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Obedient Demon

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“Lance!” Shiro called as he walked through the battlefield “Come on Lance you’re scaring me!”

The other exorcists were meant to be there, they were supposed to handle this demon as a team, but they had been separated before they arrived at the meet up and the demon had attacked before they showed up.

There was a large explosion knocking Shiro out and as his vision faded away he saw Lance pounce on the demon with a ferocious scream.

When they had arrived the area had been an abandoned city block, tall buildings and stores lining the neatly paved streets.

Now however all but a small area around Shiro was a desert of ash.

The buildings, the trees even the concrete was gone, leaving nothing but endless miles of dust in front of him.

Shiro stumbled forwards, his heart beating so fast that he was sure it would burst right out of his chest. The landscape was flat with no sign of the demon but more importantly no sign of Lance.

After finding out that Lance had not been disobeying him on purpose, Shiro had found that his little familiar really was the sweetest most loyal thing.

He sought after love and attention, thankful for even the smallest amount he could get. A part of Shiro was worried that the reason Lance was so grateful for kindness was because of how often he had been punished in the past.

It was those thoughts that kept him up at night. Staring at the ceiling and listening to Lance’s soft snores from the next room over.

So for Lance to not come when he was called scared Shiro to no end.

The demon they had been after wasnt a little weakling. It was huge with the ability to ignite the fires of hell on earth if given the chance.

And Lance had thought him alone.

”Lance please!” Shiro screamed becoming more and more desperate every time he was met with silence.

His mind was becoming muddled with panic.

He knew Lance was a demon himself and like the other familiars he was tough. Yet Lance was Shiro’s familiar.

He was like family to him and Lance trusted him to keep him safe and Shiro felt the same in return.

Every moment without knowing if the cat demon was alright was pure agony.

“I need you…” Shiro didn’t even realise he was crying until the first tears hit the ground, falling through the ash.

“Please!” Shiro dropped to his knees wiping furiously at his face. He shouldn’t be crying, he shouldn’t be wasting time he had to find Lance!

Yet he couldn’t stop.

No matter how hard he tried Shiro couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down his cheeks. It was like someone turned on a faucet and now shiro couldn’t hold the tears back.

One after the other they fell to the ground clearing the ash away until only the soft tanned underneath remained.

Shiro stared at the ground, it seemed unnervingly familiar… something about it he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

Then the ground twitched open a glowing blue eye and the transe Shiro was in shattered.

“Lance!” He yelled clearings away the ash to pull his familiar out.

He looked to be in bad shape. His chest was a mess of burns and bruises blooming across him tanned skin. His hair was dark and matted with blood from some unseen head wound.

But he was breathing.

Lance was alive.

The relief was short lived however when Shiro noticed he was still losing blood and his eyes had slid closed again while he had been examining the wounds.

“Hang on buddy, i’m getting you out of here.” Shiro whispered softly as he scooped Lance up as carefully as one may a kitten and began to run.

Shiro had no idea if the demon was still there but he really didn’t care, his familiar needed him and he would be dammed if he ever let lance suffer again because of him.

“Shiro what-” Allura cut herself off with a gasp seeing Lance’s condition.  She had been worried when none of the other exorcists had been in position especially after the explosion that decimated the whole city block.

When she has spotted Shiro she had felt relief that quickly turned to horror when her eyes fell upon the unmoving familiar in his arms.

“I don’t have time to explain. The demon could still be out there but Lance needs help bad!” Shiro was breathing heavily, his eyes wide and scared in a way Allura had never seen.

But she understood what he was feeling.

“Go i can handle things here.”

No sooner had the words left her lips was Shiro off again leaving Allura standing there stroking Keith as he lay around her neck.

“Help please!” shiro burst into the church the priest startled by his loud entrance dropped the bottle of holy water on the floor. He would’ve scolded the exorcist if he hadn’t of recognise the dire situation.

He gestured for him to lay Lance down on the altar and go to work.

It was a long and painful process for both Lance and Shiro.

For Lance because his wounds needed to be purified and by morning he had screamed so much that his voice was hoarse and silent.

And for Shiro because he could do nothing but sit and watch as Lance writhed in unimaginable agony. Unable to even hold his hand to try and ease the fear he saw in his familiars eyes.

But as the first rays of sun came through the stained glass windows lance was in the clear. His wounds were wrapped in heavy white bandages and he had regained some of his colour to his cheeks. He was sleeping peacefully in a spare bed within the church looking far too small and vulnerable for Shiro’s comfort.

“He will live. That’s a loyal familiar you have there.” The priest said as he cleaned the blood from his hands.

“What do you mean?” Shiro asked somehow tearing his eyes away from the reassuring steady rise and fall of Lance’s chest.

“Those wounds came from protecting you. Or did you not wonder why there’s not a scratch on you?” The priest asked as he left with a small shrug.

Shiro blinked in surprise.

Lance had protected him? He had gone through such pain just so that Shiro wouldn’t have to.

