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Do you have any idea why tumblr keeps constantly (at least seemingly) sabotaging your blog? Is your archyenemy working there or something? It's just really confusing. Is it normal for big blogs to get so much hate from tumblr staff? Hang in there, your blog is really, really good.

Someone at tumblr does not like me, not sure why. I have never heard of a gif post taken down for copyright infringement when I still see all the gifs floating around tumblr but so be it.

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if ya dont mind me askin, but how do you make your character designs so original? like, i have a lot of trouble for doing the character's clothes and looks

Try starting out with thumbnails, or small drawings of the designs with a big brush to get the general shape. You can also look at multiple references of other characters/items to give you some inspiration.  I usually start with body type first, then face, then clothes. Modern human clothes without a theme are hard to make unique. That’s why I never make my settings normal, they are strange so all the characters can also be strange.

Strange = Unique, In my case of course, not everyone likes strange things.  When I design clothing I think “How can this be exaggerated, or weird, or different?”  Exaggeration is key to unique designs, make something super small or super big, just keep things balanced.  Sometimes I make a character, and it’s nearly perfect the first try. Most of the time I make a character and I have to re-design it 50 other times to get it right. So, don’t give up it’s all about experimenting and practicing~!

Codot Doesn’t Do Television

I’ve had a few asks from people wondering if I had ever pursued an acting career, so I thought I’d bore you with a rambling tale!

I love Voice Acting: It’s incredibly rewarding, and I get to be whoever/whatever I want and have fun with roles. There was a time, however, where I wanted to do some TV / Film things - it looked fun, and I’m a pretty decent actor, but here’s the thing:

I’m big. I’m tall. I’m menacing.

With my voice, I am the Riddler, I am Scarecrow, I’m even the Penguin. On Television? I’m Henchman #04. At least that’s what I was on Rent-A-Goalie back in… oh lord, 2007?

There I am! Hidden in the left looking all tough!

Oooh! There I am AGAIN! This time on the RIGHT! Edgy!

The only time I ever got to do anything close to fun was when I did my indie films - I did a short called Profetia: Salvarea (Prophecy: Salvation). I had realised early on that many stories involving angels have hokey dialogue that sounds MUCH better in another language. So my buddy Zsolt translated it all into Romanian. I butchered the translations, but no one who saw it knew!

Oooh! Codot looks angry! Threatening the other angel (who was the translator, so HE said HIS lines right)!

It wasn’t long after all this that I decided my place was either on stage, or behind a microphone. I don’t think the world is ready for my SHEER BEAUTY and RAW SEXUAL POWER.

This has been a completely pointless post from Codot!

before power rangers stars when the “lionsgate” appears, i was thinking that i didn’t see this name often before the Twilight movies. And it gave us also The Hungers Games. And now we have something like Power Rangers. They’ve done far more for representation in movies than the “traditional” big companies. The same happens with Netflix - they came from a different background, and you see how they are much more open to LGBT+ representation and diversity. 

so my point is: we don’t have better representation because the big companies don’t want to do it (and this is why is important to support companies that are actually trying to do it)

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Hey hun! How are you doing today? wanna hear another cheesy joke? Why did the stadium get hot after the game? because all of the fans left! lol I hope that one made you giggle! Have you gotten some rest. Have you eaten? Hope you know I love ya!

Hey, love! That joke is really cute and it made me smile ❤

I got a good amount of sleep last night but I’m feeling really under the weather today. Everything feels off. I’m very slow and everything is kind of a blur. I’ve been trying to work on a big psychology project and I’ve been at it for 5 hours now without much progress. I just have no mental capacity.

Thank you for checking in on me again, it means so much. Love you too, sweetheart!

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Do men also count on female friends for emotional labour?

Yes, very much so. 

Usually a man can find a shoulder to comfort and validate his feelings with female friends, but when it’s reversed, women are often told by their male friends that “it’s not that big of a deal” and “why worry about it” or just advice we didn’t ask for like “so what you should do is…” because a male privilege is being able to get away with this subtle imbalance, they don’t lose social points for failing to perform adequate emotional labor because women have to pretend whatever men did actually comforted us or else they’ll feel like we aren’t appreciating them.

Men don’t respond well to criticism.

