why do you have those sideburns


these are some makeup tips that i use almost every day that no one really seems to know about or use but can really help you out in the long run, whether for cosplay or personal use.

  • use an elmer’s glue stick to glue down your eyebrows, sideburns, or any other body hair you wish to hide. this sounds odd, i know, and one of the most common questions i get asked when people look in my makeup box is “why do you have a glue stick in here??” now i’ve seen a million methods for covering body hair: eyelash glue, spirit gum, eyebrow mascara, but this is my personal favorite method, it’s cheap and works just as well and even better than some of those other methods. the best part is that it comes off easily with water, no need to use special products, peel or scrub.
  • use contact lens solution and eye shadow for a custom color liquid liner or use it to color your eyebrows. i’m always super cautious about what i use on my eyes but since both are made for use around your eyes it’s quite safe and works just as well as liquid liner except you can get all those crazy or bright colors that they either don’t make or are very hard to find!
  • use clear lip gloss and eyeshadow for a custom tinted gloss or lip color. just scrap some eyeshadow off into a small container, turn it into a fine dust, add a few drops of lip gloss and mix it up and brush it on!

and some things that almost seem like common sense but are sometimes looked over:

  • seal your makeup. this seems like common sense and i know a lot of homestuck cosplayers have had this drilled into their brain so many times it’s probably gotten annoying! but even if you’re doing something simple like wearing a little foundation and some eye shadow, seal it!! it’ll stay a lot longer and it wont rub off on your hands or clothes. some options: ben nye final seal, it’s cheap and lasts (also it’s has a cool minty smell and tingle which is kinda cool), it also has kind of a glossy finish. urban decay’s all nighter, it’s very expensive but works miracles, it also has more of a matte finish.
  • use eyelid primer. really i’d recommend priming everything but the eyelids, in the end, are what need it most! you know when you’ve been wearing your makeup around for a bit and you’ve sealed it and everything still looks fantastic…..except those little creases on your eyelids where the makeup is folding into itself and coming off. USE EYELID PRIMER, THIS WONT HAPPEN!

this is what i’ve got so far, if i think of more i’ll add it. if you have any makeup tips you’d like to share feel free to reblog this with your tip!

hirsutism is the total fuckin worst because you feel so gross and it’s so impossible to even get rid of the hair even with waxing and lasers and everything and you can feel people looking at you and being repulsed like “ew why doesn’t she do something about those sideburns that’s so gross” even though you spend so much god damn money and effort trying to control it
But then it’s worse because it’s literally just a social construct that women can’t have facial hair or arm hair or anything hair. And then you feel so petty and self absorbed because it’s such a little thing but it’s so upsetting and its sucks
like theres the whole thing like “yeah you go girl don’t shave your legs if you don’t wanna” and thats great but as soon as you have hair on your face it’s like what the fuck

A Lesson in Confidence (Patrick Stump)

Based Off Of the Request: Could you do one where Patrick is still a teenager & struggling with his confidence issues and y/n helps him overcome them and he eventually falls in love y/n?

I’m just pulling my shirt over my head as I hear a knock on the door. I step out of the bathroom, still towel drying my hair, and walk over to the door, pulling it open.

“Patrick?” I say in surprise as I see him. I mean, we’ve lived across the street from each other practically our whole lives, but he never comes here anymore. We were great friends as kids, but as we grew older and I drifted towards cheerleading, he drifted towards music, and because of that, we drifted away from each other. I probably haven’t even talked to him in months, yet here he is, standing on my porch, looking at me in extreme nervousness

“Hey (Y/N)” He says with a nervous smile, “I need your help with something”

“Of course,” I say, intrigued, “come on in”

He steps through the door and into my living room, turning around and messing with his hands, out of nerves I guess.

“What’s going on?” I ask curiously.

“Okay, I’ll tell you but I need you to promise not to laugh” he says, determination hardening his eyes for the split second they meet mine before darting away.

“Patrick, why would I laugh? We’re friends right?” I say encouragingly, but he only lets out a sarcastic laugh as I say that.

“Okay well I, uh,” he stars, cheeks turning red before he even gets the words out “I want to be more like you”

“What you wanna join the cheerleaders?” I ask teasingly.

“No (Y/N),” he says seriously, not appreciating the joke, “ I want to be, um, confident, like you” he finally says, almost ashamed.

The smile dies from my face as I hear his serious question, “Patrick what are you talking about?” I ask quietly.

“ I mean you’re one of the most popular girls in school, you can talk to anyone about anything without even thinking about it, I want to be like that”

“Patrick you don’t need to be like me, you’re a wonderful person the way you are” I say, believing that with everything I have.

