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why do i find this facial expression of his so cute ahHHHHHHH

also disclaimer: sorry for being quite inactive lately, I’m preparing for finals and I’m taking some subject SATs this saturday (for those of you not from the US, these are the test scores you send to college when applying). thanks for understanding! <3 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @amazingphil!

HEYO STAR WARS FAM! it’s me, calling from the other side. Lmao, I am so funny, rip. ANYWAY, there has been a LOT of negativity in the fandom lately and meanwhile, I am more than HAPPY that I do not have any part in it, I do see some of it on my dash. It makes me SAD &&. makes me think about how we used to be ( wow, cheesy ) when I joined, the fandom wasn’t like THIS but well, time never stops ( *fight the urge to athlete student meme this —* ). So, I know, I know - this post won’t change ANYTHING but I just wanted to do something to maybe cheer us all up a little. Negativity should not take over a fandom and should not be the reason people neglect their blogs. Have your Clique, have your faves as long as YOU feel comfortable because THAT is all that matters. And now, something bright &&. nice so yes, under the cut are some Positive Callouts!! happy reading and spread the positive vibes! 

xoxo Antonia

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anything that is beautiful
people want to break
and you are beautiful
i’m afraid