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Baby Jeon au where Y/N comes back to the dorm with Jungkook asleep in her arms. In the dorm there's only Yoongi working on his laptop, composing. She joins him on the sofa with Kookie still asleep in her lap and asks Yoongi about his work. He gets shy but explains how it all works, and he would go on talking for ages if he didn't feel y/n's head bump onto his shoulder. And he's frozen there with y/n asleep on him. And he just dies as he glances at the two cause they cute and it feels so domestic

yoongi hadn’t been expecting anyone to return at this time when almost everyone is knocked out, except for him. the dim light from the living room, casted to his features as it reaches the dining area where he sets up his working gear is enough for him to work. it isn’t until he feels his back getting sore that he moves to the sofa and conquers that area as well (since dinner, up until now).

when he’s gotten used to the silence, occasional tunes that he’s familiar with as it is his work, he gets the shock of his life at the creak and the slam of the latch from the door. he jolts up, yelping when he knocks his knee against the coffee table, only to - “y/n…”

“sorry,” you whisper, stepping in and yoongi quickly paces over when you’re juggling jungkook in one arm, the other trying to hold the door open. he gently nudges you to the side so you can tend to jungkook with both arms and he’s locking up for you instead.

when you thank him, he tells you it’s no problem and as he heads back to his work station that drags out from the dining room to the living room, your chuckle catches his attention - more so when you sit beside him in front of his laptop.

“what’re you doing?” you murmur, leaning against him so you don’t have to crane your neck in case you want to see his screen. he clears his throat and relaxes into the sofa, rubbing the nape of his neck, “uh… well…”

“well?” you sing-song, quietly, because jungkook’s fast asleep comfortably in your arms and at first yoongi thinks he shouldn’t talk about it. because who cares and why do you but when you look at him like that, like that where you’re dying to know with curiosity lighting up the flame in your pupils, he gives in and starts to talk about it.

he describes of the procedure, and he gets his fuel of passion in talking about his passion when you ask questions, pointing at the level bars, to the audio controls, over to any other thing that catches your fancy.

yoongi could, would talk more and it would be to the point he talks your ear off but the light thud he feels against his shoulders gets him to stop. light, before it turns into a tornado storming inside his ribcage when he sees you sleeping on his shoulder, jungkook sleeping on yours.

he presses a smile and carefully reaches over to tuck you to him, while he uses his free hand to close his laptop quietly.

“guess it’s time to sleep, then.”

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u should do a preference where you introduce them to your boyfriend and they get jealous ;-) pretty pleaaase

Tamaki: You pulled him over to the courtyard, your boyfriend smiling and waving as he saw you approaching. Tamaki had been your best friend for so long, it felt right to introduce him to your boyfriend. As you stopped in front of your boyfriend, you looked up at Tamaki.
“Tamaki, I would like you to meet (Y/BF/N), we’re dating.” The look on Tamaki’s face was not what you were expecting and it was quite honestly a little scary. 

“Y-Your boyfriend?” He asked, his face turning bright red.
“Yes…?” He just kept staring at you.
“What does he have that I don’t?! Other than you apparently…” He continued to mumble to himself, sounding angrier and angrier.
“That’s it!” He exclaimed, looking your boyfriend in the eyes, “We will have a duel, to win (Y/N)’s heart!” His eyes were flaming with resolution.
“Tamaki…that’s not really how it works….”

Kyoya: “Kyoya, this is (Y/BF/N), we’ve been dating for about 3 weeks now.” He barely looked up at your introduction, and continued to type away on his laptop.
“Kyoya, would you pay attention to me for two minutes?”
“Why do I need to pay attention? I’ve already looked up everything there is to know about (Y/BF/L/N), and to be honest, I don’t really see the qualities I thought you looked for in a man.” He shut his laptop and picked it up, walking away. 

Honey: As you introduced your longtime best friend Honey, to your boyfriend, you were not expecting there to be tears in his eyes, or a frown on his mouth.
“Honey? What’s wrong?” He continued to pout, but it was an angry pout now.
“But, I thought you loved me…” He seemed like his emotions were battling with each other, he wanted be to angry and sad at the same time. Shock was clear on your face, as you looked between Honey and your boyfriend, you knew Honey could really hurt him if he wanted to.
“Well, as a friend yeah…” You mumbled, wanting to be done with this conversation. But Honey just became more upset and ran away, clinging to Mori.

Hikaru: You were already nervous about introducing Hikaru to your boyfriend, even without his constant, smartalic remark about not knowing where you were taking him. Once you were at the meeting place, your boyfriend smiled at Hikaru, he already knew how much this meant to you.
“Hikaru, I’d like you to meet someone very important to me, this is (Y/BF/N), and we’ve been together for a while now.” Hikaru’s face grew visibly agitated.
“You been dating someone and waited until just now to tell me?”
“Uhm…yes?” You said, confused as to why he was so mad.
“I thought we were friends? I didn’t even know he existed. I thought you cared about me more than that!”
“Hikaru, you’re my best friend…. I thought you would understand.” You couldn’t help the tears running down your face.
“How can you even date him, he’s an idiot. You know what, never mind.” He stormed away, leaving you there with tears running down your face.

Koaru: “Kaoru, come here, I want you to meet someone.” You said, grabbing his hand and pulling him in the direction of your boyfriend.
“Kaoru this is (Y/BF/N), and he’s my boyfriend.”  His face instantly turned into a frown before quickly turning up into a half smile looking grimace.
“That’s… great. I’m glad you found someone who is worthy of how amazing you are.” He still had a weird looking smile on his face, but he was obviously very agitated.
“Uhm Kaoru, are you okay?” Your boyfriend asked, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.
“Yeah, I’m fine, I just remembered I’m late for something.” And with that, the orange haired boy turned and walked away, leaving you both there, staring at where he just was.

Mori: You dragged Mori down the hallway and into the library, where your boyfriend was sitting, studying. Stopping in front of him, you smiled, poking his shoulder.
“Mori, this is (Y/BF/N), my boyfriend.” I peered up at his face to see if there was a reaction, but there was nothing except his cool composure he always had.
“It’s nice to meet you Mori-Sempai! I’ve heard a lot about you.” Your boyfriend said, standing up and offering his hand to Mori. He took it, but leaned in slightly and whispered.
“You better not hurt her, or I’ll have to deal with it.”