TBH I don’t even know who I am anymore in this identity politics world. I am physically repulsed by the sight of “blue haired feminists” and the feminist society at school is basically the “what have you done for transwomen lately” society. I even said today that I don’t feel like a liberal anymore - liberal as I guess it is known colloquially. I’m so so sick of hearing about feminist shit because people are always protesting at the most pointless shit and ignoring the big issues because they’re Hard. and no one wants to do the Real Work to structurally change society. that’s why I’m rad leaning. liberal feminism lets people be lazy. when EVERYTHING is feminism, what changes? how are they making society fairer, better, more equal for women as they purport to do? I DO place some blame on them for electing trump and ushering this brexit hellscape that we now have to deal with. ugh idk. 

tostadasheep replied to your post “I find it strange that your objection to religion is believing in…”

Also it’s an unproven thing that makes no sense. I could believe an unproven thing that made logical sense


I have no issues with “I am in the Jesus fandom. My corner of it is very nice, comforting, and welcoming, and EVERY WEEK someone stands in front of us and tells us the interesting meta they came up with this week. It’s super useful for figuring out how to treat people better.”

(BTW, this is why one of the big things I disagree with Establishment Atheism on is that religion is somehow bad or silly if its true purpose is comfort. I don’t think that is bad or silly at all.)

I have issues with “If you do not think the things I think, every sadness in your life is your own damn fault.”

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Hey, don't take this as an offense please, I'm genuinely curious. You used to be quite anti Regina and anti SQ, how come you love both now? What made you change your mind?

Oh I don’t ever take these question as offense as long as people are polite, so always feel free to ask <3

[TW: Very personal discussions on sex, sexuality, forcing yourself to do something you dont want and discussions on self discovery]

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Okay but Chiam seemed so frickin fake and Cheryl is so attention-seeking and now they have a (probably real) baby.... what if it's the same with BG 1.0? What if it only seems fake af but it's real too...

BG 1 isn’t real tho 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Ok but why do y'all have to be hypocrites… Simon publicly stated to hate Liam, this is just another farce to sabotage the boys and y'all out there eating this shit? This bg 2.0 is just as shady as bg 1.0, but y'all Larries just have double standards at this point? At least Antis treat all these things equally ffs

?????? Are you ok? I’m not even answering this because you clearly doesn’t know howto read anything so congrats 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:okey but what if harry made a song for dunkirk

haha that’d be big, but it’s quite not realistic 


Really lol 

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Have you ever been camping? What's the weather like at your house right now? How many siblings do you have? Do you play any instruments? *Exactly* how bored are you right now?

I’ve been camping many times before, mainly on “family weekends” for my siblings’ scouting troops. I like it, but warm showers and air conditioning are also very good.

The weather is spring-like. It’s pretty warm and sunny, although the pollen count is through the roof.

I have five siblings. I know, big family. I am number five of six.

I used to play the flute in like fourth and fifth grade, but that kinda stopped, and I don’t really know why. I feel like picking it back up again would be gratifying.

I must say, I am bored enough to actually start thinking about doing schoolwork on a Saturday morning, so that should tell you something.

Sorry about the late reply, things got a bit crazier at my house than I anticipated.

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Regulus: Why would you put mud on your face? You guys aren’t disgraces either…
Dorcas: Do you not know about Queen?
Regulus: You mean the Queen of England?
Dorcas: You have so much to learn about muggle culture
Regulus: Normally I would object but since it’s you it’s okay
Remus *in the background*: *whispers* Ship

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Nickname: Ollie or feo

Sign: Sagittarius 

Height:  5′2??? Shorter than 5′3, that’s for sure.

Last Thing You Googled: “Hospital cubical curtains”

Favorite music artist: Mother Mother, Nothing but Thieves or H.E.R. 

Song stuck in my head: Neon Brother by nbt

Last movie you watched: Stephen Kings IT

What are you wearing right now: Big grey sweater and baggy blue pajama pants lol

What do you post: Mostly vld, shitposts, memes, fan art, all of that good stuff

Why did you choose your URL: Dunno, it was the first thing to come in mind,,

Do you have any other blogs: I have four other blogs ;;

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: Stop wearing pink tinted shades smh

Favorite Color: Navy blue or teal, ( or any soft pastel colors )

Average Hours Of Sleep: Usually between three to five hours. Lately its been seven to nine.

Lucky Number: 7??? 

Favorite characters: Thace, keith, kedamono, eridan, the list goes on and on.

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: one.

Dream Job: UHH??? Either a commission artist, author, biologist, or a nurse.

