why do you keep looking at the camera

V: I’m gonna post this to the group chat! 

Guess who both suck at taking selfies now

  • me: im fine
  • me: rey keeps a straight face until leia hugs her and then she starts crying like you just see her face collapse and then the camera goes to leia's face and she looks so calm and at peace (with her RING right in the centre of the shot) despite the love of her life being killed by their son only a few hours ago max and then she says 'may the force be with you' to rey and looks so sad watching her go like?? what does that all mean?? why do we have to wait nearly two years to find out??

It’s the perfect day for some mayhem >:D

Makeup test success! Crazy Aussie is slowly coming together, and I couldn’t be more pleased with him so far. Still have a ton to do and things to tweak, but hey I’m on fire!

Context: Our party, which consists of a dwarf fighter (Borris), elf ranger (Derek) and a half-Orc barbarian (Mar), is fighting a dragon and everyone including the dragon is almost dead.

Derek: Wait! Mar, (our barbarian) throw the fighter at the dragon!

Mar: Mar does not want to hurt friends!


Derek: It’ll be fine, just throw him at the dragon!

Mar: …Mar will use magic to keep friend safe. (Mar does not have magic) *whispers to Borris* Mar will give you apology later. *winks and throws fighter*

Mar OOC: What’s the closest thing in this universe to a box of cereal?

DM: …Why do you ask?

Mar OOC: Apology cereal.

Borris OOC: *looks at imaginary camera like he’s in The Office*

The Office: Starring the Ninjas
  • Zane: Do you want any help with that?
  • Co worker: No thanks! But thanks for the offer!
  • Zane: *looks into the camera unimpressed*
  • -
  • Boss: Why aren't you working?
  • Kai: Working is for the weak.
  • Boss: Do you want to be fired?
  • Kai: The real question is *sparks a fire* do you want to be fired?
  • Boss: *looks into the camera*
  • -
  • Cole: *leans over to co worker* Is it lunch break yet?
  • Co worker: That's the seventh time you've asked today.
  • -
  • Jay: Ooh can I keep this pencil?
  • Co worker: Uhh sure?
  • Jay: And this rubber?
  • Co worker: I guess...
  • Jay: And the computer?
  • Co worker: No, what are yo-
  • Jay: *taking the plugs out the wall* TELL BOSS I SEND MY THANKS!
  • -
  • Lloyd: Can I use that? *points to computer*
  • Co worker: Uhh not right now, I'm-
  • Lloyd: I'll throw a tantrum.
  • Co worker: You'll what?
  • Lloyd: *starts to whine*
  • -
  • Boss: Wow! You did an excellent job today! Your our best worker!
  • Nya: Oh honey, I know I am.
GOT7ing: Heal-ing Highlights

- got7 casually swordfighting with pool noodles ft. ppl running a marathon behind them

- markson having a duel with their “noodles” ;)

- jb dribbling a basketball on the fucking GRASS damn who knew that was even possible

- captions: “GOT7 remains doing their thing” nice, very good yes keep doing the thing

- queen junior sitting on his own picnic blanket with a lil grass moat separating him from peasant6

- why does jb look like he’s drinking out of a play doh container

- “aww junior is folding the picnic blankets what a good mom–wait nvm i take it back”

- “lmao yeah jacksons gonna pull out a heart agai–THAT IS NOT A HEART”

- js: *proceeds to wave the not-a-heart in front of the camera for 30 seconds* jackson stop there are children behind you

- always full of surprises jesus damn you guys are just killing me today

- youngjae: *holds starbucks while swordfighting* mokpo style


- princess mark dabbing (i can never look at this word the same way again) his mouth gracefully with a tissue

- mom + dad taking a nap on their picnic blankets while their 4 screaming kids play in the back 

- bambam: *flips the bird twice* ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

- *mark + js whipping their “noodles” wildly at each other* me: guys can we keep this pg please

- “YEAH I WANT BASKETBALL MAN” forreals tho a got7ing ep isnt a got7ing ep without some youngrish