Patrick lets out another sarcastic laugh, “(Y/N) you know that’s not true. I can’t talk in class without stuttering, I can’t talk to new people without turning bright red, I even cringe everytime I catch my own reflection in a mirror,” he lists on.

“Patrick-” I try to stop him, saddened as I realize how he views himself

“Stop, I don’t want sympathy, I want your help. I need it. Even you, who used to be one of my best friends in the world, haven’t really talked to me in years!” he says desperately.

“Patrick you know that’s not why” I reply, devastated he would think that.

“I’m sorry,” he says apologetically, “that was harsh”

I stare at him for a few seconds, really looking at him. The way he won’t meet even my eyes, the large hat pulled over his eyes, the baggy clothes. Obviously he’s not happy, and he’s asking me for help.

“Okay, I’ll help you,” I say, “but because I want you to be happy, not because I think you need to change” I say determinedly.

He grins in response, “Yea yea, when do we start?”

“How about today?”I say with a smile, “I think the mall would be a great pace to start”

“Why?” He asks in confusion.

“Because, some new clothes and some fun can do wonders for the self esteem” I say brightly, “ let me just go change really fast.”

I hear a nervous “Okay…” as I disappear into my room.

I throw on some jeans and a tank top, grab my purse, and we head out.

In the car I talk to Patrick about everything that’s gone on in the last couple years, and I’m shocked by how much I missed. He even started a band, and they’ve been practicing for a couple months now.  We get to the mall, and I excitedly drag Patrick to a couple stores.

“Patrick what pant size do you wear?” I ask, searching through arack.

“Why are you looking at pants?” Patrick asks confused

“Skinny jeans are wonderful things Trick, they’re good for the soul, trust me”

He sighs heavily and walks dramatically over to the rak, pulling a pair off. “I think you’re wrong, but i’ll try them on anyway”

I grin at him and shove into his hands a short sleeve button up shirt into her hands. He frowns at it but takes it with him anyway. A few minutes later, he stands in the doorway of the dressing room

“What do you think?” He asks nervously, adjusting his hat. I think he looks amazing, the clothes fit him in a way that his baggy jeans and oversized shirts never could, and they work for him, but that’s not what I say.

“It doesn’t matter what I think, what do you think?”

“I actually like them” he says, sounding surprised.

“See, I told you. They’re good for the soul. ” I say with a teasing smile, “Now, how about we grab you a couple more sets and head out?”

“Sounds good” he turns and walks back into the dressing room. I wander around the store, grabbing two more button ups, some plain t shirts, and a Ramones shirt. Patrick walks up holding three more jeans and a maroon cardigan. I smile at his choices and we head to the register checking out.

We walk through the mall, heading back to the car, when I pause in front of a hat store, looking in the window thoughtfully.

“What are you doing?” Patrick asks, walking back to me.

“Patrick why do you wear the hats?” I as curiously, pointing to the trucker hat pulled down on his head.

“What do you mean? I just…do” Patrick says lamely, looking away.

“Are you sure there’s not a reason?” I ask again pointedly.

“Well I guess, they cover my face kind of, which is good” he says, blushing.

“Okay that makes sense, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear them, because you look great in hats, but have you thought about a different kind?”

“Like what?” Patrick asks confused.

“I don’t know, let’s go try some on” I say with a grin, tugging him b the arm into the hat store. We spend almost an hour in there, trying on a bunch of different kinds, but when Patrick pulls on a fedora, I stop him.

“Wait, wait, that looks really good on you” I say, grabbing his arms.

“Yea right” he says with a huff, turning towards the mirror. But when he catches his reflection he grins.

“Hey it actually does look good” he says happily.

I grin and take the hat from him, going over to the counter and paying for him.

“Hey you didn’t have to do that” Patrick protests

“Consider it a gift” i say with a smile as we walk out of the door, placing the fedora on his head and dropping the trucker hat in the bag. We make it back to my car, and then my house. With a promise of hanging out again the next weekend, Patrick heads home, a little happier than he was earlier. I watch him walk home with a smile, already excited for next weekend.


I pull the door open and Patrick starts talking as soon as he sees me.

“Hey (Y/N)” he says, walking into the house and turning towards, me obviously excited about something, “I have an idea”

“Yea what’s that?” I ask with a grin.

“I want to get my hair cut” he says resolutely.

“Really?” I ask in surprise.

“Yes, I want to be done with these stupid sideburns and long hair, what do you think?”

“Oh, I mean I’ve always liked your hair, but I think you would look good with it cut too” I say thinking about what he would look like with shorter hair.