He sighed as he stroked Lances soft brown hair earning him a small tired purr “My loyal familiar. My loyal Lance.”

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So PURPLE obviously. But I think we talk more than near never. And now I’m going to do some of my own colors. The spacing probably is not going to work once I send this. BRONZE- Thank you for not unfollowing me once my blog morphed into Hamilton. SAGE-I’ll never forget when you started following me MOSS-Why do you have to live so far away because I think it’d be super cool to meet. RUBY-I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. (Today? Time zones…)

oh my god 😭😭😭 I don’t need to point out to you that you’re one of my oldest friends on here (like seriously we’re talking almost 5 years I think 😫) but I do need to point out that you’re one of my most fave people in the whole world haha especially after the effort you just put into this? ❤ you’ve always been so sweet and supportive of me and my gifs and stuff & I AM REALLY SORRY that we haven’t had more opportunities to talk 😞 but that is 100% on me and my inability to be even the tiniest bit social 😫💔 of course I would NEVER unfollow you though!! gotta keep really good people like yourself nice and close. HEY THANK YOU FOR THIS & I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING DAY TOMORROW TOO ❤❤

Can’t go to Interactive Introverts because your parents said no/will say no? This is for you!

Hello everyone, my name is Paige, and I am really freaking good at convincing parents of things. I grew up with two very strict and overprotective (though loving and awesome) parents, and so I’ve had the perfect life experience to give you this advice. Buckle up.

Are you a fan of Dan and Phil, who is super excited about their oncoming tour, Interactive Introverts, but your parents won’t let you go? Here is how to convince them you should. (Most of these also work for other special trips, such as going to a concert.)

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[KOR/ENG LYRICS] Tomorrow by BTS


같은 날, 같은 달
24/7 매번 반복되는 매 순간
어중간한 내 삶
20 대의 백수는 내일이 두려워 참
웃기지 어릴 땐 뭐든
가능할거라 믿었었는데
하루를 벌어 하루를 사는게
빠듯하단 걸 느꼈을 때
내내 기분은 컨트롤 비트,
계속해서 다운되네
매일매일이 Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V
반복 되네

갈길은 먼데
왜 난 제자리니
답답해 소리쳐도
허공의 메아리
내일은 오늘보다는 뭔가 다르길
난 애원할 뿐야

니 꿈을 따라가 like breaker
부서진대도 oh better
니 꿈을 따라가 like breaker
무너진대도 oh
뒤로 달아나지마 never

해가 뜨기 전 새벽이
가장 어두우니까
먼 훗날에 넌 지금의 널
절대로 잊지 마
지금 니가 어디 서 있든
잠시 쉬어가는 것일 뿐
포기하지 마 알잖아

너무 멀어지진 마 tomorrow
멀어지진 마 tomorrow
너무 멀어지진 마 tomorrow

우리가 그토록 기다린
내일도 어느새
눈을 떠보면
어제의 이름이 돼
내일은 오늘이 되고
오늘은 어제가 되고
내일은 어제가 되어
내 등 뒤에 서있네
삶은 살아지는게 아니라 살아내는 것,
그렇게 살아내다가
언젠간 사라지는 것
멍 때리다간 너, 쓸려가
If you ain’t no got the guts, trust
어차피 다 어제가 되고 말 텐데
하루하루가 뭔 의미 겠어
행복해지고, 독해지고 싶었는데
왜 자꾸 약해지기만 하지 계속
나 어디로 가,
여기로 가고 저기로 가도
난 항상 여기로 와
그리 흘러가긴 하겠지 어디론가,
끝이 있긴 할까 이 미로가

갈 길은 먼데
왜 난 제자리니
답답해 소리쳐도
허공의 메아리
내일은 오늘보다는 뭔가 다르길
난 애원할 뿐야

니 꿈을 따라가 like breaker
부서진대도 oh better
니 꿈을 따라가 like breaker
무너진대도 oh
뒤로 달아나지마 never

해가 뜨기 전 새벽이
가장 어두우니까
먼 훗날에 넌 지금의 널
절대로 잊지 마
지금 니가 어디 서 있든
잠시 쉬어가는 것일 뿐
포기 하지 마 알잖아

너무 멀어지진 마 tomorrow

Tomorrow, 계속 걸어
멈추기엔 우린 아직 너무 어려
Tomorrow, 문을 열어
닫기엔 많은 것들이 눈에 보여
어두운 밤이 지나면
밝은 아침도 있듯이,
알아서 내일이 오면
빛이 비추니,
걱정은 하지 말아줘
이건 정지가 아닌
니 삶을 쉬어가는
잠시 동안의 일시 정지
엄지를 올리며
니 자신을 재생해
모두 보란 듯이

니 꿈을 따라가 like breaker
부서진대도 oh better
니 꿈을 따라가 like breaker
무너진대도 oh
뒤로 달아나지마 never