- jb: [starts randomly breakdancing on the grass] boi y u always gotta be so extra

- the k-trio vs. amerithaikong ft. referee youngjae & junior transforming into david beckham

- [jr hits the cameraman] “are you ok?” bambam: “is the camera ok” BOI 

- someone pls take the ball away from junior he is murdering his children

- junior: *kicks ball into bambams face* aw bby are you ok are you-*ball comes over* MOVE BITCH MOMMAS GOT A GAME TO PLAY

Husband Reacts to Harry Styles: Another Man Photoshoot (Part 1)

We were recently blessed with about a million beautiful photos of Harry, courtesy of Another Man Magazine, so I had to see what Husband thought of the photos. This is part 1 of 3, because I couldn’t get him to sit through all 44 photos in one sitting…

Much thanks to @heartsogold for scanning and uploading the entire article, which is what I used to get Husband’s reaction. The HQ images in this post are courtesy of Another Man Magazine.

  • Hubs: (seeing himself on the camera) Ugh my hair looks awful! I need a haircut!
  • Me: It looks fine!                                                                                       
  • Hubs: You also think Harry Styles’ hair looks fine, I don’t trust your judgment!!!                                                                                                   
  • Me: So there’s 44 images, how many do you think you can handle tonight?
  • Hubs: I dunno, just keep going until I puke.

“Oh God why is his nipple out?! Oh my God I’m done already! We literally just started and I’m already fucking done! Ugh. This freaks me out. His nipple looks too far to the outside. And where’s his other nipples? Did they photoshop them out? I wish they had photoshopped out his nasty-ass armpit hair.”

“Did they have a bunch of leftover clothing from other photoshoots that they just threw on him?? Why was his nipple out in the first photo?! I can’t get over that.”

“He looks more normal without the extra nipples. Less cow-like.”

  • Me: I’m kinda upset that they were photoshopped out, his extra nipples are my favorite part of him!
  • Hubs: So there is no other part of him that you like more? His EXTRA NIPPLES are your favorite body part? They’re not even real nipples! They can’t produce milk!                                                                                       
  • Me: I don’t think any of his nipples can.
  • Hubs: If he took hormones maybe they could…                                   
  • Me: And in that one fan fiction I made you listen to they did!                      

(this is in reference to the fanfiction where Niall reverts to the mentality of a baby, and Harry lactates to feed him. It’s great.)

“Ughhh. Ughhh. Is he orgasming?”

“He has to pee, and he’s kissing the air. Gotcha.”

“He’s wearing a carpet and a collar! I bet the carpet suit came with the collar. Buy this ugly suit and get a collar for free! It’s fashion! Actually, no, he probably brought the collar to the shoot. It probably belongs to him. I bet all the clothes in this shoot actually belonged to him. He needs to hem those pants, though.”

“He looks like The Joker with that long-ass grungy hair.”

“He still has that fucking collar on, is he a dumb dog? Does he realize it’s not a fashion thing? It’s a BDSM thing.”

“All he’s wearing is that collar! Why can’t he just wear regular clothing?”

I don’t know, but I, for one, am glad he isn’t.

So what do you think? Would you like to read Husband’s reactions to the rest of the photos? Let me know!

See all my other Husband Reacts posts here.

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Jack wanted me to draw a robotic hotboy because he likes my sexy robot skills

This robot built himself out of spare parts and duct tape, but somehow he keeps it together long enough to pose in what he hopes is a casual manner. “It’s candid,” he says, when showing the picture to his friends. “You’re literally floating in a sunset, looking at the camera and making a peace sign.” they tell him. He refuses to listen to them. They’re just haters, he tells himself.

Why do I give my one-off drawings backstory

BTS Reaction #3

BTS reacting to you wearing their hoodie/clothes.

Seokjin: “Jagi, is that my shirt?”