“Perfect, because I already made the appointment , and we’re gonna be late if we don’t leave right now”

I nod with a laugh and we head out the door, and into Patrick’s car.

A half hour later, Patrick stands before me with short hair, and no sideburns. My eyes widen in surprise as he walks up to me. I guess I never realized how much of his face Patrick kept hidden, but now there’s nothing hiding his gorgeous eyes, and cute smile, and his jawline.

“So? What do you think?” Patrick asks.

“Trick you look amazing! What do you think?” I respond excitedly.

“I like it, shouldve ditched those sideburns years ago”

“Hey they weren’t that bad” I say defensively.

“Eh whatever, What are we gonna do now?” He asks, changing the subject.

“Oh I have an idea” I say with a grin. Patrick eyes me warily, but follows me out of the door, and we head back to the mall.

“Why are we in the food court?” Patrick asks exasperated, twenty minutes later.

“Because, I have a plan” I say simply.

“And that is?” Patrick asks warily.

“We are not leaving this place until you get phone numbers from five different girls” I say resolutely.

Patricks eyes practically jump out of his head “Wh-what? No, i-i can’t do that!”

“Yes you can Trick!” I say encouragingly, “ theres are hundreds of girls here, plus you look super hot today”

Patrick looks at me in shock, cheeks reddening at my comment “I’m still not doing it”

“Fine we’ll just sit here all day then” I say, sitting down at a tle and crossing my arms.

Patrick’s glares at me “Fine, but know that I hate you” he says with a glare, stalking away from the table.

“Have fun!” I yell to his retreating back, laughing when he flips me off.

I subtly watch Patrick as he makes his way around, weaving in and out of the crowd, talking to a surprising amount of people. He stumbles through his first few conversations, and I can practically see him stuttering. But when he throws me a dejected, and irked, look, I just grin and throw him a thumbs up in return. He takes a deep breath, and walks over to a table where a girl sits alone reading. I watch as they talk, and she starts laughing. I see her hand her phone over to Patrick, to type his number in. But instead of feeling happy for him, I feel bitter, and annoyed. But before I can question the feeling, a voice speaks up behind me.

“(Y/N), what the hell are you doing here?”

I spin around and see my boyfriend James, looking angrily down at me.

“Oh hey babe, I’m just here with Patrick” I say confused, standing up.

“You’re hanging out with that loser again?” He demands

“First, he’s not a loser, and second, yes I am, so what?” I retort, annoyed at his attitude.

“Really? So what? You canceled our plans tonight to hang out with your stupid little emo project, instead of me, that’s what!”

“He’s just a friend, James” I reply hotly.

“Yeah? And what exactly have you been doing with this “friend” of yours?”

“Nothing, we’re just hanging out!” I say angrily.

“Sure you are, We’re done (Y/N). Next time you whore around why don’t you at least try to hide it” He yells at me, turning around and storming off.

The food court falls quiet as people hear the yell, and turn to stare at me. I feel the press of everyone’s eyes, and tears fill my eyes.

I hear footsteps behind me, and turn just as Patrick reaches me, concern filling his eyes.

“Are you okay?” He asks frantically, placing his hands on my shoulders.

I shake my head and the tears begin to pour. He immediately wraps his arms around me, murmuring into my ear “Hey, Hey it’s okay, it’s gonna be just fine, let’s get out of here”

He grabs my purse from the table I was sitting at, and guides me out of the crowded food court, all the way back to the car.

We sit in silence on the way home, tears still trickling down my face. Patrick just sings quietly to the radio, reaching over every few minutes to squeeze my hand.  Funny, he came to me for help, and yet he’s helped me more than I could ever help him.


School the next week was horrid. As news of what happened between James and I, and the crazy, completely off rumors inspired by it, spread through the school, all of my “friends” turned against me. Everyone refuses to believe me, instead accepting the lies being spread by James and his friends. In a period of a couple of days, I went from one of the popular groups, to someone who sat in the middle of a huge crowd, but felt completely and utterly alone.

On Friday afternoon I stopped to talk to Patrick in the hallway.

“Hey Trick, still coming over tomorrow?” I asked as I stopped in front of him.

He looked up and grinned when he saw me, and his friends all looked at each other in shock.

“Of course! Noon still good?”

“Yea I-” Am cut off as I spot the group of other seniors standing off behind Patrick. The girls point at me and whisper to each other laughing, and the guys start making ridiculous gestures.

“I, uh, gotta go” I stammer to Patrick, walking away before he or his friends could spot the tears in my eyes. I race past the group of seniors, and push out of the doors of the school, ditching my last two periods.

