there who can provide it. but i’m not one of them!

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What makes you think that Sasuke loves Sakura so much? What does Sakura like about Sasuke other than being cool or looks? Also, Why do you like Sasuke so much despite of the all the bad things he did in the past (sorry if I asked this before)?

1. Why would Sasuke start a family with someone he doesn’t love?

2. Sakura stopped caring about Sasuke’s looks from as early as chapter 49. She loves Sasuke because she knows exactly what Naruto is talking about when he says something like this:

3. Whether or not a character is “good” or “evil” has no bearing on my liking for them. Case in point - 6 out of my top 10 characters in the story were at some point considered villains. All that matters to me is how well they retain my interest, and Sasuke did that for me better than anybody else.

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ok, hoping this one doesn't stump you: if a monsters conjured magic cesis to exist after the monster dies, why does the barrier still exist? pretty sure the mages who created it aren't around anymore. unless it's a different kind of magic? do the high levels of determination keep it going? or maybe it involved some sort of ritual to make it last beyond the lifespan of its castors? or just the fact that it was a group effort instead of a single cast? these things keep me up at night. -_-

Heheh, that’s half the fun of Undertale; we’e given just enough information on how things work to have a basis, but not everything, which lets us speculate all over the place!

I think you’re on the right track; personally I think that yeah, because it was humans that cast the barrier spell, it probably has different properties from monster magic relating to how much stronger a human’s soul is in comparison. Considering how important it is to Undertale overall, it’s almost definitely got something to do with determination; after all, that was the goal of the DT experiments: to give a monster’s soul the power of a human’s in the hopes it could break the barrier.

Considering how efficiently the barrier was designed–you can pass through if you have both a monster and human soul, you can break it with the power of 7 human souls–I have to wonder if human magic is kind of like what we’re used to seeing in other media, where it takes lots of study but you can plan and build spells according to your needs and skill. With monsters, it comes directly from their soul, and they tend to have magic based on what kind of monster they are–so they may not be able to learn different types of magic or customize its expression much. But who knows for sure.

It’s definitely a lot to think about!

It’s Thanksgiving, which means its the perfect time to give back to your teachers & show your gratitude for all the important things they do!

why do it? 
by showing your gratitude, not only are you making a teacher’s day but you are also actually making yourself happier. complimenting others and showing gratitude forces your brain to think positively and optimistically. the more you show your gratitude, the more you can enjoy the little things in life. also, the more teachers know how important they are!

how to do it? you can…

1. write them a small card. handwritten ones are the most personal and heartfelt! it’s a great way to show gratitude, especially when teachers can tell that you put a lot of time and effort into making a card.

2. write them a small thank-you email. i do this all the time. if you enjoyed a particular lesson, topic, or discussion that day, take some time out to email a teacher and let them know you enjoyed it. teachers are humans too, and everyone needs some validation every once in a while. they most likely don’t receive messages like that often, so they will love it!

3. give a gift! you don’t have to buy your teachers anything expensive (especially if money is a problem for you), but teachers generally love small gifts. last year i gave some teachers t-shirts that they loved and wore happily.

4. let them know if they impacted you in any way. all teachers want to impart with their students some form of knowledge or information. that is their job, after all. if they inspired you to do anything or to pursue any sort of career/interest, let them know! teachers are so happy when they hear that students are engaging in the topic they are teaching outside of class, especially  if they inspire you or impact you in any way.

You can honestly make a teacher’s day by doing any of these small gestures. I gave my Health teacher a handmade card today and she gave me a big hug after class and told me that she had to hold back tears. These things are small but mean a lot for teachers whose job is to literally support and educate students. They don’t ask for anything back, but do it anyway — they’ll appreciate it so much!

Hey guys so uh, Aaron here giving ya some art advice

Better art programs do NOT mean better art. Buying SAI isn’t gonna mean you’re gonna be instantly better at art. MS Paint does NOT mean shitty art. There’s people out there who can make near photo-realistic images using Paint alone!

