why do you keep killing your boyfriends

Going through my old files and found a bountiful array of narry gifs n such and decided they needed to be shared so here- have some narry, in no particular chronological order. And on a side note- the captions underneath are what I wrote as captions when I saved them to my computer, save for the first one. 

*this is a lockscreen obvs, not a gif- but v v cute and may or may not have made me cry*

harry’s smile is everything

ballroom dancing, followed by a complete disregard of the fact that there are young people in the audience. also. keep it in your pants. 

clingy harry

clingy niall


confirmed pt 2

cute boyfriends dancing

more aggressive dancing

delicate hand holding

proper education


almost kissed you guys almost

fist bump or peering at Dick who knows

flower sparkle dancing rainbow sunshine fairies

footie hugs

photoshoot romance and Fonding

im not saying they fucked after this concert but they totally fucked

i just love his hair i cant stop touching it at all hours of the day do you see how soft and floofy and-

i have a need for physical contact 24/7 so if I act clingy its because I am

haha kill me why don’t you

Harry is preggers w nialls head

i told you I love his hair



Major Case of Fond has been diagnosed

what is with the hip swaying. what are they laughing about. the world shall never know. 

he wasn’t really going for the hood u guys

cutest interview couple of the century yes thank you

ur very fluffy harold

Proclaiming Sexual Longing In Front of 50,000+ People


“If you had to kiss one person under the mistletoe…who would it be?” you, harold.

cutestest metro lion replacements ever

“mick jagger move” haha OR excuse to grind in public

i literally dont know where to start w this one like they miss eachother’s glances and they way harry looks at him like he’s his everything and the cute lil dimple like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“nialls hugs are the best”

look how cute my bf was 

A Study In Dimples, by Niall Horan

Synchronized Boyfriends

what the fu- ohh he’s such a tease dammit- im gonna fuck him on this table later and then he’ll be sorry


Something funny, boys?

my heart aches

i have…no words

How To Hug Your Cute Boyfriend: A Lesson by Harry Styles

its totally platonic, bro.


tickle monster

my butt Deserves to be taken a photograph of

SIGHTED: New Mating Dance Discovered

when will ur faves ever

youll need a chainsaw to cut through the sexual tension here


did he really have to? no. but this is his boyfriend and he will be Extra 

I Serenaded My Boyfriend But He Glanced Away How Rude of Him And Im Slightly Offended 


bIH???? kisspering is the only word appropriate

its canon. they’re having a kid. 

get a room.

That’s my girl (part3)

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Plot: (Requested) part 3 of “That’s my girl“

Word Counting : 815

Pairing : Theoxreader

Warnings : spoilers of s6 ep14-17 (I think)

Requested by: @lynnperkins32

part2 part1 

Thankfully after a few hours at the hospital, everyone was ok, Scott’s and Y/n’s parents were recovering from the surgery, and so were mason and Lydia.

Theo was pretty relieved to find out that y/n only needed some stitches, but the hard part was when Scott and Malia had to hold him down not to go in y/n’s room were the nurses stitched up y’n’s waist. It was even harder when he heard her muffled shrieks. After some painful minutes she was done. Her brother went inside followed by Malia and Theo.

“How are you feeling?” Scott asked

“A little sore, but, I should be better by the morning, they said I’ll be able to leave.” She whispered with heavy eyes. When she looked up at Theo she could see hurt in his eyes.” Theo… it’s ok don’t worry”

“No! It’s not!” He spoke loudly “This is getting out of hand!, can’t you see?” without waiting for an answer he continued “they are so blind by fear and well, hate that they are willing to hurt even innocent people, not just us, but also you!”

It was the first time Scott and Malia agreed with Theo after a long time. “I don’t care what’s it gonna take “ Theo said towards Scott “ but we have to stop this.


When y/n left the hospital Theo was overprotective over her. It was kind of annoying, but, Scott felt a lot better when he new that his little sister had someone who could take care of her, especially now.

The couple headed to the school to make sure that Liam was under control. That monster from the wild hunt was effecting hi too, and he was too dangerous to be left alone.

The last thing Theo saw Liam do was grabbing Gabe and drag him towards the locker rooms.

When Theo heard that Gabe was the one that shot up the house, he was about to go tear him apart, but y/n stopped him. He also thought about her brother, and how they shouldn’t really give any reasons for the hunter to believe everything Gerard was saying.

When the whole thing started getting out of hand, Theo finally decided it was time to put a leash on Liam. His words seemed to hit a nerve and Liam let Gabe free. Liam then turned to Theo and said “you made your point”

“And you didn’t kill him. That’s progress” Theo was really trying to prove himself and y/n knew it. She never regretted her choice of giving him another chance after his doings.