I spend the rest of the day hanging out by myself in my house, counting down the hours until tomorrow will finally come. I lay in bed and stare at the ceilings for hours, but eventually my exhaustion becomes so intense my eyes finally creep closed.


The next day, I hear a quick knock on the door at exactly 12. A few seconds later patrick pushes the door open, calling into the house. “(Y/N)! I’m here!”

I go down the stairs quickly, unexplainably happy that Patrick is here.

Today he wears the Ramones shirt I got him, a red cardigan, a black fedora, dark grey skinny jeans, and boots. He grins as he sees me, stepping forward to hug me.

“What do we have planned today?” He asks excitedly.

“Patrick, I don’t have anything planned” I say to him

“What? Why?” Patrick asks confused.

“Because look at you Trick! You’re so confident now! It’s only been a month of this, and you’ve already lost the stutter, you look everyone in the eyes,and you practically exude confidence, you don’t need me anymore”

“Oh but, I” Patrick says slowly, confused.

“What?” I ask.

“I just, I don’t want to stop spending time with you” patrick says quietly.

“Why?” I ask, hope creeping up in my throat.

“Because when I came to you for help, I didn’t just want to be confident. I wanted to be confident around you, (Y/N).” Patrick says seriously, taking a step forward.

“You did?” I ask quietly

“Yes” Patrick says with a laugh, “Isn’t it obvious?”

“Isn’t what obvious?” I reply.

“I came to you for help because you’re everything I’ve always wanted to be. You’re confident, smart, funny, incredibly kind, and so unbelievably beautiful” Patrick says, taking another step forwards, grabbing my hands.

“You really think so?” I ask in astonishment.

“Yes” Patrick says, only inches away from my face. “And that’s why i’ve been in love with you for so long. All of this was just a way to spend more time with you, to see if my feelings for your were real or just a childhood crush I couldn’t let go of.

“And?” I whispers, looking up into his eyes, “What’s the verdict?”

“You tell me” he whispers back, pulling me into a kiss.

I kiss him back, my hands sliding around his neck.

I pull away with a grin, “ Real, they’re definitely real” I say breathlessly.

whiskeykissedsammy  asked:

Okay, totally random. But in your opinion, what seasons did Sam have your favorite haircut and least favorite haircut? :3

I love you, Tanya ♥ Thanks for bringing my blog to the right track again, which is Sam’s beauty in every season!

There are a lot of hairstyles that I absolutely love, like these season one puppy curls (from 1.08): 

I also love Sam’s hair when it’s wet and/or slicked back (from 2.12):

My least favorite hairstyle was the straightened one from season 7, but I still don’t know how much those sideburns had to do with my distaste (from 7.15):

My all time favorite hair is the “prince charming” hair from season 8. That’s why I have the tag “season gr8 for sam’s hair”. Look at the layers (from 8.02):

Look how fluffy it is (from 8.08):

Look how it reflects sunlight (from 8.06):

It’s perfect ♥

starryeyes-and-freckles  asked:

Hey Mikayla, I'm not sure if its okay for me to ask you about cosplay stuff on your channel but I was wondering how you styled your Dirk wig? I really liked how it looks and I'm a noob at wig styling, do you maybe have any pointers on it?

I have no idea why you would not be able to ask me about my cosplay??? Silly nerd. As for pointers, let’s see a play-by-play of how I style my wig: 

I tend to restyle the Dirk wig every time I use it due to the fact that I don’t own any wig stands (hilarious given the fact I own 5+ wigs). I typically start by putting it on my head, and sectioning the parts of hair I want to be his sideburns. I tuck those under my sunglasses (yep I even wear shades while doing this) and continue on. Then I part it on the right side and take a chunk, starting in the front, and hair spraying it in place. I don’t have fancy styling equipment, so I just use my mom’s spray and my hands. Typically as it’s drying in those few seconds, I use my fingers to give it the outstanding spike effect. I’ll take more hair and spray it together as a support if it keeps falling down. I like it to look as natural as I can manage.

That’s all repeated until it’s all been styled. I usually miss the back of the wig. No one seems to care too much. And that’s how I do my hair Dirk’s hair.

So tips I have are: Differentiate it from a Dave’s hair by staying away from a lot of hair laying down. Spike it up!

Sometimes I like to try to keep bangs off of the forehead because Dirk appears to have his styled back in some of his depictions. Try styling them up further, like if you would run your hands through your own hair and push it back. This of course is difficult if you don’t have a lace-front wig/you struggle to keep your own hair from showing.

If you use hairspray, try to use it in an open room or a bathroom with a fan. The fumes can damage your lungs or make you high a little bit. Don’t do that.

And obviously, keep it stored on a wig head stand or something so it keeps its shape.

Good luck styling!