You know what DOES mean better art?




Use that shit boi!

If it wasn’t for those three things, I would still be making shitty drawings with shitty anatomy (well, my anatomy is kinda shit now but i’ts better than it used to be! Why? Because I practiced!)

You can do it!

References are NOT lazy! Tutorials are not lazy! It’s OKAY to rely on those things! Not everyone can be like Vincent Van Gogh or Pablo Piccasso and that’s okay! 

Also, you don’t have to draw to impress the internet! Draw for yourselves! Draw if it makes you happy! Draw that private vent art! Draw them silly doodles!

You don’t have to be a good artist to have fun while drawing!

Keep practicing! You WILL get better if you do!

I believe in you!

like, like, yknow, exercising, and going to the grocery store, and like, taking a walk, it’s not so much the actual action that makes me feel less depression-like, it’s just like, the fact that i can do those things despite my brain telling me i can’t, like my brain sitting there and going “it’s impossible you can’t go outside it’s too hard you’re going to sit here all day” and just

getting up.

and managing to go anyways

that’s why small steps are so important. cause it’s not that like…wiping off a mirror is going to CURE YOUR DEPRESSION it’s just. getting up. and doing something. and teaching your brain that you have the power to do that. because once your brain starts learning you have that power it gets easier and easier to push it further and further. once you go and sit on your front steps for a little maybe next time you can walk to the store on the corner and back. maybe you can go to the park and watch the squirrels. maybe you can do an errand or two

it’s the tiny steps man

be proud of yourself for taking them

(and try to forgive yourself when you can’t)

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3Alpha1Omega - aftercare though. An omega isn't meant to be constantly knotted like that for their whole heat (Kylo loved it though) & the alphas have all done things they wouldn't normally do. As the heat&rut start to failed it's Techie who starts the care. He doesn't know why but he wants to lick Kylo clean again, Kylo makes the sweetest rumbling noises as he's overwhelmed by 3 soft mouths. They bathe together- cold water eases aching muscles but when did they all get these new claim marks?

Can you imagine Matt picking Kylo’s slack and tired body up whilst Techie & Hux prepare the bath? Matt has to cradle Kylo for a few moments and can’t help but place a kiss on top of his head. They ease Kylo down into the bath and wash him, Hux climbing in with him and being as soft as he can with his mate. But two new claim marks are on Kylo’s neck, reddening next to Hux’s, and Hux knows that they’re a pack now.

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Hi. I love your games, and I'm really glad that the writing for The Wayhaven Chronicles is finished! I''m sorry if this has been answered before, but we will be able to be "evil"? As in, to be self-serving and manipulative, and do everything out of self-interest? Or at least to have "evil" motivations for what we are doing? For example, when we think about why we joined the police force, maybe we could have another option such as "For the influence and power it gave me"

I think someone asked on the forum thread once, but not here- so it’s good you did!

The option to be ‘evil’ or even kind of ‘bad’ won’t be an option in Wayhaven.

This is a decision I made from the very beginning :D You can be snarky and kind of selfish- but I don’t like writing ‘bad’ main characters. It makes me uncomfortable, and I much prefer encouraging better things in readers, lol.

The main character-even if sarcastic or selfish-ish-will still be a ‘hero’, good kind of character.

So yeah, it won’t be something you can do in this series.

Thank you so much for the ask!

i don’t get why it’s such a hard concept to accept there’s certain things you can’t say because of who you are.  like as a white person, there are some thing i know i can’t say, and i know i may here poc use those words or phrases, but it’s just not for me to use and that’s chill.  it’s like if you had a roommate you shared everything with and they were like “sorry you cant touch/use this one thing because it’s special to me” and you just go “oh alright cool”, you wouldn’t be shouting at them about how it’s unfair that you let them use all the things you have so they aren’t allowed to have any personal things.  That would be considered “being an asshole” and so is telling people you want to use terms people specifically told you not to use all because some other people are allowed to use it.  Like grow up, it’s not that hard to take a few words out of your vocabulary, because if you have any empathy and respect for people, you wouldn’t be using those words at all anyway.