해가 뜨기 전 새벽이
가장 어두우니까
먼 훗날에 넌 지금의 널
절대로 잊지 마
지금 니가 어디 서 있든
잠시 쉬어가는 것일 뿐
포기 하지 마 알잖아

너무 멀어지진 마 tomorrow
멀어지진 마 tomorrow
너무 멀어지진 마 tomorrow


Same day, same moon
24/7, every moment repeats itself
My life is mediocre
The jobless in his 20s is afraid of tomorrow
It’s funny, when I was young I believed anything was possible
But when I realized that living hand to mouth was difficult
I keep feeling like the ‘Control’ beat,
It keeps getting downloaded
Every day is like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V
It keeps repeating

There’s a long way to go
But why am I still standing in place
Although I scream out in frustration
All it is, is an echo in the void
Let tomorrow be different from today
That’s all I’m begging for

Follow your dream, like breaker
Even if you break, oh better
Follow your dream, like breaker
Even if it crumbles down, oh
Don’t run backwards, never

Because the dawn just before the sunrise
Is the darkest
Even in the far future, don’t ever forget
The you of right now
No matter where you’re standing right now
You’re just resting for a while
Don’t give up, you know it

Don’t get too far away, tomorrow
Don’t get far away, tomorrow
Don’t get too far away, tomorrow

Even the tomorrow that we’ve waited so long for, suddenly,
When your open your eyes
It takes the name of yesterday
Tomorrow becomes today,
Today becomes yesterday.
Tomorrow becomes yesterday and
Is standing behind my back.
Life isn’t living, but surviving,
Surviving like that,
then one day disappearing
If you stay in a daze you’ll get swept away
If you ain’t no got the guts, trust
It’ll all end up becoming yesterday,
So what’s the point of each day
I wanted to become happy, become tough,
But why do I keep getting weaker
Where do I go,
Even though I go here and there
I always end up back here
Yes, I’ll probably flow along somewhere,
Does this maze even have an end

There’s a long way to go
But why am I still standing in place
Although I scream out in frustration
All it is, is an echo in the void
Let tomorrow be different from today
That’s all I’m begging for

Follow your dream, like breaker
Even if you break, oh better
Follow your dream, like breaker
Even if it crumbles down, oh
Don’t turn and run away, never

Because the dawn just before the sunrise
Is the darkest
Even in the far future, don’t ever forget
The you of right now
No matter where you’re standing right now
You’re just resting for a while,
Don’t give up, you know it

Don’t get too far away, tomorrow.

Tomorrow, keep walking
We’re too young to stop just yet
Tomorrow, open the door
We can see too many things to shut it.
Just like after the dark night
Comes the bright morning,
When tomorrow comes
The light will automatically shine
So don’t worry
This isn’t a stop,
But just a short pause
While you take a break from your life
Raise your thumb and
Play yourself
So that everyone can see

Follow your dream, like breaker
Even if you break, oh better
Follow your dream, like breaker
Even if it crumbles down, oh
Don’t turn and run away, never

Because the dawn just before the sunrise
Is the darkest
Even in the far future, don’t ever forget
The you of right now
No matter where you’re standing right now
You’re just resting for a while,
Don’t give up, you know (it)

Don’t get too far away, tomorrow
Don’t get far away, tomorrow
Don’t get too far away, tomorrow

(*T/N: Refers to Big Sean’s ‘Control’, which is a diss track that started a conflict between rappers. The beat was downloaded and used by many underground Korean rappers to diss their opponents. One of the songs was called “Ctrl+alt+del*2”, which might be why he added the “Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V” part. Also, the word ‘downloaded’ is the same word used to express ‘feeling down’ in Korean, so the lyrics are a wordplay to show how depressed he feels.)

Trans cr; Yein @ bts-trans

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is it just me that feels so like shocked to see dan and phil standing around and talking to each other i don't know why it's so unsettling

no omg its not just you i just stared at that clip of them from the live stream (thank you to missemma on idb for the gif) talking to each other for like 10 whole minutes, being like,,,, what the fuck,,,, they tALK to each other? ?? ???? off of camera???? with no one around??? they dont just sit or stand in silence?????? they dont just take selfies or look through their phones individually? they actually have,,, conversations??? what the fuck do they talk about?? it’s been eight years how is there anything left to say why does phil look so interested in what dan is saying why is he smiling so much at dan that it’s visible from so far away why are their hips angled towards each other so that theyre closing themselves off from everyone around them how are they just so into each other after so damn long i’m baFFLED 

The marauders as things my friends have said too loudly in public

James: Why do you think nobody else hangs out with us?

Sirius: It’s all the gay. It repels the weak.


*gets something wrong in a quiz*

Remus: THAT. IS. A. LIE!!! This quiz is lying, it’s corrupt, it’s… it’s homophobic. I am sueing this quiz.


James: Hey, watcha thinking about?

Peter: How powerful I feel when I lure bugs in with my light and then destroy them with big spray. Their tiny little lives are mine and they are helpless against me.


James: Okay buddy.