“Oh yeah, it was just really comfy so I kept it”

“Don’t take it off, you look so adorable in it” not as cute as me tho ofc

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Yoongi: “Oh, sorry Yoongi, I got my sweater mixed up with yours”

“Keep it, it looks better on you anyways”

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Hoseok: “Hobi your jacket is so warm and fuzzy”


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Namjoon: “Namjoonie, sorry sorry sorry, but I got your hoodie a little dirty”

“My hoodie? I guess it’s a good time to tell you that I ripped one of your shirts and hid it”

“WHAT? …..wait, why were you wearing my shirt?”


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Jimin: “Do you miss me so much that you need to wear my clothes?”

*tries to be slick, but smiles like crazy*

“Awww, my little jagi is just too cute”

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Taehyung: “Ooooh are we switching clothes now jagi? Does this mean I can wear your clothes now??”

“What??? NO, TAE”

*already digging through your wardrobe*

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Jungkook: *sees that you’re wearing his sweater*


*wrestles you for it*

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Dating Taehyung

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-there’d be kisses everywhere! forehead kisses, pecks on the cheek, and of course on the lips

-the two of you always bickering over random things

-“excuse you, Sehun is obviously the hottest EXO member?”

-“Tae, have you even seen Baekhyun?”

-“girl, Sehun and his abs”

-“whatever, Baekhyun’s still my fave”

-“…oh I know why you like Baekhyun. it’s because he looks like me” tHAT SMIRK HE GIVES YOU



-oh and those dubsmashes, he’d do those EVERYWHERE. walking on the street? dubsmash. ready to watch that movie? dubsmash. he’d pull you into the shot and turn the camera to you when it’s your turn to lip sync the lines, but it’d be so hard to keep a straight face when his expressions were so funny. he’d save all of them on his phone and send them randomly to you, especially when you’re feeling down to cheer you up

-with Taehyung, what’s yours is his and what’s his is yours. that ice cream you just bought? his. the nice set of Muji stationery you got? his. even the puppy you recently adopted? ALL HIS.

-but of course he lets you take his stuff too, like those comfy crewneck sweaters he owns (even the ones with the holes, which you find so amusing but you wear them anyway), those rings that he loves to wear (even though they’re nearly all too big for your fingers), and his hats

-you’d be pretty envious of his ability to smooth-talk or charm his way out of any given situation

-“Tae, are you sure we can go out tonight because you still have that assignment due tomorrow.”

-“I got an extension on it”

-“you WHAT? but he’s the strictest teacher ever and never gives extensions to anyone???”

-Tae shrugs “I just listed off the reasons why I should have an extension and he gave one to me”

-“like what?”

-“like seeing you tonight” ≖‿≖

-he can be a shameless flirt sometimes when it comes to you

-he’s the type of person who’s well-liked by everyone, so it’s not surprising he has such a large group of friends. he’d introduce you to all of them though and happily show you off

-until you start getting along a bit too well with his friends, especially when Jungkook goes to teach you his Meme Dance™

-Tae gets a bit jealous and low-key hovers by your side the rest of the time, but you secretly enjoy seeing him jealous because it rarely ever happens and because he’s so cute when he’s all pouty

-late night calls that last until the early hours of morning because every time you guys try to leave, something comes up and you end up talking for another two hours



-“okay for real, bye, Tae”


-“…Tae, why aren’t you hanging up?”

-“okay, I will”

-“okay then, bye”


-“…you’re still there aren’t you?”

-“no I’m not”

-“Tae, please tell me this ‘bye’ thing isn’t going to be our thing like 'always’ was for the couple in The Fault in Our Stars”

-“Y/N that book was so sad, now you’re making me sad”

-then it just keeps going

-one of the best parts would be his hugs because he squeezes you so tightly like you’re his lifeline, the only thing holding him together. there’s the way he rests his head at the crook of your neck and buries his face in your hair, and how he holds on and never wants to let you go. and at those times, you can see how delicate he really is

-so you solemnly swear to never break his heart. NEVER NEVER NEVER.