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Cishet aces aren't 'straight passing' they're 100% entirely cis and straight.

Say it with me slowly anon, till your brain finally maybe begins to understand the difference: Heteromantic is not the same thing as Heterosexual.
Never has been, never will be. Ever.
But yeah, sure, ok, keep living in your La La Land where cishet aces don’t experience anything bad just Bc they’re cishet. Man, sure would be fun to live in a world like that.

I mean, seriously, why do so many exclusionists assume cishet aspects WANT to be treated badly? Who WANTS to be a minority that experiences awful stuff just because they’re not what the majority of society says they ‘should’ be? That’s not a FUN thing that makes you Cool or anything. So why are so many/all of you assuming they WANT that??? 🙄 Please inform me, I am genuinely confused.

On Nobuhiro Watsuki

Yet again we are reminded that artists are people and people are capable of despicable things. We forget that too often, and that’s why we get shivers when we see paintings serial killers crafted from behind bars. How can they make something pretty if they are so ugly? Talent and morality are completely separate. That’s how.

So what do we do, now that we know? I can’t tell you. That’s a very personal decision. If you feel that you need to burn all your Ruro Ken merchandise, that’s understandable. If you can’t enjoy the manga or anime again, that’s understandable. If you need to avoid mention of the story or it’s creator, it’s completely understandable. 

For me, I can’t unlike the story. I can’t ask for a refund on the difference it made in my life. I can’t burn those things. But, I can and I must remember the artist was arrested for cp. I have to remember that the man responsible for a good manga was complicit in the abuse of children. And if I keep Ruro Ken, I have to keep it as a reminder that great artists can be shit people and that I can never put an artist on a pedestal, untouched by evil. 

The reason why - to me - it’s so much more fun to ship and play with OCs than canon characters is that you’re the author/artist.

You get to decide who’s dating who, you can give yourself lbgt+/disabled/mentally ill representation and you don’t have to argue over “canon” material or orientation with anyone, you just DO it and it’s right.

That’s such a powerful and satisfying thing!??

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I don’t know if I’m a little or not ☹ I just know that I really enjoy stuffies and being babied and I like colouring and drawing and also sucking my thumb or my bf’s thumb? ☹

I always say that every little is different. We don’t all do the same things as one another.

Lately it’s been difficult for me too, I keep second guessing if I’m a little or not bc I haven’t done anything “little” in so long.

But I think it’s bc we’re thinking too much into it. Why does there have to be a label? Why is there a stereotype that we all have to like the same things as each other to be considered a “little”?

I say don’t push yourself, and don’t worry if you have trouble identifying what group you’re in. Just do what makes you happy and comfortable without labeling it. If you want to be labeled a little, then you’re a little! It’s that simple ♥

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Percy vs Jace?

OKAY SERIOUSLY WHY DO MY READERS HATE ME. What have I done to you? Is this revenge for all the cliffhangers I put you through, huh? Huh?

*more distressed whale noises*


I just. Yes, I love Percy. But… Okay. Lemme explain a thing to you:

I like to talk about my “most precious character of the fandom” - the one I prefer as a bottom, the one I focus on most in my fics and also in my readings. The precious one that needs to be sheltered and loved.


That character does not necessarily have to be my “most favorite character of the fandom”. Most of the time, that’s how my OTPs come together; one is my most precious character and the other is my favorite character and together they are perfection.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians?

Percy is my most precious character of the fandom, but Nico is my most favorite character of the fandom.

But Jace is one of those characters where both those things happen to be one and the same character. He’s my favorite and my most precious one.

*hugs my poor angelic little puppy and cuddles him*