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  • me: some recent cartoon characters have over-saturated, clashing color palettes and making the characters PoC could help because it's harder to make darker skin tones look bad, plus as added bonus of representation
  • people in my replies: that's r ACIS T why do you hate white people!!!!!!!!
Your Name and Kiss Belong in the Same Sentence

Summary: Neither Dan or Phil has ever had a boyfriend before and they think that part of the reason might be because nobody even realises they like boys.  So, as best friends do, they decide to pretend to date each other, that way at least it’s obvious they aren’t straight.  And with an agreed upon set of boundaries, nothing can go wrong.  Right?

Word Count: 9k

Warnings: swearing, anxiety attack, underage drinking/alcohol

A/N: me actually finishing a fic?? who knew this was even possible anymore lmao (although i found 6k of this already done in my drafts from october so?? does this even count).  also tysm to leah for letting me scream at her about this and for editing it for me, you’re the best <33

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Dan and Phil had been best friends for what felt like forever.  They had grown up together, in houses only a few blocks away and couldn’t remember a time where they hadn’t known each other.  They had always been Dan and Phil, their names never separated.

Everyone had warned them that friends often grow apart over time, especially as they moved from middle school to high school.  For some reason people seemed to think that there was no way that the two boys could stay as close friends as they were forever.

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High Tensions - Auston Matthews

Requested by Anon: Can you do one where the reader is Mitch Marner’s best friend but the reader an Auston hate each other (they actually like each other). They bicker a lot and then Mitch teases them into confessing. I loved your JVR one by the way!

Word Count: 1601
Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Warnings: None

I hope you enjoy the approach I took with this! (:

“I still don’t understand why you two hate each other,” Mitch remarked as you two sat curled up on the couch in Mitch’s living room chatting after not seeing each other for a while. Mitch had been on a road trip with the Leafs that felt like forever while you had been drowning in homework and midterms. But now that your midterms were over, and the boys were back, you two had a day to hang out again. The only unfortunate part was that Mitch happened to live with the one Leaf you couldn’t stand. Auston Matthews. Luckily, Matthews had gone out with some of the other guys on the team while Mitch stayed back to hang out with you.

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Is He Here? // Conor Maynard

Word Count- 2402


Hey there! Hope you’re having a great day! Could I place a request for a Couple nor imagine please? The plot could maybe be where he comes back from tour a week early and the reader doesn’t know about and he asks the rest of the buttercreams to help him surprise you. If not then it’s no problem. Thanks x


Four months, 15 days, and 10 hours. You had been counting. Conor left exactly Four months, 15 days, and 10 hours ago. And you missed him more and more with every passing second. He had gone on the North American leg of his worldwide tour. His second album was #1 on all the charts and most of his concerts were sold out. You couldn’t be happier for him; but the emptiness in your heart was undeniable.

It’s not that Conor ignored you. No, it was rather the opposite. He’d make sure to text you non-stop throughout the day and sometimes, if you were lucky, you’d get a random snap from the tour bus or dressing room. Every Sunday night, he’d Skype you and you two would talk until you fell asleep.

Yesterday he was in New York, tonight he’d be playing in Ohio, and tomorrow he’d be in Indiana. You kept up with his shows, watching the Instagram and twitter posts and the overflowing snaps stories; but mainly Jack’s.

The younger Maynard had decided to help George with the DJ’ing part of Conor’s tour. So most of your nights were filled with you sitting on your couch re-watching Jacks story over and over again just to get a glimpse of your boyfriend.

Tonight would’ve been like every other one, but you chose to dive into a new TV show. You needed something to take your mind off of Conor, just for a little bit. As you clicked onto the next episode of Shameless, you’re phone buzzed.

From Oli:

Don’t make plans on Friday, Caspar and I want to take you out to lunch.

You giggled as you typed a response.

From Y/n:

I have a boyfriend.

A few minutes later he replied.

From Oli:

Haha very funny. But seriously, we miss you.

This made you smile. You hadn’t seen either of them since Joe’s house party a few weeks back.

From Y/n:


From Oli:

Caspar and I

From Y/n:

Miss you guys too :) pick me up at noon?

The rest of the night was spent curled up in your half empty bed, trying to focus on the lives of the Gallagher’s rather than your own.


Four months, 16 days, and 4 hours.

His American leg was supposed to be six months, then he’d come back to London for two weeks. Then he’d be heading on to the South American leg of his tour for another 5-6 months.

It was less than two months until you would see him again, but it felt like a lifetime. You just had to wait a little bit longer.

You were currently cleaning the flat; not that it needed it though. Then your phone rang.

“Hey.” You said as you organized the movies on the shelf.

“Hey, Y/n.” Joe’s voice rang through the phone.

“What’s up Joe?” you were only half focused on the conversation.

“I was just wondering if you were busy on Friday,” he said.

“Actually yeah, I am.” you said, but then realized how rude that sounded.

“Oh…” you could tell he was feeling awkward.

“I am so sorry! That sounded so rude,” you laughed to try and lighten the mood. “But I’m going out to lunch with Oli and Caspar. You’re more than welcome to join us.”

“Oh no, that’s okay.”

“Joe,” you said sternly.


“You’re going to lunch with us. Just come over to the flat at 11:30. Oli will pick us up at noon.”

“No, Y/n. I don’t want to intrude.”

“Joe, you’re part of the group. It’s not intruding.”

“Fine,” he sighed. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Great!” you cheered and then ended the call.


Four months, 17 days 2 hours.

You woke up rather late on Friday. It was a complete accident though. You had stayed up on Thursday watching Conor’s old videos. It was very emotional and you just couldn’t fall asleep. So then you headed over to his Instagram and just scrolled, reminiscing all the old moments. Before you knew it, it was 3 o’clock in the morning.

So as you slowly made your way to the kitchen, you were in no rush to get ready.

Then there was a knock at that door. You stared at it for a solid 30 seconds before reluctantly dragging yourself to the door.

“Morning love!” Mikey smiled brightly at you.

“Mikey, what the bloody hell are doing at my flat at 10 in the morning?” you let him in nonetheless.

“Am I not allowed to hang out with my favorite person?” he laughed, grabbing a bowl from the cabinet.

“I guess you’re right.” You laughed, following his suit. “But I have plans today.”

Panic flashed across his face and he started stuttering, “I- what- you- I mean… you have plans? What plans? With who?”

You laughed, “Calm down mom.”

“I’m not your mom.”

“I could’ve sworn you were,” you said in a serious tone, but your face showed you were being sarcastic.

“But seriously, what are your plans?”

You grabbed the milk from the fridge, “Going out to lunch with Oli, Caspar and Joe.”


“Yeah, do you want to come?” you handed him his preferred cereal and waited for a reply.

“No, I um… I already had plans too,” he played with the spoon in his hand.

“Then why’d you come over?” you gave him a small smile.

“I uh, I wanted to see you duhh.”

“Mikey, you can come with us. They won’t mind.”

“Okay,” he flashed his classic smile which made you smile.

You two finished your breakfast and Mikey happily waited in the living room as you got ready. While you continued to do your hair, you heard a knock at the door.

“Hey, Mikey? Could you get the door?” you yelled from the bathroom.

“Sure,” he replied and a few seconds later another pair of feet were padding around your living room.

“I’ll be done in five minutes, I promise!”

“Don’t rush love, I’m early.” Joe called from the living room.


“Hey,” you said opening the doors. “I invited Joe and Mikey as well. Hope you don’t mind.”

Oli gave you a hug, “Of course not.”

“The more the merrier, right?” Caspar smiled, pulling you in for a hug.

Oli and Caspar arrived at your flat around 11:50 and since none of your cars were big enough to fit all 5 of you, you had to wait for an Uber.

You five finally made it to Central London by 12:30 and had lunch at a small little sandwich place. Lunch went by smoothly. Caspar, Oli and Joe vlogging part of it and all four of you helping Mikey talk to a girl on Tinder.

“Would you mind if we stopped by a few shops before we head back?” you ask the boys as you leave.

“I don’t see why not,” Oli looked at the other boys for assurance.

“As long as we stop by TopShop,” Joe said.

“Yay!” you squealed, wrapping your arms around Mikey and Caspar’s neck.


The boys hadn’t complained once since you started shopping, which was very unusual.

“So why aren’t you begging me to go home yet?” you asked as you walked to another shop.

“Huh?” Mikey asked.

“What do you mean?” Oli questioned.

“You guys hate shopping. So why are you guys not complaining?”

“We don’t mind it,” Joe smiled.

“Bullshit,” you stopped walking. “What’s going on? Why are you guys being so weird?”

“We’re not being weird,” Caspar laughed. “We just want you to have a good day.”

“That’s all, love.” Mikey added.

“But why?”

“Because we know you miss him,” Oli said simply.

“Oh,” you looked at the ground. “Thanks.”

“Of course, love.” Joe smiled.

“Ready to go home?” you headed towards a bench.

“Uh,” Oli said, grabbing his phone.

“What’s wrong?” you furrowed your eyebrows.

“Just gotta… call the Uber!” he said and rushed off.

“Since when do you call Uber’s?”

“It’s Oli, he’ll realize soon enough.” Caspar laughed causing the three of you to join in.


After another 30 minutes, the Uber finally arrived. The ride was very awkward; you used your phone as an escape from the silence filled car. Meanwhile, all the boys were exchanging worried looks as the car arrived closer to its destination.

You finally dragged your eyes away from the illuminating screen. But you weren’t where you were supposed to be. The Uber stopped.

“Why are we at Jack’s?” you glared at the boys.

“I forgot something here a few days ago,” Joe gave you a sheepish smile.

“Okay,” you said, unlocking your phone again.