-there are those times when he just stares at you randomly like you’re the best thing that happened to him and you always forget how to breathe because it should be the other way around. sometimes it’s hard to believe that you’re dating the popular boy Kim Taehyung who’s loved by everyone and is a literal angel

-but a second later, he’d probably be teasing you about liking Baekhyun

A/N: what it would be like to date Taehyung, as requested by anon~ thanks for requesting! Enjoy ;D 

Requests are always open~

You catch Luke staring at the picture again, darting your hand out to try and grab his phone. “Why do you keep looking at that?” you ask him after playfully shoving at his arm. “I wasn’t even looking at the camera.”

The picture in question was one of you on the ferry that was heading towards the Statue of Liberty. A slight wind had picked up, causing some of your hair to blow into your face and Luke had said something funny (something you couldn’t even remember now) which is why you had a big smile. It wasn’t one of the worst candids you’ve ever seen of yourself, but it certainly wasn’t the best that Luke has ever taken.

Luke just shrugs, glancing at it once more before locking his phone and shoving it in the pocket of his jeans. “Think you look cute, that’s all,” he mumbles, throwing his arm around your shoulders as the taxi driver makes a sudden stop. The two of you have lived in Manhattan for almost two years now and Luke still isn’t used to the way New Yorkers drive, something you constantly tease him about whenever you get the chance to.

You lean your head on his shoulder and close your eyes, letting the sounds of traffic and the music from the radio turn into background noise as you focus on the gentle rise and fall of Luke’s shoulders as he breathes. His thumb softly rubs circles into your bicep, his stubble scratching against your scalp when he rests his chin on the top of your head.

“We’re almost there,” Luke whispers in your ear a few minutes later as he gently squeezes your arm to wake you up. 

You sit up straight, nodding as you blink your eyes a couple times to clear your vision. You see crowds of tourists the closer you approach the Empire State Building, some wearing those cheesy “I <3 NY” shirts while others just have clunky cameras to take pictures of every skyscraper they see. Normally, you roll your eyes at these people; as a New Yorker yourself now, you can’t help but get a bit annoyed at how slow they are compared to everything else. But today, you were one of them.

“You know,” you begin, turning away from the window to look at Luke, taking his hand in yours as he looks at you. “It’s kind of weird. We’ve lived here for two years and we know all of the tourist attractions but we’ve never actually seen them. I’m kind of glad we’re doing this today.”

The taxi driver pulls over to the curb, thanking you when you hand him the money and get out of the car. “As long as we don’t have to take the stairs all the way up to the 86th floor, I am too,” Luke jokes, kissing the side of your head when you mockingly glare at him. “I am serious though, babe. If you force me to take the stairs, I’m not going.”

when animating make sure that each action reads clearly. so animate one action at a time.

ie girl routinely picks up her car keys from the table.

- walk
- sees keys
- reaches
- grabs keys
- walks away

many beginners try to do too many things at once. give characters time to think and move.

the timing can be changed based on her situation (is she in a hurry?) but thinking this way while animating helps keep a lot of things manageable. If you start questioning how and why the characters move this way, you can start animating these actions in a way that makes it look natural and full of personality, instead of a robotic ‘do this this and this’.

thinking about how to apply it in action animating. It is very easy to plan but harder to make it appealing because it is fast and easy to miss. Therefore it relies on good composition and camera movements and timing to put it to its full potential.

- kicks stomach
- opponents reaction

What I noticed w a lot of anime is that they draw out these actions to give clarity. so it’ll be more like.

- kick kick kick kick kick
(ok I think the audience get the point now)
- opponents reaction

there is variety of poses and timing in this action, but in general all these fast moves lead to the same idea: a person kicks, their opponent reacts.

so when planning out a fight scene, think about how each action follows the same purpose (whether to disable or evade or just brutallize)

it’s really hard to animate action filled w character bc for the most part, these movements are muscle memory/ instinctual. but I think it’s still important to ask yourself how and why these characters move the way they do. take note of their personality and their particular fighting style and blending those two together.