“Why do you keep trying to save me? You think it will make Scott forget about everything you did? And just let you into the pack?” Liam said fully attacking him “Scott’s never gonna trust you”

“Liam! That’s enough!” y/n was getting tired of everyone doubting everything Theo did. Although boyfriend didn’t seem to get hurt by Liam’s word and spoke “You might want to remember what Scott’s goal has been all along. Keep people alive” But this time it was Gabe’s voice that was heard “He should try harder”

“What are you talking about?” Liam questioned the young boy.

“You don’t know do you?”Gabe said

“Know what?” Theo continued

When Gabe hesitated, it was Theo’s time to grab him and push him into the mirror. This gesture made Gabe talk “about the other bodies”

“What other bodies” Liam y/n and Theo looked at each other.

When Theo was about to let Gabe free he pushed once again his head into the mirror and whispered in his ear “If you will ever hurt my girlfriend, I promise you, just some scratches on your face will only be the warm up of what would come” Gabe quickly nodded and leaded the way to where he and Aaron kept the bodies hidden.


It was not long before the team found out that Aaron was the one they were actually lookin for,

“Which means you’ve been helping it.”Theo added “Idiot”

“I don’t even know what you guys are talking about” He said defensively  “I was just helping Aaron it was his idea to test everyone.”

“Who is Aaron?” Theo asked

“He is on the lacrosse team” Liam informed “He’s a freshman”

“What the f…..” Y/n whispered only for herself to be heard

“Aaron didn’t wanna find more of us” Liam spoke again

“He wanted to find his other half” Y/n added

“He is the anuk-ite”

After the realization they went to inform the others but not before y/n threw a punch into Gabe’s face making loose his balance a little bit and told him

“I hope that you didn’t thought that I would let our encounter the other day go by like that…. You should know better than mess with me” which earned a muffled laugh form Theo who put an arm around her shoulders and kiss her forehead telling, “That’s my girl”  

Hotel California Chapter 8: Getting Close

Dean Winchester x Reader

1600 Words

Story Summary: After an unfortunate incident at work, you take a couple of days for yourself, planning on staying at the nice restaurant at the edge of town. There you meet a handsome green eyed man who comes to your rescue when you’re visited by a ghost.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

After they left, you perched on the bed, a container of salt clutched tight in your hand. You might believe in ghosts now, and you might now how to protect yourself from them, but they were still new enough to freak you out, and you hated being alone.

Your hands trembling a little, you turned the TV on, wanting something to take your mind off the fact that you were alone, and a ghost seemed to haunt the room next to you. Just hours ago you had been contemplating the life of a hunter, traveling the road with Dean. And yet, here you were, scared of a ghost, trembling and hiding in fear.

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dating mark!

Originally posted by jypnior

- his quiet exterior would probably trick you at first 

- but once you get to know him you would know about how hyper he can really be and how comfortable he is around people he knows

- i could imagine a friends to lovers type situation

- you would immediately hit it off

- however the romance would be a slow burn bc both of you don’t want to ruin things between you because you guys already have a good thing going!!! why ruin it????

- but it would eventually come out as this stuff usually does

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I'm...Sorry? (Dad!Tony Stark x Reader x Bucky)

This was requested by @georghiousophia so if you like it thank her ♡

“This is bad, this is very, very bad.”

“You need to just calm down, take a deep brea-”

“Would you shut up already?!” You barked, whirling around to glare at Bucky, who now stood wide eyed in your doorway. “Are you just not grasping how big of a deal this is or do you just not care?” You paused, staring at him in the hopes that he’d answer but his silence only fueled your anger even further.

“You’re so stupid-THIS is stupid! This whole THING is stupid and Tony is going to kill me!” You shouted, frustratedly tugging on your hair. “First he’s going to kill you, and then me. And if he doesn’t kill me, he’ll never look at me again.”

“Babe-” Bucky started, moving towards you.

“I don’t have time for petty nicknames!” You screamed, jumping up and away from him. “Just go away!”

Your eyes widened when you were suddenly whirled around, and Bucky’s hands were on your shoulders. “Look at me,” He growled.

Suddenly timid and shy, you kept your gaze fixed on his chest.

“Look. At. Me.” His hand was under your chin then, and you blushed as he tilted your head up. His voice was soft when he spoke this time. “How long have we been dating?”

“…Over a year,” You murmured, eyes filling with tears.

“And how many times have we talked about breaking up?”

“…Never,” You answered again, trying to look down again but he held you still, blue eyes searching yours.

“And how many times have we talked about the future?”

You sniffled. “A lot.” You felt, and must have looked, pathetic right now. A tear slid down your cheek and you quickly pushed your face into Bucky’s chest, embarrassed that you were crying.