“Hey Casp, wanna help me look for it?” Joe asked as he opened the door. The blonde nodded and followed the older man into the building.

“Where the hell are they??” you whined. It had been a solid five minutes.

“Let me go check,” Mikey slipped out of the Uber and ran into the building Joe and Caspar had walked into a few minutes earlier.

You gave Oli a look and he just awkwardly looked out the window.

“I’m sorry, but I really need to go get some other people.” The Uber driver gives you an apologetic look through the rearview mirror.

You sighed and grabbed your bags, “It’s okay, and have a great day!”

“Sorry,” Oli says, scratching his neck as you two stood out in the cold.

“Might as well go help the others look,” you walked into the building.

Oli followed you and pulled out his vlogging camera. He began speaking to the camera, making sure not to bother you. When the elevator doors opened, he switched the camera onto you.

“What are you doing?” you looked past the camera and continue towards Jack’s door.

“Just vlogging,” he shrugged.

You turned back, “Mikey? Why aren’t you in there?”

“Uh…” he stammered, holding a camera as well. “Just go in.”

You gave both boys a weird look but opened the door nonetheless.

“Joe? Caspar? What are looking for?” you ask as you walk in, keeping your eyes on Oli.

“Oh uh, hi.” Josh said. “You weren’t supposed to be here yet.”

“Josh? What are you doing here?!?!” you questioned.

“What? Who’s here?” Joe appeared from the hallway, Caspar right behind. “What are you doing up here?”

“Waiting for you! The Uber left. What’s going on here?”

“Nothing,” they all say in unison.

“Tell me what’s going on.” You demanded. “Now.”

“Hey Joe, is Y/n still in the Uber?” a familiar voice says, it’s respective body emerging from the hallway.

“Jack?” you whisper.

“Uh, hi?” he says.

“You’re supposed to be on tour…” you continued to whisper, more to yourself than to him.

“About that…” he trailed off.

Tears began to well in your eyes, “Is he here?”

No one answered.

You looked at each boy, all of them looking at each other for help.

“Is he here?” you repeated, voice weak.

Jack nodded, and stepped out of the way of the hallway. You sprinted from where you previously were to the door of Jack’s room. Your hand slowly went to the doorknob, but you quickly remove it. You were anxious.

It had been exactly four months, 17 days, 8 hours, 48 minutes, and 36 seconds since you had last seen him in person.

39 seconds.

43 seconds.

You just stood there. You were scared. What if he had changed? What if you had changed? What if you two weren’t meant for each other anymore?

Who cares? You love him.

You knew you were right. So you grabbed the handle and turned it, slowly opening the door.

He was looking in the mirror, checking his hair and outfit.

He had changed. He was buffer. His biceps were a lot more defined than when he left. He was also tanner. His completion looking extra good in his grey t shirt.

He hadn’t noticed you yet. He grabbed the flowers on the bed and turned to face you; a huge smile spreading across his face when he saw you.

“Ello, love.” He chuckled.

“What are you doing here?” you said quietly.

“I got a week off, and I had to see you.” He smiled.

You stood there for a few more seconds until you lunged yourself into his arms. He instantly dropped the roses and pulled you closer to him.

“I missed you so much baby,” he breathed into your neck. “So. Fucking. Much.”

“I missed you too,” you hugged him tighter, which he returned.

You two finally let go, but Conor kept his arms wrapped around your waist; and yours around his neck.

“You’re only here for a week?” you pouted.

“Yeah, but I had a question,” he started.

“Well ask away.”

“Come with me.”


“On tour.”

You stepped back, “Are you serious? Because I swear to God if this is a prank, I’m going to kill you,” you turned around, looking for cameras.

He chuckled and laced your hands with his, “It’s not a prank, I promise.”

“Yes, of course I’ll go on tour with you,” you laughed, hugging him again.

“I have been waiting four months to hold you again,” he smiled, pulling you closer.

“And I’ve waited four months to kiss you again,” you giggled.

“Is that right?” he asked sarcastically, causing you to giggle again.

“Yes, so are you gonna make my wish come true?”

“Well, since mine did. I guess, I could help yours a little,” he exaggerated. He brought his lips to your neck and then to you jaw and then your cheek.

“There you go, wish come true.” He said, pulling away.

“Asshole,” you laughed.

“Did you expect something else?” he asked seriously, but his toothy smile showed you otherwise.

“A little,” you shrugged. “But you’re a bad kisser anyways.”

“Don’t lie,” he smirked. “You know my kisses are the best.”

“Prove it,” you smirked back.

Conor cupped your face in his hands, leaning closer to you.

“God, you are so beautiful,” he whispered, putting his forehead against yours. “I love you, Y/n.”

“I love you too,” you whispered back.

He captured your lips in a kiss; it was all over the place. You two went from a heavy make-out session to little pecks all over each other’s bodies and then finally to what you guys have lacked the most in the past 4 months. And Conor definitely made sure to let you know how much he missed you that night.

Hunted {BTS Mafia!au}

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Genre: BTS mafia au
Warning: angst, smut (at some point), violence, mentions of prostitution/drugs, swearing, other dark themes I can’t think of right now

Writer: Bom

Word count: 1629

Originally posted by emmareader


Y/n wakes up in the head quarters of M.A.D, briefly confronting Jungkook. And finally coming face to face with the handsome leader of M.A.D, Min Yoongi. But can Y/n piece together why Yoongi wanted her so badly?

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Imagines List

1. “Why are you so nervous?” 2. “You could have died!” 3. “Just go!” 4. “I can’t do this anymore!” 5. “Are we gonna cuddle or what?” 6. “Steve said you were here.” 7. “Really, that movie?” 8. “I am a gentleman you know!” 9. “I really hate you sometimes.” 10. “You are such a flirt!” 11. “Can I just kiss you?” 12. “I always see you around.” 13. “I think you’re adorable.” 14. “I think I need a break.” 15. “Oh, I’ll just leave then.” 16. “Help me.” 17. “Tony said you had a major crush on me.” 18. “Why are you so red, doll?” 19. “Geez, you’re so dramatic!” 20. “Get a life!” 21. “You should really get smacked!” 22. “Those were mine!” 23. “Go to hell.” 24. “You’re special to me, darlin’.” 25. “Can I have my sweatshirt back?” 26. “What are you doing with that?” 27. “Stop doing this to yourself.” 28. “I love you so much.” 29. “I had a nightmare.” 30. “Oh, shit! I’m so sorry.” 31. “Why are you so angry?” 32. “Calm the fuck down!” 33. “WHO? WHO DID THIS?!” 34. “You look different.” 35. “Are you sure?” 36. “Nice shirt.” 37. “I don’t want to hear about your date.” 38. “Get the fuck away from me!” 39. “If you change your mind, I’ll be here.” 40. “Stop acting this way.” 41. “Why are you so butthurt?” 42. “I wish you knew how much you mean to everyone. To me.” 43. “Don’t you fucking die on me!” 44. “They called me a slut.” 45. “Bitch.” 46. “Can I just die already?” 47. “I’m done.” 48. “I need to get away.” 49. “I’m going to fucking hit you.” 50. “I’ll always protect you.” 51. “Today is what?!” 52. “Just kiss me already.” 53. “Oh no!” 54. “Stop raiding my drawers!” 55. “You’re so goddamn loud!” 56. “Come over here!” 57. “Are you hurt?” 58. “What’s your darkest secret?” 59. “You first.” 60. “Are you tired?” 61. “Why are you so tough on me?” 62. “Me or him/her?” 63. “I’m bored.” 64. “Pie?!” 65. “There are ads popping up fucking everywhere?” 66. “We are here!” 67. “Oh. My. God!” 68. “I think I’m going to faint.” 69. “I think I sprained my wrist..” 70. “Stark needs me.” 71. “Hell is going to LOVE me.” 72. “I hate my life.” 73. “What is this?” 74. “You’re really going through with this?” 75. “I love you too much to let you do that.” 76. “What’s your fucking problem?” 77. “Don’t flirt with her. Don’t touch her, or we will have a problem!” 78. “You want to try that again?” 79. “Leave. Or I’ll have Tony blast you out?” 80. “Why are you leaving me?” 81. “So soon?” 82. “I’m going to be so late!” 83. “Love is not a choice.” 84. “What is a meme?” 85. “This is offensive.” 86. “I love this movie!” 87. “I feel like I’ve seen you before.” 88. “Why did you make me a snapchat?” 89. “What? It’s funny!” 90. “He’s ugly.” 91. “You’re too pretty.” 92. “Holy shit, you look good.” 93. “Uh, scratch that!” 94. “Keep it.” 95. “I’ll fucking punch him!” 96. “I am so tired of you!” 97. “How’s this look?” 98. “You need to take a break!” 99. “It’s too hot in here.” 100. “Killing yourself is not the answer.”

I hate you, I love you (Harrison Osterfield)

Summary: Reader and Harrison are forced to act civil with each other whilst celebrating Paddy’s birthday. 

Word Count: 1971

Warning(s): Mentions of domestic abuse, mild swearing and mean Harrison (which totally doesn’t exist in real life)

I sighed knocking on the door of the Holland household. The door opened to reveal Tom a with a Happy Birthday hat on his head.

“Y/N you made it!” He grinned pulling me into the house giving me a hug before closing the door.

“Of course I made it.” I laughed. “I wouldn’t miss Paddy’s birthday party.” Tom frowned looking at the present I held in my hands.

“So that isn’t for me?” He asked. I rolled my eyes shaking my head.

“Hell no. Out of the way Spider-ling.” I joked pushing past him.

“It’s Spider-Man and you know that.” He grumbled walking behind me. I entered the living room putting my present on the side table looking around the room. “Just to warn you—Haz is here. Just don’t go screaming at each other will you?” I rolled my eyes focusing on the brown haired boy who sat across the room.