James: Planes can fly because they’re so far away from the earth that gravity doesn’t apply to them anymore.

Remus: That’s not… true….

James: No it totally is. My dad told me when I was five.

Remus: And you’ve believed him this entire time?

James: Uh, duh.

Remus: Then how do they launch?


James: That lying son of a bitch.

Hellborn - Chapter 2

Genre: Smut; Angst; Demon!AU, Dom!Jimin, Sex Slave!AU

Word count:  5433

Summary: After you are kidnapped by a demon and declared as his sex slave your life has been filled with pain, fear, and anger as every day has been taken up by useless plans of escape as you try to figure a way out and learn more about your intimidating master.

Chapter 1, Chapter 2 

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Tom Holland Imagine: All Too Well

Summary: This is based off of the song All Too Well by Taylor Swift. So be ready for a sad ending… Im sowwy…

A/N: Idk why I wrote this tbh I didn’t need this sadness in my life…

Warnings: None


“I walked through the door with you, the air was cold… but something bout it felt like home somehow…” 

 "Come on, love, you’re going to freeze to death!“ Tom called.

 I smiled at him and ran up the sidewalk to join him at the door of his parents’ house. Tom sat my bags on the ground and reached into his pocket to pull out his key. As soon as the door was open, the loud scream of Tom’s name filled both of our ears as his family came running around the corner to take in the rare sight of Tom Holland standing inside their home. 

Tom hugged all of them before turning to introduce me. 

 "Guys, this is Y/N. The love of my life.” Tom said with a wide smile across his face. 

 Tom’s mother smiled at me before pulling me into a loving hug. 

 "Oh, I can just tell you’re going to fit right in with us! Tom, take her bags up to her room! We’re going to give her a tour really fast!“ 

 I smiled at Tom before following his mother down the hallway. 

 "I told you they’d love you.” Tom whispered in my ear as he pressed a kiss to my temple.

 "Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place and I can picture it after all these days…“ 

 Tom’s hand held mine as we walked down the path. His other hand held the leash that Tessa was on. I pressed myself into his side as another cold strike of the wind hit us. 

 "I told you to bring your coat, love." 

 "I know, but it’s not that bad when the wind isn’t blowing. And besides, I have you beside me to keep me warm." 

 Tom smiled down at me and kissed my forehead as we continued our walk through the woods. Tom let go of my hand and wrapped his arm around me as I hugged his torso. We both walked in silence as the leaves began to fall around us. 

 "This is my absolute favorite time of year. It’s so beautiful, I could just stay out here and watch it all day.” I said. 

 Tom hummed in agreement. 

 "Well, as great as that would be, cuddling up by a warm fire with some hot chocolate is pretty great too.“ 

 I laughed and hugged Tom even tighter. Tom then stopped walking and turned to face me. 

 "I have to tell you something, Y/N…" 

 "Okay… what is it?" 

 "I-I love you." 

 I stared up at Tom in shock. Neither one of us had said those three words yet. I could tell Tom was growing anxious by my silence. 

 "I love you, too, Tom." 

 Tom’s smile grew huge and he pulled me into a kiss as the leaves continued to fall around us. 

 "Cause there we are again on that little town street, you almost ran the red cause you were looking over at me…" 

 "Why does Harrison have to live so far away from you?” I whined as we continued on the long drive towards our friend’s house. 

 "Because that’s the house his mum and dad bought.“ Tom whined back. 

 I giggled and reached over to turn the music up. I began to quietly sing the song that was playing in the radio. My feet were placed on his dashboard. Even though he hated when I did that, he had given up on trying to keep me from doing. Because I always did it. 

 "Uh, Tom? Why aren’t you slowing down? Tom! That’s a red light! Slow down!" 

Tom then hit the breaks as hard as he could so that we wouldn’t fly out and get hit by other cars. 

 "What was that all about?” I asked as I put my hands on my hips. 

 "Sorry, love. You’re just really beautiful. The wind was blowing through your hair and you’re voice, God your voice. I just couldn’t look away…“ he said as he began to blush. 

 "Alright, lover boy. Just pay attention to the road.” I said, causing us both to laugh. 

 “Photo album on the counter, your cheeks are turning red…" 

 Tom groaned as his mother continued to flip through the old photo album.

 "And here’s Tom after he lost his first tooth. He got so scared and thought he was dying! He woke up and screamed at the top of his lungs. It was hilarious!”

 Tom then stood up and grabbed the photo album from his mother. 

 "Please mum, not now!“ 

 Tom’s cheeks were bright red which made me and his mother laugh even harder. 

 "Well, I think you were very adorable, Tom.” I said as I leaned across and kissed his cheek. 

 The action only made his cheeks turn redder. 

 "Oh! I have to show you the one of him from the time he put my make up on himself!“ Nikki said as she raced off towards her room. 

 "NO!” Tom screamed as he chased his mom down the hallway. 