His hands were suddenly on your back, one warm and splayed against your lower spine, the other tracing patterns onto your shoulder. The cool metal of his fingers was soothing and you struggled to repress the shudder that threatened to tear through you.

“One year isn’t a long time to be having a baby together,” You sniffled, gaze blurry as you stared at the fabric of his shirt. “Even if we’re adults. Especially with our jobs, oh God Bucky-”

“Stop thinking about all the negatives right now and just let me hold you baby girl,” Bucky commanded, his grip on you tightening.

You nodded, trying to ignore the erratic thudding of your heart. How could you possibly tell your daddy, the man who worshipped you, that his only daughter, was pregnant before being married, and with his co worker too?

“He’s going to punch you in the face.”

There was a soft sigh from above you. “I know.”

* * *

It was weeks before you decided to tell your father about the predicament you were in. The only other person who knew was Steve, who both you and Bucky had gone to for guidance. He’d been shocked, but the idea had quickly settled with him and his happiness for the two of you had allowed both you and Bucky to calm down some, even smile about it all. But the stress and guilt of having not yet told your father was making you ill. You couldn’t even be around him, and it was taking a toll on you.

“You’re looking thin,” Bucky commented as he watched you, suddenly pulling from your thoughts.

“P-pardon?” You met his gaze over the paper he was reading and watched as he studied you.

“Your cheekbones, they’re looking sharper.”

Gingerly, you reached up and gently felt them. Were you really losing weight?

Sighing, Bucky gently set the paper down on the table and dragged his chair over to your side of the table. “You should be gaining weight, not losing it.” He gently pushed your (h/c) hair away from your eyes and placed a gentle kiss on top of your head. “You’re lucky you don’t have morning sickness, please don’t make yourself sick baby doll.”

You slowly leaned into him, before letting out a deep sigh. “I should tell him today shouldn’t?”

You felt your boyfriend nod. “You’ll have to eventually anyway, you might as well be the one to tell him instead of letting him find out.”

Eyes squeezed shut, you slowly pulled away from Bucky before looking over at the door to your apartment. “I’ll be home soon.”

* * *

How long had it been?

You had no idea.

Hours? Minutes? Seconds? Your fear and the erratic beating of your heart seemed to slow time. Your heart felt like a caged animal, struggling to free itself from your ribcage.

‘Just go in there, and tell him,’ You encouraged yourself. ‘He had you when he was young too, and he’s your dad, you know he’ll love you AND the baby anyways.’

You felt like throwing up.

Without thinking about it, you stepped forward and raised your hand to knock on the door to his office, flinching every time your knuckles struck the glass.

“Come in!”

The urge to run away was so strong you had to stand still for a few moments before you forced yourself to turn the handle, taking in a deep breath as you did so.

“Dad?” You asked, sticking your head in before stepping in.

“Hi pumpkin,” He grinned up at you from where he sat, what seemed to be old electronics surrounded him on his desk. “What’s up?”

“Oh, nothing,” You offered a shaky smile and cursed yourself when his smile fell.

“What happened?” He demanded standing from his desk and moving towards you, dark brows furrowed.

“Dad, I’m fine, really-” Your jaw was in his hand then and you grunted as he turned your face, inspecting you for any marks.

“Did something happen? Did Bucky relapse? Were you training? Was-”

“Dad!” You laughed, pushing him away. “I’m fine, really.”

Tony stared at you for a few moments before crossing his arms over his chest. “Well I wouldn’t know, you haven’t spoken to me in weeks.”

You winced at that, quickly avoiding his gaze. “I’m sorry…” You mumbled, unable to think of an excuse. “I’ve been really busy lately.”

‘Just tell him,’ You shouted in your head.

“Daddy we have to talk-”

Tony sucked in a sharp breath. “You never call me daddy. This can’t be good.”

You felt your palms start to sweat. “Can we sit down? It’s awkward just-standing here.” You smiled at him, but you were almost certain it looked much more like a grimace.

He only nodded though, before moving back to his desk where he sat himself upon it. “Okay go.”


“I’m sitting now go.”

“I kind of want to sit too-”

“I feel like whatever news you have will require me to be the one who’s sitting,” He said, eyebrows raised. “So please, go.”

You took in a gulp of air before you shuffled forward and wrapped your arms around him. It had felt like so long since you’d hugged him and without warning you felt tears start to slide down your cheeks.

“Pumpkin?” He asked, seemingly startled.

“You’re going to hate me,” You whispered shakily, knowing that if you spoke any louder you were going to cry.

“Bunny, nothing you do could ever make me hate you,” He said, sounding worried as he rubbed your back. “You’re my pumpkin.”

“Pinky promise?” You asked, pulling back as you wiped your eyes so you could look at him. He frowned, nodding.

“You’re freaking me out a bit here (Y/N), what’s going on?”