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Supernatural Group Chat #2

Y/n added Moose, Squirrel, and Cas to the conversation.

Y/n: Hey guys!!!!

Squirrel: Did you change our screen names??

Y/n: Maybe… A certain King of Hell owed me a favour ;)

Moose: Ew Y/n

Cas: I don’t understand. Why do you find that gross?

Moose: Don’t worry about it, Cas.

Squirrel: Speaking of Crowley, he is not allowed in this chat again. Last time, he was spying on Cas and I.

Y/n: To be fair, we thought you guys were having a secret relationship.

Squirrel: Wtf seriously?

Moose: Of course, you idiot.

Squirrel: Not you, too!!

Y/n: :P

Squirrel: I hate you guys.

Y/n: You don’t hate Cas…

Cas: Why would Dean ever hate me? What have I done?

Y/n: Omg xD

Moose: I’m just gonna….

Moose added God 🙏🏼 to the conversation.

Y/n: Oh you didn’t

Moose: Oh yes I did

God 🙏🏼: What’s up mortals

Squirrel: Damnit

dean ambrose { spiders }


 NOTES: As promised, the Dean Ambrose version. I think this one turned out to be more sexy than fluffy, but it’s still fluffy… I hope it is, at least. Apologies if he’s not IC here. I tried? I want to do a TJ Perkins and a Cesaro one next, but I make no promises because I also have a few other ideas that I might do too….  – love, Amber.

   TAGGING: @alexablss , @believe-that-001 , @littledeadrottinghood and @writergrrrl29.. you are all awesome and I love you all and I’m also tagging @fan-fiction-galore because she’s a sweetheart and I think she’d like the fluffiness that may or may not be present.

  WARNINGS: Partial nudity, Amber’s potty mouth and an intense makeout. This one is strictly SFW, though God knows Dean and imagined reader both seemed to strongly want otherwise..

I was super engrossed in a horror movie when I felt something crawling up my shirt, slowly moving from my abdomen to my tits. I jumped up and shook out my shirt on instinct, but instead of falling out of the shirt, whatever it was moved into my bra cup. Suffice to say, I shed the Guns N Roses baggy t shirt I was wearing and my M&M’s went flying everywhere as I hurriedly stripped off my bra too.

It was that exact moment that I knew I’d probably just fucked up. I froze and screamed like a banshee, a sofa cushion over my bare upper body as my room mate coughed from the doorway.. Or he was coughing until I felt the damn crawling sensation marching right back up my leg.. Then I launched myself right into Dean’s arms, pointing and stammering and just being extra about it, basically.  "Kill it! Kill it now!“ I was practically shrieking.

Dean bit his lip, his gaze not leaving my eyes after the one accidental glimpse he’d gotten of my tits. His face was a little red and he chuckled, nodding to the floor. "Kill what?”

“Did you not fucking see Spiderzilla?”
When he realized what all the fuss was about – because the spider chose that moment to scamper up the living room wall, he almost dropped me, the ass was laughing so hard. I pouted and he shifted me around in his arms, eventually sitting me on the counter separating the kitchen from the living room.

I was still clinging to him and our lips brushed when he told me quietly, “If ya want it dead.. Ya gonna have to let me go, doll.”

I blushed a deep shade of red beneath my tan when I realized that yes, I was clinging to him and yes, I was shirtless and the sofa cushion I’d grabbed for the sake of ‘decency’ was long gone.. And he was shirtless too and damned if his skin against mine didn’t feel just like heaven. I sucked in a breath and tried to get myself calm.

The spider scampered back towards the web it spun in the living room and Dean eyed me a few seconds. “I’m gonna step away now. Are ya okay?”

“Just kill it, please?”
He gave a nod and lifted the high heel I’d taken off earlier in the afternoon, stealthily moving towards the web the spider retreated to after scaring the living shit out of me. When the spider managed to fall out of the web and down onto him, and he was swearing and jumping around too, I couldn’t help but giggle a little bit, quickly going silent when he turned and said “I oughta just leave it alive.. Laughin at me.” while pretending to pout.

“DEAN!” I pointed to the spider as it scampered for a corner and quickly, he bought his foot down on top of it.. And then, he grabbed something and scooped the spider and it’s guts onto it and pitched it into the garbage… When I looked up again, he was standing in front of me, this look in his eyes, his tongue slowly trailed over his lips.

He was holding my gaze intently and he wasn’t backing down. He moved to stand between my legs, his hands gripping my thighs and when his gaze lowered accidentally, he swallowed hard and looked back up at me.

I bit my lip as they started to tingle, this urge to kiss him overtaking me. I’ve probably been in love with the dork since we became room mates about two years ago, but every time I even think about making a move, I chicken out or the timing is wrong or something else.. Excuses, basically.. Not to mention I’m on the shy side and Dean, he tends to focus solely on what he does for a living, I mean in the entire two years we’ve been room mates, I haven’t once come home to find another girl with him or heard him sneaking in past midnight with a female giggling and kissing all over him.

I never find phone numbers in his pockets or lipstick on his collar..
So maybe he just doesn’t date?

He grumbled something as his hand reached out, resting across the nape of my neck. He scooted me closer to his body so I was completely pressed against him, clinging to him again and nipping at my lips, he mumbled into the kiss, “That’s better. Just stay right there.” and I whimpered, gripping at him, my legs biting into his hips to bring me even closer to his body. My hand dragged through his hair and I could taste the energy drink on his lips as we kissed. He groaned and nipped at my lower lip. “Vanilla lipgloss.” he mused as I nodded. “Tastes good.. Sweet.”

His hands wandered up my sides, cupping my breasts, pushing them together as he let this low growl leave his lips and he bit his lip, his gaze meeting mine. “So soft.” his voice was quieter and huskier, his slight accent thicker when he spoke. I could feel wetness flooding my thighs and instinctively, I felt them clench and I tried to catch up and process what was evidently happening.

“Yeah, babe?” he met my gaze and then he rubbed himself against me, his cock strained against his jeans as he admitted, “Two fuckin years, babe..  Danced around the way I felt about ya for two fuckin years. But tonight.. Tonight when ya threw yourself at me because that spider freaked ya out.. I can’t keep it in anymore.” and I whimpered, rubbing against him in return, craving the friction.

“You have no idea, do you?” I muttered against his lips, looking into his eyes. “I feel the same way.”

“Why didn’t ya say somethin?” he asked, a confused look.
“I have seen the women you work with? And yeah.. I’m just me.”

“I fuckin hate spiders.” he muttered and I added with a nod, “Me too.. But that one kind of did us a solid?”

“I still hate 'em. Ya probably the only person I’ve ever willingly killed one for.” Dean admitted and I leaned in, stealing a kiss as I smiled against his lips and held his face in my hands. “Aww.. You know, when you’re not being a grump, you can be a real sweetheart.”

“Keep that between us.” Dean chuckled as he picked me up, carrying me down the hall to his room…

I am re reading one of my old fics for inspo and I can’t believe I wrote a dramatic rain scene and then made fun of myself for doing so in it lmao

Zayn hates the rain. Seriously. It is pouring, smacking against the pavement angrily. There is no way his backpack isn’t going to get soaked in that, because it takes at least ten minutes to get back to his dorm. Thankfully he can leave his art in the studio so it doesn’t end up ruined by the rain pellets.

He kind of hates himself at the moment, because even though it had been raining when he left his dorm, he hadn’t thought about changing into boots instead of  his converses, he didn’t bring an umbrella or even a thick enough jacket to somewhat keep him dry. He is wearing a jean jacket over a hoodie, and seriously, what had he been thinking?

His phone vibrates, and fuck, he didn’t think about that either. He shoves it under his hoodie, securing it under the waistband of his jeans so maybe, he prays, that it doesn’t get ruined too.

Zayn runs, trying to dodge the drops of rain that are coming down like bullets. He needs to start working out or something because his lungs are on fire, legs aching by the time he spots his dorm building. A warm shower would be so nice, and his bed, oh god his bed –

Zayn fumbles to find his keys, slowing down to a jog as he tugs them out of his backpack. Yeah, everything is soaked, his notebooks starting to curl around the edges, the cardboard covering his pencils turning a dark shade.

“Zayn, wait up!”

Liam is running towards him, just as wet as him. Zayn squints his eyes because it is dark and the rain is messing with his vision. He really needs to work on not seeing Liam in everything, everyone.  

It is Liam though, hair matted to his forehead and a blue cotton shirt clinging to his chest. At least he was smart enough to wear boots, but he isn’t wearing a jacket and it is freezing, so they are both equally out of their minds.

“What the fuck, Liam. It is pouring – what are you doing here?”

“Have to ask you something,” Liam gets out.  He is out of breath, and Zayn isn’t sure why, because Liam could probably run laps around this campus without getting too tired.

“So you were waiting in the rain? Do you know how to text?”

“Tried that. I have been calling too, but you’ve kind of been ignoring me.” He grimaces at himself before adding, “And I was waiting in my truck.” He nudges his head towards the parking lot, where Zayn can almost make out the shape of the truck.

As much as Zayn hates the rain coming down on him, his feet are rooted to the ground, gaping at Liam.  He considers turning around and just going inside, but Liam looks serious. It has been two days since Liam last tried texting him, and Zayn had thought he had given up again.

“Why did you stop talking to me?” he says before Zayn can decide what to do. Do they really have to do this here? “I need to know why you stopped talking to me.”

“Liam, what – “

“Zayn it’s important,” he interrupts, sounding just as desperate as he looks. “I just need to know.”

Liam’s busy schedule is clearly starting to get to him because he is insane.