 "Cause there we are again in the middle of the night, we’re dancing round the kitchen in the refrigerator light…“ 

 I had woken him up after I had a bad dream. Tom immediately took me to the kitchen to heat me up a glass of warm milk to help me go back to sleep. As we waited for the milk to warm on the stove, Tom pulled me into his chest and began to dance with me around the kitchen. 

 "And you can tell everybody that this is your song…” Tom quietly sang as he twirled me around. 

 Tom knew how much I loved this song solely from the fact that Ewan McGregor sounds like an absolute angel when he sings it in Moulin Rouge! Tom immediately became jealous the first time I expressed my crush on Ewan McGregor because he had played his son in The Impossible. Although Tom wasn’t as talented in Ewan, I loved his version a million times more because it was coming from him. 

 "Maybe we got lost in translation maybe I asked for too much… but maybe this thing was a masterpiece till you tore it all up…“ 

 "Tom, I’m not comfortable with this… I want you to follow your dreams, but this is too much. Please, just be honest with me. Is it true?" 

 Tom stared at me. His silence was all I needed. I slid out from the booth in the coffee shop and began to walk towards the exit. As I reached the door, I turned to face Tom one last time. He had his head placed in his hands. 

 "I just wanted you to love me.” I said to him before I walked out. 

 “You call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest…“ 

 I hadn’t left my house in days. The thought of seeing Tom was too much for me to handle. I still love him. I think I always will. I felt my phone ring beside me and I answered it stupidly without looking at the caller ID. 


 "Y/N? Thank god…" 

 "Oh.. hi, Tom." 

 "Listen love, I know I hurt you but she meant nothing to me. I love you. I will always love you. You’re the only girl I’ve ever wanted! I was drunk and I hadn’t seen you in weeks and I was so lonely and she looked so much like you. I love you. I only want you. Please give me a second chance, I won’t let you down." 

 I felt a single tear fall down my cheeks as I heard his pleas. My heart was pounding against my chest, begging my brain to just forgive him so that it’s suffering could end, but I knew I had to stay strong and stick to my morales, because if I didn’t, I would lose who I am. 

 "Tom, never call me again." 

 And with that, I hung up. 

 "Time won’t fly its like I’m paralyzed by it, I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it…” 

 I spent what felt like years trying to fall back into my old life, but Tom was everywhere. His new success with Spider-Man had his face plastered on every magazine. I knew it had only been a few weeks since the phone call, but it felt like centuries. Tom had invaded my heart and I knew he would never truly leave it. I walked down the path that I had walked many times with him and Tessa. The same path where we first told each other “I love you”. I felt more tears slip from my eyes. I felt my heart break a million times more as I saw the leaves fall around me. Memories of the time I spent with him were constantly running through my mind, reminding me of what I had lost. I wish I had taken him back. What he had done was wrong, but if I hadn’t have been so stubborn I know we could’ve overcome it, but now I’ve ruined it. He’s probably already got another girl wrapped up in his arms, whispering all the sweet things that used to be for my ears only. He probably took her down this very path to tell her he loved her. He probably dances with her in the middle of the night and sings to her now. These thoughts ran through my mind as a constant reminder that Tom Holland was no longer mine.

Ya’ll really dont get how flimsy that whole ‘anti-contact’ is.

My abuser was anti contact. All it took for him to change that was me, my trust, and a character to roleplay with. 

The moment MAPS get a chance to seek out their desires, they go for it. I have experienced it first hand. I was 12, I was dumb, naive, and i loved to roleplay characters.

And he used that to his advantage. 

So dont you EVER fucking try to use the excuse ‘oh im anti contact, ill never do anything!’ because you know what? All it takes is one childs trust, their eagerness to please an adult like YOU, and youll go off the rack. You know why I hate MAPS?

Because an ‘Anti-Contact’ MAP quickly became a ‘Contact’ MAP with me. Cut the bullshit out of your lives and stop hiding behind false coverups in an attempt to seem as if you are good. 

You are not good. You need therapy. You need to stay as far fucking away from tumblr and all the minors on it (43 percent of this entire website are minors- get the fuck out of here if you really are ‘Anti-Contact’)

Don’t leave // Bill Denbrough

Word Count: 988

Summary-  After the incident with Eddie at Neibolt, you’re ready to leave Derry, for good.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; I loved writing this!

Requested; Yes, by @bellasett

req;  Helllo I was wondering I ur not too busy if u could do a bill x reader where he gets mad at her for wanting to leave before it is dead and he gets really mad and just kisses her if front of everyone bc he likes her and he gets too into it and Richie just yells something like “get a room you too”


You bolted out of the Neibolt house, panting heavily. You’d all just faced a close call with IT; way too close for anyone’s slight comfort. Eddie broke his arm, and was nearly eaten alive by IT. At this point, Eddie was practically in tears, Richie trying to comfort him, Bill and Beverly looked determined (which couldn’t be a good sign), Mike and Ben were pale and quiet (more so than usual), and Stan looked about ready to pass out. You were somewhere between Stan and Mike/Ben’s states.

Eddie’s mother came, picking him up and tossing him in the car. She yelled at the group, telling you all to stay away from her son. He didn’t argue, merely avoided all your gazes. You knew Eddie didn’t mean anything by it; he nearly died, and you didn’t blame him for wanting to stay away from the group for awhile. To be honest, you weren’t feeling much different, the thought seeming quite appealing at the moment.

The group was silent, everyone unmoving, standing on the street outside of the creepy, haunting Neibolt house. Waiting for someone to speak. No one did, so you took initiative, and said what everyone was thinking. Or what most of you were, anyways. “I can’t do this anymore.” You spoke, your voice cracking. You crossed your arms over your chest, rubbing your arm gently to attempt to calm yourself from the horrors you’d just witnessed.

“W-w-what are you t-t-talking a-about, Y/N?” Bill asked, confused. The entire group, besides Beverly, who was equally confused, looking at him like he was insane. “Are you kidding, Bill? What do you think?! Eddie nearly died; no, we all nearly died! Do you know how many close calls we’ve had? More than we should, with the amount of times we almost did, we should be dead!” You said, astonished he wasn’t being even a little rational about this.

“What are you saying..?” Beverly asked, slowly. “Fucks sake, you guys! Are you stupid? Why would I stay somewhere where I have to face my biggest fears to fight a fucking demon clown?! I’m sorry, but I’m not staying in a town where our lives are constantly at risk.” You said, and spun on your heel, walking over to your bike.

“Y/N..” Stan said, his tone hinting his warning and concern. “Wow, Stan. Of all people, I’d think you understand. Why do you want to stay here? Any of you? We can leave, live a life far away from here, and have fun. Have a good summer, hang out with your friends, with each other, when we’re not fighting a demon!” You said, smiling, but the smile wasn’t one of happiness. It was more so bittersweet.

“N-No! Y-you don’t g-g-get t-to leave just like t-that!” Bill said, following you sharply. “What the hell do you want me to do Bill, just wait until I die? Or worse, until I have to watch one of you die? I’m not waiting around to lose one of you, or all of you! We’re kids, we can’t fight this stupid thing!” You screamed, not turning around, picking up your bike and leaning it on the pedal stand.

The rest of the losers followed suit, not sure of what to comment. You and Bill were quite a close pair; some of the losers, (before all of this IT shit began), thought you two would become an item, if you weren’t secretly one already. It was obvious this was tearing you two apart, but it wasn’t just the relationship between you two breaking, it was the relationship between the entire group that was diminishing quickly.

With one swift movement, Bill grabbed your arm, taking you by surprise, spinning you around and smashing his lips on yours. Your eyes blew wide, but you melted into the kiss quickly and kissed back. “Ugh, get a room you two!” Richie called, but you both ignored him. (As per usual). Bill had surprised not only you, but himself. He’d liked you for so long; longer than he could remember. He couldn’t pinpoint exactly when he realized it, but it didn’t matter. He was going to enjoy this moment while it lasted.

Your anger slowly vanished, your thoughts slipped away as Bill wrapped his arms around your small frame and your arms wrapped around his neck, deepening the kiss. “Woah, there! Slow down, we don’t need any babies to add to our list of problems!” Richie screamed, and you and Bill, hesitantly, pulled away. “Please don’t go. We need you. I need you.” Bill whispered, only so you could hear. “I’m scared.” You replied quietly.

The other losers came around upon hearing your statement, forming a circle. They all looked at you, and each other, with sad glances. “We all are, Y/N.” Beverly said, calmly, offering a small reassuring smile. “But we’ll get through it, together.” She said, putting a hand on your shoulder and pulling you into a side hug. The others were quick to join in, forming a big group hug.

“Okay, I’ll stay.. but only because I hate you idiots and you can’t do this without me.” You said, smirking at your group of friends. “H-Hey!” Bill cried, while Beverly stepped back, throwing a hand over her heart overdramatically. Richie ran and jumped on your back, making you stumble in surprise. “Can I change my mind and leave? I think Richie is enough to make anyone leave this town.” You joked, earning an offended sound from Richie, and laughs from the rest of the group.

You were going to stay. Not just because you realized the feelings you had for Bill were reciprocated, (not that it wasn’t a bonus, because um yes please), you weren’t staying for IT, but for your friends, because they needed you. Together, you truly believed you could defeat this demon, and you were determined to do it, no matter what it took.

Bad Blood

Modern AU - Vampire!Ivar x Hunter!Reader

Notes: Remember when I said there would be a vampire au? Probably not bc it’s been a long time. But it’s finally here!

Rating: Explicit

Summary: You want to make Ivar pay for what he did to you years ago, but he shows you that you need him alive.

Warnings: Smut, blood, killing, biting,ingestion of blood, light knife play

Tagging: @ivartrash @brightlycoloredteacups

Everything around you was silent, but you knew you weren’t alone. The pale moonlight didn’t do the best job in illuminating the way, but the darkness was not a problem. The venom in your sistem improved all your senses, and it was the only good thing this unnatural substance could provide. Only the memory of its strong, bitter taste was capable of make your face writhe in a disgusted grimace.

Your fingers, half covered by leather, were cold and wet with sweat as you held the cossbow in front of your face. The weapon was like a extension of your body, as well as the dagger imbued in vervain inside your boot. You could dark shadows moving around as the other hunters worked to surround the industrial shed.

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Dedication Altars

[Merry meet, my lovelies! Today I thought I’d talk about Dedication Altars that I do for people. There are plenty of different kinds of Dedication Altars that I’ve done in the past, and for plenty of different people!]

[So, let’s get right into it!]

|What is a Dedication Altar?|

A Dedication Altar is an altar that is dedicated to a person, animal, deity, anything really. They can be small, medium, or large. I, personally, use mini altars for Dedication Altars. They’re easy to take with you in travel, they are very basic, and they’re so cute!

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|How do you use them?|

Just like a normal altar, you can have the symbols for the elements, incense, anything; however, since this is a dedication altar for certain things and people, then you’ll most likely want to have symbols or tools that tie to them or remind you of them.

I usually just have small prayers for those whom I make these altars for. I also carry them around with me, so they can absorb a lot of energy and make any spells or intentions a bit more powerful. You can do whatever you want with them!

For those of you who use curses, or hexes, you may also use them. (I myself don’t, but that’s my personal preference since I’m not a cursing witch. I’m not against those who do curse, or hex, though!)

|If I do a curse or hex, what should I do afterwards?|

The best thing to do after a curse or hex, is to simply cleanse all materials and the altar itself. If you plan on cursing again, keep the altar and tools you used concealed in a black cloth. If you aren’t going to curse again, then I’d suggest cleansing them and getting rid of them (safely, of course since we don’t want to ruin the environment by burying harmful things or anything like that!)

|Can these be used to contact spirits too?|

Oh yes, definitely! You can use a variety of different things to contact them, too! (I’ll be making a “Spirit Communication” post soon that lists the ways of communicating with spirits!) You can dedicate these altars to ancestors, spirit guides, patronuses (another word for familiars), etc.

|What gave you the idea?|

Well, one day I was thinking about how to help someone who lived far away. Then I got the idea: People use altars to connect with deities, who are definitely far away.. So why not do altars dedicated to people? Plus it’d help me connect to them better, since it’s literally an altar, just for them!


[I hope you enjoy this little idea I had. If you have any questions at all related to this, or anything else, don’t hesitate to ask! I’m always open for questions. :)]

Brightest Blessings my lovelies! )0(

[Also, an FYI, I’m keeping an eye on the tag #everythingwiccan, so if you have anything you’d like me to see or share on here, include that tag! :D]

Beauty Behind Madness

Request: “HMYGOSH since I am a Pennywise trash (yeah, sorry, I’m a weird human being) I LOVE YOUR PENNY IMAGINES SO, SO, SO MUCH! Could you write something like… The reader is really unstable, she doesn’t want to exist anymore in this town, she wants to watch Derry burn, although she’s weak. Suddenly she stumbles upon Pennywise. After a pep talk she clearly sees that It understands her. I don’t know… like… fluff… (I know normally you watch out for a creepy clowns, but… LeT’s Be ClEaR hErE)”

Pairing: Pennywise x Reader

A/N: This is kind of lengthy but hopefully you all still love it

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, abusive alcoholic father and suicide attempt

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The bell rung, the school day had finally come to an end and boy were you happy. Let’s just say you were pretty popular at school, every girl wanted to be you and every guy wanted to have you. You finished putting your homework and books in your backpack when your group of four friends approached you.

“Hey Y/N you coming to the party later?” Your friend asked.

“Yeah but if anything changes I’ll let you all know.” You replied with a smile.

“Okay we’ll see you later!” Another friend said happily.

“Bye Y/N.” They all waved.

“Bye girls.” You said waving at your four friends before exiting the school.

You had only made it down the block when you noticed Henry Bowers and his group, “The Bowers Gang” messing with the Losers’ Club their rivals. You thought it was stupid. Why couldn’t Henry just leave them alone? They’re just kids for God sakes.

“Henry!” You shouted.

You caught his attention right away just like everybody else’s.

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Nicknames (Philip Hamilton x Reader)

Words: 5400+

Warnings: Cursing, death, blood, 

A/N: this was a request and i can’t find it! but yes this got out of hand and i hope you enjoy!

It started with the knocks.

You just moved into your home. It wasn’t the biggest, only two bedrooms and one bathroom. Wanting to explore the world fueled your soul, and you felt like this was the beginning. This was the beginning of a long journey that you were willing to go on. Your parents didn’t want you to own a house so early, but you insisted, ignoring their frightening words like mortgage and high property taxes. You would figure that out along the way.

Because you were your own boss. You created a company from the bottom up, using all your savings and extra cash to make it successful. And now, at eighteen years old, you owned a multi-million-dollar business. And hell, if you wanted to buy a small home, it was feasible.