Without pausing to think about it any longer, you simply blurted it out.

“I’m pregnant.”

He was silent, staring up at you for what seemed like hours before he finally spoke.

“I’m assuming that the baby is Bucky’s.”

You nodded. “Of course dad.”

“But I thought you were using birth control.”

“I am.”

“I know you’re older now, but I thought you were using condoms.”

“We are.” Your words were shaky and you could feel your cheeks heating up.

“Well then what-”

“It broke dad.”



Your father sighed, running his hand down his face. “How far along are you?”

You stared down at your feet, gently pulling on your fingers. “A few weeks…”

“So this is why you’ve been avoiding me.”

You were blushing quite a bit now and you nodded, keeping your gaze on the floor.

“You do realize I’m going to have to kill that boyfriend of yours.”

“Dad-” Your head snapped up. “It takes two to tango you know.” You raised your eyebrows at him and laughed when you realized he was making the same exasperated expression.

He stood then, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into him. “I had you when I was young too, and I didn’t have an extra set of hands to help me and you were still the greatest thing to ever happen to me. You-” He said, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “Will be a wonderful mother, especially with a team of superheroes behind you to help.”

The weight that had been crushing you for the past few weeks suddenly lifted and you breathed a deep sigh of relief. “You have no idea how much it means to hear you say that.”

Tony pulled away from you then, gently patting your head before he scooped up his phone from his desk and started towards the door.

“Dad, where are you going?”

“To beat up your boyfriend.”


anonymous asked:

what about jack, jesse, genji and gabe reacting to their s/o being a.... pOWER RANGER™ and saving them??

I literally know nothing about power rangers,but i’ll still totally write this for you, babe. or at least try? it might have more superhero vibes, tbh 


  • at first he didn’t know who the fuck was a masked vigilante was, but they always seemed to swoop in during battle and save their asses
  • you just seem to know where he is and helps him out whenever needed
  • he calls you soldier, because he doesn’t know what else to call you 
  • when he gets shot, he’s surprised when you pull him out of the fight
  • “Jack! Jack! Are you okay?” He’s all growls and applying pressure to the wound 
  • and it clicks and he’s staring at you, wide eyes behind his visor,, “Y/N? What are you…?” You shush him and drag him back to Mercy to get him patched up
  • he doesn’t say anything about it later, he respects that you don’t particularly want to be a part of Overwatch, just want to help him.


  • he doesn’t know, but he knows, you know?
  • he knows you’re not everything you show him 
  • but when he tells you about the masked figure he saw running around helping them in out in a mission in France, he notices the small smile on your face
  • he doesn’t know what it means tho
  • its on a mission gone wrong, and that he’s nearly beaten to death by a bunch of talon agents when it happens 
  • its a flash of bright color and then he’s getting helped up
  • he doesn’t know its you and starts swinging
  • he pops you in the the side of the face, but pauses when he hears your voice through the mask 
  • “Y/N?!” He’s quick to take off your mask and inspect for any damage 
  • “sugar, i’m so sorry. i thought you were one those bastards. are you okay? what in the hell are you doing out here? you’re gonna get hurt!” 
  • you roll your eyes and group back up with everyone else, still holding your mask and Jesse
  • you’re telling everyone, you guess
  • he asks you to wear the outfit a lot afterwards and likes to tease you


  • holy shit
  • the second he sees you fighting, he knows its you 
  • and when he gets distracted and nearly thrown off a cliff he’s even more shocked that you grab him 
  • “Y/N, since when do you do this?”
  • “For a while. Are you okay? Are you hurt?”
  • he’ll chuckle and reassure you that he’s fine 
  • y’all are like the ninja crime fighting duo 
  • you and him train a lot
  • and he’s surprisingly chill about the whole situation 
  • you patch each other up after fights or missions now


  • he’s fighting YOU
  • he’s pretty damn ruthless about it too
  • neither of you have weapons, just hand to hand combat
  • and he kicks you to the ground, boot pressing into your chest to keep you there
  • he grabs one of his guns and is about to fire when a thought hits him 
  • he yanks off your mask, “I want to know what you look like when I kill you.”
  • His eyes are wide behind his mask, and he’s instantly dropping down to see if you’re okay
  • “What the hell are you doing out here?! And why are you fighting me?!”
  • Fun fact: you didn’t know your boyfriend was god damn Reaper either 
  • “Gabe?! What the fuck!? Why are you trying to kill me?!” 
  • His mask is gone and he’s pulling you up to him 
  • you’re both pretty fucked up tbh 
  • your nose is for sure broken 
  • he’s glaring for a second before he’s pulling you into a hug, its crushing but you hug back just as tight
  • “What are you doing?” “I almost killed you. I almost lost you.” 
  • He takes you back to your house, cleans you up, and nearly leaves just then he kisses you on the lips 
  • “I’ll keep them from killing you.” “Why?” “You saved me from losing you.”
My Boyfriend’s Back

Despite the situation, Lance had to roll his eyes.  The room was dark and broodily lit… Why did Zarkon have to live up to every supervillian trope in existance?