“You won’t talk to me, but you’ve given Soph all of these drawings of me. I found one in my car, and that night at your sisters - I don’t know Zayn, maybe I shouldn’t try to figure out how you feel by the look on your face, but you’re not really giving me a choice.”

It seems like Liam can’t stop the flood of words rushing past his lips and he looks apologetic when he pauses, taking a deep breath before he continues.

“Niall told me,” Liam goes on, slower this time, not waiting any longer for Zayn to respond. “About how you brought me home drunk the night of the cupid party. Does it have to do with that?”

Zayn glares, finding his voice. “Did I stop talking to you because you were drunk? No.”

“How about me telling you I love you?”

Zayn stares at him, mouth falling open. He was sure Liam had been drunk enough that he could get away with pretending Liam never told him that, that he never heard Liam tell him that he felt the same. Feels the same.

Liam comes closer, closing the space between them in just two steps. Zayn can just make out the scent of his cologne through the smell of rain and he wants to press his face into Liam’s chest to comfort the hurt seeping through him.

“I didn’t know if I did or not, but the expression on your face confirms that I did.” Liam huffs out a breath, a ghost of smile on his lips but it isn’t a happy smile, really. “It’s true, you know. I meant it, in case you didn’t think so because I was drunk when I said it. I just didn’t mean to tell you that way though.”

“Did you come to tell me in the pouring rain? Like we are in some romance movie?”

“I am a romantic,” Liam grins. It slips off his face though when he realizes Zayn isn’t going to laugh at that. The only kind of laugh Zayn could muster right now would be full of tears or frustration. “I mean, that isn’t why I planned on coming here. Like I said, I have to know -

“Go home Liam,” Zayn says tiredly, turning around to unlock the door so he can finally go inside. The clothes sticking to his skin are heavy, dragging him down worse than the feeling in his chest is.

Touch Me (Part.1)


Artist : GRAY

“Babe, I gotta go okay?” Sunghwa call me while putting on his shoes ready to go. I’m still in my bathrobe and rush out from bathroom to say goodbye. I hug him from behind and he chuckle without looking back to me. I snuggle deeper to get his attention so he turns back and hug me after done with his shoes.

“What’s wrong baby girl? Isn’t it too early to be this clingy?” He put my chin between his fingers and pulls it up. Make me looks straight into his eyes.

“Because I know I’ll miss you until we meet tonight.” Sunghwa smile at my answer and cupped my cheeks.

“Don’t make me change my mind to skip today’s meeting and cuddling with you all day. You know how much I want to spend my time with you, but I have to make money to feed you.”

“And you’re actually afraid that Kiseok oppa will hunt you down if you don’t coming right?” He’s smile at my joke and caressed my cheek softly.

“Exactly. If you still want to see your boyfriend breath after today you should have let me go to the meeting.” I smile understand what his words mean. He moves his face closer to me and I begin to close my eyes, expecting a kiss. I can feel his soft lips on my forehead and then my nose. I keep my eyes shut and pucker my lips, but nothing comes.

“Baby girl, I really have to go now. I’m getting late.” My eyes shoot open when he said that. He patted my head and disappears behind the closed front door. He’s doing it again.

Sometimes I doubt with his feeling towards me. How can he love me without having any desire to touch me? Does he just pity me? Or he already has his own release place beside me? For one year dating him, he never touches me like a boyfriend should do. He’s sweet and all but when it’s come to skin ship, he always has his own way to run away.

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How you dare coming back? Part 1

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Featuring: Natasha Romanoff

Words: 1765

Warning: none I think

Tags: @ethereal-quiescent-meek

Request: requested by @ethereal-quiescent-meek:

“Hi could I get #16 with Tony please :)”

Note: none

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PART 2 / PART 3 / PART 4

It had been almost three years since that happened. Six months since that big, huge fight that destroyed everything. Six months since Anthony Stark told you all those horrible things, making you leave the Tower where he lived. That day you thought your life was over, that there was nothing else for you, no love, no friends…nothing.

But you were wrong: two weeks after leaving you found out you were pregnant with Tony’s baby. What were you supposed to do at that moment? Going back to him wasn’t an option. It was too painful to see him again after all the things he said and also the things you said. So you decided to take care of the baby by yourself, raise the little one alone without telling anyone. The only person on earth that knew about Lizzie was Natasha.

One day, a year after your breakup with Tony, you ran into her at the grocery store when you were with your baby buying diapers. It wasn’t too hard to find out that she was your daughter and she looked too much like Tony to deny that they were related, so you just told her. But you made her promise not to tell anyone, not even Steve or Clint.

Ever since, every Sunday, as long as they weren’t away on a mission, Natasha came to your apartment in Queens to visit her “niece”. According to her, since she was the only one who knew your secret, she had every right to be her auntie.

“She’s so big!” Natasha said as soon as you opened the door.

They had been away on a mission during a month so it had been a long time since the last time Nat saw Lizzie. She was a bit bruised after the mission but she immediately picked the three-years-old girl up and hugged her.

“Why weren’t you here for my birthday?” The girl asked when you closed the door of the apartment.

“Oh, sweetheart, I’m so sorry. I had to go to Los Angeles for work, do you forgive me?” She asked. “I bought you a present”, she added when the girl frowned.

“I forgive you, auntie Nat”, Lizzie said hugging her tight.

“Are you bribing my daughter, Romanoff?” You asked crossing your arms.

Natasha laughed and put the girl down to hug you as well. She was already a really close friend when you left the tower but she had become your biggest support during these last years. You honestly didn’t know what you would have done without her and her help.

“How was the mission?” You asked while you went to the kitchen to make some coffee.

“It was alright. Not easy, but everything turned out fine. Bucky got injured the last day and To-“ she cleared her throat but the omission was too obvious. “Everyone else is ok”, she quickly said.

“Nat, it’s been three years. You can say his name. He’s not Voldemort”, you chuckled.

“I know but…” she sighed. “He still remembers you” she suddenly said.

“Of course he does, we were together for seven years”, you shrugged.

“No. What I mean is…he still misses you”, she said quietly.

Confused, you looked at her. You would be lying if you said you never missed Tony but it wasn’t the same way as before. You now could live with that perfectly. He was part of your past now as much as Lizzie reminded you to him.

“I don’t believe you”, you sighed shaking your head as you poured the coffee in two mugs.

“Well, he does, and I think he deserves to know about Lizzie”, she said.

“No!” You quickly said almost dropping the milk bottle. “I…just no”, you repeated.

“What are you going to tell your daughter when she starts asking about her father? Because you know she will ask at some point”, she asked.

“I know but…” you bite your lip and looked at Lizzie playing with her dolls. “I can’t. If he knows about her, he will want to come back into my life and I just can’t deal with that”

“That doesn’t sound like you’re over him” Natasha pointed out.

“I don’t want to talk about it, Natasha. Really”, you finally said giving her one of the mugs.

“Fine, but you know you can’t avoid him forever”, she said.

And you knew that.

After that visit from Natasha you just couldn’t take what she told you off your head. You suddenly felt guilty for hiding Lizzie from Tony. It didn’t mind how bad you two ended, he deserved to know that he had a daughter. But you also knew Tony. The moment he found out, he would want to be completely active in his daughter’s life, which was comprehensive, but that would mean being back into your life and you knew you weren’t ready for that. You didn’t know what you would feel if you saw him again, you definitely had enough seeing him in the papers and magazines.

Maybe someday you would tell him, maybe when Lizzie started asking about his father. But that day hadn’t arrived yet. Or that’s what you thought.

It was just Wednesday and you were getting ready to go with Lizzie on your morning walk through the park. You did that every day since she would get bored if she spent the morning at home. Lucky for you, you didn’t have to hire a nanny since you worked from home, from your computer, so you didn’t need to go to any office every day.

“You look so pretty today, honey”, you smiled at Lizzie when you finished brushing her hair.

“You too, mummy” she smiled at you. You smiled and kissed her head for a moment before standing up.

“Go and get your coat, sweaty, I think it’s chilly today”, you told her while you finished getting ready by putting your boots on.

“Can I use the new beanie you bought me?” She asked smiling widely.

“I’ve just made your hair…” you said but sighed not being able to resist her puppy eyes. She was just like her father. “Ok, fine. Go” you gave in.

Just when you got up to get your coat and bag from the closet you heard a knock on the door. Probably it was your neighbour, May, who came to talk for a while or to join you in your walk. Quickly, you took your coat and bag and went to the door, opening with a big smile that faded the moment you saw Tony Stark himself standing at the doorway. Damn Nat. You were going to kill her.

“Tony” you mumbled after looking at him for a few moments.

“Himself” he said.

What you felt when you saw him was exactly what you were afraid of. Your heart started to race, you felt tickles in your belly and immediately all those memories you tried to keep at the back of your mind came back. You had always said that this man was the love of your life so you shouldn’t be so surprised to feel that but somehow you were.

“What are you doing here?” You asked still in shock.

“Mummy, I’m ready!”                                                      

You gulped when you heard your daughter’s voice. Damn. You turned around to see her coming from her room. As soon as she saw Tony she stopped and looked at him silently, like she always did what she saw a stranger. Biting your lip, you looked at Tony who was looking at her in disbelief. Now that he was there, in front of you, it was impossible to say that he wasn’t the father of the child. They were too alike. He looked at you and walked in slowly, closing the door behind him.

“This is what Natasha was talking about?” He asked. Before saying anything else you walked towards your daughter and bended down in front of her.

“Lizzie, go to your room for a moment, ok? Mummy has to talk to Mr Stark” you told her with a small smile.

“Okay…” she said still looking at Tony before running to her room. With a sigh you stood up and faced him.

“What did Nat told you?” You asked.

“First, she told she has been in contact with you during all these years. And second, she told me you had something to tell me”, he replied. “And now that I’m here I only have one question”, he added.

