why do you have the weirdest face

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ok but why is every ask answered with 'write a letter' like thats literally the weirdest and most awkward thing anyone could do especially if they live with whoever it is (like most people asking still live with their parents)

Because some people’s parents are really transphobic and some peoples parents cut them off when talking. By writing a letter you can get out all your thoughts and emotions on paper and they can take some time to read them and have their emotions without cutting you off.  So afterwards when you sit down and have a face to face conversation the facts are there and maybe they can have a rational conversation for once with mom and dad instead of it being a whole mess of emotions..

It’s not the most weird or awkward thing to do.

It’s a good tactic.


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Please do a blurb of how Justin would act with you after getting his wisdom teeth pulled out and he's all drugged just like he is now😂🙊

Alright as you probably saw in his snap chat video he’s such a cutie so before gettting his wisdom teeth out he’d probably be excited and revealed because that shit hurts :( and he’d ask y/n to go with him and record everything which she would gladly do. After he get’s his wisdom teeth out he would be saying the weirdest stuff like “I don’t have a nose”  and y/n would just say “Your nose is right there justin” and he’d be touching all over his face or like “why aren’t you my girlfriend” but you wouldn’t be able to understand what he’s saying very much with with gauze in his mouth, eventually he would talk himself to sleep  and his cheeks would be all puffy and cute.When the anesthesia y/n would joke about everything he said and Justin would just laugh with here and watch the videos and damn I hope one of his friends actually got a video lol