A form coalesced from the shadows: the hulking form of the Galran Emporer himself.

“The Blue Paladin… I knew your predecessor.  His spine broke like it was made of Accadian glass.”

A trickle of sweat rolled down Lance’s spine, accentuating the shivver that was generated by the mental image Zarkon had painted.

“That a fact?”

“I wonder what sound yours would make?  How much damage I could do whilst still keeping you alive.  Your agony would do more to the Princess and the other pilots of Voltron than simply giving them your lifeless body.”

“You can hurt me all you want, it’d only make things worse for you.”

Zarkon almost looked curious.  “And why is that, Blue Paladin?”

“Sure, you’d kill me, but there will always be someone to pilot the Blue Lion.  And just like there’ll be someone to pilot the Blue Lion, there’ll always be someone coming for you to avenge me.”

“And who is that?”

“The Red Paladin of Voltron, one of the Blade of Marmora, my fucking boyfriend, Keith Kogane… And let me tell you when you piss him off, you’re gonna be in trouble.”

Passing The Test. (Pietro X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Pietro X Fem!Reader, Tony X Sis!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Death threats, unplanned pregnancy, minor violence.


Request: I know that must be a cliché, but I love Tony as a big brother. Hope its not bothering you… I was thinking about the reader being Tony´s sister. She dates Pietro for a long time and gets pregnant, and the avengers find out (exept tony) and their reaction, and at the end Tony realize because of her tummy and wants to kill pietro but at the end he is proud… And a question; which is your harry potter house?

Originally posted by fuckyeahtonystark

Originally posted by ranrightintomyheart

You were Tony’s sister, and since you’re his only other close family member, he was extremely protective of you. If he found out you were dating, you could bet the guy would leave you because your brother would scare them off. You knew he meant well, but it broke your heart every time he did it, because you knew nine times out of ten, the reason a guy you saw yourself having a future with had left you, was because your brother had threatened them into leaving.

That’s why when you started dating Pietro you were so, so cautious. You had explained very early on what Tony was known for doing to men who fancied you, but Pietro was persistent. He wasn’t going to let your nosy brother stop him from loving you… But just to be safe, you kept the whole thing secret from him.

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In a Taxi (Victor Zsasz x Reader)

part two of three for a request from @multi-villain-imagines

Also tagging : @queencobblefreezestuff  @aya-fay @awordwhichmeans

Here’s a link to the first part Under the Table

A link to part 3 Handprints and Restraints

Setting : cab ride home

Contains : A mild threat of violence (not to the reader), fingering, denying sexual release, promising of future punishments,  Dom/Zsasz, let me know if I missed something or mislabelled something.

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Not a Mermaid (Part 3)

Part One
Part Two

Pairing: Peter Parker x Avenger!reader
Warnings: Swearing, light fluff, SM:H spoilers
Word count: 843
A/N: Sorry this is so short, but I wanted to make D.C. its own chapter so that’ll probably be longer!

At school on Monday, Peter slides up next to me at my locker during free period, nearly shocking my heart out of my chest. He smirks at me. “Ned and I are going to the welding workshop if you wanna come. I have this little glowy thing someone tried to shock me with on Friday and I need to know what it is.”

I look at him and slam my locker door shut. He looks alarmed until I smile sweetly. “So you did need my help.”

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haunted ass

gifs are not mine

You’ve been dating Bucky for a while now and after your last mission with the Avengers you and Bucky have a little discussion….

– I can’t believe we’re having this conversation right now - you said a little angry 

– Yes, we are, we have to - said your boyfriend Bucky walking behind you

– I don’t have time for this Buck

– (Y/N) stop, please!

– Why do you wanna talk about this so much? 

– Cause you almost died there - he yelled

– But I didn’t, I still here, as you can see - you said and continued to walk to your room with Bucky following you

– Why are you so angry? - he asked

– Because you keep talking about this, Yes, I know, I almost got myself killed if wasn’t for Steve, but I’m okay now, I’m alive and okay

– Promise me that the next time you will listen to the team and not do things by yourself

– Whatever - you said crossing your arms 

– Come on (Y/N)

– Alright, I promise you

– You know that I love you, I don’t know what to do if something happens to you

– I love you too Buck - you said putting your arms around his waist - nothing will happen to me, even if I die I’ll keep haunting your ass - you said making him smiled

– I’d love having you haunting my ass - he said and kissed you

boy, I didn’t like this one so much but posted anyway


Imagine you are best friends with Barry who, on accident, sees bruises on your face. As he finds out they are from your abusive boyfriend, he gets really angry and wants to beat him up and you have to calm Barry down.