“And…what is that?” You asked even when it was necessary.

“Is that my daughter?” He asked.

The answer to that question was obvious but you still didn’t want to confirm it. Not to him, even when he was her father.

“Answer me, (Y/N). Is that little girl my daughter?” He asked again. You knew you had no choice.

“Yes. She is”, you finally said looking down.

You heard him perfectly taking a deep breath and then letting the air out slowly. You knew he always did that when he was calming himself down.

“When did you find out you were pregnant?” He asked quietly.

“Two weeks after we broke up”, you replied.

“What? And you didn’t tell me?” He said in disbelief.

“Are you really asking me that? After all the things you said I couldn’t even bring myself to walk near the tower, do you think I could go up there and face you to tell you I was pregnant?”

“Well, it happens I put that child in there so I kinda had some right to know, don’t you think?” He said crossing his arms.

“Yes, maybe you did. But I wasn’t ready and…you hated me. You said it yourself” you said remembering that last fight. “I didn’t think you would be interested in a kid”, you added.

“Gosh…you see? This is why we broke up! You always made all the decisions by yourself, not telling me or asking me!” He exclaimed.

“As I have always told you…it’s my life!” You exclaimed back but trying to keep it quiet for Lizzie.

“Your life? It was our life and another third life was coming and you decided not to tell me! And it looks like you weren’t even planning on doing it anytime soon, what were you planning to tell her when she asked about your dad?” He asked.

“I don’t know, ok? I have no idea what I was going to do” you replied with a sigh as you rubbed your hand against your forehead.

“Mummy?” You turned around when you heard your daughter’s voice.

“Yes, sweetie?” You asked with a smile.

“Is he my dad?”

One Last Call

Summary: (Requested by @amylillian22 (: ) This is part 2 to Smooth Operator. Liam is still trying to process that (Y/N) is Rose, the phone sex operator he fell for over the phone.

 Word Count: 3.5k

WARNING: There is a little smut at the end.

 A/N: Mason, Corey, Liam and the reader are all at least 20 years old. Amy this was so fun to go back to lol. I’m so glad you requested a part two!

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Liam’s POV

Rose is (Y/N). (Y/N) is Rose.

I replayed all the obvious clues in my head, yet I still couldn’t wrap my head around it. Why hadn’t I noticed her sweet voice sooner? I thought I only knew her as Mason’s friend, the one I never had the guts to speak to. Whenever they spoke, I always kept my distance. I didn’t want to eavesdrop on their conversation, but once I heard that beautiful laugh, I was hooked.

I shoved my hands in my pockets and made my way to my dorm.

It wasn’t my intention, but I found it more difficult than I should have to not listen whenever she spoke. Maybe that’s why I fell for Rose hard. The voice reminded me of (Y/N). It was (Y/N).

A blushed crept over my cheeks as I realized (Y/N) knew everything. Every desire I had  that was sexual and platonic. It was extremely comfortable speaking to her, no wonder I felt compelled to tell her whatever was on my mind and she understood. It felt safe talking to her, but now that I knew who she really was, it made it that much harder for me to wrap my head around it.

Would she ever take my calls again given that she knows who I am? Will she ever speak to me in person? I highly doubt it. The things we said we wanted to do to each other made me nervous, yet it was…enticing. I’ve never been that forward with anyone before, especially a female. She made me feel like I was the only person that ever mattered.

I stared at the number saved in my phone and wondered if she would be working tonight. Part of me hoped she would be. Talking to her always made my night, but now I fear they may become awkward now that we’ve met and there was only one way to find out.

As soon as I entered the dormitory, I dialled the number and asked for Rose. Surprisingly, she was working tonight.

“H…hi. I’m Liam”

“I know who you are”, she said softly

“Of course. About today…”, I started as i realized the elevator was out of service and I made my way to the staircase

“It was interesting”, she finished, “Is it bad that I’m glad I can put a face to the voice?”

“N…no. Well it depends on how you feel about the face”

She giggled and I smiled triumphantly.

“I really like the face”, she said as she giggled some more

I could sense her nervousness through the phone. At least I wasn’t the only one.

The blush returned to my cheeks again, “Was Mason aware of your job?”

She stayed quiet for a few seconds before answering, “He did. I told him about it a couple of weeks after I started. He thought it was pretty cool. I never told him what my pseudonym was though”

“That’s pretty interesting, given that Mason was the one who told me to call your hotline”

It grew silent until I heard her laugh again. I wanted to hear it as often as possible. I began to laugh too as I realized our friend was trying to set us up the entire time.

I sighed as I reached the third floor and realized it was the wrong one. I had to go up two more floors. Why was it so hard for me to remember which room the floor was on? I’m usually good with this stuff, but my main focus was on (Y/N). Right now she was all that really mattered.

“So how did I get through to you every time I called?”

“We spoke so often, that I made sure everyone knew to direct your calls to me and to clear my schedule whenever you called. I knew that after we finished, it would hard to focus on anyone else. It was like that most nights. They weren’t you which made things a little difficult”, she said as if she was exposing her darkest secret


“Well I fell for your voice and your personality. You weren’t like everyone else”

I stayed quiet and waited for her to continue as I reached the fourth floor.

“You weren’t cocky and so sure of yourself. You never acted as if you knew what I needed or wanted. Shyness isn’t really a common factor for people who do call me so I was intrigued as to why you called in”

“It was Mason”, I added, “He gave me the number to call, but never told me who to ask for”

Part of me hated him for it, yet I was grateful.

“I owe him for that because I got to meet you”

“If he would have tried to introduce me to you any other way, it probably wouldn’t have worked”

“I thought this way would be far more difficult”

“For others yes. For me? Not at all. He knew I liked you and always encouraged me to come talk you, but I always chickened out at the last moment. It was easier for me to talk over the phone and be anonymous. It put me at ease”, I responded truthfully

“You asked me what I wanted”, she blurted out, “That isn’t common for many callers. They tell me the things they’ll do to me and that’s it. I imagine it’s like they get off and leave me unsatisfied”, she giggles again, “But you, Aaron, made it your business to find out what I wanted and it was such a…one second I think my roommate is at the door”

“Okay”, was all I could say as I waited for her response

The door in front of me opened and (Y/N) stood, shocked, in her doorway. She stayed quiet before a grin spread across her face.

“Liam? Or should I say Aaron?”, she asked as her eyes roamed from my face, legs, and everything in between

She spoke as if she wanted much more from me than just a conversation. On some nights we spoke we had meaningful conversations and others were bad enough to make a drill sergeant blush. It was always spontaneous. We never knew what type of might it would be until the other picked up the phone.

“It depends. Who do you want?”, I said making my tone match hers

She stepped out of her room and pulled me by my belt loops, “Well I was enjoying getting to know Liam. I like him the way he is”


“Don’t be so surprised. You’re very sweet and considerate. Why would I not like you for you?”, (Y/N) asked as she locked the door

“Well I’m nervous around you all the time, to the point where I avoided you for most of the school year and I’m also –”

“Liam that doesn’t matter to me. I’m glad Aaron turned out to be you. I’ve never met anyone who cared for me that much, even if we only spoke on the phone”

(Y/N) sat on her bed and I finally sat down next to her. We laid back on her bed and talked for the rest of the night. It may seem a little unconventional, but I’m glad this is how I met the girl of my dreams.

Months Later

“So Rose do you have anything planned after the movies for Aaron tonight? Isn’t it your anniversary or something?”, Mason asked as a  smirk spread across his face

“Mason! Stop asking and don’t call us that in public”, I chided

“It’s alright Liam. I already told you you  don’t have to worry since you were the only caller from our campus”

I relaxed a little more when I remembered her telling me months ago. When we started dating, she decided to stop her night job. It never bothered me if she kept it or not, but she insisted. Things are a little different now. She grew tired of the callers becoming more insensitive towards her so she decided to hang up the towel…or phone.

“Fine. I’ll stop”, he grinned

“Why aren’t you with Corey?”, she asked

“The same reason why we aren’t going out until later tonight: because he decided to take night class. Who does that?”, Mason scoffed

“You’re lovely boyfriend”, she sang

They both started laughing at each other. Things started to get so much easier once (Y/N) and I started dating. She was already friends with my best friend so we all hung out whenever we got the chance. When we went on dates, it felt like we were the only ones left. No one else mattered at the moment, but her. We had our first kiss the first night I spent in her dorm. It was two in the morning and her roommate decided to stay at a friend’s house. I was halfway through my sentence when I looked at her and lost my train of thought.

‘What are you staring at?’

‘The most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen’

She grinned at me and her mood began to change. She rolled over so we were face to face and my heart started beating out of control. Her lips trailed over mine and my mind went completely blank. I pushed myself forward and our lips met. My lips tingled as they melted on to hers. Her hand trailed down my chest as my hand rubbed her thigh. Soon enough she was pushing my jacket from my shoulders and I was ripping her shorts off.

As soon as we made contact, her phone began to ring. Apparently her friend’s plans fell through and she needed a ride back to campus. We held off that night and decided it was best to wait for it not to be in the spur of the moment.

Mason walked out the theater hand in hand with Corey as (Y/N) and I followed behind them.

“I can’t believe that’s how the movie ended. That was a load of bs”, Corey exasperated, shaking his head

“I agree. That was way too unrealistic”, (Y/N) smiled, “It was so bad”

Mason and I laughed as we watched our significant other’s expressions. They were always on each others’ side.

“So”, Mason said as he eyed (Y/N) and I, “I have to ask”

Oh God. Here we go.