I dont really talk with a lot of people uhm going to tag,,, @zukoxcoffee, @thatuglydino, @niksaf-kun, @laysmi, and @fandomsdestroyme

the thing that baffles me about the Reaction™ to me:a is that like. bioware games have literally always been like this. I understand people who actually care about their product getting frustrated that bioware has not improved or grown and tbh I am one of them but I don’t understand why the rest of you suddenly give a huge violent shit

New rule: unless you’re in palliative fucking care dying in a hospital alone you’re not allowed to have someone make you breakfast and serve it to you in bed. Especially not from your girlfriend. You’re not a baby, life’s not a womb, it’s horrible, get the fuck out of bed and sit at the table and face up to the crippling anxiety attack that is modern life. What, does she hold your little cock while you make toilet so you don’t get wee wee all over the floor? Wash you with a fucking rag ?? Have some self respect - god damn couples are disgusting. Fucking away in bed like pieces of shit trying to make some sort of child they have to keep alive. Slaving away in some dogshit job trying to save up for a house - stashing all that money away in a big ol’ treasure chest like some sort of fucking pirate ship man. 

Why do you even want a house anyway? Who cares? It’s not the fucking 90s - just go on the internet and just rent a house; it’s easy - stop trying to be like your parents. Owning a house is embarrassing anyway, what, you’re just going to buy some land hmm? Like some sort of colonial shit cunt from England? Got yourself a nice little block of land did ya?  Haven’t you done well for yourself? The dream is over, jesus christ, let it go. If this dueling home ownership thinkpiece-narrative between idealistic self obsessed cowardly fuckheads from Gen Y media and pink skinned fat faced racists from The Daily Telegraph doesn’t end soon i’m going to tie a belt around my neck and the doorknob and just go the full Hutchence.  You’re not special either you baby boomer cunt - if you had fully charged mobile phones with the internet and delivery cocaine and imported goats cheese and $9 milkshakes when you were younger instead of Chiko Rolls and whatever else it is you had; seesaws at the park, glasses of water, cheap cigarettes, free education, a will to live, all that nonsense, if you had what we have you wouldn’t own your precious fucking house, trust me.
You’d be living with me in a sharehouse watching Curb Your Enthusiasm on your laptop drinking tinnies on the floor in your underwear like the piece of shit you really are.

Idols don’t owe ya’ll anything. They don’t owe you a picture, they don’t owe you an autograph, they don’t owe you permission to touch them. They. Owe. You. Nothing. Idols have emotions and struggles just like anyone else. Idols are human beings. The fact that idols have to deal with crazy fans hitting them, touching them without permission, and throwing things at them on a day to day basis is honestly depressing.

All I fucking want is for someone to explain in what universe, after everything they’ve been through together, does Sherlock point a gun to himself

and John is like

instead of stopping him?!

And in what universe is John fucking drowning

And Sherlock’s like

And people are wondering why are so many fans upset, why they were rooting for this to be a fake episode? Yeah, among other shitload of things, you just basically killed these two characters and everything they used to stand for, for the sake of a soap opera/horror movie plot, no big deal. Why, why do this? If you love these characters you wouldn’t do this. I’m just so sad, this is not “Sherlock” anymore. I have the right to be upset, my favorite show has been mutilated beyond recognition. damn right I’m gonna rant about it.

Dex helping Bitty in the kitchen is such a regular occurrence lately that it takes Nursey a good couple of minutes to realize that Bitty isn’t actually in the room with them.

He stops short where he’s stooped down low in front of the open fridge, looking for leftover pie, and blinks up at Dex’s back. “Yo, where’s Bits?”

Dex doesn’t bother turning around from where he’s stirring something on the stove. “Class I think? Not sure.”

“So you’re just… cooking. By yourself.” Nursey stands up and lets the fridge door swing closed, pie forgotten.

“I keep trying to tell you guys it’s not a big deal,” Dex huffs. “All you have to do is–”

“–follow the instructions, yeah yeah, whatever. Why are you cooking?” Nursey narrows his eyes. “Is this for dibs?”

“Oh fuck off, Nurse. Unlike some people, not everything I do around the Haus is just because I–”

But lightning strikes Nursey’s brain then, and his eyes widen, a smirk creeping onto his face despite how fast his heart suddenly starts beating. “Oh dude, hold up, is it for a girl?

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