Y/B/N = Your Boyfriend’s Name

Warning: mention of abuse – consider not reading this, when you are easily triggered

If you are in an abusive relationship or experiences abuse otherwise, please seek out help. It may feel like you are alone or can’t change your situation or maybe don’t even deserve better, but that’s not true. You are not alone. Your situation can be changed. You deserve better. You are loved and you are important.  

Want to send in a request?

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Imagine being Eleanor and flying halfway around the world to spend a week with your boyfriend but every time you go somewhere (which is always the highest of keys public like shopping on Beverly Drive in the afternoon or a pumpkin patch on Saturday night), his personal assistant/driver/third wheel best friend has to go with you…and can’t wait in the car or go to the nearest Target and do some shopping to kill time so you can be alone at a pumpkin patch the Saturday before Halloween?

Why? Would? This? Keep? Happening?

Not Leaving You (Prompto x Reader)

Character: Prompto Argentum (ft. Aranea Highwind)

Fandom: Final Fantasy XV

Categories: Reader Insert, GenderNeutral!Reader, Angst

Title: Not Leaving You

Requested by @xionroxas:

I just got this new idea: s/o fell with Prompto from the train trying to protect him from Noctis, so, what happened next??? And how Episode Prompto would be with they around??? I love your writing, imagination and scenarios so much!!!

WARNING: Spoilers from FFXV and Episode Prompto! Also, angst!

What the hell was going on?! Why did the train suddenly stop?!

It didn’t take long for it to keep moving, as though nothing had happened. I had a bad feeling about the whole situation. Something very strange was happening, a strange phenomenon.

I ran around the wagons, looking for my friends. My heart was thumping against my chest as I prayed that they were okay.

As I ran from one car to the other, I realized I couldn’t find Noct nor Prompto, but I did run into Gladio and Ignis.

“Y/N!” Gladio called me as soon as he saw me, way before I got to them.

The train suddenly shook violently, and some of the windows shattered. Glasses went flying everywhere, and I threw myself to the ground in an instinct to protect myself.

Frantically, I looked up to my friends and sighed in relief when I saw that they were okay. Gladio had covered Ignis with his body to protect him, guiding him since he couldn’t see.

Through the broken windows I realized the train was surrounded by imperial forces. They were attacking us.

I closed my fists angrily, thinking that there were so many innocent people in that train aside from us. Hopefully our friends were okay too.

As fast as I could, I stood up and reunited with them.

“Guys” I urgently held their arms, restless.

“Are you alright?” Ignis worried immediately, resting his hand over mine.

“Where are Noct and Prompto?” Gladio asked me, sternly fixing his amber eyes on me.

“I don’t know, I can’t find them!” I looked all around me, hoping they would show up any minute. “I’ve been running up and down the train and-“

A loud noise on top of the train startled us, making us jump and directing our glances above our heads. Something was on top of the train.

Or someone.

“Noct” I whispered, feeling my hands shaking in fear of what could be actually happening. “He’s warping”

I didn’t think twice, I walked up to one of the windows on the other side of the train, since they were unharmed, and climbed.

“What the hell you think you’re doing?” Gladio held me by the arm to keep me from moving.

“I’m going after Noct!”

“On top of the train? Are you out of your damn mind?!”

“Y/N, it is far too dangerous” Ignis nodded as well, turning his head to the sound of my voice.

“I have to make sure they’re okay” I angrily let go of Gladio’s hand –luckily for me, he wasn’t gripping too hard due to the shock or otherwise it would have been impossible for me to win over his strength –and climbed up.

Gladio was too big to fit and Ignis was blind and wouldn’t be able to follow. They couldn’t come after me.

“Y/N!” They both shouted at the same time, but I was already halfway to the top.

My stomach seemed to jump up to meet with my throat as I slowly made me way up a moving train to get on the rooftop. It was very frightening.

I could have sworn I was hearing Noctis’ voice as I grabbed onto the top and pulled myself up. Once I did, I looked up and was received by a very disturbing scene.

I had definitely found Prompto and Noctis.

And Ardyn. I should have known he had something to do with it all.

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#50: “We’d make such a cute couple.”  -Corey Graves.

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Pairing: Klaus x Reader

Warnings: Full of fluff

Description: You get bored sitting around the house and try to stay entertained by bothering Klaus. 

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You groaned obnoxiously as you plopped yourself down on the couch next to Klaus. He had been watching TV all day and you were running out of things to do. 

He turned his head to look at you, raising his brow.