“Rose what exactly do you have planned for my friend tonight? Do I need to wait up or what?”, he smiled

To my surprise (Y/N) smiled back, “You might not see him until the day after tomorrow”

She turned and winked at me as a blush spread across my cheeks. I was excited about staying with her for the night whether we had sex or not. I took her hand in mine and she began to grin.

“Does that answer your–”, she started

“Rose?”, someone called

We all turned our heads in the direction of the unfamiliar voice.

A man in his late twenties was staring right at (Y/N), who’s raised her eyebrows in question.

“It is you”, the creep nearly gasped, “ I used to call in all the time because I was in love with your voice”

“Umm..I..”, she stammered

“I knew it was you. I’d know that voice from anywhere”, he said he stepped closer to her

Before he could make another move, I stepped in front of him, “I think that’s enough”

“Who the hell are you?”, he asked as he tried to walk around him

Even if I wasn’t there Mason and Corey stood their ground to protect (Y/N).

“I said that’s enough. Don’t you see that you’re making her uncomfortable?”

He looked over and saw the look on her face. She barely made eye contact. It was almost as if she was ashamed.

“Yeah because I’m supposed to fall for that. If she really was so uncomfortable why did she do it in the first place?”

I balled my hands into fists until my knuckles turned white. I didn’t want to make a scene, but he was asking for it.

“I’m just curious to know”, he continued, “How does it feel to date someone who has phone sex with other guys? Isn’t that cheat–”

I swung before he could finish his sentence. He was on the ground holding his bloody nose writhing in pain.

“No it doesn’t bother me, given it’s the way we met”

I pulled (Y/N) away before a crowd began to form. She was still processing all that happened. She was on autopilot until Mason and Corey got out the car.

“That was another reason why I stopped taking calls”, she said softly, “I always felt like something like this was happen. It seemed impossible, but I just wanted to take precaution”

“Isn’t this a terrible way to start a relationship?”, she added quickly

She stared at me with so much uncertainty.

“Unconventional? Yes. Terrible? No.We were honest with each other from the beginning. I’m glad Mason made me call that night or else I wouldn’t have been able to meet you”

(Y/N) smiled at my answer before kissing me on the lips.

(Y/N)’s POV

Liam walked me back to my room thirty minutes ago. After tonight’s events, I knew he was still a little upset and needed to blow off a little steam. I never wanted tonight to end like this. What happened was no one’s fault, but everyone was either annoyed, upset, or both. I wanted to talk to Liam. We had our own way of communicating and it was alright to go back to it every once in awhile.

‘Just for tonight’, I thought as I dialed his number

Surprisingly, he picked up on the second ring wide awake, “(Y/N)? Is everything alright?”, he panicked

“(Y/N)’s perfectly fine Aaron. The question is, is everything alright with you?”, you answered

Liam slowly let out a breath I didn’t know he was holding, “Rose, it’s nice to hear from you again. To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“Well I haven’t heard from you in a while. I may not work anymore, but I’ll always make time for you…and only you Aaron”

I could practically hear him smile through the phone.

“That’s good to know babe. It is okay for me to call you that right?”, he asked nervously

“Of course it is. I’ve missed our conversations”

“Which ones deep conversations or the one where we talk about our fantasies and desires? Because I miss both”

“I miss both too, but right now I’m thinking about one in particular”, I paused and took a breath, “But with a twist”

“What did you have in mind Rose?”

“We can have our same conversation, but we can make it a little interesting while we’re doing it”

“How will we do…oh. Oh”, there was fumbling in the background until he picked up the phone again, “Where do we begin?”

“What’s been on your mind lately?”

“You”, he answered almost immediately, “Just you. Your laugh, your smile, your voice, and also what I want to with you. Like right now”

“Yeah?”, I let out, “And what would that be?”

“I would grab you by your waist, kiss your neck until you start moaning softly. I remember you told me that drove you crazy. Having someone’s lips on your neck, I can attest to that. By then, I would be kissing you as I unbuttoned your blouse and let it fall to the ground”

As he talked about taking off my blouse, I began to unbutton my shirt, allowing to fall into a pile on the floor.

“I’d make my way from your lips, down your neck”, he said softly as I let the tips of my fingers trail down my neck, “Kissing the rest of my way down to your breasts as I pull off your bra so I can caress them in my hand”

I squeezed my thighs together at the thought. My hands had made their way down to my breast, with my bra on the floor as well. I rubbed them as gentle as Liam would.

“Pretty soon I would want to hear you moaning softly because it drives me insane…in a good way”, he added quickly, “While you’re lying on the bed, I’d roll one of your nipples between my fingers, while putting the other in my mouth. Think of my tongue rolling over it softly as I’m still squeezing the other in my fingers”, he said in a husky voice

A soft moan escaped my lips as I rolled both of my nipples between my fingers as gently as Liam does, my thighs still clenched together.

“I want to hear you (Y/N). Just like that”, he groaned, “I would keep going, knowing you’re trying to clench your thighs together, but I know I’ll be getting to it shortly. I start squeezing your nipple a little harder as I suck on the other”

I moaned a little louder as I pinched them a little harder. My back nearly arched off the bed.

“Dammit (Y/N). If was over there right now”

“Come over here and show me then”, I cooed

He groaned again.

“I would keep going until you thought you were on the brink of an orgasm, then pull away and kiss my way down to your thighs. I’d stop just as I got to your mound and kiss just where it meets your thighs. I’d lick my way up and down then move to the other side, going as slow as i possibly could”

My hands travelled to my mound and slowly ran my fingers up and down the area where his tongue would be. I tried to focus on not rubbing my clit or my lips.

“Liam”, I moaned, “Please come over”

“But I’m not done yet”, he said sweetly, “I’m not stopping until I hear you have your orgasm. I want to hear you through the phone”

“I want to slide my tongue down your mound as I reach your clit I’m going to move away to kiss my way up and down your thighs. When I reach the top, I’m going to rub the tip of my tongue across your clit over and over…”

He paused when he heard me gasp. My finger was rubbing against my clit in circular motions, while one hand was still rolling my nipple between my fingers.

“You’re doing it aren’t you?”, he asked, his voice thick with need

“Yes”, I moaned

“What does it feel like?”

I wasn’t sure if it was his voice in my ear, the question, or a combination of both, but I was far too turned on to care.

“It feels like sparks”

“Sparks”, he repeated with a laugh

“Don’t judge me Dunbar. It feels like every nerve ending is firing right now and I might explode at any minute. My core has been throbbing ever since I’ve heard you speak”

He groaned again.

“What will you do next?”, I baited

“Someone seems eager for a release”, he laughed once more, “I would wrap my lips around your clit and suck as gently as I could. I’d take my time sucking softly, then start sucking harder just to watch your back arch off the bed”

I rubbed my clit quicker at the thought of him between my legs.

“I don’t think I could just stop it there. My fingers would push their way between your thighs. That feeling of having you wrapped around my fingers would drive me insane”

“I began to clench again, but there was still nothing there. I wanted him here so bad.

“My fingers would start to curl as they stroked your g spot. Then–”

A loud moan escaped my lips as my fingers pushed past my folds going towards my g spot. The more pressure I put on it the better it felt.

“Liam”, I moaned as my legs began to shake

A groan came from his end, “(Y/N), I’m so close”

“Me too”

We haven’t even got to the fun part yet”

I giggle softly. My bottom lip quivered, my legs were shaking as my hips bucked off my mattress. I was getting closer to the edge, ready to take that dive.

“The second my fingers reached your spot, my lips would wrap around your clit and I wouldn’t dare stop until I feel you cumming all around my fingers…”, he paused

My voice reached a higher pitch as I finally flew over the edge. The orgasm ripped through me as I screamed Liam’s name.

Liam’s voice echoed in my ear as he reached his orgasm as well.

When I became aware of my surrounding again, the phone clicked. One minute later there was a knock on my door. I threw on some shorts and a tshirt and twisted the knob. Almost immediately, I was pinned against the wall between Liam’s arms with his mouth on mine.

“I told you we weren’t finished yet”, he said as he pulled off my clothes, “Happy anniversary babe”

Hate At First Sight (But Then Love). (Daryl Dixon)

Originally posted by noisysunday

I had never been the type of person to judge someone based on the first impression they gave me, but Daryl Dixon was different. When we first met he had been working on the old motorcycle my brother, Aaron gave him that had been sitting in the garage collecting dust. I attempted to start a conversation with one of our new neighbors, but Daryl had made it very clear he was not interested in becoming friends with anyone in Alexandria.

“Hi,” I had greeted Daryl when I spotted him changing the tires on the bike. “You must be Daryl, I’m Y/N, Aaron’s sister.” Daryl merely glanced at me.

“Mm.” he hummed nonchalantly as he returned his attention to the bike.

“Aaron told me that you’ll be assisting him on his recruiting trips. Are you looking forward to it?” I asked conversationally. Daryl put down the wrench in his hand and grabbed a dirty rag to clean the oil off his hands with. He looked at me and simply nodded. “You’re not much of a talker, are you? Aaron said you were quiet, but I didn’t think -”

“Do you usually talk to strangers like this?” he asked suddenly and I looked at him in confusion.

“Excuse me?”

“Do you always go up to people you’ve never met and talk to them like the world is normal?”

“I-I was just trying to start a -”

“Yeah, I know what you were trying to do, but I haven’t got all day to chat. I don’t mean to be rude, but I’ve got things to do.” And with that, Daryl turned back to the motorcycle and it seemed as if I had never even been here.

That night during dinner with Aaron and Eric I had told them about Daryl’s rudeness and how incredibly shocked I was to find that some people could still manage to be jerks when the world was ending and when the living should stick together and be friends.

“Daryl and his people aren’t small talkers, Y/N,” Aaron had chuckled. “I did tell you what they did to me, right?”