You were carrying your boxes into your home when you first heard the sounds. It was an even rhythm, three taps in a row. At first, you thought it was just because you bought a fixer-upper, but then it continued to get louder and louder.

“What is that sound?” You questioned, unpacking your clothes in your room. You were alone today, your family on vacation for the next few months. You placed your clothing on the hanger, and chuckled to yourself, “How about this: One knock for no, and two knocks for yes. Okay?”

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Jonerys AU (7/?)- Governess and Single Father

Jon lives with his son and daughter in a house far away from civilization, mourning the loss of his wife. She died so suddenly-and now he worries that something awful will happen to his three children. So he keeps them at home and hires governess after governess to teach them and keep them entertained while he goes about his work-but the governesses keep leaving, either because they do something wrong or because he grows tired of them.

Dany’s out of options and she’s always had a soft spot for children so she becomes the newest in Jon’s line of tutors. She and the children get along very well, but she and Jon are constantly at odds-especially over the children. Jon wants to fire her but he can’t because his children love her and he’d do anything for them. But as they spend more time together for the childrens’ sake, they realize that in the depths of pain, love can blossom as well.

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Wow another AU..Who is surprised..

Anyways I really hope no ones thought of this before, and forgive me if this already exists.. But I was thinking, and wanted to create this one where basically Irkens aren’t so advanced and live in tribes. And humans get advanced to the point where they can actually travel to far away planets, and Dib is part of a crew of people going to Irk to explore and study it. When they get there they split up to cover more ground and Dib happens to have a run in with one of the natives of the planet..which is, you guessed it, Zim lol

I’m on warrior mode. 

Still working on my exam to get into medical school in Italy, I’ve been getting great scores on the online simulator and the admission test is in 16 days but why being prepared when you can be well-prepared

This is my last shot, I’m risking a lot by putting aside ALL my french classes to work on this. This year I grew up a lot, living far away from home and asking myself so many questions about who I am and what I should do with my life (it’s part of the process of growing up I guess) and among all the things I learned one very important lesson : when you set a goal you have to stick to it and make some very hard decisions sometimes. It wasn’t easy for me to decide to give up on my french classes: I knew that if I kept working on them I would had to lose another year for sure before getting into medical school here (the process is MUCH MORE complicated than this) and even by doing so I didn’t even know if I was going to make it. The only way to start my medical studies next year was to get into medical school in Italy. I had to give up on many many dreams and expectations I had about my future, but now I feel I made the right decision. I’m very close to get it (not yet guys! but close) and now I don’t care about anything else: this is my goal, my life, and I won’t let anyone come in my way. 

It’s been two months since I’m on warrior mode, and seeing the results coming is so fu**ing satisfying.

I will win.

under the stars, we met

ao3 | ffn

summary I love you. Have I told you that today? In any world, any place, any time we meet, I love you.

In which Marinette and Adrien meet throughout reincarnations.

word count 8831

a/n i legit wrote this 1.5 years ago and it’s just been sitting in my drafts 80% finished for a year. i finally finished it. thank g o d

hope you guys like it!

(i recommend reading on ao3 just cause the formatting is so much better)

“Do you ever think we’ll live again?” The little girl kicked her legs in the river. Her parents didn’t let her wander this far out, especially so late at night, but it was her secret spot. Their secret spot.

Because here, which was also conveniently not too far from her favorite bed of lilies, laid the best place to watch the stars.

Her companion rolled his eyes. “Duh,” he replied lazily. “Everyone reincarnates. Mama says I was a cat in my past life.”

“You are most definitely an animal.”

His eyes narrowed at the tense. “In my past life, Marinette.”

She shrugged. “Just telling you how I see it. Unlike you, Adrien, I was probably a princess.”

Adrien laughed, guffawing so hard he almost fell into the river. Marinette had half the mind to push him in, but even she wouldn’t go that far. Here, so far from the village, so dark at night, Adrien would probably be lost to the never ending current.

Her parents would kill her if they knew she and Adrien snuck out here this often.

But still, she couldn’t stop. Both of them were drawn to this area, to the stars that shined so brightly here.

Some believe the stars were Gods. Marinette didn’t know about that, but watching these beautiful lights, believing they were made of fate, the ones who guided the reincarnations, was a nice thought. After all, the stars twinkled. They must be watching them back.

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anonymous asked:

I need help I feel like my faith is fading and I don't know how to get God back into my life.

You ask Him. “For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.” (Matthew 7:8) You talk to Him. “I called on the Lord in distress; The Lord answered me and set me in a broad place.” (Psalm 118:5) He’s not as far away as you think because His Holy Spirit lives in us! “Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own?” (1 Corinthians 6:19) He loves you so much and sits/waits for us to call on Him. “casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7) He never forces us to love Him or desire to be close to Him. This is why WE must seek Him out. “And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13) You’re not too far, just get back on track. Don’t stress, you’ll be okay! x