“You alright love?” he asked with a little smirk. He knew exactly why you were annoyed but he thought the way you acted was adorable. 

You huffed and blew your hair out of your face.

“What are you even watching?” you questioned.

“It’s a very informative documentary on the nature of bees. Very educational. You should watch it.”

If looks could kill you were sure Klaus would be desiccating on the couch right now.

“Klaus!” you whined. 

“Yes Y/N?” Klaus chuckled. 

“I’m bored out of my freaking mind. I left all my friends behind in Mystic Falls, Elijah and Rebekah are busy doing their own things, and my boyfriend who is supposed to be keeping me entertained is sitting on his ass watching a freaking documentary about bees!” 

Klaus continued to ignore you; his blue-green eyes concentrated on the TV screen. Your eyes followed to where his were, deciding maybe you could find some entertainment from watching what he was. You quickly realized you were wrong.

“Oh god Klaus they’re mating!” you revolted. 

“It’s natural Y/N. How else are they supposed to-” 

You quickly cut him off. 

“I’m well aware that it’s natural but I don’t really want to see an up-close view of bees making babies.” You reached over Klaus and grabbed the remote from the arm rest of the couch. You turned off the TV, jumping up in an attempt to keep the remote away from him. You squealed as he got up and began to chase after you. 

“I’m faster than you Y/N,” he yelled from behind you. 

You raced up the stairs to your shared bedroom and shut the door. Smiling, you turned around thinking you had won. 

“You really thought I wouldn’t be able to catch up love?” you a heard a voice from the side of the room. Quickly turning your head, you saw Klaus leaning against the wall with a smirk. 

You rolled your eyes, “I tried okay.” 

“You did. Technically u also won since the TV remote is still in your hand.” 

Looking down you realized he was right. Before you could smile and enjoy your small victory, you felt a blast of wind lift you off your feet. 

“Klaus!” you screamed as he threw you over his shoulder, “Can you put me down please?”

He didn’t answer you, instead he carried you out of the bedroom to his painting room. He gently set you back down on your feet. 

“Are we going to paint?” you asked him excitedly. Klaus usually liked to be alone when he was painting, so whenever he asked you to join him you took every opportunity. 

“Of course. I can’t let my girlfriend die from boredom can I?” 

“No you cannot,” you chirped, grabbing some paint brushes from a jar and setting an easel up for yourself. Klaus did the same right next to you. You watched carefully, studying how he began to outline what looked like a tree. You pick up a brush and dipped in a light pink paint can. You began tracing a few flower petals, but you quickly frowned realizing how uneven they were. Your focus went back to Klaus. His arms steady as he traced out every branch carefully, his face completely focused. Looking back at your sad attempt at a flower, you decided to ask him for help. 


“Hm?” he hummed in response.

“Can you teach me how to draw a flower?”

“Sure love,” he said halfheartedly, “When I’m finished with this.”

Sighing. you set your paint brush down, boredom once again washing over you quickly. You looked down at the cans of paint in front of you. Smirking to your self, you picked up a brush again and dipped it inside. You turned to face Klaus quietly and counted down in your head. 


You launched your arm forwards, sprinkling pink paint all over the side of Klaus’ face. 

He froze and turned to look at you.

You burst out laughing at how ridiculous he looked.

“Why?” he growled. 

“I was bored,” you continued laughing.

Before you could apologize, Klaus flashed before you, and the next thing you knew a can of blue paint was being dumped on top of your head. 

You screamed, jumping up from your seat. 

“That’s not fair!” 

“Why not love?” he smirked. 

You grabbed the can with the remaining pink paint, throwing it at Klaus. You didn’t stay to see the results of that, racing to get out of the room. Klaus zoomed in front of you with another can of paint in his hand. 

“No!” you backed away, “We are even now. Don’t.”

You knew he wouldn’t listen, resulting in you being completely covered in paint. 

“Are you still bored love?”

Wiping paint from your face, you glared at Klaus. 

“Do you know how long this is going to take to wash out of my hair?” 

“Well I guess we better get started on that,” he laughed pulling you into a kiss.

You pushed him away after a few seconds. 

“All I taste is paint,”  you grumbled. 

“Come on love, let’s get cleaned up. And then we can spend the rest of the night cleaning up this room. No reason for you to be bored anymore,” Klaus smiled. 

“This is gonna be a long night.”

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How about S&M boys reacting to their s/o breaking their (human) ex-boyfriend's stuff (laptops, cars, phones, etc.) after she caught him cheating with another girl?

Ayato: “Heh let me help you with that!!” *begin to destroy her ex boyfriend giant flat screen tv*

Kanato: “Stop making noise and feed me cake.”

Laito: “Bitch-chan why don’t you go inside and let me take care of this.”

Shu: “Hm do what you want just don’t make too much noise.”

Reiji: “Unacceptable! Go to your room while I take care of this mess and have a “little” talk with your ex boyfriend.“

Subaru: “HE DID WHAT NOW!? I’m going to kill him!”

Ruki: “Livestock go to your room. I take care of you later but first I will like to have a talk with your ex boyfriend.”

Kou: “M neko chan don’t worry I already ruined the guy life anyway for touching what mine~”

Yuma: "Keep on destroying his stuff while I take care of him.”

Azusa: *Just keep watching you destroy the guy stuff*

Kino: “He already dead but you can still destroy his stuff just don’t destroy any of his good video games he got.”

Darken - Chapter Four

SPN FanFic (4 Parts)

Reader x Dean, Sam, Castiel, OC

Chapter Four- 3,163 Words

~You woke up in a trashed motel room covered in someone else’s blood and no memories of the past week.~

Warnings: Language and Visuals, Memory Loss, Hurt/Comfort, Anger,  Violence, Injury in later chapters, Murder, etc. A few tears along the way.

~ Chapter One ~ Chapter Two ~ Chapter Three ~ Chapter Four ~

Chapter Four -

          You turned the corner into the dark living room and the scene before you was not at all what you had expected. All the furniture had been pushed against the wall so the middle of the room was empty. Empty except for an altar encircled with white pillar candles, covered in black cloth and various supernatural items most of which you could not identify. A woman stood behind the altar and smiled when you walked in. She was beautiful. Shorter than you, small and petite, with long raven hair, pale white skin and piercing blue eyes. You froze, unsure of what you’d walked into. You were here hunting a ghost; this witch was not even on your radar. And besides, you were not prepared for this, throwing salt on a witch did nothing.

         The woman chanted quickly in Latin, too quickly for you to translate, and it was nothing you’d ever heard before. Beyond the standard exorcism ritual Latin was, well, Latin to you. She threw something into the bowl on the altar and it exploded in bright red light. You stood, frozen staring at it, you couldn’t move, or blink or even breath. You were frozen.

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(EDITED: I added more shit because they’re idiots)

I’m just going to dissolve into a corner now.

“Theres room for me! I can fit one butt cheek.”


“I’m going to disassemble her body and put the pieces back in the box.”

“Okay you do that, Hannibal.”

“I’m going to rename you Craig.” 

“My imaginary friend ax murdered her family.”

“I’ll try not to stab myself on accident.”

“We should build a village for short people.”

“This is a visual representation of my soul.”

“My spirit animal is a turtle on a skateboard.”

“This place looks like something you’d see on Supernatural.“

“We’re going to eat our food and get murdered by demons.”

“My backpack is my locker now.”

“Have you seen Satan?”

“Can I have a jar of pickles for my birthday?”

“I never thought I’d get burned by a pickle.”

“Can I borrow your phone so I can instagram this?”

“You’re just going to make me punch myself in the face!”

“It smells like stale biscuits in here.”

“Touch my stuff and you go to jail. Giant waffle jail.”

“I picked up my skateboard and was ready to fight.”

“I don’t want to see Harry Styles pregnant with Louis’ baby.”

“We read fanfiction, nothing can scare us.”

“Are you really going to duct tape me to a wall?”

“The fried food killed me.”


“Homecoming? More like ‘time to get drunk’.”

“I really would sell you to Satan for one corn chip, though.”

“T-mobile? More like T-maybe.”

“I’ll put this fake tattoo on my butt, just watch me.”

“Can we get a hamster that crawls up people’s legs?”

“I never call anyone by their actual names.”

“Forget the North Star, if you’re ever lost, just head towards IHop.“

“That was a very pointless story, thanks for telling it to me.”

“You’re not a scaredy cat, YOU’RE A WUSSY.”



“You’re not cute, you look like a chicken wing.”


“Every time you talk we look at you like you’re an idiot.”

“I’m going to duck tape your hands and feet together.”

“Excuse me while I genderbend.”

“You’re so horrible that you make the rest of us seem like saints.”

“IS HE DEAD? I THINK HE’S DEAD. No wait its okay, he’s alive. False alarm.”

“Why do you keep calling her/him your friend? She/He hates you.”


“I’m not normal, I’m evil.”

“I can’t do backwards pushups, I can’t bend like that.”

“I’ve seen some really sketchy stuff in my life.”

“I used a ouiji once, Satan told me when I was going to break up with my boyfriend/girlfriend.”

“Are you combing your eyebrows with a razor?”

“I will kill you and hide your body in the river.”

“Hashtag reasons why people hate you.”

“Hashtag you’re ugly.”


“You weren’t born with a butt.”

“Its now illegal to breathe, I’m sorry but now you have to die.”

“I punched the carpet and got stuck.”