“I still didn’t expect him to be so…so arrogant. As if I didn’t have things to do as well. The nerve, honestly.” I said indignantly as I sipped my water. Aaron and Eric shared a smile that I put off, because all I could think about was how rude Daryl had been and what I could do to teach him a lesson.

Over the next few weeks, I had avoided Daryl and kept my distance from him, and when he was near me while I was speaking to someone else I acted as if I couldn’t even see him, turning my charm on for the person in front of me and hoping Daryl would hear what a delight I was to speak to. It seemed to work at times because I would occasionally catch Daryl looking at me, whether I was alone or not, so I decided to kill him with kindness.

Whenever we crossed paths I would greet him politely and with a smile, just as I would with anyone else. At first Daryl would just glance at me, but afterwards he started curling the corner of his lips into a sort of smile and sending me a curt nod. It was working, but I didn’t count on the chance that I would feel nice when Daryl acknowledged me. It was as if knowing that he knew I was around made me feel special in an odd way, but I liked being known to him.

“Hey, Daryl,” I said on instinct when I saw the tall man heading in my direction on the sidewalk. I smiled at him and Daryl offered me a soft smile in return, nodding slightly as we got closer.

“Y/N,” he said. We walked past each other, and once we did I felt an emptiness grow in my chest. Quickly, I turned around and called out to Daryl.

“Do you want to have dinner with me tonight?” I heard myself ask and I felt myself blush furiously as Daryl turned to look at me. A hesitant look on his face. “With me and Aaron and Eric.” I added quickly, my face growing hotter each second Daryl kept his eyes on me. “We’re having spaghetti.” Why couldn’t I stop talking?

“Okay.” Daryl said, and then he was on his way again. A weight fell off my shoulders when he left and I hurried home to give Aaron and Eric a heads up for tonight.

“I thought you hated him?” Aaron questioned with an amused smile on his face as he took another plate down from the cupboards.

“I-well-It’s complicated.” I mumbled softly, staring at my shoes.

“Y/N has a crush.” Eric said in a sing song voice. Aaron chuckled while I glared at my brother’s partner.

“What are you? Nine?” I cringed as Eric broke into a chorus of ‘Daryl and Y/N sitting in a tree’ and hurried upstairs to my room to change.

Daryl came by that night, he had showered, and he greeted me with a twinkle in his eye. “Hey,” he said gruffly.

“Hey, come in, we’re just setting the table.” I stepped aside to let Daryl in and chuckled as his old boots trailed dirt into the house.

“Uh, should I take these off?” he asked, blushing. I had never seen Daryl blush before, but it was a sight that warmed my heart.

“No, it’s okay. Eric likes to clean.” I lead him into the kitchen and Aaron and Eric smiled at Daryl when he entered.

“Have a seat, the food’s ready.” Aaron gestured to the chair at the end of the table and I felt myself practically lunge for the seat next to him. Eric snorted and passed it off as a sneeze as he handed out the plates Aaron was serving.

Dinner could not have been better, I had expected it to be awkward, but Aaron, Eric, and Daryl were making a smooth conversation and my brother could not have talked me up any better. I reminded myself to thank him after dinner for his magnificant words about me.

“Y/N was actually the first of my parents’ children to graduate with a college degree. She was going to be a science teacher.” Aaron said. Daryl nodded and looked at me.

“Why a science teacher?”

“I like science and I liked the idea of teaching it to kids. Kids love science at a young age, they get so excited over it.” I said with an undeniable yearning in my voice.

“I think you would’ve been a great teacher.” Eric said. “She’s so kind, the kids would’ve loved her.” Eric also deserved some praise after dinner.

After we finished eating, Aaron and Eric insisted that they would take care of cleaning up and that I should walk Daryl to the door, which I wasn’t going to argue with.

“Thank you for joinig us.” I said as Daryl and I stepped out onto the porch. I softly closed the door behind me and crossed my arms over my chest to shield me from the chilly wind.

“I enjoyed it.” Daryl murmured, standing in front of me on the first step so we were now at a somewhat even height. “I enjoyed spending time with you.” he said in an even softer voice.

“I did too.” I smiled at Daryl, blushing slightly.

Daryl then leaned forward and he pressed a light kiss on my cheek, increasing the heat on my face. He smelled like warm leather and a misty forest and he radiated warmth and secureness, I felt safe around him. He pulled back and moved a strand of my hair behind my ear.

“Goodnight, Y/N.” he said.

“Goodnight, Daryl.” I watched him walk off into the brisk night while I touched the spot on my cheek he had kissed, smiling like an idiot before going back inside where Aaron and Eric bombarded me with questions I couldn’t answer because I was still in a trance over a simple kiss Daryl Dixon had given me.

Requested: Reader is Aaron’s younger sister and she uses her charm to hit Daryl where it hurts but they end up falling for each other. I wasn’t quite sure as to why the Reader was trying to ‘hit Daryl where it hurts’, so I kind of made up a hate-at-first-sight type of theme. I had fun writing this one though. Hope you like it! Thanks for requesting! xx

Confession deferred (WC: 912)

also titled, “I wrote this loosely based on a conversation with a friend and the fear of the successors of america’s current executive branch.”

“Do you wanna just, like, get married?”

Dex choked on the shitty, watered-down lemonade he was drinking, the straw jumping up to painfully scrape against some part so deep in his throat he figured neither dick nor dentist capable of reaching it.

 “What?” he spluttered.

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Young! Remus Lupin x Reader Imagine - Intellectual Rivals

(Part 1 Here)
(Part 2 Here)
(Part 3)

Words: 4,175.

“Right, I’ll see ya, Lils,” you leapt half-heartedly from the centre common room couch, catching the time; 5:57pm.
“Wait! You didn’t answer my question,” she heaved the pile of books onto the coffee table as to relieve her of the dragged weight.
“Will you come to the Winter Ball with me? I mean, as a bodyguard against Potter.”
“Okay, first,” you sank back into the cushion with acknowledgment that you won’t be leaving anytime soon, “I thought you were joking. Secondly, what makes you think that I’m not already going?”
“I’m deadly serious. Plus, you’d literally hunt me down and tell me if you got a date.”
“Okay, okay, but don’t you have about 50 guys practically lining up to ask you out?,” you couldn’t help the slight envious essence maintained within the statement.
“Not anymore,” she spat, her eyes floating towards the distant table of James, Sirius and Peter.
“What? But Theodore Bates was just flirting with you yesterday.”
“And Potter’s just given him 13 Galleons to stay away from me.”
“How about Nathaniel Ste-”
“10 Sickles with a threat to hit him with a Bludger in the next Quidditch Game.”

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Christian woke up to the sound of the piano being quietly played from the living room. It was a sound he hadn’t heard in the house for a long time. When he peeked his head out from the bedroom, he saw his roommate, Justin, sitting at the bench in the early morning light. He had a pen in hand, and a book of sheet music laid across his lap. His brow was furrowed as he examined what Christian thought looked like a particularly difficult piece of music.

“You don’t have to do that any more, you know,” Christian yawned.

Justin knew that. The advanced music theory he was studying would do nothing to help him in the weight room or on the football field. It didn’t have anything to do with sports, or partying, or getting laid. And that’s why he liked it.

“It’s relaxing,” he simply said. He added, “It helps me remember who I used to be.”

“Why would you want to remember that?”

Justin shrugged, causing a chain reaction of muscle to go rippling across his entire torso.

“Do you even understand any of that stuff any more?”

“Some of it” Justin said, “A lot of it, actually. You know, I’m still me inside of here.”

“I don’t get it,” Christian shook his head, “You hated being your old self. Remember? You used to tell me every day how much you wished you could be popular, handsome, athletic. And look at you, you got your wish.”

“Yeah,” Justin said, but he wasn’t interested in continuing the conversation. He had to keep his focus. He knew how easily he could slip back into his dumb jock persona if he lost his concentration, and he wanted so badly to hang onto his old self, even if it was just for these few quiet moments. “I got my wish.”

Lauren's Interview with Nylon- Women's March

“We’re all here, and our voices matter, and we outnumber you”

Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui sums up her decision to take part in D.C.’s historic Women’s March on Washington neatly: “I need to walk what I talk, you know?”

Talk, she does. At 20 years old, Jauregui is quickly becoming one of the most politically outspoken stars on the map, and can speak to everything from the crusade against Planned Parenthood to music industry sexism. In October, the Cuban-American came out as bisexual via an open letter to Trump voters that was scathing, to say the least. And on Saturday, she joined an impressive list of celebrities who took part in protest marches across the country and the world.

Though Jauregui admits the Women’s March marks her first trip to the nation’s capital for a protest, she says her interest in women’s rights issues sparked while attending an all-girls high school in Miami, Florida.

There, “it was instilled in me to be a confident and courageous woman,” the singer explains. “Every single girl that I went to school with is so inspirational and so powerful and so driven and so unafraid. I think that’s something we all need to instill in each other.”

To Jauregui, this also means ensuring that women of all backgrounds and experiences are included in an intersectional feminist movement. As a young woman who is a member of the LGBT community and belongs to an immigrant family, she jokes that she falls into “three categories” of minority.

It’s a diversity of life experience that extends to the rest of Fifth Harmony’s girl-power group as well. “We’re four women who are completely different ethnicities, completely different body types, completely different walks of life and opinions,” Jauregui says.

We caught up with Jauregui just after her arrival in D.C. to talk about her “overwhelming” experience at the march, the feminism stigma, and the power of millenials to make the next generation count. Watch Fifth Harmony’s performance at the People’s Choice Awards last week below, and scroll through for our Q&A with Jauregui.

Who and what are you marching for? I’m marching for human rights in general, because the upcoming administration has clearly made a statement about who they support and what kind of regime they intend to instill. I’m marching for women, I’m marching for the LGBT community, I’m marching for immigrants. I happen to fall into all three categories [laughs], so I’m marching for myself at the end of the day and for my family and my friends. And for whoever else deserves it. What were you feeling during the march? Over-fucking-whelmed. Present, aware, peaceful, and ready to go. The most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. I can’t believe that I witnessed the history that I did.

I feel like a lot of people felt so alone with this new administration coming in, and they felt so betrayed. This whole entire experience is a clear indication of the fact that… we are the popular vote. This is us, out here marching. All around the world, women united, and men united, and humans alike united, and we’re not going to tolerate this. We’re not going to tolerate a fascist regime, and we’re not going to tolerate you telling us that we’re not important. Because we’re all here, and our voices matter, and we outnumber you.

How did the march alter your perspective?
I’ve spent so much time in my head and in my notes and in my journals about how much pain this world is in and how upset I am that nobody cares. Going out there today and seeing how many people really care, how many people are so down to use their voices, how many people are willing to fight tooth and nail… it was just beautiful. I was so emotional at so many points. I cried so many times. This is democracy. We are democracy.

What was the crowd like?
It was the most incredible, humbling experience to be in the presence of so many humans who were so willing to come together. When I was there, we were trying to get to the bathroom and then trying to get back into the crowd, and it was absolutely impossible because it was so packed, and there was this woman who was in a wheelchair. We were trying to get up onto the ledge, and she was like, “use my wheelchair! Come on!” She literally let us use her as a stepping stool. It was crazy. Everyone was so helpful, helping each other out.

Do you think public figures like yourself have an added responsibility to be politically outspoken?
I think that in the entertainment industry particularly, people usually get into this business because they’re trying to just be the distraction for people. But for me, I don’t see the power in having a voice, and a voice that so many more people listen to than an average… I don’t feel right having that and not using it for the sake of educating. That’s why I think I was born and given this platform to begin with. I hate attention, I hate all of that kind of shit. But I think God gave me this voice for this purpose—to use it for the sake of uniting people and making sure that everyone knows that it’s okay to use your voice. You can be a young woman, and it’s okay to use your voice. You can be as strong as you want.

Growing up in Miami, you went to an all-girls school. How did that influence the woman you are today?
Honestly, I’ve been very blessed that I was able to go through Carrollton [School of the Sacred Heart]. I attribute everything that I feel and all of the passion that I have to that school. It’s an all-girls school, and it was instilled in me to be a confident and courageous woman. “Women of courage and confidence” was the slogan, essentially, of our school. I’m just so grateful because every single teacher I encountered, all of the administration, everyone involved, men and women alike, were there for the purpose of growth of each individual girl. And each individual girl was told how special she was and how much she could influence the world. I’m literally crying thinking about it [laughs]. Every single girl that I went to school with is so inspirational and so powerful and so driven and so unafraid. I think that’s something we all need to instill in each other.

The rise of Fifth Harmony is often framed as the return of the girl group. Why do you think your music resonates with so many young girls?
Some of our songs are empowering, but I feel like more so than our music, it’s who we are. We’re four women who are completely different ethnicities, completely different body types, completely different walks of life and opinions, and you can see that when you watch an interview, when you meet us. We have an energy about us that’s so unique and so intense, and it’s because of how much power we have in us as individuals, being confident, harnessing that power, and wanting to share that with other women. I feel like a lot of women hang on to our message, and it empowers them.

Have you always been so confident in your womanhood?
I’m really lucky, because I have a mother and a grandmother who always instilled my power in me, always, from the day I was born. And my father, too. My parents never made me feel like I couldn’t do something because I was a girl, ever. It didn’t matter what I wanted to do. My father supported me 1,000 percent, all the way, and never told me, “you can’t do that because you’re a girl.” And on top of that, the school that I went to, and the power I was given with my education. I’m really lucky, I got only power handed to me, and I made use of it, and I only want to share that.

What place do you think young people have in politics?
I think the youth is the movement. I think we are the ones who are starting this revolution, and we’re the ones who are going to see it carry through and be the ones to implement it. I think we’re in a really amazing time right now of consciousness awakening, the internet and all the connections we have to each other. All the young people involved right now, on the internet, seeing the injustice and having it there in front of their faces, it’s making them passionate and it’s making them aware. All the little kids I’ve ever talked to—little, little kids, like eight years old—they know what’s up. They’re like, “What’s going on? How is Trump president?” The fact that kids can differentiate that… I think the power’s in the youth.

You wrote in your open letter for Billboard that feminism needs “a lot of work.” How can we fix that?
I think the whole stigma of the word feminism is such a problem. The only reason that anyone has an aversion to it is because it includes the word “fem,” even though it’s an all-inclusive term. I think that aversion in general is the reason why we need [feminism]. If the word “feminism” bothers you, there’s a reason why it bothers you, and only because it involves women. The issue at the end of the day that feminism fights for is equality, men and women alike. Because men also have their own stigmas that they have to follow, and stereotypes they have to follow that are detrimental to their mental health. That’s something that happens to all of us, something we’re all experiencing. By harnessing that freedom, we’re saying, “no, I want to embrace this term because it means that I get to be free.”

Are you surprised by Donald Trump’s success?
I would say I’m surprised, but I also know there is a lot of hatred in the heart of the country. It’s kind of the basis on which [the U.S.] was built, essentially, because it was built on slavery—slaves were the ones who built it. I feel like people are really empowered by money, and that’s all that [Trump] offered, essentially, besides all of the other detrimental things he said. The only people who are able to look past that are people who value the economy over human rights. That exists because money is all-powerful in this society, it’s a capitalist society, so a lot of people feel like they have no option but to progress only economically.

Do you have any thoughts on the effort to defund Planned Parenthood?
Just how important it is to recognize how they are responsible for so much more than abortion. That actually, abortion only takes up three percent of what they do, and everything else is just about female health and reproductive health, and making sure that women have a safe place that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get the medical attention that they need. People are dismissing a foundation that genuinely helps millions and millions of women across the nation for the sake of, just, myth.

Would you ever consider going into politics as a profession?
I think if I do anything political, it would be activism. I don’t believe in our government, currently. I don’t believe in the way that things are going. I wouldn’t want to be involved bureaucratically, I’d want to be more activism.

Is there anything you want to say to fellow marchers? I love you, and we’re together. Let’s make some changes.

Andy Biersack Imagine: ~Your a fool~ 

Your boyfriend Andy,You and the rest of the guy’s from Black Veil Brides walked in to a small food place and sat down at one of the booths, Andy left you alone with the guy’s to go use the restroom.

 You were chatting happily with Jake about some random thing his dog  Ernie did, when Jinxx decided to change the subjected “Hey y/n, remember when we all played truth or dare over at my place?” Jinxx asked.

 “Yeah, what about it?” you asked “Well from what I remember it was your turn when we left off and you picked dare, so I have a dare for you and Jake to.” he said with a evil grin. You raised your eyebrows because you had your doubt's but decided to see what it was anyway. 

“Alright what is it?” You asked “I dare you. To act all lovey dovey with Jake in front of Andy.” Jinxx said his evil grin going wider, you and Jake looked at each other, “No.” you both said looking back to Jinxx “Why not?” he asked “Well for starters if Andy didn’t catch on he’d kill me.” Jake said “Yeah and leave me.” you added.

“Oh come on, Andy’s smart he’ll catch on and it’s only to get a reaction out of him.” Jinxx said.

 “Fine but if it works you have to…do all my house work for a hole month.” You were the one wearing the grin now because you really hated the house work you had to do and everybody knew it. “And you have to bath my dogs.” Jake added Jinxx was quite for some time before saying “Deal.” the three of you shook hands on it while Ashley and CC sat laughing.

Andy finely came back to the table you all ordered what food you wanted and when the food arrived it was time to start your end of the bargain.

You moved closer to Jake and he wrapped an arm around you, while you feed him some of your food from your plate and he feed you some from his, When you glanced over to Andy he had a confused look on his face but you acted like you didn’t notice.

 Jake lean’d over  and whispered “Giggle” in your ear which you did then he placed a kiss on your check this sent Andy over the edge “What the Fuck are you two doing!?” he almost screamed at first you were shocked Andy actually got jealous.

You looked over to Jinxx who had a “Oh, shit” look on his face and then to Jake everybody except Andy and Jinxx burst out laughing. Laughing to the point were you’re faces were almost red.  

“Will somebody tell me what the hell is going on!?” Andy said still sounding pissed you got yourself to take a few breaths before saying.

“Jinxx dared me and Jake to act all lovey dovey in front of you just to see what you would do, and now thanks to your lovely out burst he has to do all my house work for a hole month.” You said as you moved back over to him “And bath my dogs.” Jake added “Dame.” Jinxx mumbled. 

 Andy shook his head wrapped an arm around you and chuckled “Your a fool.” he said looking at Jinxx “You fell for it.” Jinxx said 
“Still..Your a fool.” Andy said.  


Hey, I hope you like it,  this is my first bvb Imagine so please leave a comment. 

Also I don’t own the gif I found it off of google! 

Why is tumblr like this
  • Lesbian: makes a positive post
  • Someone: questions the post with a "what if I kill someone am I still an okay person bc in a lesbian"
  • Straight person: adds that because they're straight they would go to jail right
  • Someone else: says that yeah that's what would happen
  • Bi people: adding to the post with jokes about how they would only have to do community service or do half jail or something along that
  • Everyone: doesn't go off on bi people
  • Ace person: decides to add to it as well
  • Someone: !!! ACES RUINING EVERYTHING!!! #w H y are aces like this
  • Ace person: why are you hating on me for being ace?
  • Someone else: um!!! They were hating on you for detailing!!! Not for being ace!!!