[TRANSCRIPT] Show Me The Money Idol Rappers’ Cruel & Harsh History
- First round audition venue - overflowing camera baptism
- VIXX Ravi
- MONSTA X Juheon
- Seventeen Vernon
- and… Winner Song Minho !
- Idols participating in SMTM4
1: The competitive spirit itself isn’t felt
2: They look cool, but I will get them
3: I’ll throw them all out with my rap
4: I will crush them all
5: I will make all the idols drop
[Contestants’ Diss Raps]
1: “Why do rappers keep appearing, Zico picking up (*Taewoon can also mean ‘pick up’ in Korean) his brother on the bus, Song Mino, you’ll fall like a domino the moment you come out”
2: “Idol music for the cheap ears”
3: “Over-packaged just like domestic biscuits”
4: “They can’t rap for fuck since they’re idols”
5: “I am winner, way stronger than Mino like a dog (*I’m Him reference)
6: "Kids aiming for idols to the the door step, fuck them”
- Many lyrics shooting idol rappers
- One person who stands out among the participants
Ravi: Hello, I am Ravi
- Idol rapper Ravi’s first audition result is?

Cr: translated by @minocentury | DO NOT TAKE OUT WITHOUT CREDITS

(Hopeful) Season 3 Episode Opening in Agents of SHIELD
  • Opening: Jail Cell. Skye is inside
  • Skye: I'm telling you, for once, I didn't do this.
  • Coulson: I believe you, but the fact remains I can't exactly pull Director of SHIELD privilege to get you released. Why did they arrest you anyway?
  • May: It says she hacked into the New York Stock Exchange and sent the money to the Rising Tide Slush Fund.
  • Skye: I swear, I didn't do it. I'm not even truly apart of the Rising Tide anymore!
  • Coulson: That still leaves us the problem of getting you out of here legally.
  • May: Without revealing your either an Inhuman or an Agent of SHIELD.
  • Skye: Relax, mom. I know a guy.
  • Beat Panel: Coulson and May both look at her
  • Skye: I've been keeping up with a friend from St. Agnes. He's a lawyer.
  • Camera: turns toward the door. We hear a "tap tap" and then it creaks open revealing Matt Murdock in a suit and his red glass.
  • Skye: Hey Matt!
  • Matt: ... Skye? Why are you in prison?
  • Skye: Falsely accused of a crime, if you can believe it. Oh! I met my parents!
  • Matt: Congratulations. And?
  • Skye: They were horrible. Anyway. Coulson is the guy on your (pauses) left. Melinda May is on your right. They took me in a few years ago. You guys should probably say something.
  • Coulson: Is he blind?
  • Matt: Not deaf, though. (Matt holds out his hand, waiting. Coulson takes it and gives it a firm handshake)
  • May: Melinda May. (they shake hands. May is more sensitive than Coulson.)
  • Skye: So... want to take my case?
  • Sound: Theme. Roll opening.
What Happened w/ Klamille Bed Scene
  • *in the editors room, watching the scene*
  • Editor: Okay here we go...great Klaus and Cami are together, finally. What the...*turns to MN and MH* Again with the thrusting? I thought you talked to Leah about this!
  • Narducci: We did! We thought she had it under control.
  • Editor: Well it's not. Look at this, WHAT is her left hand doing?
  • Hastings: I think the answer to that's pretty clear if you look.
  • Editor: *sighs* Film it again. We can't use this.
  • Narducci: Why not?
  • Editor: This is the CW, no thrusting allowed. Joseph's no better look at his wandering hands!
  • Hastings: We're done filming. Isn't there something you can do?
  • Editor: Hmmm if we zoom in and keep the camera angle up it's not too bad.
  • Narducci: Cutting off their legs and lower half?
  • Editor: We can't see thrusting if we don't see hips!
  • Hastings: Brilliant!
  • Narducci: Perfect!
  • Klamille fans: (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง